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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
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bitcoinpete asciilifeform: obligatory: << i remember this as a bedtime story [00:07]
assbot The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W. Service : The Poetry Foundation [00:07]
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mircea_popescu [00:08]
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mircea_popescu !up sexy_saffron [00:09]
-assbot- You voiced sexy_saffron for 30 minutes. [00:09]
* assbot gives voice to sexy_saffron [00:09]
mircea_popescu also, [00:09]
sexy_saffron cool [00:09]
mircea_popescu you here for the titjob i take it ? [00:10]
sexy_saffron sure! [00:10]
mircea_popescu got a link to past work ? [00:10]
sexy_saffron you know it ;) [00:10]
mircea_popescu o hey nice, a corset girl. [00:11]
sexy_saffron thanks! [00:11]
mircea_popescu ok, put 8717c805 on your tits, take a shot. make sure you get your head in there. [00:11]
sexy_saffron ok just a sec I'll take one and imgur it to you [00:12]
mircea_popescu kk. [00:12]
mircea_popescu << o look, even your own site. how's the biz ? [00:12]
sexy_saffron the business is doing great! thanks! [00:13]
sexy_saffron especially thanks to bitcoin! [00:13]
mircea_popescu the gfycat stuff is pretty slick. [00:14]
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mircea_popescu i found the stuff nubbins` doesn't want us to know about. [00:15]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16300 @ 0.00081533 = 13.2899 BTC [-] {2} [00:16]
mircea_popescu [00:16]
assbot Newlyweds planned to watch World Cup in Salvador, Brazil - ended up in San Salvador, El Salvador | inside World Soccer [00:16]
* assbot gives voice to nubbins` [00:17]
nubbins` heh [00:17]
nubbins` i might as well paste a link to havelock saying it's the stuff you don't want us to know about ;D [00:17]
sexy_saffron uploading to imgur now! [00:18]
sexy_saffron lots of pics on there too :P [00:18]
mircea_popescu nubbins` ok, fair point. i take it back. [00:18]
sexy_saffron thanks! gfycat is amazing [00:18]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [00:18]
sexy_saffron so what are these pics for anyway? [00:18]
moiety you need to do girl cut tops nubbins`! :P [00:19]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron we used to have a bot here, you'd go !boobs or something and it'd paste a tumblr pic. [00:19]
mircea_popescu but it got upgraded [00:19]
nubbins` moiety: we do occasionally :D [00:19]
sexy_saffron here's the pic! [00:19]
assbot imgur: the simple image sharer [00:19]
sexy_saffron ah cool [00:19]
mircea_popescu good job. your address ? [00:20]
pankkake haha i love the pic [00:20]
sexy_saffron 1LnFxghYfkVyH22zEdDEpsswaH6dUHfLL8 [00:20]
sexy_saffron thanks! [00:20]
mircea_popescu pankkake pro's a pro. [00:20]
sexy_saffron I do custom videos for bitcoin if anyone is interested ;) [00:20]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron i am actually. here's the scoop : you ever read the last psychiatrist ? [00:20]
moiety Please let me know nubbins` i'd definitely like a b-a night set - top and/or shorts ( ok ok i know the shorts is asking too much... it's just the -assets over the ass was too much to resist XD) [00:20]
pankkake registering on the wot ( might help you get some business [00:21]
mircea_popescu moiety wow what a concept. [00:21]
moiety IKR [00:21]
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nubbins` check your bitcoin assets [00:21]
mircea_popescu no, "check my bitcoin assets" [00:21]
moiety #bitcoin on the lower back with matching shotes with the -assets [00:21]
moiety shorts**** [00:21]
moiety lololol [00:21]
moiety omg [00:21]
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sexy_saffron I've never read that! [00:22]
moiety so every bitcoiner would also want a set for his chick right? [00:22]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron ok, he's a guy with a great blog. i want him to come here. what i want you to do is make a short, say 5 minute film, in which you beg him to come visit bitcoin-assets [00:22]
mircea_popescu hole #3, asciilifeform [00:22]
sexy_saffron I could do that! [00:23]
mircea_popescu ok. wanna work on a script ? you happy with another .1 ? [00:23]
pankkake this is quite an amazing idea [00:24]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [00:24]
mircea_popescu pankkake no ? [00:24]
sexy_saffron sure! [00:24]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron ok, you have any experience with acting ? can you adlib begging or do i have to put it in ? [00:24]
sexy_saffron you can send the script to! [00:24]
sexy_saffron I can handle it ;) [00:24]
moiety i love the mash od + and - here in the same breath [00:24]
mircea_popescu nah i'll just put it here. [00:24]
moiety of* [00:24]
sexy_saffron I'm actually rending my 200th video right now lol [00:24]
sexy_saffron *rendering [00:25]
mircea_popescu cool. ok so : the points you have to get in there clearly visible are "#bitcoin-assets on Freenode" and "" for the case he doesn't have a client [00:25]
mircea_popescu everything else is up to you, but let the guy know he has a wonderful blog, we think he's a genius and we really want him over here. go as over the top as you'd like. [00:25]
* nubbins` claps [00:26]
Duffer1 i'd put .02 on that [00:26]
nubbins` ;;rated mircea_popescu [00:26]
gribble You rated user mircea_popescu on Thu Oct 17 15:12:06 2013, with a rating of 2, and supplied these additional notes: patron of the arts. [00:26]
moiety is i bad i started laughing there? [00:26]
moiety it* [00:26]
nubbins` moiety, nah [00:26]
mircea_popescu moiety nope. sex is supposed to be fun. [00:26]
mircea_popescu nubbins` do i make a great leader of the free world yet or what. [00:26]
moiety hes perfect... in an instant nubbins` [00:26]
nubbins` mp, you're a few steps closer today [00:26]
mircea_popescu ah the long road to golgotha. [00:27]
sexy_saffron ok I'll add it to my schedule once you transfer the .1, how should I send you the link once it's done? [00:27]
moiety mircea_popescu: it is! why do so many forget this?! [00:27]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron you should post it here. [00:27]
mircea_popescu i don't have a problem paying in advance, but i'll require you get in the wot for it. [00:27]
sexy_saffron what is the wot? [00:27]
pankkake here: [00:27]
assbot first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets [bitcoin assets wiki] [00:27]
mircea_popescu web of trust. the thing nubbins` called above to see my rating. [00:28]
nubbins` ;;ident sexy_saffron [00:28]
gribble Nick 'sexy_saffron', with hostmask 'sexy_saffron!8717c805@gateway/web/freenode/ip.', is not identified. [00:28]
nubbins` ;;ident nubbins` [00:28]
gribble Nick 'nubbins`', with hostmask 'nubbins`!', is identified as user 'nubbins`', with GPG key id CF2950F23C844002, key fingerprint 5015BD3D0AE659C8B8632F31CF2950F23C844002, and bitcoin address None [00:28]
pankkake nb: if you don't have a GPG key you can register with a bitcoin address [00:28]
moiety we all have them sexy_saffron :D honestly best way to go, itsa not like having it does you any harm [00:28]
nubbins` pankkake +1 [00:28]
pankkake but anyway, best way to get recurring business [00:29]
chetty having a wot rating will likely get you more business [00:29]
mircea_popescu that's a definite. [00:29]
moiety i should add this shouldnt i... i fully understand i wa just being picky... i'll update the wiki [00:29]
sexy_saffron I don't mind entering your wot! [00:29]
pankkake moiety: I'm not so sure about that; actually I want to write something on why people should use GPG vs bitcoin for signing things [00:29]
pankkake but yes, if it makes more people sign up [00:30]
mircea_popescu moiety i loved the picky, but irl people aren't all that well equipped to drop gpg in. [00:30]
nubbins` less of a barrier to entry [00:30]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron so then go for it. [00:30]
sexy_saffron ya I'd rather do bitcoin address, I can generate those super quick [00:30]
moiety well this is what i was thining pankkake ... i left it out because i felt it actually went against my reasoning for setting up gpg and i dont want to sound hypocritical. wee bit on the end or should leave as is? [00:31]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron mind that you can never lose it [00:31]
mircea_popescu or you lose your identity. [00:31]
mircea_popescu and while at it, register your nick with nickserv. [00:31]
moiety mircea_popescu: thing is though... i feel anyways, if they took ten minutes to learn btc, they cant take ten to learn gpg? especially if it supports their business in the way their clients seek? [00:32]
pankkake moiety: you can say "you can generate a gpg key later and use your existing bitcoin address right now" [00:32]
mircea_popescu it goes like /msg nickserv register
to quote an earlier girl.
