The road to stupidity, part 0

Wednesday, 06 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Part 0 because really, there's no other parts. There's just one part and it is this one.i

The first thing we'll set on the table to support our discussion is a recent quote from the newer blood her ladyship the Marquess Eulora somehow accreted :

I had been observing the doings of the Republic from a distance but found myself faced with uncertainty and perhaps a little fear.(i) Meanwhile in my own affairs the "being an engineer" side of my mind, perhaps spurred on by having seen what it wanted to see in the engineering side of the Republic, was able to dig up plentiful problems to fix, supplying an arbitrarily tall pile of work with which to procrastinate while feeling productive, and at least some of the time bringing my novice management along for the ride. Thus I'd gotten myself stuck in a state of manaloning: not entirely isolated, to be sure, but missing the crucial upstream links of a network.

The second thing we'll set on the table is old indeed : the no-later-than point of divergence between republic and orcdom, back in year 1111.

Now then, the bullshit of 1122iv was a relatively unimportant event whereby an "agreement" was reached on how to dispose of matters already well disposed at that time. The correct solution, put forth by the Waiblingen side and actually agreed to by the chief pantsuitv of 1111 -- thereby becoming the only proper, and only possible Concordat -- held that the idle class may await the second, third or whicheverth coming at their pleasure or until they fall over, whichever comes first, but may derive no secular anything whatsoever from it no matter what happens. The subjection of the Mother, if you will, complete and unyielding, equating Lucy with utter and completely destitute poverty in perpetuity.

For reasons incomprehensible and which directly and immediately map upon evil, the idle class then proceeded to imagine an alternative chain of events, in which their fork of 1122 somehow "took over" and "mattered" and therefore there shall be some kind of something in this world for they awaiting the manifestations of the next, a little, no matter how little, an epsilon quanta of nothingness but something nevertheless.

To say that this nonsense is disputed by the Republic would do the situation no justice whatsoever. The correct statement is to observe that the Discordat of Worms is a concordat of no one with nobody in particular, and of no further interest. The awaiting of the manifestations of metaphysical transcendence is and will forever remain a purely spiritual activity, with no lands and no secular offices affixed thereby.

The third, and final item we'll set on the table is recent commentary in the very log :

mircea_popescu and in other important points : asciilifeform is not a scientist. asciilifeform is a scienpriest. the difference between the two is that the scientist follows some kind of meaningful structure of reality, that is communicable. "paradigm" or whatever. the scienpriest simply follows his own internal madness. there's a deep difference between the fisherman who goes fishing because there's fish to be fished, and the primitive who buries random objects a foot apart in the dirt, fish like corn cobs alike, because that's what he's doing. even if the former returns empty handed and the latter happens to strike a combination that works, nothing changes : one's human and the other not, one's rational and the other's just some flavour of magician. the difference between the two us readily ilustrated by the issue of recourse : if the fisherman fails to fish, he has recourse. if the magician fails to summon, he... has no recourse. can "try again", exactly like before. that's all. there is no such thing as scientist "by himself". contrary to whatever mistaken notions instilled by poor schooling, science is a purely rational process ; the incommunicably stubborn self-directed bullshit ain't science ~except by accident~.

The ex-post-final portion we'll be also adding to the table comes from a discussion of effects :

So no, "judeo-christian ideas" are no kind of solid foundation -- not for anything. The only thing they promise, indeed virtually guarantee, is the shocking, absurd and "inexplicable" demise of whatever they end up admixed into, much like the proverbial drop of sewage ruining otherwise fine barrels of old wine. Be it in the form of young female "modesty", or adult female "chastity", or business "legality" or whatever shape or form it may take -- "judeo-christian" gargle is always a standby for idiocy and naught else. Cancer, properly speaking, in that it will destroy you silently and you won't even know what hit you when it finally does -- as it always does : painfully -- hit you.

I hope we understand each other.

