- Celebrities and Narcissism. Adnotated.

Sunday, 15 September, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

If, as I say, a narcissist is one who thinks of himself as the main character in a movie, then what about those who actually are the main characters in a movie?

An article written by Young and Pinsky-- yes, Dr. Drew Pinsky, the host of Loveline and now Celebrity Rehab.

200 celebrities, defined as famous people who appeared on Lovelinei, were given the Narcissistic Personality Inventory and compared to 200 MBA students.

Guess what? Celebrities scored higher than MBA students. Big surprise.

But some interesting findings:

Female celebrities scored higher on every component than males, but especially high on exhibitionismii, superiority, and vanity. (The other components are exploitativeness, authority, entitlement and self-sufficiencyiii.)

Breaking the celebrities down according to "profession":

Reality TV stars had the highest scores, (most significantly in exploitativeness) followed by comedians and actors (close 3rd), then musicians.

The MBAs showed the opposite distribution: males were more narcissistic than females, especially entitlement and self-sufficiency.


For example, #10 "I can talk my way out of anything" is most heavily loaded for "exploitativeness" but negatively weighted for "exhibitionism."

Reminds me of a joke by Janeane Garafaloiv (from memory): you know, all actors in LA are the same, they're just waiting for your lips to stop moving so they can talk about themselves.... I guess it would help if I were paying attention, but they're just talking crap...

  1. Holy shit what. []
  2. Leaving aside "who the fuck came up with the '''components''' for this bullshit" : the insanity of using the same scale for males and females when evaluating what is fundamental sexual function... [mentally] healthy adult females are exhibitionistic necessarily, and in fact a failure of society-wide expression of female exhibitionism is a symptom of societal degenerscence, besides an indication of personal failure in the females involved.

    What next, "gender balanced" reviews of sadism and masochism ? "Strangely, males are a lot more sexually aggressive than females" ? Gtfo already. []

  3. Soon to be an outright felony in Inca's lands, this self-sufficiency evil heresy. []
  4. Jemaima my foot. It's that Dorothy Parker wanna-be, Lebowitz.

    Seriously now, anyone who will seriously take reference to morons from the motherfucking Ben Stiller show should be shot and buried in garbage. []

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