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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
chetty miners are all on a beach somewhere [00:00]
jurov no theyre in closet [00:00]
mircea_popescu nobody mines anymoar (tm) [00:00]
mircea_popescu hey X-Rob you there ? [00:00]
X-Rob mircea_popescu: Indeed I am [00:01]
mircea_popescu so, could the pool ops so collude as described ? [00:01]
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* X-Rob scrolls back [00:06]
BingoBoingo Scrolling up should be a sport [00:06]
X-Rob Ah. [00:07]
* X-Rob reads up on them [00:07]
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mircea_popescu the contention is whether "Who found a block" has any substance to it past "we say so" [00:08]
X-Rob mircea_popescu: Well, that's an interesting question. Several pools mine to an explicitly well known address. [00:08]
mircea_popescu sure, but what of it. [00:09]
X-Rob so you can look at the block and know that, 100%, p2pool mined that block, for example [00:09]
mircea_popescu other than making people with a soft understanding of the protocol make wrong assumptions [00:09]
mircea_popescu well no, you don't actually know that. [00:09]
X-Rob However. There are a large number of pools where you can only guess. And 'because I say so' is about as much certainty as you're going to get. [00:09]
X-Rob mircea_popescu: Well, p2pool is a specific case, and I probably shouldn't have used it, because that's one of the ones you /can/ be 100% certain about. [00:10]
mircea_popescu ok, p2pool aside. [00:10]
X-Rob but that's only 1%-ish of the network [00:10]
X-Rob so, let's disregard that [00:11]
X-Rob and say.. eligius. [00:11]
X-Rob There are two things that you can 'know' about a block. The destination of its mined coins, and the coinbase. [00:11]
X-Rob Both of those together can give you a good indication of who mined the block. If the destination of the coins is to a known pool address, then that pool ended up with the coins. [00:12]
mircea_popescu but the fact that the pool ended up with the coins is no sort of prof the pool mined the block. [00:12]
X-Rob Wether or not they MINED the coins is a different question, but I can't see any advantage in pool C mining coins for pool B [00:12]
mircea_popescu it's prima facie evidence, and absent any actual economic incentive to lie it may stand as acceptable "proof" [00:12]
mircea_popescu given actual economic incentive to lie however, it's worthless. [00:12]
BingoBoingo Well, depends on how big the pot on the who mines block X bet gets [00:13]
mircea_popescu X-Rob well the advantage would be that they win a bet, get more btc. [00:13]
X-Rob This would only be an issue in a closed pool, however. [00:13]
mircea_popescu why ? [00:13]
BingoBoingo %p [00:13]
X-Rob Why would I hash privately and mine at pool C, whjen I can just hash at pool B to start with? [00:13]
atcbot No data returned from [00:13]
atcbot [PityThePool Hashrate]: 830.74 GH/s [iSpace Pool Hashrate]: 1.44 TH/s [00:13]
BingoBoingo %d [00:14]
atcbot [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 1878190.93 Est. Next Diff: 276948.13 in 1338 blocks (#46368) Est. % Change: -85.25 [00:14]
X-Rob I'll earn my PPLNS, plus I'll win the bet. [00:14]
mircea_popescu and spare me with the "miners will know", there have been three times in history, including today and recently, pools which split their rewards across to pretend like they don't have 50% of the hash rate [00:14]
X-Rob which is more [00:14]
mircea_popescu and the miners never knew. [00:14]
mircea_popescu so no, they wouldn't "know" jack shit on a stick [00:14]
BingoBoingo !b 2 [00:14]
assbot Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [00:14]
BingoBoingo %t [00:14]
atcbot [X-BT] Bid: 205 Ask: 221 Last Price: 221 24h-Vol: 2k High: 221 Low: 221 VWAP: 221 [00:14]
* assbot removes voice from xe4l [00:14]
BingoBoingo %ob [00:15]
atcbot 8k@260 2k@245 32k@221 | 12k@205 85k@198 6k@194 [00:15]
punkman "Still as a computer scientist I need an answer to which system I will teach in my class next week. Command-line PGP ?!?" [00:16]
assbot Enigmail / Forum / Enigmail Support:WARNING: Enigmail 1.7 *completely* *broken* [00:16]
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punkman you were gonna teach them Enigmail? Fuck you. [00:17]
BingoBoingo Enigmail used to just work, but I dun trust the new "Ease of Use" update. [00:18]
X-Rob My idea is, if I had bet on pool B mining block, and I controlled access to hardware that would bias pool B to mine the block, why wouldn't I just mine at pool B? I would win the bet -and- I would earn whatever percentage of the block the hardware earned, which would probably be more than 25% of the block reward. [00:18]
X-Rob But, let's assume that the bet is massive. Say, a million USD. [00:19]
mircea_popescu you were gonna teach them Enigmail? Fuck you. <<< word. [00:19]
X-Rob A sum large enough to tempt even the most honest of pool operators. [00:19]
mircea_popescu yes command line pgp. who is this fuckwit. [00:19]
mircea_popescu X-Rob because you're not you. you're the pool op, who has to make a buck, and who is friends with the other pool ops. [00:19]
X-Rob There would be several options. The simplest would be to /still/ mine at Pool B with the hashrate of the other pools [00:20]
X-Rob But, woe, your hashrate didn't mine that block. p2pool got it. [00:20]
X-Rob You still have a massive percentage of the hashrate of the entire btc network. [00:20]
X-Rob Time to orphan blocks. [00:20]
mircea_popescu right. [00:20]
X-Rob So. [00:21]
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X-Rob tl;dr: It's possible, but unlikely for less than say 50 * block reward [00:21]
mircea_popescu unless the method we describe in theory is actually implementable cheaper than we estimate, of course. [00:22]
X-Rob Everyone's a whore. It's just the price that varies. [00:22]
mircea_popescu nah, some girls do it for free. [00:23]
X-Rob I saw an amusing comment on reddit yesterday, on a photo of someone climbing a massive radio tower. They said 'You couldn't pay me enough to do that', and someone responded with '72.6 billion dollars. Per hour'. [00:23]
X-Rob So. Yes. Turns out you COULD pay him enough to do that. [00:24]
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mircea_popescu lol k [00:25]
X-Rob But if I was to be offered say... 10* block reward to get block 1234 mined by pool B, I'd probably take that bet. [00:25]
BingoBoingo I think the price for a lot of pool ops would be 25.01 to 25.03 BTC [00:26]
jurov how many other pools you'd need to collude? [00:26]
mircea_popescu betting is an odds game. if you win 1% more than you lose, but you can rely on that 1%, you may cycle thousands of btc for a profit that well exceeds say coinbase's [00:26]
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BingoBoingo !up Rangerk [00:27]
* assbot gives voice to Rangerk [00:27]
mircea_popescu so #eulora just succeeded in an infrastructure upgrade, taking crystal space from 38 something to 40 something. this is a major tech victory. [00:27]
BingoBoingo << Iranian wtf distro team [00:27]
assbot Jabir Project | Jabir Technologies Official Blog [00:27]
mircea_popescu anyone know what fresias are ? [00:27]
jurov flowers [00:28]
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mircea_popescu yup. so little kiosk downstairs has them, two dozen for 10 pesos. [00:28]
X-Rob BingoBoingo: The issue is not having the pool owner say 'Yes, I found block 1234', it's other people going 'Uh, actually, no, I found block 1234, here, it's addressed to me, here's me signing a transaction' [00:28]
mircea_popescu i just bought a bucket, came to about five bux [00:28]
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X-Rob So you'd need to ACTUALLY have the pool find a block, or, as I said earlier, have pool C find the block for pool B, but that's economically foolish. [00:29]
BingoBoingo X-Rob: Right, but you have to realize how much a casino can came at 1 or 2 percent house edge over time. [00:29]
X-Rob BingoBoingo: I'm talking more about the technical issues of claiming a block [00:30]
X-Rob And lying about who found it. [00:30]
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jurov i understood mp's situation as some pool owners mining together so that one of them will claim the blocks, and betting accordingly [00:32]
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BingoBoingo X-Rob: Right, but if betting we are talking about a set of any particular blocks. [00:33]
jurov then, house will actually profit from the volume [00:33]
X-Rob jurov: That's... quite likely. [00:33]
jurov only the other bettors may have a problem [00:33]
BingoBoingo Both the house and pool operators could profit [00:33]
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BingoBoingo This is a people problem and a trust problem. [00:34]
jurov the question is, can/will miners detect something untoward here? [00:35]
X-Rob Can they? Possibly. Will they? Amazingly unlikely. [00:35]
X-Rob There is a stratum command 'gettransactions' [00:36]
mircea_popescu yeah i wouldn't bet on that. [00:36]
X-Rob that your miner can use to ask for the list of transactions you're mining against, and check them against the merkle hash [00:36]
* assbot gives voice to hanbot [00:37]
X-Rob However: It's only supported by eligius, as every other pool hates it. [00:37]
X-Rob And no-one has actually written anything useful for it. [00:37]
BingoBoingo X-Rob: Is this the Get block template thing? [00:38]
X-Rob GetBlockTemplate is /better/, and you have more control over it, as a miner, but honestly, statistically, no-one cares. [00:38]
X-Rob BingoBoingo: GBT is another protocol. [00:38]
mircea_popescu X-Rob and then, the "community" derps all about how bad it is that they're getting squeezed out by the large farms. [00:39]
