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Friday, 22 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
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pigeons yay freddieisdead! [03:27]
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freddieisdead pigeons: haha thanks for the support [03:28]
pigeons i knew you'd get it sold [03:29]
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* gribble gives voice to Framedragger [03:30]
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DeLorean719 pigeons [03:35]
DeLorean719 o: [03:35]
pigeons sup [03:35]
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pigeons are my addresses no good or is it you? [03:36]
DeLorean719 it still reds the box out ): [03:36]
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Mqrius Bitcoin stabilizing at 6.9? When will the breakout be? [03:37]
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nmat wtb $150 worth of bitcoins via paypal at mtgox ask [03:40]
pigeons ;;rate DeLorean719 2 good trader [03:40]
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Geno Selling a new Radeon 6970 2GB, 38 BTC [03:44]
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Framedragger heh, took care of Ekki. he scared me for a moment when he logged out the instant he sent the mtgox code, but it worked. "science projects".. [03:50]
copumpkin lol [03:50]
copumpkin Framedragger: what you're saying is that he paid you money to lube his butt [03:50]
copumpkin right? [03:50]
Mqrius Sounds about right xD [03:51]
Framedragger yes, quite probably. and when he logged out immediately after sending his last message, I thought "well; some teenager just started a scamming career by buying butt lube products, awesome" [03:52]
pigeons where did you buy the lube? [03:53]
Framedragger whatever, not harmful things => spreading bitcoin usage = good :P [03:53]
Framedragger that same website, (quite hilarious) [03:54]
pigeons hmm, maybe bit-pay needs to talk with them [03:54]
Framedragger they're groovy throughout the whole checkout process, e.g. have "what the hell is this?" link next to the CVV code field [03:54]
Framedragger hah, they might find some new customers, yeah [03:55]
Framedragger sometimes btc acts as a simple mediator currency between moneypak and online merchants.. [03:55]
Framedragger but it's all for the better.. [03:55]
pigeons don't tell chuck shummer kids can buy butt lube with bitcoins [03:56]
benjamindees don't worry I think they ended the intern program [03:56]
pigeons heh [03:56]
Framedragger :P [03:57]
Framedragger ok, need to end my sophisticated "evading exam studying" thing and resume reading. good for the kid.. I guess. [03:57]
pigeons and good for science [03:58]
Framedragger yes.. yes, of course.. [03:58]
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Greed ;;ident Greed [04:06]
Greed Argh [04:06]
Greed I keep being disconnected and deauth'd. [04:06]
* gribble gives voice to Greed [04:07]
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rg ehe [04:14]
rg one of our new clients is a pain in my ass [04:14]
vragnaroda rg: Try using some lube. [04:15]
Cory buttlube [04:15]
* abracadab is now known as abracadabra [04:16]
rg the customer is always right [04:17]
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vragnaroda rg: bullshit; the customer gets his way but that doesn't make him right [04:23]
vragnaroda customers are shitheads [04:23]
rg hehe [04:23]
rg yeah [04:23]
rg this one now thinks hes smarter than me [04:23]
VO how safe is instawallet for tumbling purposes [04:23]
rg so i have to kindly tell him to be quiet [04:23]
rg tumbling? [04:24]
rg what in the fuck are you talking about [04:24]
pigeons mixing [04:24]
vragnaroda I think he means laundering. [04:24]
VO tumbling coins around so its harder to identify bitcoin transactions [04:24]
VO is that laundering [04:24]
phantomcircuit it's not [04:24]
phantomcircuit at all [04:24]
phantomcircuit it's not designed for that [04:24]
rg what is thte purpose of that [04:24]
rg you come on IRC from your home IP [04:25]
VO lol duh [04:25]
rg theyll just search by IP [04:25]
vragnaroda Pretending to be secretive. [04:25]
VO :P [04:25]
rg and see who relayed it first [04:25]
rg (which is usually you_ [04:25]
pigeons hmm, the coins we know are his went to this mixer, damn we've lost him [04:25]
rg lol [04:25]
rg VO: just use a lot of addresses [04:25]
VO too much trouble [04:26]
vragnaroda and separate wallets [04:26]
VO what would you use instawallet for [04:26]
vragnaroda I wouldn't. [04:26]
vragnaroda :p [04:26]
VO lol [04:26]
rg VO: use [04:26]
rg not instawallet [04:26]
VO hahaha [04:26]
rg just leave them in there 24 hours [04:27]
Framedragger if it's too much trouble, then.. :) [04:27]
Framedragger on that note, I've always been curious, how good SR's own tumbling system is, whether anyone did any research on that.. /semitaboo sorry [04:27]
