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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
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RagnarDanneskjol BingoBoingo - is there anyone else to mine the pool other than Rob? Its going to be virtually impossible to validate pool functionality without at least 2 separate miners running non-stop for at least 24 (pref 48 or more) hours [00:17]
BingoBoingo RagnarDanneskjol: I guess I can rent a miner. [00:17]
RagnarDanneskjol i can too - just hoped someone was already doing it [00:18]
RagnarDanneskjol let me see if i can identify some reliable renta-miner ppl [00:18]
BingoBoingo What's the pool address. I'll get something aimed at it [00:18]
RagnarDanneskjol hang [00:18]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 20 @ 0.18999492 = 3.7999 BTC [+] {6} [00:19]
chalbersma [00:19]
RagnarDanneskjol [00:19]
RagnarDanneskjol thx chris - forgot port [00:20]
chalbersma You can also use as a backup. [00:20]
assbot P2Pool [00:20]
RagnarDanneskjol k [00:20]
chalbersma The second one is running on my home connection I plan to keep it running until we validate and release the p2pool software and more people start running their own copies. [00:20]
RagnarDanneskjol wtf i that advert on the bottom of pool? [00:22]
RagnarDanneskjol wtf is* [00:24]
chalbersma On me personal pool? I need to remove that but that was me initially testing the advertising idea. [00:24]
chalbersma 104 shouldn't have an advert [00:24]
RagnarDanneskjol I am EXTREMELY suspicious of any cloud-mining operation - they are a barrel or snakes [00:24]
RagnarDanneskjol ok [00:24]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13184 @ 0.00075168 = 9.9101 BTC [-] {2} [00:30]
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jdanks you think js is wierd? [02:42]
BingoBoingo X-Rob: This share difficulty = 1.0 definitely seems to be a problem [02:42]
* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [02:42]
jdanks i guess it depends where you have started. [02:42]
kdomanski it's inconvenient at the very least [02:42]
X-Rob BingoBoingo: yeah, I'm solo mining again, for the moment. [02:42]
mircea_popescu hm, what's a normal temperature for a normal desktop videocard to normally run at ? [02:43]
mircea_popescu not mining or anything. [02:43]
kdomanski mircea_popescu: what did you do before bitcoin? [02:43]
mircea_popescu kdomanski i was retired before bitcoin [02:43]
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mircea_popescu da fuck srsly ? [02:54]
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mircea_popescu welcome backl everybody lol [02:56]
kdomanski so mircea_popescu, before the netsplit I asked what did you do before bitcoin [02:56]
mircea_popescu observe how i'm still voiced. this is because YOU split from me. [02:56]
* tjader_ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [02:56]
mircea_popescu let's resync. [02:56]
mircea_popescu hm, what's a normal temperature for a normal desktop videocard to normally run at ? [02:56]
mircea_popescu not mining or anything. [02:56]
mircea_popescu mircea_popescu: what did you do before bitcoin? [02:56]
mircea_popescu kdomanski i was retired before bitcoin [02:56]
kdomanski mircea_popescu: what did you do before bitcoin? [02:57]
kdomanski [01:41] hm, what's a normal temperature for a normal desktop videocard to normally run at ? [02:57]
kdomanski [01:41] not mining or anything. [02:57]
kdomanski [01:42] mircea_popescu: 40 celsius for me [02:57]
mircea_popescu aha so this 46-47 business isn't actually all that extraordinary ? [02:57]
kdomanski I don't think so [02:57]
mircea_popescu kay [02:57]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:58]
kdomanski retired? I thought you're somewhere in 30-40 yo range [02:59]
mircea_popescu yes. [02:59]
mircea_popescu i retired @24. [02:59]
mircea_popescu well, the first time anyway. [02:59]
kdomanski explain [02:59]
* tjader ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:59]
mircea_popescu what am i explaining ? [03:00]
kdomanski it was my understanding that bitcoin is what made you wealthy [03:01]
mircea_popescu lmao how did you get that one ? [03:01]
mircea_popescu no, i was rich long before btc. [03:01]
kdomanski I stand corrected [03:02]
mircea_popescu << the main difference between russians and us people ? observe how evstafiev holds the woman's hand. [03:02]
* chalbersma (488762c0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:03]
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* dub (~dub@unaffiliated/dub) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:04]
* assbot gives voice to nubbins` [03:04]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves: even worse than bitter is a sour espresso << i think coffee tastes sour at a certain point of sweetening it. [03:05]
nubbins` i recall giving a presentation at the place i had a work term once [03:05]
mircea_popescu like, it's bitter, add sugar, less bitter, less bitter, wow sour, not bitter, a little sweet, sweeter etc [03:05]
nubbins` in the brief introductory bio my manager asked me to provide, i said i planned to retire by age 35 [03:05]
nubbins` everyone had a nice lel [03:05]
nubbins` i wondered why ;0 [03:05]
mircea_popescu nubbins` it's not all it's cracked up to be. i spent a while with old farts in costa rica, they bored me stiff. [03:05]
mircea_popescu there's just so much bridge a person can play. [03:06]
nubbins` ehh, retirement doesn't mean you stop working, just means you don't have to [03:06]
* assbot gives voice to dub [03:06]
mircea_popescu no, that's not retirement, that's being alive. [03:06]
dub [03:06]
nubbins` don't tell me, tell the people who lelled at my plan [03:07]
mircea_popescu hello people that lelled at [03:07]
mircea_popescu dub well she did say she was a stripper. [03:08]
* tjader has quit (Quit: .) [03:08]
* Guest55668 (~msn@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:09]
mircea_popescu !up Guest55668 [03:09]
-assbot- Insufficient rights, mircea_popescu, !up yourself on PM first. [03:09]
mircea_popescu fu assbot. [03:09]
mircea_popescu !up [03:10]
-assbot- Need a nickname, mircea_popescu. [03:10]
mircea_popescu !up mircea_popescu [03:10]
-assbot- Insufficient rights, mircea_popescu, !up yourself on PM first. [03:10]
mircea_popescu diametric: mircea_popescu, asciilifeform: << ima let teh tech comment. [03:11]
assbot FST-01 - Wiki [03:11]
* assbot gives voice to chalbersma [03:11]
mircea_popescu thestringpuller: if you can recommend a shop and they give you a cutback on the order "finders fee" or something i would consider <<< what you're contemplating is actually fraud, and a hanging offense you know. [03:11]
mircea_popescu punkman why was tramadol supposed to be natural ?! [03:12]
mircea_popescu natural in what sense, it exists or what. [03:13]
* fanquake (~anonymous@unaffiliated/fanquake) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:13]
* sensorii (~sensorii@gateway/tor-sasl/sensorii) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:13]
mircea_popescu thestringpuller: this is an easy way to create a fraudulent scenario. <<< i can actually confirm this. clueless intern paid .2 btc coinbase invoice, had to be slapped across head. the bitcents are and have been in limbo since friday. [03:15]
kdomanski I suspect natural the way THC is natural and LSD is not [03:16]
mircea_popescu PeterL: where did you get 100M shares from? << the confusion is mostly because originally F.DERP was going to have 10x as much money, but then i cut back because nobody was buying the derps, much to i guess no one's surprise. [03:16]
mircea_popescu kdomanski turns out it was urine polution. you know, the way us males get estrogen in the drinking water from all the pills chicks take to not make more kids. [03:17]
peterl I see. I guess you can't go back and change it, what with signatures and such [03:17]
* tjader ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:18]
kdomanski mircea_popescu: yup, I read it [03:18]
peterl If you had started on havelock you could switch it and nobody would know [03:18]
mircea_popescu uh da fuck [03:18]
mircea_popescu dude i can't believe this thing i edited one place but not the other and signed it like that o.O [03:19]
mircea_popescu now the reports and the contract are fucking diverged and jurov has legitimate complaint #873 [03:19]
mircea_popescu thanks for saying something o.O [03:20]
* stormlight has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:23]
mircea_popescu PeterL: not usually explosives, but I have had a few things go up in flames (note: dumping pyrophoric powder into a container of flammable liquid is a bad idea) << one of my favourite "experiments" as a 12 yo with a chemistry lab was setting on fire a mix of potassium chloride and sulfur powder, with various metals mixed in for coloration. [03:23]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:23]
nubbins` thestringpuller shirts finally arrived, printing films; your design doesn't have text converted to outlines [03:26]
nubbins` so now i have a large Arial TM in the middle of your image, instead of (probably) a tiny fun TM in the corner somewhere [03:27]
* ben_vulp` is now known as ben_vulpes [03:27]
mircea_popescu "This summer the insurgent group ISIS captured the Iraqi city of Mosul—and along with it, three army divisions’ worth of U.S.-supplied equipment from the Iraqi army, including Humvees, helicopters, antiaircraft cannons and M1 Abrams tanks." [03:27]
* ben_vulpes has quit (Changing host) [03:27]
* ben_vulpes (~user@unaffiliated/benkay) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:27]
mircea_popescu here's an idea for a kill switch : everyone in the pentagon is hanged. [03:27]
mircea_popescu treason. [03:27]
* notsakamoto ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:28]
mircea_popescu !up notsakamoto [03:28]
-assbot- Insufficient rights, mircea_popescu, !up yourself on PM first. [03:28]
mircea_popescu grrr [03:28]
* assbot gives voice to ben_vulpes [03:28]
mircea_popescu !up [03:28]
-assbot- Need a nickname, mircea_popescu. [03:28]
mircea_popescu !up mircea_popescu [03:28]
-assbot- Insufficient rights, mircea_popescu, !up yourself on PM first. [03:28]
* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [03:28]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: comment << [03:28]
assbot Logged on 15-09-2014 18:06:25; asciilifeform: diametric: an adequate trng is incredibly easy to build. but don't use adc noise on a general-purpose micro - is heavy on quantization bias, and easy to nudge from outside. [03:28]
* stormlight has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [03:28]
mircea_popescu !up notsakamoto [03:28]
-assbot- You voiced notsakamoto for 30 minutes. [03:29]
* assbot gives voice to notsakamoto [03:29]
notsakamoto sup [03:29]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform ah yea i see. [03:29]
kakobrekla kanzure karma kdomanski Keefe kermit khersonus knotwork__ kyuupichan [03:29]
asciilifeform and [03:29]
assbot Logged on 15-09-2014 18:04:31; asciilifeform: diametric: FST-01 << useful for many purposes, but not crypto. on account of being reflashable via usb. [03:29]
* peterl has quit (Quit: peterl) [03:29]
* asciilifeform loves the log, friend of the lazy man [03:29]
ben_vulpes fuck. you. freenode. [03:29]
mircea_popescu kdomanski i have nfi how they presume to act as if the tanks are the problem. no, the us general staff, from the chief to the cleaning lady are the problem. hanged all of them. [03:29]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform ikr ? [03:30]
ben_vulpes *months* of uptime and then what is this? [03:30]
mircea_popescu ben_vulpes this is a soft system being attacked. [03:30]
notsakamoto rumor has it ethereum selling 1/2 their holdings to pay for dev. 15,000 btc hitting market soon [03:30]
nubbins` ben_vulpes get what ya pay for ;) [03:30]
mircea_popescu rumor has it that the scam in question only exists as an attempt to pull this sort of manipulation. [03:30]
mircea_popescu nobdy here gives a shit, on account of us being both richer and more powerful than the usg. [03:30]
ben_vulpes ah that's awesome [03:31]
ben_vulpes three hundred dollar coins by the end of summer? [03:31]
notsakamoto mp; u think its scam? unlikely. vitalik is trustworthy [03:31]
* nam-shub_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:31]
ben_vulpes no he's a moronic kid [03:31]
mircea_popescu notsakamoto don't be a fuckwit and read the logs. [03:31]
nubbins` 300? pricey [03:31]
ben_vulpes and a worse programmer than i [03:31]
mircea_popescu !down notsakamoto [03:31]
* assbot removes voice from notsakamoto [03:31]
nubbins` dat down [03:31]
mircea_popescu minimum effort bs. [03:32]
mircea_popescu i miss the days of spring, back when they were paying romanian loser starvation wages to try their noob psychology on here. [03:32]
* agorecki has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [03:32]
ThickAsThieves viva la serenisima! [03:32]
mircea_popescu yeah well, when someone takes three divisions worth off tanks from my own hands we can revisit this topic. [03:33]
* darlidada_c has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [03:33]
mircea_popescu the us is by now that loser kid everyone "borrow" things from, and he doesn't mind if you'll just be his friend. [03:33]
mircea_popescu THAT is hitting the market soon. gl with the nasdaq. [03:34]
* nam-shub has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [03:34]
ThickAsThieves wall st took nice dump today [03:34]
ThickAsThieves TSLA down 9% [03:35]
mircea_popescu no dude, tesla is trustworthy. [03:35]
BingoBoingo [03:35]
nubbins` heh [03:35]
mircea_popescu maybe they hire butterdik [03:35]
BingoBoingo ^ P2Pool mined an ATC Block [03:35]
ThickAsThieves Musk was repeatedly telling people the shit is overpriced [03:35]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo is it its 2nd ? [03:35]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves yeah musk is actually remarkably clean for the shit he's in. [03:36]
BingoBoingo Well First on this instance, but yeah, second overall I believe [03:36]
ben_vulpes "shit he's in" << what shit is this? bed with the USG? [03:36]
ThickAsThieves car biz [03:37]
nubbins` ^ [03:37]
mircea_popescu well yeah, selling stuff on glbse, selling stuff on wallstreet, what the hell's the difference. [03:37]
nubbins` cars are greasy, it comes off on your hands real easy [03:37]
chalbersma was the earlier one but we reset all the p2pool data in earlier testing. [03:37]
ThickAsThieves he's also in solar, which is a quiet little goldmine these days [03:38]
ThickAsThieves he's South African, heh [03:39]
chalbersma is forrestv's address and all p2pool block send at least 1 satoshi to his address. Someone apparently had a p2pool instance going earlier (or was randomly transfering him 1 statoshis. [03:39]
mircea_popescu who is forrestv ? [03:39]
BingoBoingo Oh lulzy site notsakamoto had in his hostmask [03:40]
assbot Home | BlackCoin BLKFeed - BlackCoin Digital Current Information HQ [03:40]
* bounce (bounce@unaffiliated/bounce) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:40]
BingoBoingo Blackcoin moon spaceship apparently next year [03:40]
chalbersma He's the guy who created p2pool. [03:40]
ThickAsThieves how will all the anonycoins fit in one moonship tho? [03:41]
nubbins` trailers [03:41]
mircea_popescu i can't fucking believe scientificamerican seriously is advocating making tanks run windows. [03:41]
* notsakamoto has quit (Quit: Don't be square | | Squares everywhere.) [03:41]
mircea_popescu what the fuck is wrong with that country already [03:41]
BingoBoingo I thought they already ran Windows CE or some shit. [03:41]
kdomanski mircea_popescu: wat? URL? [03:42]
chalbersma Well if they ran FreeBSD they'd never breakdown. [03:42]
chalbersma :) [03:42]
kakobrekla kanzure karma kdomanski Keefe kermit khersonus knotwork__ kyuupichan [03:42]
kakobrekla kanzure karma kdomanski Keefe kermit khersonus knotwork__ kyuupichan [03:42]
ThickAsThieves sometimes i feel like unconvertible Excel files are the only reason MS still exists [03:42]
mircea_popescu kdomanski your own link from earlier. [03:42]
mircea_popescu "timed expiration" and such bs. "let's make it work more like windows me" [03:42]
kdomanski oh that [03:43]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves nah, the vast and growing population of useless office drones is the reason. they can be kept busy doing nothing which is the point. [03:43]
* tjader_ (~tjader@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:43]
ThickAsThieves well can we at least convert them to ChromeOS or someshit [03:44]
mircea_popescu javatank [03:44]
ThickAsThieves i guess theyll all be in iOS soon [03:44]
mircea_popescu that'd be some awesome battlefield. [03:44]
BingoBoingo Ubuntank [03:45]
ben_vulpes BSDank [03:45]
chalbersma Introducing iTank! The most friendly and easy to use Tank every invented. Just take civillians put them infront of the intiutive iTarget system and choose the enemy to iKill. [03:45]
mircea_popescu iKll [03:46]
chalbersma *Occassionaly spits out naked photos of Jennifer Lawerence* [03:46]
mircea_popescu short for not really killed because killing is bad mkay [03:46]
kdomanski mircea_popescu: the article's author is a lawyer specializing in technology law and a member of Senate Whatever Comittee of Inteligence, go figure [03:46]
* tjader has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [03:46]
mircea_popescu kdomanski yeah, he's so clearly doing one of those faux-editorial advocacy pieces where some captured "intellectual" is workign to cover the scandalous govt acquisition from some company [03:47]
mircea_popescu you can tell them from a mile away. mostly because while they make no sense, they proceed liniarly in a way that's not warranted by their internal logic. [03:47]
ThickAsThieves wag the dog [03:47]
mircea_popescu yeah. [03:47]
mircea_popescu "this is a plant made out of cells that could not stand on their own, and if they did would form a circle pattern. it's macropattern is linear. clearly there's something external hodling it all in place" [03:48]
ThickAsThieves i have some cows that shit circles [03:49]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo so what is this forrestv thing, does the guy have like a little leak programmed into the code ? [03:49]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo: X-Rob: I've rented hash and pointed it there for 48 hours. Hopefully this drives the pool diff up or... << i don't get it, the pool diff can't be arbitrarily set ? [03:50]
chalbersma @mircea_popescu let me see if I can find an explanation of it. [03:50]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: I think it is just the guy who developed this thing hardcoded donations to himself. [03:50]
mircea_popescu o.O [03:50]
mircea_popescu wtf bs code is this. [03:50]
BingoBoingo Which at 1 satoshi per block seems largely symbolic and unspendable [03:51]
mircea_popescu that's not the point. the point is that if we discover this sort of shit by running it, who the fuck knows what else is in there [03:51]
mircea_popescu and moreover, i'm not promoting this sort of behaviour. [03:51]
chalbersma;wap2 Here's an explanation of it. His address is in the code manually for donations. [03:52]
assbot [3500 TH] p2pool: Decentralized, DoS-resistant, Hop-Proof pool [03:52]
* altoz_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:53]
* altoz ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:53]
mircea_popescu chalbersma so why did you leave that in there ? [03:53]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:54]
* tjader_ has quit (Quit: .) [03:55]
chalbersma I added the minimum to make the code work. It can be changed in the future. [03:55]
mircea_popescu you added the minimum what ? [03:55]
* tjader (~tjader@2001:1291:200:8117::3) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:55]
ThickAsThieves change the payout to something cooler [03:55]
nubbins` effort [03:56]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:56]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [03:56]
ThickAsThieves b-a doesnt have a proper nonprofit to give to [03:56]
ThickAsThieves asbbot i guess [03:56]
ThickAsThieves or [03:57]
mircea_popescu chalbersma did you know about this originally or did you discover it through reading up on it once people spotted it earlier ? [03:57]
BingoBoingo Bitbet Donations... [03:57]
chalbersma Noticed it with the first block and looked it up. 1 satoshi per block seemed harmless enough. [03:57]
mircea_popescu chalbersma always a good idea to say, and to ask. [03:58]
mircea_popescu anyway, the forum says .25 donated by default. did you change that or what ? [03:59]
ThickAsThieves lol traders blaming BTCUSD price on United Way now [03:59]
ThickAsThieves ;;ticker [03:59]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 467.02, Best ask: 468.37, Bid-ask spread: 1.35000, Last trade: 468.4, 24 hour volume: 6783.74875283, 24 hour low: 465.31, 24 hour high: 479.62, 24 hour vwap: 473.493207448 [03:59]
* tjader (~tjader@2001:1291:200:8117::3) has left #bitcoin-assets [03:59]
