Naked sluts in hotel rooms, a frank discussion of harem sexuality, the warm pubic reception of the general public and other typos.

Sunday, 05 May, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Generally travelling (as long as we're staying in hotels, which is to say for short visits) I get a room for myself and room(s) for the attendant sluts, drivers, assorted servants. It makes travelling somewhat more expensive than is traditional, I guess, but then again I do a lot of things outside of tradition. For instance, -- oh, I'm sorry. Were you trying to play that game where you try guessing the title-article relationship ? How's that working out for you yet ?

But let's not forget our place. I was saying that for instance, once the day's over and we're done going out, the sluts stay naked (and this obviously extends to the morning, while we're not yet gone out). Because that's the naturali state of womanhood, what, clothes are this foreign, alien object. An interface, imposed by the incorrect outside, a second skin, only brought into existence by the intrinsic misoginy of the outside world. The only substance of males, practically speaking, and natural and adequate to their needs, floating hollow clothes as they go about, magically, mysteriously animated medieval armors as they find themselves. Nevertheless women have secret warmth under the tits, and a natural willowness of inside curves reflected outside, their nudity goes with inside walls like warm water does. Ye ancient trifecta of civilisation.

This means there's nude girly traffic between my room and theirs all the damned time, hence "Do you realise there hasn't been a hotel you've not been walking around naked through for a while now ?" -- yet the kid bringing a tray was (reportedly) so shocked at running into a nude woman, he fell over, losing the tray in the process as well as himself. In the prestige hotel of a capital town, that stood here for over a century, that prides itself with misspelling Milhouse even! Look :


Ok, ok, I get it -- if anyone misspelled it then it must've been Nixon who dun it. Fine. I told you there were going to be mispellings. From the very tit. Le remember ?

Anyway, to close this mini-article subsection of the main article and move on to picturesque illustrations (offered, as the commercial expression goes, "cu titlu de ilustratie") : you're really falling way behind, everyone! Plox raise awareness some : if you don't make the girls be cool, no one will, and then they won't be. Word ?


Above : ahem.

Below : this here is, preserved for all posterity (and very close to the actual moment in time), the exact place where I decided to move on to quarterly reporting from now on. In fairness, the original monthly reporting was borne out of "forum business", a bizarre concoction of words alone that long ago failed its (easily given) promise of permanence. So long ago, in fact, that you can walk many a Bitcoin mile today without running into one who still even vaguely remembers its time. There is, in other words, no serious reason to continue to be had from tradition -- ephemeral idiocy doth not get to enshrine tradition.

Looking at the historical pile of reports -- there's 72 items in the S.NSA category, for instance, stretching back as an uninterrupted string to 2014. No, seriously, unlike everyone else that was supposedly such a big deal at the time I actually kept to it, throughout, without fail. Today is the day... like every other day, I guess. But in that pile, there's not so much commentary from the general public on each report so as to render the move to quarterly reporting inconvenient on administrative grounds ; nor is it reasonable to confront people with that question quite so frequently -- the month is too large a reporting interval for usagi & friends (and how countlessly many they were!!!), true. Yet when actual people with an actual physical existence do actual things, relatively little moves from month to month, and plans are cut out in years.

Yes, it's perfectly true, five, six, seven years ago the very proposition that someone could at the same time be involved in Bitcoin in any capacity and also execute plans on horizons longer than two weeks stood as ridiculous as ridicule itself could ever stand. Nevertheless here we are today, having done exactly that -- planned, and executed, on yearlong timescales. Having done it so many times over and over again that skepticism stands as ridiculous today as belief stood a decade or so ago. This is what those 72 entries bought us, this is what that constancy, that unerring precision and stability bought us. Let's try and not fuck it up, because it came out of my time, and out of the flesh of women I love, and I do not fucking wish to have to do it again.

I hope we understand each other.



Above : that's what a hotel room looks like, when empty. Hold on to that thought.

Below : mie imi place cind e cu peisage. Dar cind nu e cu peisage mai bine ma uit pe geam. How about you ?