X-Rob mircea_popescu: the problem is, it's not that people don't care, is that' they don't want to learn. They go 'magic internet money', and that's pretty much it. [00:39]
mircea_popescu right. which is why they SHOULD be squeezed out. [00:40]
X-Rob 'I'm going to buy 10 S3's and set them up!' [00:40]
mircea_popescu no coutnry for lazy stupid men. [00:40]
thestringpuller is hanbot a bot? [00:41]
mircea_popescu only metaphorically. [00:41]
jurov thestringpuller this is her blog: [00:41]
X-Rob heh [00:41]
assbot The Whet | a place for appetites [00:42]
BingoBoingo Only a bot in the way MP routinely turns us all into bots [00:42]
mircea_popescu the blogbot! [00:42]
jurov i don't think bot can write this [00:42]
thestringpuller ah. da semall-a-scope! [00:42]
thestringpuller smell-a-scope* [00:42]
jurov ;;smell thestringpuller [00:43]
gribble Error: "smell" is not a valid command. [00:43]
hanbot lol [00:43]
X-Rob +1 for futurama quote, thestringpuller [00:43]
mircea_popescu << botbits. [00:43]
assbot Viata grea a blogerului incepator pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [00:43]
thestringpuller good news everyone I have found a way to smell people on the internet [00:44]
mircea_popescu 1. one drop acid on sugar cube ? [00:44]
jurov *acetic acid [00:45]
X-Rob So, taking a step back, and answering the big question 'what is stopping pool owners colluding to ensure pool B mines block 1234?' -- The answer is 'nothing'. And to expand on that, 'Nothing, and it's unlikely that someone would even notice, as long as the miners keep getting their pennies' [00:45]
mircea_popescu ty. ever been expert witness in legal proceedings before ? [00:47]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 23650 @ 0.00076983 = 18.2065 BTC [-] {2} [00:48]
X-Rob Yeah, twice. I used to work in InfoSec at [00:48]
thestringpuller ;;google law and order [00:48]
gribble Law & Order | NBC: ; Law & Order - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; Law & Order (TV Series 1990–2010) - IMDb: [00:48]
thestringpuller lol [00:48]
mircea_popescu cool beanz. [00:49]
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BingoBoingo ;;rated X-Rob [00:59]
gribble You have not yet rated user X-Rob [00:59]
BingoBoingo ;;rate X-Rob 2 Mines, testifies [01:00]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 2 for user X-Rob has been recorded. [01:00]
mircea_popescu There was a young girl of Natchez who chanced to be born with two snatches. Now and again she'd say "Shit! I'd so give either tit for a man with equipment that matches." [01:00]
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aabtc adrrr aegis agamemnon23 altoz AndrewJackson Anduck Apocalyptic arij artifexd asciilifeform assbot atcbot Azelphur [01:06]
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X-Rob BingoBoingo: Thanks, but I'm actually 'xrobau' on gribble 8-) [01:15]
X-Rob ;;ident [01:15]
gribble Nick 'X-Rob', with hostmask 'X-Rob!sid14615@gateway/web/', is not identified. [01:15]
X-Rob oh, wups. [01:15]
thestringpuller :P [01:15]
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X-Rob ;;ident [01:17]
gribble CAUTION: irc nick differs from otc registered nick. Nick 'X-Rob', with hostmask 'X-Rob!sid14615@gateway/web/', is identified as user 'xrobau', with GPG key id None, key fingerprint None, and bitcoin address 1F1pPNy6X86rUSKLqZAdsa7dSMoRy4KobG [01:17]
X-Rob yay [01:17]
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BingoBoingo ;;unrate X-Rob [01:29]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for X-Rob. [01:29]
BingoBoingo ;;rated xrobau [01:29]
gribble You rated user xrobau on Sun Aug 17 20:38:19 2014, with a rating of 1, and supplied these additional notes: Going to point his hash, issues corrections. [01:29]
BingoBoingo Eh [01:29]
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X-Rob My hash is pointy [01:32]
BingoBoingo What hash isn't [01:32]
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RagnarDanneskjol the plot thickens: [01:34]
assbot Bitcoin open source implementation of P2P currency - P2P Foundation [01:34]
RagnarDanneskjol bottom of page [01:34]
mircea_popescu herp. [01:36]
mircea_popescu who the fuck are these people. [01:37]
mircea_popescu "Thank you for this clarification Mr. Nakamoto. It has been an honor to be labeled by my friends as "Satoshi's Drunk Uncle" and it's a moniker I'll wear proudly until the day I retire from Crypto. The Goldcoin (GLD) developers truly admire your work and strive to continue improving upon its design as a tribute to your unparallelled genius. Your admirer and relative in spirit, MicroGuy." [01:37]
mircea_popescu really ? [01:37]
mircea_popescu With so many interested persons checking in here, I believe this would be a good time to again share Chris Cook's brief, simple and correct summation of the problem with bitcoin, from http://blablabla [01:38]
mircea_popescu sigh. [01:38]
mircea_popescu "we've got nothing but our desire to matter in spite of the void we stand for. and there's A LOT of us." [01:39]
mircea_popescu the internet is practically fucking gehenna. [01:39]
RagnarDanneskjol well, I was derpish enough to solicit him for recruitment. so I'm not much better than those creeps. I did get some very interesting encrypted respnses tho [01:40]
mircea_popescu are you the guy with "three weeks" ? [01:41]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1878 @ 0.00077359 = 1.4528 BTC [+] [01:42]
RagnarDanneskjol the only recruiter there. posted back in march [01:42]
mircea_popescu have dev spend a week checking out and streamlining trilema code, obtain clear results, various bottlenecks resolved, lots of optimisation that should result in about 30-40% less load. [01:43]
mircea_popescu watch the load on the server excitedly as it increase slightly over a week or two as a result. [01:43]
mircea_popescu because why the fuck not. [01:43]
RagnarDanneskjol ok [01:44]
mircea_popescu RagnarDanneskjol i was talking about myself :p [01:44]
RagnarDanneskjol ok [01:44]
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mircea_popescu ;;bc,stats [01:47]
gribble Current Blocks: 319757 | Current Difficulty: 2.7428630902257874E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 320543 | Next Difficulty In: 786 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 5 days, 4 hours, 6 minutes, and 18 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 29374054561.2 | Estimated Percent Change: 7.09268 [01:47]
BingoBoingo [01:53]
assbot Theo de Raadt (ruBSD 2013) - YouTube [01:53]
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BingoBoingo Since Arizona is flooding [02:03]
assbot Format Document [02:03]
RagnarDanneskjol [02:07]
assbot is compromised [02:07]
* gernika has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep) [02:09]
BingoBoingo And this is why the "killer app" for GPG is signatures [02:11]
cazalla heh buttcoin [02:17]
assbot Bitcoin | [02:17]
Azelphur hehe [02:18]
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BingoBoingo I'll take it this implies Hal prolly was Satoshi after all. [02:23]
* xdotcomm_ (~xdotcomme@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:26]
BingoBoingo [02:26]
assbot Henning Brauer (ruBSD 2013) - YouTube [02:26]
X-Rob ;;genrate 1000000 [02:28]
gribble The expected generation output, at 1000000.0 Mhps, given difficulty of 27428630902.3, is 0.0183350936553 BTC per day and 0.000763962235639 BTC per hour. [02:28]
X-Rob ;;genrate 1000 [02:28]
gribble The expected generation output, at 1000.0 Mhps, given difficulty of 27428630902.3, is 1.83350936553e-05 BTC per day and 7.63962235639e-07 BTC per hour. [02:28]
X-Rob even [02:28]
X-Rob bah, [02:28]
X-Rob ;;genrate 10000 [02:28]
gribble The expected generation output, at 10000.0 Mhps, given difficulty of 27428630902.3, is 0.000183350936553 BTC per day and 7.63962235639e-06 BTC per hour. [02:28]
X-Rob ok, so, 18. [02:29]
BingoBoingo ;;tickler [02:31]
gribble Error: "tickler" is not a valid command. [02:31]
BingoBoingo Why no tickler? [02:31]
BingoBoingo !tickle fluffypony [02:33]
mod6 <+mircea_popescu> so #eulora just succeeded in an infrastructure upgrade, taking crystal space from 38 something to 40 something. this is a major tech victory. << nice!! [02:34]
* nullB ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:39]
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penguirker New blog post: [02:43]
BingoBoingo ;;later tell jborkl No words outside of the metalanguage can accurately describe how much I want to de-shit your blog's look [02:47]
gribble The operation succeeded. [02:47]
BingoBoingo Also the satoshi email compromise in a wild speculative hypothesis hopefully is the death knell for any last gasps of third party authority on the matter of identity [02:49]
BingoBoingo [02:57]
assbot Bitcoin / Mailing Lists [02:57]
BingoBoingo Oh, Satoshi hack day seems like such a splendid day [02:57]
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* bitstein ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:00]
* bitstein is now known as 18VAAV5K4 [03:01]
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BingoBoingo 'This satoshi email hack simple means the Autum drama season has begun. [03:05]
* gernika ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:05]
kakobrekla Bitcoin is being illegalized by the Federal Reserve 2014. The DEA recently proposed a bill to Congress calling for its suspension and immediate criminalization due to the propagation of drug use. If you would like to depart with your Bitcoins legally and properly, please send this 0.01 Minimum we analyse them your balance in this moment to the following system Bitcoin address: BTC: 1sYSTEMQCbXykxa26a5h927WTZgvY7nzy we send your coins balan [03:09]
kakobrekla for you after 5 hours we guarantee It is recommended that this course of action be taken immediately. Thank you. Jack Lew Secretary of the Treasury Bitcoin address: Special System BTC: 1sYSTEMQCbXykxa26a5h927WTZgvY7nzy [03:09]
kakobrekla fyi. [03:09]
