The Truebeliever Socialist

Monday, 25 March, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The Truebeliever Socialist is a misfortunate soul indeed.

The first subjective experience of the Truebeliever Socialist, informative as well as formative, is lack. Loss. Absence. Insufficience. Inadequacy. Failure. There's smarter kids than him. There's faster kids than him. There's prettier kids, taller kids, there's others better loved, more successful, easier going, cooler dressed, he's just not the best there is! Not even by a long shot!

The second subjective experience of the Truebeliever Socialist is indignation. The cooler dressed kids aren't also taller! How dare they! The easier going kids aren't necessarily and always also the better loved! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE! The smarter kids aren't consistently the more successful, how unfair! The whole world is wrong, offensive, ill wrought, misorganised. It is full of HyPoCrIsY!!11i

The third subjective experience of the Truebeliever Socialist is, in a word, socialism. All those not-as-X kids should band together, and fair-enize X! At the very least keep telling the coolest kids they're not the tallest kids! Maybe it does something. If those evil cool kids weren't completely evil hypocrites it would do something, it's self-evidently important to the Truebeliever Socialist so how could it be utterly irrelevant to anyone else ?!

As you can imagine, the Truebeliever Socialist is ripe for a lot of disappointment. First, Hitler came along and promised a world in which there won't be injustice anymore, as a thing, categorically. No more unfairly taller kids than him, no more unfairly cooler kids than him, no more unfairly anything. Hitler sold perfection certificates, the Truebeliever Socialist bought his, and then... well, it turns out Hitler scammed the poor Truebeliever Socialist. Hitler's certificates of adequacy, sufficiency, success etcetera turned out hollow! He betrayed the holy hopes of socialism nourished in the very heart and soul of the TSii!

Then Stalin came along, and seemingly he made the same promises : that the gaping void, the existential anguish of the TS is going to be resolved. Stalin promised group solutions to individual problems, and the TS bought. And then Stalin turned scammer too! He... also betrayed the high ideals of socialism, specifically that highest ideal of all : that somehow the inadequate marauding moron might be rendered adequate by some changes applied to the world. Some sort of systematic approach whereby individual lack can be remedied. Even taking potions would be acceptable -- they're, in the contorted logic of narcissism, still external.iii

Then all sort and sundry scammers and con-men came along, all making always and forever the same promise, with always and forever the same end results. But the Truebeliever Socialist always buys, because he has this magical ability, to write himself the 0-cost option to buy such nonsense. He can do this, he has the authority to buy into "solutions" to "the problem". On his own and of himself, why not! Freedom!

As it turns out, the "liberal democracy" thing was bunk! Hayek also lied, just like Obama & Hitler ?! The "worst" don't "get on top", like, ever ?! And the Pick-Up Artists also lied, there's no mechanism "to make women [???]" outside of the very women in question ?! There's no fixing the world from without ?! There's not even any potion or anything ?!

The poor TS is always such a victim. The definitive victim, you could say, and you can also smell him from a mile away, too! Whether he's being victimized by a very personal take on "what the rules are" as to "how debates work" or "what will happen in the afterlife" or "what media companies are for" or "what academia is about" or "how modern democracy works" or "what the police is for" or anything else -- it's always a safe bet the TS's being victimized by that one true (if antique) source of all stupidity : pretense.

Ultimately, the pretense that

[...] and a John who, even if only four letters long, is still quite as great as any Mircea come from afar.

But what can you do ? Because it's quite clear what teh Truebeliever Socialist would do.

  1. Just in case you were wondering why "hypocrisy" is such a central trope of pantsuitism, look no further : it's their second subjective experience. Second! Of course it's fundamental, in unreflective cvasi-intellects ordering works by timeline. []
  2. What, it sounds like "transsexual" ? Well, guess what... []
  3. And yes Eli Lily & co got rather closest to "fixing the world" in the TS sense, which is why they earned all those dubaloos. []
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  1. Antono Mendez`s avatar
    Antono Mendez 
    Wednesday, 24 June 2020

    I could nor agree more...

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