mircea_popescu moiety a first time keygen is > 10 minutes. [00:32]
mircea_popescu then there's the keyserver upload. [00:32]
pankkake gpg requires finding the appropriate GUIs too [00:32]
moiety ooooh like that pankkake [00:32]
moiety also would it be helpful if i offered block change + step by step on a disk or usb? [00:33]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron how did you find bitcoin anyway ? [00:33]
pankkake block change? [00:33]
moiety exchange* not change* ...block change might be an interesting view tho?! [00:33]
pankkake I don't understand it either :p [00:34]
moiety like not even exchange whats the word... just the chain [00:34]
moiety so like for total noobs [00:34]
sexy_saffron bitcoin is just the best way to do business, hands down [00:34]
pankkake !b 1 [00:34]
moiety youd get a step by step with a cd or usb rather than links that so many seem allergic to [00:34]
assbot Last 1 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [00:34]
sexy_saffron it was a logical choice as a payment processor [00:35]
mircea_popescu atta girl. [00:35]
mircea_popescu keep at this you'll end up my image lmao. [00:35]
sexy_saffron awesome! [00:35]
pankkake moiety: I see, bundling the required applications etc. I've seen the idea in practice, it's good, hovewer it puts a lot of trust in you providing non-malicious binaries [00:35]
sexy_saffron but what are you collecting the pics for? [00:35]
moiety why doesn anyone do anything? [00:36]
mircea_popescu im not collecting the pix. couldn't care less, really. [00:36]
sexy_saffron so whats the significance of the code? [00:36]
pankkake he's just trying to be more eccentric than usual [00:36]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron << there, answered before. in the logs :D [00:37]
moiety pankkake: aye but i thought about this... the peple buying are noobs yes? most likely...or they wouldnt need the chain. so in all reality they are either not going to realise they need to trust me... or trust me due to why ive told them [00:37]
assbot #bitcoin-assets log [00:37]
pankkake moiety: yes, indeed [00:37]
moiety the best businessmen take the plunge, aye? [00:37]
mircea_popescu * sexy_saffron (8717c805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets << and the code is just some random stuff webirc spits out [00:37]
sexy_saffron ah ok [00:38]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5458 @ 0.00082117 = 4.4819 BTC [+] [00:38]
mircea_popescu pankkake there's nothing usual about me! [00:39]
moiety well pankkake this is hat they tell themselves.. and we dont care how good they are, as long as they can treat bitcoin well ... implement it and encourage their friends... yeah? [00:39]
moiety what* [00:39]
sexy_saffron I tell all the reddit girls to use bitcoin [00:39]
pankkake you know, one of the best insults (well, it was friendly) I ever received was "you're not that unusual actually" [00:39]
pankkake she was so proud of it :) [00:39]
* assbot removes voice from sexy_saffron [00:39]
* moiety gasps [00:39]
pankkake !up sexy_saffron [00:40]
* assbot gives voice to sexy_saffron [00:40]
moiety dude... people that are proud of their insults usually have no reason to be that way [00:40]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 15 @ 0.034 = 0.51 BTC [-] [00:40]
moiety public insults* totally a difference [00:40]
* ChanServ removes voice from sexy_saffron [00:41]
mircea_popescu wait what ? [00:41]
mircea_popescu !up sexy_saffron [00:41]
-assbot- You voiced sexy_saffron for another 30 minutes. [00:41]
* assbot gives voice to sexy_saffron [00:41]
pankkake what are you doing ChanServ?! [00:41]
mircea_popescu chanserv you being a bad boy ? [00:41]
mircea_popescu is this kakotrolling ? [00:41]
moiety chanserv just liks to stir.. i am sure of it [00:41]
thestringpuller [00:43]
assbot Exuvius Multi-Tool Collar Stays (4-Pack) - Massdrop [00:43]
sexy_saffron ;;eregister sexy_saffron 1KGkZ1cAbsKH3rQNBoxe8N4KU9DBkfz1KT [00:43]
gribble Error: '1KGkZ1cAbsKH3rQNBoxe8N4KU9DBkfz1KT' is not a valid GPG key id. Please use the long form 16 digit key id. [00:43]
sexy_saffron it won't let me register with a bitcoin public address :( [00:44]
mircea_popescu you want ;;bcregister [00:44]
thestringpuller ;;bcregister [00:44]
gribble (bcregister ) -- Register your identity, associating bitcoin address key with . should be a standard-type bitcoin address, starting with 1. You will be given a random passphrase to sign with your address key, and submit to the bot with the 'bcverify' command. Your passphrase will expire in 10 minutes. [00:44]
sexy_saffron ah [00:44]
mircea_popescu ;;eregister is for gpg [00:44]
sexy_saffron ;;bcregister sexy_saffron 1KGkZ1cAbsKH3rQNBoxe8N4KU9DBkfz1KT [00:44]
gribble Request successful for user sexy_saffron, hostmask sexy_saffron!8717c805@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Your challenge string is: freenode:#bitcoin-otc:7583d0f0d3507e7c987b8206989e5f95b31a26bd74ae7ec143b26c24 [00:44]
sexy_saffron done! [00:44]
FabianB [00:44]
assbot Bitcoin address authentication - bitcoin-otc wiki [00:44]
pankkake you need to confirm the address is yours [00:45]
thestringpuller you gotta run bcverify now [00:45]
mircea_popescu ;;ident sexy_saffron [00:45]
gribble Nick 'sexy_saffron', with hostmask 'sexy_saffron!8717c805@gateway/web/freenode/ip.', is not identified. [00:45]
thestringpuller ;;bcverify [00:45]
gribble (bcverify ) -- Verify the latest authentication request by providing the which contains the challenge string signed with your bitcoin address of record. If verified, you'll be authenticated for the duration of the bot's or your IRC session on channel (whichever is shorter). [00:45]
moiety sexy_saffron: you alright love?! never mind the -v and +v but this is another good idea why its no dear... see the challenge string... copy it and go decrypt it with cmd [00:45]
pankkake with bitcoin, you can only sign [00:45]
thestringpuller easy to sign with bitcoin [00:45]
thestringpuller signmessage [00:45]
pankkake whereas gpg auth provides both sig and decrypt methods [00:45]
moiety its the same thing though no, just wallet? [00:45]
FabianB see in the samples section of [00:45]
assbot Bitcoin address authentication - bitcoin-otc wiki [00:45]
moiety ok ok im adding a btc addressbit to my first steps...*disclaimer* wont be as holdy handy as the gpg [00:46]
sexy_saffron ;;bcverify GywpdNN8x7MfYwqkZL48GXbKqdB6YBSQt7/F8SfEM0c7GnZXGIDO3kcVjDWJP4ca4waXGOcLWbzMT/GclQSDuL0= [00:47]
gribble Registration successful. You are now authenticated for user 'sexy_saffron' with address 1KGkZ1cAbsKH3rQNBoxe8N4KU9DBkfz1KT [00:47]
sexy_saffron woot! [00:47]
mircea_popescu o hey wd. [00:47]
mircea_popescu ;;rate sexy_saffron 1 Pro fetish model. [00:47]
pankkake yay [00:47]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user sexy_saffron has been recorded. [00:47]
mircea_popescu now you can even self-voice in here. [00:47]
sexy_saffron hooray! [00:47]
mircea_popescu ok so, .1 again to the same addy for the tlp beg film ? [00:48]
pankkake ;;rate sexy_saffron 1 delivers cute and sexy pictures [00:48]
moiety yay good for you sexy_saffron :D [00:48]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user sexy_saffron has been recorded. [00:48]
mircea_popescu and use gfycat, it's great. [00:48]
mircea_popescu o no shit, it doesn't have sound. nm me. [00:48]
sexy_saffron sure! I'll put it in my schedule for shooting tomorrow! [00:48]
moiety im totally not in the huff pankkake totally not bothered [00:48]
sexy_saffron I'll just come back here with a dropbox link [00:48]
sexy_saffron any particular outfit ideas? [00:49]
mircea_popescu not really, whatever you feel like, but give a good show. [00:49]
moiety just get a pi nd hold everything yourself [00:49]
mircea_popescu i wanna impress this guy. [00:49]
sexy_saffron sounds good ;) [00:49]
pankkake [00:50]
assbot The Last Psychiatrist [00:50]
mircea_popescu that's him. drop by when it's done, proly have more work for you then. [00:50]
sexy_saffron cool, you guys can buy my videos with bitcoin too if you'd like, here's my clipstore: [00:51]
sexy_saffron I do lots of sales on my subbreddit too [00:51]
mircea_popescu how long you been at this btw ? [00:51]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13364 @ 0.00082175 = 10.9819 BTC [+] {2} [00:52]
pankkake " Foot Smelling Blowjob After a Run " not my fetish, but I just love those kind of weird things :D [00:52]
sexy_saffron 6 months! [00:52]
mircea_popescu pankkake you told me you had all of them. i demand my boney mack! i was bamboozled and misdirected. [00:52]
sexy_saffron I love weird videos too! My balloon boob videos have been really popular [00:52]
mircea_popescu sexy_saffron you're incredibly smooth. all you or do you have a manger with some experience behind you ? [00:53]
pankkake I don't think I ever said that. I have many, and I am curious about all of them [00:53]
sexy_saffron nope, just me and my husband! [00:53]
sexy_saffron making porn in our tiny appartment! [00:53]
* belcher ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [00:53]
* belcher has quit (Changing host) [00:53]
* belcher (~belcher-s@unaffiliated/belcher) has joined #bitcoin-assets [00:53]
mircea_popescu well, keep at it. [00:53]
sexy_saffron will do ;) [00:53]
mircea_popescu it's a dying thing, supposedly, but you're in a position to roll with the best of em, so. [00:53]
pankkake "Watch as I blow my full nose into a few tissues" just awesome lol [00:53]
thestringpuller !bash 5 [00:54]
assbot Last 5 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [00:54]
sexy_saffron not even close to the weirdest one lol [00:54]
pankkake ok, I found one I might like, but I'm not saying which :p [00:55]
mircea_popescu pankkake also careful not to show your face. [00:55]
mircea_popescu this shit matters. [00:55]
pankkake there actually was a picture of me naked (no penis though) on the internet, with face [00:55]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [00:56]
moiety in what alternate universe or were you a minor pankkake [00:57]
pankkake lol wat [00:57]
pankkake it was for a calendar promo [00:57]
moiety i just cant belive you did that XD [00:57]
moiety a calendar for what tho?! penii? [00:58]
pankkake it's actually great; you feel really good about your body afterwards [00:58]
pankkake more people should do (semi)pro shoots [00:58]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [00:58]
moiety i almost did but i htought yous would be like..err mo gtfo pls kthx [00:59]
kakobrekla there actually was a picture of me naked (no penis though) on the internet, with face < mine is still online [00:59]
moiety hey my benkay has rearry improved! [00:59]
pankkake I didn't say yes right away but he showed me his work, was a really nice person [00:59]
pankkake kakobrekla: url? [01:00]
kakobrekla [01:00]
pankkake lol [01:00]
sexy_saffron time to go make hamburgers so I'm off, but feel free to stop by my subbreddit and say hi! :) [01:00]
