- Another School Shooting -- Sort Of? Adnotated.

Tuesday, 23 July, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


A student gunman remained on the loose Friday after shooting two students..." He's male. No motive known.i Classes have been cancelled. School is on lockdown.

The shooter is still at large," Carlos Holmes, a university spokesman, said at a press conference near campus. "Given the lessons of the past year, we cannot assume that he is not on campus.

The FBI is involved.ii And everyone wants to know: is this Cho all over again?iii

Before you answer, let me give you one single piece of information, that should be irrelevant, that turns out not to be.

If I tell you that the shooting happened at Delaware State -- formerly, "State College for Colored Students" -- do you still think it was a case of a "Cho?" Why or why not?iv

I'm not saying he is or is not mentally ill. I'm asking, why does the racial makeup of the students -- shooter and victims -- change the bias? Do we think blacks can't be mentally ill? Or that blacks are naturally violent? Or do we think whites -- and especially Asians -- would only be violent if they were mentally ill?v

When Cho went nuts -- no pun intended -- I could find almost no one, and absolutely no psychiatrist -- willing to consider the possibility that his behavior did not stem from a mental illness. If he had only been in treatment, none of this would ever have happened.

Now, when and if this shooter turns out to be black, will psychiatry make that same, very vocal, assumption? What about the legal system? And what happens when legal system asks for psychiatry's opinion?

  1. The motive for "friendly fire, incoming, from young male" is pretty much always going to be "naggy old women permitted to roam free". Learn to love either one or the other. []
  2. Oh, really. Aren't you impressed ?

    The pompousness of it too, like annoying little shits in junior high importantly announcing "you were told on!", with great theatrics.

    But... whatever, tell the FBI I fucked his mom, I guess ? []

  3. Depends. Is the Wunyabari O. Maloba Africana studies dude anything like Lucinda Roy ? Seems rather not, dood looks rather like a slightly more obnoxious Chowdhry, only there to get along while amiably parasitizing the system.

    I'm sure you don't like to hear it, but this is pretty much the only variable. Set this knob to that, get that, set your knob to this, get this, meanwhile yak about anything and everything else to your heart's content for all the practical difference it'll make.

    PS. Monica A. Coleman chick also looks like she'd have greatly mediated the situation, because no, it's not simply women. It's female uppity fucktards specifically, and yes, casual facial recognition's an excellent first pass heuristic with great predictive power, at least for now.

    PPS. While the "I'm just here to wire money back to Nigeria" male parasite is not nearly as driving of campus shooting by young men specifically as the dumb old cunt "witch coven", it still is a major driver of adult man friendly fire, both type A and (I suspect, even moreso) type B -- not to mention, of course, type C (self harm). []

  4. Yes. As long as it's a college, it'll be a case of "Cho", ie it'll have absolutely nothing to do with Cho and absolutely everything to do with the parasite load. []
  5. No, "we" by which I mean Ballas' intuition of his audience correctly (if unconsciously, and therefore unverbalizedly) infer the parasite link ; they just also (mistakenly) imagine that "since most parasites are black, therefore blacks are less likely to be bothered by the parasites".

    This doesn't happen to be true, incidentally -- at the selection level we're talking about (most kids aren't nearly socially cool enough, morally good enough or selflessly heroic enough to go on shooting sprees) there's no "black" or "white", there's only excellence (which is white). So yes, whites (and Asians) are likely to be over-represented among this particular selection of over-achievers ; but any individual over-achiever is still going to think, act and be white, rather than any stereotypically inferior "alternative". []

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