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Saturday, 09 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I partially reviewed The Matrixi tonight. Partially because the bimbo yet again downloaded a fucking fragment rather than a complete piece, which means I won't be watching anymore movies with her.ii Reviewed because I saw it when it came out ; and not hence. It's been, if you can believe that, twenty years. Twenty fucking years, no joke. It's been it. All of it. Hence. That's right.

I deliberately didn't, to insulate myself from the flood of... well, you know them. "Red pill" and whatnot, the wankers. The puppies born last year, they who've invented new names for sunshine, the geniusesiii who discovered equilibrium for the first time and came up with a personal, specific an' fascinatingly novel howl for colic. Why do you not believe ?

The insulation worked out splendidly, I didn't have to deal with all the tropes this gem both introduced and permanently burned down. Their decay, the mindless reusage of dead tropes did not reflect back on the poor inventor, because I... very carefully didn't look!

Still, it was to my detriment. The Matrix is quite a little jewel, still beautiful, still intricately correct if superficially confoundable. But, as I sit here and watch the pixels, I can't quite find a clear way out of a serious problem.

You see... if you hadn't read the Derrida it quotes before seeing it, if you weren't already expecting something quite like it by the time it came out, if you didn't see it with me, in the metaphorical sense, if you weren't, mentally, there I... well, how shall I put this. I don't believe you're a person, or ever could be a person, or ever had anything in common with personhood. If this thing made new holes in you, rather than fill pre-existing holes for you, if it "blew your mind", if it "opened new horizons" rather than snickeringly confirm, ornately decorate some pre-existing thoughts... you were a cow all along. And are still. And will forever so remain -- the "discovering" is just elaborate fake-out, exertious cover-up, doomed pretense.

In the end, it was always about distinguishing the fakers.

  1. 1999, by Laurence & Andrew Paul Wachowski (back before they picked chick names), with Hugo Weaving (V for Vendetta), Joe Pantoliano (Bound) and otherwise a bunch of nullities, disappointments, cabotins &c. I wonder if this ever happened, that anyone hired Reeves and was satisfied with his work. I get why they keep hiring him : he's so bland he's easily mistaken for an empty jar, and by the time they finally wake up to the smooth riverbed pebble reality of the matter it's regularly too late. But hey, at least they didn't put Hugh Grant in the goofball hole, which is the thing with bad actors : you can absolutely always do worse, even if generally not by so very much. []
  2. As it happens she doesn't know this just yet, seeing how I also confiscated her boxen, for good measure. Not everyone's fit for using the damn things, as it turns out. After all this time, you know by now how la stessa lagna ever goes. How well you know it! Instinctually, subconsciously, in any case automatically. Woe betide me, it says. How every wanna-be's failure's my fault, how responsible I should be for all the idiots coming to a test and failing it, how utterly "since failure's a distinct possibility in the world MP sees, it then follows interaction with MP might even prove fatal to the imbecile complacency at the heart of every mouthbreather!!!". You should be warned, shouldn't you. The hero's job, the subjective, universal hero of these sad times' only jobs are to "try" (as he defines it) and to feel good about himself -- that's the fuck it. What do you mean do any particular thing ?! But doing is fucking hard, not to mention it might not even come out! Wanna talk about some feelings, perhaps ? There's so many great ways to procrastinate, why not pick one of those! It'll be okay, nobody could possibly see through it -- and if some sociopath nevertheless does... well! Let him be warned, he's breaking the social contract! The deal! The fundamental deal at the root of contemporary insanity. An'... um... the consequences!! They are never gonna be the same!!! []
  3. Engineer is not an English word, but a French import ; it does not come from engine, but vice-versa : engine comes from engineer, because they had the word and no clear sense of why they should have it, so they... gave it some. Like they do, this is what Englishers are : this thing they do,

    "Daddy, daddy! What's a cancan ?"
    "it's... umm... it's a kind of tree. You know, like that one growing behind the outhouse there. See the gnarly one, third from the left ? That's a cancan!"

    What, who's to say only the papists can have cancans, are you saying Englishtards are backward or something ?! But they're gonna promote some local bitter weeds in the field! They can have homegrown cancans of their own! Would you like to read from the scripture ?

