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Saturday, 23 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
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smickles howdy ya'll [19:08]
smickles are you putting these things on the order book jrgdnn122 ? [19:10]
* Burgundy (burgundy@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:10]
jrgdnn122 yes, the order # is 6469 [19:11]
jrgdnn122 would you be interested :) [19:11]
smickles if i am, it'll take me some time to gather funds ;) [19:12]
jrgdnn122 great! thank you for your consideration [19:13]
smickles i'd need to convince the wife, ya know? [19:13]
smickles lol [19:13]
jrgdnn122 lol, we understand [19:13]
Joric wives love harddrives [19:13]
Joric i can tell [19:13]
Joric bought two 1.5tb for mine [19:14]
rg fucking mail man [19:14]
rg i was waiting for something in the mail and its not here [19:14]
jrgdnn122 Could it be pot :D [19:15]
* pyrofallout_ (~pyrofallo@pdpc/supporter/student/pyrofallout) has left #bitcoin-otc [19:15]
rg its not pot [19:15]
rg but iether way [19:16]
rg now im waiting til Monday [19:16]
* contingo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:16]
vragnaroda “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” [19:16]
* andress has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [19:17]
jrgdnn122 its still early in the morning, Here in my neighborhood, mail gets delivered after 3pm [19:17]
rg usually us too [19:17]
rg but theres mail in my neighbors mailbox [19:17]
rg which means it came [19:17]
vragnaroda bastards [19:17]
smickles is vragnaroda a quote bot today? [19:17]
* nnn (48832e47@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:18]
vragnaroda “School teachers, taking them by and large, are probably the most ignorant and stupid class of men in the whole group of mental workers.” [19:18]
Joric wat [19:19]
Joric i thought it's programmers [19:19]
* shak has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [19:19]
vragnaroda It's a quote from 1908. [19:19]
smickles they just repeat what they've been told, school teachers, that is [19:20]
vragnaroda Here's a later quote from the same person: “It was morality that burned the books of the ancient sages, and morality that halted the free inquiry of the Golden Age and substituted for it the credulous imbecility of the Age of Faith. It was a fixed moral code and a fixed theology which robbed the human race of a thousand years by wasting them upon alchemy, heretic-burning, witchcraft and sacerdotalism.” [19:20]
smickles ;;wp sacerdotalism [19:21]
* markac (~markac@unaffiliated/vragnaroda) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:21]
* ChanServ gives voice to markac [19:21]
vragnaroda .w sacerdotalism [19:21]
markac sacerdotalism — noun: 1. The belief that priests can act as mediators between God and mankind [19:21]
smickles really? [19:21]
rg i cant belive usps dropped the ball on this [19:21]
* Metabank has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [19:21]
rg it was shipped thursday morning [19:21]
Joric saucerdotalism? [19:21]
vragnaroda smickles: All of the quotes I've dropped in here today are from H.L. Mencken [19:21]
vragnaroda .wik H.L. Mencken [19:22]
markac "Henry Louis 'H. L.' Mencken (September 12, 1880 – January 29, 1956) was an American journalist, essayist, magazine editor, satirist, acerbic critic of American life and culture, and a scholar of American English." - [19:22]
smickles .o ud smickles [19:22]
markac ENOTFOUND [19:22]
smickles err [19:22]
smickles vragnaroda, i'll have to read more about his idea of elitism [19:23]
smickles also, i wonder what the context of this: " is impossible to talk anything resembling discretion or judgment to a colored woman..." was [19:25]
* gewure (54776e29@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:26]
gewure somebody buy 5k bitcoin [19:27]
* fimp has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep) [19:27]
vragnaroda “Liberty and democracy are eternal enemies, and every one knows it who has ever given any sober reflection to the matter.” [19:27]
gewure wrong definition of democracy [19:28]
vragnaroda If I bother asking you to clarify it, you'll define it the same way as all its proponents do and it changes nothing. [19:29]
