The Barbarian Horde presents : Girandole Al'fright-o!

Wednesday, 10 July, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

mp_en_viaje i'm a stay at home master,
the girls are out working the streetsi,
perhaps ima start on a nice pasta in white sauce
so it's ready by the time they're back home.

Prepare for the scary.


I... toooooldja!

First, you make a roux. Nice and dark (but not too dark!) out of half a stick of butter (about 100 grams or so) which clarifies in the company of some ground green pepper, allspice and a sprinkle of clove, then gets flour qs and eventually cream followed by milk. You should get about a liter or so of sauce. BARBARIAN HORDE!!!

Meanwhile you also boil the pasta (dab of oil, salt, add the girandole in boiling water, then drain over sink 6 minutes later) ; and separately (evidently this is an all-harem-hands-on-dick dish) you clean and prepare : pickled shrimp ; pickled octopus ; salmon and sturgeon roe ; smoked eel (it should come in large chunks to be BITTEN OFF and GNAWED AT!!!), three kinds of pickled mushroomii, and kimchi in a bowl. BARBARIAN HORDE!!!

Goes just fine with Cricova red that nobody can read the label of because it's written in crazytalk!


  1. No exaggeration, no license, no conceit : they're out there. Looking for young girls tall enough rather than old men rich enough, it's true, but that's all. Reverse streetwalking's still streetwalking. []
  2. Tiny champignons, chanterelles, and shitake -- in this special pickling mayo we shan't further discuss here. []
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