That'd be it. There is a quite sufficiently thick, rather very scarlet red, and to my eye overpoweringly visible thread uniting the pseudo-scientism of "being an engineer" with the imaginarily valuable "contributions" of the true believer, and in turn with the inane expectations of unwarranted and unwarrantable safety and security of all sort and manner of rank imbecile, and ultimately -- all the way back lo these many years -- with the arrayed idiocy of the early fathers of the church & earliest catholic doctors of the faith. Betwixt this boihood stupidity and the inherent laziness of the unowned therefore useless fallow female the niggers can attempt and often manage the building of that great monument to past idiocy and promise of future stupidity : socialism.

I don't believe that (and can't imagine how) re-statement of the most self-obviously, overpoweringly true if shockingly trite and utterly banal facts will help anything ; but then again my belief is no driver and no limit to my activity, and so here they are :

  • When you die, you die. That's it. You don't "go" anywhere.
  • There is not, nor ever was, nor ever could be such a thing as metaphysical cause for phenomena. Newton didn't discover because he sat to discover. David won because he won, not because "God loved him". The girl you didn't ask out didn't go out with you because you didn't ask her out, not because she wouldn't have gone out with you anyway.ii The things you think may happen to be true, but you think them because you think them, not because they're true. This list could really go on forever ; it doesn't because I don't make it go on forever, "could", "would", "might" and all the other fucking bullshit noise going on in your head is no part of the fucking world. The world runs on can and must, not on might nor would.
  • Your understanding of the facts is ulterior to the facts, in both ontology, phenomenology and metaphysics. Before you've ever seen a cunt, you had sexual dreams driving nightly pollutions on the basis of your sister's elbow, kneecap, whatever was available. Before you understand any one thing, your life is driven by the lack of that understanding. There is no "higher plan" bridging this gap for you personally ; no matter how you disavow this ("oh, it's not for me personally", "oh, it's not really a gap", or bla bla bla) there is nothing there -- if you one day accede to the throne of China you'll that day and briefly thenceforth wonder how you did without lo those long hard years prior, and how anyone else does without still ; but if you one day don't accede to the throne of China you never will so wonder.
  • There is no god. And what's more -- it's directly transparent and entirely self-obvious why you're pretending to have made up a disembodied master who only ever asks of you whatever it is you feel like that day giving.iii Needless to say this absolutely isn't how submission works -- suck the cock as it is, because it makes entirely no difference how you think it should be or what rights, protections, immunities or indemnities you perceive the difference you so conveniently hallucinated "should" grant & bestow upon you.
  • If what you want doesn't map on what you need, you don't want it. "Oh, she's so pretty but unfortunately doesn't want to be a slave!" Not pretty. "Oh, I need sleep but the alarm's ringing!" Get the fuck up, bum. Calling what you want "needs" doesnt do anything. "Oh, I'm old enough to set out on my own but my old parents need me!" They need you like they need crotch rot, get the fuck lost already. "The most important thing in the world is the preservation of the statu quo". No. The most important thing in the world is the squeezing of every drop. "Oh MP, would you rather kill a dog or lose your girlfriend ???"iv
  • There is no army of angels sent from heaven above waiting right over that hill in the distance ready to intervene and set things "right" according to you. Again, no matter how you disavow this, "oh, we don't call the angels angels anymore", oh, it's not a hill it's a Big Rock Candy Mountain, bla bla bla bla bla bla. None of it makes any fucking difference, there is no vindication coming nor will there be any vindication had for your feelings. Piss in one hand and feel in the other to see which fills first as often as you need, but figure it out already, what the fuck!
  • Psychogenic noise is not a priviledged class of phenomena. There is no such thing as priviledged classes of phenomena. I understand where you're coming from, rock beats paper, could spiderman beats niggerman, etcetera. The name for the place you're coming from is being stupid. Those observations of phenomena that seem to you to support the "priviledged phenomena" theory in fact support the "you're fucking stupid" theory.
  • Meaning is not immanent in the world. Meaning is ex post hoc rationalization, it derives its claim to fame from exactly the same source art does : auctoritas, authority, aka invested sovereignity.

