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Saturday, 23 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
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Hunterbunter looks like another fire sale [12:46]
Hunterbunter 5.6, dropping...will those supports vanish? [12:46]
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Bigpiggy01Mining sure as everyone wants to buy in cheaper [12:47]
BTCHero I do... [12:47]
BTCHero I will probably get a moneypak today and hope it hasn't gone up in 12 hours [12:48]
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BTCHero I need to get this chargeback over with so I am not scared that my paypal will flag someone here that trades with me [12:49]
mircea_popescu is that 80k like record volume ? [12:50]
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mircea_popescu iirc its the largest so far. [12:50]
Hunterbunter what do you guys use to monitor live pricing? I'm using mtgox live, but it's so...flakey [12:51]
Hunterbunter clarkmoody any good? [12:51]
OneFixt i'm thinking buying opportunity at 5.6 with a target of 7 [12:51]
OneFixt clarkmoody is pretty good, but has been acting up a bit lately [12:52]
Hunterbunter depends on how many people get caught up in this (bull?) trap [12:53]
OneFixt i actually think it's a bear trap [12:53]
OneFixt but of course this remains to be seen [12:53]
phantomcircuit [12:54]
Hunterbunter yeah that was my inkling too, but I'm not sure I undersatnd the terms properly [12:54]
Hunterbunter interesting link...tahnks for that [12:54]
OneFixt bear trap means that people are fooled into selling and then the price goes up [12:54]
Hunterbunter ah...yes thats what I meant [12:55]
OneFixt so i suppose a bear trap is bullish =) [12:55]
Hunterbunter bear trap then...if people are fooled by this, which i honestly don't think that many will be, that sounds like a good bet [12:56]
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Hunterbunter the earlier one may have been the result of all the bitcoinica leveraging...and I'm pretty sure sentimentality is still bullish [12:57]
OneFixt yes, bitcoinica is definitely responsible for much of it [12:57]
Hunterbunter I wonder why that person's put those supports in...suppose doesn't want to unnecessarily risk what they have? [12:57]
OneFixt could either a) hope to buy a lot b) try to push price up c) try to get others to build up bids and then he'll sell into them [12:58]
OneFixt so we don't really know [12:58]
Hunterbunter Yeah I suppose thats what makes it the market [12:58]
OneFixt that's what makes it so interesting [12:58]
Hunterbunter making decisions on what you think other people are going to do :) [12:58]
OneFixt yep =) [12:58]
Hunterbunter so if people are generally holding [12:59]
Hunterbunter and sentiment is bullish [13:00]
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Hunterbunter I think you're dead on onefixt [13:00]
Hunterbunter well, maybe :) [13:00]
Hunterbunter but I like the way you think [13:00]
OneFixt thanks ;) [13:00]
OneFixt we should also see some new funds hit as a result of that tv episode [13:01]
MBS lol [13:01]
Hunterbunter yeah, that always takes a few days...I personally think it all fits together in one big speculative story quite well [13:01]
MBS some dude on another irc server was just lecturing about how irresponsable i am for using forex leverage [13:01]
OneFixt lol [13:02]
MBS "you're playing a game that's far above you. And you don't fully realize the actual risk you're taking." [13:02]
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MBS " that's how countless people lose money and sometimes even get ruined with these tools which they shouldn't touch in the first place." [13:02]
MBS yeah, get ruined from the $50 in account, lol [13:02]
OneFixt he's right, of course, but it all depends on your circumstances [13:02]
OneFixt yeah, not from 50 [13:02]
area I wonder if bitscalper will show larger interest today [13:03]
MBS i mean i guess he somehow things a shady european forex broker whose trades probably dont even leave their servers is going to hunt me down when their instant trades fail to liquidate my positions in time [13:04]
OneFixt that could be true if you had 1000 times the account size [13:04]
OneFixt make that 10000 [13:04]
MBS yeah i wouldnt be doing forex in that case [13:05]
benjamindees I'm sure he's just talking about people who are compulsive gamblers [13:05]
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mircea_popescu so wikipedia has added a js overlay and thinks it is "unavailable" [13:09]
mircea_popescu i am so sick of the internet of the masses. [13:09]
MBS lol [13:10]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: The blackout is bypassable *by design*. [13:10]
mircea_popescu yaya [13:10]
MBS most people that know how to disable it already know about SOPA anyway [13:10]
MBS so works out [13:10]
vragnaroda They explicitly said they weren't going to make it impossible. [13:10]
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mircea_popescu so basically they took a measure that doesn't work to fight a measure that won't work. [13:10]
mircea_popescu i SERIOUSLY am sick of the internet of the masses. [13:10]
vragnaroda It does work. [13:10]
vragnaroda It does exactly what they said they were going to do. [13:11]
mircea_popescu sigh. [13:11]
* benjamindees starts a BBS [13:11]
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Hunterbunter asks are drying up...time for counterswing! [13:16]
Hunterbunter although this is all pretty minor stuff compared to what else went on today [13:16]
Hunterbunter so I've been hearing a lot of people talk about do they work, exactly? basically a program that reads an API from gox (or w/e) and buys/sells based on algorithm? [13:19]
benjamindees yes [13:19]
Hunterbunter is it an o/s independent thing? [13:20]
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benjamindees yes [13:20]
Hunterbunter cool k, thanks [13:21]
benjamindees I mean, for Bitcoin it is [13:21]
benjamindees since there is enough volatility that OS doesn't matter [13:21]
Hunterbunter have you written one before? [13:21]
benjamindees no, I've written some scripts that help me trade [13:21]
benjamindees but I'm familiar with the ones used elsewhere [13:22]
Hunterbunter cool, do you know if there's info on the APIs somewhere? [13:23]
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Hunterbunter I'm curious to see if I could write one, but I have nfi wehre to start (I'm a c++ programmer, but nothing to do with web programming so far) [13:23]
benjamindees [13:23]
Hunterbunter cool tahnks for link [13:23]
Hunterbunter oh nice so tehres' basically an API for everything you can whatever [13:24]
OneFixt [13:26]
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Hunterbunter oo php, ringing some dusty bells [13:26]
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gerry11 hi im looking to buy bitcoins now using moneybookers, ukash, paysafecard or paypal looking for a decent rate [13:38]
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gerry11 anyone here able to point me in a direction? [13:42]
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Mqrius gerry11: No one sells bitcoin for paypal, because of chargeback scamming. Be careful with moneybookers, they closed my account randomly, and I had to jump through hoops to get the money that was in there back [13:44]
Mqrius Oh he's gone [13:44]
Mqrius derp. [13:44]
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BTCHero someone should sell zhou some coins [13:50]
Mqrius Actually he's out of USD, so that's not gonna happen [13:51]
BTCHero oh [13:54]
BTCHero then someone buy some bitcoins from him [13:54]
BTCHero whatever needs to happen [13:54]
Mqrius Someone should give him both bitcoins and usd in large amounts, on loan. [13:55]
Mqrius Or, you know, invest or whatever you want to call it [13:55]
benjamindees or he needs to just liquidate some positions and reduce the leverage [13:56]
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Mqrius Reduce the leverage for everyone then. As in, 5:1 being max [13:57]
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Mqrius But random liquidation won't do much good [13:57]
benjamindees yes, for everyone, that's what I meant [13:57]
mircea_popescu the loan won't work. [13:58]
mircea_popescu it will just create a larger prroblem down the road. [13:58]
benjamindees right [13:58]
Mqrius mircea_popescu: Permanent investment, for a part of the profit [13:59]
benjamindees in fact reducing the leverage won't even work indefinitely [13:59]
mircea_popescu everybody should just stick to trading options and understanding that flashy is not equal to functional. [13:59]
Mqrius He needs liquidity, and he doesn't have it. [13:59]
mircea_popescu he doesn't have a business model. [14:00]
benjamindees well... why do you say that? [14:00]
mircea_popescu because he underscribes risk he can not actually handle. [14:00]
benjamindees surely he's making a profit [14:00]
mircea_popescu business model != making a profit. [14:01]
benjamindees every business underscribes risk it cannot handle [14:01]
mircea_popescu business model = making a profit when all contingencies are accounted for. [14:01]
mircea_popescu mno. [14:01]
benjamindees pfft... impossible [14:01]
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benjamindees I see no difference between bitcoinica and, for instance, mf global... [14:03]
vragnaroda haha, everyone else on my block lost power for about 6 hours last night [14:03]
vragnaroda (Fucking wind.) [14:04]
mircea_popescu the difference'd be that mf global actually had leverage higher than what it offered. [14:05]
mircea_popescu if i can spend three dollars for each dollar i have then i can offer you a deal whereby you get 2:1 leverage. [14:05]
benjamindees until your creditors slash your lines and suddenly you can't... [14:05]
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mircea_popescu it was mismanagement, not creditors suddenly slashign lines that sunk mf. [14:06]
mircea_popescu obviously any business goes down if mismanaged enough. [14:06]
mircea_popescu but mismanagement is going away from the business model. [14:06]
benjamindees sounds like an unaccounted-for contingency... [14:07]
mircea_popescu it's one thing to say "hi, i am selling people's furniture so i am turning a profit" [14:07]
mircea_popescu and quite another to say "here's a business, it will work unless you set it on fire, in which case it won't". [14:08]
mircea_popescu in the first you're not accounting for the fact that no, if the furniture owners knew about you selling their furniture youwould turn no profit. [14:08]
benjamindees mm-hmm... [14:09]
mircea_popescu and this isn't even considering the problems of leverage in a nonleverageable currency. [14:10]
benjamindees or a nonleverageable planet even [14:10]
mircea_popescu basically it's a case of trying to fly a hellicopter though water on the account of the observation that water and air are both fluis. [14:10]
mircea_popescu fluids* [14:10]
benjamindees your "information" argument is not convincing. information disparity is required to produce profit. [14:12]
benjamindees in every business [14:12]
mircea_popescu it wasn't "information", it was ownership. the furniture thief is not in a business. [14:12]
benjamindees and I don't think anything Bitcoinica does qualifies as theft [14:12]
mircea_popescu does he sell you something he does not have ? (ie, leverage) [14:12]
benjamindees it's impossible for him to have infinite leverage [14:13]
benjamindees he could be selling unicorns for that matter [14:13]
mircea_popescu i did not say infinte. [14:13]
mircea_popescu it's impossible for him to have any. [14:13]
