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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
The20YearIRCloud You want to look at affordable, extremely useful housing, look to what the Scots & irish did with their housing in the 1600s from Sod [00:00]
ben_vulpes !s pauper [00:00]
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The20YearIRCloud Some of those houses would last forever and needed almost no heat during freezing cold winters [00:00]
JuliaTourianski_ the hexayurt is a solution for emergency housing, refugee camps, and poverty housing. they do protect against extreme temperature changes, hence their use at burning man [00:00]
The20YearIRCloud heck, body heat would keep em warm [00:01]
The20YearIRCloud And tents are bad? [00:01]
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mircea_popescu "After six decades and the expenditure of the equivalent of tens of billions of dollars, the promise of breeder reactors remains largely unfulfilled and efforts to commercialize them have been steadily cut back in most countries" [00:01]
JuliaTourianski_ tents r shit [00:01]
mircea_popescu IPFS doesn't like torium [00:01]
ben_vulpes tents a shit [00:01]
ben_vulpes indeed [00:01]
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Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, for who? [00:02]
ben_vulpes i for one think the burning man use case is hilarious [00:02]
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The20YearIRCloud hipsters at burning man? [00:02]
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HeySteve +The20YearIRCloud> One of the groups at my church goes to Africa every few years to teach people how to build basic water filters from sand/rocks/ect and when they do it , they save a immense number of lives due to cholera/disentery <- cool, here's something else you might be interested in: [00:02]
assbot The BioCycle by AgriProtein and Bear Valley Ventures - YouTube [00:02]
JuliaTourianski_ ? [00:02]
ben_vulpes "hi i'm subjecting myself to burning man but i want a temperature regulated environment but i can't afford an rv RENTAL" [00:02]
Dimsler lol who cares about hipsters at burning man [00:02]
mircea_popescu it is pretty funny [00:02]
The20YearIRCloud HeySteve: that's quite cool [00:03]
HeySteve yeah gonna start using them for fish feed [00:03]
The20YearIRCloud We've got a methane reactor on a farm here, doesn't use flies but produces a few KW of continuous power from a milk production [00:03]
ben_vulpes one use case that made some modicum of sense was this one dood's fuckpalace, but i was always amused that he couldn't just get down in public at the burn [00:03]
ben_vulpes i mean w.t.f. [00:03]
Dimsler a cattle sized meat grinder [00:03]
Dimsler should be wheeled into burning man [00:03]
jurov from what i read about burning man, one needs two tents, the bigger one where you can clean off the salt [00:04]
jurov and inside it a small one [00:05]
The20YearIRCloud Ok, so the flies do a similar thing to composting? [00:05]
jurov domes/yurts are usable as the bigger one [00:05]
mircea_popescu Dimsler why the hate ? kids gotta gather somewhere. [00:05]
mircea_popescu now they can't rape each other on the uni campus, where is the handling supposed to occur ? [00:05]
ben_vulpes jurov: if you're cleaning off the dust, you're doing it wrong [00:05]
ben_vulpes wet wipes for the crotch is about all one needs. [00:05]
jurov you were yourself? [00:06]
ben_vulpes i was what? [00:06]
jurov ion burning man [00:06]
Dimsler mircea_popescu, well no see, kids are about 16yrs old approx? [00:06]
Dimsler if you're 25 acting like a kid [00:06]
ben_vulpes a few times yeah jurov [00:06]
Dimsler its a little different [00:06]
jurov they wrote "if left on the skin that dust causes burns" - you say BS? [00:06]
ben_vulpes "get a house, settle down, give up on fun, otherwise you're a retarded child." << Dimsler [00:07]
The20YearIRCloud HeySteve: do you have more info on this fly thing? [00:07]
mircea_popescu Dimsler nah, in civilised society as old as 26. [00:07]
ben_vulpes jurov: you're missing a duration qualifier there [00:07]
ben_vulpes i also suspect that skin oils make a nice little bottom layer [00:07]
The20YearIRCloud The big thing about fish feed is that there are a few types that have very, very, very low protein inputs and thrive on waste anyway [00:08]
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mircea_popescu << this bash thing [00:12]
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HeySteve The20YearIRCloud yeah they're building a big facility in fluffypony's neck of the woods to supply animal feed to farmers here [00:18]
The20YearIRCloud I'd love to try it here, granted finding the waste input could be difficult outside of animal manure from farms [00:19]
The20YearIRCloud How are the larva harvested? [00:19]
HeySteve this is a good guide: [00:19]
The20YearIRCloud Great [00:19]
HeySteve the larvae harvest themselves by crawling up ramps and away from all the mess [00:19]
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mircea_popescu like silkworms huh [00:22]
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HeySteve I'm not sure, never kept silkworms [00:22]
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The20YearIRCloud HeySteve: and into harvesting stations? [00:25]
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HeySteve yeah or straight into animal feed troughs even [00:26]
The20YearIRCloud Alright, and they're eaten live by the animals? [00:27]
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HeySteve yeah I know chickens will eat them live and the protein content is high. will try it with fish but maybe they need to be processed for smaller fish [00:30]
jurov chicken don't have any prejudice against live worms [00:30]
jurov rather the opposite [00:30]
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The20YearIRCloud two nice-ish buys today, joy [00:39]
The20YearIRCloud chicken love insects, i know quite a few people that feed almost exclusively scratch (no food) [00:40]
The20YearIRCloud granted that doesn't work in winter [00:40]
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HeySteve you can put the chickens in a cage above the grubs to manage their waste [00:44]
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moldysnizz Thanks, kakobrekla! [00:48]
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kakobrekla yw [00:49]
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kakobrekla not much of a talker [00:50]
kakobrekla not that there anything wrong with that [00:50]
moldysnizz heh, not so much. chatquack may have logged some drunkeness. I don't have access to his credintals right now. Desktop is in storage. [00:51]
moldysnizz moldy is my fallback. [00:51]
The20YearIRCloud HeySteve: that setup looks quite great [00:53]
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The20YearIRCloud Especially as a dried foodstock, i'm shocked though they estimate value at only $1/lb [00:58]
The20YearIRCloud would help with doing batches [00:58]
Dimsler ground beef is 40cents /lb [00:59]
Dimsler and thats a 70/30 mix [00:59]
The20YearIRCloud where? [01:00]
The20YearIRCloud HeySteve: seems they're 20% efficient at converting waste to protein/feedstock it seems [01:00]
jurov you should prolly should IPO it on havelock [01:07]
jurov MAGGOTMINER [01:07]
The20YearIRCloud yeah [01:08]
The20YearIRCloud The concern I have is would be getting the waste [01:08]
The20YearIRCloud They need 80kg+ to make ~17kg of feed per week. That's a great deal of waste. [01:09]
jurov can prolly be crowdsourced [01:09]
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Dimsler [01:11]
assbot Thief - Opening Scene - YouTube [01:11]
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HeySteve heh maggotminer [01:11]
The20YearIRCloud 335m tons of manure is produced a year in the US, which would result in 67m tons of BSFL feedstock [01:11]
The20YearIRCloud Assuming 100% of all animal waste is used as a food source for them. [01:11]
HeySteve better than sending it to landfill I'd say! [01:12]
The20YearIRCloud Sure [01:12]
HeySteve a lot of animal feed is fish-based afaik [01:12]
The20YearIRCloud Then of that 67m tons of feedstock, animals (Depending on breed) are 15%-20% efficient at taking the BSFL feedstock and converting it to actual on-animal weight [01:13]
HeySteve fishmeal has risen a lot this year: [01:13]
assbot Fishmeal - Monthly Price - Commodity Prices - Price Charts, Data, and News - IndexMundi [01:13]
The20YearIRCloud So, an extra 13.4m tons of meat per year from recycling the waste through BSFLs. [01:14]
HeySteve nice [01:14]
The20YearIRCloud Wouldn't be a terrible thing if more places converted, but the problem starts to become that if you free-range animals (Cows and pigs, which are the largest waste producers by far), you can't effectively go out and get that waste [01:14]
The20YearIRCloud it has to be from indoor breeding/feeding areas [01:14]
HeySteve right. you're better off with collecting organic waste from other sources in that case [01:15]
HeySteve I've got a restaurant and greengrocer onboard for eg. [01:15]
The20YearIRCloud and how many pounds of meat will they produce a month from the BSFL? [01:16]
HeySteve and as in that video, sewage will seem to work too [01:16]
The20YearIRCloud At 100% of the animal waste produced converted to food, it'll take care of 5% of the total US meat demand [01:16]
cazalla JuliaTourianski_ puppet comment leave you a little rustled? [01:17]
* assbot removes voice from moldysnizz [01:17]
HeySteve well I know with fish, there's a method which achieves nearly 1:1 feed to weight conversion [01:18]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla was that your intention [01:18]
jurov btw, i loved that quip about coffee grounds [01:18]
HeySteve so using BSFL and tilapia, that could be done [01:18]
HeySteve (in theory) [01:18]
The20YearIRCloud I'm a real big fan of tilapia [01:19]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla well? [01:19]
The20YearIRCloud because from what I hear you can take raw farm waste (essentially corn silage) and feed it to them [01:19]
The20YearIRCloud that'd be quite interesting [01:20]
HeySteve hmm well, they will eat many things but to get good growth they want high protein feed [01:20]
The20YearIRCloud The thing with tilapia is that they eat like crazy on just about anything [01:20]
The20YearIRCloud the big holdback on tilapia is oxygen concentration. They breed like crazy to the point that they'll kill themselves [01:20]
HeySteve right but they only breed above about 28^ centigrade [01:21]
cazalla JuliaTourianski_ i was drinking last night but still, that's my impression [01:21]
HeySteve and at high concentration, they will prioritise feeding over breeding [01:21]
HeySteve but yeah, the more dissolved oxygen you can get the water to carry, the more densely you can stock them [01:22]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla what is it based on? intuition... [01:22]
The20YearIRCloud Yeah, and that's what i see as the primary problem [01:22]
The20YearIRCloud although here some guys are going to pure oxygen injection in the water [01:23]
HeySteve well I am going to test out an impeller system [01:23]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla i am curious to your line of thought [01:23]
The20YearIRCloud That's the more cost effective way to do it i think. I was looking at a 24/7 air compressor [01:23]
cazalla JuliaTourianski_, just a whisper, i hear it in my ghost but seriously, you never answered [01:23]
assbot Logged on 22-09-2014 18:18:35; mircea_popescu: julia_ well there's two specific things there. bitcoiners don't like amir because he's an idiot, and many people don't like berwick after that chile gulch real estate fraud episode. what exactly is your association ? [01:23]
Dimsler cazalla, Julia is a novice bitcoiner [01:24]
Dimsler she doesn't understand [01:24]
* BCB_ (45c990ad@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:24]
HeySteve yeah a motor to run an impeller with a tube to draw oxygen down to the blades, I believe it will work well [01:24]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla +mircea_popescu didn;t see that sorry- you guys do realize I literally know evryone in the space and am "associated" with everyone, depending on how you look at it. [01:25]
Dimsler no [01:25]
Dimsler lol [01:25]