    The original French was an Italianism, they took a virtue (ingenuity) and personalized it. Like lazy urban bums do ever since forever, she's not an unemployed cocksucker, she's a barrista ; he's not a bum, he's an ingenuitist. That's precisely what it was all about : that "human beings" have "genius", which is to say the magical capacity to equal the creator, in principle. As a potentiality, it is possible some humans can raise to godhood some of the time. Occasionally.

    Well... that's a wrap then ; it should be good enough. If some could sometimes, how could you accuse him of not ? On what basis ?! Are you Satan ?!?! Aren't we all equal and therefore nobody has any work to do anymore ?! Because they could have done it ?

    See ? []

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17 Responses

  1. Ever watched and/or reviewed Ghost In The Shell? Not the remakes/rehashes but original anime.

  2. and if the mood strikes for requests, do Twin Town as well.

  3. > he's so bland he's easily mistaken for an empty jar

    Btw, have you seen Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? Not that I'd recommend it, nor that I'd disrecommend it, but Keanu's acting was hilarious IMO... and well, there's Carlin.

    > The Matrix is quite a little jewel, still beautiful, still intricately correct if superficially confoundable.

    Too bad they attempted to turn it into a "recipe for success", which resulted in an additional two pieces of garbage. Matrix "Trilogy" my ass, I fell asleep halfway through the second one and I don't remember anything from the third.

    > if you weren't, mentally, there

    I don't know, man, I was twelve at the time. Then years later I read Edgar Allan Poe's thing and it was that which "blew my mind".

  4. It's the perfect commentary on the strength and merit of fifth wave feminism, that the Wachowskis made good films while they were male and utter crap once they "became" female yet they do not notice this.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 9 November 2019

    @cazalla I really can't summon any interest in the pulp world, be it "graphic novels", anime, whatever. I occasionally look at the porny japanese ones under the influence of young cunts, but in my own waters I don't even think very much of say Mucha, ie the field's early and ~only whale, let alone third rate fifth generation copepods. So the odds of me ever discussing anything in that vein are pretty much equal to whether we're discussing Dali or not.

    And there's really not that much more to say about Dali.

    @spyked Pretty sure I've seen, but I can't say I remember anything.

    Nor am I talking about twelve year olds, remember ?

    @anon Lolz, didn't even see that angle. I guess it's now a reference point.

  6. > You see... if you hadn't read the Derrida it quotes before seeing it

    You probably meant Baudrillard :) (Desert of the Real; Simulacra and Simulation; and other references, IIRC)

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 9 November 2019

    Eh, what's the differance.

  8. Of Course`s avatar
    Of Course 
    Monday, 11 November 2019

    Mirko, protip: if you would not keep pigs (with liquishit for brains) as your companions, you would get full movies, like you know... actual people with IQ above 75 are able to arrange.

  9. Of Course`s avatar
    Of Course 
    Monday, 11 November 2019

    I suppose I would like for others to appreciate the above example, as I do, how keeping bad company can make you stupider.

  10. Ai văzut Dark City (1998, de Alex Proyas, cu Rufus Sewell, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland și Jennifer Connelly)? E sursa de inspirație pentru The Matrix.

  11. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 30 May 2020

    The decade-later "director's cut", I expect you mean, rather than the actual theatrical release ? I... suppose.

    Honestly these mostly-retconned, barely there "inspirations" aren't worth two shits in my book, for the obvious reason. It could just as well & for the same money be claimed that it really "inspired" V for Vendetta, rite.

  12. Both. Că nu se schimbă plotul de la o versiune la alta. Theatrical adaugă un intro pentru nătângi, ca să înțeleagă mai ușor ce urmează să vadă.

    The Matrix was released one year after Dark City and was also filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney using some of the same sets.

    De pe Wikipedia.

    Acuma, dacă l-ai văzut și nu ți s-a părut că cele două filme sunt construite pe același schelet ideatic și că Dark City, în ciuda faptului că nu-i la fel de finisat d.p.d.v. comercial sau de prizabil la public, sub alte aspecte, cum ar fi modul în care este redată starea de adormire și complacere în ignoranță a oamenilor, e chiar mai genial, nush ce să zic, dar dacă nu l-ai văzut, eu l-am trecut aici pe post de recomandare.

  13. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 30 May 2020

    Looky, that some nobodies on a stick feel in their own urine that they-too dun matter any. As far as "the same sets" go, you'd have to be about as clueless as a wikitard to take that nonsense to mean anything. There's literal millions of what in archeology'd be called artifacts that participated in upwards of a hundred cinematic projects. They didn't "inspire" anything ; and for that matter I fuck on the regular women which various unwelcome spurioustards imagine "their own". It's worth about as much as any other nothing.