Framedragger because I know some people use that as one of the tumblers in the tumbling chain. [04:27]
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pigeons i hear you get different coins back if that's all you're concerned about [04:28]
rg any site with a decent amount of traffic will be a good site [04:28]
rg bitjack is good cause they keep a high balance [04:28]
rg and have a good amount of traffic [04:28]
pigeons unless he's trying to hide that he's gambling [04:29]
Framedragger yes, that's correct AFAIK. but the question is, how much intermediacy (?) happens in-between. they do have blind transcations etc., I guess. [04:29]
rg haha [04:29]
rg but gambling for bitcoins isnt illegal [04:29]
rg bitcoins arent considered real currency [04:29]
rg thus, youre just gambling with tokens [04:29]
rg which isnt illegal [04:29]
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pigeons in singapore? [04:30]
VO lol [04:30]
VO i just don't know what identifies bitcoin transactions what doesn't [04:31]
rg youre going to jail for using bitcoins [04:31]
VO possibly [04:31]
Mqrius Will I go more to jail for using more bitcoins? [04:31]
pigeons don't do anything with bitcoins that you wouldn't want luke-jr to know about [04:31]
VO whoa did anyone see this article [04:32]
VO [04:32]
* Mqrius buys The god Delusion by Richard Dawkins with bitcoins. [04:32]
VO some new biology [04:32]
weex Mqrius: where did you make that particular purchase? [04:32]
Mqrius weex: In my hypothetical shop [04:32]
weex Bid with confidence in your hypothetical shop [04:33]
Mqrius (actually I'm reading the German version, supplied by my girlfriend. Reading in German is slow though) [04:33]
benjamindees atheist screeds probably sound better in German I bet [04:34]
Mqrius hehe [04:34]
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benjamindees kind of how yelling at people is better in German [04:35]
pigeons when i was a theist i read dawkins and it didnt convince me [04:35]
Mqrius pigeons: I'm not a theist [04:36]
Mqrius that helps. [04:36]
Mqrius I am atheist though. [04:36]
Mqrius Which sounds the same when you speak it out loud [04:36]
vragnaroda No, it doesn't. [04:37]
vragnaroda They sound similar but not the same. [04:37]
Mqrius Well, maybe not. [04:37]
Mqrius But I'll just go to sleep before anyone notices [04:37]
Mqrius night night [04:37]
pigeons well, when i was questioning my theism i picked up dawkins again, wanting to challenge myself, expecting to read the whole thing and think about it, but i decided it was rediculous to be a thiest after the first paragraph that time [04:37]
pigeons it was really starting to think more logically about everything else that made me decide to stop being so superstitious about gods [04:38]
rg time for bed [04:38]
rg laters [04:38]
pigeons night guys [04:38]
vragnaroda pigeons: Your spelling is ridiculous; it merits ridicule. [04:39]
pigeons :) [04:39]
weex recipes for baked goods without eggs sound pretty mean in German [04:39]
benjamindees derision even... [04:39]
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pigeons i don't know how to explain or expect you to believe me, because the letters aren't near each other on the keyboard, but they are more typographical errors, I don't make many spelling errors with a pencil or pen [04:41]
Framedragger have read only very little of Dawkins (save for his lectures, and that's not the same at all), but he seems to concentrate on some of religion's _effects_ => straw man fallacies all around. I imagine it wouldn't have shaken my views if I had had them.. [04:41]
benjamindees really Germans can't be expected to keep chickens... exposure to the micro RNA would turn them into girlie-men like the French... [04:42]
vragnaroda Well, they're fairly close on my keyboard. [04:42]
pigeons Also when you try to figure out why they think these crazy things, a lot of theists start to become more "pantheists" or whatever you call the belief that god is "the universe" which is harder to argue with. [04:43]
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pigeons It's kind of that I don't type well, and think eventually I'll somehow get better, but I really need to learn where the letters are, but then I might as well go dvorak, yeah [04:44]
VO EXACTLY [04:45]
VO i hate that shit pigeons [04:45]
VO that's just adding another stupid link in the stupid chain [04:45]
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benjamindees so would you say you tend to hunt and peck? [04:46]
pigeons i don't look at the keyboard [04:46]
pigeons I just hope I pressed the correct keys [04:46]
vragnaroda lɔl [04:46]
VO in sixth grade I took keyboarding [04:46]
VO it taught me some neat tricks and good habits [04:47]
rawrmage i do not want to hear this story [04:47]
rawrmage it sounds dul [04:47]
rawrmage l [04:47]