Whichever way you turn it, there's no "because anyway" available to be had anywhere, okay ? Lordship "spiritual" comes with no lands, and with no benefices, and with nothing else. Be a lord, or be a servant, or push the grass up ; don't dress up and go about pretending, that's the road to stupidity. A long and winding road indeed, but its length and the toil it may separate you from don't constitute any kind of meritv, they don't give you any standing, they're just rot. Wank. Shame.

Keep to the temporal.

  1. We'll be doing one of those credit-based multiprequisite deals, so bring your reading glasses. []
  2. And, most eminently, not because while she's there and you could ask her out there must be something very very wrong with her to "balance things out" because otherwise a pretty girl would never be where you could ask her out ; and once she leaves... there needn't be anything wrong with her anymore (as there's no need to "balance out" anything) so therefore she can go back to just being attractive without the disgusting goop you think you must smear on everything around you. []
  3. Yes, yes, I'm aware, you disavow this, and quite elaborately at that. Nobody is persuaded. Nobody can be fucking persuaded, whatever persuasive gymnastics you engage in -- your silent i-cant-believe-it's-not-master ersatz receives from you exactly what you felt like giving, it has that in common with any kitchen sink garbage disposal unit. []
  4. That film is so fucking amusing...

    Leaving aside the mountain of comedy gold the Mary Sue angle presents... so, that stupid cunt Elizabeth Banks played the Maria Schneider card (without the excuse of actually having been raped on the set tho). You know, coy-ing all over the place, trying to pander to the female lobby. "She's a good girl" (according to nobody in particular), and so therefore she never did her work, as if "not wanting to" somehow excused the having to. In exchange for this, she got... nothing at all ? Her career went exactly nowhere and nobody remembers her anymore ? Because cutting deals with the female lobby is as good as cutting your own throat ? Aww!

    But as I was saying, that aside : how do you make women appear to matter in what's very self evidently a story of men ? Well... you... o wait, wait, here's an idea : the guy will stop what he's doing for no reason whatsoever and humour a couple of complete retards for a spell. They're going to give him a test! Oh goody! They're all high energy and in control and aren't you impressed Daddy ?

    It's the most comedic (albeit unintentionally comedic) scene that came out that year, those two retards tryna convince a viewer as stupid as Phoebe that they actually do an' matter in this world. []

  5. The paladin mind wants to believe pain is meaningful, "selfless sacrifice" the "secret ingredient" in an abstruse alchemy magically capable of producing the missing ingredient. They'll bridge the gap, they'll bring forth metaphysics springing into the world, you'll see!!!

    No, you won't fucking see. It ain't happening, it isn't how anything works. However much you might enjoy your own pain, it's still an enjoyment as any other, no more and nothing else. []

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  1. Dear Mirko, you think JFK and Durian will replace your latest sacrificial lamb? Perhaps they can suck your cock in the literal sense. If you fatten them up, can as well be fucked, as pigs. For anything else they are useless idiots.

    The only argument I can see you making is: two idiots are better than one!


  2. Of Course`s avatar
    Of Course 
    Friday, 8 November 2019

    Dear Mirko, piggy ate your tongue, or shall we say bite off your finger rather?

  3. >mircea_popescu:

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 6 March 2020

    Meanwhile half a year delivers as ever half a year could deliver : the only moron in the history of that discipline to have actually been told by "cigarettes" to "get the fuck lost, you're too dumb to smoke us" met the cuck who's never in his life made any woman do anything besides throw up (her hands in despair, her lunch in the air, whatever, got bless medicare). They've been thanking each other ever since, and...well... the usual bullshit.

    I guess we revisit this in another coupla years or w/e, and be oh-so-very surprised. Or alternatively everyone stops pestering me about it. Either way.

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