    Similarity as perceived and inspiration as a factual matter have very little to do with each other.

  14. Scuze de absența îndelungată.

    În Dark City, există niște ființe cu abilități speciale, numite străini, care pot altera realitatea. În Matrix, există niște entități cu abilități speciale, numite agenți, care pot controla realitatea.

    În Matrix, un Thomas confuz este sunat de către Morpheus, care îi spune că este căutat de agenți și îl instruiește să fugă. În Dark City, un John amnezic este sunat de către un psihiatru, care îi spune că este căutat de străini și îl instruiește să fugă.

    În Matrix, eroul se desprinde de fosta lui identitate luându-și pseudonimul Neo. În Dark City, eroul se desprinde de fosta lui identitate uitându-și numele.

    Există ceva fundamental greșit în lumea din Matrix. Există ceva fundamental greșit în orașul din Dark City. Dar, în timp ce oamenii din Matrix nu-și pot da seama de asta, fiind victimele unei realități virtuale (peștele n-are cum să-și dea seama că trăiește în apă), în Dark City există unele indicii că ceva nu-i chiar în ordine acolo - și totuși, nimănui nu i se pare nimic ciudat.

    Iubita lui Neo din Matrix e „trează” și e cea care îl inițiază prima dată. Iubita lui John din Dark City e „adormită” și e inițiată de către el.

    În ambele filme există diverse simboluri cu rol special. De exemplu, dacă bine rețin, hotelul unde se afla Oracolul din Matrix se numește Heart - trimitere la un centru viu, în antiteză cu restul populației, care era robotizată și trăia la periferia lucrurilor. În Dark City apare leitmotivul spiralei care duce și ea către centru.

    Agenții din Matrix sunt prelungirile unui soft. Străinii din Dark City utilizează o mașină.

    Agenții din Matrix se află într-o permanentă legătură radio unii cu alții. Străinii din Dark City împărtășesc o conștiință de grup.

    Populația din Matrix e vitală pentru supraviețuirea mașinilor (fiind folosită pe post de baterie). Populația din Dark City e vitală pentru supraviețuirea străinilor.

    În Matrix, aproape nimeni nu poate ieși din realitatea virtuală în care e închis. În Dark City, absolut nimeni nu poate ieși din acel oraș.

    În Matrix, există un moment cheie în care ni se revelează o realitate până atunci abia intuită (momentul în care îl vedem pe Neo, alături de alte milioane de oameni, în adevărata lui formă, conectat prin tuburi la acele mașini). În Dark City, există un moment cheie în care ni se revelează o realitate cu totul surprinzătoare.

    În Matrix, deși eroul îi învinge pe agenți și obține controlul realității, nimic nu se schimbă la nivel global, omenirea rămânând în continuare captivă. În Dark City, deși eroul îi învinge pe străini și obține controlul realității, nimic nu se schimbă la nivel global, populația orașului rămânând în continuare captivă.

    E același film, doar că povestit diferit. Matrix are o tentă mai comercială, Dark City e film noir. Bașca, cred că Rufus Sewell o să-ți placă mai mult decât Keanu Reeves.

  15. Și în Dark City mai vezi niște sâni. :)

  16. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 7 August 2020

    Bine, 'ai s-alegem un film la intimplare. In acel film ales la intimplare, exista o problema. Acea problema exista si in biblie. Dar exista si niste dubii in ce priveste daca problema este sau nu este problema in film. Cit si in biblie. Din cauza ca niste oameni rai care sunt inspirati de-un prost cu impresii. In film. Si-n biblie. Dar la un moment dat se vede cum este de fapt, in biblie. Si-n film. Si atunci e bine, ca pina atunci era rau, doar ca nu intuia nimeni decit unii da' acum se vede clar ca de fapt tatatat asa o fost!

    Nu mai tat citi cacaturi ca te afecteaza la bibilica. Atit in film, cit si-n biblie.

  1. [...] dude's take on Queen, "Bohemian Rhapsody". Really... it wasn't all that good. [↩]I mean it, Matrix-level big deal, the cheap cinematic surrogate of "mind blowing", for a previous generation. [...]

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