gewure if you define democracy of tyranny of the majority over the minority [19:29]
gewure it is true [19:29]
gewure *as [19:29]
vragnaroda You just refuse to acknowledge the effects of it. [19:29]
gewure but 'democracy' refers to me as state of balance between liberty of the individual and liberty of the community [19:30]
gewure thus its a state of balanced liberty [19:31]
gewure your quote is just autoritarian nonsense [19:31]
gewure as if there would be a "more liberal" alternative to democracy [19:32]
gewure .. but there isnt [19:32]
smickles what do you think of an actual republic gewure ? [19:33]
vragnaroda gewure: Don't slander. The only one defending any mode of government at all in this conversation was you. [19:33]
vragnaroda No one has defended any authoritarianism or even any avenue of it but you. [19:33]
gewure vragnaroda: democracy does not need a government, i rather think democracy and government are eternal enemies :) [19:34]
gewure smickles: kind of outdated [19:34]
vragnaroda Quit trolling. [19:34]
* shak ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:34]
gewure smickles: but what isn't?! .. mankind could have made bigger progress, than is the case right now [19:35]
smickles wait, werent there democratic city-states in helenistic greece? [19:35]
gewure smickles from our point of view those could not really be called 'democractic' since only rich men not beeing slave had votings rights [19:35]
gewure about 1 out of 100 .. [19:36]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to vragnaroda [19:36]
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rg mmm lovely [19:36]
rg it sfucking mlk day on monday too [19:36]
Graet lol [19:37]
gewure my definition of democracy is rather "basis democracy" => the people whoul are affected by a matter have to decided what happens about that matter, and only (!) those [19:37]
gewure so in my defintion government and democracy are antagonistic [19:37]
smickles ah, that's making more sense now [19:38]
smickles thanks for defining your term there ;) [19:38]
gewure i never understood how something, where a majority tyranns a minority can be called democracy.. but well.. :) [19:38]
smickles how is it not that way on the smaller scale described in a 'basis demo...' [19:40]
rontus- Greed: i took the same screenshot :) [19:40]
rontus- my only mtgoxlive-screenshot [19:40]
gewure real democracy is all about making decicions local and decentralized; bringing the democracy where it belongs: to the people affected in reality by it [19:41]
vragnaroda gewure: By my definition, water is 90% gasoline. Quit arguing by redefining terms to mean their opposite. [19:41]
smickles but lets say we have 5 ppl, and 3 want to tell the other two what to do? [19:41]
Greed What screenshot, rontus-? [19:41]
vragnaroda Words have real meanings and if you refuse them in a way that conveys any information, don't bother fucking talking. [19:41]
rontus- oh, Greed = Graet [19:41]
* Cablesaurus ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:42]
gewure smickles: since it affects only those 2, it is not a democratic decision [19:42]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Changing host) [19:42]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:42]
Graet oh lol, i got it from another chan, hought it was a lol [19:42]
gewure vragnaroda: that is NOT true, read some saussure or chomsky [19:42]
smickles wait a sec, i think there are plenty of situations where it affects all 5 [19:42]
vragnaroda 12:37 < gewure> my definition of democracy is rather "basis democracy" => the people whoul are affected by a matter have to decided what happens about that matter, and only (!) those12:42 < gewure> smickles: since it affects only those 2, it is not a democratic decision [19:42]
gewure in fact words have a shitload of different meanings [19:42]
vragnaroda Reconcile those claimss [19:43]
gewure and there is not even one single word where you and i will have the exact same definition [19:43]
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gewure vragnaroda: so, what ' [19:43]
vragnaroda That is a completely different and irrelevant point to what I said. [19:43]
gewure democracy' do you talk about?! [19:43]
