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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
brg444 do they really...? i'm often curious if it is not "subsidized" [00:00]
BingoBoingo It maybe. [00:03]
asciilifeform ;;later tell mod6 ~Kelvin~ versioning [00:03]
gribble The operation succeeded. [00:03]
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mod6 thx asciilifeform, i knew that didn't look right. [00:22]
mod6 :} [00:23]
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BingoBoingo [00:29]
assbot I Like Tiny Houses But I'm Not Tiny, What Do I Do? ... ( ) [00:29]
BingoBoingo [00:30]
assbot Legal Loophole Offers Volkswagen Criminal Immunity - Slashdot ... ( ) [00:30]
BingoBoingo ^ Looks like MP is right [00:30]
cazalla deedbot- [00:31]
assbot ... ( ) [00:31]
deedbot- accepted: 1 [00:31]
deedbot- [Qntra] Qntra (S.QNTR) September 2015 Statement - [00:31]
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BingoBoingo !up tripleslash [00:41]
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tripleslash hi kids [00:45]
BingoBoingo Hai [00:45]
tripleslash I should change my wot nick so I can auth [00:45]
BingoBoingo Mebbe [00:46]
BingoBoingo [00:47]
assbot Log In - The New York Times ... ( ) [00:47]
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ag3nt_zer0 hello out there.... [01:13]
ag3nt_zer0 [01:13]
assbot Triple Your Internet Speed for Free - YouTube ... ( ) [01:13]
cazalla meh, that kid is just copying some old video that did that shit a decade or longer ago [01:16]
cazalla here ya go ag3nt_zer0, the original [01:16]
assbot How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal - YouTube ... ( ) [01:16]
ag3nt_zer0 hehe over 2 million views [01:17]
ag3nt_zer0 thanks for the original hah [01:17]
mats [01:30]
assbot ... ( ) [01:30]
BingoBoingo Nice mats [01:39]
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cazalla aussie receipt! [01:45]
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deedbot- [Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski » Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski] In which Volkswagen takes aim at the insanity of statal overbearing. - [03:18]
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BingoBoingo ;;later tell pete_dushenski I got a comment in your que [03:33]
gribble The operation succeeded. [03:33]
BingoBoingo And holy shit, Marco Rubio has passed Jed Bush as BitBet's favored candidate for the Repube'ican nomination through nothing but "No" votes to Jeb [03:36]
cazalla none of them cunts can be the trump cause he be trumpin' [03:36]
cazalla beat even [03:37]
BingoBoingo Trumps has said he's been running for president since the 1990's. Everytime he's quit when the polls first put him behind. Trump is a serial quitter, gotta be with multiple bankruptcy's [03:37]
cazalla he'll fit right in there [03:39]
cazalla then [03:39]
BingoBoingo Trump's also Hilary's BFF [03:39]
punkman [03:41]
punkman "Got an idea that could improve cyber security? Submit your idea here for a chance to win £10,000" << I got one but I don't think it's gonna win. BURN IT ALL DOWN [03:45]
assbot Bad Request ... ( ) [03:45]
mats [03:45]
assbot Afghan forces say retake Kunduz, Taliban say battle ongoing [03:45]
cazalla BingoBoingo, aren't they all best buddies? [03:45]
mircea_popescu lordy this "idea" circus. [03:46]
BingoBoingo Some actually hate the rest of the crowd, like Rubio. He is better because everyone keeps calling him the spic even though Cruz is a spic too, but he's light/ [03:47]
mircea_popescu "how to make idiots preoccupied with our thing ? they no longer go for free giveaways" "ask to pay for their ideas" [03:47]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform i think nobody asked us, as of yet. [03:47]
BingoBoingo And Bernie Sanders is just on a field trip from the "Memory Care" home (because Old Folks Home isn't PC) [03:48]
mircea_popescu people are SO FUCKING WEIRD [03:52]
assbot Sa ne jucam de-a investitiile-n bitcoini. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [03:52]
BingoBoingo lol, prolly huffed too much ether [03:52]
mircea_popescu << isn't she fucking great ? [03:54]
assbot SexySexNSuch Take II • Made a gifset of mermaids-on-molly ;) Go check... ... ( ) [03:54]
cazalla or that's the page that was displayed when he/she visited and figuring a comment field was available, took a turd there? [03:54]
mircea_popescu attitude! it's all in the attitude! [03:54]
mircea_popescu cazalla no, because trilema random rotation no longer displays romanian articles. [03:54]
cazalla ah that's right [03:55]
mircea_popescu for about a year or so now. so that thing could never have popped out by just going to root. and i doubt he could have had a google string that led to it, seeing how you know, my romanian is like triplesec. [03:55]
cazalla if memory serves, it was me that complained about that scam [03:56]
mircea_popescu which ? [03:56]
cazalla buy 10k credits, get 9,999 romanian articles upon loading [03:57]
mircea_popescu ah. you did yeah but actually lots of other ppl did too. eventually i was like... lazy won't solvethis one. [03:57]
BingoBoingo cazalla no, because trilema random rotation no longer displays romanian articles. << This was the exact moment that lead me to stop trying to get better at Romanian [03:58]
mircea_popescu ahaha [03:58]
mircea_popescu that's ok, a man your age can survive without fucking hotties just as well. [03:58]
BingoBoingo ah. you did yeah but actually lots of other ppl did too. eventually i was like... lazy won't solvethis one. << /me pretty sure he suggested letting the number of English articles catch up as a solution [03:58]
mircea_popescu yeah but the bitch is, i'm all stately and portentuous nao. back in romania i used to write about any old random shit nine times a day. [03:59]
mircea_popescu now i do that here. [03:59]
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BingoBoingo You still do movie reviews and random bitchings about Argentina on the Blawg [03:59]
mircea_popescu i think #b-a eats at least a dozen buds that'd have been trilema articles. but i just vent here and thassat. [03:59]
mircea_popescu well yeah, cuz longer and less... aggitated. [04:00]
BingoBoingo And lets not forget that mess that will occur when you move the blog to either Mandarin or Khoisan 'click 'click language [04:00]
mircea_popescu i suppose kakobrekla actually made microblogging poison just for me! i see them in the log, miniarticles, good enough. [04:00]
mircea_popescu lol khoisan. [04:01]
mircea_popescu but yes, some sort of classical chinese is not even impossible for the future. especially if i can get good at it by being lazy. [04:01]
mircea_popescu imagine, chinese without diacritics! [04:01]
BingoBoingo lol [04:01]
mircea_popescu "you are supposed to know what little dots go where!!1" [04:02]
mircea_popescu FROM THE CONTEXT!11 [04:02]
BingoBoingo The English could have benefited from diacritics, but now it is too late [04:03]
mircea_popescu midnightmagic for my curiosity, was sedition ever been successfully prosecuted in canada? it'd appear it actually helped rather than hindered that houde character, and that was back in the murky days of ww2. [04:04]