Above : that's how a hotel bathroom goes, see ? None of that.

Below : the locals are organizing a procession to protest my shenanigans in their beloved Belgrade.



Above, as below : the protests thicken, while shits are given.
















The one on the left (whose name I apparently forget) is somewhat camera shy and avoidantly inclined as the necessary result of years of neglect and inept handling ; but I'm sure she'll grow into it. Meanwhile her ladyship hanbot's got a very pretty snatch, don't you agree ?ii

So, how do you have sex ? I mean, I'm sure you don't always do the same onething, right ? It says so in books, that it's bad and so not to be done. This alongside ye olde "I think they just appreciate it if you make an effort" could perhaps be deemed the only two bits of intelligence a young ESL speaker starts life with. It's the common patrimony of humanity, what!

Well, neither do I... Do the same thing, I mean. Well, not always the same one. Yet thinking about it, there's actually some readily identifiable classes of things I do. Consider the matter : there's one of me, and with a single penis attached, beset upon by the hordes, pairs, multitudes of them. What do you do ? What can you do ?

For instance last night : first, one sucked my cock while I kissed the other (at first she stood as I kissed her mouth, while the other lay on the bed kissing my cock ; but then I had her stand in the bed bent over, while I kissed her pretty slit, and then on her knees, and then on her back). Then, I fucked the other while kissing the one (does this make you gay, by the way, if you kiss lips that were on your cock before ?), at first I had her both feet up on the ledge by the window, resting all her weight on my cock, then I had her one foot on the floor, then I had her kneel in the bed on the side, one leg up, so the one could kiss her snatch as my cock slid in and out (I hope you're following the "one" and "other" as I'm doing my best to keep it accurate). Then I fucked the ass of the one while she continued eating out the other, then I had the other bring me the crop and I had her stand in certain ways and cropped her soft, tender parts (especially the painful flesh of the inside of the thighs) while assfucking her girlfriend (who also got the occasional crop swosh, of course). And I said I really enjoy hurting them both at the same time (which I do). And then I came, and then we washed and then we cuddled and then they went to bed.

You notice the necessary similarities, don't you ? Half and half, basically, except for the harem it works as three thirds, I guess. First oral, then vaginal, then anal, with a cropping a la mode. Because what the hell else can you do ?

I mean sometimes, when I don't feel like getting up, they kiss on my cock -- which is literally what the name implies, they make out with the head of my penis between their mouths. It's fun.

Oh and of course there's also the twin fucking (which can also be anal, althogh it takes some practice for girls to enjoy the popping of their rectal seals so many times in quick succession) but if you think systematically about it, what does it consist of if not the exact same thing, their making out with their vulvas instead of their mouths, on your cock ? (Well, very technically that tibadism'd be different, they can actually scissor themselves on your cock as well, especially if they go to the gym a lot -- which they'd fucking better!)

I mean, I suppose there's also "when I'm done, I want to cum on her face, then we let it dry and we make her go through town like that, so everyone knows what a slut she is" and such nonpareils, but if you think about it...

Really, it's always the same thing, isn't it ? A spearing of energy and releasing of chemicals ?


Well so then!

  1. The boneheaded feminist (you know the kind, late adolescent or recently-post-adolescent "tomboy"-ish girly who, fundamentally, does not understand how kneeling in front of authority works or how deeply satisfying it is) waitress at this very cozy bar (the one with the slut/dragon duality, where there be uniformed pisis) had "go natural" spelled out on the black of her back outfit (or vice-versa). She was extremely good at her job, we bantered a lot (though in fairness, her schtick consisted of having noticed males will a) court her with b) no expectation, plainly and uncontractually like that, donatory courtship, so she was very confused by both my arrangements and dispositions in the field as well as my sheer disinterest in her usual mode of relationship coupled with my pointed insistence on the proper one).