moiety dude he wont even let a reflection capture him at this point in life [01:00]
pankkake bon appetit [01:01]
jurov nubbins url? [01:01]
jurov er.. pankkake [01:01]
moiety was nice meeting you sexy_saffron :] enjoy your tea! [01:01]
sexy_saffron thanks, you too! cya! [01:02]
* sexy_saffron has quit (Quit: Page closed) [01:02]
pankkake I only have the raw shots left, the image that was selected I didn't even save it [01:02]
moiety its ok, its in his personal collection im betting [01:02]
moiety because..always backups [01:03]
moiety see rolf harris got 5 years 9 months today [01:03]
moiety unrelated obviously [01:03]
moiety maybe i dunno [01:03]
moiety pankkake: we have people you can talk to [01:03]
pankkake for what? [01:04]
moiety issues [01:04]
pankkake lol [01:04]
* bitstein has quit (Quit: Page closed) [01:04]
moiety i jut playing [01:04]
moiety but are you serious? [01:05]
pankkake yes, it was for those black-and-white calendar with naked men everyone was doing at the time [01:05]
moiety just realised pankkake probably wasnt the one to ask a serious question to [01:05]
pankkake it was my piercer's and he did it once a year with his best-looking clients [01:05]
moiety imma need proof [01:06]
moiety :] [01:06]
moiety the calendar would be fine [01:06]
pankkake the website doesn't exist anymore [01:07]
moiety i also take email attachments just so the channel knows [01:07]
moiety well thats fail [01:07]
moiety youre so hard to play with pankkake but so much fun cus i never know whos trolling the other the most [01:08]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [01:08]
mircea_popescu it's actually great; you feel really good about your body afterwards more people should do (semi)pro shoots <<< he has a point. [01:10]
pankkake here is 25% of what is close to the selected picture [01:11]
assbot Unsee — Free online private photo sharing [01:11]
* mike_c has quit () [01:11]
mircea_popescu moiety you feeling tempted ? [01:11]
pankkake it seems to be a custom occurence in some countries, like russia [01:12]
pankkake where you put good pro-made pics, not drunken pics, on your social profiles [01:12]
pankkake s/custom/common/ is what I meant I suppose [01:12]
jurov [01:13]
assbot If you read Boing Boing, the NSA considers you a target for deep surveillance - Boing Boing [01:13]
mircea_popescu aqhaha nice kakobrekla [01:13]
mircea_popescu it was my piercer's and he did it once a year with his best-looking clients << pankkake has a prince albert ? [01:16]
pankkake I used to have an industrial (bar through the ear) [01:16]
mircea_popescu why so many piercing stories start with "i used to" ? [01:17]
pankkake ;) [01:18]
moiety tempted by the offer you mean mircea? i was borderline but if youre not acceptable irl .. i dun think you are online either - may need clarification from pankkake's photographer ;P [01:19]
mircea_popescu wait wut [01:20]
mircea_popescu moiety i jus' meant, do you want to add your tits to my post ? [01:20]
moiety also what piercings do you have pankkake? [01:20]
pankkake only the industrial which is fully closed by now [01:21]
moiety mircea_popescu: i was just kidding about pankkake .. i just meant if youre useless to people irl, youe not going to have the desired effect in a pic online either [01:21]
pankkake did it mostly because I was curious, I don't like most piercings on men [01:21]
mircea_popescu moiety ok ill ask you again after you have a couple more drinks [01:21]
moiety ikr? i dont know why but im the same. looks weird for me to see a belly piercing on a dude [01:22]
pankkake lol, yeah, that one certainly is not masculine [01:22]
mircea_popescu why should it be masculine ? [01:22]
* Dimsler has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [01:23]
mircea_popescu [01:24]
assbot Liberty World Problems [01:24]
moiety it doesnt have to be... just if your tastes are being thrown onto the bed, you might not want someone with a prettier jewellry cabinet doing it? i'll just stfu now lol [01:24]
mircea_popescu so is this basically three guys and a dog being ironic and shit ? [01:24]
moiety i think i should have internet docked fri-sun pls [01:24]
moiety i dunno but i just replied to one of their threads [01:27]
mircea_popescu WASHINGTON — Just weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007, the State Department began investigating the security contractor’s operations in Iraq. But the inquiry was abandoned after Blackwater’s top manager there issued a threat: “that he could kill” the government’s chief investigator and “no one could or would do anything about it as we were in Iraq, [01:28]
mircea_popescu ” according to department reports. [01:28]
mircea_popescu American Embassy officials in Baghdad sided with Blackwater rather than the State Department investigators as a dispute over the probe escalated in August 2007, the previously undisclosed documents show. The officials told the investigators that they had disrupted the embassy’s relationship with the security contractor and ordered them to leave the country, according to the reports. [01:28]
mircea_popescu After returning to Washington, the chief investigator wrote a scathing report to State Department officials documenting misconduct by Blackwater employees and warning that lax oversight of the company, which had a contract worth more than $1 billion to protect American diplomats, had created “an environment full of liability and negligence.” [01:29]
* bitcoinpete has quit (Quit: bitcoinpete) [01:29]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:29]
Duffer1 did someone honestly expect things that to go any other way? [01:32]
Duffer1 -that [01:33]
moiety i'd be interested in the undocumented things [01:35]
Duffer1 get the guys from VICE interested, honey badgers of news [01:36]
* RagnarsBitch ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:38]
pankkake !up RagnarsBitch [01:39]
* assbot gives voice to RagnarsBitch [01:39]
* AndChat|679296 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [01:41]
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kyuupichan Silly me for thinking diff might actually drop this time [02:49]
* userguy243 has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [02:50]
cazalla mircea_popescu: i didn't find the pics save worthy tbh, curious about the stretch marks on fulloffantasies though, never seen a woman with many on her legs yet none on belly [03:02]
cazalla seeing that i'm not paying, didn't make sense to open my mouth while she was here [03:02]
kyuupichan That EBA document is good for the lulz. They're so cocksure of the advantages of fiat that they can't see the steamroller headed their way. [03:04]
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kyuupichan %d [05:48]
atcbot [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 785138.67 Est. Next Diff: 561318.11 in 1868 blocks (#40320) Est. % Change: -28.51 [05:48]
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mircea_popescu kyuupichan kinda how the shit works. [06:00]
mircea_popescu cazalla afaik women mostly get that around puberty and during pregnancy. maybe her thighs grew suddenly. [06:01]
asciilifeform [06:04]
assbot puzzle - Imgur [06:04]
asciilifeform ^ photo taken several hours ago at the washington 'independence day' fest. find the three interesting things. [06:04]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 17 @ 0.03614338 = 0.6144 BTC [+] {2} [06:05]
punkman1 good logs today [06:05]
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punkman1 asciilifeform: what's that pan under the car [06:07]
asciilifeform we have one winner. [06:07]
asciilifeform army truck leaks oil, clearly. [06:07]
* assbot gives voice to dignork [06:08]
mircea_popescu jesus [06:08]
dignork no license plate on army vehicle? [06:08]
mircea_popescu o look, the red star came back ?! [06:08]
asciilifeform dignork: over here they only have to have one on the boot [06:09]
cazalla is the windscreen broken or is that something else [06:09]
cazalla cracked i should say [06:10]
asciilifeform plastic. [06:10]
dignork asciilifeform have a horrible camera? [06:10]
asciilifeform that goes without saying [06:10]
mircea_popescu it's not the camera, it's the operator :D [06:12]
dignork HF/VHF radio? [06:13]
asciilifeform how'd that be interesting [06:13]
thestringpuller the good tjhleaga.lel,df,de, [06:13]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5295 @ 0.00081802 = 4.3314 BTC [-] [06:14]
dignork asciilifeform: I'd assume in the city they'd use UHF [06:15]
asciilifeform that thing comes with the truck. almost bought precisely this truck once, at a surplus shop - it was advertised at 700 usd. [06:15]
dub theres a guy in the back talking to the crackhoes [06:16]
mircea_popescu they';re expensiuve to upkeep tho [06:16]
asciilifeform aye [06:16]
asciilifeform prehistoric machine, for aficionados. [06:17]
mircea_popescu dub you know, not any poor/minority people you see are autpmatically on drugs. [06:17]
asciilifeform in entirely unrelated news, [06:17]
asciilifeform [06:17]
dub look at homie on he left, his mind = blown [06:17]
mircea_popescu he was just born thay wat [06:18]
dub is it actually army? googling the tag on the front doesnt bring anythign current [06:18]
asciilifeform dub: those aren't hoes, that's what actual gurlz look like in this town... [06:18]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform are these people basically running php ? [06:19]
dignork mircea_popescu: looks like some rule-based grammar [06:19]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: not exactly. custom gizmo. [06:19]
mircea_popescu dignork designed by fucktards. all the explicit switches in the code, "these ips for fvey" "these ips for non fvey" "hey i just coded this shit one weekend" [06:20]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform yes. my point being, that it's ... basically... php. [06:20]
asciilifeform this was clearly written by a sysop. or a similar figure, who sits around and waits to be asked to add in case-by-case gibblets. [06:21]
mircea_popescu im just looking at your "these are mingblowingly smart people" thesis paper. [06:22]
mircea_popescu and drawing small fs all around [06:22]
dub probably evolved out of carnivore or earlier [06:22]
asciilifeform if usg employs thinking people, they did not write this. [06:22]
asciilifeform what, if anything, they are paid to do - remains an enigma [06:23]
mircea_popescu how about "they are paid to support their famblies and the american way" [06:23]
asciilifeform lol [06:23]
asciilifeform to be fair this is precisely the kind of turd i would order 'leaked' as a hangout op [06:23]
punkman1 that looks like C++ [06:23]
dub this smells like bs [06:23]
dub right at the top so there is no mistaking, the bits about how its not targetign five eyes partners [06:24]
mircea_popescu dub precisely. [06:24]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform right [06:24]