HeySteve the turbulence *should* stop it becoming a giant fish blender... might put on some kinda mesh just in case [01:25]
Dimsler you're just associated with the mainstream clownery [01:25]
JuliaTourianski_ if i'm associated with everyone, then who is pulling my strings? [01:25]
JuliaTourianski_ amir? mainstream? [01:25]
Dimsler yes ofcourse [01:26]
Dimsler amir taaki and the etherium clowns [01:26]
JuliaTourianski_ you just dismissed a huge chunk of the btc space based on nothing. [01:26]
cazalla JuliaTourianski_ given i've seen a lot of you and paul joseph watson (alex jones puppet), perhaps that is the direction i should start [01:26]
Dimsler yeah i know [01:26]
Dimsler even went to the bilderberg group [01:27]
Dimsler alex jones that clown [01:27]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla ive been on infowars, keiser, bbc, fox news - so who is it pulling my strings? [01:27]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, amir was cool when he wasn't a pure drughead [01:27]
Dimsler years ago [01:27]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler I'm friends with everyone in the declaration video..that's a lot of ppl, so whcih ones are pulling my strings? don;t cherry pick eh [01:28]
cazalla JuliaTourianski_, i said earler i don't know [01:28]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla don't cherry pick info. [01:28]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla yeah you don;t know- maybe there's not much to know. [01:28]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, the question was pretty innocent [01:28]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla would u think the same if I was a dude in a t-shirt? [01:29]
HeySteve JuliaTourianski_ did u interview the hexayurt designer in that video posted above? [01:29]
Dimsler no we don't care in here that you have a vagina [01:29]
JuliaTourianski_ yeah i did [01:29]
cazalla JuliaTourianski_ i'd be even more suspect if you were black [01:29]
JuliaTourianski_ everyone cares. lol it's naive to say you don;t [01:29]
Dimsler no seriously [01:29]
Dimsler you're in the wrong channel if you think that [01:29]
JuliaTourianski_ it's not a sexist thing. it is what it is. it makes a difference both ways [01:29]
HeySteve ok well tell him he was wrong about GHash cartel monopolising Bitcoin mining as per anarchists: [01:29]
assbot Bitcoin Hashrate Distribution - [01:29]
cazalla JuliaTourianski_ as said vagina has nothing to do with it but a pretty girl is useful to get across the message, maybe you start making videos on ethereum soon? [01:30]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, no, its because you're a public figure [01:30]
HeySteve that happened briefly but it didn't last [01:30]
JuliaTourianski_ i have made 0 videos for anyone, so I'm confused with this whole convo [01:30]
Dimsler cazalla, no i think its the exact opposite [01:30]
Dimsler seriously whose going to take a cute blonde girl seriously? [01:31]
Dimsler like i think shes got her work cut out for her [01:31]
JuliaTourianski_ I'm doing a guide on offline wallets using armory, and i was using armory for a year now and offered to do it. when that comes out u can say Trace Mayer is pulling my strings right? see how that works [01:31]
Dimsler Trace Mayer lol [01:32]
cazalla Dimsler, not really, this goes back to chat on how nigerians craft their emails [01:32]
cazalla JuliaTourianski_ i'm just saying i don't trust random novice who starts making videos declaring bitcoin's independence with other known scammers [01:33]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler i have certain advantage being me, but yes, ppl don;t take me seriously. when i go to these conferences it's telling. and everyone thinks im there with my bf. I'm not complaining, becuase once they bother to speak to me I show them I'm actually into BTC and the judgement dies. [01:33]
Dimsler well why does it have to be armoury for storing offline wallets [01:33]
Dimsler what happend to just storing your wallet offline at home? [01:34]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla we all started out as a novice. I wrote that myself. i was inspired and excited. that's all. i wanted to bring the community together :) it was fun. u dont need to trust it [01:34]
Dimsler if you were perpetrating strict anarchy, independance would be critical [01:34]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler cuz you can do watch only wallets etc. [01:34]
Dimsler so yeah [01:34]
Dimsler completely unnecessary [01:34]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler I've been an anarchist a while. i was writing for for a year prior to doing btc stuff [01:35]
JuliaTourianski_ I didn;t come out of "nowhere" i was a lib since HS [01:35]
Dimsler mmm austrian school of economics [01:35]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler completely necessary [01:35]
BingoBoingo I'm doing a guide on offline wallets using armory, and i was using armory for a year now and offered to do it. when that comes out u can say Trace Mayer is pulling my strings right? see how that works << Are you familiar with Armory's poor behavior? [01:36]
* BCB_ is now known as BCB [01:36]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler the only reason the comment gets to me, is cuz I truly believe in everything I say and it sucks to be doubted in that. but I'm still fresh so fine. i don;t expect to be granted respect. I'll work for it. but dismissing people off the bat is just as bad no? [01:36]
Dimsler nobody has dismissed you? [01:37]
JuliaTourianski_ +BingoBoingo they always work on their feedback no? [01:37]
Dimsler no [01:37]
Dimsler they don't [01:37]
HeySteve is the phone home issue fixed or what? [01:37]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler saying someone is behind my content is dismissive ye [01:37]
BingoBoingo JuliaTourianski_: I mean the user phoning home stuff. [01:37]
cazalla julles, i'm not dismissing you or suggesting any sort of conspiracy but it raises ones suspicion when novice makes video and is seen with scammers the likes of amir, berwick, alex jones and his puppets [01:37]
BingoBoingo If they do that... What else can they do? [01:37]
JuliaTourianski_ +BingoBoingo expand- last i saw was some reddit criticism they were addressing on privacy issues [01:38]
mircea_popescu !up Jondo [01:38]
-assbot- You voiced Jondo for 30 minutes. [01:38]
* assbot gives voice to Jondo [01:38]
mircea_popescu holy shit logs. [01:38]
Dimsler !up BCB [01:38]
* assbot gives voice to BCB [01:38]
BingoBoingo cazalla: Maybe she fell in with a rough crowd. [01:38]
Dimsler lol [01:38]
danielpbarron JuliaTourianski_, you're really digging -assets, huh? [01:38]
BCB Dimsler: thx [01:38]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_ is going to get eaten alive [01:38]
BingoBoingo !s Armory phone home [01:39]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: what is your first language [01:39]
assbot 3 results for 'Armory phone home' : [01:39]
Dimsler shes russian [01:39]
Dimsler i can't tell if born or not [01:39]
mircea_popescu how did you come to that conclusion ? [01:39]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla amir is a ot a scammer. alex...I'm deciding on alex. ive spoken to him personally since, and I dont like the direction he's going lately. berwick is berwick. how about the rest of the ppl in there? all scammers? [01:39]
Dimsler cause shes got an accent [01:39]
BCB French Canadian? [01:39]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, yes [01:39]
BingoBoingo JuliaTourianski_: [01:40]
assbot Logged on 13-08-2014 23:30:06; mike_c: armory phones home with a hash of your home directory [01:40]
mircea_popescu Dimsler accents make girls be eaten out ? [01:40]
Dimsler oh noo [01:41]
danielpbarron lol, "berwick is berwick." the polite way to say someone is a weirdo [01:41]
JuliaTourianski_ +BingoBoingo im sorry hun, i dunno what that means. all i know I've been using armory. and it's rated to be the most secure by vitalik and I trust robots :D [01:41]
BCB She sounds like Celine dion [01:41]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, vitalik is a complete moron [01:41]
danielpbarron you trust vitalik?? [01:41]
BingoBoingo JuliaTourianski_: I dun really trust Vitalik [01:41]
Dimsler wahahahha [01:41]
Dimsler vitalik [01:41]
JuliaTourianski_ +BCB fuck off. that's the worst thing anyone has said to me yet :P [01:41]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, i knew vitalik when he was in waterloo [01:41]
Dimsler buying bitcoins off me [01:41]
Dimsler ages ago [01:41]
Dimsler complete fucking boob [01:41]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: be nice. just tell us your first language. [01:41]
Dimsler with his idiotic ponzi etherium scheme [01:42]
JuliaTourianski_ I dont trust him either but I trust him to know if armory is good [01:42]
Dimsler armory is not good [01:42]
mircea_popescu lmao celine dion. [01:42]
JuliaTourianski_ +BCB it's russian [01:42]
Dimsler myth dispselled [01:42]
BCB Dimsler: you can't deny Vitalik's intelligence [01:42]
Dimsler can [01:42]
Dimsler fully deny vitaliks intelligence [01:42]
mircea_popescu BCB wut ?! [01:42]
danielpbarron "i don't trust him but i trust him." hm, ok [01:42]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: interesting... [01:42]
BCB mircea_popescu: Vitalik is a smart guy [01:42]
Dimsler vitalik is not a smart guy [01:42]
Dimsler what are you talking about [01:43]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler trust me...i know all there is to know about the ethereum issues. i wont comment further [01:43]
mircea_popescu i dun see it. [01:43]
cazalla !up julles [01:43]
Dimsler ethereium is a joke [01:43]
mircea_popescu what makes you think vitalik is smart ? [01:43]
BCB Dimsler: We can disagree [01:43]
Dimsler sure [01:43]
BingoBoingo I dont trust him either but I trust him to know if armory is good << The way trust works is if you dun trust someone, you can't trust them to tell you icecream is good. [01:43]
BCB mircea_popescu: I've read his writing. He is one of the most articulate writers on bitcoin. [01:43]
Dimsler man didn't amir lose a toe or something [01:43]
Dimsler in that hilarious compound these crackheads were staying at? [01:43]
mircea_popescu BCB specifically. [01:44]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, whats amirs drug of choice? [01:44]
danielpbarron well he's smart enough to figure out a way to get 30k BTC out of all the fools who aren't patient enough to just buy Bitcoin and hold it [01:44]
JuliaTourianski_ anyways. my point is, look at the big picture. there are good people in the declaration vid. most importantly it's a message I strongly believe in. so scammers or not, the message stays the same. [01:44]
Dimsler danielpbarron, vitalik is broke [01:44]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ you have much to learn. [01:44]
Dimsler he sold all his bitcoins for a few t-shirts [01:44]
BCB mircea_popescu: I don't buy Etherium and I have know idea of his coding skills but he is a good writer. [01:44]
mircea_popescu BCB you are not saying anything specific. [01:44]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler he likes psychedelics & M [01:44]
Dimsler Tolstoy is a good writer [01:44]
mircea_popescu "x is smart" "why" "because i think he is" "why" "because he is" [01:44]
mircea_popescu wd, but that's idiocy in action. [01:45]
mircea_popescu !up julles [01:45]
-assbot- You voiced julles for 30 minutes. [01:45]
* assbot gives voice to julles [01:45]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu yes I do. [01:45]
BCB mircea_popescu: he has a broad knowledge of the bitcoin echosphere. Have you ever meet him in person? [01:45]
julles cazalla, hi, sorry I never introduced myslef. I'm julles, I like what you guy do and have no relation whatsoever with the julles you're thinking of ;) [01:45]
danielpbarron what's with this +nickname thing? what client does that? [01:45]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, the people you have in that video [01:45]
Dimsler mean jack shit for bitcoin [01:45]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ take the case of jeff. he's an idiot, and now a fraudster. not for any reason than misassociation. [01:45]
mircea_popescu generally speaking, the most damage you can do to yourself is associating yourself with idiots and scammers [01:45]
mircea_popescu a point shrem is not able to regret enough. [01:46]