    At one point I pointed out to her that "go natural" is an invitation to rejoining that above-discussed state of womanhood. She explained (eyes sparkling intelligently past a very limited understanding of English basic vocavulvary that the foregoing males she interacted with found within themselves to enforce upon her -- thereby and therefore sadly limiting her future in ways she's both unprepared to evaluate and, properly speaking, not required to foresee!!! think of that next time you don't beat the cool out of a slut, that unlike marble her flesh rots, and will not stay there forever for another, more talented, to dig the beauty out -- either you carve her beauty out on sight or else you owe her your shortcoming and miserable failure for all eternity) that it was just some "clever" shit some brand came up with. That altogether sad substitute of proper harem relationships resolving the public-private gap that's these days attemptively (if abortively) fashioned out of a sad, ignorant and utterly barbaric misappropriation of commercial means.

    It's a sad world she lives in ; and you made it that way. []

  2. I can't now be arsed to dig for the earliest reference on Trilema of this fundamental principle of blogging, that "whether you agree or disagree -- now that I published therefore you can, while before I published, you couldn't", whereby documentation beats opinionation and so following. It's there, though, and it's there since before your intellectual life began, simply because it stands -- as it does, as it must -- as the cornerstone of the very possibility of that intellectual life in the first place. []
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24 Responses

  1. Viviana`s avatar
    Monday, 1 June 2020

    Como es

  2. @Viviana - es buenisimo.

  3. Listo ya e cumplido

  4. Muy buena

  5. tranzar e Whatsapp

  6. Hi

  7. Ion Iliescovici`s avatar
    Ion Iliescovici 
    Wednesday, 12 August 2020

    Slabut de tat Popascule. Slabut de tat.

    Uite aici hotel review adevarat si profi de profi. Conspecteaza acolo, mai inveti si tu una-alta despre lumea asta si cum sa te porti in ea, bine?


  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 12 August 2020

    Here is Part 2 of the review of my Hyatt Regency Irvine visit. Part 1 was mainly about the public areas that you would see around the hotel. I would suggest for you to read Part 1 so that you can feel a sense of continuity throughout this post.

    In the afternoon we received our rooms and so up we went on the elevators, where we noticed they were ULTRA slow. 4 elevators for a 14 story hotel was decent, but slow elevators were not, especially when the Hyatt was holding a conference with more than 200 people attending.

    The room was medicore in size- probably around 400 or so square feet. Not much space to really move around due to the fact it was a double bed room, but the space between the bathroom and main door was large due to a closet. Above you can see the beds. I was not able to take any wider photos of the room showing everything as I was not the first one into the room, and afterwards the room was messy. I don't think you want to see any photos that really do not show the room as is? Nor did I sleep on them, but they were the usual Hyatt Grand bed which is cushy but also firm.

    Why did I not sleep on a bed? Because I made my own. Besides, I did not want to sleep with people I barely knew then at the time. Here is what you do. The first two portions are the sofa and the leg rest. The foot area comes from the work table chair which I'll show you next. Place them together, and fill the gaps so that your back doesn't feel weird. Then, add the blankets and pillows and towels as necessary (found in the closet/bathroom) and you are done! Simple! I've done this in many places, but those looked much prettier than this one :).

    As for the nightstand, it housed a lamp, telephone, a iHome for playing music, coffee and tea, and magazines. There was also a writing pad with the same pen that was available at Hyatt Regency Arlington and Hyatt Regency Boston, which is actually a favorite hotel pen of mine. It may be plastic-y but it is a nicely shaped pen and everytime I visit a Hyatt now I'll try to get one of these pens since they are just so nice.

    The TV Amoire housed plenty of things, including: TV and Coffeemaker A Hamilton CV1 one cup coffeemaker as seen in other Hyatts across the US and a CRT Panasonic TV. Old, but usable! The bottom portion house several cabinets, a safe which I never used, and the minibar which I did not open.

    Speaking of the bathroom, it was tiny- just like the Hyatt Regency in Boston. The same design scheme too! Hyatts play copycat with each other.