asciilifeform lol! [03:10]
* assbot gives voice to justusranvier [03:11]
justusranvier Why is gmaxwell so interested in making bitcoin-security private again? What's in those 240 emails they don't want anyone to seel? [03:12]
BingoBoingo Excellent question justusranvier [03:12]
BingoBoingo Better US treasury exit address: 1LvCuntsJyFFQsLuJhBXBPokbQa7SAyMr4 [03:12]
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* asciilifeform doesn't grasp why the supposed satoshi thing is exciting [03:27]
asciilifeform no evidence that, e.g., loch ness monster. [03:27]
* Duffer1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:28]
kakobrekla same reason yellow press is still around. [03:30]
* assbot gives voice to Duffer1 [03:31]
* MolokoDeck ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:31]
BingoBoingo asciilifeform: Because if 500 wanna be satoshi trolls control satoshi email, but not keys. Myth-Man becomes Myth [03:34]
thestringpuller lol scammers be scammin [03:35]
justusranvier Maybe the reason they are unhappy about bitcoin-security being public is because it reveals there's an unfixed memory leak in bitcoind right now. [03:39]
* copumpkin (~copumpkin@unaffiliated/copumpkin) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:39]
asciilifeform reason... unfixed << or this - [03:40]
assbot pieceofshit - [03:40]
* xdotcomm_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:41]
asciilifeform !s msghand [03:41]
assbot 1 results for 'msghand' : [03:41]
BingoBoingo %t [03:41]
atcbot [X-BT] Bid: 205 Ask: 221 Last Price: 221 24h-Vol: 0k High: 221 Low: 221 VWAP: 221 [03:41]
* nam-shub ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:41]
BingoBoingo You'd think this news would get people diversifying into Altcoin [03:42]
* nam-shub has quit (Client Quit) [03:44]
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asciilifeform of all the things that have been written about 'satoshi' - not one is simultaneously interesting and provable. [03:44]
BingoBoingo Indeed [03:45]
* Blazedout419 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:45]
artifexd !s satoshi compromised [03:48]
assbot 2 results for 'satoshi compromised' : [03:48]
* paxtoncamaro91 (~paxtoncam@unaffiliated/paxtoncamaro91) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:50]
* nam-shub ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:55]
* MolokoBot ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:55]
* belcher has quit (Quit: Leaving) [03:55]
* MolokoDeck has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [03:57]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:59]
mircea_popescu Maybe the reason they are unhappy about bitcoin-security being public is because it reveals there's an unfixed memory leak in bitcoind right now. << this needed like revealing and anything [03:59]
mircea_popescu why, because literally nobody runs the code anymore or what [03:59]
BingoBoingo [04:00]
assbot Mum Tries Out TempleOS 1.06 (2013) - YouTube [04:00]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [04:00]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22307 @ 0.00077334 = 17.2509 BTC [-] {2} [04:01]
justusranvier I still run bitcoind because it's the only way to make Armory work. [04:04]
justusranvier I keep it heavily sandboxed into a virtual machine though [04:04]
X-Rob mircea_popescu: btw, thank you. [04:05]
* mircea_popescu tips hat [04:06]
mircea_popescu dude look at a google page if you search bitcoin mining [04:06]
mircea_popescu [04:07]
BingoBoingo Electrum seems to do most of the Armory stuff without the part where it is such obvious shit. [04:08]
mircea_popescu all these schmucks have fiat to spend on outbidding each other on google ? and lemme guess, they're all first best largest ? [04:08]
justusranvier BingoBoingo: Electrum's GUI for offline transaction signing sucks, and by default it uses other people's Electrum servers which means you have no privacy. [04:09]
BingoBoingo justusranvier: But a private electrum server is so easy, and less disk space than Armory [04:09]
mircea_popescu mostly "hosted bitcoin mining", ie, buy a dumb bitcoin short. [04:09]
BingoBoingo justusranvier: Also Electrum has such powerful console [04:10]
BingoBoingo [04:10]
assbot Interesting, got another forwarded email from "satoshi", from 2011 - indicates this was a hijacked account, not expired and re-registered. [04:10]
justusranvier BingoBoingo: Don't care about disk space. I'll switch cold storage clients once btcgui (from btcd) is out of alpha [04:10]
mircea_popescu look at that, #bitaffnet [04:11]
BingoBoingo justusranvier: Disk space in many cases is a stupid worry, but... Who knows how it will be in 5 years [04:13]
justusranvier I won't be using bitcoind/Armory in 5 years [04:13]
BingoBoingo Eh, in 5 years I might be wetware [04:14]
mircea_popescu i've been using the same wordpress for trilema for 6 years now. [04:15]
mircea_popescu i have boxes still running the same shit a decade later. [04:15]
mircea_popescu software that's worth changing ain't worth running in the first place. [04:15]
* MolokoBox ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:16]
BingoBoingo I'm still looking for the right old WordPress version to chop on [04:16]
* TheNewDeal (b84522c2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:16]
mircea_popescu 2.something, prolly. [04:16]
BingoBoingo Yeah, I'm narrowing down to 1.8.x to 3.0.x [04:17]
mircea_popescu << check out this wonder, kid wants to mine, his miner is software. [04:18]
assbot dpaste: 206JR1H [04:18]
mircea_popescu you're gonna troll them now aren't you. [04:20]
BingoBoingo Mebbe [04:20]
* MolokoBot has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [04:20]
* 18VAAV5K4 has quit (Quit: 18VAAV5K4) [04:21]
mircea_popescu kay well, enough excitement for one day. laters. [04:22]
* assbot gives voice to TheNewDeal [04:23]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [12:44]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets is: || || || [12:44]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets set by kakobrekla!~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla at Wed Mar 5 21:58:12 2014 [12:44]
-assbot- Welcome to #bitcoin-assets. To get voice (ie, to be able to speak), first identify with gribble and then send "!up" to assbot in a private message. If you do not have a WoT account, try politely asking one of the voiced people for a temporary pass. [12:44]
* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [12:45]
cazalla jurov, such a shame, i like that dice site [12:45]
mircea_popescu so buenos aires is completely fucking flooded [12:45]
cazalla strange, so is melbourne [12:45]
cazalla we had hail as well, my sugar snap peas are fucked [12:46]
mircea_popescu yup it started raining with nightfall, then it hailed for like an hour [12:46]
mircea_popescu by now the sidewalk is under a river [12:46]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla "When did BitBet started?" rly ? anyway, he can come here and ask w/e. but otherwise no. [12:50]
assbot yona__ +v failed; L1: 0, L2: 0 [12:50]
RagnarDanneskjol !up yona__ [12:51]
* assbot gives voice to yona__ [12:51]
mircea_popescu who's yona__ [12:52]
yona__ well, here from bitcoin emBassy in Tel Aviv [12:52]
RagnarDanneskjol dunno, someone who wanted voice apparently [12:52]
kakobrekla mircea_popescu ur no fun. i sent him this way. [12:53]
mircea_popescu no but i mean, zero effort fuckwits. "do my job for me please, what is the difference between bitbet and "other brands" ? [12:53]
mircea_popescu what the fuck other brands for crying out loud. [12:53]
mircea_popescu yona__ a hi. how's tel aviv ? [12:53]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4600 @ 0.00077442 = 3.5623 BTC [-] [12:55]
punkman [13:11]
assbot Abandoned Supersonic TU-144 in a Russian backyard. [13:11]
mircea_popescu punkman it's prolly a strip club [13:12]
punkman sounds fun [13:13]
yona__ well, Tel Aviv is humid, but it seems to bode well for bitcoin [13:15]
punkman what does the embassy do? [13:16]
yona__ [13:16]
yona__ we are an open source non for profit community hub [13:16]
punkman server not found? [13:17]
* lnostdal has quit (Quit: Leaving) [13:17]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 6 @ 0.1868165 = 1.1209 BTC [-] {3} [13:17]
yona__ it's like IRC but in real world :) [13:18]
mircea_popescu uh. [13:19]
RagnarDanneskjol what is this phrase "not for profit". what is the alternative [13:19]
mircea_popescu i wonder why people think there's some sort of dichotomy between irc and irl. [13:19]
punkman mircea_popescu: but gribble can't make coffee yet [13:20]
mircea_popescu punkman so ? the next step is for the girlfriend at work to claim she's fucking you irl while the wife is somehow virtual, because you interact with her mostly through postits and phone calls. [13:20]
mircea_popescu o look, pos-tits! who knew. [13:21]
* assbot removes voice from yona__ [13:21]
mircea_popescu !up yona__ [13:22]
-assbot- You voiced yona__ for 30 minutes. [13:22]
* assbot gives voice to yona__ [13:22]
RagnarDanneskjol !up yona__ [13:22]
* assbot gives voice to yona__ [13:22]
punkman yona__: so describe a good day in the embassy [13:22]
punkman do people trade? work on altcoins? just sit around drinking coffee and derping about bitcoin? [13:23]
mircea_popescu it's not with people, it's in the real world. [13:24]
* yona__ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [13:25]
mircea_popescu you know, they don't make these diplomats of the same substance they used to. [13:26]
RagnarDanneskjol ahaha [13:26]
punkman myeah [13:26]
mircea_popescu im kinda surprised nobody's trying more productive paths of insanity. why claim to be whatever, the bitcoin chamber of commerce ? [13:28]
mircea_popescu why not claim you're the empress of jormania or something [13:28]
mircea_popescu the real niece of grace kelly, whatever. [13:28]