smickles gewure, don't just give in to the vagaries and ambiguities, fight against them [19:43]
* someguy123 (someguy123@unaffiliated/compgenius999) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:44]
vragnaroda I told you to quit trolling. [19:44]
* gribble gives voice to someguy123 [19:44]
gewure i don't trol [19:44]
vragnaroda liar [19:44]
smickles so is this an open discussion for the advancement of knowledge? [19:45]
* Someguy1234 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [19:45]
gewure neither do i sit in front of the screen with a trollface, nor do i want to upset you: i am not trolling [19:45]
vragnaroda 12:37 < gewure> my definition of democracy is rather "basis democracy" => the people whoul are affected by a matter have to decided what happens about that matter, and only (!) those12:42 < gewure> smickles: since it affects only those 2, it is not a democratic decision [19:45]
vragnaroda Reconcile these opposing claims or stfu [19:45]
gewure ? how are they opposed? [19:46]
vragnaroda OK. [19:46]
smickles wait a sec, i think there are plenty of situations where it affects all 5 [19:46]
gewure whenever somebody rules over my voice regarding matters that do not affect him: not democracy [19:46]
* vragnaroda sets mode +q #bitcoin-otc *!*@gateway/web/freenode/ip. [19:46]
smickles wait a sec, i think there are plenty of situations where it affects all 5 [19:46]
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smickles i feel like, if i get the notion to repost that one more time, gewure is trolling [19:47]
* vragnaroda removes channel operator status from vragnaroda [19:47]
vragnaroda smickles: Then, he'll just tell you that gasoline is really just water or some stupid shit. [19:48]
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smickles lol, one of my cats it at the top of a cat tower puking over the edge, in multiple directions... with distance [19:49]
* smickles takes cover [19:49]
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* gewure (54776e29@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:49]
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grubles who wants to trade btc for my 5970 [19:55]
extor Are alertpay payments revokable? [19:56]
* gewure has quit (Quit: Page closed) [19:57]
BEEEEEEEEEEEEES anyone selling btc for usd? [19:57]
vragnaroda How much USD and what's your method of payment? [19:58]
* Chex has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [19:59]
BEEEEEEEEEEEEES 325USD for 50BTC and paypal? [20:00]
Mkaysi ;;guide [20:00]
* BTCHero1 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:00]
vragnaroda ;;ident BEEEEEEEEEEEEES [20:00]
* Chex ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:00]
Joric ideeeent [20:00]
* BTCHero1 ( has left #bitcoin-otc [20:00]
vragnaroda Well, I certainly won't and I don't think you'll get many takers withou identifying. [20:00]
rontus- grubles: where is it located and why on earth would you like to sell it? [20:00]
BEEEEEEEEEEEEES How do I identify? [20:01]
Mkaysi BEEEEEEEEEEEEES: ;;help identify [20:01]
* BTCHero1 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:01]
BEEEEEEEEEEEEES ;;help identify [20:01]
BEEEEEEEEEEEEES thanks [20:01]
Mkaysi You're welcome :) [20:01]
* Mkaysi has had problems with identifying/registering by himself, but he is trying again. [20:02]
grubles rontus-: im in the US and I want to sell it because I dont mine nor do i play games that much [20:02]
rontus- damn. never mind then [20:04]
EvanR-pissed so my hdd is really almost dead now, and im left with one computer to recover [20:04]
grubles why never mind? [20:04]
grubles EvanR-pissed: is that why you are pissed [20:04]
rontus- i think they would catch it at the customs in Finland [20:04]
grubles a video card? [20:05]
rontus- yeah, and ask for taxes [20:05]
Cusipzzz EvanR-pissed: tanking?! [20:05]
EvanR-pissed pissed because every time something goes wrong or i have come in here to manage bitcoins i get pissed ;) [20:05]
* Litt (~Litt@unaffiliated/litt) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:05]
grubles rontus-: ahh i see [20:05]
Cusipzzz lol [20:05]
EvanR-pissed now lets see if the sector with 'scp' is intact [20:06]
[Manic] extor: yes [20:07]
EvanR-pissed got it [20:07]
* M4v3R has quit (Quit: M4v3R) [20:07]