Dimsler yes [01:46]
Dimsler well shrem straigh tup [01:46]
Dimsler funded a tonne of silkroaders [01:46]
Dimsler and he knew about it [01:46]
Dimsler and he also laundered everyones elses cash [01:46]
Dimsler bless that man [01:46]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu there are a lot of ppl in the vid. the non scammers whoever u may think they are cancel out the scammers, whoever u think they are [01:46]
mircea_popescu so no, this scummy "oh the message is nice anyway" carries no water. [01:46]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu ya'll are cherry picking. [01:46]
BCB Dimsler: and he'll get less then 5 years [01:47]
mircea_popescu a bottle of wine does not cancel out a cupful of sewage., [01:47]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, are you kidding? [01:47]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu one or two rotten cherries don;t kill the tree [01:47]
mircea_popescu it works the other way around. [01:47]
BCB for copping a plea and being an informant [01:47]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, how about shrem is a rat [01:47]
JuliaTourianski_ ahah semantics now [01:47]
mircea_popescu mno. [01:47]
Dimsler and completely cooperated and ratted out half of the btc community [01:47]
JuliaTourianski_ did u see the LINE i gave shrem [01:47]
JuliaTourianski_ "we are in an age of appropriation, and nothing is immune" [01:47]
mircea_popescu i did not. [01:47]
mircea_popescu uh... mkay ? [01:48]
JuliaTourianski_ is that lost on u lot? [01:48]
mircea_popescu that dun make much sense to me [01:48]
Dimsler i get the pun [01:48]
Dimsler i mean whats the point? [01:48]
Dimsler shrem wasn't some god [01:48]
JuliaTourianski_ he worked with lawsky, thinking it would give him immunity for regulation and then he was fucked. [01:48]
Dimsler lol guy also sold out early [01:48]
mircea_popescu jurov: can prolly be crowdsourced << jurov is on fucking fire lmao [01:48]
Dimsler lol [01:48]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ soooo ? [01:48]
JuliaTourianski_ so the line is perfect. [01:48]
mircea_popescu it's not that "he worked" and "thinking" etc. he made a career out of thinking he knows better than me, [01:49]
Dimsler how the fuck can you be an anarchist living in canada anyway [01:49]
mircea_popescu and now he'll make a career out of prison lyf. [01:49]
Dimsler the most communist socialized shit hole [01:49]
JuliaTourianski_ he thought he was immune and he wasn't . lesson learned maybe. he's a good guy, ppl make mistakes [01:49]
Dimsler on the entire planet [01:49]
BingoBoingo JuliaTourianski_> he worked with lawsky, thinking it would give him immunity for regulation and then he was fucked. << This is why you can't plea out ever. [01:49]
mircea_popescu this "people make mistakes" bull is much too soft for btc. [01:49]
Dimsler yeah i know [01:49]
mircea_popescu generally people make one mistake. [01:50]
Dimsler nobody makes mistakes in btc LOL [01:50]
BCB +1 [01:50]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu u guys seem to have personal man beef with a lot of these ppl. this is where being a blonde girl helps, no egos. [01:50]
mircea_popescu nope. [01:50]
ben_vulpes nah, i just have a lot of man beef. [01:50]
mircea_popescu nothing personal whatsoever. [01:50]
JuliaTourianski_ ahhaha [01:50]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, yeah honestly we don't really care [01:50]
Dimsler those guys don't effect bitcoin [01:50]
Dimsler or its growth [01:50]
mircea_popescu it's just that the gear switch from derpyland to btcland is bound to culture shock a little. [01:50]
JuliaTourianski_ so what has the jury decided? whose pulling my strings? alex jones? berwik? amir? shrem? ahah [01:51]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: should should put captions with the speakers names. I don't recognize half those guys [01:51]
Dimsler we are ruling that anyone that gives you attention [01:51]
* gernika ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:51]
mircea_popescu BCB that's the tell tale sign of a good btc expert [01:51]
JuliaTourianski_ that would look gaudy [01:51]
JuliaTourianski_ there are credits down below [01:51]
mircea_popescu never seen before. [01:51]
JuliaTourianski_ in the order of speaker [01:51]
Dimsler oh lawdy [01:52]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler ahah therefore everyone [01:52]
BCB mircea_popescu: ha. Everybody is a fucking expert these days [01:52]
Dimsler BCB, no? no wai? [01:52]
JuliaTourianski_ bruce fenton and patrick byrne are pulling them. i admit it! [01:52]
mircea_popescu expert is what junior used to be in the 90s [01:52]
BCB Dimsler: I heard even you are an expert now. [01:52]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, maybe we should buy shit on overstock? [01:52]
kakobrekla ;;google ciphershed [01:52]
gribble CipherShed | Secure Encryption Software: ; Download | CipherShed: ; About | CipherShed: [01:52]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ he your bf or something ? [01:53]
Dimsler you guys remember when reddit blew up, claiming overstock drove up the price of bitcoin? [01:53]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu everyone is my bf obviously [01:53]
Dimsler nooo [01:53]
Dimsler beta orbiters [01:53]
Dimsler not boyfriends [01:53]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu who would write my content otherwise? [01:53]
mircea_popescu Dimsler is a beta orbiter what i imagine it is ? [01:53]
JuliaTourianski_ bahaha [01:54]
Dimsler [01:54]
assbot Urban Dictionary: Beta orbiter [01:54]
mircea_popescu ie, this derpy dude spinning around some chick in the hopes that one day he can ask her things and she'll propose they be friends ? [01:54]
Dimsler yes [01:54]
mircea_popescu check me out i can guess teenthings! [01:54]
Dimsler well Julia is still here [01:55]
Dimsler i guess she staying? [01:55]
Dimsler can we at least get some nuds? [01:55]
Dimsler nudes [01:55]
mircea_popescu i'm hoping she amounts to more than that other chick, what was her name. [01:55]
mircea_popescu the one that did the beg videos and then was never seen again [01:55]
Dimsler long and forgetten [01:55]
Duffer1 the reporter? [01:55]
Duffer1 i forget.. [01:55]
mircea_popescu nono. brunette. [01:55]
jurov saffron? [01:56]
mircea_popescu a right! [01:56]
mircea_popescu had that snazzy vid to gif website [01:56]
cazalla she has some new bitcoin videos [01:57]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ so you see yourself mostly as a blogger/radio host/whatever that way ? pundit-like ? [01:57]
mircea_popescu cazalla nething good ? [01:57]
Dimsler i can't figure out what agenda shes pushing [01:57]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: who chooses Jeffrey Tucker's bowties? [01:57]
Dimsler the first few videos she had were good [01:57]
Dimsler about actual anarchy [01:57]
Dimsler then it turned into a btc obsession [01:57]
mircea_popescu Dimsler who you talking about ? [01:57]
Dimsler Julia [01:57]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu ew [01:58]
cazalla judge for yourself [01:58]
assbot 401 Authorization Required [01:58]
* jborkl (~jborkl@unaffiliated/jborkl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:58]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler why cant i have my own agenda? [01:58]
mircea_popescu Dimsler why does she have to have an agenda ? [01:58]
Dimsler interesting [01:58]
* jborkl has quit (Client Quit) [01:58]
Dimsler well as an outspoken individual offering themselves up as a gladiator to entertain [01:59]
BingoBoingo The20YearIRCloud: And it gets alot of talk that isn't true either. Solar just can't keep up with peak energy demands << Who says solar has to get everyone powered to work? [01:59]
Dimsler there should be something to solute [01:59]
mircea_popescu is Jeffrey Tucker the guy that split from some time back ? [01:59]
mircea_popescu i recall there was some drama but don't recall the drama. [01:59]
Dimsler hence i'm curious about what the agenda is [01:59]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler most ppl seem to be obsessed with btc. i did because it;s the onyl way anarchy can function scalabley [01:59]
cazalla if there was ever a guy still in the closet.. [01:59]
mircea_popescu !b 2 [01:59]
assbot Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [01:59]
BCB mircea_popescu: He runs [01:59]
mircea_popescu darn you cazalla cockblocking my !b's [01:59]
cazalla lol [01:59]
mircea_popescu and matt drudge is more in the closet. [02:00]
mircea_popescu ever seen the man's hats ?! [02:00]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, yes bitcoin would allow anarchy to function, but so can many other things through history [02:00]
* davidlatapie ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:00]
JuliaTourianski_ by most ppl i mean, ppl either get obsessed or not. either in the woods or outside [02:00]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler disagree [02:00]
Dimsler well then you've obviously haven't read much history [02:00]
mircea_popescu what's the definition of anarchy we're working on ? [02:00]
Dimsler seeing as anarchism has been rampant [02:01]
mircea_popescu "it's my hot body and i can do what i want" ? [02:01]
Dimsler up until the mid 1800s [02:01]
jurov anarchy will rule!!1 [02:01]
cazalla in the woods or outside, blockchain technology, the other 6 billion, enough with the fucking platitudes, you're sounding more and more like andreas JuliaTourianski_ [02:01]
Dimsler OH [02:01]
Dimsler dont mention [02:01]
Dimsler andreas in here [02:01]
Dimsler please [02:01]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler tribalism maybe, this is the first time I think anarchy could work on a large scale becuase the blockchain offers a very practical set of tools for operating economy, trade, legal systems etc, in a trustless fashion. so I got obsessed ye. [02:01]
Dimsler all of that [02:02]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ you still haven't said what you mean by "anarchy" [02:02]
Dimsler operated on pen and paper [02:02]
Dimsler lol [02:02]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler i like andreas a lot [02:02]
mircea_popescu you would lol [02:02]
Dimsler andreas was great [02:02]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu absence of state [02:02]
Dimsler right up until he became bitcoin jesus' bitch [02:02]
BCB Andreas is a bitcoin expert [02:02]
Dimsler andreas is such a bitcoin expert that he doesn't have any [02:02]
BCB andreas is writing the bitcoin book [02:02]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ so then his point holds. anarchy is prevalent historically. [02:02]
Dimsler mircea_popescu, fuck yeah it is [02:03]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu Anselme Bellegarrigue style [02:03]
Dimsler no horse shit [02:03]
mircea_popescu nm teh style. [02:03]
* dnaleor ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:03]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu I don't disagree. but it was always on a smaller scale. [02:03]
mircea_popescu !up dnaleor [02:03]
-assbot- You voiced dnaleor for 30 minutes. [02:03]
* assbot gives voice to dnaleor [02:03]
Dimsler smaller scale [02:03]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ what's your definition of scale ? [02:03]
Dimsler what the fuck are you talking about? [02:03]
Dimsler during the french revolution only %7 of the people spoke french [02:04]
JuliaTourianski_ allocation of resources is an issue, fuller says that's the role of gov systems really. once we scarcity is resolved we don;t need their infrastructure [02:04]
Dimsler i mean german fairy tales [02:04]
Dimsler before napoleon came and raped germany [02:04]
mircea_popescu scarcity resolved ? [02:04]
Dimsler were of the "times that were" [02:04]
mircea_popescu what nonsense is this, bitcoin is scarce by definition. [02:04]
punkman 3d printing!!!111 [02:04]
Dimsler where every kingdom was 15km down the road [02:04]
Dimsler plenty of anarchy amongst monarchy [02:05]
Dimsler if youw ant to talk about civilized history [02:05]
JuliaTourianski_ we tocuhed on this with vinay, solving shelter, clean water, food, disease, injury [02:05]
JuliaTourianski_ energy is the last peice [02:05]
mircea_popescu you're being ridiculous. [02:05]
JuliaTourianski_ well anarchy exists everywhere, but as a black system a lot of the time [02:05]
