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Wednesday, 24 July, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A reader commented that I was minimizing porn's negative effect on women, that ubiquitous internet porn has damaged womens' psyches irreparably. That it makes women have to conform to some impossible standard.


Porn is not the problem. I'm not saying it's a tremendous boon to society, but you can't blame porn for failing relationships, the pressure on women to attain impossible standards of appearance and performance; and male disinterest in normali sexual relationships.

Certainly porn puts pressure on womenii, but the effect is not directly from porn, or even from men. Here's an example that the reader offered: porn forces the women to shave. Not exactly -- they want to shave. Why they want to is a cultural discussion, but it isn't because men are explicitly commanding them to do so.iii

Certainly, porn has affected men. Ok, women want to shave; why do men suddenly want to, also?iv And, I'd expect that a frequent porn user (whatever that exactly is) might have some difficulty with arousal in normal (or repeat) circumstances.

But there's a greater problem that can't be blamed on porn. Every comic since Marx (Groucho, not the other nut) has joked about how men want sex and women don't. But in the past three or four years, I've heard comics make the opposite jokes: women want it, men could just as easily pass it up. Men are disinterested in sex with their established partners. As comic Mark Maron put it, "[I prefer masturbation because sex] takes up too much energy and it involves other people." Men always are ready for new women, but what happens to sex with your partner over time? Sure, ordinarily it may decline a little, but this is different: this is male disinterest, "lack of energy," lack of motivation to keep a connection with one's partner alive. The penis may still go up -- but everything else is gone.v

Let's face it, porn may make women feel inadequate, but how the hell adequate can a woman feel if her boyfriend/husband would rather watch TV than have sex? "But I'm tired." How tired could you possibly be?vi

So there are two parts to the problem. The easy, and smaller, part is media/porn objectification of women, and its effects on women and men. But the second, more crucial part is male "impotence" (metaphorical) and apathy. Let me be clear about this: porn might magnify this effect; but it doesn't cause it.

I know no girl in the world is going to believe this, but it's true: if you ask the average guy over 30 if they'd rather be with a girl they have been with many times before or masturbate, they'll pick masturbate. You know why? Because their soul bailed out when they were 15 -- because they are narcissists.vii What in life is worth aspiring to? You don't feel a part of anything bigger, everything seems distant, unreal. Everyone is waiting for something to happen, for their life to "start" -- they're 40 and they're still waiting. (As Mike Birbiglia joked, "I'm not going to get married until I'm absolutely certain nothing else good can happen in my life.") Concepts like loyalty don't even get a token nod, because today they seem outright preposterous.viii

And men have a distorted view of what it means to be loved. They want to be loved not for who they are, but who they think they are. "I'm an actor." "I'm a major force in WoW." "I'm a fiscal conservative but a social liberal." What he wants is his girlfriend to say, "I love him because he is such an intellectual, he knows so much about politics."ix What he doesn't want is her to say, "I love him because he's good to me."x

"Sure it'd be better to be with a girl, but when are you actually ever with a girl? They don't want you, they want what you represent -- a good job, security, to be taken care of, a big penis." It doesn't occur to them that the woman who doesn't want these things in her man might be the one to avoid?xi

I suspect -- I haven't been able to do the survey -- that even sex is a form of masturbation for these guys.xii That they see you, but they don't see you. The arm, the breast, the hip, all these become fetishized and transport him to another world.

Our birth rate is 2.1; France 1.7; Spain 1.3; Russia 1.3. In two generations, there will be 1/2 as many Spaniards, excluding immigration. We can't even get it up long enough to procreate.xiii That's not porn's fault. It doesn't help, sure, having the internet's tubes tied isn't going to fix that problem. Men are becoming less interested in establishing meaningful relationships with other people as an ultimate goal than in inventing identities for themselves.xiv

  1. When it comes to sexual relationships, normal is what males are interested in. So Shut The Fuck Up, "robust" uglies fatlogic team. Nobody asked you anything ; get that ass on the elliptical and then when you're done two hours later go make somebody else a sandwich. []
  2. It's not "porn". It's the sexual revolution, id est the early phase of the destruction of the femstate at the hands of the republic. And it's not anti-"women" ; it's anti old, stupid, fat, coy/ugly -- all the supernumerary spurious scumbags which aren't women.

    Get lost, yo. Get lost, because nobody wants you, nobody likes you, and unless you get that ass into gear and start delivering nobody's gonna be tolerating you in the basement, let alone fucking feeding you anymore. []

  3. The women want to shave, specifically because it distinguishes them from the scum ; the scum wants to whine about how it distinguishes women from them. []
  4. Because most men aren't. []
  5. Yes, the substance of the femstate is gone -- both at this level and at the other level. No more "jobs" and no more "workers" => no more "society" ; no more "monogamous" "partnerships" => no more "family". Altogether no more of any of the crap. Deal with it, and fuck you.

    PS. This was deliberate, it didn't "just happen", it isn't a case for the "who could've predicted" wankmill. The -- permanent and irretrievable -- fucking of the femstate was just as deliberate in general as in all particulars. No more, get the fuck off the planet. []

  6. Motherfucker, her adequacy is something she works for. Not "works for a little". Works for until she fucking falls over, every single fucking day, no exceptions. Her adequacy is not something she's inherited from Mother Mula -- it is something she purchases with blood, sweat and tears, every single fucking breath she takes. Now git. []
  7. No. It's because they suspect, on the basis of experience, that the girl they've been with before will try to get away with doing less instead of putting work into it. []
  8. What possible loyalty can be expected from a declared, deliberate and self-entitled dependopotamus, to the degree that she's not merely intending to try and get away with less work on the next date rather than the obvious requirement of doing even more, but actually pretends not to even be aware of the whole thing, as a superlative form of whining loudly as to how she shouldn't have to do what she exists for ?!

    O wait, wait. Were you pantsuiting loyalty into its exact opposite, were you contemplating the situation where someone just feeds and strokes the horror... for no reason, aka because "loyalty" ? That's not what loyalty is, nor what it's for. Fuck you, and get the fuck off this planet. Now. []

  9. She could maybe try starting by saying "He is my God ; I know no other nor do I need another." How about that ? []
  10. He who does, gets himself a dog. []
  11. Dude, stfu, seriously now. Nobody cares, nobody wants to hear it. Shake the ass or get off the pig. []
  12. Amusingly, this is the second time I hear this theory today. Isn't it slightly concerning when TLP starts echoing some obscure cheesedick from fucking Romania ?

    Why does he do this, would you say ? What are they trying to will into being true ?

    And what chances have they got ? []

  13. It doesn't pay nearly enough to be bothered to procreate. Fucking's entirely unrelated (though the same obscure cheesedick from above similarily conflates the two, and for similar reasons). []
  14. No, actually, men are withdrawing from the femstate. There's exactly 0 interest in paying "taxes", there's exactly 0 interest in following "the laws", there's exactly 0 interest in validating the self-delusions of the ridiculous narrative womanhood as imagined by niggers, there's in general 0 faith in and 0 credit extened to Mother Inca, and so following.

    Now drop fucking dead. []

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