chalbersma Only if you leave the default donation is the .25 per block given. I've set the manual donation to 0. [03:59]
asciilifeform hardcoded 'donation' << lulz. it's 2011 again! [03:59]
mircea_popescu ic. [04:00]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform birdy in my ear whispers there's a legitimate reason for that thing. specifically, division errors. [04:00]
ThickAsThieves whats the difference between hardcoded donation and bitcoin wallet hacker virus? [04:00]
* stormlight has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [04:00]
ThickAsThieves documentation? [04:00]
mircea_popescu if you have to split 5 apples equally between tim and mary easiest approach is to eat an apple. [04:01]
asciilifeform the original 'salami slicer' thief, if i recall, stole the rounding error at a large bank. [04:01]
* mius has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [04:01]
mircea_popescu yup. [04:01]
mircea_popescu course that was 2 digit rounding error, not 8 digit. [04:02]
* OX3 has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [04:02]
kdomanski b-a doesnt have a proper nonprofit to give to << how about Electronic Frontier Foundation? [04:02]
ThickAsThieves they havent passed my sniff test [04:03]
mircea_popescu actually, there's going to be the deeds registrar faucet [04:03]
kdomanski I see [04:03]
mircea_popescu there's also kako's beer fund [04:03]
mircea_popescu and if/when we make our own freenode there's going to be that [04:03]
ThickAsThieves that sounds like a good fund [04:03]
* mius (~mius@gateway/tor-sasl/mius) has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:03]
* asciilifeform contributed [04:03]
ThickAsThieves Free Freenode! [04:03]
mircea_popescu so save up the pennies, charitable charities coming soon [04:03]
BingoBoingo !b 3 [04:04]
assbot Last 3 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [04:04]
* kermit has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [04:05]
ThickAsThieves i liked the vanads project, but in reality i find myself being quite preoccupied with removing advertising from my life [04:05]
ThickAsThieves gos bless america [04:05]
ThickAsThieves d [04:05]
nubbins` all about the posters [04:06]
ThickAsThieves posters i still enjoy [04:06]
mircea_popescu myeah, humane ads are like humane rape. a tough sell in the best of cases. [04:07]
ThickAsThieves i'm such an old man about it too, we were in the plane and the screen on the seat just starts playing video ads [04:08]
ThickAsThieves i was all offended [04:08]
ThickAsThieves we're waiting to take off and they are milking me? [04:08]
ThickAsThieves fukn hell [04:08]
mircea_popescu at some point in tm they tried to introduce ad screens in cabs. [04:08]
nubbins` keep turning em back on when you put the brightness all the way down too [04:08]
mircea_popescu i stopped the car, got out and spent the next hour screaming at people on the phone. [04:09]
mircea_popescu it... never took off. [04:09]
ThickAsThieves in NY the cabs all have "news" playing [04:09]
* bitstein has quit (Quit: bitstein) [04:09]
[]bot Bet created: "Bitcoin $817 or above before Christmas" [04:10]
ThickAsThieves 817? weird [04:10]
ThickAsThieves kis that what it was last xmas? [04:10]
ThickAsThieves nope [04:12]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:12]
mike_c this one is 1,164. feels redundant. [04:13]
assbot BitBet - BTC tops all time high before Christmas :: 0.3 B (8%) on Yes, 3.42 B (92%) on No | closing in 2 months 3 weeks | weight: 84`293 (100`000 to 1`000) [04:13]
* guruvan- is now known as guruvan [04:14]
BingoBoingo [04:17]
assbot Super Mario in Critical Condition, Mistakenly ate Amanita for 1-UP Mushroom - Medical Satire - GomerBlog [04:17]
mircea_popescu << we continue our maddox appreciation day. [04:18]
* agorecki ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:19]
asciilifeform 'buzzfeed' ?? << no idea what it is/was, but can't escape images of folks being slowly fed into buzzing woodchipper [04:20]
BingoBoingo !b 1 [04:20]
assbot Last 1 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [04:20]
asciilifeform and, also related, 'kill switch' must only be a switch that kills someone when pressed. [04:20]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform buzzfeed is hot topic for the web. [04:21]
asciilifeform just as, in the words of an old sage, 'a kill file is simply a file containing list of people you are going to have killed.' [04:21]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:22]
mircea_popescu at least that's how i use it. [04:23]
mircea_popescu not to be confused with a bucket list. [04:23]
asciilifeform list of persons to be drowned in bucket ? [04:24]
mircea_popescu a bucket list being the list of things the assholes in question were hoping to do before i got to them. [04:24]
asciilifeform !b 3 [04:24]
assbot Last 3 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [04:24]
mircea_popescu "TGI Friday's (often shortened to "Friday's" in most countries, previously stylized as "T.G.I. Friday's", and stylized "FRiDAY'S", or "T.G.I.s" in Ireland and the United Kingdom) is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining." [04:25]
mircea_popescu what the fuck is "asual dining" [04:25]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Fast Food, but they make you wait for it. [04:26]
mircea_popescu bwahaha [04:27]
BingoBoingo McDonalds Food, but in a venue purporting to be a restaurant [04:27]
mircea_popescu but... why ? [04:28]
mircea_popescu location and tabletime costs more than fucking food. [04:28]
mircea_popescu why not go the other way wtf is with this puritan hate of pleasure and enjoyment for crying out loud. [04:29]
BingoBoingo Well, America hasn't had a Rochester yet. [04:29]
mircea_popescu yeah, yet. totally, that's happening. [04:30]
BingoBoingo So we're still stuck with Cromwell's legacy [04:30]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: eat an american bar of chocolate. [04:30]
mircea_popescu noty. [04:30]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: or better, pay some wretch to eat it [04:30]
mircea_popescu hershey won't even kill dogs. [04:30]
asciilifeform erzats. [04:30]
mircea_popescu it's ersatz unless you're hungarian [04:31]
BingoBoingo !s New Reno [04:31]
assbot 2 results for 'New Reno' : [04:31]
mircea_popescu hungarians are allowed to sz zs all over the place [04:31]
asciilifeform now, having done step 1 (american chocolate) - step 2 is to eat some 'premium' american chocolate. [04:31]
asciilifeform notice that it is almost exactly the same substance. [04:31]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform us "belgian" chocolates are pretty awful too. [04:31]
asciilifeform them, yes [04:31]
asciilifeform specifically. [04:31]
mircea_popescu i suspect they're about as belgian as haagen dasz [04:31]
BingoBoingo << You said yourself you were planning a trip eventually [04:31]
assbot Logged on 20-07-2014 08:41:26; mircea_popescu: maybe i visit after the fall. play fallout in new reno irl or some4thing. [04:32]
asciilifeform and when you understand why, will also understand why 'casual dining' is a thing [04:32]
asciilifeform the consumer - demands. [04:32]
mircea_popescu demands my foot. nobody demands bad chocolate. [04:32]
asciilifeform these people - do. [04:32]
mircea_popescu i will not believe. [04:32]
asciilifeform go ahead, catch one, try to feed it actual chocolate. [04:32]
mircea_popescu the power of savarin compells you [04:32]
mircea_popescu QUIT THIS BODY! [04:32]
mircea_popescu choxorcism. [04:33]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform i srsly never met a us born/bred woman that had trouble with good chocolate. [04:34]
mircea_popescu even the more exotic 92% dark romanian stuff [04:34]
mircea_popescu (it's bitter) [04:34]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: your filter is working correctly, then. [04:34]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: it's ersatz unless you're hungarian << or russian... >> эрзац. [04:36]
mircea_popescu dude you got colonised by hungarians [04:36]
mircea_popescu what's wrong with эрсац [04:37]
mircea_popescu ;;google эрсац [04:37]
gribble No matches found. [04:37]
mircea_popescu o.O [04:37]
asciilifeform see. [04:37]
asciilifeform hell, try jp., where president. Biru Kurintonu. [04:38]
mircea_popescu nowai, it exists. [04:38]
assbot ))) | | [04:38]
mircea_popescu lol picassbot [04:38]
ben_vulpes we're waiting to take off and they are milking me? << lol you should hear lady v on the topic [04:39]
mircea_popescu ben_vulpes your filter is functioning correctly. [04:39]
mircea_popescu (let's play your filter is functioning correctly tag) [04:40]
asciilifeform yfifc. [04:40]
mircea_popescu ;;ud yfifc [04:41]
gribble Google found nothing. [04:41]
mircea_popescu :D [04:41]
assbot Yorkshire Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs - Yorkshire Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs [04:41]
asciilifeform 'what's yer little ship's name?' 'the hero.' 'ain't ever been such a ship.' 'ain't been - will be now.' [04:41]
ben_vulpes what is this reference mircea_popescu ? [04:41]
mircea_popescu like ten lines up in the log. [04:42]
mircea_popescu but basically, chocolate and womenz. [04:42]
* nubbins` has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [04:42]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4300 @ 0.00075138 = 3.2309 BTC [-] {2} [04:42]
ben_vulpes subject of women [04:43]
ben_vulpes the office brides have asserted that "retarded" is not okay [04:44]
ben_vulpes assert* [04:44]
ben_vulpes so to pique them we now say "poorly engineered" [04:44]
ben_vulpes frequently with a...pregnant pause. [04:44]
asciilifeform office brides ? [04:44]
mircea_popescu why would you say something longer ? [04:45]
asciilifeform !up DiabloD3 [04:45]
* assbot gives voice to DiabloD3 [04:45]
DiabloD3 okay so [04:45]
DiabloD3 office brides? [04:46]
mircea_popescu seems to me "female" is a good substitution for "retarded" for the company of females that think retarded's retarded. [04:46]
ben_vulpes to pique irk and troll [04:46]
DiabloD3 Im thinking, like, the 50s style office maidens [04:46]
DiabloD3 that brought you coffee and donuts and blowjobs [04:46]
mircea_popescu generally, whenever someone complains whatever they complain about should be replaced by something that's about a degree of magnitude more likely to bother them personally. [04:46]
ben_vulpes yeah but only when the contractors arent around [04:46]
DiabloD3 before all this fucking "women's rights" shit ruined it for everybody [04:46]
ben_vulpes mircea_popescu: that's the point of using "poorly engineered" [04:47]
mircea_popescu aok [04:47]
ben_vulpes they know we're saying the same thing. [04:47]
DiabloD3 seriously, I know women who would be fired for sexual harassment of men [04:47]
DiabloD3 and it'd be a legitimate firing [04:47]
mircea_popescu hai DiabloD3 [04:47]
DiabloD3 the upper brass would just shut that whole thing down [04:47]
DiabloD3 so to tell me women aren't willing participants in the whole office thing is bullshit [04:47]
DiabloD3 there are many women who get off on men with power, and it is not our right as a society on who is allowed to get off on what (outside of bestiality and pedophilia and catholics [04:48]
DiabloD3 ) [04:48]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:49]
mircea_popescu was this a prepared statement ? [04:50]
DiabloD3 no [04:50]
DiabloD3 its a work in progress [04:51]
* DiabloD3 is now known as Diablo-D3 [04:51]
ben_vulpes grains? [04:51]
mircea_popescu there also little girls who get off on men with power. [04:52]
mircea_popescu anywhere between all and each and every last one of them. [04:52]
Diablo-D3 there are also men who get off on women with power [04:53]
Diablo-D3 and thats totally okay too [04:53]
Diablo-D3 everyone should know what they get off to, and get off to it frequently [04:53]
mircea_popescu actually a lot of men get off on not getting to get off frequently [04:53]
mircea_popescu or at all. [04:53]
* assbot gives voice to nubbins` [04:53]
nubbins` wat [04:53]
mircea_popescu nubbins` more cock cages sold last year than iphones. [04:54]
ben_vulpes bs [04:54]
nubbins` ehh, more farts than kisses [04:54]
mircea_popescu ben_vulpes how would you know ? you don't check people's peckers do you ? [04:55]
mircea_popescu IMBATABLE ARGUMENT!!! ty homophobia! [04:55]
BingoBoingo !b 5 [04:55]
assbot Last 5 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [04:55]
BingoBoingo Wait, now we know how MP retired the first time with all the money. [04:56]
mircea_popescu we do ? [04:56]
nubbins` yeah, PR wrote a tell-all book [04:56]
mircea_popescu my pr back then could benchpress a car. [04:57]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: You sold all of the cock cages [04:57]
mircea_popescu and im pretty definitely certain wrote no books [04:57]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 155 @ 0.01039978 = 1.612 BTC [-] {3} [05:03]
mircea_popescu this country has the world's stupidest mosquitoes. [05:04]
mircea_popescu by the way : chloroform can be trivially manufactured out of either acetone (nail polish remover) or ethanol through addition of chlorine bleach. [05:06]
ben_vulpes wow! [05:09]
mircea_popescu it is difficult to store, because if air gets to it they make phosgene and hcl ; however it can be trivially washed in a solution of baking soda, which removes the decomposition products safely. [05:09]
mircea_popescu lethal dose is 45 grams, which is just about 1 mol, or ~22 liters of pure, unconstricted gas. [05:10]
mircea_popescu mmm no. it's like 120g/mol. 1/3 of a mol, like 7 liters. [05:11]
chalbersma mp. I've been looking at the bit that donation transaction that generates the donation to forrestv's address. I've found one alternative p2pool implementation that had a different coinbase script but I'm not sure how to generate it. I'll have to look more into it tomorrow. [05:11]
kdomanski s/unconstricted/1 atm. pressure/ [05:11]
mircea_popescu ;;tslb [05:12]
gribble Error: Problem retrieving latest block data. [05:12]
mircea_popescu kdomanski well yeah. [05:13]
mircea_popescu someone has to explain to me why both coinbase (10 minute) and bitpay (15 minute) use this idiotic "expiring invoice" model. [05:14]
mircea_popescu what is it supposed to do ? [05:14]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Craetes room for them to be scammy fucks [05:14]
mircea_popescu well that yes [05:14]
mircea_popescu but i mean, bitbet works just fine without expiring addresses [05:14]
BingoBoingo Do they needs another reason? [05:15]
mircea_popescu yet there's a whole collection of reddit wailers derping about how bitbet is a scam and ty bitpay for having fixed your X error that cost me my business you're such a great company. [05:15]
mircea_popescu what the fuck is wrong with people. [05:15]
chalbersma It gives the donation address a satoshi and any leftover satoshi's after dividing between the active shares to that address too. [05:15]
* assbot removes voice from Diablo-D3 [05:16]
chalbersma I think. [05:16]
mircea_popescu chalbersma suppose you just re-write it so it gives that to the highest ranking address. [05:16]
mircea_popescu it's nice supporting foss authors and everything, but i doubt the guy can or would spend atc. [05:16]
* decimation (~decimatio@unaffiliated/decimation) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:17]
* assbot gives voice to decimation [05:19]
* assbot gives voice to decimation [05:19]
decimation diametric: I agree with asciilifeform re: that FST-01 device for TRNG - there are just too many potential gotchas with a low-quality ADC, why bother when a much simpler circuit would suffice? [05:20]
decimation also if you are using an adc you are going to want careful signal separation and shielding like asciilifeform implied. [05:20]
decimation random pcb hanging off a usb shell does not qualify [05:21]
decimation all that being said it looks like a fun little toy [05:21]
asciilifeform decimation: scores of similar toys (usb plus cheap micro on a 'keychain') exist. [05:22]
asciilifeform why that particular one is being pushed 'for crypto!' - mystery. [05:22]
chalbersma mp I'll take a look at it but I'm not entirely sure how to do it. I'll have to read more into the procedure of generating that coinbase. [05:22]
mircea_popescu it is after all a learning exercise. [05:23]
decimation asciilifeform: yeah if one is going to play with uC on a usb stick, might as well hack a usb storage card use the controller, because cheap [05:23]
kakobrekla but i mean, bitbet works just fine without expiring addresses < cause bb has to do with fiat as much as well.. with fiat. [05:23]
asciilifeform decimation: cheap but i/o-poor. [05:24]
decimation but storage rich :) [05:24]
kakobrekla dunno why that needs to be pointed out. [05:24]
asciilifeform and afaik there's exactly one brand known to work for that experiment [05:24]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla the implication being that what exactly ? your weight is their fiat. [05:24]
mircea_popescu what of it ? [05:24]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 50 @ 0.0103 = 0.515 BTC [-] [05:25]
decimation asciilifeform: I suspect nearly all brands have such controllers, the fun part is learning how to access backdoor [05:25]
kakobrekla well, its hard to pay for 90% of the car [05:25]
* TheNewDeal (b84522c2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:25]
chalbersma Indeed it is a learning exercise. [05:25]
asciilifeform decimation: a good deal of the really dirt-cheapo chinese stuff has mask rom. [05:25]
mircea_popescu "here is the address to pay to. if you pay in the next 10 minutes, you need to pay this much. if you don't and the price moves in your favour expect change in your originating address ; if it moves against you expect a new invoice generated for the difference" [05:26]
mircea_popescu does not take any genius [05:26]
mircea_popescu then you can just send 1 even for a .75 invoice if you absolutely must have it filled, and take .2whatever in change when it happens [05:26]
kakobrekla too complicated for _people_, better to take the exchange risk for a few min [05:27]
mircea_popescu and supposedly these things hire engineers and have ceos and market value. psssssst [05:27]
decimation asciilifeform: with pictures! [05:27]
assbot Where USB Memory Sticks are Born « bunnie's blog [05:27]
asciilifeform yes that one. [05:27]
mircea_popescu yeah right, too complicated, let's make it not work. [05:27]
mircea_popescu relying on a 10 minute interval when blocks are routinely a half hour, help me rwanda. [05:28]
kakobrekla also bitbet addresses expire after 3 days if unused or when bet is closed. [05:28]
* assbot gives voice to TheNewDeal [05:28]
mircea_popescu sure. [05:28]
mircea_popescu 3 days, you know what i'm saying ? [05:28]
kakobrekla no [05:28]
mircea_popescu brothel1 : if you fail to spend in 10 minutes, there's a surcharge. brothel2 : if you fail to spend in 3 days, there's a... nevermind. [05:29]
mircea_popescu we just give you the girl. [05:29]
kakobrekla but they wait zero conf [05:29]
mircea_popescu even better o.O [05:29]
mircea_popescu basically they picked a solution that fell out of the fail tree and hit every branch down [05:30]
kakobrekla i dont see it as much problematic [05:30]
mircea_popescu and they BOTH did it, hurray for us-style "competition" ==== "industry best practices" [05:30]
decimation re: microsoft paying $2bn for mojang: I saw the news this morning and lol'ed. $3.2 bn for nest, $2bn for mojang; only $3 bn for high-power specialty manufacturer that has $1bn in revenue per year [05:30]
kakobrekla they sell coins on bitstamp [05:30]
kakobrekla when 0 conf hits the shit [05:30]
kakobrekla if its not confirmed [05:30]
kakobrekla buy coins back [05:30]
mircea_popescu not really my problem, they'll learn some lessons in fragility once anyone gives enough of a shit. [05:31]
mircea_popescu and they won't be able to get out of it by aggitating the "us legislation" dog, nobody cares. [05:31]
mircea_popescu this isn't fiatbankland. [05:31]
asciilifeform decimation: nest: [05:33]
asciilifeform !s merit wash [05:33]
assbot 7 results for 'merit wash' : [05:33]
asciilifeform decimation: don't 'confuse the warm with the soft.' [05:33]
mircea_popescu decimation that's not even the problem. all those together ? worth half a watsapp. [05:33]
mircea_popescu what the fuck is that thing even [05:33]
asciilifeform decimation: very different purposes for the two kinds of purchase. [05:33]
decimation asciilifeform: yeah agreed. Although to mojang's credit they apparently make $240 mn per year. Yeah I forgot whatsapp [05:34]
asciilifeform in one, they actually buy something vaguely useful. in another - launder usd. [05:34]
asciilifeform somebody's idiot yacht-sailing son needed an extra $B. [05:34]
kakobrekla mircea_popescu 99% of online betting/shopping volume doesnt know what 'originating address' could possibly be. [05:34]
kakobrekla and this wont change [05:35]
mircea_popescu yes, it would change, if "industry best practices" were aimed at best [05:35]
kakobrekla not drastically [05:35]