JuliaTourianski_ all russians would have starved without anarchy. with black markets, only many starved. [02:06]
JuliaTourianski_ in the soviet union i mean [02:06]
Dimsler ofcourse they did [02:06]
Dimsler but if you want to talk about communism [02:06]
punkman there's no black market without state [02:06]
Dimsler exactly [02:06]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, born in russia or canada? [02:07]
mircea_popescu punkman the state of her words is very very disorganised. [02:07]
Dimsler yes [02:07]
JuliaTourianski_ with the blockchain we have a possible was to just avoid gov, discreetly, building alt systems until it falls away. before, most anarchistic societies were destroyed by gov. [02:07]
Dimsler i remember when i was a kid [02:07]
JuliaTourianski_ born in the soviet union. [02:07]
Dimsler my grandma got a ticket for 2 washing machines [02:07]
Dimsler while we needed a fridge [02:07]
* bitstein has quit (Quit: bitstein) [02:07]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ if your "we" includes the derps a la taaki, derpopoulous etc, no, "we" has no chance to anything but talk [02:07]
Dimsler went right to the market with the washing machine [02:07]
Dimsler if you want to talk about communism and its blackmarket [02:08]
Dimsler then %40 of the economy in russia was blackmarket [02:08]
Dimsler if you want to apply that to canada [02:08]
Dimsler wher eyou live now, its about %90 communist [02:08]
Dimsler and %8 black market [02:08]
* assbot removes voice from Jondo [02:08]
Dimsler if not considerably less [02:08]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu i know u have a personal vendetta against taaki so I'll dismiss you vehement criticism of him due to ur bias [02:08]
Dimsler no [02:08]
Dimsler taaki is just a fucking joke [02:08]
mircea_popescu vehement criticism does not equate bias [02:09]
Dimsler he should have stayed off the fucking drugs [02:09]
Dimsler and kept workign and programming [02:09]
mircea_popescu and i do not have a PERSONAL vendetta against taaki. i just flatten idiots [02:09]
JuliaTourianski_ I'm not here to defend Taaki [02:09]
Dimsler not sitting around squating in a flat [02:09]
mircea_popescu if he weren't an idiot he wouldn't have been flattened. [02:09]
Dimsler and losing his toe [02:09]
* assbot removes voice from BCB [02:09]
Dimsler !up BCB [02:09]
* assbot gives voice to BCB [02:09]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, lies [02:09]
punkman taaki's not a person, can't have personal vendetta [02:09]
BingoBoingo ;;ticker --market all [02:09]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ that's fine, but the problem is the thought process. you tend to go for this words because words because more words approach. it's not very sound. [02:09]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 398.78, vol: 10246.20493478 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 387.293, vol: 4214.08368 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 403.85, vol: 9735.41291066 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 403.229628, vol: 32600.51380000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 404.82901, vol: 24.17732817 | Bitcoin-Central BTCUSD last: 409.9788, vol: 78.19420999 | Volume-weighted last average: 401.364131901 [02:09]
JuliaTourianski_ what's wrong with squatting? [02:09]
mircea_popescu the opposite of autonomy ? [02:10]
JuliaTourianski_ paying rent to a lord is empowering? [02:10]
Dimsler i know [02:10]
mircea_popescu having the ability to pay rent or not is. [02:10]
Dimsler pfft no [02:10]
Dimsler i know [02:10]
mircea_popescu not having that ability is not. [02:10]
JuliaTourianski_ empty building paid by taxes. [02:10]
BingoBoingo what's wrong with squatting? << Well, apparently this is the healthier way to poop [02:10]
Dimsler money is what buys freedom [02:10]
Dimsler no see horse shit [02:10]
Dimsler your idea of anarchism [02:10]
Dimsler is living in a hippy fucking hexyurt [02:10]
mircea_popescu Dimsler you'll hafta start making full sentences. [02:11]
JuliaTourianski_ when did i say that [02:11]
Dimsler i know [02:11]
JuliaTourianski_ hexyurt is a great option for emergency housing [02:11]
BCB [02:11]
Dimsler how does a hexyurt provide any sort of anarchistical resource? [02:11]
assbot Julia Tourianski - IMDb [02:11]
JuliaTourianski_ squatting is a great option to work on projects full time and not spent funding money of rent [02:12]
BCB She used to be a movie star [02:12]
JuliaTourianski_ on* [02:12]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, a squatter is a slave [02:12]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler erm. lost me [02:12]
Dimsler they only way to buy freedom, and live as an anarchist is to obtain wealth [02:12]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ except after full time of working on "projects" the only results are some scams and some ridicule. [02:12]
Dimsler to free yourself [02:12]
mircea_popescu would have been better if he picked a honest job. [02:12]
Dimsler yes [02:12]
mircea_popescu something with bags and groceries. [02:12]
mircea_popescu i can appreciate EVERYONE wants to be cool important and a mind worker. [02:12]
mircea_popescu not everyone can. no matter how desperately they want to. [02:13]
mircea_popescu human intelligence is the ultimate scarce resource [02:13]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu not true. libbitcoin [02:13]
* davidlatapie has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [02:13]
mircea_popescu and its scarcity scales with availability, so it's un"resolvable" [02:13]
BingoBoingo JuliaTourianski_: tents r shit << Tents are Awesome!!! [02:13]
* dnaleor_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:13]
Dimsler i know [02:13]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ his contribution to libbitcoin is the same as with bitcoin itself : he gofer'd coffee for the people involved. [02:13]
Dimsler how are tents shit? when they've been used for centuries [02:13]
* OX3_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:14]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ << is this actually yours ? [02:14]
assbot Julia Tourianski - IMDb [02:14]
Duffer1 tents r shit :P [02:14]
* assbot removes voice from julles [02:15]
* dnaleor has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [02:15]
JuliaTourianski_ ahahahah wow u guys really dig [02:16]
mircea_popescu 8.1/10 rating 50 viewers, was that gamed a little ? [02:16]
JuliaTourianski_ honest sound a little boxed in [02:17]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu ? [02:17]
mircea_popescu i mean... ben hur is 8.1/10 [02:17]
mircea_popescu the truman show 8.0. cmon :) [02:18]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu fan boys liked it and rated it i guess [02:18]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu the valve lovers are strong [02:18]
mircea_popescu i guess so [02:18]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu i didn't like it. maybe ill rate it down [02:18]
cazalla JuliaTourianski_ and you shit on half life? [02:19]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu thought it was an epic waste of time...yet I retained my editing skills so hey! [02:19]
JuliaTourianski_ +cazalla the games are pure wicked [02:19]
JuliaTourianski_ almost fucking died making episode 3 and they didint even bother finishing it. bleh [02:20]
mircea_popescu these +s remind me : JuliaTourianski_ if you actually get a client you get various benefiuts, such as a log, and autocomplete names and stuff. [02:20]
JuliaTourianski_ FUNNY thing, the director is not a BTC millionare [02:20]
JuliaTourianski_ now* [02:20]
JuliaTourianski_ funny how money makes ppl quit productivity sometimes...maybe amir is onto something here [02:21]
mircea_popescu who, david purchase ? [02:21]
JuliaTourianski_ ye [02:22]
mircea_popescu good for him. [02:22]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu "I am the richest man you've met, and If I can help it, I'll be the richest man you've ever met" [02:24]
mircea_popescu who's that ? [02:24]
JuliaTourianski_ ring a bell? [02:24]
* OX3___ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:24]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu that's the first thing you said to me after attempting to troll me [02:24]
mircea_popescu lol figures. i attempted to troll you ?! [02:24]
BCB don't fuck with JuliaTourianski_ [02:24]
assbot Escape From City 17 - Part Two - YouTube [02:25]
* OX3_ has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [02:25]
mircea_popescu !s "the richest man you've met" [02:25]
assbot 0 results for '"the richest man you've met"' : [02:25]
mircea_popescu hm [02:25]
Duffer1 space glock [02:25]
JuliaTourianski_ bahahaha i hate it so much [02:26]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_: +cazalla would u think the same if I was a dude in a t-shirt? <<< hard to know, but i think the last dude in a tshirt to try the entire reddit thing here was kamela or something [02:27]
* davidlatapie ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:27]
JuliaTourianski_ I'm no actress. i was ued for my russian skillz [02:27]
JuliaTourianski_ used* [02:27]
Duffer1 no you're not bad at all [02:27]
mircea_popescu this guy [02:27]
assbot #bitcoin-assets bash [02:27]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: did you get to "Make it" with that guy before he get's killed? [02:27]
mircea_popescu tim sweeny or w/e his name was didn't quite have the youthful flexibility and so he ended up butchered [02:27]
mircea_popescu but iirc on the 2nd pass byrne managed somewhat. [02:28]
* Klodet has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) [02:28]
JuliaTourianski_ +BCB if I wanted to I did. If [02:28]
JuliaTourianski_ I didin;t want to I didn't [02:28]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9200 @ 0.00074938 = 6.8943 BTC [-] [02:28]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: in the movie i mean [02:29]
mircea_popescu o you do don't you. [02:29]
Duffer1 BCB5:40 [02:29]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: not in real life. Everyone bangs on movie sets [02:29]
JuliaTourianski_ +BCB there's a makeout scene. I wonder why he wrote that in there. [02:29]
* peterl ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:29]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: is that guy the director also? [02:29]
mircea_popescu probably because you have to have something for youtube to iconize [02:29]
JuliaTourianski_ ye [02:30]
penguirker New blog post: [02:30]
mircea_popescu Dimsler: seriously whose going to take a cute blonde girl seriously? << me, for one. [02:30]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: of course he is! [02:30]
BCB Dimsler: She seems to be holding her own in here. I'll take her seriously. [02:30]
mircea_popescu i guess if we decide to off Dimsler we'll send cute blonde assassins after him. [02:31]
* trixisowned is now known as IbnBattuta [02:31]
JuliaTourianski_ I seem to be doing a lot of things lately [02:31]
The20YearIRCloud HeySteve: seems most efficient animals (fish & chicken) are 1.2 to 2 pounds of input per pound of meat [02:31]
* bitstein ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:32]
mircea_popescu cazalla: JuliaTourianski_ i'm just saying i don't trust random novice who starts making videos declaring bitcoin's independence with other known scammers << while this is actually sound, the problem with youth is that it wants to act. which is also sound. so novices with drive will often first show up in dubious company. [02:32]
mircea_popescu intel didn't manage to find any actual shilling, so whadda ya want. [02:33]
HeySteve sounds about right, The20YearIRCloud, but like I said there's a "hack" for tilapia which brings it to 1:1 or even below! [02:33]
HeySteve check out biofloc if you're interested [02:34]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu I believe in a free market. my impressionable mind is fair game. get it while it's hot. sculpt me in your image. pull my strings. I'm young. don;t miss out! your future is at stake! [02:34]
HeySteve in fact, I seem to remember someone mentioning 0.5:1 feed to weight conversion, which is pretty astounding [02:34]
* dnaleor ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:35]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ i'm more of a stationary sculpting mechanism. which is why the "pick something to do" thing. [02:35]