vragnaroda rawrmage++ [04:47]
rawrmage i will leave this irssi window now [04:47]
vragnaroda rawrmage: Actually, you should translate it to lojban. [04:47]
rawrmage 'in sixth grade' is hard [04:49]
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rawrmage ca lo gradu be fa li xa ku mi te ctufau fo tu'a lo lercu'aca'a [04:50]
* BTC_Bear|hbrntng is now known as BTC_Bear [04:51]
vragnaroda lol, and people say I don't know what I'm talking about when I say Lojban's ugly. [04:51]
rawrmage pu ctuca mi lo xamgu tcaci .e .y. [04:52]
vragnaroda I really ought to learn it, though. [04:52]
rawrmage 'neat tricks'... [04:52]
rawrmage VO: what is the concept of a 'neat trick' to you [04:53]
jothan what the hell, someone paid over 36 bitcoins as a transaction fee [04:53]
* splatster (~splatster@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:53]
VO lol like correct finger placement [04:53]
rawrmage jothan: it's not nice to make fun of others' size :( [04:53]
jothan it was not even a huge transaction kilobyte-wise [04:54]
rawrmage vragnaroda: i think part of its ugliness is necessary for its syntactic unambiguity + machine parseability [04:55]
weex probably got their fields switched [04:55]
mircea_popescu weird. [04:55]
vragnaroda jothan: Probably laundering money. [04:55]
vragnaroda rawrmage: It could be a lot prettier if it weren't so phonemically limited. [04:55]
jothan vragnaroda: more like forgetting to remove the bitcoins from your pants before throwing them in the washer [04:56]
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Framedragger vragnaroda, have you seen this paper on lolspeak, it's supposedly somewhat decent (author seems to know what (s)he's talking about) + hilarious [05:00]
Framedragger [05:00]
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vragnaroda I'm not reading that. [05:01]
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Framedragger many lols in there: [05:02]
Framedragger "[... [05:02]
Framedragger ] Lolspeak does not meet the requisite conditions of a pidgin [05:02]
Framedragger language, which develops as a result of particular kinds of language contact. Forming a pidgin [05:02]
Framedragger requires having one or more superstrate languages (lexifiers) and a substrate (grammatical) [05:02]
Framedragger language. Since all of the vocabulary comes from English, this means Lolspeak‟s nonstandard [05:02]
Framedragger feature must come from a substrate of cat language. The problem here lies with the fact that [05:02]
Framedragger though humans do engage in communication with cats, there is no linguistically persuasive 20 [05:02]
Framedragger evidence that cats have a language, though many cat owners have speculated about it" [05:02]
jothan ouch, a thesis written with MS Word [05:02]
* polardroid ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:02]
Framedragger ah darn sorry, ok I understand :P [05:02]
Framedragger i.e. I don't blame you [05:03]
Framedragger yeah, papers that are generated by LyX -> pdf process automatically gain +300% credibility due to aesthetics, true [05:04]
Framedragger alright, sorry for flood [05:04]
* bougyman loving ice cream sandwich [05:04]
pigeons i paid hundreds of bitcoins in transaction fees when i was starting out [05:05]
pigeons i didnt read the protocol in depth, and thought really small microtransactions would be "cool" [05:05]
vragnaroda Framedragger: Don't ever paste anything close to that long again in this channel. [05:05]
pigeons but 1 btc wasn't even worth half a US cent at the time [05:06]
Framedragger you should see what happens on SILC channels with embedded images enabled.. but, yeah. [05:06]
jothan right, a guy paid another guy like 10000 BTC for a pizza in the early days [05:06]
jothan you can buy a pretty nice car with that now [05:06]
splatster anyone wanna buy some pizza? [05:07]
splatster :) [05:07]
jothan splatster: hopefully, I'll buy a house with 10 BTC in 10 years [05:08]
Kenextref wow, serious? didnt know that.. [05:08]
jothan Kenextref: story link [05:09]
pigeons yeah and we thought the guy who bought him the pizza got ripped off [05:09]
rawrmage lol [05:09]
Kenextref thx jothan [05:10]
Kenextref :) [05:10]
weex shoulda saved that pizza [05:10]
weex freezedried and ground into a fine powder [05:11]
* Cheese (~orspeeder@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:11]
weex to be sprinkled on mining equipment for good luck [05:11]
jothan I doubt moldy pizza is deflationary in value [05:11]
weex moldypizzacoin is coming right up [05:11]
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pigeons i saved a mcdonald's french fry in the shape of an aids ribbon to put on ebay [05:12]
vebb best way to buy btc via cc? or is that too taboo because of chargebacks? [05:12]
pigeons yeah vebb, not much cc, what is that google checkout site? or something? [05:12]
vebb wat [05:13]