benjamindees no, it is possible to have some, based on his own capital and the combined capital of participants [14:13]
mircea_popescu the leverage of the "combined capital of the participants" is a contingency [14:14]
benjamindees your ISP doesn't have all the bandwidth they sell either... [14:14]
mircea_popescu it may mean positive OR negative leverage. [14:14]
mircea_popescu and his own capital does not give him leverage, in bitcoins. it does if you're mfglobal dealing with fiat currency. but in bitcoins capital just gives you capital. [14:14]
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mircea_popescu and i don't deal with isp-s that sell what they don't have. [14:15]
benjamindees and it is not possible to guard against the contingency of everyone taking the same trade at the same time while still making a profit [14:15]
mircea_popescu yes, actually it is. [14:15]
benjamindees great, do it. [14:16]
mircea_popescu apple is doing it, for instance. [14:16]
mircea_popescu they are guarding against the contingency of everyone buying an ipad. [14:16]
benjamindees apple is selling leveraged trading? [14:16]
benjamindees not all at once they aren't [14:17]
mircea_popescu my point was exactly that, in some markets you can't sell leverage, cause there's none to sell. [14:17]
benjamindees you can't guarantee leverage in *any* market [14:17]
benjamindees that's the only relevant point [14:17]
mircea_popescu why surely you can, in a fiat currency you can guarantee leverage [14:18]
mircea_popescu based on a guarantee of the fiator. [14:18]
benjamindees just like your ISP can't guarantee bandwidth [14:18]
benjamindees yeah, until you start printing trillion-dollar bills and your currency collapses... [14:18]
mircea_popescu hey. [14:19]
benjamindees great "guarantee" [14:19]
mircea_popescu you are still offering the leverage. [14:19]
mircea_popescu we need to discuss like things, otherwise it all collapses into a grand philosophical debate of the nature of qualia. [14:19]
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benjamindees like things would be commodities brokers (like mf global) that clearly can't sustain infinite leverage [14:20]
mircea_popescu infinite leverage was never a point of discussion. [14:20]
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benjamindees why not? [14:21]
benjamindees seems like a possible contingency to me [14:21]
mircea_popescu lol ok. perhaps we continue this some other time. [14:21]
benjamindees the universe is infinite... the customer base can grow... the trade can go one way for the rest of time for all we know... [14:21]
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* ChanServ gives voice to slush [14:31]
rg are you guys happy clarkmooody is back [14:34]
vragnaroda I'm happy I'm the only one on my block that didn't lose power last night. [14:34]
Mqrius "Liquidcoin"? I see no innovation. "First of all, this coin is in no way aiming to replace bitcoin. It was designed for speculation only." Speculation is the new name for pump'n'dump?;topicseen#new [14:35]
Mqrius Someone get the alt-chain-Fuhrer. [14:35]
rg vragnaroda: cheers [14:37]
rg btw vrag, are you sure youre getting the required 8 hours of sleep a night [14:37]
vragnaroda I'm certain I'm not. [14:37]
vragnaroda I'm also certain it's not required. [14:37]
rg weird that clarkmoody got suspended for CPU usage [14:37]
rg his site uses nearly nothing [14:37]
* nelisky (~nelisky@unaffiliated/nelisky-/x-0749711) has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:38]
rg mtgoxlive looks like ... [14:39]
rg shit [14:39]
vragnaroda I am going to go on another IRC vacation starting in a day or two, which'll probably last a few weeks again, though. [14:39]
gigavps_ rg wait till the US wakes up and decides to have another 300k volume day [14:39]
gigavps_ i think you might change your mind about CPU usage then :) [14:40]
vragnaroda Yeah, especially all the retards that can't figure out how to get to Wikipedia. [14:40]
Hunterbunter lol @ liquidcoin = speculation only [14:42]
Hunterbunter bitcoin is only worth speculating because of the attempt at value [14:42]
Hunterbunter But sure, good luck to them [14:43]
rg gigavps: its really active today [14:43]
rg right now [14:43]
rg and its using nothing [14:43]
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rg i wonder if adblock blocks my ad [14:46]
* PaulIIIIIIII ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:47]
PaulIIIIIIII hi [14:47]
PaulIIIIIIII how are you [14:47]
rg awesome [14:47]
PaulIIIIIIII dames and monsinjeurs [14:47]
phantomcircuit rg, suspended for cpu usage? [14:47]
phantomcircuit lol how is that even possible [14:47]
PaulIIIIIIII is that tech channel [14:48]
phantomcircuit his site is like 100% static content [14:48]
PaulIIIIIIII ? [14:48]
gigavps_ phantomcircuit: false [14:48]
vragnaroda PaulIIIIIIII: Are you interested in buying or selling bitcoins or discussing something related to bitcoins? [14:48]
gigavps_ phantomcircuit: use firebug to see interactions [14:48]
PaulIIIIIIII actually, im intrested cosmic trip to venus [14:48]
phantomcircuit gigavps_, it's all queries to mtgox through afaikt [14:49]
PaulIIIIIIII if you can help me [14:49]
phantomcircuit oh he pulls depth [14:49]
PaulIIIIIIII manned venus mission is the goal [14:49]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to vragnaroda [14:49]
vragnaroda goodbye [14:49]
* vragnaroda sets ban on *!* [14:49]
* vragnaroda has kicked PaulIIIIIIII from #bitcoin-otc (PaulIIIIIIII) [14:49]
* vragnaroda removes channel operator status from vragnaroda [14:49]
gigavps_ lol [14:49]
phantomcircuit he might have been serious [14:50]
phantomcircuit never quite know [14:50]
vragnaroda That's a definite possibility but that doesn't make it any better. [14:50]
vragnaroda lol [14:50]
phantomcircuit hehe [14:50]
vragnaroda so perhaps [14:51]
* zyxwvut (ae065351@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #bitcoin-otc [14:51]
rg why doesnt we have a base on the moon [14:52]
rg dont* [14:52]
vragnaroda republicans [14:52]
benjamindees radiation [14:53]
vragnaroda Radiation is a shitty reason. [14:53]
phantomcircuit cost [14:54]
vragnaroda Radiation is a reason not to go back and forth often. [14:54]
phantomcircuit the apollo missions cost about 3% of GBP [14:54]
* gigavps_ has quit (Quit: gigavps_) [14:54]
phantomcircuit GDP [14:54]
vragnaroda But, cost is a much bigger reason for that. [14:54]
* Underyx has quit (Quit: Leaving) [14:54]
phantomcircuit we have better things to spend our money on like blowing up people in third world countries [14:54]
[\] someone wanna spot me $75 ppusd until tomorrow? I'll pay you 5 bucks [14:54]
phantomcircuit lol no [14:55]
phantomcircuit no offense [14:55]
* kW_ (~kW@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [14:55]
rg wikipedia actually blacked out [14:56]
vragnaroda disable js on [14:56]
rg nicky i can do it if grubles wakes up [14:56]
rg vrag: i just used firebug [14:56]
rg to disable it [14:56]
vragnaroda or that [14:56]
Hunterbunter if there was any oil on the moon...or any minerals worth anything significant for that matter, we'd probably have a base there [14:56]
vragnaroda Hunterbunter: *if there were [14:57]
vragnaroda And there are valuable minerals there. [14:57]
* loca has quit (Quit: Page closed) [14:57]
Hunterbunter if there were [14:57]
Hunterbunter what, iron? [14:57]
rg if we built a base there [14:57]
rg and brought plant life with us [14:57]
Hunterbunter oh wait, sorry iron went to earth [14:57]
* [\] is now known as imsaguy [14:57]
vragnaroda There's no need to go mine iron anywhere else. [14:57]
vragnaroda Unless, you're using it off-Earth. [14:58]
rg welp [14:58]
vragnaroda There's plenty of uranium on the moon. [14:58]
rg this is the time where i decide if i want to go back to bed [14:58]
rg or stay awake [14:58]
Hunterbunter I know...but we're so busy with capitalism and consumerism, that the moon or anything else is largly irrelevant [14:58]
vragnaroda A permanent presence in space requires energy and launching from Earth is significantly more energy-intensive than launching from the moon. [14:58]
Hunterbunter if it's cheaper to get something from the moon, then sure [14:58]
Mqrius Let's just mine the entire moon!!1 We don't need that thing, anyway [14:58]
vragnaroda No, those things are what will make settling the moon happen. [14:58]
Hunterbunter but atm, nothign is [14:58]
vragnaroda If it weren't for those things, no one would bother. [14:59]
vragnaroda Mqrius: Yeah, because mining the Earth has caused it to disappear, too. [14:59]
Mqrius Was about time we took that piece of Earth back to where it belongs. (Bloody asteroids messing with our landmass) [14:59]
Hunterbunter why did the US go to the moon in the first place? I figured that was a different time / public drive [14:59]
Mqrius vragnaroda: We haven't tried hard enough [14:59]
Mqrius Hunterbunter: Shits 'n' Giggles [14:59]
vragnaroda Hunterbunter: early epeen measuring contest [14:59]
phantomcircuit Hunterbunter, dick waving contest [14:59]
* seco has quit (Quit: seco) [14:59]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, beat me too it [14:59]
rg to show we could do it better than the russians [14:59]
Hunterbunter so why did we want to do that then, and not now? [15:00]
benjamindees to show we could put a nuclear warhead anywhere on the planet [15:00]
rg cause russia is our bitch now [15:00]
vragnaroda Hunterbunter: because now everyone knows the russians can only do what we did up until 1968 anyway [15:00]
Mqrius Because Americans now believe other countries don't even have a dick. [15:00]
rg pretty much [15:00]
vragnaroda Mqrius: other countries are proving it every day [15:00]
rg especially holland [15:00]
Hunterbunter while you may all be correct, what a terribly sad view of humanity [15:00]
Hunterbunter *saddening [15:01]
rg this channel IS the sad humanity [15:01]
Mqrius Holland has weed. weed > epeen [15:01]
vragnaroda Well, I plan on retiring to the outer solar system when I'm about 130. [15:01]
rg didnt they ban weed for tourists? [15:01]
* tbage ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:01]
Mqrius rg: Not sure if that passed yet. Won't work anyway. In any case, I'm no tourist [15:01]
rg ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh girl [15:02]
rg id be in troubloe if you left me now [15:02]
vragnaroda Well, I'll just go to my in-laws'. [15:02]
Mqrius eh? [15:02]
Mqrius rg is having insomnia hallucinations [15:03]
* loca (54865846@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:03]
* roman3x has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [15:04]
rg [15:06]
rg A co-founder of the Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise has been arrested and is accused of beating a homeless man with a tire iron near downtown Los Angeles, authorities said Tuesday. [15:07]
* zhoutong|away has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [15:08]
* oww (~oww@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:08]
* asddda (be8aa84e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:09]
* oww has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [15:09]
* oww (~oww@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:09]
* oww has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [15:09]
* vigilyn has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [15:11]
Mqrius ...In a quick response, google has dropped their entire Android FroYo line, and is now focusing solely on Gingerbread. [15:12]
* asddda has quit (Quit: Page closed) [15:15]
rg [15:15]
rg [15:15]
rg ooooooops [15:15]
Mqrius here we go again -.- [15:15]
rg someone likes little kiddddies [15:15]
* kW_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [15:18]
* DamascusVG|afk has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [15:19]
* loca has quit (Quit: Page closed) [15:19]