mircea_popescu rather than at worst. [05:35]
mircea_popescu but no, why not try and microsoft all over bitcoin and then wonder why people hate you. [05:35]
kakobrekla which people [05:36]
kakobrekla not the one i mentioned before [05:36]
mircea_popescu "we're a bitcoin company that's trying to make bitcoin work as badly as possible, and fail that as closely approximative of fiat as possible. because reasons. please invest." [05:36]
decimation it would be nice if each dollar 'committed' in this spending were marked with the number of hands that held the dollar since being printed by the Fed [05:36]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla i was using the term people in the limited sense of "people in bitcoin", not in the general sense of "mouthbreather kept on life support by usg" [05:37]
mircea_popescu my bad. [05:37]
kakobrekla bb is not a sheep company. bitpay is a sheep company. there are more sheep around than non sheep. by count, sheep company is hated less. [05:37]
mircea_popescu look, your whole argument is based on the entirely insane proposition that "people could never know what an originating address is" [05:38]
mircea_popescu they managed to not delete their wallet, right ? [05:38]
kakobrekla only a few. [05:38]
mircea_popescu yes well. [05:38]
kakobrekla from a group that is already small as it is. [05:39]
mircea_popescu nonsense. there is absolutely no reason to cater to idiocy. [05:39]
mircea_popescu the argument that "people demand" is fallacious,. [05:39]
mircea_popescu people would still demand huts and saddles if anyone asked them. [05:39]
mircea_popescu there's no intrinsic reason to buy soap, nor any good reason not to eat the soap you bought, on the strength of this approach. [05:40]
kakobrekla nonsense. there is absolutely no reason to cater to idiocy. < broad statement. totally depends what ones goal is [05:40]
mircea_popescu the only reason "people demand" pop music and buzzfeed derpage is because that's what mtv and buzzfeed want to sell. [05:41]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla yes. if one's goal is not to shit where one eats, then there's no incentive to cater to idiocy. if on the contrary, then on the contrary. [05:41]
decimation "my customers would have wanted a faster horse" [05:41]
mircea_popescu the bitpay/coinbase invoice model is basically doing everything from the perspective of "what's the most we could do so bitcoin never works" [05:42]
decimation [05:42]
assbot Quote by Henry Ford: If I had asked people what they wanted, they wo... [05:42]
kakobrekla yeah well those cars werent much better [05:43]
mircea_popescu decimation note the change of apple, from the ipad 1 "fuck you, it's not going to come in white" to the ipad 6 "we're doing what the customers think they want" [05:43]
decimation kakobrekla has a point, he did make shit cars [05:44]
mircea_popescu it narrowly maps the makeover from "a good place to invest" to "a good thing to short" [05:44]
decimation on the other hand, what has happened to apple is clearly the result of one man passing [05:44]
mircea_popescu not just one man. the man with something to say. there was never anything of any value or utility come from listening "to people" and "their needs" [05:45]
mircea_popescu the fuck do people know what their needs are, you might as well be the veterinarian that offers pet-managed pet care. [05:45]
decimation the third estate was represented by the bourgeois lawyers who were 'of the people' [05:46]
*hanbot* dopey [05:46]
decimation another rambling example: [05:47]
assbot Roger Martin: How 'The Talent' Turned Into Vampires - Forbes [05:47]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu> the fuck do people know what their needs are, you might as well be the veterinarian that offers pet-managed pet care. << Time to go long on bacon as dogs move over to a diet of pork and more pork [05:47]
decimation the forbes 'article' (forbes < daily mail) is an example of a blind man feeling the bloated government elephant and declaring it to be a large plum [05:48]
mircea_popescu who's roger martin [05:49]
decimation no idea [05:49]
nubbins` james bond [05:49]
mircea_popescu i remember a time when newspapers were worth reading, they came in wet ink and you knew the names of the editors. [05:49]
decimation "These questions are being raised, not in some anti-capitalist rag from the extreme Left, but in the staid pro-business pages of the Harvard Business Review, in a seminal article by Roger Martin, the former dean of the Rotman School of Business and the academic director of the Martin Prosperity Institute: “The Rise and (Likely) Fall of the Talent Economy.”" [05:50]
decimation I skimmed that paragraph apparently [05:50]
decimation as if Harvard has anything to say about how actual (non-bezzle) business is run [05:50]
mircea_popescu wasn;t that lead by the very picturesque Richard Florida ?! [05:51]
decimation heh maybe, he's all about derping on homosexual urban planning [05:52]
kakobrekla also imho over 50% of bitcoin users do not even have access to their own private keys. [05:53]
mircea_popescu guy being well tied into theatlantic and all that. [05:53]
mircea_popescu you've stumbled on the very heart of the somethingawful forums over there. [05:53]
kakobrekla means no return payment possibru. [05:53]
kakobrekla unless you complicate it further, like bb does. [05:53]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla acting as if this is a thing makes it a thing. not a good idea. [05:53]
decimation [05:53]
assbot Richard Florida - Authors - The Atlantic [05:53]
mircea_popescu so, yes, quite as anticapitalist rag as it gets [05:54]
asciilifeform death of apple << obligatory crackpot rant >> [05:55]
assbot Loper OS » Non-Apple’s Mistake [05:55]
decimation "Moreover in a recent report from the Aspen Institute, which convened a cross-section of business thought leaders, including both executives and academics, the most important finding is that a majority of the thought leaders who participated in the study, particularly corporate executives, agreed that “the primary purpose of the corporation is to serve customers’ interests.” In effect, the best way to serve shareholders’ [05:56]
decimation interests is to deliver value to customers." [05:56]
kakobrekla good or bad it takes the pain away for the _people_. and _people_ will always chose pleasure over pain. [05:56]
mircea_popescu no, it doesn't. [05:56]
* boolrap (~joe@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:57]
mircea_popescu !up boolrap [05:57]
-assbot- You voiced boolrap for 30 minutes. [05:57]
* assbot gives voice to boolrap [05:57]
kakobrekla less brain is used, therefore it does. [05:57]
TheNewDeal hedge funds extract value. gotta be shitting me [05:57]
boolrap hi [05:57]
asciilifeform boolrap: damn it find your key [05:57]
TheNewDeal one of the few industries where your pay is truly related to your success [05:57]
boolrap well i know where it is [05:57]
boolrap its just too far away [05:57]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla how is less brain used ? [05:58]
asciilifeform boolrap: buried it in the garden ? [05:58]
boolrap nope [05:58]
boolrap im at the place with real internet [05:58]
asciilifeform ahaha [05:58]
mircea_popescu how the fuck are "academics" thought leaders [05:59]
mircea_popescu what thefuck fantasy land is this. [05:59]
kakobrekla more brain is needed to complete a bb payment than to bpay payment. im to lazy to list all the details, but its there. [05:59]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla not true. [06:00]
mircea_popescu with bb, you need the address, send the payment, are done. [06:00]
mircea_popescu with cb/bp you need the address, then you need to watch it make sure it went through [06:00]
mircea_popescu then you need to write support in the 50% of cases it did not go throught [06:00]
mircea_popescu 10x as much brainpower wasted. [06:01]
kakobrekla you need to select between 2 options. now you need to understand both and on top make a decision. if you opt for the second one, you also need to fetch the return address, since you dont understand what originating fucking address is. [06:01]
decimation asciilifeform: re: apple phone clones << still no qwerty-keyboard phone released recently as far as I know [06:01]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla you can safely ignore all that [06:02]
mircea_popescu after your first payment fails for whatever reason, you get a full node client, pre 0.7 and run that. [06:02]
mircea_popescu takes you 20 minutes, helps the network, all further thinking is not needed. [06:02]
kakobrekla 20 min + 10 days [06:02]
mircea_popescu it's not the case anymore [06:03]
mircea_popescu try it sometime. [06:03]
TheNewDeal why does cb have to watch the address [06:03]
TheNewDeal just send and forget [06:03]
mircea_popescu TheNewDeal tis in teh log [06:03]
TheNewDeal !s teh log [06:04]
assbot 35 results for 'teh log' : [06:04]
kakobrekla i hear from people who i sent to use the thing [06:04]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla i hear from people "using" coinbase. [06:04]
mircea_popescu so do you. [06:04]
mircea_popescu that spring water has complaints does not mean sprite doesn't have 500x that many complaints. [06:04]
mircea_popescu "Florida's theory asserts that metropolitan regions with high concentrations of technology workers, artists, musicians, lesbians and gay men, and a group he describes as "high bohemians", exhibit a higher level of economic development." [06:05]
mircea_popescu this guy is fucking epic. [06:05]
mircea_popescu "move to florida, people live longer there" [06:05]
boolrap so if there are more gays and lesbians the GDP will be huge? [06:05]
mircea_popescu it's not that the lesbians flock to the places where rich people live, because they need that trickle down effect to survive in their incredibly inefficient lifestyle. [06:05]
decimation he's communist who is a living mockery of communism [06:05]
mircea_popescu boolrap well, you could export all the pronz the chinese could ever want [06:06]
mircea_popescu in exchange for the dildos used in the making of. [06:06]
boolrap thats alot of dildos [06:06]
mircea_popescu "With the rise of Google, the gurus of Web 2.0, and the call from business leaders (often seen in publications such as Business 2.0) for a more creative, as well as skilled, workforce, Florida asserts that the contemporary relevance of his research is easy to see." [06:06]
mircea_popescu this guy is basically a 9gag meme. [06:06]
mircea_popescu seriously, gurus of web2.0 ? [06:07]
decimation mircea_popescu: there's a whole 'gentrification theory' based on gays moving to a neighborhood full of swarthy thugs and making it 'safe' for women and children [06:07]
mircea_popescu decimation looking forward to the special cosplay division of the nypd [06:07]
* nam-shub_ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [06:07]
mircea_popescu "catching bad guys through wearing spiderman suits" [06:07]
boolrap yeah i heard that before [06:08]
boolrap how if you have a gay uncle you are more likely to do well and reproduce because its like having another mom around. [06:08]
decimation it's a classic case of cum hoc ergo propter hoc [06:08]
mircea_popescu without even any cum [06:09]
decimation heh [06:09]
mircea_popescu boolrap more moms around are a benefit now ?! [06:09]
boolrap im not sure [06:09]
mircea_popescu i seriously never met anyone who regretted not having more mom. [06:09]
mircea_popescu as far as i know, 99% of it is "i wish i had a dad" [06:09]
boolrap haha [06:09]
boolrap i think ur dad is more likely to take you out and get u killed. [06:10]
mircea_popescu either for not having one at all, or for having had one that was too close to a mom [06:10]
* DreadKnight has quit (Quit: #AncientBeast - Master Your Beasts ( )) [06:10]
mircea_popescu and as far as womenz are concerned, they generally wish they had no mom at all anyway. [06:10]
boolrap why [06:11]
boolrap i dont see this. [06:11]
mircea_popescu ask a teenager sometime. [06:11]
boolrap well [06:11]
boolrap they grow out of it [06:11]
mircea_popescu not the point now is it. [06:11]
kakobrekla there are also psychological effects - i wonder if we would see a diff if i added a fake 5 min timer at the last step of the bet address request. [06:11]
kakobrekla prolly too much noise. [06:11]
* hanbot (~hanbot@unaffiliated/hanbot) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:12]
mircea_popescu even bob florida will eventually grow out of it, mostly by being dead. [06:12]
* assbot gives voice to hanbot [06:12]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla prolly, but meh. asshole move. [06:12]
TheNewDeal ;;lastblock [06:13]
gribble Error: "lastblock" is not a valid command. [06:13]
TheNewDeal ;;timesincelastblock [06:13]
gribble Error: "timesincelastblock" is not a valid command. [06:13]
mircea_popescu ;;tslb [06:13]
mircea_popescu and it's broken [06:13]
boolrap so speaking of women [06:13]
boolrap what kind of cake [06:13]
boolrap are you eating tonight [06:13]
gribble Time since last block: 7 minutes and 17 seconds [06:13]
* Duffer1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:14]
decimation lol Florida: "Washington’s economy has clearly prospered from federal spending; lobbying and government contracts are significant sources of its wealth. But its economy is not entirely or even predominantly parasitic. " [06:14]
boolrap mircea_popescu: what % of your womens time is spent for meals? [06:14]
mircea_popescu say about 45 minutes a day ? [06:14]
mircea_popescu mebbe an hour, make it round [06:15]
boolrap hrm [06:15]
boolrap do they all prepare meals together? [06:15]
mircea_popescu and mind you i have exactly no appliances here. [06:15]
* nam-shub (~nam-shub@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:15]
boolrap what do you mean no appliances, you have to make a fire to cook your meals? [06:15]
mircea_popescu boolrap depends. but in general, unless you're making something like strudel it doesn't take that long to fix a meal. [06:16]
mircea_popescu boolrap well obviously, i mean, no kitchen robots and the like. [06:16]
boolrap no blenders? [06:16]
hanbot otherwise you'll end up sewing bitbet seatbelts and gluing do not eat labels and... [06:16]
boolrap how is the food over there? [06:16]
mircea_popescu pretty great. [06:17]
boolrap whats in season right now, its spring time soon ? [06:17]
mircea_popescu and no, no blenders, handmade mayo, etc. [06:17]
boolrap right, the way it should be [06:17]
mircea_popescu the winter rarely frosts, so really everything's in season. [06:17]
boolrap i see [06:17]
boolrap yeah i could not live there, i need winter time [06:17]
boolrap to be harsh [06:17]
boolrap not terribly harsh just, several blizzards every year would be great. [06:18]
decimation I wonder how many folks 'commute' between hemispheres to avoid winter [06:18]
boolrap i think if you do it 10 times you get transported to another world [06:18]
mircea_popescu decimation it's not really worth it. plenty of places where there's no winter. go to san jose, cr, problem solved. [06:18]
mircea_popescu commuting gets obnoxious. [06:18]
decimation true. travel wears a man down [06:18]
kakobrekla hanbot sure one can be like that. but dunno how can we be so naive, if you read logs you must be aware ascii listed countless superior tech solutions that ended up in the trash bin or forgotten. [06:19]
mircea_popescu there's a difference between the babies dead of neglect in 1905 and the baby dieing of neglect right now. [06:19]
mircea_popescu this one audibly screams. [06:19]
kakobrekla dunno, 'right now' is totally biased. [06:21]
mircea_popescu true. [06:22]
mircea_popescu decimation << there you igo. [06:22]
assbot Climatological Normals of San Jose [06:22]
mircea_popescu land of perpetual spring. [06:22]
mircea_popescu varies from 21.2 to 23.0 [06:22]
decimation sounds like tyrannical sameness to me [06:23]
mircea_popescu minimums 17ish, maximums 28ish [06:23]
mircea_popescu well, no winter. [06:23]
mircea_popescu always spring. [06:23]
mircea_popescu it's quite lovely, especially if you feel like ruining spring for yourself. [06:23]
mircea_popescu by the principle "for every incredibly hot woman there's at least one guy totally sick of her ass" [06:23]
decimation perhaps the best climate is the most random one [06:24]
boolrap yeah i like something a bit more exciting [06:25]
mircea_popescu everyone vouches for whatever they were born in. [06:25]
mircea_popescu siberia or sahara, best is in the butt of the bestholder. [06:25]
decimation it would be interesting to analyze weather data with this in mind [06:25]
decimation yeah, I think the conditions of weather, population density, living arrangements, etc imprint themselves during childhood [06:26]
mircea_popescu something about tits. [06:27]
* assbot removes voice from boolrap [06:28]
* assbot gives voice to mthreat [06:28]
decimation !up boolrap [06:28]
* assbot gives voice to boolrap [06:28]
boolrap tyty [06:28]
mthreat Top Gear is filming in Bariloche, Patagonia starting this week - [06:28]
assbot Primicia: Top Gear grabar un episodio en la Patagonia argentina | ARGENTINA AUTOBLOG [06:28]
decimation clarkson needs to get off his lazy ass and make more episodes [06:29]
mircea_popescu mthreat you going ? [06:29]
kakobrekla my closing point is, its not enough to have 'the best product'. history is full of such examples. [06:29]
TheNewDeal better to have apple [06:29]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla true, depends in whose hands it is. [06:29]
mthreat mircea_popescu: we're going to patagonia, but in October.... [06:30]
[]bot Bet placed: 3.2969 BTC for No on "Bitcoin $817 or above before Christmas" Odds: 1(Y):99(N) by coin, 1(Y):99(N) by weight. Total bet: 3.3978 BTC. Current weight: 99,898. [06:30]
mircea_popescu im sort-of thinking about it, but more like december [06:30]
mircea_popescu atm pleasantly cool here. [06:30]
mthreat ya. december and january are very hot here, and the "cortes de luz" (power outages) were a pain last year. Best time to get out in my opinion. [06:31]
mircea_popescu supposedly macri fixed everything [06:31]
mircea_popescu and he's going to run a budget without taxation or inflation too [06:32]
mthreat tempting to do a BitBet on that... [06:32]
mthreat "Dolarblue will reach 20 pesos by ...." [06:33]
mircea_popescu not a bad idea. [06:33]
mircea_popescu actually when is the election again ? [06:33]
mthreat 2015 right, for presidente [06:33]
mthreat not sure which month [06:33]
hanbot mthreat historix [06:34]
assbot BitBet - Argentine "Blue Dollar" buy price to close above 10 pesos on May 31 :: 0.16 B (62%) on Yes, 0.1 B (38%) on No | closed 1 year 3 months ago [06:34]
mircea_popescu oct, not decided yet [06:34]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2500 @ 0.00075147 = 1.8787 BTC [+] [06:38]
nubbins` [06:38]
mircea_popescu [06:39]
assbot Precio Historico [06:39]
* decibot (~decibot@unaffiliated/decimation/bot/decibot) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:40]
* Guest73773 is now known as cazalla [06:40]
* cazalla has quit (Changing host) [06:40]
* cazalla (cazalla@unaffiliated/cazalla) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:40]
decimation nubbins`: lol [06:41]
* assbot gives voice to cazalla [06:41]
cazalla mircea_popescu, i had planned to forum post past weekend, came down with flu so didn't get the chance, fever is the worst [06:42]
mircea_popescu sucks man. [06:43]
cazalla i'll get back to it once i'm better, prob a few more days [06:44]
mircea_popescu aite, [06:44]
mircea_popescu nubbins` you know i don't get this general conspiracy to stuff monkeys down kids' throats [06:54]
mircea_popescu there is little in nature more objectionable than a live monkey of any kind [06:54]
mircea_popescu but especially so a chimp. [06:54]
nubbins` sure, but the abstract idea of them is nice [06:54]
mircea_popescu i have no idea why they're not yet extinct, but it's right there on my list after mosquitoes. [06:54]
nubbins` look at how cute their tails are! [06:54]
mircea_popescu what's the abstract idea of them ? [06:54]
mircea_popescu hm. [06:54]
nubbins` a furry shape [06:54]
mircea_popescu so they did it for the cosplay ? [06:55]
BingoBoingo !b 2 [06:55]
assbot Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [06:55]
nubbins` hey now [06:56]
penguirker New blog post: [06:58]
mircea_popescu woot btcalpha is not dead [06:58]
* assbot removes voice from boolrap [06:58]
mircea_popescu ok this is pretty cool. [06:59]
mike_c worth the wait [06:59]
mircea_popescu no way the 15% is hottest at 3 btc past 3 days ?! [07:00]
mike_c it was until 5 minutes ago [07:00]
mircea_popescu < over 3 just there [07:00]
assbot BitBet - Bitcoin $817 or above before Christmas :: 0.05 B (2%) on Yes, 3.37 B (98%) on No | closing in 3 months 4 days | weight: 99`876 (100`000 to 1) [07:00]
mike_c now it's second [07:00]
mircea_popescu o stale data ? [07:00]
mike_c no, that's the hottest on the analysis page. it just missed the publishing deadline. [07:00]
mircea_popescu aha [07:01]