mircea_popescu i guess these known affectations are overpopulated and so don't hold as much perceived cachet,. huh. random tramp invited for her tits and drunken antics at some party wouldn't get away with claiming she's the real niece of napoleon's first wife quite as well. [13:29]
punkman [13:30]
mircea_popescu hm. actually, the fuck she wouldn't. of course she wouild, nobody cares *what* she claims. [13:30]
xmj mircea_popescu: if she has nice tits.. [13:30]
xmj exactly, nobody cares [13:30]
mircea_popescu i dun get it. [13:30]
xmj she's invited for her tits, not for the witty statements she makes. [13:30]
mircea_popescu punkman that is total bs. women don't walk on their heel. like, at all. [13:31]
mircea_popescu unless it's some sort of land whale, the reason she has heels in the first place is because she walks on the ball of her foot anyway. [13:31]
punkman walking on your heels hurts [13:32]
punkman for me at least [13:32]
mircea_popescu it'd fucking better, on high heels. the fucking point of them is for wrong girlwalk to hurt. [13:32]
xmj that and to make legs longer, thereby faking better fertility. [13:33]
mircea_popescu fuck the fertility, long legs look better. [13:36]
* tjader has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [13:37]
mircea_popescu if only a mechanical apparatus could be devised to make every twennysomething derp hurt each time she posts something stupid on reddit [13:38]
mircea_popescu life was better before the intellectual revolution. in these postmuscular times we're stuck with meta-meta bs. [13:39]
mircea_popescu ;;seen Kleeck [13:46]
gribble Kleeck was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 31 weeks, 2 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: yeah... hilarious..? [13:46]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform << ever seen or before your time ? [13:47]
assbot America and intellectual relevance pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [13:47]
* tjader (~tjader@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:47]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 1663 @ 0.00063633 = 1.0582 BTC [+] {4} [13:51]
penguirker New blog post: [13:57]
* aegis has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [14:05]
* Namworld ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:15]
kakobrekla so i fire up bitcoind to sync last n days and after only a few min i get traffic in 27 megs, out 50 megs [14:35]
kakobrekla is this thing underfed? [14:35]
kakobrekla (also my upload speed is one fourth of download) [14:38]
kakobrekla i dont have hard data but over the thumb the experience was much better a year ago [14:38]
* lnostdal ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:42]
kakobrekla seems like too many leechers in torrent speak [14:46]
kakobrekla but dunno, last time i checked bitcoind node count was going down [14:46]
mircea_popescu it;'s been underfed for a while. [14:54]
kakobrekla its some weird shit [14:55]
kakobrekla when in doubt, blame the usg? [14:56]
mircea_popescu what's so weird about it tho ? [14:57]
mircea_popescu this has been long said here, the #1 problem with the bitcoin protocol is that it has no specific payment for relays, and it allows separation of mining and relay. [14:57]
kakobrekla so when i fire it up i would expect it to be heavy on the download not the upload especially with my line asymmetry , instead you get the opposite [14:58]
kakobrekla now when its sycned up the upload is gone [14:58]
mircea_popescu maybe you have bad pings or some obscure port block from trhe isp ? [15:01]
kakobrekla not sure wtf but ill be keepin an eye out [15:02]
* guntha has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [15:02]
* atcbot has quit (*.net *.split) [15:02]
* guntha_ has quit (*.net *.split) [15:02]
* fanquake has quit (*.net *.split) [15:02]
* mculp has quit (*.net *.split) [15:02]
kakobrekla node count over past 60 days seems kinda stable at 7k [15:03]
kakobrekla at lest so is reported on [15:04]
mircea_popescu actually i just looked and it's not nearly as bad as it used to be [15:04]
mircea_popescu mebbe peter todd's thing actually helped. [15:04]
kakobrekla which part isnt as bad [15:04]
kakobrekla node count? [15:05]
kakobrekla sync speed? [15:05]
* guntha_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:07]
* fanquake (~anonymous@unaffiliated/fanquake) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:07]
* mculp ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:07]
mircea_popescu the bw flow [15:07]
mircea_popescu "node count" isn't necessarily all that relevant [15:07]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [15:31]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets is: || || || [15:31]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets set by kakobrekla!~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla at Wed Mar 5 21:58:12 2014 [15:31]
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* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [15:32]
* Vexual (~amnesia@gateway/tor-sasl/vexual) has left #bitcoin-assets [15:32]
mircea_popescu someone needs to figure out how to make a power distribution system that doesn't depend on not being flooded [15:32]
mircea_popescu this is getting ridiculous [15:32]
* Vexual (~amnesia@gateway/tor-sasl/vexual) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:33]
* Vexual has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [15:33]
* Vexual (~amnesia@gateway/tor-sasl/vexual) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:34]
* Quanttek has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [15:42]
* assbot gives voice to Vexual [15:48]
jurov easy. don't live in flood prone areas. [15:49]
mircea_popescu dude goes to doctor, "hey doc, if i do this it hurts" "so don't do that" [15:51]
mircea_popescu i think you misunderstand what technology is for :D [15:51]
Vexual blacklist [15:51]
BingoBoingo [15:59]
assbot Does obtaining leaked data from a misconfigured website violate the CFAA? - The Washington Post [15:59]
Vexual depends if youre the government or not [16:01]
Vexual ross is getting done for hacking tools [16:02]
Vexual i doubt the fbi did anything longhand [16:02]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo short answer, "doing anything is illegal" [16:04]
Vexual watch?v=swHXwZcW5Vg [16:07]
* saulimus has quit (Quit: saulimus) [16:07]
Vexual better call saul [16:08]
* MolokoBot ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:16]
* MolokoBot has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [16:20]
Vexual prove it cunt. well, you siezed my computer, and then i was incarcirated. [16:26]
* optimator (~optimator@unaffiliated/optimator) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:30]
* lnostdal has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [16:33]
Vexual 7Y6ihWvymwg [16:38]
* diana_coman has quit (Quit: Leaving) [16:38]
* diana_coman (~Diana@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:39]
asciilifeform << another american lol [16:39]
assbot In D.C., a 13-year-old piano prodigy is treated as a truant instead of a star student - The Washington Post [16:39]
* guntha ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:42]
Vexual sounds jazzy, might be a felony [16:43]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9200 @ 0.00077664 = 7.1451 BTC [+] [16:44]
* random_cat_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [16:45]
asciilifeform [16:46]
* random_cat_ (~random_ca@gateway/tor-sasl/randomcat/x-49498005) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:49]
* moriarty (~test@unaffiliated/moriarty) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:49]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: intellectual-relevance << yes. [16:50]
mircea_popescu !up guntha [16:53]
-assbot- You voiced guntha for 30 minutes. [16:53]
* assbot gives voice to guntha [16:53]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform aok [16:53]
mircea_popescu TheNewDeal: has any numbnut admitted fault to the btc/eur fiasco on btce last night? << nope. [16:57]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo: Job interview Wednesday < for what ? [16:58]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Library work [16:58]
mircea_popescu hey if you get it, do me a favour, count heads. i'm curious what % of hot women in the library population. [16:59]
mircea_popescu mod6: hmm. works through tor. << i think maybe proxy checker had a local connectivity issue [16:59]
BingoBoingo Sure, can do [17:01]
mircea_popescu assbot: [PSA] if you are invested or gambling at, please login and divest/withdraw asap! confirmed scam to players and investors : Bitcoin <<< hey kako what is teh diff between bitbet and other brands!11 [17:02]
mircea_popescu RagnarDanneskjol: [A comparison between Bitcoin and other assets using an intraday Value at Risk approach] << " [17:03]
mircea_popescu The promising cryptocurrency Bitcoin has attracted a lot of attention recently, but the high volatility of the Bitcoin price has so far been a barrier to widespread adoption." [17:03]
mircea_popescu right, they know this. [17:03]
mircea_popescu i also like to open research by postulating improbable but piously repeated nonsense, it makes reading it worthwhile [17:04]
RagnarDanneskjol piously repeated, predictable conclusions - yes, but the research methodology appeared to be relatively sound and thourough [17:06]
mircea_popescu once you know what you want the conclusions to be, making the methodology seem sound isn't much of a task. [17:06]
mircea_popescu making the methodology be sound when you have nfi idea where you're going is a little harder [17:07]
RagnarDanneskjol very true [17:07]
RagnarDanneskjol I'm a sucker - appreciate academic research in the area however misguided it may be [17:07]
mircea_popescu kinda why real research is so easily overtaken by government sponsored nonsense. [17:07]
RagnarDanneskjol huh [17:07]