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pigeons also you can buy physical bitcoins and redeem them from but there is a large premium [05:13]
vebb I went there and it went to breakthroughmgt [05:13]
vebb lol [05:13]
pigeons someone will correct me [05:13]
pigeons takes ukash or at least they used to, which can be funded with cc [05:14]
pigeons i've seen a few people in this channel sell with their own merchant accounts but i doubt they will if you have no trust [05:14]
jothan if stale food is your thing: a mcdonald's happy meal does not decay over months [05:14]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to vragnaroda [05:16]
pigeons and paxum has started allowing funding via credit card, not sure of all the details, the fees are a bit high, but several exchanges, including the daddy, mtgox take paxum [05:16]
vebb i'll sell my facebook page for btc [05:16]
vebb 70k likes - who's keen? [05:16]
vebb haha [05:16]
* vragnaroda has kicked jothan from #bitcoin-otc (pseudoscientific hysteria) [05:16]
vebb jokes [05:16]
* vragnaroda removes channel operator status from vragnaroda [05:16]
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pigeons thanks vragnaroda, i just ignored it cause i saw that before and came to the same conclusion [05:17]
* treaki ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:18]
pigeons vebb: and if you really like fees, virwox will let you buy "second life lindens" via several methods that allow credit card funding, including paypal, and then trade the lindens for bitcoins, but they have restrictions on first time users [05:18]
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vebb ffffuuu [05:18]
weex i just killed my family in hungry hungry hippos [05:19]
vebb restrictions. hmm. I don't mind fees. I like uhh, accessibility and speed. [05:19]
pigeons come up with something better than a facebook account [05:19]
vebb like what [05:19]
pigeons starcraft 2 account? [05:19]
vebb that page has earned me $10 a day for the last month [05:19]
vebb nope. don't really game, sorry. [05:19]
vebb guess I'll use [05:20]
vebb seems a bit expensive [05:20]
pigeons can you trade facebook credits p2p? i don't want them, just curious [05:20]
vebb not credits. i made a website for the page [05:20]
vebb money via adsense [05:20]
vragnaroda pigeons: Also, sourcing a claim from the daily fail is kickable [05:20]
pigeons heh, makes sense v [05:20]
vebb pigeons: is reputable? [05:23]
weex if you have a couple weeks, paxum works [05:23]
weex be sure to fill out all your paperwork correctly [05:23]
weex no amex [05:23]
pigeons vebb: i use them daily. that doesn't make them reputable, lots of people have reservations about them [05:23]
pigeons but the bigger risk would be leaving money with them [05:24]
vebb ok [05:24]
vebb thanks [05:24]
pigeons cool weex, I was considering verifying my paxum [05:25]
vebb no trusted NZ sellers in here? [05:27]
vebb I want to buy about 10-12 btc [05:27]
vebb will add an extra $25 [05:28]
weex where's the best place to find people who are looking for work for BTC? [05:29]
jjjrmy weex: what do you need? [05:29]
nanotube weex: here's one. #bitcoin-dev and #bitcoin could be another. there was also some site with 'jobs for bitcoin' but i'm not sure how much traffic that gets. forums also. [05:29]
pigeons there are sites like, but I would try the forums, or maybe just mention it on one of the regular freelancer sites, put an order on the book here too [05:30]
weex jjjrmy: i'm looking for the answer to the question, not someone to work for me atm [05:30]
jjjrmy weex: ah, lol [05:30]
pigeons well the answer depends on what kind of work ;) [05:30]
weex but then again, i guess i could just point people to jjjrmy [05:30]
weex need something done, jjjrmy's got your back [05:30]
jjjrmy what about me [05:30]
jjjrmy oh lol [05:30]
jjjrmy :p [05:31]
* roman3x has quit (Quit: Leaving) [05:31]
* polardroid has quit () [05:32]
* Rattman has quit (Quit: Rattman) [05:34]
* gigavps is now known as gigavpsAFK [05:34]
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* cryptoxchange (~Ken@unaffiliated/cryptoxchange) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:41]
Kenextref hi cryptoxchange [05:46]
cryptoxchange Hi [05:46]
Kenextref i was going to use your exchange, but then i came here instead :P [05:46]
splatster what are paxum's fees? [05:47]
splatster im trying to see whether i should keep trying to sell by prepaid visa or just use paxum to transfer to an exchage [05:48]
* cryptoxchange has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [05:52]
allanlw how much prepaid visa [05:53]
* jjjrmy-m has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [05:53]
splatster $75 [05:54]
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  1. Long lines aren't fully visible though or is it just my display here (zooming in/out didn't help either)?