mircea_popescu for that matter, the crap is probably written in lisp [06:25]
mircea_popescu and i don't mean golang. [06:25]
asciilifeform this snippet is oddly reminiscent of the wretched truck [06:27]
asciilifeform with its chalk-marked regiment number [06:27]
asciilifeform leaking engine, b0rked parking brake (note the block under front wheel) [06:27]
kakobrekla just put it into gear? [06:30]
asciilifeform you'd think. [06:31]
kakobrekla what, gears dont work as well? [06:31]
punkman1 irc logs from 1991: [06:32]
assbot Index of /pub/academic/communications/logs/Gulf-War/desert-storm/ [06:32]
mircea_popescu ya srsly wtf is that. [06:32]
asciilifeform probably the 3-ring binder says 'if parking lever is b0rked, use block under wheel...' [06:32]
mircea_popescu the transmission of that thing is so heavy should keep it bolted down [06:32]
mircea_popescu hm [06:32]
mircea_popescu #banshee# On a lighter note. IRC record. 251 users. :) [06:34]
mircea_popescu lolk [06:34]
mircea_popescu TAILs (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) software program, a comsec mechanism advocated by extremists on extremist forums. [06:35]
mircea_popescu ok, so what's the tails backdoor ? [06:35]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: it's a bog-standard 'linux live cd' with a copy of tor. [06:36]
mircea_popescu a so tor. [06:36]
asciilifeform idea being, tor for the morbidly lazy [06:36]
mircea_popescu and word('linux' [06:36]
mircea_popescu or ' USB ' or ' CD ' or 'secure desktop' or ' IRC ' or 'truecrypt' or ' tor '); [06:36]
mircea_popescu lol ok. [06:36]
mircea_popescu ' CD ' and ' IRC ' but 'truecrypt' [06:37]
mircea_popescu because space padding is now... half a thing [06:37]
mircea_popescu you telling me i just found a bug in teh code ? me ? [06:37]
asciilifeform ' IRC ' is to avoid matching 'mircea', lol [06:37]
* mircea_popescu pulls dagger from his back [06:38]
* aabtc (uid27975@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:43]
mircea_popescu !up aabtc [06:47]
-assbot- You voiced aabtc for 30 minutes. [06:47]
* assbot gives voice to aabtc [06:47]
aabtc :) [06:48]
mircea_popescu "That's great, I love your show Max Stacy, you're changing how people think and hence changing the world. [06:49]
mircea_popescu I'm just a young Canadian maintenance professional buying a little gold and Bitcoin every month getting ready for the market crash to happen within 5 years. Then I'll buy a nice Audi R8 from a desperate kleptocrat" [06:49]
mircea_popescu yeah dude, totally. an exterminator from misisiauga is going to buy an audi r8 from a "desperate kleptocrat" through the magic of max keiser's. [06:50]
aabtc max lost a lot of his relevance pumping shitcoins :/ [06:51]
aabtc mircea_popescu: what happened to your twitter? [06:51]
mircea_popescu afaik a buncha redditards bitched at twitter which suspended it. [06:52]
aabtc loool [06:53]
aabtc over that andreas thing? [06:53]
aabtc hahaha 'we did it reddit!' [06:53]
mircea_popescu twas getting stale tbh. [06:57]
* FabianB has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [07:02]
* FabianB (~fabian@unaffiliated/fabianb) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:04]
* Dimsler has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [07:12]
* assbot removes voice from aabtc [07:18]
* atian has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:25]
* SuchWow-afk is now known as SuchWow [07:25]
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* aegis has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [07:26]
* atian (~atian@unaffiliated/atian) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:26]
mircea_popescu !up atian [07:27]
-assbot- You voiced atian for 30 minutes. [07:27]
* assbot gives voice to atian [07:28]
* atian has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:28]
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artifexd ;;later tell kakobrekla I see you fixed the ampersand thing. Cool. Thanks. [08:31]
gribble The operation succeeded. [08:31]
* phish (~phish@unaffiliated/phish-) has joined #bitcoin-assets [08:33]
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* statdude has quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> <- Nine out of ten l33t h4x0rz prefer it) [09:27]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [17:59]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets is: || || || [17:59]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets set by kakobrekla!~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla at Wed Mar 5 21:58:12 2014 [17:59]
-assbot- Welcome to #bitcoin-assets. To get voice (ie, to be able to speak), first identify with gribble and then send "!up" to assbot in a private message. If you do not have a WoT account, try politely asking one of the voiced people for a temporary pass. [17:59]
* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [18:00]
mircea_popescu moiety o so basically they're offering im chats ? [18:00]
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mircea_popescu ;;ticker [18:02]
gribble Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 630.0, Best ask: 632.0, Bid-ask spread: 2.00000, Last trade: 632.0, 24 hour volume: 2441.09724497, 24 hour low: 623.23, 24 hour high: 639.31, 24 hour vwap: 630.796426752 [18:02]
mircea_popescu sooo... what's new. [18:02]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.19 = 0.57 BTC [+] {2} [18:02]
mircea_popescu !up Dekker3D [18:06]
-assbot- You voiced Dekker3D for 30 minutes. [18:06]
* assbot gives voice to Dekker3D [18:06]
thestringpuller ;;bc,stats [18:07]
gribble Current Blocks: 309346 | Current Difficulty: 1.6818461371161112E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 310463 | Next Difficulty In: 1117 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 6 days, 16 hours, 31 minutes, and 37 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16714376135.9 | Estimated Percent Change: -0.61887 [18:07]
thestringpuller ;;estimate [18:07]
gribble Next difficulty estimate | 16714376135.9 based on data since last change | 18031729744.8 based on data for last three days [18:07]
-NickServ- Information on Dekker3D (account Dekker3D): [18:07]
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mircea_popescu !up indiancandy1 [18:07]
-assbot- You voiced indiancandy1 for 30 minutes. [18:07]
* assbot gives voice to indiancandy1 [18:07]
mircea_popescu either of you here ? [18:07]
indiancandy1 hi u [18:07]
mircea_popescu heya. [18:07]
indiancandy1 wb [18:07]
-NickServ- Information on indiancandy1 (account indiancandy1): [18:07]
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thestringpuller hmmm hashrate lag [18:07]
indiancandy1 ce fatch [18:07]
mircea_popescu bine! [18:08]
indiancandy1 how do u spel it [18:08]
mircea_popescu drop your bitcoin address will you ? [18:08]
mircea_popescu ce faci [18:08]
indiancandy1 cool [18:08]
indiancandy1 1sec [18:08]
mircea_popescu i'll be here a while. [18:08]
mircea_popescu ninjashogun: it's kind of weird how you guys have all the money, and they're the ones who are serious. <<< lmao. yeah, TOTALLY weird. [18:09]
mircea_popescu smarten up kid. [18:09]
indiancandy1 1C2GHDcNxzZfnVBD9EyY95WPuhXtatJDfa [18:10]
mircea_popescu cool. [18:10]
* IlllIIllIIlIIlll (521ede04@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:11]
mircea_popescu !up IlllIIllIIlIIlll [18:11]
-assbot- You voiced IlllIIllIIlIIlll for 30 minutes. [18:11]
* assbot gives voice to IlllIIllIIlIIlll [18:11]
mircea_popescu thanks god for autocomplete. [18:12]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D: As far as I know, mircea's "anyway, drop your address" means that she should put her bitcoin address in here, anywhere. I'd write it for her, but it's more trustworthy if I just vouch for her and she writes it <<< yup that's a good point. seeing how you own this nick for 5 years and she just reg'd hers. [18:12]
mircea_popescu but it would work a lot better if either or both had a wot acct. [18:12]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [18:12]
mircea_popescu cazalla: are you her pimp or something? Dekker3D: I'm her tech dude << the difference is negligible ? :D [18:14]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7500 @ 0.0008107 = 6.0803 BTC [-] [18:18]
moiety we've been in PM getting her reg'd with nickserv, half way through gribbling for the wot [18:18]
mircea_popescu you're a good girl :) [18:18]
mircea_popescu how's the hangover ? [18:18]
moiety ohgod, i was scared to read the logs back this morning! was dying at first, but i'm ok now. sorry for being here [18:19]
mircea_popescu lol sokay, what's the big deal ? [18:20]
moiety i dont make as much sense as BB when drunk XD [18:20]
mircea_popescu or vexual when sober [18:21]
* Poffertje has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [18:23]
* Poffertje (~name@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:23]
moiety lolol [18:24]
Dekker3D mircea_popescu, the difference is negligible because she's doing sexy stuff on the internet and I'm helping her do so. That could make me her pimp or her tech guy. [18:25]
mircea_popescu so basically her pich guy. [18:26]
Dekker3D pich? [18:26]
mircea_popescu yeah. her pimptech [18:26]
Dekker3D Yeah sure. [18:26]
Dekker3D Sounds about right, anyway. [18:27]
Dekker3D gribbling for the wot. That sounds.. lovely. [18:28]
* daybyter ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:28]
Dekker3D That reminds me, my key should be done cooking by now. As in, uploading to a server and whatnot [18:28]
mircea_popescu defo [18:29]
mircea_popescu ahahhha vcs don't get scammed ? because if you type "vc scammed" into google you get ninjashogtards ?! [18:30]
mircea_popescu o god this fucking log is golden. i was originaly -.- cazalla but i take it back. lol. [18:30]
mircea_popescu lmao. [18:30]
FabianB it continued almost just as funny in -otc [18:31]
mircea_popescu meanwhile max keiser of scamcoins r us wants to put his manboobs in my pay for tits scheme. [18:32]
mircea_popescu from what i hear. [18:32]
* bitcoinpete has quit (Quit: bitcoinpete) [18:32]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17369 @ 0.0008107 = 14.081 BTC [-] [18:34]
Dekker3D Suddenly, authentication :D [18:35]
Dekker3D ;;ident Dekker3D [18:35]
gribble Nick 'Dekker3D', with hostmask 'Dekker3D!', is identified as user 'Dekker3D', with GPG key id 802A70ED22A1B6E4, key fingerprint 3B5216E917B8DC774AC31B95802A70ED22A1B6E4, and bitcoin address None [18:35]
Dekker3D I exist! [18:35]
mircea_popescu so good for you. [18:35]
Dekker3D :) [18:35]
mircea_popescu ;;rate Dekker3D 1 Guy's a pich. Which is sort of like a tech pimp. [18:36]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user Dekker3D has been recorded. [18:36]
Dekker3D Well, I wanted to learn a bit about the "web of trust" idea anyway, but never really knew anyone who was into crypto that much [18:36]
Dekker3D Lol [18:36]
* assbot removes voice from Dekker3D [18:36]
mircea_popescu now you do about 2/3 of all the people who are into crypto that much. [18:36]
