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Friday, 18 October, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Hello, and welcome to the first Trilema article produced entirely in the car. I processed the pictures, I wrote the text, I did the uploading and futzing and everything else entirely ensconced in the comfortable innards of Florimund (de Merzy), da bra decorticator.

It pains me to announce I apparently lost my glorious silver capped ebony walking cane / slut butt warmer somehow in the foregoing proceedings. The loss leaves me inconsolable ; though maybe it turns out up, I confess I have little hope.

Butt talking of loss and losses : here's a Prague datacenter.



And in much the same lossage vein, the view from my hotel room : a gallery of lives lost on the left, and radio free europe on the right.


Nothing losts forever.


Because most women would much rather take it raw dog than go around with an uncapped bleedy cunt, it's two bucks for the condoms and four bucks for the plugs. Capitalism works!


This'd be very much Prague. I expect you can tell.


This is Prague dreaming of Costa Rica ; I can tell by some sad butts in the windows, entirely reminiscent to my melancholy eye of the sadness of local tropical fruit, pineapples and mangos and whatnot. There's nothing wrong specifically, except they're not quite well, they're not in adequate context, they're just... sad. See it ?


Quite delicious escargot, which is practically speaking the common garden snail. As emperor O'Toole once said, "of course you do ; you need both for your health".


Unfortunately they fucked up my steak ; I rarely return food, but this case was fucking eggregious, ask for beyond bloody get well done what the fuck nonsense is this!


Very nice cafe downtown, Koruna.


Isn't this a great lifestyle by the way, "tits out with every meal" ? Try it sometime, you might enjoy it. And even if you don't enjoy it -- you'll certainly make lots and lots of new friends ; the selfish life is not worth leading or how did that partial nonsense go ?i


Czech money, if you were curious.


One of these annoying shits meeting its truly deserved fate ; I hope more people broke these up really, fucking garbage littering the sidewalks ~everywhere now, and the cockroaches "all agreed" it's acceptable, somehow. Fuckheads.


Derpy cat rampant. Rawr!


Throwback shot.


Out on the town, about to hit the "Darling Cabaret" (opposite of the Sauna Clubii above). The girls picked up this Russian club promoter / culturologist Phd (not even fucking kidding ; let's call her Stella) just as she was picking up some (allegedly) eighteen year old party girl (whom we'll call, for no reason, Olga), who upon closer examination (in the sense of, we met at some bar, had a bottle of quite nice Sicilian Dolcetto, decided on the "cabaret", told her to meet us there, at which point...) turned out to actually... work there.


So I ended up paying eighty bucks or so for admtiting three girls into a strip club that spuriously pretends to "cabaret". No such thing, it's one shade less sad than the orphanage sadness, but no more. There's six or so "different" rooms (excluding whatever happens past the hallway with the strategically placed ATM machine -- I expect those'd be the 3-4 cocksucking cabins cum engine keeping the whole thing going) that all essentially open into the same floor, a smallish stage with a pole, a coupla other round balcony-likes that can double as satellite stages in a pinch and well... a whole buncha tired old streetwalkers just fucking sitting. The place very widely and insistently advertises "350+ girls!!!" but in practice they have about half dozen dancers, of which : a very competent blondy in her late 30s, nice tits, good presence, 0 interest or ambition or anything resembling drive left ; a tall chick towards the end of her shelf life (late twenties) but with a great body and especially nice, fat titties (whom they call Tatiana I suspect for the titty pun value) ; a coupla more nice body nice rack promising dancer girlsiii ; one deeply fucking offensive precious cuntlet, no tits, no talent, just that annoying punch-begging face of the "emotionally secure" and etcetera careerwoman, of course there present with all the fastidium she's learned off Friends & such : complicated gauzy dress she mostly tripped herself very stiffly in, elaborate pole-cleaning rituals precontact, god forbid she catches whoredom from all those other filthy whores there as fucking if etcetera etcetera. I really hope her Yugo / Fiat Ka / whatever shitty car she drives catches fire with her in it.