    Not even sure why is it a table and not paragraphs since it's meant for reading here.

  2. @Diana Coman

    The thing with paragraph tags is you get that extra spacing between lines (for example). Possibly desirable or not.

    As for the long lines being cut, both I and whaack have noticed lines being cut within a blockquote tag in the article Small css tweak needed probably.

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 23 November 2019

    This is just me trying to figure out / iron out the last kinks. It's pretty much all the way there and ready to import, except for cosmetic problems like exactly the misdisplayed table etc.

    Ima figure it out tomorrow I guess.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 23 November 2019

    Turns out the problem's readily fixed by adding an style="font-size:1em;" specification in the table heading. For some reason different parts of the html rendering engine ended up thinking the typeface is different dimensions, fixing it explicitly resolves the divergence.

  5. It is fixed indeed ie the whole line is visible now. I admit I still find it very hard to read though, possibly because everything is mid-aligned in each cell so the name of the speaker ends up in between the lines of text.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 23 November 2019

    Turns out that's easily fixed. How about now ?

  7. Certainly much better - I can follow the lines at least. I can't say I like the table format a lot but at least it's readable now.

    Is there any plan to add the reference links on lines too? I'm not sure how would that work in this format when the same line/part is referenced multiple times, hm.

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 23 November 2019

    Actually trivial enough to do, really.

  9. fwiw, I'm still seeing some oddities in the display with certain browsers. I did some testing and loaded this specific article on different ones; here's what I got:

    Entire timestamp and part of the main text is cut off in Chromium v43 (on my Debian laptop), Chrome v78 (on my windows turd box), and on 'DuckDuckGo browser' (a dumbphone browser).

    The last digit of the timestamp is cut off in 'Iceweasel' v31 (a Mozilla browser on my Debian laptop).

    Looks fine in both links and lynx.

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