mircea_popescu << is this supposed to be some sort of wot vaccine or something ? [04:05]
cazalla fixed [04:05]
assbot Logged on 30-09-2015 21:36:04; phf: [04:05]
assbot ... ( ) [04:05]
mircea_popescu bwahahah [04:05]
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BingoBoingo << is this supposed to be some sort of wot vaccine or something ? << Nah it is more like linked in for the Food service se [04:06]
assbot Logged on 30-09-2015 21:36:04; phf: [04:06]
BingoBoingo t [04:06]
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mircea_popescu << finally, the true vocation of the von neumann machine is exposed! SIGNAL PROCESSING BEOTCH!11 [04:07]
assbot Logged on 30-09-2015 21:48:16; trinque: it seems that ply parsers are one-shot, or I've missed something. So far my observation is that if you call parse successively on the same parser object, it misbehaves [04:07]
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mircea_popescu "We can only take so much mediocrity, Gary." [04:08]
mircea_popescu ahahahaha o lawd have mewcyes! [04:08]
mircea_popescu WE can only take so much mediocrity ? andwhere are they taking it to ? [04:08]
mircea_popescu clearly they got a full load, there's no disputing that. but where are they going with it ? [04:09]
* assbot gives voice to midnightmagic [04:09]
BingoBoingo ahahahaha o lawd have mewcyes! << Is that a Carolina accent? [04:09]
mircea_popescu i'm workin on it. [04:09]
mircea_popescu << actually that's pretty cool. [04:11]
assbot Logged on 30-09-2015 22:32:33; mats: skywing (ken johnson, guy that patented 'aslr') reversed the login protocol, and i used his documentation to write a chat client so i didn't have to keep starcraft open to maintain ops in a channel [04:11]
midnightmagic mircea_popescu: The Fils de Liberte were likely guilty of it. I don't know if they were actually charged. Yes, a pile of people have been charged, and convicted, of sedition in Canada. Interesting semi-related factoid. de Gaulle when he gave his famous (in Canada) speech "vive le Quebec! vive le Quebec LIBRE!" and the camera cuts to uproariously jubilant crowd, that's an edit by a separatiste [04:12]
midnightmagic who was in control of the footage. In reality, it was dead silent. The crowd was shocked. The fellow you're describing (presumably because he's the only uncited reference in Wikipedia) would not at all be surprising to me. At that time, Quebecois anti-Canada sentiment was *extremely radicalized*. [04:12]
BingoBoingo Eve online would have been vastly improved with Ops wars for system channe;s [04:12]
mircea_popescu midnightmagic names from that pile ? [04:13]
mircea_popescu (not sure how one'd go about verifyingthat bit of historical revisionism re de gaulle's visit, but then again...( [04:14]
midnightmagic sure. I'll give two at least just on cursory examination: Oscar Felton in Alberta. There was some commentary about the Lusitania in R v. Trainor. [04:14]
mats BingoBoingo: 'clan wars' were a popular thing for a long time on [04:15]
midnightmagic It's not revisionism: historical documents and eyewitnesses were pretty clear on it. Additionally, the footage doesn't match. [04:15]
mats folks would pwn kids with backdoors chat clients [04:15]
mircea_popescu a ok, maybe im just unfamiliar with the thing then. to me it's a you know, "point of history". [04:15]
BingoBoingo Interesting mats [04:15]
mats and then use their product cdkeys and proxies to operate flood bots [04:15]
mats filling enemy clan channels to the user limit and spamming the channel [04:16]
BingoBoingo Absolute worst part of Eve online though was the space 5-0 cramping everyone's style [04:16]
mats backdoored* [04:16]
midnightmagic I'm sorry, I'm mixing up groups. Not Fils de Liberte. I meant le Front de Liberation de Quebec. [04:17]
mircea_popescu midnightmagic no but these are british ridiculousnesses from ww2. i mean an example from your actual lifetime. [04:17]
BingoBoingo I mean seriously what fun is a space sim, when you play a space negro and space Darren wilson is always cramping your style [04:18]
mircea_popescu otherwise sure, canadian officers used to convict local women to being raped to death or whatever 1720 nonsense. [04:18]
midnightmagic Oh. Okay. That might take a while longer. History texts usually don't include the last few decades. [04:18]
midnightmagic RCMP currently (as recently as a few years ago) would take drunk people out in the dead of winter and leave them on the side of the road to freeze to death. [04:19]
mircea_popescu the last five decades, even! [04:19]
midnightmagic :-) FLQ is 1970s [04:19]
mircea_popescu wasn't that a fucking paramilitary group ? [04:19]
mircea_popescu as in, what the usians know as "terrorists" ? [04:19]
mircea_popescu (in the eyes of the soviet union, no less.) [04:20]
midnightmagic Yes, and explcitly-named anti-terrorist units were created and employed to erode it and dissolve its public support. [04:20]
midnightmagic But their *intent* was insurrection and sedition, if one accepts as premise that Quebec's separation from Canada by force of arms is seditionist to begin with. [04:21]
mircea_popescu well unless you're also stockpiling tanks and depth charges on the quiet, i fail to see how any of this can in any manner no matter how creatively constructive be of any interest to you. yes, rather obviously if you start shooting people and blowing up things you'd better succeed because else you'll be put in prison. [04:22]
midnightmagic Interest to me, personally? [04:24]
mircea_popescu << believe it or not that actually made me send someone to read through canadian precedent and report. [04:24]
assbot Logged on 31-01-2015 02:02:19; midnightmagic: dude. seriously plotting or fomenting the physical murder of the USG is sedition, insurrection, and various related crimes and there's no fucking way I'm interested in being associated with it just because I'm lurking in here. [04:24]
mircea_popescu because who the fuck knows just how weird things are. [04:25]
midnightmagic Ah. That was a statement I *would* use to deny seditionist conspiracy charges because I don't want to leave here, but would direly hate to find some enterprising law enforcement investigator pinning a false narrative on me because by not speaking, it could be argued I am tacitly agreeing and/or sympathetic to it, which would in my view be enough to pin conspiracy on me. [04:26]
cazalla seeing you're one of few to mention such fears, i think you are planning something midnightmagic [04:27]
mircea_popescu lol poor guy. [04:27]
midnightmagic lol [04:27]
mircea_popescu i just think he's the introvert thinker type that never actually spent much time interacting with actual courts. [04:27]
midnightmagic It is not a fear. I'm not afraid of bashing such nonsense straight out of court, personally. But since when has that stopped anyone from trying to earn their paycheque? As is well-known, the FBI appears to be responsible for most of the terror plots it claims it foiled. [04:28]