* DamascusVG|afk ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:22]
rg i decided im not going back to bed [15:22]
rg Mqr: what time is it where you are [15:22]
* agricocb has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [15:23]
Graet yer bed is ovverated, stay and amuse us rg :P [15:23]
rg im gonna [15:24]
rg im making coffee nwo [15:24]
rg so its official [15:24]
Graet :) [15:26]
* rdonohoe has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [15:27]
rg if i upload a picture [15:28]
rg can you guys help me identify the plant [15:28]
Mqrius rg: Maybe. [15:28]
* vigilyn ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:28]
* kW_ (~kW@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:28]
rg i cant find my microusb cable [15:29]
rg so fuck it [15:29]
rg il do it later [15:29]
* toffoo (~tof@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:29]
* DamascusVG|afk has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [15:30]
* chsados has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [15:32]
* abracadab is now known as abracadabra [15:33]
* vorlov ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:33]
* vorlov has quit (Client Quit) [15:34]
rg its a crazy lookin plant [15:36]
rg i couldnt identify it by searching on google [15:36]
* Framedragger ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:36]
rg this is where clark moody works [15:38]
rg can you imagine if that was your day job [15:38]
rg looks like they build robots all day [15:38]
* DamascusVG|afk ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:38]
rg and mess wit hthem [15:38]
* chsados ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:38]
rg that would be . .awesome [15:39]
Cory rg: Nice ad on Moody. :D [15:40]
* DeLorean719 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:41]
* gribble gives voice to DeLorean719 [15:41]
* Joric (~joric@unaffiliated/joric) has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:41]
* gribble gives voice to Joric [15:41]
* Skooma (4772003f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:42]
Skooma Ohey [15:42]
Skooma Uhhh, i need some bitcoins [15:43]
Skooma :l. [15:43]
Skooma Anyone here? [15:44]
Mqrius Skooma: Are you in Europe? [15:46]
Skooma Afraid not [15:46]
Skooma Im in usa [15:46]
Mqrius Hmm. I guess most of the USA is still sleeping [15:46]
Skooma Think so [15:46]
rg Cory: [15:46]
Skooma Umm Mqrius [15:46]
rg people will come to life soon [15:46]
* d4de has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [15:46]
rg its almost 9AM [15:46]
rg Skooma: your best bet is to get a moneypak [15:47]
rg no paypal / credit cards here [15:47]
Skooma Really? [15:47]
Skooma I only have paypal :l... [15:47]
rg paypal / credit cards are reversible [15:47]
rg bitcoins are not [15:47]
* EasyAt ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:47]
Skooma Um rg [15:47]
EasyAt oh god, reddit and wikipedia are down [15:47]
Skooma Do you have a moneypak? [15:47]
* benjamindees has quit (Quit: Leaving) [15:47]
rg no, you buy them from Walgreens [15:47]
rg or CVS [15:47]
Skooma o jesus [15:48]
rg [15:48]
Skooma thats inconvenient [15:48]
rg well its either that or a bank transfer [15:48]
Mqrius EasyAt: Supposedly you can browse wikipedia if you turn javascript off. [15:48]
rg itsw just a CSS window [15:48]
rg over wikipedia [15:49]
Skooma Are you sure no one takes paypal rg? [15:49]
Mqrius rg: All other divs are set to display: None for me [15:49]
rg Skooma: lots of us accept paypal [15:49]
rg just not for new people [15:49]
EasyAt That's handy [15:49]
Skooma Aw. [15:49]
rg youre not signed up and dont have any feedback [15:49]
rg so more than likely, no one will be willing to trade with you for pp [15:49]
Skooma but im trustable ;o; [15:49]
Skooma just new [15:50]
rg we're just protecting ourselves [15:50]
* agricocb (~agricolc@unaffiliated/agricocb) has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:50]
Skooma rg, do you have bitcoins? [15:50]
Mqrius Skooma: That's exactly what scammers would say :P [15:50]
Skooma i know .-. [15:50]
Skooma I can honestly send you the money and wait [15:50]
Skooma 30 days [15:50]
Skooma or whatever it is [15:51]
Mqrius There have been chargebacks after months [15:51]
Skooma o. [15:51]
Mqrius So yeah [15:51]
Skooma I cant wait that long :l [15:51]
Mqrius Moneypak seems to work well though [15:51]
Mqrius you could have the bitcoins today [15:51]
Skooma mqrius, you buy some for me [15:51]
Skooma :D [15:51]
rg Skooma: i udnerstnad that its an inconvenience to you [15:51]
Mqrius Skooma: Nope. For one, I'm in Europe, no moneypaks here. Second, that makes no sense :P [15:52]
rg but those are your options [15:52]
rg i would suggest dial-a-coin [15:52]
Skooma I meant some bitcoins :l [15:52]
rg but theyre on strike cause of SOPA [15:52]
Skooma And okay rg .-. [15:52]
EasyAt dial-a-song [15:53]
EasyAt whats dialacoin? [15:53]
Skooma Hows alertpay or liberty reserve? [15:53]
Mqrius LR works, afaik [15:54]
Mqrius (I'm not in the US though) [15:54]
imsaguy2 Skooma, how many btc did you need? [15:55]
Skooma uhh [15:56]
Skooma idk [15:56]
Skooma i have 150 dollars [15:56]
Skooma USD [15:56]
Skooma Conversion rate? [15:56]
DeLorean719 ~$5.71 [15:56]
Skooma Lol really? [15:57]
imsaguy2 oh, I'd do 1 or 2, but since you're new, I can't do 150USD [15:57]
rg [15:57]
Skooma imsaguy [15:57]
Skooma Ill do any amount [15:58]
Skooma I just need some ;L [15:58]
* pierregh1 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [15:58]
EasyAt the radio commentator is obnoxious [15:58]
Skooma bleh [15:59]
* pierreghz has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [16:00]
* Bigpiggy01Mining has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:01]
Skooma So uh [16:01]
Skooma Anyone use silk road? [16:01]
* Bigpiggy01Mining (~Bigpiggy0@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:01]
rawrmage lol [16:01]
rg no [16:01]
DeLorean719 [06:58] I just need some ;L [16:01]
DeLorean719 lol [16:01]
rg and talking about it is a good way to get banned [16:01]
rg in here [16:01]
* gigavpsAFK is now known as gigavps [16:01]
Skooma Orly [16:01]
gigavps good morning [16:02]
rg hi james [16:02]
rg copycat james [16:02]
* chakl ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:02]
vragnaroda Skooma: Silk Road is a DEA honeypot. [16:02]
Skooma Sigh :l [16:02]
Skooma im going [16:02]
Skooma to get [16:02]
Skooma some damn [16:02]
Skooma bitcoins [16:02]
Skooma damnit [16:02]
rg vragnaroda: yeah i was reading the forum about 'selective rip offs' [16:02]
rg which isnt a selective rip off, they send out X amount of fake drugs [16:02]
rg and bust everyone else [16:02]
vragnaroda Skooma: is not a space; don't use it as one. [16:02]
Skooma its too late vragnaroda [16:03]
Skooma i already have [16:03]
rawrmage im^Mgoing^Mto^Mget^Msome^Mdamn^Mbitcoins^Mdamnit [16:03]
gigavps rg i am your elder, YOU are the copy cat :) [16:03]
Skooma ._. .. [16:03]
rg hmm [16:03]
rg your views are interesting and i wish to subscribe to your news letter [16:04]
gigavps Skooma has just been rawr'd [16:04]
Skooma Owhy god [16:04]
Skooma Gigavps [16:04]
rawrmage forwhai [16:04]
gigavps anyone want some video cards -> [16:04]
Skooma I want some currency [16:05]
gigavps Skooma do you live in the US? [16:05]
Skooma yes [16:05]
EasyAt gigavps: how much? [16:05]
Skooma how much what [16:05]
Skooma o nv [16:05]
Skooma m [16:05]
rg gigavps: wt? [16:05]
rg i thought you were expanding [16:05]
gigavps ok, read this very carefully -> GO GET A MONEYPAK AND I WILL SELL YOU BITCOINS [16:06]
rawrmage lol [16:06]
rg hell, id sell you bitcoins [16:06]
Skooma gigavps im not going to scam you :l [16:06]
rg if you had a moneypak [16:06]
Skooma ffas [16:06]
Skooma ffs [16:06]
rg Skooma: you can beg and plead [16:06]
rg all day [16:06]
gigavps EasyAt $175 each for the 6950s [16:06]
rg no one is going to sell to you [16:06]
Skooma COMON! [16:06]
Mqrius -.-' [16:06]
gigavps EasyAt i also have about 12 5830s for $75 each [16:06]
rg why are we going to risk our hard earned money [16:06]
rg to do you a favor? [16:06]
rg we dont even know you [16:06]
Skooma i know [16:06]
Skooma but ughhh!! [16:07]
Skooma you arent risking it [16:07]
Skooma :l [16:07]
gigavps Skooma if you don't follow what i said, you will probably be kicked from the room [16:07]
Skooma what did you say [16:07]
gigavps channel [16:07]
rg gigavps: really? $75? [16:07]
* gigavps hopes vragnaroda doesn't hurt me [16:07]
rg maybe ill upgrade my 5770 [16:07]
Skooma :l... [16:07]
imsaguy2 gigavps -> [16:07]
mircea_popescu hmm, anyone doing facebook campaigns ? [16:07]
rawrmage Skooma: with paypal, we /are/ risking it [16:07]
gigavps rg 6950 == $175, 5830 == $75 [16:07]
rg mircea_popescu: an employee of bitvps is trying to get me to do faceboo kadvertising [16:07]
Skooma I say you arent because im like [16:07]
Skooma an awesome dude [16:08]
Skooma and noble! [16:08]
EasyAt gigavps: lemme crunch some numbers [16:08]
rg gigavps [16:08]
Mqrius Skooma: And I'm the king of Spain [16:08]
rg gigavps: yeah a 5830 would be a nice upgrade [16:08]
rg from my 5770 [16:08]
mircea_popescu rg aha. was kinda looking to see if it's worth it [16:08]
mircea_popescu seems like a potential total waste of money. [16:08]
rg mircea_popescu: im skeptical [16:08]
rg search for bitcoin [16:08]
mircea_popescu so there's two of us. [16:08]
rg theres like 10k people on facebook [16:08]
rg who have bitcoin mentioned [16:08]
rawrmage ;;getrating Skooma [16:08]
Skooma sigh.. [16:08]
rawrmage why don't you register for WoT then [16:08]
Mqrius Now send me all your money and I will send you a gazillion bitcoin. [16:08]
Skooma WoT? [16:08]
rawrmage ;;tell Skooma [guide] [16:08]
rg out of millions of users [16:08]
Skooma Im honestly new [16:08]
mircea_popescu i wasn't gonna do it for btc, unrelated stuff. [16:09]
Mqrius We honestly know [16:09]
* cyphur (7833c802@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:09]
Skooma I know :l... [16:09]
gigavps someone please kick Skooma [16:09]
EasyAt The 6950s are ~400 Mhash? [16:09]
Skooma Ok giga whoa [16:09]
Skooma ill stop [16:09]
Skooma Sorry for being new! [16:09]
Skooma -Cry- [16:09]
gigavps EasyAt 365Mh/s for the 6950s [16:09]
* aaps ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:09]
cyphur hey guys [16:09]
cyphur sheez what a day [16:09]
gigavps Skooma go read the -otc site first [16:09]
Skooma I did [16:10]
Skooma but i didnt understand it [16:10]
imsaguy2 ;;tell Skooma [guide] [16:10]
Skooma so i came here [16:10]
gigavps Skooma no one wants to watch you cry type all day because no one will accept your paypal [16:10]
EasyAt Hm, I'll get back to you on it... Gotta brave the outside for coffee and work [16:10]
Skooma I know giga. [16:10]
Skooma I know [16:10]
rawrmage lol [16:11]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to vragnaroda [16:11]
Skooma kidding but i do need btc. [16:11]
rawrmage you /want/ btc. [16:11]
gigavps Skooma like i said, go get a moneypak [16:11]
* vragnaroda has kicked Skooma from #bitcoin-otc (Do *NOT* shout and quit using enter as punctuation.) [16:11]
gigavps LOL [16:11]
imsaguy2 :) [16:11]
* vragnaroda removes channel operator status from vragnaroda [16:12]
* EasyAt is now known as EasyAt| [16:12]
rg why dont we just call the cops on him now [16:12]
rg he wants to use silkroad [16:12]
rg lets do him that favor [16:12]
imsaguy2 lol [16:12]
vragnaroda luke-jr: You around? [16:12]
gigavps rg a little extreme [16:12]
imsaguy2 vragnaroda: probably morning mass [16:12]
gigavps vragnaroda why would you call luke into here [16:12]
imsaguy2 gigavps: why u no answer my question? [16:13]
gigavps sorry, missed it, what was it again? [16:13]
imsaguy2 -> [16:13]
EasyAt| I want to here luke's views about child bearing again [16:13]
* cyphur has quit (Client Quit) [16:13]
