Thursday, 28 March, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Gambiti is such an offensive piece of obscene maculature as hardly could be had the equal.ii

By the lights of this miserly dunk in the strictly immoral, the "hero", belabouredly inferior and profoundly inadequate in every way (as the woman traditionally points out) is nevertheless "entitled" to betray his owed allegiance to his better. Because he deems, he, the worm, deems his better to be "a bully" not to mention "a degenerate nudist" it then follows, in the typically libertard cvasi-logic of this sad expression of the times, that he may not only break faith, but even steal ; and not merely steal, but give away. The coveted possessions of the local lords are to be dispatched to the horde of small yellow men, just so Colin Filth and all the other Joes, Moes and Schmoes Filth he stands for don't have to gaze upon that one true intolerable sight in the modern pleb's eyes : his betters. Ha-ha, take that "you bully", now there's naught left in England worth the mention. The pleb's so totally shown you!!!

England evidently doesn't enter into this at all, the substance's entirely derivative and completely descriptive of the current (and enduring) mindset of the lesser half of the US socialist party, supposedly they're so fucking important, these nobodies on a stick, that they'll give the country over to China rather than ally against it with Russia, because they totally can do things, such as give countries. Why don't you believe ?!?!?!

As the old adage goes,

Rustics you were and rustics you stay ; you will remain in bondage, not as before but incomparably harsher. For as long as we live and, by God's grace, rule over the realm, we will strive with mind, strength and goods to suppress you so that the rigour of your servitude will be an example to posterity. Both now and in the future people like yourselves will always have your misery.

In closing -- no, there's no hope for the Filths. Nor should there be.

  1. 2012, by Michael Hoffman, with Colin Filth, Cameron Diaz. []
  2. A circumstance perhaps explained by the literary autorship -- the Coens. []
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