mircea_popescu yeah. and as we all know, asking a cop if he's a cop obliges him to confess or else it's entrapment! [04:29]
midnightmagic Also, it's not true that I've not interacted with courts. I've been interacting with courts, and making precedent, for decades. [04:29]
midnightmagic Well. Helping. [04:29]
mircea_popescu "your honor, i direct your attention to page 792,paragraph H of tome 9 of the conspiracy to overthrow the world over! as you can clearly see, it says right there i disagree with things and stuff." [04:29]
mircea_popescu "o right. case dismiss. mr crown agent how can you be this fucking careless, i'll have to see you in my chambers robe!" [04:30]
mircea_popescu midnightmagic a, really ? anything good ? [04:30]
midnightmagic Completely boring contract law. We did end up destroying a multi-million dollar railroad company. That was nice. [04:31]
mircea_popescu eh, due to the complete lack of inflation the past few decades, a multi-million dollar railroad car. [04:32]
mircea_popescu [you have things such as] [04:32]
midnightmagic The contract they were trying to sue us under was held invalid by the British Columbia Court of Appeals because they didn't have the right to lease the premises of an unabandoned railway depot for other purposes. [04:32]
mircea_popescu o.O [04:33]
mircea_popescu ehehehe cool. [04:33]
mircea_popescu << heh. [04:34]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 00:12:11; Naphex: oh Hearn got banned from #b-dev [04:34]
midnightmagic And unfortunately, once you get the attention of an educated couple of families with nothing better to do with its time in the far north than make a hobby out of reading lawbooks, it didn't stop with the court case. [04:35]
midnightmagic (Unfortunately for us, I mean. It was a horrible waste of time, regardless of the appearance of winning. Over. And over.) [04:35]
mircea_popescu aha. [04:35]
mircea_popescu which strangely goes with what i was going to say, [04:35]
mircea_popescu << the problem is that the fate of all disused muscle is to turn into fat. that's how the body is designed, just like pasture turns to suburbia. [04:36]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 00:20:59; phf: in philly i know a handful of "linebacker in college", who got "just a little bit out of shape", i.e. where former muscle if there was ever any all got turned into fat. that's people who are, when drunk, prone to challenging each other and me when i'm there to various acts of physical fitness, usually to fail miserably. [04:36]
mircea_popescu so you're very well advised to think long and hard before tricking your body into building muscles. will i actually use these forever ? [04:36]
mircea_popescu because if you aren't going to actually use these forever, shut up and sit down. [04:37]
cazalla so i guess all these ham planets were bigger than ronnie coleman at some point or what? [04:38]
mircea_popescu ah, implication works one way. mississippi ends up in the ocean, not all ocean came from mississippi. [04:39]
mircea_popescu to stick to planetary size. [04:39]
cazalla muscle turns to fat is right in line with women don't wanna lift because they'll get too big, least is my experience hearing similar stories from people [04:39]
cazalla ya got fat cause ya ate too much and sat too much, not cause ate too much and lift too much, everybody wanna be big, nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight [04:40]
cazalla beefcake! [04:40]
mircea_popescu i actually don't let teh womenz lift lest they get too big. [04:41]
* kyrre (sid66694@gateway/web/ has left #bitcoin-assets [04:41]
mircea_popescu you sayin' bollocks to that ?!?!?! [04:41]
cazalla unless they're eating dianabols for breaky, how is that gunna happen though? [04:41]
mircea_popescu i like woman thighs. i dun like lifter thigs and i sure as hell dun wanna fuck any lifter thighs. [04:42]
cazalla yeah, but that takes years of dedication, even more for a woman, even more for a woman not juicing [04:42]
cazalla or is simply the case that she might hit back harder? :P [04:43]
mircea_popescu oh, no, they can all kick better than i can lol. [04:43]
mircea_popescu but you have a point, it's not like, two weeks!!1 sorta thing. and im not very hardline about it either. [04:44]
mircea_popescu (pisses them the shit off, the "even more for a woman" part. i got some reasonable biceps, nothing athletic, just, healthy male human sort of thing. and well... woman can't get it. six months later, gained 1/4 inch, i never work out, cue the ragenvy) [04:45]
cazalla sleep, lift, eat a whole chicken, sleep, lift, eat a whole chicken.. even for a guy it gets old, women at zero risk of being beefcaked from lifting, never saw a woman in the gym i ever thought needed to stop squatting [04:48]
BingoBoingo Squats are the women's lift. Builds dat ass [04:48]
mircea_popescu ^ [04:48]
cazalla still, would recommend functional strength over gym for gym sake [04:49]
cazalla fucked shoulder, fucked knee, fucked neck, fucked back [04:49]
cazalla and not like i ever got in there trying to swing as much weight up as possible using momentum etc [04:50]
mircea_popescu aha [04:50]
* tych0 has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.2) [04:50]
mircea_popescu competitive spirit is strangely disadvantageous for sportive lifestyle. [04:50]
BingoBoingo ^ [04:50]
cazalla dem nigger jail work outs would've been better in hindsight.. own weight [04:51]
mircea_popescu aha. [04:51]
* mircea_popescu is a fan. minimalism ever so rarely fails. [04:51]
BingoBoingo Best examples I can think of for that come from baseball. No single movement is too strenuous, but the elite players all get crippling over use injuries that will knock them out of the game for a year at a time [04:51]
BingoBoingo dem nigger jail work outs would've been better in hindsight.. own weight << Best to practice moving one's own bodyweight. Gotta be selfish like that. [04:52]
mircea_popescu cazalla besides, i thought it was cans of tuna. [04:54]
* diana_coman has quit (Quit: Leaving) [04:54]
BingoBoingo The crossfit/Rhabdo thing is the perfect warning for taking even "functional" movements too far [04:55]
mircea_popescu anywya, to get back to the original thing. there are two components to being a hamplanet. one is the heavy calorie intake in a very poorly balance diet. lacking sufficient long tail nutrients, the body finds itself stuck and unable to handle the food intake, much like a builder that gets fifty barges of bricks but no mortar, no rebar, no nothing can't really make houses, just brickpiles. [04:58]
mircea_popescu the OTHER however, and in the us population without exception the more important, is toxin load. the body has two approaches to dealing with toxins : excretion and fat burial. [04:58]
BingoBoingo The crossfit thing is a cult where they celebrate initiates puking in the gym like college freshmen at a frat party and exalt the old hands working their muscles until the break down to the point of killing their kidneys [04:58]
mircea_popescu the excretion happens through skin, urine etc. but in all these avenues it is fixed and limited. [04:59]