vragnaroda I can't/wouldn't call cops on him but if luke-jr wants to, I won't stop him. :P [16:13]
rg [16:14]
rg luke is pretty lenient on laws [16:14]
rg he was with me [16:14]
rg he coulda called the police on m [16:14]
rg e [16:14]
rg but he didnt [16:14]
rg it did benefit him [16:14]
rg and he had deniability tho [16:14]
EasyAt| Why would luke call the police on you [16:16]
rg i cant tell you without incriminating myself and luke [16:16]
rg so we'll leave it at tht [16:16]
* loca (548633d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:18]
* loca has quit (Client Quit) [16:18]
* rdponticelli ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:18]
* rdponticelli_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [16:19]
luke-jr EasyAt|: it's ok, whatever he's talking about, he didn't tell me eithr [16:21]
* shhorn11 (cf8ac46e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:21]
Mqrius I guess butt-sex is still illegal in some American states. [16:21]
* gribble gives voice to Framedragger [16:21]
EasyAt| heh [16:23]
vragnaroda Mqrius: Below the age of consent or without consent, yes, it's illegal in all of them. [16:23]
EasyAt| K, time to face the 18 degree weather [16:23]
vragnaroda At or over the age of consent and with consent, it is legal in all of them. [16:23]
Mqrius vragnaroda: Fair enough [16:23]
shhorn11 ;;gpg eaut shhorn11 [16:24]
rg so close [16:24]
rg i just took a huge dump [16:24]
shhorn11 ;;gpg eauth shhorn11 [16:24]
* occulta (~occulta@gateway/tor-sasl/occulta) has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:25]
Mqrius =_= Can't tell if dump on market or in toilet [16:25]
* merde has quit () [16:26]
* EasyAt| has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [16:27]
* rdonohoe (b03d3d79@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:29]
* basschiller (bc6514b8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:36]
hexu anyone care to donate me just 0.05 coins, will rate? damn bitcoin rates going up in a matter of hours... [16:37]
hexu will give rating [16:37]
* DeLorean719 has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [16:39]
Joric 0.05 btc rating? meh [16:40]
* basschiller has quit (Client Quit) [16:40]
hexu i give 1 rating ofc [16:40]
imsaguy2 selling a rating? [16:41]
imsaguy2 classy [16:41]
* emmanuelux (~emmanuel@2a01:e35:2e4d:9010:21d:60ff:fe0e:b818) has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:41]
hexu yeah for very cheap limited time only [16:41]
hexu not wortth buying 0.05 coins dont think anyone would sell [16:42]
hexu anyone kind enough? just bought coins but the rating went up while waiting for them to show in my wallet -.-' [16:44]
* SomeoneWeird is now known as SomeoneWeirdzzzz [16:44]
* kakobreklaaa ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:46]
* Silberfuchs ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:47]
* kakobreklaa has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [16:48]
* hngryhngryhippo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:51]
helo it's as worth it to sell 0.05 coins as it is to posess them... why do you want 0.05 btc? [16:52]
hexu read up [16:52]
hexu id say 1 rating for just 0.05 isnt bad [16:52]
hexu if anyone here is kind enough to donate such ridiculously small amount will defi rate [16:53]
* Silberfuchs has quit (Quit: Verlassend) [16:53]
* Turingi (~devon@unaffiliated/devon-hillard/x-7250961) has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:55]
hexu afk heres the address if someone wants to donate.. 12BqBAZdDZohyXXNmkBeobhNcbB7yVqo5d send me message ill rate when i come back [16:55]
* VO (~VO@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [16:55]
smickles hexu, the idea of rating is to express trust, buying a rating like that may be seen as cheating the system [16:57]
* kW_ has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [16:58]
aaps well, the market is the market [16:59]
hexu i cant give rating to someone who decides to give donate me? if i dont mention the rating [16:59]
hexu damn right it raises my trust to that person if someone is nice to me [17:00]
* VO has quit (Client Quit) [17:00]
aaps but im a poor man ;) [17:00]
gigavps hexu why did you come here to beg [17:03]
Joric whould you mark this rating as 'bought for 0.05 btc' ? [17:03]
smickles aaps, I never said hexu couldn't do it [17:04]
hexu nop id write something like "nice guy donated me small amount coins i lacked:)" [17:04]
gigavps hmmm, the address he posted already has 11 coins [17:04]
hexu yeah need 11.1 [17:04]
gigavps hexu why do you need exactly 11.1 coins? [17:05]
hexu damn bitcoin rating went up from the moment i bought them [17:05]
hexu while waiting for them to show up in my wallet [17:05]
gigavps ;;getrating hexu [17:05]
hexu now i dont have enough anymore [17:05]
hexu giga dont know where else i should ask in my situation.. [17:06]
* EasyAt| (~easy@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:06]
gigavps hexu why do you need the coins so quickly? [17:07]
* EasyAt| is now known as EasyAt [17:07]
EasyAt drugs [17:07]
aaps i know, and i didnt want to imply as sutch [17:07]
hexu see private [17:08]
gigavps hexu this is not the bitcoin-vagabond room [17:08]
gigavps PM from hexu: [17:08]
gigavps silkroad has an item i need thats going to run out soon [17:08]
gigavps only few left [17:08]
smickles lol gigavps [17:08]
hexu well u asked for it [17:08]
gigavps hexu please don't discuss silkroad with me or in this room [17:08]
hexu ur the one who said it here m8 [17:09]
smickles it is nice to avoid SR, that was just funny how quick that PM came out :D [17:09]
hexu ive been told its ok to talk in private just not here in the open [17:10]
imsaguy2 its also not ok to pm without permission [17:10]
gfinn there's nothing wrong with sending someone a message [17:11]
hexu allright ill be more careful in future [17:11]
hexu never heard that tho [17:11]
gfinn where do you people get the idea that one needs "permission"? [17:11]
gigavps hexu nobody wants to feed your drug habit with free bitcoins, let alone ones you purchase [17:11]
hexu maybe not all care where the money goes [17:11]
hexu think thats the idea here? [17:11]
Joric pls explain say i have 100k and trading at 10 [17:12]
rg your bitcoins are your own business [17:12]
gigavps hexu let me rephrase, i will not give you free bitcoins or sell you coins [17:12]
rg we dont care / want to know what youre spending them on [17:12]
rg so keep it to yourself [17:12]
rg or get banned [17:12]
gfinn if someone specifically asks you not to, fine [17:12]
Joric eg using 10:1 leverage, 1m$ [17:12]
hexu ok m8 u dont but i wasnt asking only you [17:12]
smickles hexu, as i understand it, this is a public place and most things on SR are illegal for many of us here [17:12]
hexu yeah im not the one who took it up [17:12]
Joric if my position gets liquidated at 6% i will lose 6% or 60% ? [17:12]
* rg buys a gun on SR to kill hexu [17:13]
smickles Joric, 60 , if you're at 10;1 [17:13]
gfinn hexu, looks like you'd do better offering to buy a few bitcoins [17:13]
* merde (~assdf@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:13]
Joric that sucks [17:13]
smickles Joric, that's leverage [17:13]
* reith (~reith@unaffiliated/reith) has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:13]
gigavps Joric leverage works both ways, makes money quicker and loses money quicker [17:13]
smickles you could also gain 100% if you cash out at a positive 10% [17:13]
helo so bitcoinica could flood the market to liquidate people and bank? [17:15]
jjjrmy imsaguy: you buy now? :3 [17:15]
Joric damnit it's $5.5 i should buy too [17:15]
smickles helo, did you see what happened yesterday? [17:15]
helo is that kind of thing illegal for stock brokers? [17:15]
helo smickles: yeah, saw the g+ post [17:15]
Joric 10:1 leverage seems safe now [17:15]
smickles helo, in a regulated market, maybe [17:15]
* jacker224 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:16]
Framedragger hey guys, has anyone tried gpg-registering via gribble lately? There seem to be problems with it retrieving new keys from the keyservers. Tried quite a few a keyserver, know the gribble syntax, all that. (it's not for myself.) Connectivity issues / any news? [17:16]
smickles bitcoin isn't, and hopefully will never be, regulated [17:16]
area Joric: Famous last words... [17:16]
smickles lol [17:16]
smickles helo, what g+ post? [17:17]
Framedragger nanotube, anyone, any info about gribble<->keyserver connectivity issues by any chance?.. [17:17]
Joric [17:18]
smickles i only watch the charts as it happened and read a forum post [17:18]
EasyAt thats the same as the forum post [17:19]
Joric there's no bitcoinica screenshot though [17:19]
Joric [17:19]
smickles thanks Joric [17:19]
Joric why it's hosted on radical, was it russian? [17:19]
jjjrmy What is Bitcoinica? [17:19]
EasyAt How can you liquidate someones position? [17:20]
rg pirateat40: are you still having leaking issues with the ego-C? [17:20]
smickles EasyAt, buy causing the market to move far enough against them [17:20]
rg at all? [17:20]
rg actually he might still be asleep [17:20]
smickles jjjrmy, it's a 'brokerage' where you can trade btc/usd with leverage [17:20]
EasyAt Ah, so these guys just bought heavily to push the market back up [17:21]
EasyAt they also bought for super cheap, so it helped them a ton [17:21]
Joric taken from [17:21]
rg trading has definitely picked up [17:21]
rg but CM's vps is sitll using nearly nothing for cpu [17:21]
rg strange [17:21]
rg i wonder who hosted him before [17:21]
helo his closet? [17:22]
Joric mom's basement is the best datacenter [17:22]
jcpham anyone have mtgox cash for sale? [17:23]
jcpham quickly [17:23]
EasyAt Does a buy wall move the market at all? [17:23]
Joric damnit bitcoinica has no reserve, again [17:23]
imsaguy2 jcpham, nanotube often times [17:23]
jcpham it takes waaaaay too long to move funds to gox [17:24]
rg lol [17:24]
rg bitcoinica sucks [17:24]
rg but you guys keep using it [17:24]
rg leave bitcoinica to the pros [17:24]
rg like pirateat40 [17:24]
jjjrmy imsaguy2: YOU BUY NOWWWWWWW? :( [17:24]
smickles EasyAt, a true bidwall should move the market up [17:24]
EasyAt smickles: what is not a true bid wall? [17:25]
smickles EasyAt, 99% of bid walls [17:25]
smickles they are mostly fake b/c: as the current price approaches them, they disappear before any of their trades are executed [17:26]
rg yeah [17:27]
rg that is true [17:27]
rg its just people trying to freak everyone out [17:27]
smickles if you ever see a flat line on a volume based chart, that was a real wall [17:27]
rg not necessarily [17:27]
smickles you don't think so? [17:27]
rg wtf is with the 0.123 trades [17:28]
rg you guys seeing this? [17:28]
rg 1.23 i mean [17:28]
smickles hmm, is it the .0123 bot ramping up it's game? [17:28]
EasyAt interesting [17:28]
rg [17:28]
rg check it out [17:28]
rg over 25 trades for 1.23 [17:28]
EasyAt So can't I just shift the market up by putting a huge bidwall at like 5.1 [17:28]
rg could just be websocket fucking up [17:28]
EasyAt which wont get hit [17:29]
Joric 0.0125 is 1/80 [17:29]
smickles EasyAt, if you do it right, maybe [17:29]
phantomcircuit rg, it's not [17:29]
smickles many people realize the walls are fake and take action accordingly [17:29]
rg does windows XP connection limit apply to every service that listens on a port [17:29]
rg so if you ran an apache httpd it would only be able to have 10 connections? [17:30]
rg or is that just shit like rdesktop [17:30]
Joric gosh that's really one ugly ass banner [17:30]
rg Joric: blow yourself [17:30]
* nelisky has quit (Quit: nelisky) [17:30]
* moblob has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [17:30]
rg it was meant to be displayed on clarkmoody without taking the focus away from the trading data [17:31]