mircea_popescu pm assbot !up [18:36]
mircea_popescu FabianB make a pastebin for later glory ? [18:37]
* assbot removes voice from indiancandy1 [18:38]
* assbot gives voice to Dekker3D [18:38]
Dekker3D Woot. [18:38]
mircea_popescu you can even voice the indian chick now. [18:38]
Dekker3D Yeah, I figured as much. [18:38]
punkman mircea_popescu: if you want more ninjashogun: [18:39]
Dekker3D That'd be !up indiancandy1, afaik [18:39]
assbot BitcoinStats [18:39]
Dekker3D Aka, let's give it a try [18:39]
Dekker3D !up indiancandy1 [18:39]
* assbot gives voice to indiancandy1 [18:39]
mircea_popescu punkman o otc is logged tambien ? [18:39]
Dekker3D I am almighty [18:39]
mircea_popescu you know pimps get blowjobs for free right ? [18:39]
mircea_popescu do you know what i am saying ? [18:39]
Dekker3D Lol [18:39]
Dekker3D Sadly, I don't have a 376.6km extendopenis. [18:40]
Dekker3D Oh wait, that's by road. It could be a few km less. Still sadly lacking [18:40]
mircea_popescu sucks to be you. BUY ONE [18:40]
punkman Dekker3D, plane ticket, camera, camshow IPO, profits!! [18:41]
Dekker3D Heh. [18:41]
Dekker3D Camshow IPO? [18:41]
mircea_popescu should be a crowdsourced project this. "i need crowdmoneyz to make a 380 km extendopenis to fuck this chick i met online that can't really be bothered to walk over, but i like tothink of as a prospect" [18:41]
Dekker3D Also, how would one go about buying a 376.6 km extendopenis? [18:41]
Dekker3D Lol. [18:41]
mircea_popescu prolly get 1 trilion dolars from all the online geeks in a similar position [18:41]
Dekker3D Myeps [18:41]
kakobrekla punkman should start here [18:41]
assbot BitcoinStats [18:41]
kakobrekla lmao [18:41]
mircea_popescu punkman the chick's actually reasonably hot but she figures she got bollywood prospects so doesn't really wanna. [18:42]
punkman mircea_popescu: well, masks are cheap aren't they [18:42]
* assbot removes voice from IlllIIllIIlIIlll [18:42]
mircea_popescu what do you want from this poor woman. [18:42]
mircea_popescu get a pich, get a pime, get a what else ? [18:42]
Dekker3D Hm. A mask. That IS a fancy idea. [18:42]
Dekker3D pime. Pimp... mechanic? [18:43]
mircea_popescu costume [18:43]
* SuchWow has quit (Quit: Changing server...) [18:43]
Dekker3D Heh. Pimp costume? [18:43]
mircea_popescu artifexd: We auction off your data." << you can't put it in a truck. [18:44]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D pimp costume [manager] [18:44]
indiancandy1 sorry [18:44]
indiancandy1 i was away [18:44]
Dekker3D Hey. [18:44]
* SuchWow (~SuchWow@unaffiliated/suchwow) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:45]
mircea_popescu cazalla: for some time he has said we're all trolls yet here he is again pitching us, makes me think he's a scammer afterall << prolly just the weird sort that tries to do it on his own terms but isn't either bright or great enough to manage it. so he ends this sort of ... i suppose the word is incel. [18:45]
Dekker3D "incel". Good gods, I'm going to have to find a different dictionary for this place, aren't I? [18:46]
Dekker3D Ah, nvm [18:46]
Dekker3D Urban dictionary. Durp [18:46]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D actually, this is very funny because [18:46]
mircea_popescu a) i only learned it like yest, and it's emphatically not part of the lingo here. [18:46]
mircea_popescu b) a lingo here does exist, [18:46]
mircea_popescu ;;google learn that variety speech [18:46]
gribble Toastmasters Speech 6: Vocal Variety - Six Minutes: ; Breathing: The Seductive Key to Unlocking Your Vocal Variety: ; Audiology, Speech & Learning Care | Children's Hospital Colorado: [18:46]
mircea_popescu meh. [18:46]
assbot You’re gonna have to learn that variety speak pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [18:47]
mircea_popescu and finally c) there's ud right in here. [18:47]
mircea_popescu ;;ud mp [18:47]
gribble | MP. Military Police. Used in military complexes or installations founded by the army. Often seen standing at doors that require personal identification / guarding. [18:47]
Dekker3D Oh. UD as in Urban Dictionary. [18:47]
Dekker3D Cool. [18:47]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D so what do you do outside of white knighting bollywood hopefuls ? [18:50]
Dekker3D "white knighting". Ow, right in the ego. But, I'm legally considered to be handicapped so I don't really have a job. [18:50]
Dekker3D It's a psychological thing where I quite literally can't get started on certain types of stuff. [18:51]
Dekker3D Not without some outside help, anyway. It's going to be difficult to have an actual job with that. [18:51]
mircea_popescu all you need is decent lashing. [18:51]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 56 @ 0.04004646 = 2.2426 BTC [-] {3} [18:51]
Dekker3D So I build a 3d printer, play the guitar, program stuff, and teach people crap [18:51]
Dekker3D Brb [18:51]
Dekker3D Back. So yeah. Tech. [18:52]
mircea_popescu dub: well the first meeting is on necker island see, and he's travelling by kite surfing on the back of a naked chick on branson's back <<< lol ok! [18:52]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D so you don't actually code [18:52]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10613 @ 0.00080932 = 8.5893 BTC [-] [18:52]
punkman wait, legally considered psychologically handicapped? is that a thing over there? [18:52]
Dekker3D mircea_popescu, what makes you say that? [18:52]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D i'm asking [18:53]
mircea_popescu punkman yes. [18:53]
Dekker3D A psychologist and a neurologist agreed that I won't be able to find a job because of that psychological thing. So, they declared me "unfit for work". [18:53]
Dekker3D Hard to translate. [18:53]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D not that hard. let's see here. [18:54]
Dekker3D I get 70% of minimum wage. If I take up a job, it fills in the reminaining 30% until I get more than 100% minimum wage, at which point the ... allowance thing drops away [18:54]
mircea_popescu [18:54]
Dekker3D Anyway, I do actually program. Been doing it since I was 15-ish [18:54]
assbot 404 Not Found [18:54]
mircea_popescu read that ? [18:54]
Dekker3D It's a short and useless read, telling me the doc's not found. [18:54]
mircea_popescu uh dang [18:55]
mircea_popescu [18:55]
assbot The Last Psychiatrist: The Terrible, Awful Truth About SSDI [18:55]
mircea_popescu he beleeted it ?! [18:55]
Dekker3D Alright, reading. [18:56]
Dekker3D Anyway, I used to suffer from pretty bad depression, so if I had been forced to work when I got out of school I'd have probably ended up dead by now [18:56]
Dekker3D So forgive me if I see the handicap allowance thing as something good. [18:57]
punkman Dekker3D, I [18:57]
punkman 'oops [18:57]
mircea_popescu the problem with this perspective is that on the strength of such apparence, you'd think squeezing a watermelon through your thighs will kill you [18:57]
punkman Dekker3D, I'm not judging was just wondering if that was a thing in .nl [18:57]
mircea_popescu humanity exists because nobody gave a shit about this impression, historically. [18:58]
Dekker3D punkman, it is. [18:58]
Dekker3D mircea_popescu, I'm not sure I get what you're saying. "watermelon through your thighs" implies something about childbirth? [18:58]
cazalla mircea_popescu: we had a lulzy evening while ninjashogun was here [18:58]
mircea_popescu so no. my money is on "if you were beaten every day until you became happy, you wouldn't have died, you'd have become happy [18:58]
cazalla Dekker3D: you'll pick up the lingo as you go along, worthwhile sticking it out [18:58]
cazalla soccer is on [18:58]
Dekker3D Okay. [18:58]
mircea_popescu but obviously, counterfactuals. who's to know. [18:59]
Dekker3D Yeah. [18:59]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 1.72803658 BTC to 11`558 shares, 14951 satoshi per share [18:59]
* Namworld ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:00]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3350 @ 0.00080928 = 2.7111 BTC [-] {2} [19:04]
* []bot (~artibot@unaffiliated/artifexd/bot/artibot) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:04]
* ChanServ gives voice to []bot [19:04]
Dekker3D mircea_popescu, I've read almost all of it by now. The main distinction here is that SSI is assumed to be poor people who receive money because otherwise they'd riot, and SSDI is assumed to be people who have worked and who simply can't anymore. [19:04]
mircea_popescu "The Post is making a bet that you won't know the difference between SSDI and SSI, and you wouldn't, no one does, it's deliberately obfuscated and frequently conflated. They are totally different in terms of origin, budget and consequence, but both rely on "disability." The only person who does know the difference is a guy actually on SSDI, so that when you ask him, "how long have you been on SSI?" he will freeze, pu [19:04]
mircea_popescu ll out a knife, place it calmly on the table, and say, "listen lung transplant, I'm not on SSI, I'm on SSDI. I worked."" [19:04]
mircea_popescu the man says. [19:04]
Dekker3D I was simply diagnosed with a number of different nasty things between ages 8-15 or so, and I've been spending a lot of time (and yeah, government money along with some of my parents') to become a LOT more functional than I was before. [19:05]
artifexd artifexd: We auction off your data." << you can't put it in a truck. <<< But you can put it in a packet :) [19:05]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D anyway, now you know why a bunch of people don't like me. [19:05]
Dekker3D mircea_popescu, I've actually met someone quite like you before. [19:05]
mircea_popescu there's this "look what you can learn about yourself on the internet" thing that happens to people. albeit rarely this clearly isolated as we have it here. [19:06]
Dekker3D Harsh but with clearly defined ideas based on some actual thought, and also rich (or at least claiming to be). [19:06]
mircea_popescu artifexd lol good 1 [19:06]
Dekker3D isolated? [19:06]
[]bot Bet placed: 1 BTC for Yes on "Bitcoin volatility to exceed $300 USD in July" Odds: 73(Y):27(N) by coin, 70(Y):30(N) by weight. Total bet: 1.62691947 BTC. Current weight: 81,457. [19:06]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D so who was he ? [19:06]
Dekker3D Eh. Bruno something, went by "BMG" on the forum I was messing around on. [19:06]
mircea_popescu isolated, as in, not part of a complex structure of language and relationship [19:07]
Dekker3D While I was working on yet another one of my projects. It failed like so many others. [19:07]
mircea_popescu complexity creates plausible deniability, generally. [19:07]
Dekker3D Anyway, he got the impression that I'm pretty damn good at what I do [19:07]
Dekker3D brb. [19:07]
mircea_popescu i still don't know what that is. [19:07]
Dekker3D Back. [19:08]