EvanR-pissed successfully recovered cablegate from dead hdd [20:07]
* Valalvax|Blah has quit () [20:07]
* Valalvax ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:07]
grubles wth do you need cablegate for [20:08]
* oww has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:08]
EvanR-pissed duh [20:09]
EvanR-pissed anarchy? [20:09]
EvanR-pissed also when are you going to sell my books [20:10]
* att has quit (Quit: Leaving) [20:11]
* Clonedead ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:11]
* Woundead has quit (Disconnected by services) [20:11]
* emmanuelux (~emmanuel@2a01:e35:2e4d:9010:21d:60ff:fe0e:b818) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:13]
* jrgdnn12 (44e08bde@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:13]
grubles EvanR-pissed: well when are you going to ship them [20:13]
jrgdnn12 Does anybody have any info on this website, is it legit? [20:14]
jrgdnn12 [20:14]
grubles interesting ive never heard of that [20:14]
EvanR-pissed grubles: to whom [20:14]
EvanR-pissed succesfully recovered my ufo video [20:15]
* att (~att@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:15]
* oww (~oww@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:15]
copumpkin jrgdnn12: there's also coinabul, which more of know about [20:15]
grubles EvanR-pissed: oh i guess you dont need to ship them in order for me to sell them [20:15]
grubles right? [20:15]
EvanR-pissed grubles: that was the idea [20:15]
grubles ok [20:15]
grubles i did not know this [20:15]
* BTC_Bear|hbrntng is now known as BTC_Bear [20:15]
[Manic] who is going to ship gold to someone then get the btc [20:15]
grubles EvanR-pissed: ill do it then i suppose [20:16]
EvanR-pissed sizable gold -> ??? -> a shit ton of btc [20:16]
BTCHero1 someone who stole grandmas jewelry and wants drugs? [20:16]
EvanR-pissed lol [20:16]
EvanR-pissed i want drugs but i have no gold [20:16]
grubles EvanR-pissed: i thought iwas going to have to be responsible for an ass load of books [20:16]
jrgdnn12 Im a little skeptical, The company is based on Estonia [20:16]
EvanR-pissed grubles: no no [20:16]
[Manic] thats what pawn shops are for [20:16]
EvanR-pissed you wouldnt get enough money for that ;) [20:16]
grubles lol [20:17]
Mkaysi doesn't know anything. [20:17]
jrgdnn12 I was thinking of trying with a small amount, to see how much they pay, if they pay at all [20:17]
EvanR-pissed yeah send an old nic card [20:17]
jrgdnn12 lol [20:17]
occulta buying $50 LR with mtgoxcode, or bitcoins [20:18]
jrgdnn12 old processor? [20:18]
BTCHero1 lr seems harder to get than bitcoins to me, maybe because i hang out in bitcoin-otc [20:18]
* gribble gives voice to occulta [20:19]
EvanR-pissed BTCHero1: well lr used to be interchangable with btc when it was mtgoxes main funding method [20:19]
BTCHero1 is there a lr-otc type irc? [20:19]
occulta hmm [20:19]
occulta Tril normally sorts me out [20:19]
occulta only need $50 [20:19]
EvanR-pissed occulta: did you check mtgox to make sure they dont do lr withdraw anymore [20:19]
occulta they dont, i did that yes [20:20]
occulta they dont, i did that yes [20:20]
occulta woops [20:20]
occulta they give you a code for another excahnge [20:20]
occulta and say it may take upto 2 weeks lol... [20:20]
BTCHero1 lr is supposed to be annonymous right? [20:20]
occulta no [20:20]
BTCHero1 oh [20:20]
occulta not at all [20:20]
pigeons no lr is not anonymous [20:21]
occulta someone i owe, just wants LR [20:21]
occulta nothing else lol [20:21]
EvanR-pissed depends on what anonymous means [20:21]
pigeons but it is not in the area claimed by the "usa" [20:21]
occulta i suppose, you dont really need to use real creds [20:21]
EvanR-pissed the lr account has a name on it [20:21]
EvanR-pissed it doesnt need to be your 'real name' [20:21]
occulta yup [20:21]
EvanR-pissed and unlike paypal you dont need to verify to send money [20:22]
BTCHero1 so it is annonymous, but they want you to not be annonymous [20:22]
pigeons LR has cooperated with the money cops in the past [20:22]
BTCHero1 who doesn't [20:22]
EvanR-pissed me [20:22]
BTCHero1 oh [20:22]
occulta can i get LR for PP anywhere? [20:22]
BTCHero1 I bet if you were in a fbi interrogation you would roll [20:22]
EvanR-pissed occulta: for a long wait period and assraping fees [20:22]