rg you stool pigeon [17:31]
phantomcircuit rg, lol are you serious with that question? [17:31]
rg yes phantom [17:32]
EasyAt Does teapearty love bitcoin? [17:32]
rg XP has a connection limit [17:32]
rg and its fucking up what i need to do [17:33]
rg incoming connection, i mean [17:33]
phantomcircuit it's not an incoming limit [17:33]
phantomcircuit it's a concurrent half open limit [17:34]
imsaguy2 rg: the clark moody banner isn't the same black as clark moody [17:34]
* moblob ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:34]
phantomcircuit also it's well documented how to make it larger [17:34]
rg imsaguy2: i dont care [17:34]
rg [17:34]
rg Inbound connections limit in Windows XP [17:34]
rg are you retard? [17:34]
imsaguy2 rg: apache should be ok [17:35]
rg imsaguy2: kewl [17:35]
imsaguy2 its mainly rpc connections [17:35]
rg YES [17:35]
imsaguy2 and iis is hard limited [17:35]
rg thats the words im looking for [17:35]
rg rpc connections [17:35]
rg like DCOM, remote shit [17:35]
rg people connected via SMB [17:35]
rg ok cool [17:36]
phantomcircuit rg, this isn't about connections in general but specifically about sessions [17:36]
Joric imsaguy, clarkmoody can be white - controls -> use a lighter theme [17:36]
* kW_ (~kW@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:36]
rg phantomcircuit, right, thats why i asked [17:36]
phantomcircuit and i dont think there is any sane way to fix the issue short of evicting sessions periodically [17:36]
rg [17:37]
rg ill do that too [17:37]
rg though it seems risky [17:37]
imsaguy2 The connection limit refers to the number of redirector-based connections and is enforced for any file, print, named pipe, or mail slot session. The TCP connection limit is not enforced, but it may be bound by legal agreement to not permit more than 10 clients. [17:37]
imsaguy2 :) [17:37]
rg im gonna install a test server [17:37]
imsaguy2 apache should be fine [17:37]
rg and try iut [17:37]
rg im so pissed about my DMCA warning [17:37]
rg from CBS [17:37]
phantomcircuit yeah basically they restrict it to 10 clients so you dont run a massive multi user system using an xp license [17:37]
phantomcircuit although i dont think there is much risk of anybody doing that [17:38]
imsaguy2 phantomcircuit: you'd be surprised [17:38]
rg i had a sparkling abuse record with my dallas ISP [17:38]
phantomcircuit rg, lol wat [17:38]
rg (sparkling clean) [17:38]
rg phantom: my ISP laid teh hammer down on me about hosting The Good Wife [17:38]
phantomcircuit lol [17:38]
phantomcircuit someone *ehem* used a hidden service to host it [17:39]
phantomcircuit yes yes [17:39]
phantomcircuit someone [17:39]
rg kinda hard to lie to your ISP when you host it in [17:39]
phantomcircuit lol [17:39]
phantomcircuit yeah kind of my point [17:39]
rg i told them it was for personal use [17:39]
rg and the URL wasnt public [17:39]
rg (cause it wasnt) [17:39]
rg they dont seem to care [17:39]
rg at all [17:39]
Mqrius :D [17:39]
rg but i just wish i had that clean slate stil [17:40]
Mqrius Hope it won't come back to haunt ya [17:40]
rg thats what im worried about [17:40]
rg if a customer does something like that [17:40]
rg and we get a warning [17:40]
rg itll be bad [17:40]
rg though most Dallas customers are pretty well behaved [17:40]
Mqrius 2 strikes, you're banned? [17:40]
rg i need to start putting more customers on there [17:41]
rg Mqrius: no.. but they could start getting pissed [17:41]
* fitosoft29 (~fitosoft2@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:41]
Mqrius Just monitor for "xvid" or "iso" [17:41]
* kW_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [17:41]
Mqrius that should catch most cases [17:41]
rg MCA Repeat Infringer Policy. For any one Customer website, Customer can receive no more than three (3) unique DMCA violation notices within any calendar year or service for that website will be terminated. [17:41]
rg 3 strikes. [17:41]
rg Customer must remove infringing content within 24 hours of notice. If infringing content is not removed within 24 hours, GNAX will suspend all access to the offending website. [17:42]
rg well thats good caus [17:42]
Mqrius Hm [17:42]
rg it was removed before i even got the DMCA warning [17:42]
* copumpkin has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.) [17:42]
rg then i mocked them on the forum [17:42]
* blognewb (~blognewb_@unaffiliated/blognewb) has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:42]
rg infact [17:43]
rg im going to mock them again [17:43]
rg by uploading it to a chinese server [17:43]
rg and posting it on the forum [17:43]
Mqrius Your ISP has a forum ^_- [17:43]
phantomcircuit he means [17:43]
rg no, bitcointalk [17:43]
Mqrius oh [17:43]
jcpham the retard forum [17:43]
rg thats where they got the URL from [17:43]
rg i couldve claimed it wasnt me [17:44]
rg had i not replied to it and said [17:44]
jcpham link me [17:44]
Mqrius xD [17:44]
jcpham i'm still perma-banned [17:44]
blognewb guys [17:45]
blognewb so how much is a moneypak card? [17:45]
rg $5 [17:45]
rg wow [17:46]
rg this box has a shitty connection to the US [17:46]
blognewb says costs 4.95 or less so does that mean you load money into it but you cant use the 5$ u paid for it? [17:46]
frauf 5 dollars you pay the company for the coupon [17:46]
* Gaglia ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:46]
frauf can get recharge cards [17:46]
blognewb frauf then it comes in diff denominations? [17:47]
* Framedragger has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [17:47]
frauf yup [17:47]
blognewb 5$ thats a lot [17:47]
blognewb thats bull man [17:47]
frauf blame society [17:47]
rg blog: its the same charge as for a moneyorder [17:47]
rg its just $5 instead of $1 [17:47]
rg cause its: [17:48]
rg a. instant [17:48]
* reith has quit (Quit: leaving) [17:48]
rg b. online [17:48]
gfinn yeah 5 is the same as 1 [17:48]
rg no ass tard [17:48]
rg its the same type of fee charge [17:48]
frauf ..times 5 [17:48]
rg ok [17:48]
rg read what i say [17:48]
rg very closely [17:48]
gfinn sure [17:48]
rg the AMOUNT is not the same [17:48]
gfinn and a money order could be $20 [17:49]
rg but it is the same TYPE of FEE [17:49]
gfinn but it wouldn't be worth it [17:49]
rg its a convenience fee [17:49]
rg no one is forcing you to use it [17:49]
frauf its a fee for the service.. [17:49]
rg if you think its unfair, dont use it [17:49]
frauf theyre selling a product [17:49]
frauf not transaction fees [17:49]
frauf its a business...doing its thing [17:49]
frauf dherbrains [17:49]
gfinn there's nothing unfair about it [17:49]
rg then stop complaining [17:49]
gfinn complaining? [17:50]
gfinn who's complaining? [17:50]
rg everyone except me [17:50]
jcpham hi [17:50]
frauf we should play spin the bottle [17:50]
rg frauf: ;;roulette [17:50]
gfinn nah [17:50]
jcpham [17:50]
jcpham anyone want toexplain and/or translate [17:51]
jcpham not sure what i just watched [17:51]
frauf [17:51]
blognewb rg but i mean im comparing it with dwolla it's expensive [17:51]
blognewb not western union [17:51]
smickles it's faster and safer than dwolla [17:52]
* mikebob ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [17:52]
frauf yeah [17:52]
frauf and cooler [17:52]
frauf 50c at least for coolness [17:52]
EasyAt So those steep walls on volume charts are where the bid walls are? [17:52]
smickles probably [17:53]
smickles er [17:53]
smickles sorry, no [17:53]
smickles steep walls on volume charts (vertical walls) are where the depth was thin and the market moved far without very much volume [17:54]
smickles oh, wait, what do you mean by 'volume chart'? [17:54]
EasyAt [17:54]
EasyAt What would you call that? [17:55]
smickles the orange and blue lines? [17:55]
EasyAt yep [17:55]
smickles that's a depth chart [17:55]
EasyAt my mistake [17:55]
smickles the vertical lines (blue and orange) are the walls [17:56]
EasyAt And those steep lines are where there is alot of bid walls? [17:56]
smickles *the vertical parts of the lines [17:56]
smickles yeah, so there's a bid wall at 5.4 for ex. [17:56]
EasyAt so if we beat 5.7 its pretty much just going to jump to 5.75 almost instantly [17:56]
smickles depends on how fast the market is moving [17:57]
smickles but that shows ~ 3k resistance up to 5.8 [17:57]
smickles right now, the past 3k took about an hour and a half [17:58]
EasyAt 20k/5.6 [17:58]
EasyAt ? [17:58]
smickles and you must consider that more asks will fill in as time goes on [17:59]
smickles so it will be more than 3 k [17:59]
EasyAt that makes sense [17:59]
smickles {20k/5.6}? [17:59]
EasyAt You said 3k to move [17:59]
EasyAt its 20k in to get to 5.8 [17:59]
EasyAt so I was thinking 20k/~5.7 means about 3k bitcoins [18:00]
smickles i don't see the USD value, i only see the BTC value [18:01]
EasyAt Well.... where did you get 3k from then haha [18:01]
rg hey jfyi [18:01]
EasyAt Ah, how is that? my btc charts is in USD for Asls [18:01]
smickles 3k btc is the depth to 5.79 right now [18:01]
rg i took two huge shits today [18:01]
rg which is more shit today than i have shit all week [18:01]
jcpham nice rg [18:01]
EasyAt Asks* [18:01]
rg well, all last week [18:01]
rg im gonna have Greed make me ab etter banner [18:02]
smickles i dunno, I just clicked the link you provided EasyAt [18:02]
EasyAt interesting, it tells me amount of USD to get to a certain price [18:03]
EasyAt or the amount of btc to fall to a certain price [18:03]
smickles ah, i see, when you hover over w/ the mouse cursor [18:04]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: Light travels faster then sound, which is why some people appear bright, until you hear them speak) [18:05]
* OneFixt has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [18:05]
* arvicco_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:05]
-RichiH- [Global Notice] Hi all. We just blogged about SOPA/PIPA on and suggest you join ##sopa if you are interested in these proposed bills or other discussion around this general topic. As always, have a nice day and thanks for flying freenode air! [18:06]
* arvicco has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [18:07]
* arvicco_ is now known as arvicco [18:07]
EasyAt I feel bad cheating and turning java script off to use wiki [18:07]
smickles lol, i just assumed they didn't go thru with the blackout [18:07]
* smickles has javascript off by default [18:08]
jjjrmy Anyonew anna buy a 6850? [18:08]
area Man, that ##sopa channel just exploded after that global notice [18:09]
* kW_ (~kW@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:09]
EasyAt why are some chans double ## [18:09]
* copumpkin (~copumpkin@unaffiliated/pumpkingod) has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:10]
* ChanServ gives voice to copumpkin [18:10]
frauf cool channels can [18:11]
* bitfoo has quit (Quit: Need more coins...) [18:14]
* je_fro ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:14]
* je_fro has quit (Changing host) [18:14]
* je_fro (~unknown@gentoo/developer/je-fro) has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:14]
rg ## == no offical represenation [18:15]
rg ## == no offical representation [18:15]
rg # == official [18:15]
jcpham woof [18:15]
jcpham in mexico it would be el-woofo [18:16]
imsaguy2 New rating | hexu > -10 > gigavps | has a personal grudge against me and tried to get me banned,, wouldnt ever trust this guy [18:16]
copumpkin wtf [18:16]
smickles really? [18:16]
imsaguy2 I do not lie [18:16]
hexu yea thats my personal rating [18:16]
jcpham ;;getrating hexu [18:17]
smickles -10 seems excessive, in my opinion [18:18]
jcpham basically [18:18]
jcpham and it's against the best seller around [18:18]
hexu yeah maybe a little over rated now that you mention,, ill change to -5 [18:18]
hexu -10 means like scam i guess? [18:18]
copumpkin hexu: you just make a fool of yourself by doing that to one of the most trusted guys around here [18:18]
