- Are You Good At Reading Faces? Adnotated.

Saturday, 03 August, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Can you correctly identify emotions if they only briefly flicker across the face? How good do you think you are?

Try the test.i
Was a certain emotion harder or easier for you? Did it seem like some of the faces flickered faster than others? It may not have anything to do with the emotion. It might be the test.ii

Did you notice how some emotions flicker across the screen faster than others? (They don't, really.) This might lead you to conclude that you are not as good at perceiving certain emotions. But that might not be the case.

The problem with the test is that certain expressions in this test lateralize to one side of the face -- the expression is mostly visible on one side. (See contempt 4 and 8.) Depending on which emotion is displayed, and which side of the brain is dominant in you, reading one side of the face may be easier or harder for you.
For example, contempt goes to the boy's (4) left face, but girl's (8) right. It might have been easier (or harder) for you to perceive if it went to a given side.

To show this, get a mirror, place it perpendicularly on the screen on the z-axis (out), facing the side of the expression. Then, look into the mirror (not the screen) and see if the expression is easier or harder. If it is, the problem for you is lateralization, not expression reading.

As a rule of thumb, anger and contempt are naturally (i.e spontaneously) expressed on the left face of right handed people.

As an aside, I wonder if people who are "face blind" (can't read faces) aren't a) majority left handed; b) have the most difficulty reading right handed people's expressions, especially anger. Can they tell when a dog is happy or sad? (Considerably more symmetric in facial expression, don't ask me why.)iii

As an interesting experiment, photograph yourself making the various emotions.iv Then, video yourself (and I don't know how you'd do this) spontaneously making the expressions, for real (have a friend bring you a naked chick, a bag of maggots, your rival, Sandra Oh, etc) and compare. How does your fake differ from your natural? Look carefully. What part of your face did you "forget" to fake?

Liars are easy to spot, because they are faking their expressions. Pathological liars, however, are much more difficult, because they aren't really faking.v

  1. The clickbait he links includes no test of any kind, not even the utterly useless sort usually found on webpages. Instead it's a pile of idiotic nonsense of sheer pantsuit orientation that I've remorselessly ablated.

    PS. The only way to get good at reading emotions, irrespectively how briefly they flicker across the face, and even with no flicker at all, is to fuck a lot of women. I don't mean fucking just a few ; I mean a lot of them.

    PPS. Men don't have emotions. []

  2. In other news, dogs also not remarkably good at recognizing bones in website displays. Meanwhile no website any good at finding any actual bones -- certainly not as good as any 20-lb, 20 dollar basset hound. []
  3. How about fridges ? Can they tell happy fridges from sad fridges ? Fucking insanity... []
  4. Why, because everyone's an accomplished actress now ?! []
  5. Men are particularly easy to fake, because look here :

    steven-seagull []

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    'They should go into pornography or something else instead of journalism if they want to hear that shit. They're a bunch of assholes.'

    'You think it's because of the subject matter? Most women don't like action pictures,' the reporter says.

    'I won't even dare tell you what I think it is. One time, I'm sure that's what it was and another time it was just some dumb cunt that is a liar and wanted to be sensational. If I ever see her again, I'll tell her to her face, I think she belongs in a zoo.'

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    When asked how he can 'combat' these types of situations, Seagal says he now refuses to give interviews.

    Attention whore culture ruining interviews for everyone.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 3 August 2019

    These are actually quite ubiquitous, self-important precious cuntlets tryna parlay it ; but nobody tends to ever remember the Leahs and Borings and whatever others.

    PS. This isn't about "incentives", either.

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