midnightmagic LR has cooperated? Do we know specifically how? [20:22]
occulta bloody hell, i sold $300 LR the other week [20:23]
EvanR-pissed BTCHero1: when the fbi interrogates me, THEY end up with post traumatic stress syndrome [20:23]
pigeons occulta: there are some person to person exchanges and forums, but they are kinda like here, either repution based, or expensive [20:23]
midnightmagic I'm pretty sure I wouldn't "roll" [20:23]
pigeons or frauds [20:23]
BTCHero1 lol [20:23]
occulta yes, i wanted it speedy :) like i said Tril sorted me out twice in the past [20:23]
midnightmagic The people who roll are people who know nothing about the courts, nor law enforcement. [20:23]
BTCHero1 agreed [20:23]
pigeons yes we specifically know how, look at federal us court info [20:23]
EvanR-pissed 'roll' ? [20:23]
midnightmagic .. and therefore are led by fear. [20:24]
pigeons he means "roll over" [20:24]
midnightmagic Presumably he means spill your guts. [20:24]
BTCHero1 ummmm, rat someone out [20:24]
EvanR-pissed lol like they dont know about this channel already [20:24]
BTCHero1 you guys don't say. Ol' boy rolled on homie last night [20:24]
midnightmagic Everybody thinks that. [20:24]
jrgdnn12 ;; auth jrgdnn12 [20:24]
BTCHero1 police all up in his grill this morning [20:24]
Valalvax Someone's buying [20:25]
BTCHero1 5-0 imean [20:25]
EvanR-pissed if any of us are white that will help [20:25]
EvanR-pissed white people cant be terrorists [20:25]
EvanR-pissed (until last week when obama signed the ndaa) [20:25]
EvanR-pissed targetting white people [20:25]
pigeons Bernard is in jail and the feds call him a terrorist [20:25]
midnightmagic In Canada they can. Look up Byron Sonne. He's getting seriously fucked by a bunch of assholes. [20:25]
occulta FACK - eminem, most random track ever [20:25]
occulta man he must have been high off his face [20:25]
pigeons granted they said "special kind of terrorist" [20:26]
BTCHero1 lol, obama hate white people!!!! [20:26]
BTCHero1 hates [20:26]
EvanR-pissed yeah barack hussein obama, calling normal americans terrorists ;) [20:26]
grubles wjat about the unibomber [20:26]
grubles what* [20:26]
magnetron EvanR-pissed: got salmiak? [20:26]
EvanR-pissed who said that [20:26]
midnightmagic Murdering American citizens abroad without a trial, and with a secret panel of people who decide it. [20:26]
EvanR-pissed hlight yellow on white is hard to read [20:27]
* jrgdnn12 has quit (Quit: Page closed) [20:27]
* att has quit (Quit: Leaving) [20:27]
pigeons and mchveigh/nichols and those dumb "christian midwest terrorists" [20:27]
EvanR-pissed magnetron: salmiak? never got any [20:27]
pigeons if i give you a deer carcause will you make salmiak for me? [20:27]
* osearth has quit (Disconnected by services) [20:27]
* osearth_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:27]
pigeons i like her movies too [20:28]
EvanR-pissed pigeons: people like that and whoever else add up to much less death and destruction than basically every other manmade and natural disaster [20:28]
* Shaded (~Shaded@unaffiliated/shaded) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:28]
EvanR-pissed put we spend all our resources to stop it and instill fear in it [20:28]
EvanR-pissed 'omg you dont mean do NOTHING!' [20:28]
EvanR-pissed how can you do NOTHING? [20:28]
extor wow plimus chomps 10% lawl [20:29]
pigeons think of the children! [20:29]
EvanR-pissed ... uhm doing nothing is what congress does best? [20:29]
EvanR-pissed might as well use your ability for good rather than evil [20:29]
pigeons use a btc go to prison [20:30]
smickles wait, what? [20:30]
EvanR-pissed they cant come out and tell us not to use bitcoin [20:30]
magnetron EvanR-pissed: not true, congressmen are excellent at "raising" money! this is what they do about 50%-60% of their time [20:30]
EvanR-pissed first they have to paint it red with propaganda [20:30]
EvanR-pissed magnetron: well they raise the money and then do nothing [20:31]
magnetron EvanR-pissed: gotta have a coffee break between all that moneyraising [20:31]
magnetron is hard work [20:31]
Joric 6.70 it's alive! [20:32]
* att (~att@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:32]
* splatster has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:33]