imsaguy2 jcpham: I take offense to that :p [18:18]
smickles major fraud, i think [18:19]
copumpkin hexu: the only effect it has is to make you look shady [18:19]
jcpham imsaguy you know what i meant [18:19]
imsaguy2 I'm just playing [18:19]
hexu whatever i aint changing it. [18:19]
jcpham i agree with copumpkin [18:19]
hexu its my rating on him [18:19]
copumpkin hexu: up to you, but as I said, it says more about you than it says about him [18:19]
hexu my rating just tells my trust.. everyone can decide for themself [18:22]
copumpkin yep, I'm just saying what people will decide for themselves [18:23]
copumpkin (most likely :P) [18:23]
jcpham banned from where? here? [18:23]
hexu yea [18:23]
hexu see his troll like 30min ago [18:23]
* jcpham scrolls [18:24]
imsaguy2 um [18:24]
imsaguy2 ;;seen gigavps [18:24]
* dserrano5 has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [18:24]
imsaguy2 gigavps was last seen in #bitcoin-otc 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: Joric leverage works both ways, makes money quicker and loses money quicker [18:24]
hexu ok 1 hour havent counted minutes here :P [18:24]
jcpham it was over an hour ago and drugs were involved [18:25]
* fimp ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:25]
imsaguy2 ah yes [18:25]
imsaguy2 unsolicited pms [18:25]
imsaguy2 SR talk [18:25]
hexu read why they were involved [18:25]
gfinn why? [18:26]
rg happy to say i just pissed off a bunch of CBS lawyers [18:26]
rg [18:26]
rg lets see them shutoff that. [18:26]
hexu [17:28] giga> i know and understand its not ok to talk in the public chatroom about sr but cant see a reason why not in private chat? [18:05] duno why u ask if you dont wana know lol^^ [18:26]
* DeLorean731 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [18:26]
hexu only reason i can figure is trolling to get me banned [18:27]
copumpkin hexu: unsolicited PMs are shady in any situation [18:27]
smickles i feel like that's a stretch hexu [18:27]
* kW_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [18:27]
copumpkin hexu: then when someone sends you an unsolicited PM about drugs that's even shadier for people who want nothing to do with them [18:28]
jcpham i have no comment. i did read the conversation [18:28]
hexu not about drugs [18:28]
copumpkin either way [18:28]
gfinn hexu: it's not ok in private chat if he asks you not to [18:28]
copumpkin it's not a personal grudge [18:28]
gfinn that's why [18:28]
jjjrmy rg: you got a DMCA takedown? [18:28]
hexu he asked why i need money i messaged him private for silkroad [18:28]
hexu he flooded it here even tho not suposed to talk about sr here at all [18:28]
jcpham he called you out as an annoyance [18:28]
hexu gfinn;: he didnt ask me not to [18:28]
hexu he asked me to TELL HIM [18:29]
gfinn i'm talking *continuing* to talk about it after he asked you not to [18:29]
gfinn *about [18:29]
smickles hexTech, i think he posted it publicly to deny that he was soliciting info about drugs [18:29]
hexu i never did continue about "it" someone else kept taking it up [18:29]
gfinn i see no problem with your initially sending him the msg since he did ask you. that is correct [18:29]
mircea_popescu what drama... [18:29]
hexu thats right i dont know why people care so much [18:29]
* Frank90 (acad023e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:29]
hexu call the carepolice [18:30]
jcpham i'll donate .05 for a +10 rating [18:30]
hexu dont think anyone will do that :D [18:30]
gfinn hexu: what's their phone number? [18:30]
hexu depends where u live:) [18:30]
* eldnord ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:30]
jjjrmy so uhhh, buy my 6850 [18:30]
helo ;;rate jcpham 10 ham tastes great [18:31]
Frank90 Hello, I have some unwanted gift cards for sell. Home Depot, Banana Republic and Old Navy. Might be usefull for people from US or even for some who buyes them from me to sell them on ebay etc. Because i dont need them I can make good discount. [18:31]
hexu i see no problem with your initially sending him the msg since he did ask you. that is correct <------------------------ exactly my point [18:31]
gfinn hexu: so why are you still talking about it? [18:32]
jjjrmy ;;sell [18:32]
hexu shh now [18:32]
smickles .o twitter shitlukejrsays [18:33]
markac "I will do anything in my power to abolish Public Schools." ~ Luke-jr (@shitlukejrsays) [18:33]
smickles :D [18:33]
mircea_popescu is this before or after the btc hits 25 ? [18:33]
luke-jr markac: ironically, that's not even a real quote [18:34]
jcpham oh shit [18:34]
jcpham is there a twitter [18:34]
jcpham for lukejr [18:34]
EasyAt Thats a good quote [18:34]
jcpham yay [18:34]
* vite (~vialnetwo@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:35]
jjjrmy luke-jr: yes it was, I remember you saying it in #eligius [18:35]
Frank90 anyone here from US? I need a partner to start a business. [18:35]
smickles Frank90, yes [18:36]
luke-jr jjjrmy: I wouldn't have capitalized public schools [18:36]
jjjrmy you used them [public schools] [18:36]
smickles lol, jcpham i have a suspition that you may have just followed me on the twitter [18:37]
smickles er, suspicion [18:37]
jcpham shut your mouth ;p [18:37]
smickles i'll be sure to use it more often now. [18:37]
jcpham does anyone really "use" twitter [18:38]
jcpham i think not [18:38]
* blaeks has quit (Quit: Leaving) [18:38]
jjjrmy jcpham: I do. [18:39]
hexu gfinn; only reason i kept talking is because someone asked me why the rating [18:41]
imsaguy2 that quote is EvanR's [18:42]
* DeLorean731 (~X@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:42]
* Skooma121 (4772003f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:45]
Skooma121 Hey guys [18:45]
* Gaglia has quit (Quit: Gaglia) [18:45]
blognewb whew [18:47]
Hunner Why is the expected clearing date on Dwolla 5 days in the future? [18:50]
* phraust has quit (Quit: phraust) [18:50]
Hunner (for a payment) [18:51]
phantomcircuit because it takes them 5 days [18:51]
* Skooma121 has quit (Quit: Page closed) [18:52]
Hunner Wow, that's slow... and here I thought electronic transactions were supposed to be faster. [18:52]
* lethu has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [18:52]
* lethu (~Naskingar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:53]
* lethu has quit (Changing host) [18:53]
* lethu (~Naskingar@unaffiliated/lethu) has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:53]
* yossarian_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [18:55]
rg just got aother DMCA warning [18:56]
rg LOL [18:56]
rg its not even hosted on their server anymore [18:56]
* phraust ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:56]
* phraust has quit (Changing host) [18:56]
* phraust (~PhraustBy@unaffiliated/phraust) has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:56]
* mb300sd has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [18:57]
* DeLorean731 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [18:57]
rg oh man im fired up now [18:57]
EasyAt they are fast [18:57]
rg well its none of their business [18:57]
rg its not hosted on their servers anymore [18:57]
rg so them sending me an email is completely unwarranted [18:58]
blognewb is facebook down? [18:58]
* mb300sd (~mb300sd@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:58]
* phraust_ (~phraustby@unaffiliated/phraust) has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:58]
EasyAt How do they know? the metadata? I doubt they are using CV to check if the images look like a particular episode [18:58]
rg nah [18:58]
rg CBS is watching the forum [18:58]
rg and i just posteda FUCK YOU CBS [18:58]
rg with a new link [18:58]
rg somewhere they cant touch [18:58]
EasyAt They are extraditing people from over seas now [18:59]
EasyAt somehow [18:59]
Frank90 Hello, I have some unwanted gift cards for sell. Home Depot, Banana Republic and Old Navy. Might be usefull for people from US or even for some who buyes them from me to sell them on ebay etc. Because i dont need them I can make good discount. [18:59]
EasyAt Frank, put them on the order book [18:59]
* MoPac (~MoPac@gateway/tor-sasl/mopac) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:00]
* phraust has quit (Client Quit) [19:00]
* phraust_ is now known as phraust [19:00]
* phraust is now known as Phraust [19:00]
* BlueMatt (~matt@unaffiliated/bluematt) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:01]
* ChanServ gives voice to BlueMatt [19:01]
* Toxo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:01]
* Phraust has quit (Client Quit) [19:01]
Toxo hi, anyone wanna buy any bit coins [19:01]
* phraust (~phraustby@unaffiliated/phraust) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:01]
Seventoes how many you got? [19:01]
Toxo 43 [19:01]
Seventoes i'll buy 5 at $5.50 [19:02]
Toxo buy 40 at $5 [19:03]
Seventoes i don't have that much money lol [19:03]
EasyAt shit [19:03]
EasyAt If i was at home I def. would [19:03]
Bigpiggy01Mining Toxo U in Aus? [19:03]
* woland (~woland@2607:f2f8:4280::2) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:03]
EasyAt All I have is mt. gox here [19:03]
Seventoes i'll buy 6 at $5 [19:03]
* msood90 (83c105cb@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:04]
EasyAt Do you accept dwolla? [19:04]
Toxo yes [19:04]
* rdonohoe has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [19:04]
* Burgundy (burgundy@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:05]
* BlueMatt has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [19:05]
Bigpiggy01Mining Toxo was that yes to dwolla or Aus? [19:05]
rg wow my host is thick in the skull [19:05]
Toxo im in the UK [19:05]
rg they emailed me complaining that I hosted it elsewhere [19:05]
rg so again i told them [19:05]
rg none of it is hosted at thier DC [19:05]
rg which makes it NONE of their concern [19:06]
Seventoes lolol [19:06]
Seventoes who are they? [19:06]
* ras_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:06]
* gribble gives voice to Bigpiggy01Mining [19:06]
Bigpiggy01Mining rg that a torrent? [19:07]
Bigpiggy01Mining U want it seeded from China? [19:07]
Toxo ill sell 40 bitcoins for $190 [19:07]
EasyAt Toxo why dont you just sell on gox [19:07]
EasyAt just curious [19:07]
Toxo Im not sure how [19:07]
Hunner Toxo: I'd do 40, but my dwolla hasn't gone through yet... [19:07]
Toxo i got some bitcoins to buy a handgun but it fell through [19:08]
* Valalvax has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [19:08]
rg no Bigpiggy [19:08]
* Valalvax ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:08]
phraust How do I withdraw coins from ragecoin? [19:08]
EasyAt Or by my $200 Lowes Giftcard with them [19:08]
rg its a HTTP download link [19:08]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:08]
rg and the laywers are PISSED [19:08]
Seventoes phraust: afaik ragecoin isn't live yet [19:08]
rg lol [19:08]
EasyAt lol [19:08]
phraust Poo [19:08]
EasyAt 120 for a gun? [19:08]
EasyAt do they mail it to you [19:08]
* Snapman has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [19:08]
phraust But I'v already put in some BTC [19:08]
EasyAt sorry 200* [19:08]
* Maroni ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:08]
Toxo who uses silkroad [19:09]
EasyAt oh no [19:09]
Hunner EasyAt: Must be an LPC :P [19:09]
Hunner LCP* [19:09]
Bigpiggy01Mining Toxo you got an aussie bank account? I can do you AUD from WBX @ 5.2 [19:09]
Toxo no afraid not [19:09]
* Snapman ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:10]
* foggyb ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:10]
* yossarian_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:10]
foggyb gpg everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:be73931ec0933eb5aac2981dfc735e0627ca51a25bb1bbd1604135ca [19:10]