TheNewDeal thanks to this guy [07:01]
mircea_popescu still, here's a q. Hot Bets ends around .1 [07:02]
mircea_popescu Bitcoin to surpass Berkshire as an investment got .3 and isn't on there ? [07:02]
mike_c yeah it is [07:02]
mike_c in the middle [07:02]
mircea_popescu o was looking for .3 nm [07:02]
mike_c close bets is broken on that page atm.. will be fixed shortly. some fucking python 2.6 decimal bug. [07:03]
mircea_popescu pretty epic shit. [07:03]
* asciilifeform vaguely recalls the zoology lesson - if condemned to choose what animal to be locked with unarmed, and choices are chimp and, e.g., grizzly, or lion - pick the mega-carnivore. at least quick death. [07:04]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform i'd choose the chimp and fucking maul it. [07:04]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: nontrivial - chimp has >2x the strength of a man gram for gram (muscle fiber quirk. they get greater synchronicity in fiber motion in place of our precision.) [07:05]
mircea_popescu so ? [07:05]
asciilifeform so, to him we're sorta like plasticine. [07:05]
mircea_popescu since when the strong troglodyte got a chance ? [07:05]
mircea_popescu for one thing, he's the size of a 9 yo boy. [07:06]
mircea_popescu for the other thing, does it even know what a choke hold is ? [07:07]
asciilifeform << 'debate' [07:08]
assbot Could anyone beat a chimp in a fight? - martial arts | Ask MetaFilter [07:08]
asciilifeform bear doesn't know what chokehold is, either... [07:08]
mircea_popescu "Back in the early half of the century, circuses used to hold fights between apes and the strongest men in the town they were touring through. The men were generally knocked unconscious just a few seconds into the fight, after the first blow from the ape." [07:09]
mircea_popescu !ape [07:09]
mircea_popescu wtf already. [07:09]
asciilifeform [07:09]
assbot The Secret To Chimp Strength -- ScienceDaily [07:09]
[]bot Bet created: "Dolar Blue over 20 Argentine Pesos on or before Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8th)" [07:09]
* asciilifeform did not personally measure chimp strength, cannot guarantee results. [07:10]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform fun fact : the carpathian brown bear is just about human range. you'd get about one boy per generation per village that could wrestle a bear. [07:10]
mircea_popescu "And I bet that Mr. Lee can hit pretty hard. I'm wondering if his ability to block/dodge/fend off the chimpanzee would give him the advantage." [07:10]
mircea_popescu these people are idiots. why would i hit it. [07:10]
* asciilifeform digs for ancient report of zoologies who lost fingers, toes, nose, ears, eyes, cock to chimps in one evening. beasts he worked with for a decade, who decided to have some sudden fun. [07:14]
asciilifeform *zoologist [07:14]
decimation it seems the human's advantage in such a fight would be to rely on tools [07:15]
mircea_popescu ima eat the fucking monkey stop pestering me. [07:15]
asciilifeform tools >> good rifle. [07:15]
mircea_popescu i shook hands with chimps, they're not THAT strong for crying out loud. [07:15]
decimation precisely. or a shotgun if too close [07:16]
[]bot Bet placed: 5 BTC for No on "Dolar Blue over 20 Argentine Pesos on or before Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8th)" Odds: 1(Y):99(N) by coin, 1(Y):99(N) by weight. Total bet: 5.1 BTC. Current weight: 99,991. [07:16]
decimation [07:16]
assbot Poachers sought in death of bear in Caon City | [07:16]
mircea_popescu mthreat ^ if you care. [07:17]
decimation "Wildlife officials are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the poacher or poachers responsible for killing a black bear with a series of arrow strikes." [07:17]
asciilifeform 'stole this bear from the People of the State of Colorado.' [07:17]
asciilifeform lol! [07:17]
decimation asciilifeform: it's well settled in common law that the wildlife belongs to the king [07:17]
asciilifeform naturally. [07:17]
mircea_popescu good thing the bison was free game then [07:18]
asciilifeform and vox populi, vox Führer, at the risk of mixing things up a bit... [07:18]
decimation of course, in England the king could assign ownership of animals to the local barons [07:19]
decimation no one in the us is equal enough for such a privilege [07:20]
mircea_popescu fun fact : romanian baron (ion tiriac) owns hunting domain in romania, holds invite-only yearly event [07:21]
* sensorii has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [07:21]
TheNewDeal canon city is where i go rock climbing ery yeare [07:21]
mircea_popescu romanian hipsters are enraged every year, pen poisonous op pieces for mags and rags [07:21]
mircea_popescu nobody cares. [07:21]
mircea_popescu i kinda like the guy for this reason alone. [07:21]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: ro brought back titles !? [07:22]
mircea_popescu nah, just the domains. [07:22]
asciilifeform aha [07:22]
mircea_popescu ;;google ion tiriac domeniu vinatoare [07:22]
gribble Comuna Balc, Bihor - Wikipedia: ; Vânătoarea de la Balc, organizată de Ion Ţiriac - YouTube: ; Tiriac cumpara 3500 de hectare pentru vanatoare in Bozovici CS ...: [07:22]
* cardigm_ (~Cardigm@gateway/tor-sasl/cardigm) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:22]
mircea_popescu and they kill shit too, tons of everything. [07:22]
TheNewDeal saw a black bear there 2 years ago, was a small one that was up in a tree, just about broke the branch it was on while reaching for some food [07:22]
* mius has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [07:22]
* guruvan has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [07:22]
* BananaLotus has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [07:22]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: who complains? vegetarians ? [07:23]
mircea_popescu unlike the god forsaken plains to the south, romania has a great hunting history [07:23]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform nah, town hipsters. the sort of kids that'd be on reddit if they could comprehend english [07:23]
* cardigm has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [07:23]
mircea_popescu "creative" peoples. [07:23]
mircea_popescu web 2.0 gurus [07:23]
mircea_popescu that sorta crowd. [07:23]
asciilifeform lol! [07:24]
decimation ie those that eat meat but have never slain an animal [07:24]
mircea_popescu ^ [07:24]
mircea_popescu and btw, the guy's right consists of his ownership of the land and the beasts in question [07:25]
mircea_popescu that is all. [07:25]
decimation he doesn't get any pr staff position in the ro government? [07:25]
mircea_popescu notrly. [07:26]
mircea_popescu his son was caught with a load of cocaine once [07:26]
mircea_popescu if you've seen true romance, something like that scene [07:26]
mike_c ok, stupid bug squashed, close bets list working. [07:26]
mircea_popescu but he got out on general barony privilege [07:26]
* Namworld has quit () [07:27]
mike_c ;;later tell kakobrekla [07:27]
gribble The operation succeeded. [07:27]
assbot BitBet Overview - Btc Alpha [07:27]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: why'd they bring back baronies? 'fuse' ? (i.e. somebody for the next set of bolsheviks to guillotine, so normal people might escape ?) [07:28]
mircea_popescu no, just an earnest belief in feudalism. [07:29]
* sensorii (~sensorii@gateway/tor-sasl/sensorii) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:29]
decimation relatedly, elsewhere in colorado the barons who own Anheiser Bush/InBev decided to purchase a town for their own amusement: [07:30]
assbot Bud Light posts first Whatever USA ad on YouTube [07:30]
* BananaLotus (~BananaLot@gateway/tor-sasl/bananalotus) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:30]
* asciilifeform vaguely recalls that firm was bankrupt not long ago ? [07:30]
decimation "Anheuser-Busch paid the town $500,000 to transform the mountain community into a Budweiser paradise as part of the beer giant’s “Up For Whatever” ad campaign." [07:30]
* guruvan (~guruvan@gateway/tor-sasl/guruvan) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:30]
decimation Busch was bought out by euro-brewer InBev [07:31]
asciilifeform decimation: 500k buys a small house here where i live... [07:31]
decimation asciilifeform: yeah it's amusing how cheap/poor people are in the middle of nowhere usa [07:32]
decimation TheNewDeal: i've heard that black bears aren't so aggressive as long as you don't corner a cub [07:32]
asciilifeform middle of nowhere usa << antarctica, even cheaper. [07:32]
TheNewDeal We were playing games at night as a child, someone mistook a small bear cub for me, got real close, but nothing came of it [07:33]
TheNewDeal decimation ever seen pictures of that guy who would let a bear wrap its jaws around his head? [07:34]
decimation when I was a boy scout in my youth I went hiking up in Philmont in northern new mexico - they told horror stories of bears ripping open tents and mauling inhabitants because they could smell food or hygiene products [07:35]
TheNewDeal I've heard the same, or even women's menses [07:35]
* paxtoncamaro91 (~paxtoncam@unaffiliated/paxtoncamaro91) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:36]
decimation "Drought has forced the bears to look for food at some of the ranch's backcountry camps used on hiking treks by Boy Scouts from across the United States." [07:37]
* mius (~mius@gateway/tor-sasl/mius) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:38]
TheNewDeal damn [07:39]
TheNewDeal "The bear continued to roam around the campground. It was shot later that morning by a ranch employee." Nice transition [07:40]
* TheNewDeal has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) [07:40]
decimation reminds me of that Herzog documentary "Happy People". One of the men they follow is a trapper who spends the Siberian winter alone in the taiga trapping animals. He said "I used to raise cattle, and I could never bring myself to slaughter them. Because there is, say, a bull. You raise him for two years. It comes to you expecting you to show affection or give it some treat and instead he gets a bullet in the head. In the taiga, the [07:42]
decimation wild animal knows that no good can come from me, from a man. He tries to escape. Here, it’s about who outsmarts whom." [07:42]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9652 @ 0.00075486 = 7.2859 BTC [+] {2} [07:43]
decimation so the solar flare last week produced a coronal mass ejection that hit the earth and did not cause The End of Days, but it did make pretty aurorae in Norway [07:46]
assbot Auroras [07:46]
[]bot Bet placed: 1 BTC for Yes on "BTC tops all time high before Christmas" Odds: 27(Y):73(N) by coin, 25(Y):75(N) by weight. Total bet: 4.71569497 BTC. Current weight: 84,143. [07:53]
[]bot Bet placed: 1 BTC for Yes on "Bitcoin $817 or above before Christmas" Odds: 24(Y):76(N) by coin, 24(Y):76(N) by weight. Total bet: 4.4198 BTC. Current weight: 99,837. [07:53]
* chalbersma has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) [08:09]
BingoBoingo %p [08:12]
BingoBoingo %d [08:12]
atcbot No data returned from [08:13]
atcbot No data returned from [08:13]
atcbot [iSpace Pool Hashrate]: 1.89 TH/s [08:13]
atcbot [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 1878190.93 Est. Next Diff: 291449.55 in 1111 blocks (#46368) Est. % Change: -84.48 [08:13]
* FabianB (~fabian@unaffiliated/fabianb) has joined #bitcoin-assets [08:19]
* napedia has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [08:20]
* altoz has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [08:20]
* FabianB_ has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [08:22]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [16:27]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets is: || || || [16:27]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets set by kakobrekla!~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla at Wed Mar 5 21:58:12 2014 [16:27]
-assbot- Welcome to #bitcoin-assets. To get voice (ie, to be able to speak), first identify with gribble and then send "!up" to assbot in a private message. If you do not have a WoT account, try politely asking one of the voiced people for a temporary pass. [16:27]
* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [16:28]
* assbot gives voice to kdomanski_ [16:29]
kdomanski_ I'm suprised to see there aren't any bets related to what Russia is doing [16:30]
* kdomanski has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [16:31]
* kdomanski_ is now known as kdomanski [16:31]
mircea_popescu there was one iirc. but really hard to have them resolvable [16:31]
mircea_popescu decimation: TheNewDeal: i've heard that black bears aren't so aggressive as long as you don't corner a cub << bears generally aren't aggressive at all. felides&canides are aggressive if very hungry or during mating season, but otherwise you can get out and people have for ages. animal aggressivity is a cost/benefit consideration, they';re not the convenient antichrist retarded human shamans preach. [16:37]
mircea_popescu they're not an anthropo thing. they're animals. doing their own thing. [16:38]
mircea_popescu decimation: when I was a boy scout in my youth I went hiking up in Philmont in northern new mexico - they told horror stories << re retarded human shamans : here they tell horror stories about muggings. i have, in months, observed exactly one attempt, and it was a clearly us bum trying to pass himself as belgian and doing the talking business. clueless enough to not even fucking spot me, the idiot. but otherwise : ever [16:41]
mircea_popescu y argentine will warn you to "be careful with your belongings!111eleventy", they have special implements in many restaurants to hook&tie your purse to the table, they go as fucking far as to wear backpacks in front, and many kids with it in the back had this mental issue where they reached back and touched the zipper every 30 seconds. [16:41]
mircea_popescu because they've convinced themselves this happens. meanwhile, it never does. walk queens you'll see a mugging every day. walk chacarrita and glty, you got better chances to see a comet. [16:42]
mircea_popescu ;;bc,stats [16:45]
gribble Current Blocks: 320978 | Current Difficulty: 2.9829733124040417E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 322559 | Next Difficulty In: 1581 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 2 days, 8 hours, 31 minutes, and 14 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 33058442115.7 | Estimated Percent Change: 10.82379 [16:45]
* chalbersma (9f8cfe64@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:48]
* assbot gives voice to los_pantalones [16:48]
los_pantalones mircea_popescu i couldn't believe how many people came up to me [16:48]
los_pantalones to tell me to put away my cell phone [16:48]
mircea_popescu los_pantalones ikr ?! [16:48]
los_pantalones not one person ever looked at me funny [16:48]
mircea_popescu to me too. and i got a 100 pesos samsung dumbphone. it's light, i couldn't care less if someone steals it. [16:49]
los_pantalones but ppl would come running in a panice [16:49]
los_pantalones PUT IT AWAY [16:49]
mircea_popescu in fact, i might enjoy the sport of it [16:49]
los_pantalones as opposed to las ramblas in barcelona [16:49]
mircea_popescu as opposed to anywhere in "the civilised" world. [16:49]
los_pantalones where 50% of the ppl there are just a network of pickpockets [16:49]
mircea_popescu and this isn't even all of it. when i left for mexico everyone in the us was like "pack tp" [16:50]
mircea_popescu meanwhile, the bus stations in fucking rural mexico are airport-clean, you can eat off the floors. [16:50]
los_pantalones haha, yes [16:50]
mircea_popescu go check out greyhound station in mobile sometime [16:50]
mircea_popescu not even the streetwalkers hang there. [16:50]
los_pantalones US gas station bathrooms are the worst [16:50]
los_pantalones driving through rural turkey was better [16:51]
* fanquake_ (~anonymous@unaffiliated/fanquake) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:51]
mircea_popescu basically the various govts have pulled the trick of all time : convinced the people living in the shithole of the world they're living in the only livable tip thereof. [16:51]
mircea_popescu if only the soviets had such pixie dust [16:51]
* assbot gives voice to chalbersma [16:51]
los_pantalones ha, didn't they just run out of it? [16:52]
mircea_popescu yeah and vice-versa. speaking in english to womenz in romanian cabs, driver picks the idea i'm like from boston [16:52]
mircea_popescu and so he starts telling me all about how they die of hunger over there and how bad romania is [16:52]
mircea_popescu im like... you're such a fucking retard, i live here for the food motherfucker. [16:53]
los_pantalones hahaha [16:53]
mircea_popescu because srsly, it is the best place in the world for food. [16:53]
mircea_popescu i don't mean other places don't have good food, but if you're european/(french-italian branch), there's just nowhere to go. [16:53]
* fanquake has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [16:53]
* fanquake_ is now known as fanquake [16:54]
los_pantalones romanian specifically or east europe ? [16:54]
mircea_popescu maybe you get a ny deli with decent stuff most of the time, maybe you're willing to drop 20k euro a month to eat properly in paris, [16:54]
mircea_popescu but then again maybe you don't. [16:54]
los_pantalones bulgarians are fanatics about their tomatoes [16:54]
mircea_popescu los_pantalones romania specifically, from timisoara/oradea to brasov. [16:54]
mircea_popescu los_pantalones yes but they don't do salt pickles. which... romanians end up importing the gherkins and pickling locally. [16:54]
los_pantalones i'll be in bucharest next summer for a bit, i'll report on the veracity of your claims [16:55]
mircea_popescu bucharest is shit. [16:55]
mircea_popescu if you look at a map, it's outside the perimeter i described :) [16:55]
los_pantalones pickles are such an art form [16:55]
mircea_popescu totally. [16:55]
los_pantalones so bad in the US [16:55]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:55]
mircea_popescu bucharest is like trying to eat in washington dc. [16:55]
mircea_popescu they eat tax money there, not food. [16:56]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [16:56]
los_pantalones maybe i'll bring the family and we'll venture out [16:56]
mircea_popescu you coming to the conference btw ? [16:57]
los_pantalones yessir [16:57]
mircea_popescu dun forget to pay before it hikes! [16:57]
* Graet has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [16:57]
los_pantalones kk [16:58]
mircea_popescu i have nfi what to do here, i mean the town is hooker central, but i don't imagine people would much like the italian arrangement [16:59]
mircea_popescu (seat people with wife on right, whore on left) [16:59]
mircea_popescu i guess ima run a poll see if people want fambly friendly or what. [16:59]
los_pantalones my vote for not [17:00]
los_pantalones biz trip [17:00]
mircea_popescu last time i tried to do it "bring your gf" but mostly ppl didn't. [17:00]
* kermit has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [17:00]
kakobrekla shame on you lampelina . [17:01]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:01]
mircea_popescu by the way, BitBet announcement : the contract specifies 30% of shares are sold on a increasing schedule, after their being sold me and kako each get 10% into our accounts. [17:02]
kakobrekla 10 + 10 = 30 ? [17:03]
kakobrekla ;;calc 10+10 [17:03]
gribble 20 [17:03]
kakobrekla no. [17:03]
mircea_popescu seeing how it's been about two years and the 30% still ain't all sold, and given that the contract was made at a btc of like 15 so it significantly misjudges things, and seeing how us having 0 shares in hand is inconvenient because we want to do things like give mike some shares cause he keeps doing cool shit [17:03]
mircea_popescu i am unilaterally modifying that thing, and will release the 10% blocks to our accounts later this week. [17:03]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla well it's 30% on sale and 10% a head held in reserve making for 50% [17:03]
* altoz ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:04]
kakobrekla hrm? [17:04]
* kakobrekla goes to reread the contract [17:05]
mircea_popescu hrm? is a very bad error message!1 [17:05]
kakobrekla lol [17:05]
mircea_popescu MiniGame announcement : i received sketches for 36 itams, ofwhich 24 animals and 12 plants, from jason juta (the wizards of the coast guy) who's worked with us before and i was very satisfied. [17:06]
mike_c sweet. i think any changes that involve giving mike some stuff is a good idea. [17:06]
mircea_popescu ima be scoring them and getting the fully painted things later this month, and we will proceed having them modelled then. [17:06]
mircea_popescu mike_c lol [17:06]
mircea_popescu no but it is getting ridiculous, wanted to do this after the bitbet ads thing but o noes, contracts. [17:06]
mircea_popescu eventually i had enough. [17:06]