Joric pretty big spike [20:33]
smickles let's see it break it? [20:33]
smickles 6.7, that is [20:34]
Valalvax 6.7 just got nommed [20:34]
BEEEEEEEEEEEEES Alright, all registered. Anyone selling BTC for USD? [20:34]
smickles 6.82 here we come? [20:34]
Valalvax BEEEEEEEEEEEEES: wrong time [20:35]
smickles you don't know that Valalvax [20:35]
BEEEEEEEEEEEEES What do you mean [20:35]
BEEEEEEEEEEEEES I don't care about market, I plan on using them right away [20:35]
someguy123 i am confused as fuck [20:36]
smickles on mtgox, the price is on the rise, so a significant amount of ppl may not want to sell right now [20:36]
* snw ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:36]
someguy123 will someone give me a guide to bitcoinica? [20:36]
Valalvax Yea, but would you rather pay 6.9 or 7 or 6.25? Because we have no idea where it's going [20:36]
Valalvax I wouldn't sell for anything under 7 right now, because I don't want to be the idiot that sold for 6.7 when the price rose to 7 [20:37]
smickles Someguy122, what do you need help with [20:37]
someguy123 smickles everything o_O [20:37]
someguy123 managed to drop from 2BTC to 1.9 in under 10 minutes [20:37]
Joric smickles, first of all, why bitcoinica [20:37]
smickles well, Someguy122, what is the immediate issue [20:37]
smickles Joric, fun? [20:37]
someguy123 smickles well obviously I have no idea what the fuck i'm doing at all [20:37]
Joric tired of getting goxxed time to get zhoutonged? [20:38]
smickles then learn, or leave the casino [20:38]
smickles Someguy122, what are you trying to do, specifically? [20:38]
someguy123 smickles understand how I make money from it o_O [20:39]
smickles well, that's a tough one, it has more to do with the market than it does bitcoinica [20:40]
* bitty (4c7758c5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:40]
smickles how about this, Someguy122 [20:40]
smickles do you have an idea of which way the market is going? [20:40]
smickles (like in the course of 3+ days) [20:40]
Joric up [20:41]
someguy123 yeah, it WAS going up for a while [20:41]
Valalvax The only people who have any fucking clue where the market is going are the people who have over 10 thousand to play with [20:41]
* jarsumarsu has quit (Quit: Page closed) [20:41]
Joric wow wow [20:41]
EvanR-pissed looks like i doubled my money on litecoins [20:41]
smickles well, where do you think it's going to be on tuesday? buy 1% below that price, [20:41]
smickles then, sell at that price [20:42]
Joric several hundreds just got sold [20:42]
Cusipzzz rallymode [20:42]
smickles Joric, yeah, the market is moving [20:42]
shakaru-otc_ oh crap, my dec paypal startment is here [20:42]
smickles Someguy122, I had an idea that the price is going to ~6.82, so I bought on bitcoinica at 6.56 [20:43]
Cusipzzz thats a nice size buy [20:44]
someguy123 so then when it does go up high, you can sell [20:44]
smickles I used 5:1 leverage, so right now, it's looking good for me [20:44]
smickles that's the idea [20:44]
* lethu has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:45]
* BEEEEEEEEEEEEES ( has left #bitcoin-otc [20:45]
* lethu (~Naskingar@unaffiliated/lethu) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:45]
* BTC_Bear is now known as BTC_Bear|hbrntng [20:45]
smickles all bitcoinica does, is make it more difficult to capitalize on quick price movements, but they give you leverage instead [20:45]
smickles but you can really F yourself with leverage [20:46]
jjjrmy GUYS! [20:46]
smickles @ 10:1 a 1% move in the market, affects you 10% [20:46]
* alph4zulu1 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:46]
alph4zulu1 hi [20:46]
Joric what's leverage [20:46]
Joric is it related to bitcoinica [20:47]
Cusipzzz damn big volume on this buy [20:47]
smickles Joric, borrowing money to buy or sell [20:47]
copumpkin Mqrius: looks like I should've waited to sell to you :D [20:47]
smickles Joric, like: i give zhoutong 1btc, and he lets me play with 5btc [20:47]
smickles 5:1 leverage ;) [20:47]
Joric smickles, how is that possible? [20:48]
copumpkin with big-ass leverage comes big-ass responsibility [20:48]
EvanR-pissed Cusipzzz: i just tanked the ltc exchange ;) [20:48]
smickles Joric, he keeps reserves, and has rules about it [20:48]