mircea_popescu i'm a hater, all it takes me is one broken sentence and im gone. [17:07]
* Duffer1 has quit (Quit: Duffer1) [17:08]
RagnarDanneskjol hahah - so true [17:08]
mircea_popescu RagnarDanneskjol well government wasn't the right word i guess. "establishment" ? [17:08]
RagnarDanneskjol sure - all the same apparatus I suppose [17:09]
mircea_popescu in other news, the chick that fell in love with a wolf [17:09]
assbot Claudia Fugazza | Do as I do [17:09]
* DreadKnight (~DreadKnig@unaffiliated/dreadknight) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:11]
RagnarDanneskjol a Degree in Dog Breeding -who knew such a thing [17:11]
mircea_popescu you can get a degree in getting degrees by now. [17:11]
RagnarDanneskjol yup [17:11]
BingoBoingo ;;later tell strtp`fndr This hangover has lead me to a decision. I won't be investing in flappy airplane, so don't worry about that test. [17:12]
gribble The operation succeeded. [17:12]
mircea_popescu hey fluffypony do you plan to eventually sell the monero idea here once it reaches some sort of maturity or do you just plan to wait indefinitely for b-a to figure it out ? [17:12]
* Vexual (~amnesia@gateway/tor-sasl/vexual) has left #bitcoin-assets [17:12]
BingoBoingo ;;later tell strtp`fndr Also how do you profess to do anything IP related and not know that boat hull designs were kind of the big impetus for the stuff taking off. [17:13]
gribble The operation succeeded. [17:13]
rithm a degree in dog breeding sounds exciting [17:14]
mircea_popescu rithm 12154 jcpham guruvan 43 2014-03-07 17:10:02 -5 defaulted on 100 btc loan << that bit. you never answered, what was it ? [17:16]
rithm i'm not sure i understand the question [17:16]
mircea_popescu can you tell me what the dispute with guruvan was [17:16]
rithm i think your question arised from the time at which the rating was entered which is scewed from the statement in reality [17:17]
rithm 4th dimensionally, speaking [17:17]
rithm the statement being true, in any case [17:18]
mircea_popescu well ? [17:18]
rithm iirc i'm allowed to enter rating 3 years in retrograde [17:18]
rithm it's part of the ponzi circle-jerk idk what else to tell you [17:20]
BingoBoingo !b 6 [17:20]
assbot Last 6 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [17:20]
rithm you try to diversify, what do your borrorers do, ponzi on! [17:20]
mircea_popescu rithm tell me something substantial. [17:20]
mircea_popescu narrative form works. start somewhere and go with it. [17:20]
rithm negative ghostrider, the pattern is full. [17:21]
rithm do your fly-by elsewhere [17:21]
mircea_popescu this is like talking to vexual. [17:21]
* rithm is a dancer? [17:22]
rithm i invoke. [17:22]
rithm in any case. [17:22]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [BTM] 1000 @ 0.0017017 = 1.7017 BTC [+] {5} [17:22]
rithm i could ;;unrate and wash it clean if you like [17:23]
rithm but that doesn't seem very WoT [17:23]
BingoBoingo negative ghostrider, the pattern is full. << Imma have to use this pattern is full business sometime [17:23]
* drawingthesun ( has left #bitcoin-assets [17:23]
mircea_popescu what i'd like most would be to discern meaning and structure in your activity. but that seems too much to ask, so im just gonna forge tabout it. [17:23]
rithm BingoBoingo, are you Maverick or Goose? [17:24]
BingoBoingo Iceman [17:24]
rithm nice... [17:24]
* assbot removes voice from guntha [17:24]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo for the record, top gun is a parody, right ? [17:25]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Doesn't seem to have been intended as one. [17:25]
BingoBoingo Seems to have been a propaganda piece [17:26]
TomServo Ever heard Tarantino's explanation? [17:26]
TomServo [17:27]
assbot Quentin Tarantino taking on Top Gun - YouTube [17:27]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Now if Top Gun was parody what does that make [17:29]
assbot Hot Shots! - Die Mutter aller Filme (1991) - IMDb [17:29]
mircea_popescu TomServo never had ty [17:29]
mircea_popescu TomServo you know his famous explanation as to what like a virgin is all about i imagine [17:30]
TomServo I do. [17:30]
* Lycerion has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [17:31]
mircea_popescu someone should pay that guy to write QT's Explanation As To What All Pop Culture Is All About. [17:32]
mircea_popescu twelve volumes, bound in starlet leather. [17:32]
* Lycerion (~Lycerion@unaffiliated/lycerion) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:40]
rithm ;;rate guruvan -5 loan default [17:41]
assbot for my hunny bunny mircea - [17:41]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user guruvan has changed from -5 to -5. [17:41]
rithm ;;balance 1Pu6DJjHVd35kWZRKKikbB41qiAyJPwhkx [17:42]
gribble 0 [17:42]
* karma has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [17:42]
mircea_popescu oic. [17:43]
mircea_popescu ty. [17:43]
rithm 1 month %15 interest seems legit [17:45]
* rithm epic facepalms [17:45]
rithm ;;balance 1KxguySN2W7DHasLGTjzoqP8VNpmUZu7HW [17:45]
gribble 0 [17:45]
rithm [17:46]
assbot Bitcoin Address 1KxguySN2W7DHasLGTjzoqP8VNpmUZu7HW [17:46]
rithm interesting address for reference point [17:46]
* assbot gives voice to mthreat [17:47]
guruvan oh hey mircea_popescu that's a loan that I had quite some time ago ( took loan @ $6.50 or so) and haven't been able to repay yet. 70BTC still outstanding. [17:47]
* ADutchGamer has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [17:47]
rithm yes i'm being interrogated about it guruvan [17:48]
rithm how are you [17:48]
guruvan good - who's interrogating you? [17:48]
rithm mircea jesus [17:48]
* nam-shub has quit () [17:48]
guruvan oic [17:49]
rithm i thought some repyment was made as well but i'm not able to locate that at this time, although i'm sure i have a record of it somewhere [17:49]
* karma (~karma@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:50]
rithm ;;ident [17:50]
gribble CAUTION: irc nick differs from otc registered nick. Nick 'rithm', with hostmask 'rithm!~rithm@unaffiliated/rithm', is identified as user 'jcpham', with GPG key id C71FB5ED6ACE04AF, key fingerprint F7299BD73879E866613EAB24C71FB5ED6ACE04AF, and bitcoin address 157CrafPv8oGC7f5vVFuLnE1BgDYUND4hq [17:50]
guruvan Ah. I was about to ask this :) [17:50]
guruvan I looked for your nick when I came back on irc [17:51]
rithm i'm here but certainly not what you'd call active [17:51]
guruvan lol. I've not been on irc in forever. but I'll be here all the time for some time now. [17:51]
* guruvan will still repay this loan [17:52]
rithm sweet! [17:52]
rithm i'll remove the negrate! [17:52]
guruvan awesome!!! [17:52]
guruvan it still might take time, but it still will get repaid. [17:52]
rithm 10-4 [17:52]
kakobrekla interest included? :) [17:58]
kakobrekla 15 monthly since 2012 is something. [17:58]
rithm hey, let's all be gentlemen [17:58]
kakobrekla :D [17:58]
* Quanttek (~quassel@2a02:8108:d00:870:f0fa:fef4:c055:a33c) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:58]
mircea_popescu guruvan yeah i was asking. when old names show up after an absence there's always the suspicion of squatting, and then i saw the - and itwent from there. [18:02]
mircea_popescu !up karma [18:02]
-assbot- You voiced karma for 30 minutes. [18:03]
* assbot gives voice to karma [18:03]
* dub has quit (Changing host) [18:06]
* dub (~dub@unaffiliated/dub) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:06]
guruvan thanks mircea_popescu - I should have authed in channel when I got in [18:06]
guruvan kakobrekla: some kind of interest, of course! (maybe not the ridiculous APR we were all seeing back then! [18:07]
mircea_popescu ;;calc 1.07 ** (52/12) [18:07]
gribble 1.34069411581 [18:07]
* assbot gives voice to dub [18:07]
mircea_popescu 34% per month! [18:07]
guruvan lulz [18:08]
guruvan on top of orders of magnitude in USD value ;) [18:08]
mircea_popescu in 2012 ? nah mostly stable then wasn't it [18:08]
mircea_popescu 5 to 10 range [18:08]
rithm 5 -> 10 12 ish -> ponzi -> 3 [18:09]
rithm thank you to everyone for communicating with me [18:09]
guruvan and me - and thanks for watching for imposters mircea_popescu (and everyone) [18:10]
mircea_popescu << not peeing all over one's butt, still the hardest part of womanhood [18:10]
rithm i'm not unreasonable. the contract has no clause for usd repayment. contracts can be amended. [18:10]
rithm arrangements can be made [18:10]
aabtc adrrr agamemnon23 altoz AndrewJackson Anduck Apocalyptic arij artifexd asciilifeform assbot atcbot Azelphur [18:12]
* oda ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:12]
guruvan The loan was in BTC, and should be paid in BTC, in full IMO [18:12]
rithm i agree with you and thank you [18:13]
guruvan lucky for you, I don't earn money in USD, so it's not so much an issue as it could be [18:13]
guruvan lucky for you....lucky for ME [18:13]
rithm but i'm not some usurious vulture preying on people here [18:13]
* oda has quit (Client Quit) [18:13]
guruvan no...also lucky for me ;) [18:14]
* aegis (~aegis@unaffiliated/aegis) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:15]
artifexd ;;ident guruvan [18:17]
gribble Nick 'guruvan', with hostmask 'guruvan!~guruvan@gateway/tor-sasl/guruvan', is identified as user 'guruvan', with GPG key id AF02B22DA54E87F2, key fingerprint 50C9ACA3898D561CEFE518FCAF02B22DA54E87F2, and bitcoin address 1GUruvanCg4gS62XCeD9VbCzJhT1cyn2a3 [18:17]
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* miaoux has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [18:27]
thestringpuller ;;tickers [18:29]
gribble Error: "tickers" is not a valid command. [18:29]
* random_cat_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [18:29]
thestringpuller ;;ticker [18:29]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 464.03, Best ask: 464.92, Bid-ask spread: 0.89000, Last trade: 464.03, 24 hour volume: 10663.55223220, 24 hour low: 459.18, 24 hour high: 478.39, 24 hour vwap: 468.810668659 [18:29]