mircea_popescu for many toxins it is limited to truly tiny amounts. [04:59]
mircea_popescu meanwhile the intake is not limited by anythning but the size of the throat and one's patience to keep shoving things down it. [04:59]
mircea_popescu since fat burial is not in the same sense limited, people get what's known as "unloseable weight". [04:59]
mircea_popescu the reason that fat doesn't go away is that the liver knows what's in it, and doesn't feel itself equal to the task of opening that nuclear casket. [05:00]
BingoBoingo The hamplanet problem isn't helped by calorie depots offering scooty puffs so a planet need only walk from their car into the store, to restock on calories [05:00]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo i srslyhave yet to see a problem that can be fixed by authoritarian approach in people other than children and slaves. [05:01]
mircea_popescu if their brain forces them to worship you, like child brain does, or if they willingly worship you, like slave does, then yes you can order them into anything. [05:01]
BingoBoingo Oh authoritarianism doesn' help this. [05:01]
mircea_popescu but not giving scooters to fat people won't help them be less fat. [05:01]
* BingoBoingo not so sure. I mean the offering of the scooters was an incentive. [05:02]
mircea_popescu hardly. [05:03]
mircea_popescu thisentire incentive thing... [05:03]
assbot Logged on 22-09-2015 22:07:44; mircea_popescu: "really ? make them sit on a pineapple." [05:03]
BingoBoingo You'd be surprised the way Americattle latch onto incentives [05:04]
BingoBoingo ;;google credit card interest deduction [05:04]
gribble Can I Write Off Credit Card Interest on My Taxes? - TurboTax Tax ...: ; Is Interest on Credit Cards Tax Deductible? - TurboTax Tax Tips ...: [05:04]
BingoBoingo ^ Used to be a thing [05:04]
mircea_popescu mebbe. [05:04]
BingoBoingo Ended in 1988, huge amount of bitching because people would spend so much on credit for the deduction. [05:05]
mircea_popescu anyway, what i was going to say : the being active thing helps, in people with sane problems, in no large part because it exercises the glucide -> protein pathways. [05:05]
mircea_popescu but a) those are limited ; b) muscular activity doesn't magically turn oxalate-whatever into glucose and water ; c) in plenty of cases the fixed requirements of muscles actually further deplete already depleted stores of various nutrients. [05:06]
mircea_popescu which is the biological reason why fat people are uninclined to be active. [05:06]
cazalla mircea_popescu, nah, local supermarket use to do roast chickens for $2 at the end of the day [05:06]
mircea_popescu just like the woman with a cunt infection is "uninclined to be sexy". [05:06]
mircea_popescu this is no excuse, of course, you gotta restock and insist. but people who dunno this dunno what they need to do, either. [05:07]
mircea_popescu how many "lifechanging diets" actually work ? and how many actually go "vitamins and micronutrients, and some reasonable exercise" ? and what's the overlap between these two classes ? [05:08]
BingoBoingo Well, then past BMI 45 when you get into super morbid obesity, or death fat territory you get skeletal distortion [05:08]
mircea_popescu "oh, our new fad diet is to only eat old car seats!!1 IT WORKS!!1". yeah, in the 1.7% of the population whose sticking point at that time happened to be a lack of X, which X is abundant in used car seats, it "helps", until the metabolism gets wedged into something else. [05:09]
mircea_popescu at which point other fad "helps" and so on. [05:09]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo you familiar with the fact that if one is starved for long enough, eventually one appears alive and can move but WILL die of starvation and can't eat ? [05:10]
BingoBoingo Sure [05:10]
mircea_popescu because the protein construction machines are made of proteins, and those proteins have been digested. [05:10]
mircea_popescu well. same thing with fat : after bmi 40ish or so it is rather impossible for the body to recover on its own. [05:10]
BingoBoingo It's the opposite of how in cancer the problem is the cancer is in every way healthier than the surrounding tissue [05:11]
mircea_popescu pretty much. [05:11]
BingoBoingo That and the normal stomach has so many folds that it can stretch and grow to accomodate several basketballs of volume in the galaxy sized and in unfortunate bezoar cases [05:13]
punkman < [05:13]
assbot If You Think Health Insurance Increases Are Personal Only... in [Market-Ticker] ... ( ) [05:13]
assbot Congressman: Expand Health Care to Undocumented ... ( ) [05:13]
BingoBoingo It's why the surgeries work so long as the patient give the nervous system time to sync to the corrected stomach size. [05:13]
mircea_popescu actually the problem of the morbidly obese is exactly like the problem of the society that spawned them. balooning debt, which is eagerly soaked up by unproductive/rent seeking parts ; however any cuts of income hit the productive parts first. [05:14]
mircea_popescu this situation is unbound and will result in failure. [05:14]
BingoBoingo There's always biodiesel [05:14]
BingoBoingo Preferable in a VW [05:14]
mircea_popescu lol [05:14]
BingoBoingo Sever morbid obesity has extreme cognitive costs. [05:15]
mircea_popescu but this is what informs my entire "male, female and fatstupid - three humangenders." [05:18]
BingoBoingo THe body can carry a hefty amount of surplus around without ill effect, but the brain is also largely supported by kinds of fatty tissue and responds poorly to the wrong kind of fat incursing. [05:19]
mircea_popescu it is in fact the case that after a certain limit they;re lost for humanity. [05:19]
BingoBoingo Third gender is properly called "mayogendered" [05:19]
mircea_popescu what was the eskimo for "old people headed for a walk on the ice sheet" ? [05:20]
BingoBoingo Aloha Snackbar? [05:20]
mircea_popescu lmao [05:20]
mircea_popescu ahahaha [05:20]
mircea_popescu anyway. or to get back to jamaica, there is zombie. but kindaoverused. [05:21]
BingoBoingo Ah [05:21]
* cazalla watching enter the dragon.. wondering how asians went from so cool that black people wanted to be bruce lee to being total betas [05:21]
BingoBoingo * cazalla watching enter the dragon.. wondering how asians went from so cool that black people wanted to be bruce lee to being total betas << Asians were always super beta, bruce lee was the rare exception [05:22]
cazalla thought i'd show my son but still abit too young at 20 months to be jumping aroind karating his mother [05:22]
BingoBoingo Yeah [05:22]
punkman cazalla: lol [05:22]
BingoBoingo Better to start him with Rambo's First Blood Part one, so he knows the consquences of being violent for the USG first [05:23]
cazalla BingoBoingo, already in the list of films for him to watch [05:23]
mircea_popescu cazalla you know i wonder about that too ?! [05:23]
mircea_popescu incredible fucking shift, the azn man is today approximately the gay man of 1950. [05:24]
BingoBoingo Worse, the gay man of 1950 could still rot [05:24]
BingoBoingo *riot [05:24]