mircea_popescu HeySteve now that's gotta be impossible. [02:35]
mircea_popescu nobody cancelled mass conservation just yet. [02:36]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu more for the "scammers" then [02:36]
* dnaleor_ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [02:36]
BCB Speaking of Jeffrey Tucker: [02:36]
assbot Bitnation will be performing the first Bitmarriage on the Blockchain, officiated by Jeffrey A Tucker using CoinOutlet Inc /CoinsKingdom. [02:36]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ well what do you want me to do, tell you what to do ?! [02:36]
mircea_popescu BCB is it a traditional marriage ? :D [02:36]
BCB mircea_popescu: I was wondering that. [02:37]
HeySteve mircea_popescu, the hack is that gill-feeding fish also absorb algae and plankton colonies from the water, you just need to seed the water with carbon to encourage colony growth [02:37]
mircea_popescu a [02:37]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu no honey, i was being facetious [02:37]
BCB mircea_popescu: they are getting married at Disney so probabaly! [02:37]
mircea_popescu unconvincingly so. [02:37]
BCB mircea_popescu: a gay couple wouldn't be caught dead getting married at disney [02:38]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu depends on the receiving end in this case [02:38]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ anyway, what ever happened to anjiecast ? she got married or what. [02:38]
mircea_popescu BCB not campy enough ? [02:38]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu> whose that [02:38]
* IbnBattuta is now known as trixisowned [02:39]
cazalla she's been trolling 4chan mircea_popescu [02:39]
cazalla trolled me hard : [02:39]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ andrea castillo [02:39]
assbot Censoring /hashtag/4chan?src=hash /hashtag/GamerGate?src=hash threads isn't enough. Many /hashtag/problematic?src=hash comments, attitudes. Let's make it a /hashtag/SafeSpace?src=hash. [02:39]
JuliaTourianski_ she got me on here in the first place [02:39]
mircea_popescu cazalla lol noob. [02:39]
* assbot removes voice from BCB [02:40]
danielpbarron lol why is "problematic" a hashtag? [02:41]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ yeah but the last n umlaut posts are by that gurri newb [02:42]
mircea_popescu and generally, haven't seen her in a while [02:42]
kakobrekla #i #do #what #i #want [02:42]
mircea_popescu #kakobrekla #tagging #language [02:42]
kakobrekla #ktl #noob [02:43]
JuliaTourianski_ +danielpbarron *pats her troll on the head* aww [02:43]
mircea_popescu ;;ud ktl [02:43]
gribble | Feb 6, 2009 ... Download the Free App! 1. KTL. Black person, the word originated in Atherton, California. "Damn, look at that KTL." by Jiji Blancha February 06, ... [02:43]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [02:43]
mircea_popescu you called me a hashnigger ?! [02:43]
kakobrekla #nfi #atthispoint [02:43]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:44]
mircea_popescu #a#obre#la [02:44]
kakobrekla ## [02:44]
BingoBoingo !b 4 [02:44]
assbot Last 4 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [02:44]
JuliaTourianski_ +danielpbarron what's wrong? you don;t wanna troll me in front of your friends? [02:45]
mircea_popescu <> [02:45]
assbot How Sugar Daddies Are Financing College Education - The Atlantic [02:45]
assbot The Gentlemen Prefer CoEds Club pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [02:45]
* peterl has quit (Quit: peterl) [02:45]
mircea_popescu so much win. i knew plastering us college campuses with fliers of that article won't be wasted. [02:45]
mircea_popescu this, dear everyone, is what i call thought leadersheep [02:45]
Dimsler lol [02:46]
Dimsler thats a good one [02:46]
danielpbarron JuliaTourianski_, say what you like :D [02:46]
JuliaTourianski_ +danielpbarron I always do [02:46]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, thats ok we'll troll you enough [02:46]
JuliaTourianski_ +danielpbarron it was ok when I wasn't in here ye? im dissapointed [02:47]
kakobrekla also slander available. [02:47]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, don't upset your beta orbiters [02:47]
JuliaTourianski_ never! [02:47]
danielpbarron not sure i catch your meaning; you seem to be enjoying yourself [02:47]
Dimsler she sits right in [02:47]
kakobrekla you mean right on? [02:48]
JuliaTourianski_ +danielpbarron I'll call you europa [02:48]
Dimsler !up BCB [02:48]
* assbot gives voice to BCB [02:48]
BCB Thx [02:48]
Duffer1 oh snap [02:48]
BCB mircea_popescu: what is your take on GABI [02:48]
BCB any opinion [02:48]
mircea_popescu which gabi. [02:48]
JuliaTourianski_ +Duffer1 crackle n' pop [02:48]
BCB mircea_popescu: Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund [02:49]
BCB Isle of Man [02:49]
mircea_popescu nothing particular. [02:49]
Duffer1 sounds like a scam [02:49]
Dimsler lol [02:49]
Dimsler must steal btc [02:49]
mircea_popescu the guy was with jp, if it's actually him [02:50]
Dimsler lol tell me where the fund on the NYSE is? [02:50]
Dimsler what happend to the winkle twins? [02:50]
mircea_popescu yeah well. [02:50]
Duffer1 working their way through red tape [02:50]
BCB Dimsler: they are waiting for a ruling [02:50]
JuliaTourianski_ what projects in the BTC space do you guys like? if any...these conferences seem to be full of frat boys wanting to be men, with projects...many of which seem to be solving the same problem that doesn't exist. [03:01]
Dimsler oh common [03:02]
Duffer1 cardano [03:02]
Duffer1 minigame [03:02]
Dimsler pimp coin [03:02]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, we need more cam 4 btc websites. [03:02]
mircea_popescu Dimsler srsly now. [03:02]
Dimsler srs answer to srs question [03:03]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ i like mpex, bitbet, s.nsa, war of life, minigame etc. [03:03]
mircea_popescu i also own parts of em [03:03]
* OX3___ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:03]
mircea_popescu which reminds me, ever saw the nsa tshirt ? [03:03]
JuliaTourianski_ +mircea_popescu haven't heard of any of those. probably a good sign [03:04]
BCB Dimsler: not really. I've NEVER seen a girl on line on this site! [03:05]
assbot Tits For Bitcoin - Bitcoin cams. Live Bitcoin webcams. Watch and earn Bitcoin. Amateur girls on live cams accept Bitcoin [03:05]
Dimsler BCB, i was just playing sarcastaball with Julia [03:05]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:05]
* stormlight has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:05]
Duffer1 mircea_popescu, shirt? [03:05]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:06]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: The conferences are place where guys pump there Press Releases looking for dumb money. [03:06]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [03:06]
Dimsler the conferences are for people without bitcoins [03:06]
Dimsler to pump up the price of my coins [03:06]
Dimsler with empty promises and shinanigans [03:06]
JuliaTourianski_ I'm aware [03:06]
BCB Dimsler: I think it's a great use case but it's not catching on yet. [03:06]
JuliaTourianski_ I mainly go as a social experiment [03:07]
Duffer1 how many phone numbers can you get? [03:07]
JuliaTourianski_ something like that [03:07]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: They are all the same after a while. Same speakers. Same stories. Same empty promises [03:07]
Dimsler lol when do we get your number? [03:07]
JuliaTourianski_ that's an easy thing to predict though. im not that easily entertained [03:07]
BCB JuliaTourianski_: which conferences have you been to so far [03:07]
JuliaTourianski_ toronto, chicago and the recent inside btc in london [03:08]
JuliaTourianski_ vegas next [03:08]
BCB Vegas was a shit show last year [03:08]
* kakobrekla think julia might be a good candidate for ba reception [03:08]
JuliaTourianski_ i learned a lot at each one, not from the conference itself tho [03:08]
BCB The Inside Media/Mackler Media show suck [03:09]
Dimsler did you learn the part about how each of those conferences [03:09]
Dimsler has this particulate stench of greed [03:09]
Dimsler in the air? [03:09]
Duffer1 $conference [03:09]
empyex Duffer1: Next conference starts in 6 months and 25 days. Estimated cost today: 3.28644342 BTC (Details: ) [03:09]
* pete_dushenski (~pete_dush@unaffiliated/pete-dushenski/x-8158685) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:09]
JuliaTourianski_ u mean stench of desperation? [03:09]
Dimsler lol i once heard a guy tell me that he can't wait for the $50k/btc [03:09]
BCB empyex: where? [03:10]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, current serious projects at this point are mostly in limbo [03:10]
* stormlight has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [03:10]
Duffer1 bcb [03:11]
assbot The conference, third edition pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [03:11]
Dimsler ironcing out the kinks in better exchanging [03:11]
Dimsler JuliaTourianski_, unless you're refering to developments in blockchain itself [03:11]
Dimsler if you want to artculate the blockchain as its own entity, then theres a few projects on contracts and signatures, and encryption [03:12]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler indeed. blockchain dev has been very slow and for good reason. maybe VIAcoin will help. permisionless dev...testing ground of sorts could be helpful [03:12]
Dimsler well no [03:13]
Dimsler altcoins are things to be extremely wearyoff [03:13]
BCB Duffer1: Layover in Istanbul ?? [03:13]
Dimsler very few provide even a proof of concept [03:13]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler i know. this one feels pragmatic [03:13]
JuliaTourianski_ +Dimsler foundation simply pushed for payment improvements it seems [03:14]
Dimsler the founation at this point has little say [03:14]
Duffer1 bcb hehe it's not my shindig ask MP [03:14]
Dimsler which is a good thing [03:14]
Dimsler bitcoin is at a poitn where it operates rather autonomously [03:15]
Dimsler and anyone who needs bitcoin at this point already knows about it [03:15]
JuliaTourianski_ this is great btw- [03:15]
assbot imgur: the simple image sharer [03:15]
Dimsler hence the stagnated growth / wallet creation rate [03:15]
* punkman1 (~punkman@unaffiliated/punkman) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:15]
decimation lol > [03:15]
assbot boycott systemd [03:15]
* punkman has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [03:16]
decimation I don't accept that growth is a valid measure of bitcoin's 'success' [03:16]
Dimsler nobody said it was [03:16]
Dimsler bitcoin is already a success [03:16]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9970 @ 0.00074895 = 7.467 BTC [-] [03:17]
Dimsler but the cost per transaction is still high [03:17]
Dimsler need to get back down to $1-2 [03:18]
kakobrekla i _can_ send any amount for free. anyone can. [03:18]
Dimsler well no don't sell that line to Julia [03:18]
Dimsler shes probably more interested about the actual inner workings [03:18]
* assbot removes voice from BCB [03:18]
HeySteve decimation, that link was funnier when I thought it referred to the black market [03:18]
kakobrekla (if its not clear to anyone, the trick is in the size and shape of unspent outputs) [03:22]
BingoBoingo HeySteve: But that one is spelt with a space and a Capital D [03:22]
HeySteve true but people waving "boycott Silk Road now!" banners is an amusing thought [03:25]
Dimsler lol [03:26]
Dimsler i think SK 2.0 is so fucking massive [03:27]
Dimsler now [03:27]
* RBecker has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [03:27]
* kdomanski has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [03:30]
HeySteve did they pay back everything yet? [03:30]
* kdomanski ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:30]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:32]
* RBecker (~RBecker@openvpn/user/RBecker) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:33]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:33]
* davidlatapie has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [03:35]
* jborkl (~jborkl@unaffiliated/jborkl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:37]
* jborkl has quit (Client Quit) [03:37]
* punkman (~punkman@unaffiliated/punkman) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:38]