thestringpuller !l m s.mpoe [18:29]
assbot Last trade for S.MPOE on MPEX was at 0.00077664 BTC [+] [18:29]
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* daybyter (~andreas@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:33]
* assbot removes voice from karma [18:33]
* assbot gives voice to ThickAsThieves [18:41]
* flibbr-dev ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:41]
ThickAsThieves what happened with vanads on bitbet? cant you just up the cost to mitigate asshats? [18:41]
* flibbr-d1v has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [18:41]
* HeySteve ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:44]
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* lnostdal ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:45]
* bitstein ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:47]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves van ads are taking a sabbatical or something like that. [18:49]
ThickAsThieves oh [18:50]
mircea_popescu << this is what a powerpoint presentation shuld have been in the first place. [18:51]
mircea_popescu have this wooden lattice corner in every office, tie bad girls to it as need arises. [18:52]
ThickAsThieves pallet porn [18:53]
mircea_popescu lol [18:53]
mod6 ha [18:54]
ThickAsThieves in what does "The Court granted the Defendants’ motion to reconsider its prior decision on subject-matter jurisdiction, but denied the Defendants’ motion to dismiss for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction." mean? [18:56]
assbot Eastern District Court of Texas Holds that Bitcoin Investments Are Securities | BuckleySandler LLP - JDSupra [18:56]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves starting where ? do you know what a motion is ? [18:57]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 1290 @ 0.00063811 = 0.8232 BTC [-] {2} [18:57]
ThickAsThieves they wont dismiss, but what does reconsideration of subject-matter jurisdiction mean? [18:57]
mircea_popescu whether that court may or may not judge the subject in contention [18:57]
rithm gotta love courts and judges [18:58]
ThickAsThieves if they find they may not, then who might may? [18:58]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves if we were maried and i sued you for divorce and filed this with the admirality court [18:58]
rithm lol [18:58]
mircea_popescu they'd decide they have no subject matter jurisdiction and throw the case out [18:59]
mircea_popescu and it's not their job to say that. [18:59]
thestringpuller ThickAsThieves weren't you gonna make a BTC record label? [18:59]
ThickAsThieves so the pros would have to refile with a court they feel might match? [18:59]
mircea_popescu yes. [19:00]
mircea_popescu generally there's a catchall jurisdiction, usually the appelate. [19:00]
ThickAsThieves ah [19:01]
ThickAsThieves but SEC wants East Texas [19:01]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 1.40915124 BTC to 15`372 shares, 9167 satoshi per share [19:01]
mircea_popescu depends, on some subject matter the supreme court is the catchall [19:01]
mircea_popescu and this may well be it. [19:01]
mircea_popescu meaning they won't be able to convict for a coupla decades. [19:01]
mircea_popescu not too likely tho. in general in the us a federal circuit court will pick weird stuff up rather than pass it up the line [19:02]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] [PAID] 2.98996880 BTC to 1`149`988 shares, 260 satoshi per share [19:02]
ThickAsThieves do you think Ulbricht should go to prison? [19:02]
rithm is it legal to fuzz captchas [19:02]
ThickAsThieves rithm there's an article on that in the NYTimes i think [19:03]
ThickAsThieves or WashPost [19:03]
ThickAsThieves i forget which [19:03]
mircea_popescu in my country ? not on what i've seen so far. other countrikes can run whichever way they please. [19:03]
rithm i'm just wondering how far technically a jury trial can go when we start talking about injection and fuzzing [19:03]
rithm this is highly technical and should've/coul've been meticulously documented [19:03]
rithm juries not so much any of that [19:04]
ThickAsThieves not a new problem [19:04]
jurov mircea_popescu when are F.DERP asks starting? or you just sold all of it to yourself? :D [19:04]
ThickAsThieves [19:05]
mircea_popescu jurov yeah atm im holding it all. prolly after there's decent bids. [19:05]
assbot Doubts cast over FBI 'leaky CAPTCHA' Silk Road rapture The Register [19:05]
* lnostdal has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [19:06]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves fabulous, their parallel construction is collapsing and the matter's not even at appeal yet. [19:06]
mircea_popescu this has the potential to turn into one of the most embarassing moments for us da's derpidity. [19:07]
* ADutchGamer ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:09]
ThickAsThieves specifically: "In this scenario, the description of packet sniffers and 'inspecting each packet' is all a distraction from what the FBI really did. Technically, saying that a packet sniffer revealed the true IP address of the server is true – what isn't mentioned is the packet sniffer was picking up responses from a request to the login page that was forcing it to spit out the IP [19:14]
ThickAsThieves address as part of a bug." [19:14]
* ADutchGamer has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [19:14]
* []bot (~artibot@unaffiliated/artifexd/bot/artibot) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:15]
* ChanServ gives voice to []bot [19:15]
* cowloon (~blipts72@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:15]
asciilifeform Ulbricht should go to prison? << nah. he should experience the 'five punishments.' not for dope, but for being a public idiot. [19:17]
BingoBoingo [19:19]
assbot News from The Associated Press [19:19]
mircea_popescu wasn;t the punishment for public idiocy public ridicule ? [19:19]
mircea_popescu that's been exacted already. [19:19]
mircea_popescu Sandra Riahi, 22, in a bikini, chimed in: "I've never done it. I'd be too embarrassed." <<< let the sand niggers in, get fucking burkas and "embarassed" women. [19:20]
* KRS1 has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [19:21]
mircea_popescu also lol@the propaganda, hitching english "feminism" to french toplessness. [19:21]
ThickAsThieves when will male toplessness go away? [19:23]
mircea_popescu prolly as soon as armpit sweat goes. [19:23]
* lnostdal ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:25]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform : Sĭ (死), death. Following the Sui and Tang Dynasties there were generally two options: strangulation (jiǎo 絞/绞) or decapitation (zhǎn 斩/斬). From the Song Dynasty (970–1279 CE) onwards, slow slicing (língchí 凌迟) along with beheading (xiāoshŏu 枭首) were also used. The death penalty could be remitted on payment of 42 guàn in copper cash. [19:25]
[]bot Bet placed: 1 BTC for No on "King Felix to Reign MLB Strikeouts" Odds: 10(Y):90(N) by coin, 21(Y):79(N) by weight. Total bet: 1.815 BTC. Current weight: 26,346. [19:26]
mircea_popescu they totally should have this. for speeding and for substance abuses. "buy your selection of pop starlets for 42 bitcents a head" [19:26]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu, yes, these. [19:26]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: also see 'waist chop.' [19:27]
* miaoux (~miaoux@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:27]
mircea_popescu they totally need this "buy ex cons" thing for rich people. [19:27]
ThickAsThieves at least give the convicted the option i guess, death or slavery [19:28]
mircea_popescu for all the derpage about re=education, the only way reeducation happens is teh dungeon. [19:28]
* maclane (~maclane@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:28]
mircea_popescu !up maclane [19:28]
-assbot- You voiced maclane for 30 minutes. [19:28]
* assbot gives voice to maclane [19:28]
* optimator has quit (Quit: optimator) [19:30]
mircea_popescu amusingly, the punishments for women include forced suicide and confinement to a room, but no mastectomy/hysterectomy, and the jail thing ranks above suicide in severity. [19:30]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: the chinese had little grasp of antisepsis. if i recall - death rate of eunuch production was around 1 in 3. [19:31]
asciilifeform and that's just snipped balls. [19:31]
mircea_popescu so ? [19:31]
mircea_popescu these are convicts. [19:31]
asciilifeform so: sepsis is an uninspiring and tedious death [19:32]
asciilifeform in china, death is a spectator sport. [19:32]
mircea_popescu sepsis is an incredibly specatotor -friendly death. [19:32]
asciilifeform hence, 'ling-chi', etc. [19:32]
mircea_popescu you ever smelled it ? [19:32]
asciilifeform for some values of 'friendly.' [19:32]
mircea_popescu well, it delivers a show. [19:32]
ThickAsThieves well with all the feminism, who wants nuts anyway! [19:33]
* optimator (~optimator@unaffiliated/optimator) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:36]
* optimator has quit (Client Quit) [19:36]
mircea_popescu [19:38]
mircea_popescu black walnut! [19:38]
mircea_popescu ;;ticker [19:41]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 464.35, Best ask: 465.75, Bid-ask spread: 1.40000, Last trade: 465.64, 24 hour volume: 9858.38067360, 24 hour low: 459.18, 24 hour high: 478.39, 24 hour vwap: 468.672764342 [19:41]
dub applolpocalypse? [19:49]
* samO__ (6d5dedf1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:49]
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* samO__ (6d5dedf1@unaffiliated/samo) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:49]
* samO__ has quit (Changing host) [19:49]
* samO__ (6d5dedf1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:49]