mircea_popescu in the public imagination, it's this derp whom you'd be unkind to pick a fight with [05:24]
mircea_popescu for all the public exercises in verbal nonracism, one needs but examine how the asian man looks in english, since the coolie and laundry man of 1815 san francisco, to the waspy, evil conniving gook of the war to today's strange. [05:26]
BingoBoingo today's strange hairless, yet neckbearded eunuch [05:27]
mircea_popescu << more like a "let's save gavin by burning the mike asset to all hell" ploy. it's... well it's not gonna work, but hey, they gotta try because they gotta paycheck [05:27]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 01:34:28; btcdrak: looks like people are beginning to see past the veil... [05:27]
mircea_popescu (in case anyone's wondering why mp cannons have throughout and strictly been pointed on gavin - yes, this is why). [05:28]
BingoBoingo It's alright After they burn mike and gavin they'll go to Agent J [05:28]
BingoBoingo Or they burn agent J as the next Gavin fork crutch [05:28]
punkman BingoBoingo: who's J? [05:29]
BingoBoingo punkman: End in eff [05:29]
BingoBoingo Last name starts with the first letter in Gavin [05:29]
punkman interlude [05:29]
assbot A boy did nice things to my body, came all over my... - the quiet terror of being alive | whoreeecrux ... ( ) [05:29]
BingoBoingo Agent J has recently been intensifying his "move along" "Mike was right but an asshole" "let's do the change differently" deal [05:30]
BingoBoingo Has he even launched his scam satellites yet? [05:30]
mircea_popescu she does look cute. [05:30]
mircea_popescu in other news, [05:31]
assbot ... ( ) [05:31]
mircea_popescu the jeans and dress heels combo. this is what it's all about. [05:31]
BingoBoingo She obviously did her squats for that booty [05:32]
cazalla bit too skinny imo [05:32]
punkman [05:32]
assbot Packing the essentials - the quiet terror of being alive | whoreeecrux ... ( ) [05:32]
mircea_popescu << watch the guy die next week acciedentally and her sorry ass be nicole smith'd [05:32]
assbot ... ( ) [05:32]
mircea_popescu ahaha she;s one of THOSE eh punkman ? [05:33]
punkman "Really need to suck some dick right now. All I’ve thought about for days is cock. My body literally shakes when I think about it. Is this how addicts feel when they’re in withdrawal?" [05:33]
punkman there ya go cazalla [05:34]
mircea_popescu protein ? [05:34]
cazalla punkman, i'm in melbourne, she's from sydney [05:34]
cazalla probably would've driven the 10 hours at 18, but at 33, she is gonna have to drive here or i cbf [05:35]
btcdrak Maybe mike will feel better now folks are mining XT blocks again, a whopping 6 in 4 days! [05:36]
punkman cazalla: perhaps nota problem, [05:36]
assbot Cum on me in Melbourne - the quiet terror of being alive | whoreeecrux ... ( ) [05:36]
cazalla not my type anyway punkman [05:36]
mircea_popescu you had a type ? [05:37]
cazalla bitch has crusty ass lips, someone get her some lip balm [05:37]
cazalla mircea_popescu, doesn't everyone? [05:37]
mircea_popescu i've never before seen an adult wearing those retarded plastic "tattoo" things. [05:37]
mircea_popescu i thought it was strictly a thing for 15yo girls to laugh at. [05:37]
* diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:38]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Awfully common in the angloshpere [05:38]
mircea_popescu here's an idea for a tumblr : take a chick to random toliets, fuck her, polaroid a scene, leave it affixed to the wall with some email on it, publish the emails you get. [05:40]
mircea_popescu art project! [05:41]
punkman great idea [05:41]
cazalla as if the first person that happens across the photo is not gonna take it though [05:42]
cazalla and i won't even shit/piss in a public toilet let alone fuck [05:42]
mircea_popescu dude... if you think 9/10 people would even remotely touch something with sex in it that's in a publicrestroom... [05:42]
punkman I think they'd rather take a photo of the polaroid [05:42]
mircea_popescu wait... you won't... piss ?! as the anonymous guy said to the great tom green, "you should look into that. that could turn into a debilitating condition." [05:43]
mircea_popescu punkman defo. [05:43]
punkman well it does suck when there are puddles of piss all around the toilet [05:43]
mircea_popescu as proven by the fact that when i take a nude chick out, whether i fuck her or not, other dudes (the few who don't try to ignore) MIGHT try to photograph but sure as well won't try to fuck her too. [05:43]
BingoBoingo A true hero for the people, record holder for contempt of court incarceration [05:43]
assbot H. Beatty Chadwick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( ) [05:43]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo aha. landmark case for judge ruling us prison time lost its coercitive effect. [05:45]
mircea_popescu was a decade ago, too. [05:45]
cazalla punkman has it [05:45]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Best part in my digging is that people held in 'civil" or normal contempt of court don't have to be listed as inmates, and aren't on the federal level [05:45]
mircea_popescu <<< dude what the fuck is that stupid shit. [05:46]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 02:13:12; BingoBoingo: In other news, state of the art in American Fast Food innovation "priority" seating [05:46]
cazalla better to piss on a tree or something than some stale urine smelling piss wall [05:46]
mircea_popescu obesity is not to be sociallly tolerated, and sure as fuck not supported on tax money what the everloving fuck. [05:46]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: It is a bench people can sit on waiting in line at a fast food place. [05:46]
BingoBoingo Fron wikipedo: The United States Marshals Service is the agency component that first holds all federal prisoners. It uses the Prisoner Population Management System /Prisoner Tracking System. The only types of records that are disclosed as being in the system are those of "federal prisoners who are in custody pending criminal proceedings." The records of "alleged civil contempors" are not listed in the Federal Register as being in [05:47]
BingoBoingo the system leading to a potential claim for damages under The Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552a(e)(4)(I).[20] [05:47]
mircea_popescu cazalla sait pas q faire dinette signifie alors? [05:47]
cazalla you know i can't read that, least not without le google [05:48]
BingoBoingo obesity is not to be sociallly tolerated, and sure as fuck not supported on tax money what the everloving fuck. << Not on tax money. Private business is accomodating the Obesity. [05:48]
mircea_popescu ;;google faire dinette [05:48]
gribble Chair Fair: Visit our stores, over 300 stools and chairs on display!: ; Dodo Dinette, dodo dino, ma petite poulette, va faire dodo - YouTube: ; Faire des frites en feutrine pour une dînette - Fabriquer nourriture ...: [05:48]
punkman << is that like a tissue between her tits? [05:48]
mircea_popescu tsk. google you useless bastard. [05:48]
assbot ... ( ) [05:48]
mircea_popescu cazalla there. [05:48]