kakobrekla 3. (f)Of the remainder 5`000`000 (five million) shares, 3`000`000 (three million) will be used as described in paragraph (b) above. The proceeds of those sales will go to the two individuals named above, alternatively for each block, starting with Matic "kakobrekla" Kočevar for the first block. Thirty days after the completion of the IPO as described in paragraph (b) above the remainder 2`000`000 (two million) shares will be distributed e [17:08]
kakobrekla among the two named individuals, each receiving a block of 1`000`000 (one million) shares. [17:08]
mircea_popescu right, which 1mn = 10% [17:09]
kakobrekla this is the clause? has it been 30 days already sheesh. [17:09]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla well completion of ipo as in, them selling. [17:09]
kakobrekla a right. [17:09]
mircea_popescu which.. you know. but anyway, lessons learned galore from that 1st try. it's time to release the undead hold. [17:09]
kakobrekla so basically a hardcoded date should be a fix for this [17:10]
mircea_popescu many different fixes for many different aspects. either a fixed date, not such large blocks on sale, not such strictly fixed prices etc. [17:11]
mircea_popescu it was one of those bright engineering ideas what does in fact work as intended, but causes such a pile of unintended consequences as to wipe out any benefit. [17:12]
mircea_popescu so... reiteration! [17:12]
* Enky (~enky@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:13]
mircea_popescu RagnarDanneskjol: ha - derps are setting up shop in BA << it's a big town [17:19]
mircea_popescu "After a brief introduction to some of the building’s chief organizers, along with a tour of the facility, I was a fellow citizen in good standing, in the world of Bitcoin. " [17:20]
mircea_popescu in your dreems, punk. [17:20]
mircea_popescu jeez why the fuck am i reading bitcoinragazine. [17:21]
RagnarDanneskjol sorry - thought you needed to know the enemy is in yur backyard [17:22]
mircea_popescu lol what enemy [17:23]
mircea_popescu kids hanging out are no one's enemy., [17:23]
* miaoux (~miaoux@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:23]
RagnarDanneskjol well - they aren't allies, so [17:23]
mircea_popescu but anyway, it's a big city, 20mn or so, plenty of room for derpage here. [17:23]
RagnarDanneskjol ha [17:23]
mircea_popescu you should hear the whores thinking outloud. [17:23]
RagnarDanneskjol hmm [17:24]
* fanquake_ (~anonymous@unaffiliated/fanquake) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:25]
* fanquake has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [17:27]
* fanquake_ is now known as fanquake [17:27]
mircea_popescu mike_c btw, make yourself a banner for the thing, you get a month. [17:34]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4771 @ 0.00075359 = 3.5954 BTC [+] [17:40]
mircea_popescu << remember the 50s ? back when WE were the muslims ? [17:43]
mike_c <+mircea_popescu> mike_c btw, make yourself a banner << hm? a banner for what? [17:48]
mircea_popescu for the new tool [17:48]
mike_c ah, k. [17:49]
mircea_popescu i figure the best audience for it is bitbet itself [17:50]
mike_c yup, makes sense [17:50]
* miaoux has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:55]
* pete_dushenski (~pete_dush@unaffiliated/pete-dushenski/x-8158685) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:59]
* assbot gives voice to pete_dushenski [18:00]
mircea_popescu << bitcoin company ceo negotiates. [18:03]
assbot Wow Mom tells kid no more World of Warcraft Gold Guide - YouTube [18:03]
pete_dushenski to all: wd on the logs, this fine morning. [18:05]
fluffypony pete_dushenski: NOW READ [18:05]
fluffypony and bask in the glory of 0 lines from me [18:05]
fluffypony muhaahahahahahaaha [18:05]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: no, that's not retirement, that's being alive. << la vita bella, to be sure [18:06]
pete_dushenski fluffypony: well nao you have… 3 lol [18:06]
fluffypony hah hah [18:06]
fluffypony how goes it, pete_dushenski ? [18:06]
mircea_popescu fluffypony what are you up to anywya [18:06]
wyrdmantis hi pete [18:06]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski they weren't COMPLETELY bare were they ? [18:06]
pete_dushenski fluffypony: i'm pretty stoked that my latvia post beat yours ;) [18:07]
fluffypony hah hah [18:07]
fluffypony too much to do, too little time [18:07]
pete_dushenski wyrdmantis: howdy. [18:07]
* Duffer1 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [18:07]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: you think i make joke? the logs are really quite splendid this 16th of september [18:08]
mircea_popescu aok :p [18:08]
mircea_popescu here at house of b-a no joke sir. no joke at all. [18:09]
pete_dushenski then what of that cia joke a week ago that made me lol so? [18:10]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: now the reports and the contract are fucking diverged and jurov has legitimate complaint #873 << c'est possible! [18:11]
pete_dushenski notsakamoto: rumor has it ethereum selling 1/2 their holdings to pay for dev. 15,000 btc hitting market soon << that's some diamond encrusted dev work right there [18:12]
mircea_popescu in other news, i'm selling louisiana to pay for haircuts. [18:12]
mircea_popescu if you live in louisiana you should be worried, isis is the top bidder so far [18:13]
BingoBoingo There once was a mayor named Ford, of wood he cut a full cord. Twas his abode! Oh how he felt like a chode. And then there was another Mayor named Ford. [18:13]
mircea_popescu the fundamentalist mormon state a distant second [18:13]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: i can't fucking believe scientificamerican seriously is advocating making tanks run windows. << i read this as "building tanks with windows for looking out of." funnily, they may just replace seeing windows with mircoderp windows [18:13]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski tanks haven't had plain optics for a while now. too hard to shield. [18:14]
mircea_popescu much cheaper to just put ten thousand cams on the body of the thing [18:14]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: a didn't know this was fait accompli [18:14]
pete_dushenski that's even better then [18:14]
pete_dushenski "we miss our windows!" cried the generals [18:14]
pete_dushenski "here, take these. they'll keep you warm at night" [18:15]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: sometimes i feel like unconvertible Excel files are the only reason MS still exists << xls has no problem being turned into google docs. though that may be about as big a difference as bush and obama. [18:16]
kdomanski mircea_popescu: I don't know about the cams, but the driver's front window is an array of mirrors, usually [18:17]
los_pantalones anyone in here ever met / dealth with zooko wilcox-o'hearn ? [18:17]
thestringpuller good morning/afternoon/evening all [18:18]
punkman pete_dushenski: tabular data can be easily exfiltrated. Problem is when you have multiple sheets, VB scripts and other custom derpage. [18:18]
pete_dushenski asciilifeform: the original 'salami slicer' thief, if i recall, stole the rounding error at a large bank. << as seen in canonical movie "office space" (1999( [18:18]
thestringpuller (given everyone is in ridic different time zones) [18:18]
* Graet (~Graet@unaffiliated/graet) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:18]
pete_dushenski punkman: fair point. excel is still full fat. google docs is spreadsheet lite. [18:19]
punkman pete_dushenski: in all fairness, Excel is the only viable GUI for big spreadsheets [18:20]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: i stopped the car, got out and spent the next hour screaming at people on the phone. << nao there's a man who doesn't take shit from people who are used to giving it all day. [18:20]
ThickAsThieves ;;estimate [18:22]
gribble Next difficulty estimate | 33147848402.3 based on data since last change | 33410380121.3 based on data for last three days [18:22]
ThickAsThieves :) [18:22]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: "TGI Friday's << they actually had one of these abominations in riga [18:23]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: double :) [18:23]
pete_dushenski ;;nethash [18:23]
gribble 239164465.973 [18:23]
pete_dushenski i think the only time i've been to a tgif was in nyc in 2000. i'll never forget it because it was the first time i saw a menu with a whole page for "the atkins diet" [18:24]
pete_dushenski it was pretty much just bacon cheese steaks [18:24]
* danielpbarron has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [18:24]
pete_dushenski and that's when i learned about fad diets [18:25]
ThickAsThieves atkins diet is very shit-restaurant friendly [18:25]
thestringpuller ;;seen arij [18:25]
gribble arij was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 22 weeks, 5 days, 22 hours, 48 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: pLambert, yes, pm me [18:25]
ThickAsThieves you want a pile of cheese and meat? you got it! [18:25]
ThickAsThieves free celery stick incl [18:26]
* danielpbarron ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:26]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: gluten free menu only slightly trickier to manage [18:28]
pete_dushenski often many poorly concocted substitutions [18:28]
* Kushedout ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:32]
* Kushedout is now known as Kushed [18:32]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski: tabular data can be easily exfiltrated. Problem is when you have multiple sheets, VB scripts and other custom derpage. << vb scripts being untranslatable because of just how retarded vb is [18:32]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski: in all fairness, Excel is the only viable GUI for big spreadsheets << wtf are you talking about ?! [18:32]
punkman mircea_popescu: you ever try to open 500mb spreadsheet in LibreOffice or whatever? [18:33]
mircea_popescu well, an old open office, yes. [18:33]
mircea_popescu because at some point a bunch of derps in an office "we dunno why our computers are all borkt we had ppl repair them 5x but not able to fix" [18:33]
wyrdmantis pete_dushenski: i was wondering... would you give me a little loan, to improve my WoT? there are better ways? [18:34]
ThickAsThieves google docs has an obnoxiously low limit on size too [18:34]
mircea_popescu so i wiped a laptop, installed ubuntu, installed open office and had it load the thing and cut out the spurious data. [18:34]
pete_dushenski ;;gettrust wyrdmantis [18:35]
gribble Currently authenticated from hostmask wyrdmantis!9740323c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Trust relationship from user pete_dushenski to user wyrdmantis: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: Mon Aug 11 07:05:19 2014 [18:35]
mircea_popescu this was cca early 2000s tho, no idea meanwhile [18:35]
punkman I made a lot of the open source ones crash last year, client was fine with his Excel [18:35]
pete_dushenski wyrdmantis: got any skills? writing, researching, coding, etc.? [18:35]
mircea_popescu maybe excel picked up in the meanwhile, but last i saw of it it was ridiculous. [18:35]
mircea_popescu i suppose they musta done a full 64 byte rewrite of the engine or something [18:36]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski he's an economist actually [18:36]
mircea_popescu wyrdmantis this loan for wot business is dimly regarded, but your best avenue would perhaps be to intern with mike_c for btcalpha. [18:36]
mircea_popescu win-win, you both get something from it. [18:36]
mircea_popescu i think he's looking for more ppls to do econometric type of work [18:37]
wyrdmantis pete_dushenski: researching, i have PhD in communication, highly informed on bitcoin topic [18:37]
wyrdmantis pete_dushenski: and i've started study coding... but the topic is huge... maybe with a little guidance... [18:38]
kakobrekla first econometric task could be to measure the circumference of a bitcoin [18:38]
* Enky has quit (Quit: Nettalk6 - [18:38]
mircea_popescu atkins diet is very shit-restaurant friendly << mystery solved. i had nfi why people still reference that idiocy after all these years. [18:38]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla that's not econometry you hater you :D [18:39]
* stormlight has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [18:39]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:39]
mircea_popescu ow shit, here i go confusing wywialm with wyrdmantis [18:40]
mircea_popescu sorry both of you. wy collision in my head. [18:40]
* fanquake has quit (Quit: fanquake) [18:40]
wyrdmantis lolz does not matter [18:41]
BingoBoingo Of course it matters! Wy collisions are messy! [18:41]
BingoBoingo What if Wyoming were to become involved [18:42]
wyrdmantis yeah wyoming, nice place, never seen it [18:42]
mircea_popescu "one wy entry should be enough for everyone" [18:43]
wyrdmantis lol [18:43]
pete_dushenski wyrdmantis: o they matter. collisions were the catalyst for pete_d rather than bitcoinpete [18:43]
pete_dushenski wyrdmantis: and i'm sure something will come up soon. stayed tuned :) [18:44]
* stormlight has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [18:44]
mircea_popescu what's to come, wywialm is the guy';s name [18:45]
wyrdmantis pete_dushenski: what this means? is it something about security? [18:46]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: not just one man. the man with something to say. there was never anything of any value or utility come from listening "to people" and "their needs" << the apple watch is past the inflection point. a point that was, in my estimation, the iphone 5's 4" screen [18:47]
pete_dushenski 24 months ago... [18:47]
pete_dushenski prior to that, it was "fuck you, 3.5" is perfect" and they were right [18:47]
ThickAsThieves i'm no sure i agree on that one point [18:48]
pete_dushenski then apple recognized its competition as such, rather than as inferior pretenders, and it's been downhill since [18:48]
kakobrekla the bigger the screen the bigger the sales, with iphone. [18:48]
mircea_popescu i didn't reallt follow apple, so i dunno. [18:49]
pete_dushenski wyrdmantis: not a security thing, no. [18:49]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: how do you see it? [18:49]
ThickAsThieves personal bias probly [18:49]
ThickAsThieves i dont keep a real cell phone, just a 7" tablet with data plan [18:49]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla honestly, my thinking was, "either apple actually comes with holodisplays for a 2015ish horizon, or it won't matter by 2020" [18:49]
ThickAsThieves love it [18:49]
ThickAsThieves i also dont like talking on the phone [18:50]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves hard to do since irc huh. [18:50]
ThickAsThieves the idea of being immediately available to anyone irks me [18:50]
pete_dushenski kakobrekla: which is of course coincides with entering china and shit [18:50]
ThickAsThieves other than my fambly i guess [18:50]
kakobrekla china got other iphones [18:50]
ThickAsThieves and they know to email [18:50]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: no disagreement there, but where do you see apple's decline commencing? [18:51]
pete_dushenski if not the iphone 5 [18:51]
* trixisowned has quit (Quit: Leaving) [18:51]
kakobrekla mircea_popescu i dont see why they wouldnt [18:51]
ThickAsThieves oh i wasnt meaning to comment on that aspect so much as that i think it's no biggie to have 2 or 3 sizes avail [18:51]
ThickAsThieves people come in all shapes and biases [18:51]
pete_dushenski kakobrekla: they do nao that they've had a few years to copy the original. but the fruit brand is still the fruit brand. lv is still lv [18:51]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla because if you have a lot of money and not much thought leadership you will be scammed. [18:52]
ThickAsThieves apple died when it went ALL in on design and walled garden [18:52]
ThickAsThieves it's just like MS going all in on locking people into Office/Win [18:52]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski lv is actually about 35% lv [18:52]
mircea_popescu the rest are undetected fakes. [18:52]
ThickAsThieves cant be sustained [18:52]
kakobrekla pete_dushenski heard of xiaomi? [18:52]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: lol! [18:52]
pete_dushenski kakobrekla: def [18:53]
kakobrekla apl cant do shit against that. [18:53]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla what is it ? [18:53]
* chetty has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [18:53]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: apple has always been "all in" on design. though the walled garden is an ios thing [18:53]
pete_dushenski ;;google xiaomi [18:54]
gribble Xiaomi: ; Xiaomi: ; Xiaomi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: [18:54]
kakobrekla supposedly a quality iphone lookalike that runs some android for much less dorra [18:54]
ThickAsThieves by all in, i mean they made it their gimmick more than their charge [18:54]
pete_dushenski and sends plaintext data to people's servers [18:54]
ThickAsThieves they leveraged it [18:54]
ThickAsThieves and now post_jobs crew is harvesting it [18:54]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: xiaomi has people hooked with, get this, weekly software updates [18:55]
ThickAsThieves crop wont be there next time [18:55]
pete_dushenski it's like digsec hell [18:55]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: agreed. [18:55]
* mircea_popescu continues to not get it [18:56]
kakobrekla china is very different. so same tricks do not work as on mericans. [18:56]
mircea_popescu i guess im old. [18:56]
ThickAsThieves the watch was a bad idea [18:56]
ThickAsThieves so bad [18:56]
pete_dushenski horrendous [18:56]
ThickAsThieves they couldve showed some grace by bowing out on the wearables garbage [18:56]
ThickAsThieves nothing feels more douchey than wearing a wearable [18:56]
pete_dushenski nao we know they've got no grace left in the tank [18:56]
mircea_popescu google glass will own the watch on basic "wearables" and even google glass seems to lose the wider socioacceptance war, what with all the glasshole sites and whatnot [18:57]
ThickAsThieves both will gloriously fail [18:57]
mircea_popescu if the bitchez dun think glass is cool, the nerds don't buy glass, and the whole story collapses [18:57]
ThickAsThieves glass already has really [18:57]
thestringpuller two bit idiot needs to just die [18:57]
ThickAsThieves itll be a pro security tool or such maaaaybe eventually [18:57]
mircea_popescu thestringpuller until you said something i had thought he had. [18:57]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves that existed for a while now, and better adapted for the job. [18:58]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: i'm not sure that bitz think any new tech is cool on guys [18:58]
pete_dushenski though they certainly like their own megaphones [18:58]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski dunno man, they loved the condom. [18:58]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 5 @ 0.2 = 1 BTC [-] [18:58]
pete_dushenski !b 4 [18:58]
assbot Last 4 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [18:58]
mircea_popescu they also loved the car, and the bike [18:59]
ThickAsThieves another prob with iwatch is it requires iphone [18:59]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu: ok ok [18:59]
* kdomanski_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:59]
ThickAsThieves once user boots both up and diddles with em in public, they will feel that nice rush of emarassment [18:59]
ThickAsThieves b [18:59]
pete_dushenski gurlz also loved airplanes and zeppelins and catapults [18:59]
thestringpuller apparently people are now paying him to ramble about bitcoin? [19:00]
thestringpuller when did he become an expert on the subject.... [19:00]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: as so many samsungtards have already discovered [19:00]
ThickAsThieves there's a cool short about wearables in The Black Mirror [19:00]
ThickAsThieves all 3 eps are pretty cool [19:01]
ThickAsThieves if you havent seen em [19:01]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 1.27218897 BTC to 15`093 shares, 8429 satoshi per share [19:01]
* miaoux ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:01]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] [PAID] 5.64644108 BTC to 1`149`988 shares, 491 satoshi per share [19:02]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: have not. but i'm off to the races. chip chip cheerio! [19:02]
* pete_dushenski has quit (Quit: pete_dushenski) [19:03]
thestringpuller ThickAsThieves: are you going to start that record label? [19:03]
* DoctorBTC is now known as Guest59781 [19:03]
* kdomanski has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [19:03]
ThickAsThieves not anytime soon [19:04]
* kdomanski_ is now known as kdomanski [19:05]
thestringpuller whats the key component of a label? i originally thought distribution but i'm certain i'm wrong [19:05]