* samO is now known as Guest99890 [19:49]
* samO__ is now known as samO [19:49]
* lnostdal has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [19:50]
* ADutchGamer ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:52]
* Guest99890 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [19:52]
* assbot removes voice from maclane [19:59]
ThickAsThieves "The Mayo Clinic will be giving Apple a hand at its launch event this evening, according to the Star Tribune. " [19:59]
BingoBoingo [20:00]
assbot Obama Replaces Surgeon General with Nurse Practitioner General - Medical Satire - GomerBlog [20:00]
* lnostdal ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:01]
* miaoux has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [20:01]
* kermit has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [20:04]
ThickAsThieves apple is nuts if it thinks i'm downloading safari just to watch their shit [20:05]
* lnostdal has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds) [20:06]
dub yeah lol [20:06]
ThickAsThieves last thing i need is a nude selfie scandal! [20:08]
* OX3 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:09]
dub makes sense though, you dont want normal people to point and laugh at your latest tardphone [20:09]
BingoBoingo !b 4 [20:11]
assbot Last 4 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [20:11]
BingoBoingo I just can't wait for the media to reinvent the word "nudie" by combing "nude" and "selfie" [20:11]
ThickAsThieves [20:12]
dub wow [20:12]
dub iphone6, its a samsung [20:13]
ThickAsThieves arent they all? [20:13]
ThickAsThieves :) [20:13]
* stickie has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [20:14]
xmj made in taiwan? [20:14]
dub Phil Schiller tells the world about his cameltoe [20:15]
dub sorry, gunt [20:15]
* oda ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:15]
dub ;;ud gunt [20:16]
gribble | Bulging area found on large older women between the waist and the genital area . Not quite a gut, not quite a cunt... The Gunt. [20:16]
dub bullshit [20:16]
dub its a manletoe [20:16]
* miaoux ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:16]
rithm mantletoe ha [20:16]
dub omg landscape view [20:17]
* kermit ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:21]
kakobrekla ;;tslb [20:21]
BingoBoingo %tslb [20:21]
atcbot Time Since Last ATC Block: 0 hour(s), 56 minutes [20:21]
* kermit has quit (Changing host) [20:21]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:21]
gribble Time since last block: 31 minutes and 23 seconds [20:21]
kakobrekla lol. [20:21]
kakobrekla the diff is too god damn high. [20:21]
dub chill, your iphone purchase will go through eventually [20:22]
kakobrekla lol [20:22]
ThickAsThieves Super Evil Megacorp is actually a cool name [20:22]
BingoBoingo %d [20:23]
atcbot [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 1878190.93 Est. Next Diff: 279961.07 in 1310 blocks (#46368) Est. % Change: -85.09 [20:23]
* PsychoticBoy has quit (Changing host) [20:25]
* PsychoticBoy (sid27029@pdpc/supporter/active/psychoticboy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:25]
dub _up to_ 50% faster since 2007 [20:25]
* MolokoBot ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:25]
* oda has quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: [20:25]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6327 @ 0.00077649 = 4.9129 BTC [-] {2} [20:25]
ThickAsThieves i wonder how much work goes into picking the right blue jeans to present in [20:26]
* lnostdal ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:26]
dub dude there is probably NLP best practise for which way to arrange your junk [20:26]
ThickAsThieves lol [20:27]
xmj NLP neuro linguistic programming? [20:27]
ThickAsThieves please ensure no penis-shaped shadows are apparent [20:27]
dub frank left beans right, makes sales go right [20:27]
ThickAsThieves if penis is too large, please place along seam, between legs [20:27]
* lnostdal has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:29]
dub all teh blogs are omg 50% faster! [20:29]
dub less thank half of moores and light years behind competition!!!!1! [20:30]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15995 @ 0.00077768 = 12.439 BTC [+] [20:30]
ThickAsThieves hilarious that wifi calling is a feature and only limited support [20:31]
dub only connects to airports or whatever those things are [20:31]
dub It.s always good to know your audience [are retarded]. [20:33]
dub black folk on a horse! [20:34]
dub ahaha [20:35]
dub iphone6, now with nigger detection [20:35]
* bitstein has quit (Quit: bitstein) [20:36]
kakobrekla hm? [20:40]
BingoBoingo [20:47]
assbot Drunk woman tried to pick up kid at Trinity school, hit 2 cars, - WFLA News Channel 8 [20:47]
* MolokoBot is now known as MolokoDesk [20:48]
ThickAsThieves Cue says "we are not in the business of collecting your data." [20:52]
ThickAsThieves nope, just leaking it [20:52]
* bitstein ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:53]
* lnostdal ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:54]
ThickAsThieves apple signed up an asston of merchants and banks for iPay huh [20:54]
BingoBoingo ;;ticker [20:54]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 466.8, Best ask: 467.56, Bid-ask spread: 0.76000, Last trade: 466.81, 24 hour volume: 7181.99975766, 24 hour low: 459.18, 24 hour high: 478.39, 24 hour vwap: 468.624580322 [20:54]
BingoBoingo !t n apl [20:54]
assbot Aren't those tins of tobacco right there behind you? [20:54]
* MolokoDesk has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:56]
* MolokoDesk ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:56]
* lnostdal has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:57]
* kermit has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [20:58]
artifexd [21:03]
assbot Someone’s Threatening to Expose Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto | Enterprise | WIRED [21:03]
* kermit (unknown@pdpc/supporter/bronze/kermit) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:10]
asciilifeform BingoBoingo: << lol [21:13]
asciilifeform BingoBoingo: now we know why they knocked on your door. [21:13]
asciilifeform what's 'lancelot' ? evidently - this: [21:16]
assbot Ended CardReaderFactory Lancelot Group Purchase due to Seller Business Practice [21:16]
asciilifeform fpga mining board (as late as 2013) advertised by 'cardreaderfactory', a firm which appears to sell 'card skimmers' (a type of cheating device, popular in usa, where credit card magstripes are secretly read from unsuspecting victim) [21:17]
ThickAsThieves so satoshi is a scammer [21:19]
asciilifeform or that disposable email popped open ages ago. [21:19]
* lnostdal ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:20]
asciilifeform or good disinfo artist. [21:24]
* KRS1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:24]
asciilifeform << '' ! [21:25]
assbot - Non Moderated beheaders claim behead many soldier on Division 17 [21:25]
* assbot gives voice to The20YearIRCloud [21:27]
The20YearIRCloud hello friend [21:27]
thestringpuller iPay w poop [21:28]
BingoBoingo asciilifeform: Interesting, I wonder if I know anyone in 63101 [21:28]
asciilifeform << lol [21:28]
thestringpuller i'm going to patent iPoop [21:28]
BingoBoingo Lol that address isn't in the city it seems to be in the middle of the ghetto between Ferguson and Dellwood (also not that ZIP) [21:33]
asciilifeform BingoBoingo: bozo orders $turd, uses 'satoshi' email addr, snore. [21:33]
BingoBoingo Turd orderer seems to the the mailman [21:34]
BingoBoingo [21:34]
assbot 63101 Zip Code [21:34]
* Tiraspol has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [21:34]
* ben_vulp` is now known as ben_vulpes [21:35]
* ben_vulpes has quit (Changing host) [21:35]
* ben_vulpes (~user@unaffiliated/benkay) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:35]
* MiningBuddy (~msn@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:36]
* MiningBuddy has quit (Changing host) [21:36]
* MiningBuddy (~msn@unaffiliated/miningbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:36]
* assbot gives voice to ben_vulpes [21:36]
* Tiraspol ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:39]
* Tiraspol has quit (Changing host) [21:39]
* Tiraspol (Tiraspol3@unaffiliated/tiraspol) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:39]
BingoBoingo asciilifeform: Seems to be the case, except turd prolly wasn't ordered. [21:41]
* BlueMeanie4 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:41]
* MolokoDeck ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:44]
* MolokoDesk has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [21:46]
* MolokoBot ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:50]
RagnarDanneskjol argh >> [21:50]
assbot Apple Watch: Everything You Need To Know | Gizmodo Australia [21:50]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:53]
* MolokoDeck has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [21:53]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [21:54]
The20YearIRCloud 5% better performance ! [21:56]
* jMyles ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:02]
* daybyter has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!) [22:05]
* dvsdude_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:07]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [22:24]
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mircea_popescu BingoBoingo it's what it always meant neh ? [22:27]
mircea_popescu nudies, amateur naked ladies. [22:27]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves: Super Evil Megacorp is actually a cool name << foreal. [22:28]
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ben_vulpes ios watch: bubble season conspicuous consumption play? [22:31]
* asciilifeform catching up on logs, wondering why 'van ads' was declared failed experiment [22:31]
ben_vulpes asciilifeform: needs more time than i can give it. [22:32]