alph4zulu1 It's only me, or is anybody worried about exchanges closing ways to take out money from them? [20:48]
EvanR-pissed copumpkin: with big ass comes big responsibility [20:48]
Cusipzzz EvanR-pissed: lol [20:48]
copumpkin that too [20:48]
EvanR-pissed alph4zulu1: happens all the time [20:48]
EvanR-pissed even happened on mtgox [20:48]
EvanR-pissed for various reasons [20:49]
smickles top! [20:49]
Joric smickles, teach us, great master [20:49]
Cusipzzz mtgox x54 1,206.0478 @ 6.87255238 USD O.o [20:49]
EvanR-pissed alph4zulu1: dont keep money on an exchange for a long period of time [20:49]
smickles Joric, let me find a good post in the forum [20:49]
* splatster (~splatster@unaffiliated/splatster) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:49]
alph4zulu1 EvanR: thanks for the info [20:49]
Cusipzzz so much for the walls [20:49]
[Manic] probably going to starting bouncing from 6.25-6.75 again [20:50]
smickles Joric, [20:50]
* cyphase (~cyphase@unaffiliated/cyphase) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:50]
Joric never start predictions from probably [20:50]
alph4zulu1 EvanR: on the other hand, exchanges like MtGox claim to have 80% of the market [20:50]
copumpkin predictions can only ever be probably [20:50]
Cusipzzz this is oen serious buyer, hopefully he clears the 7.2 mess [20:51]
* gribble gives voice to splatster [20:51]
alph4zulu1 EvanR: So I guessed closing the "scape route" will rocket the prices... But for tradehill, for example, the contrary happened. [20:52]
alph4zulu1 EvanR: at least in Euro :) [20:52]
splatster has anyone else had problems buying dominos for people using the same card twice? [20:52]
smickles 6.90 is a 61.8% expansion ;) [20:52]
EvanR-pissed alph4zulu1: correlation doesnt imply causation ;) [20:52]
alph4zulu1 EvanR: Nice one [20:52]
Mqrius copumpkin: I'm sorry for your loss. But happy for my gain :) [20:53]
copumpkin Mqrius: I don't consider it a loss :P [20:53]
alph4zulu1 EvanR: Anyways, if you have moderate/high deposits on exchanges and no way to cash out, the ony way to go is to buy [20:53]
Mqrius Could've gone either way anyway [20:53]
copumpkin yup [20:53]
EvanR-pissed alph4zulu1: lol thats stupid [20:53]
* BEEEEEEEEEEEEES ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:53]
EvanR-pissed damn slackware is 49.95 [20:54]
copumpkin Mqrius: I'll send you the other 177 even if bitcoins are $100 each at that point :P [20:54]
copumpkin Mqrius: it might burn a little though :) [20:54]
* gheorghe (~gheorghe@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:54]
Valalvax Shit, did MtGox Live just go down? [20:54]
alph4zulu1 EvanR-pissed: what is stupid: to buy or to have moderate deposits? :) [20:54]
copumpkin Valalvax: you're surprised? [20:54]
Valalvax Running blind now [20:54]
Valalvax No, just sad lol [20:54]
Cusipzzz this buyer not done [20:54]
EvanR-pissed alph4zulu1: 'well i cant withdraw i might as well buy!' no [20:54]
EvanR-pissed Cusipzzz: MR MANIPULATOR [20:55]
Mqrius copumpkin: Heh I can imagine. I'd doubt the price then though and would dump instantly :D [20:55]
copumpkin lol [20:55]
alph4zulu1 EvanR-pissed: I mean to transfer deposits in BTC to other exchanges in order to cash out [20:55]
copumpkin Mqrius: then you'd miss out on the $1000 each [20:55]
EvanR-pissed alph4zulu1: well the russian exchange tried something like that, i.e. NO way to get fiat money back [20:56]
EvanR-pissed it just pissed everyone off [20:56]
EvanR-pissed i was tlaking about like... paypal is discontinued, LR discontinued, but you can still withdraw another way [20:57]
EvanR-pissed for example wire or trade it here directly [20:57]
pirateat40 bitcoinica codes [20:57]
pirateat40 sweet [20:57]
Valalvax I think he's done [20:57]
copumpkin pirateat40? [20:58]
pirateat40 bitcoinica now has codes [20:58]
* dwon ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:58]
copumpkin oh! [20:58]
alph4zulu1 EvanR: for trading here you need to have BTCs (or trade redeem codes, but nobody is going to buy them if no cash out is possible) [20:58]
jjjrmy GUYS, GUESS WHAT! [20:58]
copumpkin omg [20:58]
copumpkin it says MY MARGIN IS IN DANGER [20:58]
Cusipzzz ok, he done buyin [20:58]
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