assbot Les soupeurs : sexe et urine, une tradition qui se perd | ... ( ) [05:48]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo i guess im not eating there then! [05:49]
mircea_popescu o wait... i wasn;t going to anyway ? mmkay, carry on! [05:49]
cazalla sounds like a lemon party [05:49]
BingoBoingo o wait... i wasn;t going to anyway ? mmkay, carry on! << You would be missing little [05:50]
mircea_popescu at it's core, it is the practice of leaving some bread in an urinal to be retrieved later. [05:50]
cazalla "..who find pleasure in eating food soaked in urine of others, including bread voluntarily abandoned in public urinals.." that is fucking filthy [05:50]
mircea_popescu lol [05:50]
mircea_popescu it's just pee! [05:50]
cazalla faggot bear grylls mode or something [05:51]
mircea_popescu you never use the missus to clean up rather than toilet paper after taking a piss ? [05:51]
cazalla i can't say i've ever had the idea [05:52]
mircea_popescu well thisis what bais for! libel, sedition and new ideas. [05:52]
mircea_popescu well... "new". [05:53]
mircea_popescu slighty preowned. [05:53]
cazalla quite content with the standard jizz on tits method [05:53]
mircea_popescu you're a burden to innovation in this space! [05:54]
mircea_popescu people in africa don't have any jizz, what do you say to that! [05:54]
cazalla why would i care one way or the other? [05:55]
cazalla gee do you even lift mircea_popescu ? [05:55]
mircea_popescu if this keeps up ima have to fork the pisschain. [05:55]
mircea_popescu pissxt! [05:55]
mircea_popescu cazalla if you read Manneken Pis' yellow paper more carefully, [05:55]
mircea_popescu you'd see he clearly says it's intended to be eventually drunk! [05:56]
BingoBoingo [05:56]
assbot ... ( ) [05:56]
* schmidty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:57]
* schmidty is now known as Guest51790 [05:58]
mircea_popescu eh bs, current democratic party freed no one, also didn't exist. [05:58]
mircea_popescu current republican party (democrat at the time) "freed" slaves, such as it were. [05:59]
davout mircea_popescu: francia es un pais rico de patrimonio gustativo [05:59]
mircea_popescu muy muy! [05:59]
mircea_popescu im tryin' to get the good word over to the aussies, they eat nothing but sheila and tarantula pate over there. [05:59]
cazalla mircea_popescu, ya know i was gonna say i'd melt that fucking thing down but.. wikipedia "The figure has been repeatedly stolen:" [05:59]
mircea_popescu why'd you melt it down ? [05:59]
cazalla no better than a fucking big mouth billy bass [06:00]
mircea_popescu well no, this one's quiet. [06:01]
davout vegemite... god forbid you confuse it for nutella [06:02]
* Guest51790 has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [06:02]
mircea_popescu you know murican chicks have no idea what nutella is ? [06:02]
mircea_popescu they got hershey syrup over there. shit's revolting. [06:02]
mircea_popescu (ftr : nutella is not chocolate. it is pasta de avellanas!) [06:03]
cazalla vegemite puts hair on ya balls fwiw [06:04]
davout I wouldn't be surprised if it actually tasted like hair from ya balls [06:05]
cazalla well, it is salty so prob tastes the same too [06:05]
* mircea_popescu actualy eats wet yeast now and again. [06:06]
mircea_popescu not crazy about the oz thing tho [06:06]
cazalla ya gotta soak ya toast in butter and then cake on an inch thick of vegemite [06:06]
mircea_popescu davout but it's basically cenovis, which i imagine you had ? [06:06]
cazalla then for whatever reasons, you cheeks flush [06:06]
davout nevar [06:07]
davout wikipedia informs me its swiss [06:07]
mircea_popescu i guess thissort of thing is more popular in the east than the west [06:10]
cazalla anyway kraft owns vegemite last i checked so really, it's a fucking american food now [06:12]
davout the catch is probably that it's not considered food in the US :D [06:14]
mircea_popescu << what's the word for this ? [06:14]
BingoBoingo anyway kraft owns vegemite last i checked so really, it's a fucking american food now << Nah, it's basically prison loaf for yall stuck in our social justice lab [06:15]
davout "URL" [06:15]
cazalla who gives a fuck what you call it mircea_popescu [06:15]
cazalla you can call that piss bread and ill eat it up! [06:15]
mircea_popescu no i mean, when you put your penis (or alt-penis as the case may be) in someone else's pic [06:15]
davout photo bomb? [06:16]
mircea_popescu hm [06:16]
cazalla nah not photo bomb, but i know there is a word [06:16]
cazalla like when ya let ya nuts sag outta ya jeans in a photo [06:16]
BingoBoingo like when ya let ya nuts sag outta ya jeans in a photo << Waiting (2005) has names for all the possibilities in the penis showing game [06:18]
mircea_popescu re << and subsequently. [06:21]
assbot Afghan forces retake Kunduz city center from Taliban [06:21]
assbot Logged on 09-09-2015 18:57:08; mircea_popescu: << for the record, a "modern military base" IS a horrible castle. [06:21]
mircea_popescu "oh, the great military victory of having (briefly) retaken a position we lost to the enemy last week, which was like their greatest victory ever." [06:22]
mircea_popescu totally. let's play war in the sense of the jews trading "artwork", we keep defeating each other this way both sides win. [06:22]
mircea_popescu if latest victory is greatest victory then the current pacycheck is correctly priviledged at the expense of all previous ones. win. [06:23]
mircea_popescu ;;later tell pete_dushenski "and isn’t about to start" << you mean become. [06:25]
gribble The operation succeeded. [06:25]
mircea_popescu ;;later tell pete_dushenski and for that matter fin is masculine yo. [06:37]
gribble The operation succeeded. [06:37]
davout mircea_popescu: la fin? [06:39]
mircea_popescu that's what he said [06:40]
mircea_popescu no fucking way! [06:40]
mircea_popescu Le Fin de Siècle, butotherwise, "la fin" ?! [06:41]
davout la fin as in "the end" is feminine [06:41]
Naphex jgarzik join shitpay advisory board with gavin; maybe they can advise them not to send 5000 BTC to random people on the internets [06:42]
mircea_popescu omfg. [06:42]
mircea_popescu i know nothing! [06:42]
davout Naphex: jgarzik was already working for bitpay unless i'm mistaken [06:42]
mircea_popescu for a year or more. [06:42]
Naphex promotion to Advisory Board for good rimjobs probably [06:42]
Naphex whatever the hell that means [06:43]
mircea_popescu no, they just ran out of people. [06:43]
mircea_popescu went through the "missed runway firing 90% of staff" start-up thing a few weeks ago. [06:43]
davout you can use "fin" as masculine but then it's something else [06:43]
davout see "le fin du fin" [06:43]
mircea_popescu davout so i'm learnin'. [06:44]
cazalla dindu nuffin [06:44]
mircea_popescu isn't she cute. [07:05]
assbot ... ( ) [07:05]
mircea_popescu so let me ask, of asciilifeform or whosoever wishes to approach the problem, the following theoretical question. [07:17]