EasyAt LCP? the polymer stuff? [19:11]
* jakr (~nofreewil@unaffiliated/jakr) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:11]
smickles ;;eauth [19:11]
Hunner Well, was juth the first mousegun that came to mind [19:11]
* occulta has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.1 Equilibrium [19:12]
* EasyAt is now known as EasyAt| [19:12]
jcpham rg when everyone else turns you away, I'll host you [19:13]
foggyb ok this is my 2nd try with OTC registration, and im stuck again [19:13]
jcpham sup frogi [19:13]
jcpham foggyb [19:13]
foggyb hi [19:13]
jcpham what's the malfuction? [19:13]
smickles did you forget the leading ;; [19:13]
jcpham yes, he did [19:13]
foggyb i am up to the code with: ;;gpg everify [19:13]
smickles gpg everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:be73931ec0933eb5aac2981dfc735e0627ca51a25bb1bbd1604135ca [19:13]
smickles ;;gpg everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:be73931ec0933eb5aac2981dfc735e0627ca51a25bb1bbd1604135ca [19:13]
foggyb yes, but i did it again in gribble private chat [19:14]
jcpham you can speak to gribble in a pm without the ;; [19:14]
smickles oh [19:14]
jcpham or you can prefix your commands with ;; in channel [19:14]
foggyb and gribble said: - Verify the latest encrypt-authentication request by providing your decrypted one-time password. If verified, you'll be authenticated for the duration of the bot's or your IRC session on channel (whichever is shorter). [19:14]
smickles what about using just 'everify' w/o the 'gpg' [19:14]
jcpham first it is ;;eauth [19:14]
jcpham then it is ;;everify [19:14]
phantomcircuit Toxo, apparently a lot of people there forum has thousands of posts [19:15]
foggyb um i think i already eauth [19:15]
* Braundro (~Brawndo@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:16]
jcpham eauth gives you a link to d/l [19:16]
jcpham a gpg key [19:16]
phantomcircuit s/there/their/ [19:16]
foggyb i already got one [19:16]
foggyb and i decrypted it with cryptophane [19:16]
jcpham i don't know what cryptophane is [19:17]
foggyb gui gpg [19:17]
jcpham oic [19:17]
* EasyAt| has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [19:17]
foggyb ok so now i have a gpg file with the freenode line in it [19:17]
* DamascusVG|afk has quit (Quit: I Quit - [19:17]
jcpham wget -q -O - | gpg -q --output - --decrypt [19:18]
jcpham is how i do it [19:18]
* hngryhngryhippo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:18]
jcpham ;;gpg info foggyb [19:18]
* Shaded (~Shaded@unaffiliated/shaded) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:19]
[Manic] foggy: /msg gribble ;;everify the freenode line [19:19]
foggyb i did [19:19]
foggyb it doesnt work [19:19]
[Manic] what did it say? [19:20]
foggyb Verify the latest encrypt-authentication request by providing your decrypted one-time password. If verified, you'll be authenticated for the duration of the bot's or your IRC session on channel (whichever is shorter). [19:20]
foggyb nothing else [19:20]
[Manic] you using mirc? [19:22]
foggyb pidgin [19:22]
* jcpham ( has left #bitcoin-otc ("Leaving") [19:23]
* jcpham ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:23]
foggyb arrrrrgh [19:23]
[Manic] gribble said that verify the latest... when you did ;;everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:whatever [19:23]
[Manic] ? [19:23]
foggyb no it did not say verify [19:24]
* gribble gives voice to jcpham [19:24]
foggyb it only printed the statement above [19:24]
* je_fro has quit (Quit: Leaving) [19:24]
jcpham it changes each time [19:24]
[Manic] thats the one i meant [19:24]
jcpham the everify response [19:24]
jcpham i just tested the bot [19:24]
foggyb Manic: no, it does not verify [19:25]
[Manic] try doing the ;;euth foggyb again, get your otp from the link, decrypt it, and do ;;everify with the line from the decrypted otp [19:25]
foggyb k [19:26]
pigeons happy birthday vragnaroda! I feel like frosty the snowman [19:27]
imsaguy2 it was 8 on the way to work [19:27]
pirateat40 Morning [19:27]
foggyb Manic: when gpg asks for passphrase, what is it looking for? [19:27]
foggyb my irc pw? [19:28]
foggyb [Manic]: [19:28]
[Manic] the password you used when you created the key [19:29]
* EasyAt ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:29]
* devrandom has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [19:31]
Optimo lol wtf happened [19:31]
Optimo been away a few days [19:32]
* kW_ (~kW@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:32]
* elephant_ (5f7b807b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:32]
elephant_ hi [19:33]
gigavps hi elephant_ [19:34]
Frank90 Hello, I have some unwanted gift cards for sell. Home Depot, Banana Republic and Old Navy. Might be usefull for people from US or even for some who buyes them from me to sell them on ebay etc. Because i dont need them I can make good discount. [19:34]
phantomcircuit dont mind me asking [19:35]
phantomcircuit how did you get them [19:35]
phantomcircuit and why are you using aol?? [19:35]
Frank90 some client pays me regular with this type of cards. [19:36]
Frank90 is there a problem because i use aol? [19:36]
Frank90 i shoulnt use? [19:36]
foggyb [Manic]: Error: Could not find a pending authentication request from your hostmask. Either it expired, or you changed hostmask, or you haven't made one. [19:36]
foggyb i got the room name wrong earlier, forgot the '-' [19:37]
foggyb does this mean i have to start over? [19:37]
* BTC_Bear|hbrntng is now known as BTC_Bear [19:37]
phantomcircuit Frank90, dont mind me it's just standard practice here to give people the fifth degree [19:37]
[Manic] just from the eauth part, do you have wget on your system? [19:38]
phantomcircuit (a hard time) [19:38]
foggyb [Manic] win32 here [19:38]
foggyb so u want me to re-auth my key? [19:38]
Frank90 phantomcircuit:, I know I am new here, so isnt any problem for me to send first the codes so you can check them on their website to see their balance. [19:39]
foggyb i use gui of gpg app [19:39]
* bitfoo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:39]
[Manic] there is a wget that works on win32 [19:39]
foggyb called crypophane - i sent the key to the server successfuly earlier [19:40]
foggyb cryptophane [19:40]
* hexu has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [19:41]
foggyb ok i have wget [19:41]
foggyb what should i do ? [19:41]
[Manic] do you have gpg.exe? [19:41]
foggyb yes [19:42]
[Manic] k [19:42]
* msood90 has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [19:43]
* Frank90 has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [19:44]
elephant_ hi im new to the whole bitcoin thing. i have a couple of questions [19:44]
pigeons No, and No [19:45]
* devrandom (~devrandom@gateway/tor-sasl/niftyzero1) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:45]
foggyb [Manic] how do i include my passphrase in the command> [19:45]
foggyb ? [19:45]
elephant_ is the wallet ''physical''? i dont mean literally of course but i've seen people talking about storing the wallet in a usb [19:45]
foggyb 'decryption failed. secret key not avaialble [19:45]
pigeons wallet is mostly a file with private keys and transactions and addresses [19:45]
[Manic] i think it will prompt you [19:45]
elephant_ isnt it just a ''link'' with info about your transactions and number of bits [19:45]
pigeons no your private keys are in there [19:46]
elephant_ okok thanks [19:46]
pigeons you lose those you cant access the money [19:46]
* DamascusVG|afk ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:46]
elephant_ and sorry for sounding stupid but wth are the private keys? [19:47]
* EasyAt| (~easy@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:47]
elephant_ the adress for receiving bitcoins? [19:47]
pigeons [19:47]
pigeons the key mainly allows you to spend from that address [19:48]
* BlueMatt (~matt@unaffiliated/bluematt) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:49]
* ChanServ gives voice to BlueMatt [19:49]
* blaeks ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:50]
elephant_ ok thanks man, btw what exchage sites doo you recomend [19:50]
pigeons what country claims you? [19:51]
pigeons mtgox has the highest volume [19:51]
blaeks and was hacked [19:51]
elephant_ portugal at the moment [19:51]
blaeks fyi [19:51]
pigeons intersango has no direct trading fees [19:51]
* ras_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [19:52]
* hexu (596a2624@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:53]
elephant_ and how should i buy btc? pay pal? [19:53]
pigeons there is a brazilian exchange that's been around "a while" in bitcoin terms, don'know if you have anything in common with brazil other than language [19:54]
pigeons nope bank transfer to the exchange [19:54]
* DeLorean731 (~X@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:54]
smickles or make an arrangement with a trusted party [19:54]
pigeons it will be very hard to find a legit bitcoin seller who will accept your paypal, because the seller risks losing it all up to months later from chargeback [19:55]
pigeons but any thing else you can think of can probably be arranged, and probably here [19:55]
UukGoblin [19:55]
UukGoblin that didn't take long... [19:55]
* bitfoo has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:55]
UukGoblin dropped by a half... [19:56]
UukGoblin AH! cause it's blocked! :-> [19:56]
UukGoblin is it? [19:56]
UukGoblin or was it for yesterday [19:56]
UukGoblin hrm [19:56]
UukGoblin yeah yesterday was half of what it was on monday [19:56]
* vite (~vialnetwo@ has left #bitcoin-otc ("Leaving") [19:57]
* tandy80 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:57]
* EasyAt has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [19:58]
smickles rally??!! [19:58]
phantomcircuit [19:59]
phantomcircuit lol [19:59]
phantomcircuit are they serious [19:59]
* Frank90 (acad023e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:00]
smickles what's that supposed to be an image of? what's the message? [20:01]
smickles ^ phantomcircuit [20:01]
* gigavps is now known as gigavpsOTP [20:01]
tbage black dudes [20:01]
tbage having a great time [20:01]
tbage because the RIAA is great for black people [20:01]
* MORA| ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:01]
tbage they're all dressed 'street as fuck' [20:02]
* hexu_ (596a2624@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:02]
tbage probably chirpin' on their phones too [20:02]
* tandy80 ( has left #bitcoin-otc [20:02]
* rb___ (d07f4be7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:02]
phantomcircuit smickles, more or less what tbage said [20:03]
tbage s/riaa/mpaa [20:03]
phantomcircuit the entire site is STOP STEALING FROM MINORITIES [20:03]
phantomcircuit which is weird [20:03]
* kW_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [20:04]
smickles i get a weird 'divide and conquer' vibe from this 'minorities' idea [20:04]
* hexu has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [20:05]
* someguytest has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [20:05]
* Frank90 has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [20:06]
* shhorn11 has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [20:06]
* xp has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [20:06]
* elephant_ has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [20:06]
copumpkin Mqrius: looks like my parents got the first 750 :) [20:07]
* jakr (~nofreewil@unaffiliated/jakr) has left #bitcoin-otc ("Leaving") [20:07]
* hexu_ has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [20:07]
pirateat40 Woot! [20:07]
* gigavps ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:08]
rawrmage nice pingouts [20:08]
* rb___ has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [20:08]
* elephant_ (5f7b807b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:08]