Dekker3D Well, there was an MMORPG that I liked. Extremely casual, simple looking and the game itself was pretty stupid, but the community was pretty awesome. [19:09]
mircea_popescu called ? [19:09]
Dekker3D There had been 6 attempts at making an unofficial remake already. [19:09]
Dekker3D Blade Mistress. [19:09]
* SuchWow is now known as DogeMedic [19:09]
mircea_popescu o i recall this shit lol [19:09]
Dekker3D Heh. [19:09]
mircea_popescu god it was awful :D [19:09]
Dekker3D Are you BMG? [19:09]
mircea_popescu no idea bout the community [19:09]
mircea_popescu nah, i am not. [19:09]
Dekker3D Ah. [19:09]
Dekker3D Heh. [19:09]
mircea_popescu i'm part owner in which is a game maker which is why i know more than the average chap about indie games. [19:10]
* assbot removes voice from indiancandy1 [19:10]
Dekker3D Anyway, I was the only one who made a remake project that got further than "gathering ideas and musing idly" [19:10]
Dekker3D Ah. [19:10]
Dekker3D !up indiancandy1 [19:10]
* assbot gives voice to indiancandy1 [19:10]
chetty good god MP, kid has been sold a bill of goods on being uselss. :( [19:11]
Dekker3D But one team member started becoming more of a burden than a boon, and he was an old friend so I found it hard to cut him loose. We also lacked programmers, as I was spending too much time just managing stuff. [19:11]
mircea_popescu chetty almost seems that way dunnit. [19:11]
Dekker3D Me? [19:11]
Dekker3D What? [19:11]
mircea_popescu yes you. [19:11]
Dekker3D I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing? [19:11]
* DogeMedic is now known as SuchWow [19:11]
Dekker3D Srsly. Translate for me? [19:11]
mircea_popescu you know what a bill of goods is ? [19:11]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 7 @ 0.19 = 1.33 BTC [+] [19:12]
Dekker3D A list of stuff to sell, buy or transport, afaik? [19:12]
mircea_popescu yes. but also metaphorically, "the content of this box" [19:12]
mircea_popescu you [19:12]
Dekker3D Ah. [19:12]
Dekker3D So I'm full of uselessness? :P [19:12]
mircea_popescu 're the box. the bill of goods says "useless" [19:12]
mircea_popescu an' you bought it. [19:12]
Dekker3D Heh. Okay. I still can't quite tell whether you're saying "aw, poor kid, he got handed a bad hand" or "damn kid, go make yourself useful". Knowing your type a tiny bit, I'm guessing the latter. [19:13]
mircea_popescu im not saying either. [19:13]
Dekker3D So what are you saying? [19:13]
mircea_popescu that it looks like has a point. [19:14]
Dekker3D Like.. who has a point? [19:14]
mircea_popescu chetty [19:14]
Dekker3D On? [19:14]
mircea_popescu lol what is this, abbot and costello ? [19:14]
mircea_popescu "i still don;t know what the idea is!" [19:14]
Dekker3D I honestly have no idea what the "bill of goods" means in this context [19:14]
Dekker3D I am trying to get that information out of one of you [19:15]
mircea_popescu right. [19:15]
Dekker3D Heh. [19:15]
mircea_popescu let's try it with women. it always works easier with women. [19:15]
mircea_popescu like they're lubricated or something. [19:15]
mircea_popescu so. there's this girl. she's about 12. you with me ? [19:15]
Dekker3D I suppose [19:16]
mircea_popescu she's curious like any kid. so she... actually let me get it, i have a reference. [19:16]
chetty ok its just a idiomatic saying, basically I was saying that you had been tricked into believing you were useless [19:16]
Dekker3D Ah. [19:16]
Dekker3D Well yeah. I have. I know I have skills and can get stuff done, but so many things around me have fallen apart that I can't help but blame myself at some level. [19:16]
Dekker3D I'm trying to be more confident about stuff. [19:16]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 43097 @ 0.00080924 = 34.8758 BTC [-] [19:17]
mircea_popescu << there, she gets caught. [19:17]
assbot Ce este adolescenta ? pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [19:17]
chetty you are here, you are in the wot, pretty good start ;) [19:17]
mircea_popescu now everybody tells her she;'s a slut. [19:17]
mircea_popescu if she buys that, shes's gonna be one. [19:17]
mircea_popescu if she doesn't buy it... well, whatever. curious kid getting bored. [19:18]
Dekker3D Yeah. [19:19]
mircea_popescu basically, the boxen that are people... not many know what's inside, and especially not the people in question. [19:20]
chetty sooo back to the question, do you code? what language and all that Dekker3D [19:20]
Dekker3D C++, some Java and C# [19:21]
mircea_popescu cool. [19:21]
Dekker3D I've been doing a tiny bit of Python lately, though I absolutely loathe everything about it. [19:21]
mircea_popescu why ? [19:21]
Dekker3D It lacks curly braces and instead uses indentation. That's the main thing I hate. [19:22]
mircea_popescu i think most everyone here loves python and loathes perl [19:23]
mircea_popescu except for the weirdo frenchies into ruby and other appalling shit. [19:23]
Dekker3D you can't visually tell the difference between spaces and tabs, in sufficient amounts, and it complains if you use tabs in a piece of code that uses spaces elsewhere. For obvious reasons, but some people use tabs and some use spaces. [19:23]
mircea_popescu well python is trying its best to be like lisp [19:24]
mircea_popescu and that means copying all the idiocy. [19:24]
Dekker3D It's interpreted and weakly typed, afaik. You can even add stuff to classes on the fly. That allows a lack of structure [19:24]
Dekker3D Meh. [19:24]
Dekker3D I haven't even tried perl. It looks like line noise, but we all know that. [19:24]
benkay hey my benkay has rearry improved! // your which now? [19:24]
artifexd I'm in the "Down with Python" camp. C/C++/C#/go are my tools of choice depending on the task at hand. [19:24]
chetty Dekker3D, what OS you work on? [19:25]
Dekker3D Anyway, I studied the Bitcoin code a bit to see how the bloom filter is implemented. [19:25]
mircea_popescu artifexd one day we shall have to make a wot backed tech map [19:25]
mircea_popescu who's with who. then just see what techs get the best votes [19:25]
Dekker3D chetty, I used to be Windows/Linux, but then EUFI happened and my old mobo got fried. Haven't been able to reinstall Linux since. [19:25]
mircea_popescu just you know, put up a page, with 20 questions or so. have people verify a string in here to allow their results. [19:25]
artifexd With kakobrekla in the python camp, that's probably an automatic win. [19:25]
mircea_popescu and then graph it [19:25]
Dekker3D And I stopped bothering. Now I found some possible hint on how to get it to work, but can hardly be arsed. [19:26]
mircea_popescu no because you only use the graph. [19:26]
mircea_popescu not the values, just the graph, like google pr works. [19:26]
punkman but there's no one true hammer [19:26]
mircea_popescu ;;ud EUFI [19:26]
gribble | ... Eueyyauyuyoe · Eufaula · Eufaula, Ok · Eufemia · eufer · eufhwetiyuigohbleachgokufurrybate · Eufi · eufk · Eufrat · eufuckingreka · eufus ... Eufi isn't defined. [19:26]
punkman only lisp [19:26]
mircea_popescu what the shit ? [19:26]
Dekker3D Heh. [19:27]
artifexd You mean UEFI? [19:27]
Dekker3D Yeah, UEFI [19:27]
mircea_popescu o the mouse bios ? [19:27]
Dekker3D Yeah. [19:27]
mircea_popescu so what of it, it's basically the same. [19:27]
Dekker3D It includes some "trusted OS" kind of thing. [19:27]
benkay one true hammer lol [19:27]
Dekker3D Aka, "windows only mode" [19:27]
Dekker3D C++ is my one true hammer. But I have sinned, and am now doing something in Java. [19:28]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D you know there's a a job waiting for c++ / windoze ppl ? [19:28]
Dekker3D mircea_popescu, do tell [19:28]
mircea_popescu now where was it [19:28]
artifexd Eulora? [19:28]
mircea_popescu [19:28]
assbot S.MG, April 2014 Statement pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [19:28]
mircea_popescu grep for "the first" Dekker3D [19:28]
punkman Thickasthieves wants someone to compile Altcoin for Windows [19:28]
mircea_popescu that too. [19:28]
Dekker3D A package maintainer, mircea_popescu ? [19:29]
mircea_popescu yeah. [19:29]
Dekker3D What you say makes sense, but I'd still prefer not to start out with something that requires actual commitment. I still expect myself to fail at long-term stuff, even if I know I probably shouldn't. [19:31]
Dekker3D And this seems quite a bit beyond my "well.. it compiles and does something" level of programming so far. [19:31]
benkay that is an impressive display of humility for these parts. [19:32]
Dekker3D Hm? [19:32]
Dekker3D Yeah, maybe. [19:32]
benkay other people in your boat...start exchanges. [19:32]
* CheckDavid has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [19:32]
Dekker3D I just haven't ever had a C++ project where my main goal was to get rid of the bugs rather than add some new feature or even get it running in the first place [19:33]
benkay in other news: [19:34]
assbot Guy flies drone into fireworks show - Imgur [19:34]
mircea_popescu that is an impressive display of humility for these parts. << ikr? [19:35]
asciilifeform FabianB: 'mycelium' << search the logs. [19:36]
FabianB asciilifeform: ah, ic, that discussion was already regarding entropy [19:38]
asciilifeform FabianB: , [19:38]
assbot #bitcoin-assets log [19:38]
assbot #bitcoin-assets log [19:38]
benkay ninjashogun:lol yeah, luckily they're nice people and changed it for me rather than troll. can't imagine what would have happened in tihs channel. // are you fucking kidding me [19:38]
mircea_popescu [19:39]
assbot Blade Mistress [19:39]
mircea_popescu this is pretty lulzy [19:39]
benkay ;;later tell ninjashogun you can't keep your password out of cleartext channels and you want how many bitcoins? [19:39]
gribble The operation succeeded. [19:39]
FabianB asciilifeform: thanks, read only one of them so far [19:40]
* assbot removes voice from indiancandy1 [19:40]
asciilifeform people gotta understand the importance of rng on a gizmo that doesn't import - only generates own - keys. [19:40]
asciilifeform likewise the importance of 'k' value in ecdsa [19:41]
Dekker3D Yeah, Blade Mistress is not polished or anything [19:41]
Dekker3D !up indiancandy1 [19:41]
* assbot gives voice to indiancandy1 [19:41]
mircea_popescu Dekker3D i kinda enjoy the interaction between the hilariously pompous asses over at sa and unsuccessful real world efforts. [19:42]
moiety benkay i don't even know, i wasn't very sober, sorry [19:43]
mircea_popescu it's like watching an urbana women studies postdoc battle it out with a 65 year old ex-boxer champ [19:43]
* statdude ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:43]
Dekker3D mircea_popescu, that makes for an amusing visual. [19:43]
indiancandy1 ;;bcverify G+jG24dm8R9Pk6bpiB8nabtxeP0z1UpmJqLC7DdrDOhjzDmQ8ZHZx399XuS1oYlIAEkad2mE4bqMFWuiZxZV/J0= [19:47]
gribble Error: Signature verification failed. [19:47]
mircea_popescu now you've done it. [19:47]
Dekker3D What's that code? Private key or something? That'd explain the "now you've done it" [19:48]