* davidlatapie ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:38]
* punkman1 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [03:38]
* BCB has quit (Quit: Page closed) [03:38]
* darlidada_f has quit () [03:46]
danielpbarron HeySteve, I think I heard thst they did [03:47]
mats_cd03 this is the most activity in ages [03:54]
mats_cd03 how are we all doing tonight? [03:54]
Duffer1 wasteland isn't as good as fallout :( [03:55]
mircea_popescu mats_cd03 pretty good actually. [03:56]
mats_cd03 !s golemxiv [03:56]
assbot 0 results for 'golemxiv' : [03:56]
mircea_popescu mircea_popescu, shirt? [03:56]
assbot RNG board is here ; cute shirts bonus pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [03:57]
mats_cd03 [03:57]
assbot Slaves of England » Golem XIV - Thoughts [03:57]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:57]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:57]
Duffer1 i like [03:57]
mircea_popescu * kakobrekla think julia might be a good candidate for ba reception << more practical to get local girls. [03:57]
mircea_popescu she may make a decent mpex rep but too soon to tell. [03:58]
mircea_popescu current serious projects at this point are mostly in limbo << nope. [03:58]
mircea_popescu Duffer1 i thought you had seen em [03:59]
Duffer1 it's possible, my memory is not so good, but i believe i would have remembered that [03:59]
mats_cd03 [04:00]
assbot A word about banks and the laundering of drug money » Golem XIV - Thoughts [04:00]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:00]
mircea_popescu mats_cd03 whossat ? [04:00]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:00]
mircea_popescu BCB: Duffer1: Layover in Istanbul ?? << istanbul is lovely. ever been ? [04:00]
kakobrekla local to who? [04:01]
Duffer1 i've never been out of the states [04:01]
mats_cd03 not sure really. he writes things, i read them, and sometimes im happy [04:01]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla to the conference :) [04:01]
mircea_popescu decimation: lol > << it'd have been pretty meta if the systemd ppl themselkves had reg'd that domain and made a parody antisite [04:02]
assbot boycott systemd [04:02]
mats_cd03 it was this post that made me think he might be appropriate for this community. [04:04]
assbot The Disloyal » Golem XIV - Thoughts [04:04]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:04]
mircea_popescu "Needless to say these banks tend to be big banks – our banks. " [04:04]
mircea_popescu bout as idiotic as paper can carry tbh. [04:05]
mats_cd03 perhaps i will leave him a mail, to put him on the right path [04:05]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:05]
mircea_popescu "I was in Timisoara Romania last week. Timisoara is a city of roughly 320k people on the Western edge of Romania. On the drive in to the city I was struck by the huge number of different banks I kept passing." [04:06]
mircea_popescu "because i tend to confuse tiny 500 sq feet retail bnaking outlets" with "banks" [04:06]
mircea_popescu "When I asked a group of a dozen of the city’s affluent professional class about the number of banks, they smiled and said" [04:07]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:07]
mircea_popescu "because i confuse kids with iphones working for alcatel doing tech support for 400e a month for affluent and professional" [04:07]
mircea_popescu etc. [04:07]
* BlueMeanie4 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [04:07]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:07]
mats_cd03 on the other hand, i am also new here and perhaps i should listen more and type less. [04:09]
mircea_popescu guy can't hurt anything, but he's likely to get very pissed off and leave in a huff [04:10]
mircea_popescu then again, who ever knows. [04:10]
* bitstein has quit (Quit: bitstein) [04:12]
mircea_popescu o wow auster died last year ?! [04:12]
mircea_popescu [04:12]
assbot View from the Right [04:12]
* BlueMeanie4 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:15]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5845 @ 0.00074938 = 4.3801 BTC [+] [04:23]
* dnaleor has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [04:24]
* bitstein ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:25]
* fanquake (~anonymous@unaffiliated/fanquake) has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:27]
* moldysnizz has quit (Quit: peace) [04:27]
* kdomanski_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:29]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:29]
* pete_dushenski has quit (Quit: pete_dushenski) [04:32]
* kdomanski has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [04:32]
* RBecker has quit (Quit: Quit) [04:33]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:34]
* AdrianoOliveira (~adriano@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:39]
* RBecker (~RBecker@openvpn/user/RBecker) has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:40]
BingoBoingo !up AdrianoOliveira [04:41]
* assbot gives voice to AdrianoOliveira [04:41]
BingoBoingo !up RBecker [04:41]
* assbot gives voice to RBecker [04:41]
AdrianoOliveira thanks BingoBoingo [04:41]
BingoBoingo Yw [04:41]
mircea_popescu !up RBecker [04:41]
-assbot- You voiced RBecker for another 30 minutes. [04:41]
* assbot gives voice to RBecker [04:41]
mircea_popescu o ok :p [04:42]
BingoBoingo %d [04:45]
atcbot [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 1878190.93 Est. Next Diff: 295074.81 in 918 blocks (#46368) Est. % Change: -84.29 [04:45]
assbot SEC to pay $30 million in largest-ever whistleblower award - Chicago Tribune [04:46]
mircea_popescu five years ? [04:47]
mats_cd03 amazing pr [04:49]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [04:49]
mircea_popescu "Francis Fukuyama, in The Great Disruption, pretends to seek ways to reverse the “Great Disruption” of the Cultural Revolution, but then admits that there’s no way to restore the most important single aspect of our disrupted culture—sexual morality and monogamy. Furthermore, Fukuyama makes it clear that this is just fine with him." [04:49]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:49]
mircea_popescu where the fuck does this idiotic conflation of chastity and morality come from. [04:49]
mircea_popescu the logical equivalent would be to prosecute nonvegetarians for theft. [04:49]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:49]
thestringpuller %tslb [04:51]
atcbot Time Since Last ATC Block (#45450): 1 hour(s), 5 minutes [04:51]
BingoBoingo %p [04:52]
atcbot >> No data returned from << [PityThePool Hashrate]: 12.22 GH/s [iSpace Pool Hashrate]: 1.22 TH/s [04:52]
danielpbarron depends what is meant by chastity, but I'd say the Bible [04:52]
* Vexual (~amnesia@gateway/tor-sasl/vexual) has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:53]
* assbot gives voice to Vexual [04:53]
mircea_popescu i very much doubt the bible makes the mistake. [04:53]
danielpbarron it's not that sexual intercourse is immoral; just certain kinds.. [04:54]
mircea_popescu but at issue is the conflation. [04:54]
mircea_popescu "morality and monogamy" ? that's not biblical. it's not even mahomedanic. [04:54]
danielpbarron yep; got a point there [04:55]
danielpbarron that's one of the things so many false christians get hung up on; that most of the big names in the Bible had multiple wives and concubines (slave wives), and God never scolded them for it [04:58]
mircea_popescu well yahweh didn't live in queens. [04:59]
danielpbarron i like to use the plural "wives" when discussing my hypothetical future to see what kind of expression people make [05:00]
* darlidada ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:00]
mircea_popescu people or women ? :D [05:00]
* stormlight has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [05:01]
danielpbarron both. [05:01]
danielpbarron "i don't yet have any wives" "lol wat?" [05:01]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:01]
mircea_popescu they proly figure you for a mormon. [05:01]
danielpbarron yep and then I get to tell them about how mormonism is a false gospel [05:02]
mircea_popescu lol [05:02]
mircea_popescu and then they buy you lunch ? [05:02]
mats_cd03 dpb is a rl troll. i guess that makes sense [05:03]
danielpbarron "rl" == "real life?" [05:03]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [05:04]
mats_cd03 yes [05:04]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:04]
danielpbarron what does "troll" even mean? I honestly believe the offensive things I say. [05:04]
Vexual like morolity and madness, the internet has over half the voters [05:05]
Vexual this is real life [05:05]
* stormlight has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [05:05]
mircea_popescu troll no longer means any particular thing. [05:07]
mircea_popescu "someone i'd rather ignore" is probably the extension of it. [05:07]
danielpbarron it's like the word "cult;" it means "i don 't like you." [05:07]
mircea_popescu no, cult means "you're proceeding on software that I have nothing to do with and don't want anything to do with" [05:08]
Vexual islamic state is called a death cult here n state news [05:08]
mircea_popescu basically, like saying "windows" [05:08]
* AndChat|679296 (~AndChat67@2607:fb90:50e:c60:62ba:e18c:5604:e2e7) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:11]
Vexual bunch of nutters [05:11]
mats_cd03 i take it back, you are simply living a genuine life [05:11]
mats_cd03 a rare thing in christians, in my experience [05:11]
* assbot removes voice from AdrianoOliveira [05:11]
danielpbarron so rare I've only ever met a few others who feel the same [05:12]
mats_cd03 ma n pa being clergy, this is true praise. [05:12]
* assbot removes voice from RBecker [05:12]
Vexual asciilifeform:" mircea_popescu: i can't have been the only boy who wanted a game machine that would physically damage you when you fuck up..." i reckons a week on lemonade stand hooked up to a taser should be some kinda mba equivalence [05:13]
* RagnarsBitch has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [05:14]
mats_cd03 on the subject of MBAs, i emptied a 'bitcoin atm' with 1.1btc operated by LibertyTeller the other day [05:15]
mats_cd03 self funded by... wharton MBAs. i mean to empty them again and see how long the machines stick around [05:16]
Vexual do you mean you put dollar bills in? [05:16]
mats_cd03 they can't possibly make roi [05:16]
mats_cd03 yes [05:16]
mats_cd03 machines made by lamassu or w/e [05:18]
assbot Liberty Teller – First bitcoin ATM in the USA [05:18]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [05:18]
Vexual what rate did you get? [05:18]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:19]
* fanquake has quit (Quit: fanquake) [05:20]
* napedia (~napedia@unaffiliated/napedia) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:20]
mats_cd03 427 when spot was 410 iirc [05:21]
Vexual sounds like roi to me [05:21]
mats_cd03 we shall see [05:22]
Vexual tommorrow it'll have 1.2 [05:23]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11237 @ 0.00075016 = 8.4295 BTC [+] {2} [05:23]
Vexual do any of those fuckers take coins? [05:24]
mats_cd03 no, that would probably 'enable money laundering' or something equally ludicrous [05:24]
Vexual yeah, i was thinking one could get all their wives and kids and cats and shit on the board of a non profit [05:25]
mats_cd03 i tried to use a 2way btc atm at the hacker dojo in silicon valley [05:25]
mats_cd03 iirc it needed palm print photo and govt id [05:25]
mats_cd03 n prob rectotherm [05:26]
Vexual lol [05:26]
mats_cd03 that is - palm print, photo, n govt id. 3 items. [05:27]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [05:27]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:28]
Vexual i don't have to do any of that if i choose to drop my loose change in the donation bag on a plane [05:30]
Vexual and you can bet more hat 10pc goes to someones wife [05:31]
Vexual or wives [05:31]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [05:33]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:34]
* BlueMeanie4 has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [05:35]
* RagnarsBitch ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:36]
mircea_popescu mats_cd03 wtf why would anyoen do that. [05:38]
Vexual they wouldnt [05:39]
mats_cd03 dunno, i didn't, too orweillian for my taste [05:39]
mats_cd03 if they went for just govt id i may have considered it [05:40]