ThickAsThieves i have some decent ideas about music thingies but my right left says no [19:05]
ThickAsThieves that's the key component of a distributor ;) [19:05]
thestringpuller XD [19:06]
ThickAsThieves a label can be any subset or all services required to have a music business [19:06]
thestringpuller distribution seems moot in light of ticket sales on tours (if the artist has that kind of pull on fans) [19:07]
ThickAsThieves mgmt, booking, pr, dist, merch, legal, etc [19:07]
ThickAsThieves i think there's something to applying crowdfunding concepts to music biz [19:07]
ThickAsThieves might be where it's going [19:07]
ThickAsThieves like memberships, buffet subscriptions, preorder stretch goals and shit [19:08]
thestringpuller what about acquiring fans tho? [19:08]
thestringpuller like for instance Jay-Z can announce a concert and it sales out [19:08]
ThickAsThieves these days, that's the artist's problem [19:08]
thestringpuller Beatlemania in the 60's [19:08]
thestringpuller etc. [19:08]
thestringpuller has it always been the artist's problem? [19:09]
ThickAsThieves broadly yes [19:09]
ThickAsThieves not in the 90s/00s tho [19:09]
ThickAsThieves maybe not 80s either [19:09]
kakobrekla jesus [19:10]
thestringpuller so this is a recent development? [19:10]
kakobrekla you need to 'register for a flash sale' to get these [19:10]
kakobrekla [19:10]
assbot 40,000 Redmi 1S Smartphones Gone in 3.4 Seconds: Xiaomi | NDTV Gadgets [19:10]
kakobrekla 350k registration, 40k phones [19:10]
thestringpuller kakobrekla: i heard those aren't ready for production tho. very buggy. [19:10]
ThickAsThieves the talent market is much more commoditized now [19:11]
ThickAsThieves easy to find decent bands, so easier to focus on ones that already have some traction [19:11]
ThickAsThieves look at macklemore, he did it without signing to anyone [19:11]
ThickAsThieves so he says at least [19:12]
thestringpuller i wonder how fans select someone to follow in critical mass [19:13]
ThickAsThieves same as always [19:13]
ThickAsThieves friends and media [19:13]
ThickAsThieves and pandora [19:13]
ThickAsThieves :) [19:13]
thestringpuller like Kesha sucks tho [19:13]
ThickAsThieves sure [19:13]
thestringpuller but she still sells out venues [19:13]
ThickAsThieves thats why 80s-00s ruined shit, they made music a business model, all they needed was a husk amd some writers [19:14]
ThickAsThieves 80s not as bad i guess [19:14]
ThickAsThieves indie music kinda jived with pop music back then a bit [19:14]
ThickAsThieves wtf is with this Disney Frozen popularity [19:15]
ThickAsThieves i tried watching it [19:15]
ThickAsThieves so badf [19:15]
ThickAsThieves like i thought it was a joke [19:15]
ThickAsThieves the singing and lyrics are written for a 3yo retard [19:16]
* samO_ (6d5dedf1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:16]
* samO_ has quit (Changing host) [19:16]
* samO_ (6d5dedf1@unaffiliated/samo) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:16]
* samO_ has quit (Changing host) [19:16]
* samO_ (6d5dedf1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:16]
ThickAsThieves ;;ticker btce [19:17]
gribble (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg|--vol] [--currency XXX] [--market |all]) -- Return pretty-printed ticker. Default market is Bitstamp. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure (1 more message) [19:17]
* samO is now known as Guest74321 [19:17]
* samO_ is now known as samO [19:17]
ThickAsThieves ;;ticker btc-e [19:17]
gribble (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg|--vol] [--currency XXX] [--market |all]) -- Return pretty-printed ticker. Default market is Bitstamp. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure (1 more message) [19:17]
ThickAsThieves bleh [19:17]
BingoBoingo ;;ticker --market btce [19:17]
gribble BTC-E BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 456.8, Best ask: 457.999, Bid-ask spread: 1.19900, Last trade: 457.999, 24 hour volume: 3155.73003, 24 hour low: 456.15302, 24 hour high: 470.0, 24 hour vwap: 463.07651 [19:17]
ThickAsThieves thx [19:17]
BingoBoingo ;;ticker --market all [19:18]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 467.74, vol: 5787.99807629 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 457.999, vol: 3155.73003 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 468.72, vol: 3843.13517769 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 467.173526, vol: 15446.36720000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 482.0, vol: 2.09625389 | Bitcoin-Central BTCUSD last: 478.05505, vol: 54.60290031 | Volume-weighted last average: 466.498196454 [19:18]
ThickAsThieves now i get the switches [19:18]
BingoBoingo Wait is Adrian Petersen here already? [19:18]
* Guest74321 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [19:18]
* Enky (~enky@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:18]
thestringpuller ThickAsThieves damn that's depressing. rather than discovering talent, we try to manufacture it? [19:19]
ThickAsThieves or at least, deliver via husks rather than actual creators [19:23]
ThickAsThieves but i'm not sure that happens as much anymore [19:23]
ThickAsThieves either way, i simply dont have the passion for it right now [19:24]
thestringpuller seems moot. i'm interested in show biz but yes the passion... [19:25]
thestringpuller not there. [19:25]
thestringpuller thanks for the talk ThickAsThieves [19:25]
ThickAsThieves np, take it fwiw, i'm just one opinionated dude, probly wrong about half what i said [19:26]
* Dimsler ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:27]
* adrrr_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:27]
* assbot gives voice to adrrr_ [19:29]
* adrrr_ has quit (Client Quit) [19:29]
* mike_c has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [19:30]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:30]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [19:31]
mircea_popescu when did he become an expert on the subject.... << you mean in his own head or irl ? [19:33]
mircea_popescu 350k registration, 40k phones << i gotta partner with these poeple somehow. [19:34]
mircea_popescu or at least, deliver via husks rather than actual creators << dude, nobody wants to spend 3 minutes watching a "creator" that's not female, not properly jugged and not properly skinned. [19:36]
mircea_popescu they're not husks, they're what people want to look at. women with the udder bulding out. [19:36]
thestringpuller mircea_popescu: he is apparently speaking at MIT as an expert and giving away prizes to the freshman... [19:36]
thestringpuller i will find you link [19:36]
mircea_popescu thestringpuller a better question is who DIDNT speak at mit. [19:36]
mircea_popescu max tucker spoke at mit. [19:36]
mircea_popescu that lesbian author/activist whatever her name is spoke at mit [19:37]
mircea_popescu all it takes to speak at mit is a pulse. [19:37]
thestringpuller mircea_popescu: [19:37]
assbot Speaking live in about an hour at MIT, as the first event to introduce the lucky undergrads to their $100 of bitcoin [19:37]
mircea_popescu heh k. do the lucky undergrads have to write anything on their tits ? [19:37]
thestringpuller i should go to MIT and start a drug business with bitcoin since they've already seeded the coins [19:37]
* kdomanski has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:37]
thestringpuller or underage alcohol acquisition [19:38]
* kdomanski ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:38]
thestringpuller and no allt he lucky undergrads have to do is be at MIT [19:38]
thestringpuller ... [19:38]
* stormlight (~stormligh@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:43]
* ThickAsThieves has quit () [19:47]
asciilifeform all it takes to speak at mit is a pulse << nah. yours truly, for instance, has pulse, but will not be invited to speak there. etc [19:49]
mircea_popescu you don't understand. A PULSE. that's it. [19:50]
mircea_popescu your problem is the excess. [19:50]
* blackwhite_ (~blackwhit@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:51]
asciilifeform lol [19:52]
* blackwhite has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [19:52]
* blackwhite_ is now known as blackwhite [19:52]
* Enky has quit (Quit: Nettalk6 - [19:56]
* chetty (~chet@unaffiliated/chetty) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:00]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2964 @ 0.00075136 = 2.227 BTC [-] [20:06]
mircea_popescu so here's a clients from hell idea. art guy sent me proofs for eulora flora/fauna, i could send him an email going [20:09]
mircea_popescu "people around the office have seen your drafts, and they have proved very divisive. people can not agree on which are good or better and there have even been arguments. this sort of subversive activity is completely inappropriate for an office setting. i would like you to complete a sensitivity training course for art people." [20:10]
kakobrekla 350k registration, 40k phones << i gotta partner with these poeple somehow. < just learn their sekrits [20:10]
* drawingthesun has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [20:12]
* Quanttek ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:13]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla ok, teach me obikako [20:13]
kakobrekla 1. weekly updates. [20:14]
kakobrekla i dont need to go to nb 2 eh [20:14]
kakobrekla but seriously, its cheap, for the masses as they stupidly want. [20:16]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13335 @ 0.000751 = 10.0146 BTC [-] [20:16]
kakobrekla like discussed earlier. [20:16]
kakobrekla > there was never anything of any value or utility come from listening "to people" and "their needs" < does not out by itself, you need to extract the value out [20:18]
* mircea_popescu does the international jewish hand gesture. [20:20]
[]bot Bet placed: 1.25 BTC for No on "Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) Jan 2015 over $200 at any point in 2014" Odds: 14(Y):86(N) by coin, 22(Y):78(N) by weight. Total bet: 36.35204745 BTC. Current weight: 31,793. [20:20]
kakobrekla you asked . [20:21]
* assbot gives voice to ben_vulpes [20:22]
ben_vulpes ;;ticker [20:22]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 467.21, Best ask: 467.81, Bid-ask spread: 0.60000, Last trade: 467.82, 24 hour volume: 5761.32276708, 24 hour low: 465.31, 24 hour high: 476.64, 24 hour vwap: 470.778225626 [20:22]
ben_vulpes when's this ether dump? [20:22]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla yeah i know. ftr, i dun really believe that's why. cum hoc etc. [20:23]
* kermit has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [20:23]
mircea_popescu ;;google i will gladly repay you on thursday for an ethereum today [20:23]
gribble Ethereum & Bitcoin : Protocols for $9.3 trillion in value for dead ...: ; Selling Rare Ethereal Soul Trader Pet - Forums - World of Warcraft ...: ; Ethereal Link KickStarter Heads Up: Project Navalusu [2014-06-30 ...: (1 more message) [20:23]
mircea_popescu how quickly pop culture forgets. [20:23]
kakobrekla its not the whole receptive, but key ingredient. [20:23]
kakobrekla eh [20:24]
kakobrekla recepie [20:24]
kakobrekla autowrong. [20:24]
mircea_popescu recipe :D [20:24]
kakobrekla not if its for a pie [20:24]
* Kushed has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:24]
mircea_popescu which reminds me, this is the XXVIIIth edition of our show, How Romanian Is Better Than You! Welcome! today, the word tiz. [20:24]
mircea_popescu in romanian, all people with the same first name share a relationship. they're each other's tiz (read exactly like tease). [20:25]
* Kushed ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:25]
mircea_popescu meanwhile, all people fucking the same woman also share a relationship. they're sogori [20:25]
mircea_popescu so there's a town of sogortiz. [20:25]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: people fucking the same woman also share a relationship << 'milk brothers' where i come from [20:26]
mircea_popescu today's edition of HRIBTY! brought to you by our sponsors, xaomi and gogerty. [20:26]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform no, those are the people who suckled the same teat as infants. [20:26]
mircea_popescu as opposed to blood brothers, people that did this bizarre knifeplay thing in adolescence [20:26]
mircea_popescu or i guess prison. [20:27]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: according to mother and school - yes. but the term got recycled for that other thing. [20:27]
mircea_popescu well blood brothers got recycled for gayzors too, but hey. we're purists over here at HRIBTY! [20:27]
kakobrekla kakobrekla yeah i know. ftr, i dun really believe that's why. cum hoc etc. < you know, just ask the chumpatrons. [20:27]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla problem is all failed chumpatrons claim to have been successful. [20:27]
mircea_popescu before it went under, myspace was like whatever, ah so powerful. [20:28]
kakobrekla an eagle may not learn from the crow, but humans have learned from others better. [20:28]
mircea_popescu a decade ago digg was doing everything reddit is doing today and "winning" [20:28]
mircea_popescu etc. [20:28]
* saulimus has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:29]
* saulimus ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:29]
mircea_popescu i dun particularly wish to learn how to give a very convincing representation of success for a very brief interval. [20:29]
* deafboy_ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [20:29]
kakobrekla since when are we on 'representation' [20:30]
* elgrecoFL has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:30]
* X-Rob has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:30]
kakobrekla also [20:30]
kakobrekla how do you measure success [20:30]
mircea_popescu i know ;/ [20:30]
* deafboy ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:30]
* dignork has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [20:30]
ben_vulpes just look at how dissimilar those under measure are from me [20:31]
* elgrecoFL (sid39955@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:31]
mircea_popescu ben_vulpes hm ? [20:32]
ben_vulpes bah nm [20:32]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: people fucking the same woman also share a relationship << 'milk brothers' where i come from << Around these parts the term Eskimo Brother is used [20:32]
* wyrdmantis has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [20:33]
* X-Rob (sid14615@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:33]
* dignork (~dignork@gateway/tor-sasl/dignork) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:34]
mircea_popescu oh, also, let's do a Romanian Surprisingly Sucks! show. so, romanian does not distinguish between niece (nepoata) and grand daughter (nepoata). [20:35]
mircea_popescu nor between throat (git) and neck (git). nor between fingers and toes. [20:35]
* Guest55668 has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [20:36]
mircea_popescu it does distinguish underage or unexcited cock (puta) from proper cock (pula), but it does not distinguish underage cock from underage cunt. [20:37]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: russian - leg==foot, finger==toe [20:37]
mircea_popescu romanian tries this foot = laba piciorului, ie leg's paw [20:37]
* elgrecoFL has quit (Changing host) [20:37]
* elgrecoFL (sid39955@unaffiliated/elgrecofl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:37]
* elgrecoFL has quit (Changing host) [20:37]
* elgrecoFL (sid39955@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:37]
mircea_popescu but in practice it's too long for anyone to bother [20:38]
mircea_popescu technically arm = brat ; hand = mina but in practice nobody even knows what brat is [20:38]
kakobrekla as sad as it might be, i dont think a nice package ever hurt a good product? [20:40]
* mircea_popescu think [20:41]
mircea_popescu how about the early macs ? [20:41]
mircea_popescu good product, nice package, went nowhere [20:41]
midnightmagic Is the language falling into disuse then in its complexities? Like is it simplifying over time? [20:42]
kakobrekla cause of package? [20:42]
kakobrekla maybe the package wasnt nice? [20:43]
mircea_popescu midnightmagic this is a universal phenomenon, since the media heavily favours the more easily influenced members of a population, and they tend to be young, the media discourse then tends to focus on the linguistic abilities of noob speakers. [20:43]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla better than competitors at time im sure. [20:43]
* Guest55668 (~msn@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:43]
* Guest55668 is now known as MiningBuddy [20:43]
* MiningBuddy has quit (Changing host) [20:43]
* MiningBuddy (~msn@unaffiliated/miningbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:43]
midnightmagic mircea_popescu: It is universal; some languages are resistant to it, for various reasons. There are some theories on that based around a language's resilience and flexibility, but I thought the population speaking Romanian was large enough to preserve it. It's pretty unfortunate if that's not so. :( [20:44]
* smidge ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:44]
mircea_popescu romanian is the most flexible language i've ever heard. [20:44]
mircea_popescu its defense comes from exactly this flexibility, it's basically a hardened whore. you can abuse it any way you please, for as long as you please, [20:45]
mircea_popescu in the end it'll be just fine. [20:45]
mircea_popescu takes a shower pretends to be 16 again. [20:45]
kakobrekla asciilifeform , expert in this field, did early macs suffer because of their supposed nice package? [20:46]
* random_cat_ has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [20:46]
mircea_popescu i thought diametric was teh expert in early macs :D [20:47]
midnightmagic Ah. So you're just complaining about how nobody's learning and using its (still-preserved) complexities these days because $stupid_youth..? [20:47]
* rithm is an expert at the apple II/e, the last Apple product he owned [20:47]
kakobrekla well then diametric can answer. [20:47]
mircea_popescu midnightmagic i just made a passing remark :) the way the stupid youth ends up apt is through running into these scattered about. [20:47]
asciilifeform kakobrekla: package being what? ui? in a way, they did. recall why ibm pc - similarly costly - ran over the early macs, despite technical inferiority in every sense. [20:47]
BingoBoingo [20:48]
rithm my ubuntu desktop just took a total shit from 12.04 to 14.04 and do-release-upgrade [20:48]
rithm if that's remotely topical [20:48]
rithm macs suck [20:48]
kakobrekla i wouldnt limit it to ui but ill take the answer. [20:49]
mircea_popescu even the physical machine was nicer [20:49]
mircea_popescu in a "better design" sense [20:49]
kakobrekla still we are at one, potential case here. [20:49]
mircea_popescu early pcs were a nightmare [20:49]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla all i need to dispel a universal negative is one example :) [20:49]
mike_c BingoBoingo: is this a new discovery for you? I used to love it when HST was writing for page 2 [20:49]
mike_c there was another good guy who died. [20:49]
rithm i know how to open terminal on a mac, that's one thing it has going for it [20:49]
mike_c ralph wiley i think [20:49]
BingoBoingo mike_c: It's a discovery that ESPN still has this stuff online. [20:50]
kakobrekla mircea_popescu dont worry, the next question is did it hurt more than half. [20:50]
mike_c page2 used to be really good. then the good writers died and it turned to crap. [20:50]
asciilifeform rithm: mac in question here is circa mid-1980s. different animal. [20:50]
midnightmagic mircea_popescu: I see. Just curious. I know nothing about Romanian, sadly, but I love the weird incompatible concepts that seem to pervade languages like tlingit.. [20:50]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla what is this supposed to be, business ?! [20:50]
kakobrekla i thought it was guessing games. [20:50]
rithm i only had the II/e [20:51]
mircea_popescu midnightmagic but you speak french ? [20:51]
rithm never an actual macintosh with tetris [20:51]
rithm we had those in high school [20:51]
asciilifeform rithm: II/e - not a mac [20:51]
rithm they were good for tetris iirc [20:51]
rithm the actual macintosh classics [20:51]
rithm it was the original .ru socialist teris too [20:52]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: mac did not fit the cargo-cult spec - defined by ibm, naturally - of 'feeling businessy' - and therefore yes, did suffer from 'nice package.' [20:53]
* OX3 has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [20:53]
mircea_popescu which is the substance of the disagreement with kako i suspect. [20:53]
mircea_popescu i am not willing to allow the "feeling usg-y, feeling fiat-y" package no matter the cost. [20:54]