mircea_popescu so 1) eulora is a computer game. this makes it software, yes, but because it is not actually trying to solve a problem/set of problems but to CREATE a set of problems (which is the very nature of games, after all - the people running 100m aren't in a hurry and the people doing relay aren't actually you know, passing important messages in that stick or w/e, it's just makework for the enjoyment of the process) it has to [07:19]
mircea_popescu constantly change. [07:19]
mircea_popescu there isn't a definitive fixed form eulora that is the answer to a putative "eulora problem". there's going to permanently be changes to it, known in the parlance as "expansions". [07:20]
mircea_popescu now 2) diana coman keeps a bot which automates various game tasks. obviously enough, this bot has versions. [07:20]
mircea_popescu how would kelvin versioning work for diana's bot ? [07:21]
mircea_popescu more importantly : if kelvin versioning is not useful for diana's bot, on what exactly does the expectation that kelvin versioning is useful at all rest ? [07:21]
mircea_popescu (and the disruption eulora brings to the table doesn't end here, incidentally. the above requirements as to change are why while i'm in generall all for open source, i will never share the fucking server code. it's not just that easy copying of the "exam rule book" so to speak makes the exam unworthy of taking, and therefore the game more boring. it's more importantly that i have to conserve for myself the space of mov [07:31]
mircea_popescu ement, a problem that items which are expected to be fixed-form solutions to specified problems do not share. [07:31]
mircea_popescu so in this sense : open source doesnarrow the space of possibilities. this however is only beneficial for some of the things, those that have a perfect form to be found.) [07:32]
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* schmidty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [08:08]
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cazalla is this true? "Codeine is not available over the counter in the US, most of Europe, Hong Kong, India and Japan, but about 1.3 million packets are sold at pharmacies around Australia every month." [08:12]
cazalla from [08:12]
assbot All codeine-containing medications could be prescription-only from next year ... ( ) [08:12]
cazalla for some reason i thought it was purple dranks all 'round in ussa [08:13]
* hazirafel has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [08:14]
davout codeine is totally available OTC in France [08:16]
deedbot- [Trilema] BitBet (S.BBET) September 2015 Statement - [08:18]
mircea_popescu cazalla yeah the libertards went nuts with codeine [08:21]
* mircea_popescu had it as a 9 yo child, nobody cared. now it KILLS!!11 [08:21]
* HeySteve has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [08:44]
jurov !mpif [08:45]
assbot F.MPIF Tracker estimated NAV per share: 0.00021538 B (Total: 427.91 B). Delta: 0.37 B. Last trade for F.MPIF on MPEX was at 0.000207 BTC [+] [08:45]
jurov !t m f.mpif [08:45]
assbot Ah, your hair. Your hair is soft. It's like a girl's. Now how do you get it that way? [08:45]
jurov mpif should start reselling codeine or whatevs [08:46]
mircea_popescu srsly. [08:47]
* HeySteve (~Lizard__W@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [08:48]
* HeySteve has quit (Changing host) [08:48]
* HeySteve (~Lizard__W@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [08:48]
* DreadKnight has quit (Quit: #AncientBeast - Master Your Beasts ( )) [08:58]
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assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17161 @ 0.000685 = 11.7553 BTC [+] [09:05]
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* yhwh_ (~yhwh-@unaffiliated/yhwh/x-6819798) has joined #bitcoin-assets [09:07]
* DreadKnight has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [09:07]
* DreadKnight (~DreadKnig@unaffiliated/dreadknight) has joined #bitcoin-assets [09:08]
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* yhwh__ (~yhwh-@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [09:21]
* yhwh_ has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [09:25]
* CheckDavid (uid14990@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [09:25]
* yhwh__ has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds) [09:26]
* Duffer1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [09:29]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31221 @ 0.00067894 = 21.1972 BTC [-] {3} [09:31]
deedbot- [Trilema] Whoever said resource allocation is a solved problem deserves a kick in the nads. - [09:41]
jurov deedbot-: [09:43]
assbot ... ( ) [09:43]
deedbot- accepted: 1 [09:43]
jurov deedbot-: [09:43]
deedbot- Bad URL or network outage. [09:43]
assbot 503 Service Unavailable ... ( ) [09:43]
jurov wtf [09:44]
mircea_popescu skam! [09:44]
thestringpuller anyone following hearn's ban from bitcoin? [09:44]
mircea_popescu how do you follow an event ? [09:44]
thestringpuller i usually type /lastlog [09:45]
mircea_popescu << baby fat is best fat! [09:45]
assbot ... ( ) [09:45]
jurov deedbot-: [09:46]
assbot ... ( ) [09:46]
deedbot- accepted: 1 [09:46]
thestringpuller davout: purple drink is easier to get in France? No wonder Kanye and Jay-Z love it. [09:47]
davout i have nfi what purple drink is [09:47]
thestringpuller ;;ud purple drank [09:47]
gribble | purple drank. codeine/promethazine cough syrup mixed in with some sprite. serve it up in a white styrafoam cup with some ice and your good to go. you can mix ... [09:47]
davout aha, interdasting [09:48]
jurov meh codeine, frenchies use lidocaine for sore throat [09:49]
jurov they gave me these lidocaine bonbones in strasbourg when i asked them for something [09:49]
jurov took them home, everyone was wtf [09:49]
davout jurov: they sell codeine in combination with paracetamol here, for headaches mostly [09:50]
davout but yeah, lidocaine is totally a thing here, no idea what's in it [09:50]
mircea_popescu lidocaine lol. that's it. [09:52]
* mircea_popescu had a nasal endoscopy recently, doc wanted to give me lidocaine for it, i didn't want it, he was like, "i don't understand why anyone would want to be unable to speak/chew and drool all over themselves for three hours to avoid the minimal disconfort of a half minute procedure, but you're the first one to turn it down in so long i forget" [09:54]
* pete_dushenski (~pete_dush@unaffiliated/pete-dushenski/x-8158685) has joined #bitcoin-assets [09:55]
davout mircea_popescu: the reasoning is probably something along the lines of: "guy offers painkillers, stuff's prolly painful" [09:55]
mircea_popescu right. and on the other hand, "people seem to take them, i guess i gotta offer them." [09:55]
mircea_popescu vicious circle to the moon. [09:56]
davout makes sense [09:56]
* assbot gives voice to pete_dushenski [09:56]
mircea_popescu but i mean... if you need anesthesia for nasal endoscopy then women definitely need like a spinal tap for the case someone inserts a finger in the cunt [09:56]
* schmidty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [09:56]
mircea_popescu let us not even mention the gruesome pain of touching the rectum or something [09:57]
* schmidty is now known as Guest74304 [09:57]