    So how was the Hyatt Regency Irvine? I would say it would be fine for a business traveler working. The rooms are not really high tech with Wi-Fi or such, but it works as a comfortable and clean place to stay with nice decorations around. Our room was a bit worn in spots with the lock and some fabric starting to break apart in the headerboard of the beds, but otherwise it was okay.

    De capu' meu, astia saracii...

    Muriti in bezna, ma, cutotii. Atmosfera de preoraseneasca in plm...

  9. like women

  10. Hi

    what is the name of the Girls , both please ?


  11. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 28 January 2021

    Lol, why, do you have a burning urge to look them up ?

    They're not public whores, I'm not some kind of small town "rich guy" a la socialism's losers. They're my own private whores, you can't interact with them on your own.

    PS. Tell your sister.

  12. itu semua hanya sebuah permainan hidup manusia, hidup adalah sebuah permainan jika menang dia akan baik jika kalah maka dia akan merubah segalanya. yang nantinya akan menuju sebuah titik. dan permainan itu sudah ada yang mengaturmya. semua ada waktunya, yang dimulai kebaikan dia akan bisa baik dan juga bisa buruk. yang buruk dia pasti akan berusaha ke baik.

  13. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 10 March 2021

    Bisakah anda menjadi lebih basi dan sayangnya di luar topik?

  14. your pic supper

  15. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 15 April 2021

    It's been a while since I showered without pulling girl hair out of my crotch, let's put it this way. Ten years maybe ? Twenty ? Kinda rare when it's just one type, too.

  16. Ihatecommieblocpigs`s avatar
    Monday, 17 May 2021

    Two self-loathing old women overweight and desperate and already your ego is beyond inflated. Have you seen yourself in the mirror? With your disgusting cheek hairs, if it wasn't for your psychopathic charm not even those two would have capitulated to you. I'll be impressed when I see you with multiple college girls, now that's a real harem. You're not clever, you're just uninhibited by social pressures, so your thought patterns are unique but that doesn't necessitate intelligence. You just think in an idiosyncratic and you boldly express it due to your social ineptitude, only an idiot or someone who shares your illness would be impressed by your psychotic drivel.

  17. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 17 May 2021

    Not everyone has your exact set of problems.

  18. Carlo`s avatar
    Monday, 17 May 2021

    Lol dat MP
    rollin ova da hatez
    no givin no sheeit

  19. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 17 May 2021

    Yeah whell... let's understand each other by thinking of a nice car running down a fresh new highway. After however hundreds of miles this car's well covered in bug guts -- the necessary result of ploughing at a steady rate through collections of gnats, midges and whatall else pullulate indistinctly through the asphalt-warmed air.

    Another insect splatters on the left headlight, yet another's guillotined somewhere in the grille, ping-bing-bing-ping they keep sounding and re-sounding their last. The car's well experienced with their demise. It's seen so many... And yet for every, for each and every single one of the sacrificial exemplars of I-suppose-life-allegedly it's... well, it's their very first time, isn't it. Quite the unique experience. They're a little... discomfited by the encounter, shall we say ? Whatever we shall say it matters naught, for we've been saying it for years and decades uncounted (as long as by "we" we mean me) and they'll forever be perfectly novel, entirely fresh, and just as "surprised" by the "event" of a car going through the place made for cars to go through as the previous or the next inconsequential bit of floating filth flattering itself with the delusion that it's flying.

    So... yeah, whatever. Besideswhich, James Henry Le Bailly de La Falaise, Marquis de La Coudraye sends his regards.

  20. Wait... so am I overweight, desperate, old and therefore self loathing or am I self loathing and therefore old, desperate, and overweight?

    It's so bizarre that a person can *still* exist who thinks that making an anonymous comment about a woman's age and body is worth typing out.

    Honestly, this reads like those weird dudes who are afraid of peeing in front of their girlfriends. I've never heard of one dude commenting on the cheek hairs of another. You got some faans, Master.

  21. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 18 May 2021

    "Is it worth it" considerations are always a matter of opportunity cost, though.

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