mircea_popescu im just being snarky. it's a failed attempt at a sig verify [19:49]
Dekker3D Ah. [19:49]
moiety dw we're getting there :] getting in the wot dekker [19:49]
Dekker3D Cool. [19:49]
* fanquake has quit (Quit: fanquake) [19:50]
Dekker3D mircea_popescu, chetty told me about Eulora and I'm in that channel now, with a few questions they say you could answer. [19:50]
[]bot Bet placed: 1.9 BTC for No on "Bitcoin to drop under $350 before September" Odds: 12(Y):88(N) by coin, 12(Y):88(N) by weight. Total bet: 10.30172933 BTC. Current weight: 89,244. [19:50]
* aabtc has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [19:51]
benkay With kakobrekla in the python camp, that's probably an automatic win. // hah oh hah [19:52]
benkay hey logs aren't half as long as i expected today. [19:53]
mircea_popescu benkay scammed by loglength [19:53]
asciilifeform punkman: << lol [19:53]
assbot BitcoinStats [19:53]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 34800 @ 0.00080922 = 28.1609 BTC [-] {2} [19:53]
* davidynamic (42664fe3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:54]
mircea_popescu "I am most at home as a startup leader" ? cool. [19:54]
mircea_popescu !up davidynamic [19:55]
-assbot- You voiced davidynamic for 30 minutes. [19:55]
* assbot gives voice to davidynamic [19:55]
davidynamic Hi MP, I was sent here by bitcoinpete [19:55]
thestringpuller ninjashogun is the new usagi? [19:55]
mircea_popescu hi davidynamic [19:56]
mircea_popescu thestringpuller nah usagi was never this good. [19:56]
mircea_popescu he mostly just got frazzled. [19:56]
davidynamic Thanks, MP. Just here to listen (read) and learn [19:58]
thestringpuller Hmm. I wonder if you could use bitbet as a predictor for scams... [19:58]
mircea_popescu ;;google the market advantages of the delivery bet [19:59]
thestringpuller "ninjashogun to defraud investors by 2015" etc [19:59]
gribble Challenges and opportunities in dermal/transdermal delivery: ; Best practice - Info entrepreneurs: ; GE Advantage | Operational Excellence | Business to Business (B2B ...: [19:59]
mircea_popescu jesus google you pos. [19:59]
mircea_popescu ;;google trilema the market advantages of the delivery bet [19:59]
gribble The Globalization Paradox: Why Global Markets, States, and ...: ; Negotiating the energy policy 'trilemma' - Realising transition pathways: ; (1 more message) [19:59]
asciilifeform lol [19:59]
mircea_popescu ;;google the market advantages of the delivery bet [19:59]
gribble ...: [19:59]
mircea_popescu omfg [19:59]
mircea_popescu [19:59]
assbot The positive market effects of the delivery bet. pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [20:00]
* Swadq ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:03]
benkay ;;later tell Vexual i cooked something up for your thing. [20:08]
gribble The operation succeeded. [20:08]
* GunPlay has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [20:11]
* assbot removes voice from indiancandy1 [20:12]
moiety !up indiancandy1 [20:23]
* assbot gives voice to indiancandy1 [20:23]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 14 @ 0.04096462 = 0.5735 BTC [+] {6} [20:24]
* assbot removes voice from davidynamic [20:25]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14059 @ 0.00081049 = 11.3947 BTC [+] {2} [20:28]
mircea_popescu punkman: "I've tried to comfort myself with examples of Bitcoin's drops from $30 to $1 before but this doesn't mean it's going to happen again especially because of Doge's very different properties" << ahahah. [20:37]
mircea_popescu funny how all the derps that derp about how mp is so and so and back and forth don't go "yep... he killed it. sorry for your loss." [20:37]
punkman I thought it was the chinese whales' fault [20:38]
mircea_popescu o sorry. [20:39]
mircea_popescu it was the man in the moon and catjesus. [20:39]
benkay S.WOL - will book ATC and BTC seperately? [20:41]
punkman [20:41]
assbot EL GRAN COMBO - Ojos Chinos - YouTube [20:41]
* assbot gives voice to dignork [20:41]
dignork re: ATC, somebody has a live node? dns boostrap doesn't work [20:43]
mircea_popescu who broke teh bootstrap [20:45]
dignork - connection refused, so boostrap might be fine, but the node is down [20:46]
benkay mircea_popescu: will S.WOL book ATC and BTC seperately? [20:46]
asciilifeform he killed it << i thought it kinda fellated its own pistol [20:46]
mircea_popescu benkay prolly not. [20:47]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform well obviously all deaths have physical causes. [20:47]
mircea_popescu justusranvier: So Economic decisions have consequences after all? << who knew it! and the world is run by reason not by desire! and money talks and bullshit redditards suck it! And omfg what happened Obama had promised to fix all this!!1 [20:50]
benkay // for the title only [20:52]
assbot U.S. Military Turns to Hollywood to Outfit the Soldier of the Future - WSJ [20:52]
mircea_popescu it's more about the looks than anyyhing. rite ? [20:53]
benkay a fighter jet that doesn't, supersoldier speshul fx... [20:53]
* assbot removes voice from indiancandy1 [20:53]
benkay scuse me i have a handmade bloody mary to drink. [20:54]
mircea_popescu ah sweet sweet delicious communitard tears. [20:58]
mircea_popescu But in the argument she finally said it, how I was like a little kid and not a "real man" whatever that means, [20:59]
mircea_popescu guess what it motherfucking means. three choices and the first three don't count. [21:00]
* davidynamic has quit (Quit: Page closed) [21:00]
* cryptoflood has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [21:02]
* cryptoflood ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:02]
* aabtc (uid27975@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:03]
* [1]statdude (~statdude@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:03]
* JonathanVaage ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:03]
* jonvaage has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [21:04]
* statdude has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [21:04]
* [1]statdude is now known as statdude [21:04]
* JonathanVaage has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [21:10]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 38600 @ 0.00080775 = 31.1792 BTC [-] {3} [21:12]
* jonvaage ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:12]
* IlllIIllIIlIIlll has quit (Quit: Page closed) [21:18]
* davidynamic (~davidynam@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:19]
* CheckDavid (uid14990@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:23]
thestringpuller nanotube: is there a way to directly query for web of trust data and have it returned in some kinda serial format? [21:29]
* indiancandy1 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [21:30]
* indiancandy (50027b6b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:32]
* Naphex has quit (*.net *.split) [21:33]
Dekker3D !up indiancandy [21:33]
* assbot gives voice to indiancandy [21:33]
indiancandy == indiancandy1 Nick/channel is temporarily unavailable [21:33]
indiancandy ? [21:33]
* grahvity| ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:33]
Dekker3D I think that's a "ghost". [21:33]
pankkake the server thought you were still connected [21:33]
Dekker3D Yeah. [21:33]
indiancandy huh [21:34]
indiancandy i had 2 refresh [21:34]
Dekker3D Use /msg nickserv ghost indiancandy1 [21:34]
Dekker3D You'll probably need to include your password at the end. Be careful not to put it on here again :P [21:34]
indiancandy grrrrrrrrr [21:35]
Dekker3D Yeah, refreshing probably didn't give that instance a proper chance to log out. So it's still claimed. [21:35]
indiancandy this shit is stress [21:35]
Dekker3D You remember how you used /msg nickserv register to finally claim your nick, right? [21:35]
Dekker3D Use the ghost command in the same way [21:35]
indiancandy i 4got how 2 [21:35]
indiancandy find nickserver [21:35]
Dekker3D Well, use /query nickserv [21:36]
Dekker3D And it'll open a chat window directly to nickserv. [21:36]
Dekker3D That prevents you from accidently telling others your password [21:36]
FabianB no need to ghost, indiancandy1 already quit [21:37]
kakobrekla did you check the b82rez? [21:38]
moiety just release the nick and get it back [21:39]
mod6 ^ [21:41]
moiety the stuff to type is in our pm indiancandy :] [21:41]
moiety ihad to release my nick every 3 minutes whilst on mobile broad band [21:41]
* indiancandy has quit (Quit: Page closed) [21:41]
kakobrekla did you manage to get a bnc up? [21:42]
moiety having trouble getting my pi up and running. i cant get into the router settings [21:42]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16200 @ 0.0008092 = 13.109 BTC [+] [21:42]
moiety i've changed the dns and stuff but i still need to do the ports [21:42]
* Naphex ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:43]
* gives voice to Naphex [21:43]
kakobrekla is it not your router? [21:44]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [ROCK] 2500 @ 0.00079999 = 2 BTC [+] {2} [21:44]
* grahvity| has quit (Quit: grahvity|) [21:45]
mod6 <+mircea_popescu> lol what is this, abbot and costello ? << haha [21:47]
moiety kakobrekla: no its just plugged into the router [21:47]
mod6 <+mircea_popescu> i think most everyone here loves python and loathes perl << almost :P [21:47]
moiety old ISP router you just went to your home ip address and everything was there to change [21:48]
mircea_popescu mod6 i put that there for you :D [21:48]
mod6 :] [21:48]
mod6 <+dignork> re: ATC, somebody has a live node? dns boostrap doesn't work << I'm asking about this in #altcoin [21:50]
mircea_popescu i thought you were running one [21:50]
kakobrekla hm i always get nodes when i fire it up occasionally [21:51]
mod6 im not running a node that's listed up there, but my local wallet is up. [21:51]
kakobrekla you are prolly on the wrong side of tech wot. [21:51]
mircea_popescu so argentina won i take it ? [21:51]
* atian (~atian@unaffiliated/atian) has left #bitcoin-assets [21:53]
moiety i have to go out for a wee while, see yous later :] have a nice night! [21:56]
penguirker New blog post: [21:56]
mircea_popescu ^ someone put that on reddit pls ? [21:56]
mircea_popescu preferably from a throwaway acct lol [21:57]
moiety i put the other one on a new trilema acct, that do? [21:57]
mircea_popescu sure [21:58]
* smidge has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [21:58]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 43 @ 0.040001 = 1.72 BTC [-] [22:00]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 29 @ 0.04001368 = 1.1604 BTC [+] {2} [22:02]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20350 @ 0.0008092 = 16.4672 BTC [+] [22:03]
* assbot gives voice to Namworld [22:04]
Namworld I knew I shouldn't have invested more than I could afford to lose. That's why I put my savings and took a small loan to buy 900 BTC for 7000 USD back then. It was all I got, but Bitcoin looked great and I didn't mind losing it all and knew I could actually afford it. Being young, it wasn't the end of the world if I lost it. Not like I couldn't earn it back quickly. [22:04]
