Sieg heil...

Saturday, 02 March, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Be seated, gentlemen. As I think you know as of this morning, my orders came right from Berlin. I don't however expect you know I also received confidential instructions from the Reichskanzlei. It is on this latter matter I will belabour your attention for a short time today.

As I expect you noticed, the camp was renamed, but only the somewhat mysterious initials "FKL" seem to ever be used in reference. Allow me to dispel the mystery : FKL stands for Fotze Konzentrationslager, and that's exactly what we will be doing. The special brigades as well as the other legal and responsible authorities will be sending our way all female prisoners of a certain age and, shall we say, meeting certain presentation criteria. We will put them to work.

This work, however, will be specifically chosen as to make the best use of the prisoners' potential. Therefore, if I may direct your attention to the plan before us : Barracks A, currently standing, will be used as reception and triage quarters. I shall like to inspect it tomorrow morning, but for now I understand it is the standard three-wall, three to five deep, five tall merged bedding arrangement. From the dimensions it is then apparent it should readily house three thousand, but gentlemen, let me assure you, these will be no portly customers.


Thank you, thank you. Thus, five, even six deep will work fine, in fact during my earlier carreer I was billeted in Poland and permit me to observe I had direct occasion to notice how frequently the girls of the lower races share a bed, even of their own preference. I believe it may be expedient to make use of this characteristic of racial inferiority, and assign the prisoners in pairs anyway ; but more of this later. Barracks B and C, as you see three levels guards' barracks (with officers hosted on the last floor) will receive slight modification : we will change the beds for wider versions, and all guards will be required, as part of their duties, to pick a little wife every evening, to spend the night.

(rumour and eager applause)

We will, of course, not be overstringent in limiting the work enthusiasm of the men, except I believe to a maximum of three girls to two men, for purely hypotetical security reasons.


Barracks D will continue as storage, but perhaps will require expansion. Barracks E, garage, F, G, H and so on will continue as current. The plan as you can see calls for new construction, and tomorrow morning we shall inspect together the land around the camp, to identify the most suitable placement for this extension -- I believe something rather towards the lake would make the best grounds. Here will then be erected the visitor center, including excellent accomodation for both Reichspersonal on vacation as well as high ranking visitors. We shall review those plans later ; in the meanwhile let us go through the prisoner's lifecycle at the future FKL.

New arrivals will be dumped in barracks A. We have a contingent of brothel matrons with good, proven experience and track records scheduled to arrive Thursday, they will be in charge of training the girls, in a group during daytime as well as more personally in their own quarters in the guards' barracks. They are mostly Italian, so I would advise responsible caution ; nevertheless the orders are they should not be molested in any way. I am considering whether to isolate them on a specific half floor or permit looser accomodation, but I will make a decision upon receiving the group.

Prisoners will migrate away from barrack A through your choice, gentlemen, and that of your men. Once civilised, they will be allocated to a service pool working the visitor center. Menstruation stoppage is a reportable item ; pregnant girls will be relocated to a special spawning pen, which is the meaning of the mysterious "contruction X" off to the side. Construction X is, I am in a capacity to tell you, a simple, elegant, modern Schweinestall, equipped to the highest standards of the Reich. There, among the porcine population, the girls will feed on slop in expectation of the day of delivery, or should we rather say sacrification. To prevent accidents, such as may arrive from a pig's attempt to walk on two feet, there will be systematic resection at the ankle on both legs.

I should perhaps not go into such detail at this occasion, but nevertheless I find myself overwhelmed by the good humour of the company, and will therefore continue perhaps beyond what I should say. The centerpiece of the visitor center will be a casino of a very special type. Instead of undergoing the expense of keeping a horsetrack, and removing good horses from more productive uses, we will offer two principal betting events : as to Lieferung, and as to Symptomezahlen. Each week, the girls judged due to deliver imminently will be presented, suspended by the wrists. There, they will accuplate sodomically and repeatedly, with men wearing (for their own protection) condoms, lubricated with a special Strychnin-based lubricant. If the procedure induces labour, the prisoner will be hanged once the fetus dangles between her legs, thereby producing what I can only agree is a most artistic installation. Otherwise, once the Strychnin intoxication symptoms become overwhelming, the prisoner will be whipped to the end, so as to most exquisitely enjoy the special feelings her circumstances engender. It seems to me that both of these constitute eminently bettable events, and I expect the visitors may enjoy trying to guess whether any given whore can be made to flower, or what Schwanzzahlen can she handle before needing the warm-up.

(laughter, applause).

Die Fiebel und Handbucher sind still being edited, but I expect the definitive draft be ready before two weeks are out. I will circulate copies during the process, so you may bring your own observations, on the understanding gentlemen that this will remain an informal consultation. This I think concludes our brief tonight, any questions ? Herr Hauptmann ?

Herr Oberst, what would be the expected lifetime of the average prisoner in the FKL ?

I would expect about one year. It is, in any case, what we aim for. Herr Major ?

Herr Oberst, I heard you say "a certain age". While in a certain sense I readily see the wisdom of placing a limit, going the other way... what, indeed, is the wisdom of denying the young the doubtlessly beneficial influence of our work here ? It can be said, of course, that under the present scheme girls under a certain age may find themselves unable, so to speak, to find their way out. Nevertheless, it might be considered that for that reason they may please all the more, and besides, never was a problem encountered by the faithful soldiers of the Reich that wasn't also solved. I daresay we might be possessed of the resources and requisites to handle prisoners of almost any age, up to, of course, a certain limit.

This is a most interesting observation, Herr Major, and I shall be sure to pass it along the chain of my superiors. And with that, we are adjourned, gentlemen.

Sieg heil!

Sieg heil!

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