decimation what recourse would a human have if they stole his credentials and used them criminally? [05:40]
Vexual they'd cash in a 20c priv key on the inside of a condom wrapper tho [05:40]
* bitstein has quit (Quit: bitstein) [05:40]
* AndChat|679296 has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [05:40]
* kdomanski__ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:41]
mircea_popescu decimation that they'd prolly not do it to just one human [05:42]
mircea_popescu same as any internet thing [05:42]
* kdomanski_ has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [05:44]
* AndChat|679296 (~AndChat67@2607:fb90:506:9cb5:6272:de39:8112:3257) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:47]
* RagnarsBitch has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [05:47]
* Cory has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [05:47]
* RagnarsBitch ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:47]
* Pasha (~Cory@unaffiliated/cory) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:49]
* Pasha is now known as Cory [05:49]
* AndChat-679296 (~AndChat67@2607:fb90:506:9cb5:ad0c:8705:c19:84ce) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:50]
* AndChat|679296 has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [05:51]
* Duffer1 has quit (Quit: Duffer1) [05:53]
* RagnarsBitch has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [05:54]
Vexual i think the recourse for steling a palm print might in fact be a palm print [05:57]
Vexual ad infinitum [05:59]
* mike_c has quit () [06:00]
* AndChat-679296 has quit (Quit: Bye) [06:07]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:07]
* RagnarsBitch (~AndChat67@2607:fb90:506:9cb5:ad0c:8705:c19:84ce) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:07]
* fly0nth3wal1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:13]
* bitstein ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:14]
BingoBoingo !up fly0nth3wal1 [06:14]
* assbot gives voice to fly0nth3wal1 [06:14]
mircea_popescu fly0nth3wal1 listen fix your connection because all this join part spam wil result in a ban sooner or later. [06:15]
Dimsler lol looks like he just left and joined once? [06:17]
mircea_popescu like 50 times today. [06:21]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [06:21]
* fly0nth3wal1 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [06:21]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:22]
* assbot gives voice to midnightmagic [06:22]
ben_vulpes so dates are lame, right? [06:23]
* DreadKnight (~DreadKnig@unaffiliated/dreadknight) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:23]
mircea_popescu the fruit ? no, i love them. [06:23]
ben_vulpes i want to timestamp a thing, i just put the hash of the latest block in in it and then sign the fucker. counterparty ibid, presto, contract pinned to blockchain. [06:24]
* darlidada has quit () [06:24]
* AndChat|679296 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:24]
ben_vulpes what is time, anyways... [06:24]
ben_vulpes now, a specific block in the chain - that means something. [06:24]
mircea_popescu ben_vulpes supposedly something that's going to automate that is getting delivered this month [06:25]
mircea_popescu the fabled b-a deeds registrar. [06:25]
ben_vulpes meh [06:25]
ben_vulpes i tell ya, if i and my counterparty agree on a block, what's the point? [06:25]
ben_vulpes ask i mean to say. [06:26]
mircea_popescu it protects you from data loss, if nothing else. [06:26]
mircea_popescu it allows you to pin down a date w/o a cp [06:27]
mircea_popescu numerous advantages really. [06:27]
ben_vulpes how does this date pinning work? [06:27]
* RagnarsBitch has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [06:27]
ben_vulpes whose computer, what tz, and why even bother with time? [06:28]
mircea_popescu dja recall the spec ? [06:28]
ben_vulpes spec seems like formal term [06:29]
ben_vulpes i read some shit on irc one time [06:29]
mircea_popescu mno [06:29]
mircea_popescu sec [06:29]
ben_vulpes ya plz, the log'd benefit. [06:29]
mircea_popescu [06:30]
mircea_popescu it's there about 5x [06:30]
penguirker New blog post: [06:30]
ben_vulpes depends on assbot notion of time. [06:30]
ben_vulpes or whomevers. [06:31]
mircea_popescu no, because a digest of your thing will be included in a block. [06:31]
mircea_popescu so it becomes part of the blockchain notion of time, and verifyably so. [06:31]
* jborkl (~jborkl@unaffiliated/jborkl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:31]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [06:31]
ben_vulpes digest of thing is related to time how? [06:32]
* stormlight has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [06:32]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:32]
* jborkl has quit (Client Quit) [06:32]
* random_cat_ has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [06:32]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…) [06:32]
* ben_vulpes is frantically searching on digest algos [06:33]
ben_vulpes the point i'm making (poorly) is that the block is a nifty fundamental unit of time. [06:34]
ben_vulpes not terribly useful for measuring, say, stamina in bed [06:34]
ben_vulpes but adequate for pinning events to history. [06:34]
* devthedev (~devthedev@unaffiliated/devthedev) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:36]
mircea_popescu i usually last a coupla blocks... [06:38]
mircea_popescu digest of thing is related to time how? << by being a tx in a block [06:39]
ben_vulpes when did that block happen? [06:40]
ben_vulpes when it was found? broadcast? accepted by first node? achieved 51% acceptance? [06:41]
ben_vulpes even "time" must bow to the blockchain. [06:41]
mircea_popescu when it was mined yes. [06:42]
ben_vulpes whose clock? [06:42]
mircea_popescu the block's. [06:43]
mircea_popescu blocks include a timestamp. [06:44]
ben_vulpes A timestamp is accepted as valid if it is greater than the median timestamp of previous 11 blocks, and less than the network-adjusted time + 2 hours. "Network-adjusted time" is the median of the timestamps returned by all nodes connected to you. [06:44]
ben_vulpes now, clearly, i'm not reading source right now. [06:45]
mircea_popescu these are block accepting rules. irrespective of this, all blocks contain a timestamp. [06:45]
mircea_popescu once a block is part of the blockchain, its timestamp as declared is part of the history of the world [06:46]
mircea_popescu and not disputable on lesser terms [06:46]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:46]
mircea_popescu which for this purpose means, any other terms. [06:46]
* random_cat_ (~random_ca@gateway/tor-sasl/randomcat/x-49498005) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:46]
ben_vulpes i'm rolling my eyes so hard at you my head hurts [06:46]
mircea_popescu if block 322121says it's been mined on 2014-09-23 03:24:19, then that's what it is. [06:46]
mircea_popescu irrespective of how that time was arrived at. [06:47]
ben_vulpes that just means that the consensual time thing is poorly fucking engineered. [06:47]
mircea_popescu notrly. [06:47]
Dimsler yes [06:47]
* adrrr has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [06:47]
mircea_popescu it just means the previous, fiat approach to creating an arbitrary timeline has been replaced by a bitcoin, similarly arbitrary approach [06:47]
mircea_popescu which is just how it should be after all. [06:48]
ben_vulpes still, rolling eyes. the only important thing is which block the event confirmed in. [06:48]
mircea_popescu right. [06:48]
ben_vulpes timestamp being an artifact of derps. [06:48]
mircea_popescu and stamina in bed. [06:48]
ben_vulpes if you need precise time measures, watch an atom wobble. if you need "thing happened at time", measure it by block number. [06:49]
mircea_popescu sure, no dispute there. [06:49]
mircea_popescu my observation was that as long as you're implementing this, you're better off with the b-a registrar than with your "include block hash and sign" [06:49]
mircea_popescu because the include block hash only puts a minimum into the pie, not a maximum. the deeds registrar does both. [06:49]
ben_vulpes sure. [06:50]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [06:50]
ben_vulpes registrar doth not confer time magically, though [06:50]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:51]
mircea_popescu it does, in the sense of "block height" [06:51]
mircea_popescu and that is what time means anyway, entirely, as discussed above. [06:51]
ben_vulpes which supports my point of block interval as fundamental unit of time. [06:51]
mircea_popescu nolo contendere. [06:51]
ben_vulpes so long as we're on the same page. [06:51]
* devthedev has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [06:51]
ben_vulpes anyways, the butternut squash and ricotta gnocchi are up and i'm caught up on logs so meditate on what else beyond time bitcoin might break on its wheel y'all. [06:53]
ben_vulpes (and hey - what's Vexual doing on so early!?) [06:54]
Vexual thinking about relativity as allways [06:54]
* bitstein has quit (Quit: bitstein) [06:58]
* Vexual got fired [06:58]
Vexual fuxking work drinks [07:04]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9032 @ 0.00075238 = 6.7955 BTC [+] {2} [07:05]
* asciilifeform gets up for one1111!11 day and misses tehgoodstuff as usual [07:12]
xmj lol.. [07:13]
xmj ben_vulpes: you're drunk right? [07:13]
Vexual don't ask that, hes the boss [07:14]
asciilifeform what's a work-drink ? [07:14]
asciilifeform sorta like what 'mentats' drink in 'dune' ? [07:14]
Vexual lol, perhaps [07:15]
xmj asciilifeform: work drink is when your boss forces you to have wine or beer during lunch, then watches how you work in the afternoon and fires your lazy ass in the evening. [07:15]
xmj that's "work drink" [07:15]
Vexual perhaps like a good cup of tea where nothing goes wrong asccii [07:15]
asciilifeform forces? with funnel ? [07:16]
Vexual oversight [07:17]
* smidge ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:20]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:21]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:21]
* stormlight has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:28]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:29]
* jborkl (~jborkl@unaffiliated/jborkl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:32]
* jborkl has quit (Client Quit) [07:33]
* stormlight has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [07:34]
* smidge has quit (Quit: sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck...) [07:44]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:45]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:46]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:48]
* Namworld has quit () [07:52]
* kermit has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [07:53]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:53]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform irc is a harsh but demanding mistress [07:56]
* kdomanski__ is now known as kdomanski [07:58]
Vexual bitch gave kakobrekla a sense of humour [07:58]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [16:00]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets is: || || || [16:00]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets set by kakobrekla!~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla at Wed Mar 5 21:58:12 2014 [16:00]
-assbot- Welcome to #bitcoin-assets. To get voice (ie, to be able to speak), first identify with gribble and then send "!up" to assbot in a private message. If you do not have a WoT account, try politely asking one of the voiced people for a temporary pass. [16:00]
pete_dushenski this lends itself to continuity, stability, and other "good things" imo [16:00]
* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [16:01]
pete_dushenski ;;later tell asciilifeform thank you for recommending "the sultans" ! [16:01]
gribble The operation succeeded. [16:01]
pete_dushenski heya mircea_popescu [16:02]
* dnaleor_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:02]
mircea_popescu heya [16:02]
mircea_popescu kdomanski: ;;seen genjix << win. [16:02]
mircea_popescu JuliaTourianski_ ^ your friend amir lolz [16:03]
* dnaleor has quit (Quit: Leaving) [16:03]
mircea_popescu also wow, she's still connected off a freenode instance ? what the fuck industrial strength internet they have down at the russian bathhouse! [16:03]