We also got a bottle (Absolut Vodka) which came to 1999 krone (it being happy hour) ; apparently the entrance fee (something like 20 bucks, substantial as far as these things go) does not warrant any drinks, or anything else. This got us two major advantages, one being that some chick we never saw before (or after) came over within five minutes to ask if we'd like a table dance. I told her we don't, so she went back to where she was sitting and sat there. That's her shtick, I'm pretty sure, she just goes to tables where bottles are brought and asks ; annoyingly I suspect the objectionable boibiofilm is actually so fucktarded by now, that simple strategy actually yields comparably to ~anything else. In any case, she didn't look anything liek the vacant, used up crack-whore Southpark depicts in the role ; she seemed to me rather calculating, which is what drives the supposition. Exam taking, rite ?

The other being that a half hour or so later the waitress came over to ask whether we want anything more because teh happy hour's ending in four minutes (showing me the clock), and well... a soft drink that was ~9 bucks prior is thenceforth gonna be 18!!! Why the fuck would I want soft drinks or for that matter pay ten times the price ("because soon it'll be 20 times the price!!!") was left entirely out, which I suppose is the point that'll never get through the thick skulls of the retarded Goddess worshippers : I didn't like anyone there enough to do them any fucking favours, which is the principal problem in this entire discussion. Yes you might get some money, but by sucking it first, and hard, and well, and eagerly and etcetera.

Instead of any of that, the dumb locals were very threatened by every aspect of properly behaved whoredom. They eyed warily as my cunts did the splits on the floor, completely eschewing the obvious, natural "hey, nice, but can you do like this!" boy-style competition and entrenching instead in the coy girly idiocy ; they asked the bimbo if she's not wearing any underwear, which she readily confirmed, to which they feigned "disgust", as if this is fucking possible, the herd of dumb cunts ever having any sort of say in the sovereign power, declaring what's art and such lofty magicks. In fact, the waitress even ran over as I was playing with her naked ass to inform us that "this is not normal there". Because fancy that wonder, some fucking waitress is the repository of normalcy, as a dues-paying, respected and respectable member of the dumb cunt lobby, this is how it works. Bare ass not normal at the supposed strip club / alleged cabaret, imagine this fake bullshit the overgrown girlies will come up with left to their own devices.

I don't suppose we shall be doing more of the Czech "cabarets" / strip joints, much in the same way we won't be taking many more busses to the Moon. It's not my fault they don't have the damn thing, what can I do ?!


The after-party, in the hotel lobby. Everyone cleared the fuck out forthwith, contemporary sexuality is very much this slinking about in the corners in the dark sorta affair.


I think some bimbo might publish the companion shot for this ; and speaking of companion shots : Stella sends some footage she's shot, flaunting club rules. I support her devil may care attitude, if that's a strip club I'm a cosmonaut (and if that's also a cabaret, I'm a subteranean cosmonaut).

Au revoir & salut, until the next time!

  1. I find nothing funnier than the deeply disavowed if utterly unavoidable partiality of pantsuit discourse. Suppose "women positive" advocates got carted off to jail en masse under RICO, because that is exactly what the words mean ? Hm ?

    Oh, but you see, universals are to be applied only here and there, they're pretend-universals, it's a whole pile of dreamy nonsense only twelve year old girls could possibly find natural -- while no one else could find even vaguely acceptable. []

  2. Which honestly does not appeal in the slightest -- who the fuck would wanna go close quarters into liquid media with randos as some sorta cvasi-sexual peri-copulative activity ?! Oh, wait, wait that's right, dweeby cuckbois, the sad sort whose only possible avenue towards further contamination of the gene pool is some kind of fly-mediated x-pollination, I see, I see.

    Yuck. []

  3. One of which even flipped on the pole! Once.

    Yes, I know it's absolutely the easiest figure without feet on the ground, what do you want from me ? It's what they got, they don't do much, mostly pullulate about the pole like marine filter-feeders (which, I suppose, is exactly apt). []

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    Friday, 18 October 2019

    Zucky did it first. Proof.

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    Friday, 18 October 2019

    Why is 50yo cougar - 15yo boi couple relevant to anything ?

  3. Very unrelated, but who's the blue guy in the default avatar pictures?

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    HoMM2 Genie.

  5. Hello Sir. I like your articles very much. I will ask you a question and I will have a request from you. Can you help me? Please.

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    See here.

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