midnightmagic mircea_popescu: I can speak it well enough to order a beer, buy groceries, and insult the locals, with a halfway bastardized accent between parisian and quebecois, and I can hear it enough to get about 70% of radio broadcasts and conversational (polite) parisian french, and about 30% of slangy quebecois.. [20:54]
mircea_popescu they have to start feeling bitcoin-y if i have to personally strangle every single andreas out there. [20:54]
rithm i'm only about 25% french reading and hearing [20:54]
midnightmagic can I pay to watch that? [20:54]
mircea_popescu midnightmagic so then you know a lot about romanian, same latin structure and very close use of voice [20:54]
rithm je n'aime pas le poisson [20:54]
midnightmagic ah, cool then. [20:54]
miaoux midnightmagic mike_c MiningBuddy mircea_popescu mius mixdio [20:54]
mircea_popescu midnightmagic you don't have to pay to be on b-a yet. [20:54]
kakobrekla also the problem with apple example: bitcoin had a market cap of only a few grand or w/e in 2011. despite being the superior tech solution. [20:56]
mircea_popescu why is 2011 the cutoff ? [20:56]
kakobrekla why is early mac cutoff? [20:56]
mircea_popescu and in 2011 bitcoin was the superior tech solution to a wet sock. [20:56]
rithm 2012 was more fun [20:56]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla i was discussing the actual product, not the company. [20:56]
kakobrekla meh, take the current mkt cap for all i care [20:56]
kakobrekla still peanuts. [20:56]
mircea_popescu for all i care you can take early macs marketshare in 2011 if it pleases you [20:56]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu, kakobrekla: it is important to remember that mac product actually died. it is deader than many other dead things, even, because got hollowed out and taxidermied. [20:57]
kakobrekla bitcoin is a product as early mac is a product [20:57]
kakobrekla none of those are a company [20:57]
mircea_popescu not really. [20:57]
mircea_popescu electricity isn't a product even if it isn't a company. [20:57]
mircea_popescu bitcoin is a natural phenomenon. [20:57]
rithm but like bitcoin 2011 is like mac classic and 2012 is like imac [20:57]
kakobrekla but you can measure bitcoin in sold units [20:57]
mircea_popescu you can measure love in sold units as well. [20:57]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu, kakobrekla: current 'mac os' product is actually 'nextstep' with a new graphical skin. [20:57]
kakobrekla asciilifeform the UI lived on right ? [20:58]
asciilifeform kakobrekla: i (and perhaps BingoBoingo) would argue that ui disappeared. [20:58]
* random_cat_ (~random_ca@gateway/tor-sasl/randomcat/x-49498005) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:58]
mircea_popescu no, i'm with you, that ui died. [20:58]
mircea_popescu and it didn't die because it was either a bad product or badly packaged. [20:59]
kakobrekla ok then, no ui, in a "better design" sense [20:59]
kakobrekla that. [20:59]
mircea_popescu it died for the exact reason the usg will die, no matter how it packages itself, no matter how it argues for its own goodness. [20:59]
BingoBoingo The original Mac UI died before even Hypercard [20:59]
mircea_popescu it will die because the people that matter dun like its mug. [20:59]
asciilifeform /me confesses that he liked it. and recently dug up a mac laptop circa 1999, and enjoyed playing with it. [20:59]
xmj UBER back to being allowed in germany -- [21:01]
assbot Taxi-Konkurrent Uber darf in Deutschland vorerst weitermachen [21:01]
mircea_popescu germany is such a hellhole for monopolistic cab practices [21:01]
mircea_popescu kinda why i never lived there, actually. [21:01]
BingoBoingo asciilifeform: Did you have the chance to play with "At Ease" on your Mac? [21:01]
mircea_popescu some competition'd be spelndid for them [21:01]
mircea_popescu "Generals and military scholars will tell you that eight or 10 years is actually not such a long time in the span of human history -- which is no doubt true -- but history also tells us that 10 years of martial law and a war-time economy are going to feel like a Lifetime to people who are in their twenties today. The poor bastards of what will forever be known as Generation Z are doomed to be the first generation of Am [21:02]
mircea_popescu ericans who will grow up with a lower standard of living than their parents enjoyed." [21:02]
mircea_popescu heh. [21:02]
mircea_popescu that drughead is remarkable in that while being wrong on each and every twist and turn, he's globally right with clockwork regularity. [21:02]
* darkee (~darkee@gateway/tor-sasl/darkee) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:04]
* assbot gives voice to The20YearIRCloud [21:04]
kakobrekla no, i'm with you, that ui died. < well every ui so far died. gui however did not. [21:05]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: There probably a label used for that condition somewhere in the USG, something as an analogue to the soviet "Slowly Progressing Schizophrenia" [21:05]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla depending what you mean by "gui" in that snese, cli is a gui. itdoesn't make beeps after all. [21:05]
kakobrekla you browse web with lynx? [21:05]
kakobrekla bah bad example, that is too much gui [21:06]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:06]
mircea_popescu bitbet is totally gui for that matter. [21:07]
mircea_popescu to the degree someone had to make a proper nongui interface. [21:07]
kakobrekla proper cause? [21:08]
mircea_popescu but anyway, the solution to the "gui problem" is not to resolve the gui problem but to let it resolve itself. whoever wants a different gui should be supported to make it. skins are too little too high up, but still the right idea. [21:08]
kakobrekla how do you measure properness? [21:08]
mircea_popescu everyone his own gui is how nature works [21:09]
mircea_popescu the interface is called interface for a reason, and to specify it as part of the product is akin to the peacock coming with a set of eyes to look at it with. [21:09]
mircea_popescu bring your own eyes. [21:09]
mircea_popescu browsers are notably going very far on this basic line, with a "your css" rather than "website's css" approach [21:09]
BingoBoingo [21:11]
assbot Page 2 : Fear & Loathing
on Super Sunday
The20YearIRCloud is there a bitbet yet for more NFL beatings? [21:11]
mircea_popescu doubt it [21:11]
* ben_vulpes remembers when macos skinning was a thing [21:12]
ben_vulpes barely [21:12]
* kakobrekla never has apple product [21:13]
kakobrekla has ? had. [21:13]
kakobrekla nor did any of my ex gf [21:15]
kakobrekla such turnoff. [21:15]
The20YearIRCloud i had a iphone for about a month [21:16]
The20YearIRCloud sold it for double what i paid, so I was happy [21:16]
kakobrekla you should ipo or something [21:16]
mircea_popescu i actually got an ipad for checking their market [21:16]
mircea_popescu the thing is such a waste. if it weren't made by idiots it could have been surprisinglky cool. [21:17]
mircea_popescu honestly i think tablets will suffer a foss revival much like the pc did. [21:17]
mircea_popescu (i don't mean the techs that made it were idiots, they were competent. i mean their managers were idiots) [21:18]
kakobrekla if mp were the manager, the thing would be surprisinglky cool, no colors supported, cost 18k usd and sold 88 pcs. [21:19]
kakobrekla this thing is not made by stupid managers, its made for stupid people. [21:20]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla if the thing were made by me you wouldn't have the retarded "this is facebook running on javascript" game market, and the "this is unextensible" view. [21:21]
mircea_popescu make the tablet so you can hook it with any number of tablets and watch a film with your friends. [21:22]
mircea_popescu not so hard. [21:22]
mircea_popescu 4 people, flatscreen tv [21:22]
mircea_popescu make the tablet so you can put it into a robot. make your own dog, make your own buzz lightyear, make your own fucktoy. [21:22]
mircea_popescu the tablet being basically a portable head to attach to anything you want. [21:23]
kakobrekla yeah, pretty much what i said. [21:23]
mircea_popescu serve the deeply seated human thirst for anthropomorphising [21:23]
mircea_popescu and it wouldn't cost 18k either. [21:23]
mircea_popescu it'd cost the same 500 or w/e. [21:24]
mircea_popescu the actually functioning touchscreen is the big challenge there, and they solved that. the rest is just trims. [21:25]
mircea_popescu hanbot yes, because managerial incompetence. [21:26]
mircea_popescu "o, we're going to change the world, watch us make gunpowder fireworks that change the world oooohhh" [21:26]
* bspar ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:26]
mircea_popescu the moral being, beat your children. if they don't know how to hate they don't know how to matter. [21:27]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2700 @ 0.00075084 = 2.0273 BTC [-] [21:27]
* bspar has quit (Client Quit) [21:27]
kakobrekla 200+ million ipads sold, such poor managers. [21:27]
mircea_popescu listen here, you know what else sold 200mn ? that shitty japanese electronic toy thing. [21:27]
mircea_popescu you know which ? [21:27]
mircea_popescu me either. [21:27]
ben_vulpes tamagotchi? [21:28]
ben_vulpes :P [21:28]
mircea_popescu gotchi. [21:28]
kakobrekla dat thing is rad. [21:28]
mircea_popescu toothbrushes sell by the billion. what sort of argument is this. [21:28]
ben_vulpes i want a portable compute object that plugs into the work station, home station, robot-grocery-carrying-thing [21:28]
hanbot mircea_popescu i don't think it's that simple, most people "beating their children" would likely result in the kids hating their parents rather than hating fucking up [21:28]
mircea_popescu i imagine 50 million billion trillion chickpeas sold since the dawn of agriculture. [21:28]
hanbot not much of a lesson there. [21:29]
mircea_popescu hanbot just as long as it's something. [21:29]
kakobrekla yes totally poor managers. [21:29]
hanbot yeah, well, ipad is *something*, like i said :D [21:29]
mircea_popescu the chickpeas you mean ? [21:29]
* NormDePloome_ (5ef2d9d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:30]
kakobrekla toothbrush and chickpeas are actually useful and needed [21:30]
mircea_popescu ben_vulpes and that has a very faint but almost identifiable personality. [21:30]
kakobrekla you cant mix it all in one bag [21:30]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla sale volumes are no indication of management competence. [21:30]
* NormDePloome_ has quit (Client Quit) [21:30]
kakobrekla well it could suck 200 mio more. [21:31]
mircea_popescu how are chickpeas needed anyway. you ever ate any ? [21:31]
* hanbot needs chickpeas [21:31]
kakobrekla see [21:31]
mircea_popescu well yes you. but i am asking him [21:31]
mircea_popescu i bet you he doesn't even know what they are :D [21:32]
kakobrekla but i also dont use apples. [21:32]
mircea_popescu or girls [21:32]
mircea_popescu :D [21:32]
hanbot they're wrong potatoes improperly fried, right? [21:32]
mircea_popescu hanbot no that's papafritas. [21:32]
mircea_popescu these are garbanzos [21:32]
mircea_popescu $conference [21:42]
empyex mircea_popescu: Next conference starts in 7 months and 1 days. Estimated cost today: 2.79069767 BTC (Details: ) [21:42]
* kermit has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [21:44]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: hook it with any number of tablets and watch a film with your friends << verboten, order of usg dept. of copyrasty (riaa/mpaa/etc) [21:55]
mircea_popescu who asked them anything. [21:55]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: who asked them << presumably, apple corp. legal dept. [21:56]
mircea_popescu yes well. i am not interested in buying technology made by legal depts. [21:56]
mircea_popescu unfortunately the way this works, just exactly when apple grew big enough to fight and win, [21:56]
mircea_popescu jobs died. [21:56]
mircea_popescu had he not died, he'd have been old and by then formatted. [21:57]
mircea_popescu but 1965 jobs'd have said exactly the above. [21:57]
mircea_popescu instead he wasted his time fighting idiotic union wars. [21:57]
mircea_popescu "o let's push bezos into not paying engineers we shouldn't have hired salaries they shouldn't get anyway" [21:58]
mircea_popescu instead of selling diy robots and wall attachment accessories, they tried to make money selling a longer proprietary power cable. [21:58]
mircea_popescu ridoinkulous. [21:58]
mircea_popescu there should not have existed a raspberry pi if apple had a twinkle of a clue. [21:59]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: bad example, 'pi' is a pseudo-open turd [21:59]
mircea_popescu and the cardano should have been implemented on the apple ipad. "just make sure you run it on battery" [21:59]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: lol [22:00]
mircea_popescu the pi as it claims, i mean, not the pi as it is [22:00]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: ahaha [22:00]
* stormlight has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [22:00]
mircea_popescu if you keep laughing at me ima summon pesto. [22:00]
* stormlight ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:00]
* qq1932 (d4603dec@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:01]
mircea_popescu << this is pesto. [22:01]
assbot Pesto "Swell" - YouTube [22:01]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: steve jobs - as described in my 'hypercard' piece - was a master of chumpatronics, not of electronics. when he returned from exile, he zapped pretty much all r&d personnel, killed every project, smart or foolish, replaced all apple tech with repainted 'next'. [22:03]
mircea_popescu put it in context. [22:04]
mircea_popescu the incredibly cheeky engineers in question had the unmitigated audacity to outs him from his own company because "they're merituous" [22:04]
mircea_popescu i'd have fired them all too, and impaled a few, extra. [22:04]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: herr jobs is credited with resurrecting the company, but he actually strangled it and turned the taxidermied skin into a kind of animatronic dinosaur. [22:04]
mircea_popescu moral being, tech nec ultra keyboardam [22:05]
* stormlight has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [22:05]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: ousted by engineers? afaik it was his immediate subordinates who coordinated his ouster, a la khruschev [22:05]
mircea_popescu breaking the barrier between "what we're doing" and "how we're doing it" is unhealthy in all cases [22:05]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform but they were engineers weren't they ? [22:05]
* drawingthesun ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:07]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: engineers? on the board ? [22:08]
asciilifeform historical: [22:09]
assbot John Sculley Just Gave His Most Detailed Account Ever Of How Steve Jobs Got Fired From Apple - Forbes [22:09]
* blast ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:09]
mircea_popescu twasnt the board, wasn't it bitching about how the office was going to be ? [22:09]
mircea_popescu well sculley is making it all about himself, but no, my (not necessarily very valuable) understanding is that endless friction with various engineering teams over the 80s eventually bubbled up into it [22:11]
* blast_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [22:11]
BingoBoingo I was under the impression the board wanted to turn "IBM" hence a few years of Sears selling "Mac Clones" [22:11]
* chalbersma has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) [22:12]
asciilifeform BingoBoingo: that came later. [22:13]
mircea_popescu that was more like "ok we're screwed, how do we pretend this wasn't a terrible mistake" [22:13]
BingoBoingo Sure, but cum follow desire [22:13]
mircea_popescu !up qq1932 [22:13]
-assbot- You voiced qq1932 for 30 minutes. [22:13]
* assbot gives voice to qq1932 [22:13]
qq1932 hi, mircea [22:14]
* bitstein ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:14]
mircea_popescu ello [22:14]
* assbot gives voice to bitstein [22:14]
qq1932 I asked you to self-qualify on a basic physics level in PM. Depending on your answer, may have an interesting proposition for you. Unlike the two outside ventures, I am acutally prepared to share 100% of this (privately, due to IP considerations) because it is a discretionary project for me. [22:14]
mircea_popescu that's ok, i don't do private anything with people i don't know. [22:15]
asciilifeform welcome back mr. spam! [22:15]
fluffypony qq1932: make him sign an NDA [22:15]
fluffypony otherwise he'll steal your idea and enrich himself and his cronies [22:15]
mircea_popescu i only sign nda's with blonde german chicks. [22:15]
fluffypony true story [22:15]
fluffypony :-P [22:15]
qq1932 There is no spam here. I have a remarkable discretionary project. It is open to people who self-qualify as understnading enough high-school physics that, for example, they could have understood the steam engine in 1500. (Or the Watt engine in 1700, 70 years earlier.) [22:16]
mircea_popescu and i mean literally. i place a bunch of blonde krautzettes in the shape of my signature on a lawn in which the nda was cut. [22:16]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: I'm going to infer Angela was the blond [22:16]
qq1932 Note that energy is a RIPE field for actual scams. This is open to someone self-qualifying as having enough basic high-school physics understanding to see the distinction. [22:16]
* kdomanski_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:16]
The20YearIRCloud qq1932: does your project involve time travel? [22:17]
BingoBoingo qq1932: Is this the flappy plane idea? [22:17]
qq1932 No. It involves literally no unusual principles. [22:17]
mircea_popescu qq1932 dude, there's a major difference between "highschool understanding" of any topic and fundamental understanding of such outstanding quality as to recognise fundamentally correct but contemporaneously obscure advances. [22:17]
fluffypony is this a lubrication project? [22:17]
kakobrekla The20YearIRCloud that actually works. [22:17]
mircea_popescu this is why fundamental mathematics only started in 1800. [22:17]
mircea_popescu ie, ten fucking millenia after it begun its journey [22:17]
The20YearIRCloud he has time travel that works? THen really, really sign me up [22:17]
mircea_popescu The20YearIRCloud tthe problem with it is that it only works one way, and at a fixed speed. [22:18]
fluffypony I'm interested in this self-qualification [22:18]
fluffypony does it involve hookers and / or blackjack? [22:18]
fluffypony because I can do either [22:18]
punkman do they still have physics in US high schools? [22:18]
The20YearIRCloud yes punkman [22:18]
mircea_popescu punkman it's women's physics nao. [22:18]
BingoBoingo qq1932: Why do you need a new nick everytime you come here? [22:18]
* kdomanski has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [22:19]
qq1932 mircea, excuse me, I was in PM with BingoBoingo briefly. [22:19]
mircea_popescu make sure you let me know if you pee, too. [22:19]
fluffypony I was in a pm with BingoBoingo briefly too [22:19]
fluffypony but it didn't work out [22:19]
fluffypony it's not him, it's me [22:19]
mircea_popescu !up flibbr-dev [22:20]
-assbot- You voiced flibbr-dev for 30 minutes. [22:20]
* assbot gives voice to flibbr-dev [22:20]
mircea_popescu fluffypony maybe you were in pms with bb [22:20]
fluffypony heh [22:20]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: I disagree with you that it always takes much more than "highschool understanding" of any topic to recognize fundamental innovations that eluded people. In fact, this is the reason a lot of people think the "obvious" bar is too low and no patents should be granted . I had someone tell me that there is no fundamental innovation of any kind in the past 200 years that was not "obvious". [22:20]
mircea_popescu good for that someone. [22:21]
fluffypony my rap music isn't obvious [22:21]
fluffypony mostly becuse it doesn't exist [22:21]
fluffypony yet. [22:21]
The20YearIRCloud lots of people are like that qq1932 , those are the people that rarely amount to anything [22:21]
mircea_popescu meanwhile, the time honored tradition of con artistry is to flatter people who are too stupid to understand how stupid they are by making this confusion, between "highschool understanding" as required to understand well known and widely understood topics, and extremely advanced fundamental understanding required to understand similarly just as simple, but not widely known topics. [22:22]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: I can understand this but in this particular case the principles are no more advanced (by comparison) than the Watt steam engine at the time. It's a different field, this is an analogy. [22:23]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: the time honored tradition of con artistry << i call this '10th dimension-ism' in honour of a particularly egregious web-based psycholoscamz0r. [22:23]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: I agree with what you're saying, and most innovations in, e.g. battery technology, or fusion reactor design, and so forth, are far too difficult for anyone other than a non-expert to evaluate. [22:23]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform worked on the same premise ? [22:23]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: precisely same. diddles the mark's 'feeling educatickled' receptors. [22:24]