* dnaleor_ is now known as dnaleor [16:03]
* assbot gives voice to Azelphur [16:04]
pete_dushenski lol russian bathhouse? thought she was in the 52nd state [16:04]
mircea_popescu well yes. [16:04]
Azelphur Is everyone still hating on genjix? XD [16:04]
mircea_popescu Azelphur despising != hating. [16:05]
Azelphur ah [16:05]
Azelphur I always feel like the only person who actually likes him [16:05]
pete_dushenski JuliaTourianski_: +cazalla +mircea_popescu didn;t see that sorry- you guys do realize I literally know evryone in the space and am "associated" with everyone, depending on how you look at it. << this is gold [16:05]
mircea_popescu punkman darknedgy ?! they're seriously running out. [16:05]
pete_dushenski Azelphur: nah see JuliaTourianski_ and you have that in common ;) [16:06]
mircea_popescu azzie and julie sittin' in a tree... [16:06]
Azelphur haha [16:06]
mircea_popescu k i s s i n taaki! [16:06]
Azelphur nicely done ;) [16:06]
mircea_popescu i am a master of the written worm. [16:06]
mircea_popescu i mean ford. [16:07]
mircea_popescu yeah, that's it, i am a master of the written ford. [16:07]
Azelphur but nah, I agree he was a terrible businessman, but then nobody should have put him in a business position anyway, he's a programmer [16:07]
mircea_popescu HE put himself in a business position [16:07]
* andylau (~fine_me@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:07]
mircea_popescu by his idiotic if contemporaneously fashionable insistance on fluff and i can do anythingism,. [16:07]
* Azelphur shrugs [16:08]
mircea_popescu i told him to stfu and mind his own business like 3 times. [16:08]
mircea_popescu for that matter nefario, too. [16:08]
mircea_popescu but hey, kids know better and i am just hating their genius. [16:08]
mircea_popescu !up andylau [16:08]
-assbot- You voiced andylau for 30 minutes. [16:08]
* assbot gives voice to andylau [16:08]
Azelphur mircea_popescu: haha, over the years I've learned you're generally right about these things :P [16:08]
Azelphur I still don't think genjix should be discounted as a programmer though, he's a damned good one and that'd be one hell of a waste. [16:09]
mircea_popescu too much cognitive dissonance to handle, 500 idiots keep telling them how special they are then mp says stfu and crochet. [16:09]
mircea_popescu the human brain doesn't handle exceptions well [16:09]
Azelphur I suppose [16:09]
mircea_popescu either overweights or underweights them unduly. [16:09]
mircea_popescu kinda well known psychology, this, hence the memory effect and all that. [16:09]
pete_dushenski Dimsler: i knew vitalik when he was in waterloo. buying bitcoins off me << lol! [16:10]
mircea_popescu CheckDavid: Sincerely don't know. << nobody EVER liked html email. and there's a pretty good argument that it's completely a tech misapplication, like the cigarette lighter oven. [16:10]
mircea_popescu you don't need or want an oven to light your cigarette. [16:11]
Azelphur I've met taaki a couple times now [16:11]
Azelphur his family lives just around the corner from me [16:11]
mircea_popescu jurov: CheckDavid send him to verious btc conferences. At least you'll get rid of him for a time. << i like how practical jurov is. yeah, best move there. [16:11]
mircea_popescu with any luck he'll be hired away from you and it's win-win. [16:11]
mircea_popescu "Join the Freelancer Shareholder Foundation Program and get a discount on WSO listing fees" [16:12]
Azelphur speaking of hired, I'm doing good stuff at BitRecruiter, I wrote something that might be a good idea for MPEX actually, [16:12]
assbot Azelphur/django-bcauth GitHub [16:12]
mircea_popescu look at that, is spamming unregistered share sales offers! [16:12]
mircea_popescu which happens to be illegal. [16:13]
* mircea_popescu wonders if the SEC, ever so careful with these things, is yet investigating the underhanded practices of matt barrie &co [16:13]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: it's just that the gear switch from derpyland to btcland is bound to culture shock a little. << on the moolah [16:15]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski: if no change, then it depends on how useful holding descendants accountable is. < no, i'm with him. this makes exactly zero sense, chiefly because a group may be ridiculous, impractical, suicidal, anything you wish, but never wrong. only individuals can be wrong, in that they don't subscribe to the moral scheme of some group they intend to be part of. ther [16:17]
kakobrekla < wtf, so much overhead for 100kbits [16:17]
mircea_popescu e's no such thing as "evil group" possible. [16:17]
assbot Kialara - Imgur [16:17]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: ancestors need not be a group or identify themselves as part of one [16:19]
mircea_popescu but you identified them as a group not as individuals. [16:19]
pete_dushenski ancestors can be individuals who spawned further individuals [16:19]
mircea_popescu only if you call the object through THAT constructor. [16:19]
* JuliaTourianski_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [16:20]
pete_dushenski you're right, i did, and now i'm exploiting the escape hatch in my own reasoning [16:20]
mircea_popescu if i say "b-a cannucks" i create one group, if i say " pete_dushenski, nubbins, [...]" i create a group with the same members, but through a different method, which makes it in fact a different group for this conversation. [16:20]
mircea_popescu lol [16:20]
pete_dushenski lol ya [16:21]
pete_dushenski i shoulda been more spasifik! [16:22]
mats_cd03 spoiler: CheckDavid is his own boss [16:23]
* tryphe_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:23]
Dimsler blah [16:24]
Dimsler 9am [16:24]
Dimsler too early to be up [16:24]
* tryphe has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:24]
mircea_popescu << i like this bet. up, down, up. down... [16:27]
assbot BitBet - 20% difficulty increase before 2015 :: 9.39 B (60%) on Yes, 6.39 B (40%) on No | closing in 2 months 1 week| weight: 74`958 (100`000 to 1`000) [16:27]
mats_cd03 ;;bc,stats [16:29]
gribble Current Blocks: 322181 | Current Difficulty: 2.9829733124040417E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 322559 | Next Difficulty In: 378 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 2 days, 7 hours, 39 minutes, and 23 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 34912851483.9 | Estimated Percent Change: 17.04044 [16:29]
pete_dushenski definitely a fun bet, that one! [16:31]
mircea_popescu it's perhaps the best display of the fundamental incalculability of bitcoin events. [16:32]
mircea_popescu i mean go ahead and model it, quantize it, whatevs. [16:32]
thestringpuller Azelphur: that's neat [16:33]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14950 @ 0.00074849 = 11.1899 BTC [-] {2} [16:34]
mircea_popescu ;;later tell mike_c drop me a line when back. [16:36]
gribble The operation succeeded. [16:36]
kakobrekla i mean go ahead and model it, quantize it, whatevs. < done that! [16:36]
kakobrekla note that this was more of a fun play rather anything else [16:36]
mircea_popescu uh [16:36]
kakobrekla this is from feb 2013 [16:36]
* tryphe_ is now known as tryphe [16:37]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [16:37]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:38]
* assbot removes voice from andylau [16:38]
kakobrekla the funny thing is - its not much off :) [16:38]
mircea_popescu lol! [16:39]
mircea_popescu also, as previously announced, the extra 2mn S.BBET shares were distributed to owners. [16:39]
kakobrekla ty [16:39]
-CheckDavid- voice pliz mizter [16:40]
mircea_popescu !up CheckDavid [16:40]
-assbot- You voiced CheckDavid for 30 minutes. [16:40]
* assbot gives voice to CheckDavid [16:40]
mircea_popescu << kako's link sanitized [16:41]
pete_dushenski JuliaTourianski_: ye toronto conf was dope actually << have you read [16:41]
assbot Ex-Post: Toronto Bitcoin Expo | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski [16:41]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla were the algos ever published ? [16:41]
mircea_popescu or mind extending it to today ? [16:42]
kakobrekla , [16:45]
* Tiraspol has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [16:45]
* Tiraspol ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:45]
* Tiraspol has quit (Changing host) [16:45]
* Tiraspol (Tiraspol3@unaffiliated/tiraspol) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:45]
* olil3olli3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [16:45]
* olil3olli3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:46]
kakobrekla or mind extending it to today ? < mebbe when i have more time [16:46]
kakobrekla this two were evolved after only a day or two iirc [16:46]
mircea_popescu danke [16:47]
pete_dushenski << i'm guessing they didn't use dicelists [16:48]
assbot Rushwallet | Contest [16:48]
pete_dushenski "Up for grabs are 2 bitcoins hidden in 30 different brainwallets. Search for clues in the RushWallet Fundraiser video to unlock each wallet and claim the bitcoins. " [16:48]
pete_dushenski 0.025 btc each wallet [16:48]
pete_dushenski not 2... [16:48]
mircea_popescu ;;calc 0.025 * 30 [16:49]
gribble 0.75 [16:49]
mircea_popescu uh. [16:49]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4384 @ 0.00074975 = 3.2869 BTC [+] [16:50]
mats_cd03 some of 'em have 0.05, 0.1, & 1.0 apparently. [16:52]
pete_dushenski a i c [16:52]
CheckDavid mircea_popescu: thanks for the input. In your perspective is there any value in HTML emails? [16:53]
mircea_popescu nope. [16:53]
CheckDavid So you think it generally converts less right? [16:53]
mircea_popescu for one thing, most clients people actually use don't even render html. [16:54]
CheckDavid Most? [16:54]
mircea_popescu so you end up wit ha pile of cruft that just guarantees you rejected. [16:54]
mircea_popescu yes. [16:54]
thestringpuller plaintext emails yo [16:54]
thestringpuller don't send html to niggas using mutt [16:54]
CheckDavid Most web clients do. And many desktop clients do as well [16:54]
mircea_popescu most people doing anything worth the mention have been using email since before 2000. [16:55]
mircea_popescu plenty since before 1990 [16:55]
CheckDavid I just want to convince my boss to not use HTML [16:55]
mircea_popescu if you imagine they all moved to google because google, you're new here. [16:55]
* miaoux ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:55]
mircea_popescu sure, you can talk to the under 30 crowd on html email. [16:55]
mircea_popescu they don't make any decisions. [16:55]
thestringpuller except Zuckerberg [16:55]
CheckDavid Oh. So that's the deal? [16:55]
* bounce has a serious problem taking people seriously if they do stupid stuff like send html for no reason, or top-post, or any number of boneheaded things that the aol generation does with gay abandon [16:56]
mircea_popescu bounce i top post like a boss :D [16:56]
thestringpuller lol AOL is the one who introduced HTML mail? [16:56]
CheckDavid What about formatted text in emails? [16:56]
CheckDavid Like worrying about font [16:56]
bounce aol started the deluge [16:56]
mircea_popescu CheckDavid formatted means | and > and such [16:57]
bounce 72 cols fixed pitch is the standing assumption [16:57]
CheckDavid What is | and > in this context? [16:57]
bounce "> " is the typical quote indicator, though it gets replaced or simply represented differently at times. [16:58]
mircea_popescu | and > are quotes [16:58]
mircea_popescu << example use. [16:59]
assbot Re: Theory #51 (superior(?) programming languages) - Naggum cll archive [16:59]
bounce just like "-- " indicates the start of the signature, and a good mail client won't quote that. there's very few good mail clients in wide use these days. [16:59]
thestringpuller >> like vim? [16:59]
mircea_popescu anyway, dear all : i'll be taking a trip. see you all tomorrows! [17:00]
thestringpuller mircea_popescu is away [17:02]
thestringpuller everyone act crazy [17:02]
CheckDavid I see mircea_popescu. So you saying formatting should be limited to that [17:02]
CheckDavid Bye :) [17:02]
[]bot Bet placed: 1 BTC for No on "20% difficulty increase before 2015" Odds: 56(Y):44(N) by coin, 55(Y):45(N) by weight. Total bet: 16.78041982 BTC. Current weight: 74,932. [17:02]
kakobrekla good luck mp [17:03]
bounce your search keyword of the day: "netiquette" [17:03]
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