asciilifeform ben_vulpes: time for what? i thought it was automatic. [22:33]
ben_vulpes moar features. [22:33]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Indeed, just waiting for the media to present it as new [22:33]
mircea_popescu oh that lancelot drama [22:34]
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mircea_popescu << star of david in fence ? [22:36]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: tap die holder. [22:37]
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* jMyles ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:45]
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mircea_popescu ;;bc,stats [22:46]
gribble Current Blocks: 319881 | Current Difficulty: 2.7428630902257874E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 320543 | Next Difficulty In: 662 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 4 days, 23 hours, 27 minutes, and 31 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 29141322280.6 | Estimated Percent Change: 6.24417 [22:46]
* punkman1 (~punkman@unaffiliated/punkman) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:46]
mircea_popescu [22:46]
assbot BitBet - BTC Difficulty over 31Bn before October :: 82.76 B (93%) on Yes, 6.09 B (7%) on No | closing in 1 week 4 hours | weight: 26`860 (100`000 to 1) [22:46]
* punkman has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [22:46]
mircea_popescu srsly, 13:1 ?! [22:47]
BingoBoingo ;;bc,stats [22:50]
gribble Current Blocks: 319881 | Current Difficulty: 2.7428630902257874E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 320543 | Next Difficulty In: 662 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 4 days, 23 hours, 27 minutes, and 31 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 29141322280.6 | Estimated Percent Change: 6.24417 [22:50]
mircea_popescu basically if the next diff isn't up 6.5% it's a no [22:51]
BingoBoingo ;;tslb [22:51]
gribble Time since last block: 6 minutes and 53 seconds [22:51]
* ADutchGamer ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:54]
artifexd Seeing as mp has brought up the october bet a couple time and expressed surprise that it is so lopsided, I think he is expecting it to resolve as no. [22:54]
RagnarDanneskjol hmm [22:55]
mircea_popescu artifexd it's more of an academic interest. [22:55]
mircea_popescu outrageous difficulty bitbets have a lengthy tradition of coming out yes. [22:55]
thestringpuller ;;diff [22:57]
gribble 2.7428630902257874E10 [22:57]
artifexd Working through this: 5 days from now is the 14th. If difficulty doesn't go up or down, the next readjustment would be on the 28th. [22:57]
thestringpuller lol could very well be 31bn [22:57]
thestringpuller ;;estimate [22:57]
gribble Next difficulty estimate | 29148006151.2 based on data since last change | 28524041524.0 based on data for last three days [22:57]
mircea_popescu thestringpuller it's been flagging lately. artifexd yeah, and that's the last one. [22:58]
mircea_popescu there's no way to get crammed in the remaining 16 days [22:58]
BingoBoingo 27.429 billion | Next Diff in 662 blocks | Estimated Change: 6.2322% in 4d 7h 20m 23s [23:00]
artifexd You need, what, a 12% increase in the next two adjustments? That seems almost certain. Which the odds on the bet would confirm. [23:00]
mircea_popescu why's it so certain ? [23:01]
BingoBoingo Fuck me, this could resolve as no the time I don't have money on it. [23:02]
artifexd The estimate for the current period is over 6%. That leaves, as you say, another 6.5% for the next period. [23:02]
artifexd Hmmm... [23:02]
artifexd Looking at it does look like the increase is slowing down. [23:03]
assbot Bitcoin network graphs [23:03]
mircea_popescu well i mean sure, it could be over six. just as well, it could not be. on the yes side, the observation that diff keeps increasing. on the no side, the observation that no trend lasts forever. [23:03]
mircea_popescu which is why 13:1 seems wild to me, but perhaps my odds brain is too steeped in fiat. [23:04]
artifexd Yep. You sold me. I'm going to put a couple btc on no. [23:04]
mircea_popescu it's rare for a horse to be at 13:1 for instance. [23:05]
mircea_popescu and even 3:1 winners are rare [23:05]
BingoBoingo Well, horses also tend to come with more names than "yes" and "no" [23:06]
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mircea_popescu BingoBoingo suppose you split the whole run into two teams or something, i dunno. [23:06]
mircea_popescu have a gif of a girl having fun instead. [23:07]
* Enky (~enky@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:09]
artifexd ;;tslb [23:10]
gribble Time since last block: 18 minutes and 56 seconds [23:10]
RagnarDanneskjol you sure thats a girl [23:11]
mircea_popescu hm. [23:12]
RagnarDanneskjol iffy [23:12]
mircea_popescu micropenis & tiniballs ? [23:12]
* RBecker is now known as ryanb [23:13]
RagnarDanneskjol could be [23:13]
* Enky has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [23:14]
mircea_popescu well, i'm of the "if it feels like a girl it is a girl" school of heterosexuality. [23:14]
RagnarDanneskjol ahahaha [23:14]
asciilifeform 'eat recycled food...' [23:14]
mircea_popescu all food is recycled, what do you think the plants do ? [23:15]
mircea_popescu suck up the shit make an apple. [23:15]
asciilifeform well, there's recycled and recycled. [23:15]
asciilifeform (familiar with origin of english word 'shoddy' ?) [23:15]
mircea_popescu quite my point. [23:15]
mircea_popescu nope ? [23:15]
* skinnkavaj has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds) [23:16]
mircea_popescu o look at that, apparently it's civil war for bad bandage [23:16]
* skinnkavaj ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:16]
asciilifeform [23:16]
assbot What is Shoddy? [23:16]
* Duffer1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:19]
kakobrekla so basically its 90% fertilizer and 10% cloth [23:20]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12402 @ 0.00077522 = 9.6143 BTC [-] [23:20]
mircea_popescu pity they couldn't make social media sites out of it back them [23:20]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7598 @ 0.00077114 = 5.8591 BTC [-] [23:22]
penguirker New blog post: [23:22]
[]bot Bet placed: 2 BTC for No on "BTC Difficulty over 31Bn before October" Odds: 91(Y):9(N) by coin, 88(Y):12(N) by weight. Total bet: 90.86707126 BTC. Current weight: 26,762. [23:24]
* ryanb is now known as RBecker [23:27]
* Enky (~enky@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:29]
artifexd ^ There's my bet [23:30]
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* random_cat_ (~random_ca@gateway/tor-sasl/randomcat/x-49498005) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:34]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 13 @ 0.177 = 2.301 BTC [-] {2} [23:34]
* go1111111 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [23:34]
ThickAsThieves sry for your loss [23:40]
* Lycerion has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [23:40]
ben_vulpes betting against diff [23:40]
ben_vulpes ye boyeee [23:40]
ThickAsThieves ;;estimate [23:40]
gribble Next difficulty estimate | None based on data since last change | 28524041524.0 based on data for last three days [23:40]
ThickAsThieves gribble is not reliable [23:41]
ThickAsThieves [23:41]
assbot Bitcoin Difficulty and Hashrate Chart - BitcoinWisdom [23:41]
ThickAsThieves use that [23:41]
* Lycerion (~Lycerion@unaffiliated/lycerion) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:41]
* tryphe ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:42]
mircea_popescu !up tryphe [23:43]
-assbot- You voiced tryphe for 30 minutes. [23:43]
* assbot gives voice to tryphe [23:43]
ThickAsThieves shit i didnt realize i never placed a bet on that one [23:43]
mircea_popescu lol [23:43]
mircea_popescu you boys be getting complacent ? BingoBoingo said the same thing [23:43]
* pete_dushenski (~pete_dush@unaffiliated/pete-dushenski/x-8158685) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:43]
* Quanttek_ (~quassel@2a02:8108:d00:870:f0fa:fef4:c055:a33c) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:43]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 8 @ 0.17500001 = 1.4 BTC [-] {2} [23:45]
ThickAsThieves i think what happened was i looked at it several times thinking, nah, no way it gets that high, and then feeling my brain pump chemical memories of when i bet against diff before and lost 50btc, so i abstained [23:45]
ben_vulpes betting with btc [23:45]
ben_vulpes call me a poorfag, but i don't get the risk. [23:46]
ThickAsThieves it's not just betting (we tell ourselves) [23:46]
ThickAsThieves you can hedge other invetsments, etc [23:46]
ThickAsThieves i believe nubbins has done such explicitly by creating the bet he needed [23:47]
ThickAsThieves i mean all investing is speculation, right? [23:47]
ThickAsThieves just degrees [23:48]
* assbot gives voice to pete_dushenski [23:49]
pete_dushenski labvakar (good evening) from riga! [23:49]
artifexd bitcoinwisdom certainly paints a picture of "I be a fool". In their whole history of difficulty increases, there have never been two consecutive difficulty increases that added up to less than 12%. [23:49]
ThickAsThieves <+pete_dushenski> labvakar (good evening) from riga! /// they have internet there? [23:50]
pete_dushenski ThickAsThieves: after the wall came down, it's like a new country! [23:50]
ThickAsThieves artifexd, it's not the worst risk/reward [23:51]
ThickAsThieves but yeah, a tight one... [23:51]
* Enky (~enky@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:51]
ThickAsThieves i tried to get nanotube to change how gribble does diff, but he's happy as it is [23:52]
* assbot gives voice to Duffer1 [23:54]
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* Quanttek_ is now known as Quanttek [23:58]
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