The saddest thing in the world...

Saturday, 30 March, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

CheapWhore: alf likes his tea
GreatLord: hehe yea

CheapWhore: i wonder which kind lol
GreatLord: prolly just a synecdoque

GreatLord: or you don't know what συνεκδοχή is, leetal stupid bimbo ?
CheapWhore: no i dont: (

GreatLord: what's synchronous ?
CheapWhore: the same time

GreatLord: and what's chronos ?
GreatLord: the god Chronos, who ate his children, who is he ?
CheapWhore: looking it up

GreatLord: lmao
CheapWhore: :)

GreatLord: don't look it up.
CheapWhore: lol ok

GreatLord: after we're done, you may. but not during.
CheapWhore: okk

GreatLord: what's a chronometer ?
CheapWhore: not sure

GreatLord: really ?!
GreatLord: what's chronological ?
CheapWhore: in a specific order of occurrence

GreatLord: haha. nope.
CheapWhore: eh

GreatLord: what's chronic as in chronic disease ?
CheapWhore: reoccurring disease

GreatLord: nah.
CheapWhore: long lasting?

GreatLord: yes.
GreatLord: so what's chronos ?
CheapWhore: for a long period of time

GreatLord: chronos is time. hence chrono-meter, like gas-meter ; and hence chrono-logical, "the story of events BY TIME" ; and "chronic disease", a disease to which time is a component, you'll have it for a while.
CheapWhore: ohh cool

GreatLord: now what's sympathetic ?
CheapWhore: feeling bad for someone

GreatLord: haha. nope.
GreatLord: what's pathos ?
CheapWhore: ahh sad?

GreatLord: nope.
GreatLord: pathos is feeling. and therefore sympathy is ?
CheapWhore: a sad feeling?

GreatLord: mno.
GreatLord: fucking chthonic culture you come from, i swear. the only sad thing in this world are you people.
GreatLord: what's symultaneous ?
CheapWhore: idk

GreatLord: alright, well... let's try the other bit, this failed.
GreatLord: what's doxa ?
CheapWhore: i dont know

GreatLord: how about a paradox ?
CheapWhore: something that contradicts something else

GreatLord: ha. nope.
GreatLord: what's a paralegal ?
CheapWhore: someone who assists lawyers

GreatLord: right, someone ~besides~ the lawyer. because that's what para means, besides.
GreatLord: so what's a paradox ?
GreatLord: something besides what ?
CheapWhore: truth?

GreatLord: understanding.
CheapWhore: ok

GreatLord: a paradox is something besides understanding.
CheapWhore: ahhh

GreatLord: thus a syn-dox is ?
CheapWhore: ah, the same?
CheapWhore: same understanding

GreatLord: "joint understanding". a synecdoque is a kind of metonymy whereby one thing is given ["to understand"] with another. he says tea and he means all things related, such as eating, or relaxing, or talking privately.
CheapWhore: oh wow

GreatLord: because syn is joint, or together, whereby "sympathy" is JOINT FEELING. not fucking sad. just joint!
GreatLord: not everything everywhere has to be valued, in those cheap worthless cents and dollars of your land.
GreatLord: and so no, there's no such thing as "sad".
CheapWhore: i see

GreatLord: yw!
CheapWhore: yeah, ty

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4 Responses

  1. you need therapy mircea

  2. Garfield`s avatar
    Tuesday, 2 April 2019

    Chthonic is a Taiwanese heavy metal band, formed in 1995 in Taipei. They have been called "the Black Sabbath of Asia."

    And yes, I had to google chthonic.

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 3 April 2019

    @nsh I do ?

    @Garfield It's meant "underworld" for a long, long time now.

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