Namworld Well in Canada and most western countries anyway, it's not too much. Just a minor setback. [22:05]
mircea_popescu so did it work out ? [22:05]
Namworld I'd say so. [22:05]
moiety shall i keep this to r/dogecoin? [22:05]
mircea_popescu sure [22:05]
mircea_popescu Namworld :p [22:06]
moiety << upvotes any reddit peoples please! [22:07]
assbot Ah sweet sweet delicious communitard tears : dogecoin [22:07]
moiety kk really away for reals this time, i'll check that when im out [22:07]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22298 @ 0.00080682 = 17.9905 BTC [-] {2} [22:08]
* moiety has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [22:08]
mircea_popescu o lol cool. [22:08]
mircea_popescu haha they beleeted it ? [22:13]
mircea_popescu a well. [22:13]
Namworld To an extent that I made a few mistakes along the way, still turned out okay. [22:17]
* RagnarsBitch ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:19]
* davidynamic has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:20]
* davidynamic (~davidynam@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:21]
* davidynamic is now known as Guest47804 [22:21]
Namworld Mostly boils down to underestimating the speed of growth by an order of magnitude I guess. [22:36]
* samO_ (4d2ec667@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:37]
* samO has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [22:40]
* Guest47804 (~davidynam@ has left #bitcoin-assets [22:53]
* Guest47804 (~davidynam@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:53]
* Guest47804 has quit (Quit: Leaving) [22:53]
* Guest47804 (~davidynam@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:54]
* Guest47804 has quit (Client Quit) [22:54]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13274 @ 0.00081021 = 10.7547 BTC [+] {2} [23:02]
mircea_popescu [23:06]
assbot Peru: 150 Mummies of Ancient Unknown Civilisation Discovered in Atacama Desert [PHOTOS] [23:06]
* SuchWow is now known as RUSerious [23:07]
* RUSerious is now known as SuchWow [23:08]
mircea_popescu !up SuchWow [23:12]
-assbot- You voiced SuchWow for 30 minutes. [23:12]
* assbot gives voice to SuchWow [23:12]
mod6 last specimen is interesting there [23:12]
Namworld I think it was common in certain areas... people altering the shape of their skulls. Althoug I donn't remember much on the topic. [23:15]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 37900 @ 0.00081389 = 30.8464 BTC [+] {3} [23:15]
Namworld Quite alike any other sort of willful body distortions. [23:19]
Namworld [23:19]
assbot File: dformation toulousaine MHNT.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [23:19]
Namworld [23:19]
assbot File:Kane Caw Wacham.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [23:20]
Namworld It's less odd looking when people are still alive. Even if peculiar. [23:20]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 47 @ 0.04148967 = 1.95 BTC [+] {5} [23:27]
kakobrekla this is lul [23:27]
assbot Coinbase - Becoming more Paypal-esk every day? [23:27]
punkman [23:28]
assbot Move Over Kickstarter, Crypto-Equity Is the Next Frontier [23:28]
mircea_popescu "I was wearing dress pants and flip flops. " [23:29]
* smidge ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:29]
mircea_popescu it had me at that. [23:29]
punkman o she's in b.a. [23:29]
mircea_popescu punkman yeah totally. like this : [23:29]
mircea_popescu that's the next frontier. of lulz. [23:30]
punkman "Belén Marty is a journalist and freedom fighter based in Buenos Aires, Argentina." lol [23:30]
mircea_popescu oic. [23:31]
mircea_popescu well, there's what, 12mn people here. gotta be some clueless dweebs among them. [23:31]
Namworld I use localbitcoins. Because it is correctly implemented for such transactions. You prefund your transaction such that BTC is already there. The buyer has a secret code to keep to himself. Once you have the money, you can text/release funds from web at which point you receive the buyer's secret code, which you can show him as confirmation that the funds were released. [23:32]
mircea_popescu weird edge case anyway. generally you deal with poeople you know and trust. [23:34]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:34]
Namworld It's how an escrow 3rd party should work. [23:34]
Namworld Hmm, I never deal with people I know and trust when selling Bitcoins, for I know none buying Bitcoins. [23:35]
* AndrewJackson has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [23:37]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 64050 @ 0.00081503 = 52.2027 BTC [+] {4} [23:38]
jurov same here...people want to buy when i don't sell and when i sell, noone wants [23:38]
* belcher ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:38]
* assbot gives voice to nubbins` [23:38]
* belcher has quit (Changing host) [23:38]
* belcher (~belcher-s@unaffiliated/belcher) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:38]
jurov so i just wash it through b-c [23:38]
nubbins` women are mentally ill, and will not allow them watch it if it's bloody. <<< half the women i know are into UFC [23:39]
Namworld I don't have any relatives buying, so it's always strangers [23:39]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 20 @ 0.04 = 0.8 BTC [-] {2} [23:39]
kakobrekla you guys heard of otc? [23:39]
* AndrewJackson ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:40]
* jenevievestar (48ab107d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:40]
jurov kakobrekla: i did use otc, several times.. but hunting these ppl around is inconvenient [23:40]
mircea_popescu nubbins` i guess you're not in the demo ? [23:41]
kakobrekla jurov [23:41]
nubbins` the demo... [23:41]
jurov and if you can get better price on otc than on b-c, be my agent [23:41]
mircea_popescu i like the guy's spirity [23:41]
mircea_popescu nubbins` demo[graphic] [23:41]
nubbins` ah [23:42]
nubbins` guess not! [23:42]
Dekker3D What is b-c exactly? [23:42]
jurov ;;ticker --merket bitcoin-central --currency eur [23:42]
gribble (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg|--vol] [--currency XXX] [--market |all]) -- Return pretty-printed ticker. Default market is Bitstamp. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure the code (1 more message) [23:42]
kakobrekla BuCkake [23:42]
nubbins` tbh i can't imagine a hockey fan letting anyone get in the way of a game [23:42]
Dekker3D Ah. [23:42]
Dekker3D Thanks [23:42]
nubbins` they're all a bit touched [23:42]
* assbot removes voice from SuchWow [23:42]
jurov ;;ticker --market bitcoin-central --currency eur [23:42]
gribble Bitcoin-Central BTCEUR ticker | Best bid: 462.98, Best ask: 463.0, Bid-ask spread: 0.02000, Last trade: 462.98, 24 hour volume: 23.18098842, 24 hour low: 455.0, 24 hour high: 464.9, 24 hour vwap: 459.24265873 [23:42]
jurov ^case in point (about the price) [23:43]
* bitstein has quit (Quit: Page closed) [23:43]
kakobrekla uh [23:43]
kakobrekla dude, one day its 200 the other 1500, and you care for 10bux? [23:43]
jurov that's just the cherry on the top [23:43]
kakobrekla also is there 6k depth on bc? [23:43]
jurov when i'll sell 6k, i [23:44]
jurov ll call you. promise. [23:44]
kakobrekla do whatever you want, just aking. [23:44]
kakobrekla asking [23:44]
* jenevievestar has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [23:44]
* JonathanVaage ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:44]
* jonvaage has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [23:45]
* hottblonde4u (48ab107d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:45]
kakobrekla how do you simulate selling into the market with the bot again? [23:46]
kakobrekla ;;sell something [23:46]
gribble Error: 'something' is not a valid positive floating point number. [23:46]
kakobrekla ;;sell 10 [23:46]
gribble (sell [at|@] []) -- Logs a sell order for units of per unit, in units of . Use the optional field to put in any special notes. may include an arithmetical expression, and {(mtgox|bitstamp)(ask|bid|last|high|low|avg)} to index price to mtgox ask, bid, last, high, low, (1 more message) [23:46]
kakobrekla no thats not it [23:46]
jurov ;;market sell 10 [23:46]
gribble Bitstamp | A market order to sell 10 bitcoins right now would net 6262.5626 USD and would take the last price down to 626.0000 USD, resulting in an average price of 626.2563 USD/BTC. | Data vintage: 0.0314 seconds [23:46]
kakobrekla ;;asks 10 [23:46]
gribble Bitstamp | There are currently 0 bitcoins offered at or under 10.0 USD, worth 0.0 USD in total. | Data vintage: 3.0083 seconds [23:46]
jurov ;;market sell 10 --merket bitcoin-central [23:46]
gribble (market sell [--fiat] [--market ] [--currency XXX] ) -- Calculate the effect on the market depth of a market sell order of bitcoins. If is provided, uses that exchange. Default is Bitstamp. If --currency XXX is provided, converts to that fiat currency. Default is USD. If '--fiat' option is given, denotes the size of the order in fiat. [23:46]
nubbins` merket chains [23:47]
jurov ;;market sell --merket bitcoin-central 10 [23:47]
gribble (market sell [--fiat] [--market ] [--currency XXX] ) -- Calculate the effect on the market depth of a market sell order of bitcoins. If is provided, uses that exchange. Default is Bitstamp. If --currency XXX is provided, converts to that fiat currency. Default is USD. If '--fiat' option is given, denotes the size of the order in fiat. [23:47]
jurov ;;market sell --market bitcoin-central 10 [23:47]
gribble Bitcoin-Central | A market order to sell 10 bitcoins right now would net 6145.8198 USD and would take the last price down to 611.7300 USD, resulting in an average price of 614.5820 USD/BTC. | Data vintage: 0.0310 seconds [23:47]
* diatonic (~diatonic@unaffiliated/diatonic) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:47]
* hottblonde4u has quit (Client Quit) [23:47]
nubbins` ;;merkel cell [23:47]
gribble Error: "merkel" is not a valid command. [23:47]
kakobrekla 4.5k [23:48]
kakobrekla sturles beats it. [23:48]
* smidge has quit (Quit: sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck...) [23:49]
jurov this is just spot price , pretty meaningless [23:49]
kakobrekla is it not from the book? [23:49]
* jenevievestar (48ab107d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:49]
jurov 3wk ago i put sell order on 494 eur ... and 2wk ago it got hit [23:49]
jurov how would you do this on otc? [23:49]
kakobrekla mr s. can do these things for me [23:50]
jurov okay i'll try [23:51]
jurov but still, iirc bitstamp was nowhere near 494 in that week [23:52]
kakobrekla ah [23:52]
kakobrekla well low liquidity goes both ways :) [23:52]
jurov or maybe french govt has dark orderbook with davout [23:53]
jurov noir carnet de commandes :DDD [23:56]
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