qq1932 Basically, I agree with you. At any rate anyone who is interested in hearing in this needs to self-qualify as having enough understanding of basic high-school physics that they actually could have understood the Watt steam engine 70 years early, if Watt had described it. If you self-qualify (it sounds, mircea_popescu, that your answer is no) we can discuss. This is a totally discretionary project. [22:24]
mircea_popescu works really well picking up women, fwiw. [22:24]
mircea_popescu qq1932 what is a "discretionary project" ? [22:24]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: works well << yes! 'tell me again about the waters of your homeworld.' ('Dune'.) [22:25]
mircea_popescu :D [22:25]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: I have not committed any resources to it, and cannot commit to full-time work on it; I have two major existing outside commitments. I may not do the project at all. [22:25]
mircea_popescu uh. [22:25]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: this means, however, that I am at liberty to share 100% of it within hte limits of what IP law permits (as this is a licensing play, like Watt's engine). [22:26]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: there is no "secret" component to this, I don't need to hold anything back. Of course, that only matters to those self-qualifying as having enough understnading to discriminate between the Watt's steam engine 70 years early (1700) and snake oil. [22:27]
mircea_popescu dude, let me tell you something to help your head calibrate yourself. i recently wrote to a famous illustrator, whose work is celebrated by an actual fanbase and included in successful franchises. he committed, on the basis of that conversation, and the whole thing is costing me bitcoin fractions so far. [22:27]
mircea_popescu you are not in the position to even remotely as a joke consider anything but slavish 100% dedication 16 hours a day with no sundays [22:27]
mircea_popescu for no pay whatsoever. [22:27]
mircea_popescu maybe, and i say MAYBE jobs can come up with "o i dunno, mebbe i feel like working on it" sorta deals [22:28]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: well, I am not in a position to drop my other projects to pursue this discretionary project. [22:28]
mircea_popescu so then your problem's solved right there. [22:28]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: the other projects hvae employees, progress, etc. [22:28]
* assbot gives voice to bounce [22:28]
mircea_popescu to put it in other words : harems are for lords. [22:28]
bounce pfft. guys, youse got it all rong [22:28]
mircea_popescu plebs get one wife, and love her to death. [22:28]
mircea_popescu and that IF they're lucky. [22:28]
mircea_popescu now s/woman/idea and you get the idea. [22:28]
bounce this project needs self realisation. with, of course, copious fees to dear supplicant to make that all happen. [22:28]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: I realize that you have self-qualified above with "no". I do not want to convince you based on appeals to authority, collaborators, third-party things, etc. This is a suitable partnership with someone who would self-qualify as 'yes' to the above question. Thank you however. [22:29]
mircea_popescu bounce you got previous exposure ? [22:29]
bounce it's just updated for the modern age with some ancient-sounding modern physics. best of all worlds, see? [22:29]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:29]
bounce fuck no, I just got bored of the repetetetetetetetetive sales pitch. [22:29]
kakobrekla there are more groups trying to build that scam than there parts needed to supposedly make it. [22:29]
mircea_popescu qq1932 i didn't selfanything dood. this ain't about me. [22:29]
qq1932 mircea_popescu: I don't know how else to put this. I want to pitch just someone who has the level of physics understanding that they would have understood and funded the Watt engine (as an IP play, which is what it was) in 1700 (70 years early.) [22:30]
bounce show of hands. is anybody amused by the pitch? does it anything for you at all? [22:31]
qq1932 There is no pitch so far ,sorry. [22:31]
punkman reminds me of broken bird [22:31]
mircea_popescu this is like free talk therapy. [22:31]
mircea_popescu i would submit that the worst invention of the 20th century was not the a bomb, nor the concentration camp, nor statal racism [22:31]
kakobrekla if only you could harvest the energy of people trying to make this happen. [22:31]
mircea_popescu but the god damned idea that politeness is something that may be afforded to the horde. [22:32]
qq1932 It might not be the right audience. I've had interest in other places, but they did not have money. However, I would not like to refer to them, I would really only pitch this specific project, in full, to someone who thinks they have the background, specifically in basic physics. [22:32]
bounce .oO( spinning dead energy generation ) [22:32]
mircea_popescu now they're all going about calling each other sir and acting as if they're fucking people. it's a sickening display. [22:32]
mircea_popescu then a generation down the road, you get this derpage. [22:32]
qq1932 Would anyone else self-qualify as yes to my question? [22:33]
bounce much misreading of audience. wow. [22:34]
RagnarDanneskjol yes [22:34]
qq1932 People can decide who they are and what they're interested in. [22:35]
mircea_popescu i'm off to read romanian seduction websites, bbl. [22:35]
kakobrekla (in a gui) [22:35]
los_pantalones so is this non-pitch pitch gonna happen or it's only private shows ? [22:36]
fluffypony I was hoping for dinner and a show [22:37]
fluffypony but alas [22:37]
qq1932 los pantalones - I'm afraid nobody has self-qualified as yes to this, so it is not. [22:37]
qq1932 but thank you for your time guys. [22:37]
los_pantalones RagnarDanneskjol did [22:37]
qq1932 oh, I thought he was agreeing with bounce. [22:37]
los_pantalones suppose that's possible as well [22:37]
RagnarDanneskjol I know physics sure. whatchu got man [22:37]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9400 @ 0.00075058 = 7.0555 BTC [-] {3} [22:38]
* PeterL (d8634153@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:38]
qq1932 here's the deal guys. if you google >patents public disclosure< you will see that there are limits to what can be said in a public channel, since I do not plan on entering the manufacturing field of the project. privately after a brief agreement I can and am happy to share 100%. tihs is part of why I need someone who would self-qualify as being able to discriminate and, e.g., understand the Watt steam engine in 1700. [22:39]
bounce too indirect, sorry. [22:40]
los_pantalones pass [22:40]
qq1932 This project is discretionary for me and if I don't find a backer based on this pre-qualificaiton then it is not happening. I have two other outside commitments that are very serious. [22:40]
bounce then it isn't happening. not impressed. sorry. [22:40]
RagnarDanneskjol i'll pass thanks [22:40]
qq1932 it's okay. Nobody has self-qualified. Without the self-qualification, it 100% sounds like a scam. But then, so would the Watt steam engine. [22:41]
mircea_popescu << this is actually not bad. [22:41]
assbot Daily Arse Kick: July 2010 [22:41]
RagnarDanneskjol !down qq1932 [22:41]
* assbot removes voice from qq1932 [22:41]
mircea_popescu "Guilt is sexy. You can really only talk dirty to a person if you have been blessed with guilt." [22:41]
bounce also, you're now thoroughly in the "waste of time" bucket by saying the same vapid things five times in a row. of course, our fault. so sorry. [22:41]
* OX3_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:45]
nubbins` thestringpuller [22:47]
thestringpuller ground control to major popescu [22:47]
thestringpuller ground control to major nubbins` [22:47]
thestringpuller lolol [22:47]
nubbins` did you get my message re: shirts? [22:47]
thestringpuller did not [22:47]
bounce yeah uh, where's the protein pills? [22:48]
nubbins` ah. [22:48]
thestringpuller one second [22:49]
nubbins` the fonts in the .ai file weren't outlined, and i don't have the fonts on my system [22:49]
nubbins` so your trademark "TM" thing shows up as Arial, dead-center [22:49]
nubbins` which i'm assuming is not what you want [22:49]
nubbins` [22:49]
assbot Logged on 16-09-2014 00:24:55; nubbins`: thestringpuller shirts finally arrived, printing films; your design doesn't have text converted to outlines [22:49]
* assbot removes voice from flibbr-dev [22:50]
mircea_popescu "I had this notion that it would be interesting to meet people from all around the world and show them Galway, but most of the visitors we got were extremely boring eastern Europeans who kept their food in a separate plastic bag and got up early to do yoga." [22:55]
mircea_popescu apparently couch surfing isn't all it's cracked up to be [22:55]
* smidge has quit (Quit: sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck...) [22:56]
thestringpuller nubbins` yea i can't get in contact with the designer. He's being really sensitive right now. [23:00]
thestringpuller So can you put production on pause for 48 hours? [23:00]
thestringpuller until I can resolve this? [23:00]
nubbins` no rush on my end :) [23:00]
thestringpuller of course :) [23:00]
thestringpuller but there is on mine as I might be able to get these into Zumiez [23:00]
nubbins` nod [23:01]
* daybyter (~andreas@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:03]
* daybyter has quit (Client Quit) [23:04]
* blast_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:04]
nubbins` anyway, we're ready whenever. shirts are here, films are printed. should be in the mail within 24h of getting the graphic sorted [23:06]
nubbins` i also emailed your buddy the same info fwiw [23:06]
* jenninsea ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:06]
* blast has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [23:07]
* OX3_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:09]
* OX3 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:09]
* boolrap has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:10]
* OX3 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [23:14]
thestringpuller yea the buddy is annoying me [23:14]
thestringpuller kinda wants to put up a silent treatment and waste my and your time ;) [23:14]
thestringpuller when did you email him btw? [23:14]
mircea_popescu re kako's "cost 18k usd" thing : a financial economy has one benefit exactly, and that is, making the price point not a consideration anymore. [23:23]
mircea_popescu in point of fact people can and do spend 18k just on financing for a car they don't need (either because they live in ny, or because it'd be the 3rd family car etc) [23:23]
mircea_popescu the only consideration is if the thing actually costs 18k to make (cars don't really, but the mess of "safety" and "environmental" regulations make the "car" as defined actulaly cost a lot to make) [23:24]
mircea_popescu in fact items as expensive as 50k are consumer products just fine, because of the finance economy. [23:24]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.195 = 0.78 BTC [-] {2} [23:24]
mircea_popescu all you really need to do is make life appear unworth living without your 18k tablet, for guaranteed sales well north of 1.8 trillion [23:25]
* asciilifeform would much rather see computer cost (and worth) 50k then wheeled coffin [23:25]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform definitely, i'm not saying barriers must go. [23:25]
mircea_popescu the problem of course is the converse situation : products like the btc, wot or gpg, without which life ACTUALLY IS not worth living [23:26]
mircea_popescu but which SEEM exactly the contrary. [23:26]
* asciilifeform catches up with log, reads the latest mr. spam, and wonders if he's the only one here familiar with traditional 'агентурная работа' tradecraft. i.e. why the bugger wants you (for some value of 'you') alone, in dark alley, and feeling warm & special & 'pre-qualified.' [23:26]
asciilifeform and what his plan is for the recruited chump. [23:26]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform atm just unit testing, im sure. [23:27]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: so classic and textbook, though, it's riotously funny [23:27]
bounce no idea about the (probably) cyrillic, but the tactic was pretty obvious down to boring me to tears [23:28]
bounce would 'pre-approved for self-qualification' make a decent shirt somehow? [23:28]
asciilifeform bounce: the term 'agent work.' refers to how traitors are traditionally recruited by the masters of the 20th century - totalitarian intelligence agencies. (and, arguably, every intelligence worker since cave man) [23:29]
mircea_popescu bounce : agenturnaya rabota [23:29]
mircea_popescu suddenly transparent [23:29]
mircea_popescu russians having invented robots, they get the benefit of seeing things like "worker worker" whenever someone has a worker robot in a game or somewhere. [23:30]
asciilifeform czechs. [23:30]
mircea_popescu same difference. small small russians right ? [23:30]
mircea_popescu ukrainians ^ -1 [23:31]
* blast ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:31]
bounce on the note of nigerian scammers deliberately writing horrible ingrish to filter out the chumps... what'd the successful scam ratings do if the regulars in -otc would manage to write well-punctuated correct english? [23:31]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: in exactly same sense clit is micropenis [23:31]
* Rulother (~Rulother@ has left #bitcoin-assets [23:31]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform what's your idea of teh bohemian kingdom ? [23:31]
mircea_popescu bounce make a new -otc [23:32]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: habsburg affair, doesn't smell very slavic to me [23:32]
mircea_popescu because the current one "wrongly vaporized" or w/e was gmaxwell's expression. [23:32]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform well what, germans ?! [23:33]
bounce o_O? [23:33]
* blast_ has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [23:33]
* daybyter (~andreas@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:33]
asciilifeform germans. [23:33]
mircea_popescu in that case lombards are germans too ?! [23:34]
mircea_popescu your idea of germanity is perhaps very similar to napoleon's [23:34]
mircea_popescu "well they're not corsicans, i'll tell you that! so..." [23:34]
asciilifeform orcs vs humans! [23:34]
bounce cheesy argument [23:35]
asciilifeform agenturnaya rabota >> in english lands, called, afaik, 'HUMINT.' [23:35]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform funny linguistic trainwreck : during the early 1990s, the leftover us derps tried to organise the maidan thing in romania too. it was called "miscarea piata universitatii", dunno why the fixation on "plaza" in the name. [23:37]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: simple heuristic. folks who incorrigibly piss in apartment lobbies, elevators - 'orcs.' those who don't - 'humans', or 'germans' if you like. [23:37]
mircea_popescu it failed horribly, the cryptocommie in charge brought some miners from mining country to beat the shit out of the "intellectuals" and assorted aggitators [23:37]
asciilifeform aha 'colour revolution.' [23:37]
* drawingthesun has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [23:37]
bounce HUMINT is anything to do with running human agents [23:37]
mircea_popescu but, on his tv address, he blamed "foreign agenturas", ie, agenturile straine [23:37]
asciilifeform bounce: yes. [23:37]
bounce google books really excels in being fscking useless [23:37]
mircea_popescu which is ridiculous, because in romanian that says "the russians" which were his backers mostly. [23:37]
* drawingthesun ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:38]
asciilifeform bounce: but before you can 'run' them, have to recruit. [23:38]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform your pissing theory is weak because singapore went from one to the other over one generation. [23:38]
* OX3_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:39]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: not necessarily a zapped theory, just needs a little 'epicycle.' that being: orc and human exist in dynamic equilibrium; 'orcish' land has a trace element of 'human' and vice versa [23:39]
asciilifeform so they can in principle flip. [23:39]
* assbot gives voice to chetty [23:40]
asciilifeform even without an anthropological 'cleaning' (read megadeath) [23:40]
RagnarDanneskjol ha [23:40]
mircea_popescu same people tho. [23:40]
chetty asciilifeform, whats the russian word for germans actually mean? [23:40]
mircea_popescu basically it masquerades as an ontology when it's merely phenomenology is my objection. [23:40]
mircea_popescu nemtzi ? [23:40]
asciilifeform chetty, mircea_popescu: 'the mute people' [23:41]
chetty :P [23:41]
asciilifeform think origins of word 'barbarian' [23:41]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform btw, as far as romanians are concerned, russians (muscali) have tails. [23:41]
mircea_popescu ;;google muscali cu coada [23:41]
gribble Calare pe melc: ; Prea multe urlete Mercantia 2014- vlog ! - YouTube: ; Dan Constantin Soroiu | Facebook: [23:41]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: москали, lol [23:41]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: the ukrs lifted it, too [23:41]
asciilifeform but it also is used by provincial folks to gripe about the capital & the central gov. in general. approx. 'damned muscovites' [23:42]
asciilifeform same as how many people in usa refer to usg tentacle monster as 'washington' [23:42]
asciilifeform even though in reality it is reasonably spread out geographically [23:43]
mircea_popescu maryland doesn't have the same ring to it [23:43]
mircea_popescu and it'd be hostile to women [23:43]
chetty I suppose we are doing the same thing with things like libtards [23:43]
mircea_popescu similarly to how noobs and "journalist" derps talk of wall street [23:43]
mircea_popescu when it's really connecticut and hampton [23:43]
bounce "liberal" sounds right-wing to me, as in non-labour. but then, us politics are right-shifted compared to pinko-commie treehugging yurpeen politics. [23:44]
mircea_popescu my peen is righter shifted than your peen [23:45]
bounce (how ironic that the USA effectively has a single party left. alright, two names and a dissident faction, but the politics are still muchly one party.) [23:46]
mircea_popescu not particularly ironic [23:46]
mircea_popescu all places devoid of property end up with a state-party system [23:46]
asciilifeform ;;google palace economies [23:47]
gribble Palace economy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; "Palace economy" In: The Encyclopedia of Ancient History: ; Redistribution in Aegean Palatial Societies | American Journal of ...: [23:47]
mircea_popescu such a primitive arrangement even keynesianism is an improvement [23:47]
chetty such a primitive arrangement even keynesianism is an improvement//cough cough choke [23:48]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: civilopaedia! 'you have developed Monarchy! can now move on from Despotism.' [23:49]
bounce what makes a palace economy? >50% of the population on the dole? [23:50]
mircea_popescu that end up is not even correct. they are. pretense to the contrary won't long endure. [23:50]
mircea_popescu bounce know anyone that did fundamental research on his own account since ww2 ? [23:50]
asciilifeform bounce: palace economy is any system where the crown is the (or even 'a') first-class financial, economic, cultural - player. [23:51]
asciilifeform but literally - anywhere goods are delivered mainly to - and distributed mainly from - the palace. [23:52]
* OX3_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:54]
* PeterL (d8634153@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #bitcoin-assets [23:55]
bounce wikipedia says we left the last of those behind in the bronze age. so if the argument goes those things are still around (and they could well be, the eu likes this too for one) then we still need a useful classifier [23:55]
* hki (4623d062@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:56]
BingoBoingo bounce: Well, who feeds the wikipedos? [23:58]
bounce little wikichildren nobody thinks about [23:58]
BingoBoingo No, that's what they are fed. [23:59]
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    Makeda Mugica 
    Thursday, 4 June 2020
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