elephant_ if i lose the wallet file, but still know or have the address written, how would i recover the bitcoins?, if i added that adress to a new wallet would that restore it? [20:10]
pirateat40 no [20:10]
pirateat40 You need the keys [20:10]
pigeons nope, you would be "screwed" [20:10]
pigeons address is similar to a public key [20:10]
pigeons well i better not make bad analogies [20:11]
copumpkin elephant_: if knowing an address would be sufficient, I could steal your money [20:11]
copumpkin *were [20:11]
copumpkin dammit [20:11]
* gribble gives voice to [Manic] [20:11]
elephant_ yeah didnt think that through, so where do i find the keys? [20:11]
* Woundead ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:12]
pigeons you can use tools such as "pywallet" to extract them [20:12]
copumpkin elephant_: well, depending on how you lost it, you might not be able to [20:12]
pigeons just backup your wallet file early and often and you're hopefully good [20:12]
* reith (~reith@unaffiliated/reith) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:13]
reith Could someone sell me some bitcoins? I will pay using PayPal [20:13]
* Acciaio (~Acciaio@gateway/tor-sasl/acciaio) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:13]
pigeons elephant_: read through the wiki, most of those articles are pretty good [20:14]
smickles reith, paypal is too risky for me :( [20:14]
elephant_ thankss [20:14]
gigavps reith that will probably not happen. Are you in the US? [20:15]
reith smickles: could you suggest me a exchanger to exchange my PayPals to Liberty? [20:15]
reith smickles: then will pay using LR [20:16]
* bitfoo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:16]
reith gigavps: no, I come from Iran [20:16]
* Clonedead has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [20:16]
Bigpiggy01Mining WTF happened to that market alert app on the forum? [20:16]
smickles reith, sorry, i'm not familiar with LR. [20:16]
gigavps reith, wow, cool [20:16]
reith so how you buy bitcoins?! :( [20:17]
pigeons send money from your bank, send cash, send hard product, but not reversible paypal or reversible credit cards [20:18]
smickles reith, in the past, i have used dwolla to move money on to mtgox and bought btc there [20:18]
pigeons no dwolla in iran [20:18]
reith smickles: thanks for suggestions. [20:18]
reith I will try online exchangers [20:18]
pigeons be careful, good luck [20:19]
smickles pigeons, i figured, but i thought he asked me a direct (personal) question [20:19]
pigeons k [20:19]
elephant_ dont really get what the password encryption does [20:19]
* kW_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:19]
smickles makes it a little more difficult for someone to steal your wallet [20:20]
* blaeks has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [20:21]
helo anyone selling below $6USD? [20:22]
Joric this one is funny [20:22]
pirateat40 5.99 [20:22]
smickles Joric, the market could move $2 by the time i finish reading that [20:23]
gigavps lol -> We can only hope that our legislators introduce common sense guidelines to ban HTTP (and HTML/JavaScript) as well so we can all return to the more sensible GOPHER standard. [20:24]
jcpham gigavps you cannot be trusted anymore [20:24]
* niko has quit (Ping timeout: 624 seconds) [20:25]
gigavps jcpham: what did i do now? [20:25]
jcpham you like chase people away and call their mother's dirty names [20:25]
jcpham or something like that ;p [20:25]
gigavps jcpham: don't ask for free bitcoins to buy things on SR, simple [20:26]
jcpham we all thought he was a shithead too [20:26]
jcpham do you have MTGOX money for PP to sell? [20:27]
gigavps hehe [20:27]
phraust Rage coin is fun, any idea when it'll go live? [20:28]
* fridgee6 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:28]
* gribble gives voice to gigavps [20:28]
phraust Or "if", I guess. [20:28]
* traviscj has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:29]
Joric phraust, the chance of winning is way too high atm [20:29]
phraust Indeed. [20:29]
phraust Im at 250k atm. [20:30]
* lethu has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [20:30]
elephant_ If i want to back up the wallet which files should i copy? and when i do how would i restore the wallet if i lost the one in my pc [20:30]
* lethu (~Naskingar@unaffiliated/lethu) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:30]
smickles aw, are those not real withdraw codes? [20:31]
smickles ^ RE ragecoin [20:32]
sturles I just read the thread with the bragging idiot who lost all his money a minute or so after posting. How is it possible to be that stupid and have any money at all? [20:32]
sturles Perhaps borrowed on a credit card or something at 25% interest? How incredibly retarded! [20:33]
Joric sturles, url? [20:33]
* Buglouse ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:33]
pigeons i know sturles, very funny! [20:34]
sturles [20:34]
Joric how come he didn't close the position at 200% [20:34]
Joric must be incredibly greedy [20:35]
sturles Greedy AND retarded. [20:35]
Joric [12:16] I lost it all on bitcoinica <- i've seen it today [20:36]
Joric on #bitcoin [20:36]
sturles :-D [20:36]
* sturles stays away from Bitcoinica. [20:36]
* gribble gives voice to phraust [20:37]
Joric maybe it's good old allinvain [20:37]
* teslacoil404 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:37]
* gribble gives voice to teslacoil404 [20:37]
pirateat40 But he doesn't care about money. [20:37]
pirateat40 Maybe he can send me some. [20:37]
phraust wasn't allinvain the guy who got a bunch stolen? [20:38]
sturles Yes. The guy on the forum is not allinvain. [20:38]
phraust ah. [20:38]
sturles Allinvain has some brains. I doubt the guy who bragged is capable of opening a door without help. [20:39]
* pimputti ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:39]
* paraipan has quit (Quit: Saliendo) [20:39]
gigavps lol, never show your hand! [20:39]
gigavps he got was he deserved for bragging [20:39]
* reith has quit (Quit: leaving) [20:40]
pirateat40 yea, for 7 years of trading experience... that was dumb. [20:41]
Joric drive the market using your photoshop skills! [20:41]
* paraipan (~paraipan@gateway/tor-sasl/paraipanakos) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:44]
mb300sd hey pirateat40, i've been meaning to ask, how does one withdraw from your lending service? [20:45]
mb300sd not that i need to right now [20:45]
pirateat40 It explained it in the PM i sent with your info [20:45]
mb300sd ok, thanks :) [20:46]
pirateat40 :) [20:46]
* nelisky (~nelisky@unaffiliated/nelisky-/x-0749711) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:49]
Mango-chan STOP SOAP AND PIPE!! [20:50]
gigavps Mango-chan: i smoke cigars and do not shower, so i'm good [20:52]
* Toxo has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [20:52]
* traviscj ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:52]
UukGoblin pipa in polish means cunt [20:53]
* BlueMatt has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [20:53]
* nelisky has quit (Client Quit) [20:53]
pigeons dip some copenhagen if you wanna snuff 'em out [20:53]
Bigpiggy01Mining Hmmm it's also a fairly oderous fruit and a traditional Chinese guitar like instrument [20:54]
* elephant_ has quit (Quit: Page closed) [20:54]
* loca (54862a5c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:55]
* vite (~vialnetwo@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:58]
* BlueMatt (~matt@unaffiliated/bluematt) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:58]
* ChanServ gives voice to BlueMatt [20:58]
* Frank90 (acad023e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:58]
* traviscj has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:59]
vite are there any non tech saavy people who would like a preconfigured cms deployed in exchange for bitcoins? [20:59]
* EasyAt ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:59]
pigeons drupal? [21:00]
vite I can preinstall drupal [21:01]
pigeons ;) [21:01]
* traviscj ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:01]
vite I would deploy first send you the access info, and give you 24 h from deploy to send payment before site is taken down [21:01]
jcpham i think drupal has a mining plugin now? [21:01]
jcpham maybe twitter told me this yesterday [21:02]
pigeons i dont need it vite, was just curious, but good luck [21:03]
jcpham i'll do it for 100btc [21:03]
jcpham vite [21:03]
vite thanks pigeons [21:04]
pigeons if you can keep other peoples' django stuff working well maybe we can talk [21:04]
jcpham today i'm only requiring a %25 up-front payment [21:04]
vite jcphan: yes? [21:04]
* foggyb2 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:05]
jcpham amazon mechanical turk may be the place [21:05]
* DamascusVG|afk has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [21:05]
pierce jcpham: you write drupal plugins? [21:05]
jcpham no way jose [21:05]
jcpham but i can deploy a drupal cms [21:05]
* ineededausername (600af633@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:05]
jcpham for 100 bitcoins [21:05]
pierce ha [21:06]
weex i'll deploy your drupal for 200 bitcoins! [21:06]
pierce 300, and that's my final offer [21:06]
weex sold! [21:06]
pierce whoop! [21:07]
Joric may i liquidate bitcoinica position at any time despite if there is a reserve or not? [21:07]
pirateat40 Yes [21:07]
vite I deploy and host wordpress, drupal, joomla etc for 1 btc a year, [21:07]
pirateat40 No Reserve is only for new positions [21:07]
* loca has quit (Quit: Page closed) [21:08]
weex vite, i'm going to have a script soon that I'll need to have installed, i would pay you 1btc to install it as a need to host it for a year... interested? requires bitcoind [21:09]
vite hosting can be own domain or subdomain, 1 unique ftp account [21:09]
* DamascusVG|afk ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:09]
vite weex: ok sounds like a plan [21:09]
pigeons vite: if we have to ask about bandwidth and cpu/mem limits I suppose we're in the wrong place? [21:09]
weex vite: pm me an email address and I'll send it to you when it's ready for a test [21:09]
* kW_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [21:12]
vite weex: I asked you a question on pm [21:13]
Joric did zhou just add 'account size cap'? [21:14]
imsaguy2 yep [21:14]
* DamascusVG|afk has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [21:16]
* ichbeenkaputen (~vm7@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:18]
* DamascusVG|afk ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:21]
* rdonohoe (b03d3d79@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:22]
* roman3x ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:23]
* ras_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:25]
* vite (~vialnetwo@ has left #bitcoin-otc ("Leaving") [21:27]
* vite (~vialnetwo@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:29]
* marty (~marty2@gateway/tor-sasl/neo2) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:30]
* vite (~vialnetwo@ has left #bitcoin-otc [21:31]
* vite (~vialnetwo@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:33]
rdonohoe I thought there'd be more people looking to buy coins with PP in here [21:35]
smickles they come thru often rdonohoe [21:35]
vite rdonohe: I am trying to sell a service for btc but everyone is too tech saavy to need my srv lol [21:36]
smickles i think that the ppl who want to buy btc w/ pp often find no one wants to take on the risk [21:37]
* [eval] ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:37]
rdonohoe Yeah, perhaps that's it. I have an sell order open for some coins and sold some already. Just needed some PP to pay for something on eBay. [21:38]
* Shaded has quit (Quit: Shaded) [21:39]
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