davout to me "nasal endoscopy" just sounds like "finger in the nose, just longer" [09:57]
mircea_popescu and thinner [09:57]
pete_dushenski <--> [09:58]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 02:37:09; brg444: still amazes me someone out there can turn on/off nearly 100,000,000 GH/S with the flick of a wrist [09:58]
assbot Logged on 22-10-2014 07:45:49; mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski: it's completely wild to see how much the bitcoin network hashrate fluctuates. << you understand those aren't directly measured, but more like calculated after the fact ? it's normal variance, you're trying to guess how many times a coin is tossed by how many heads you see. well... [09:58]
mircea_popescu "i will now insert this flexible qtip in your nose. would you like me to hit you in the head with this mallet first ? for safety?" [09:58]
pete_dushenski << replied :) [09:59]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 06:32:21; BingoBoingo: ;;later tell pete_dushenski I got a comment in your que [09:59]
pete_dushenski << fixed. cheers. [09:59]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 09:24:04; mircea_popescu: ;;later tell pete_dushenski "and isn’t about to start" << you mean become. [09:59]
pete_dushenski << omgerd this is Movie Ending 101 ! 'la fin du film' ! [10:00]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 09:35:59; mircea_popescu: ;;later tell pete_dushenski and for that matter fin is masculine yo. [10:00]
* Guest74304 has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [10:01]
mircea_popescu it's time for me to start frenchxt [10:01]
mircea_popescu im sick of all this irresponsible conservative behaviour [10:01]
pete_dushenski hehe [10:02]
davout mircea_popescu: you're late to this particular party >>> [10:03]
assbot Nouvelles règles d'orthographe : dix points à connaître ... ( ) [10:03]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9200 @ 0.000685 = 6.302 BTC [+] [10:03]
mircea_popescu that "xtref" is a joke right ? [10:03]
pete_dushenski if you're going to diddle 'la fin' you may as well go all the way, get your director, and start shootin' ! [10:04]
pete_dushenski << [10:04]
assbot Logged on 25-09-2015 23:45:02; *: mircea_popescu wants a director now. [10:04]
mircea_popescu 3 On emploie l'accent grave (au lieu de l'accent aigu) dans un certain nombre de mots, ainsi qu'au futur et au conditionnel des verbes qui se conjuguent comme « céder ». Ex : évènement, règlementaire, ils règleraient (avant : événement, réglementaire, ils régleraient). [10:04]
mircea_popescu ahahaha GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN [10:04]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu didn't you produce pornos before ? [10:04]
mircea_popescu been a while [10:05]
pete_dushenski événement << blech. [10:05]
mircea_popescu Ex : des matchs, un révolver (des matches, un revolver). << revolver is a bona fide french mot neh ? or would that be revolveur [10:06]
pete_dushenski "mama said he's bona fide!" (o brother where art thou) [10:06]
pete_dushenski cute when 8 year old girl says it ;) [10:07]
pete_dushenski << and your qualifications would be ? [10:08]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 01:02:00; VariaVarietatis: ;;later tell pete_dushenski I'd be willing to help with the PR. [10:08]
davout mircea_popescu: i'd say revolver is english [10:08]
pete_dushenski speaking of pr, here i was thinking idkwtf it is, then lo and behold, my digital memory came through in the clutch : [10:09]
assbot Even North Korea knows that public relations isn’t about being nice anymore. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( ) [10:09]
davout or maybe there's a subtle, or not so subtle, difference between revolver and pistolet that i'm unaware of [10:09]
pete_dushenski the things i didn't know i know ! [10:09]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 29811 @ 0.000685 = 20.4205 BTC [+] [10:09]
asciilifeform << if rifle is worthles as a fishing rod, where does the expectation that it is useful in the hunt rest. [10:13]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 10:20:06; mircea_popescu: more importantly : if kelvin versioning is not useful for diana's bot, on what exactly does the expectation that kelvin versioning is useful at all rest ? [10:13]
asciilifeform kelvin versioning is for proggy which ~solves~ well-defined problem, yes. it is to signal intent to converge, with exponentially smaller (in practice also ~rarer~) increments on eternal perfection. [10:14]
pete_dushenski << well, if 'b-a is by now at a stage where it kinda needs its own pr agency', are you proposing that therealbitcoin, bitbet, mpex, s.nsa, qntra, paymium, etc. are looking to hire pr talent ? [10:16]
assbot Logged on 30-09-2015 20:12:15; mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski you get clients, work on their projects. like anyone else. [10:16]
asciilifeform this is the Right Thing for ~very few~ items. and yes, a game is a textbook example of where it is ~not~. [10:16]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu i mean, hanbot did her time in the trenches, which mpex presumably backed, but who of the 3-4 actual businesses here is going to pay for yours truly to shmooze at conpherenes ? i'm not totally sure i see it. [10:16]
mircea_popescu davout a revolver is defined by having a revolving chamber [10:16]
pete_dushenski conpherences* [10:17]
mircea_popescu line fed pistols are... pistols. [10:17]
* pete_dushenski has same fusil-related intuation [10:17]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform so in that sense, programming is not a unified field. there are two disjunct efforts. [10:17]
mircea_popescu i suspect a large part of current nonsense stems from confusion which may be related to that conflation. [10:17]
mircea_popescu most programmers of the web-and-vc ilk today are not in fact solvers, but chasers. [10:18]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: programming is a proto-field, very much stuck in its 'alchemical' stage. [10:19]
mircea_popescu yeah. bu this hunt fishing paradigm is, at least to me, very informative. [10:19]
pete_dushenski << ha. neato history. [10:19]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 07:11:11; midnightmagic: mircea_popescu: The Fils de Liberte were likely guilty of it. I don't know if they were actually charged. Yes, a pile of people have been charged, and convicted, of sedition in Canada. Interesting semi-related factoid. de Gaulle when he gave his famous (in Canada) speech "vive le Quebec! vive le Quebec LIBRE!" and the camera cuts to uproariously jubilant crowd, that's an edit by a sepa [10:19]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski eulora certainly is, xtokica is, qntra and bitbet might be, the beeline islong. [10:20]
pete_dushenski << ya. mailbox bomber kids [10:20]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 07:15:53; midnightmagic: I'm sorry, I'm mixing up groups. Not Fils de Liberte. I meant le Front de Liberation de Quebec. [10:20]
mircea_popescu they;ll pay if the roi is there. your job is in making sure the roi is there, which is not trivial, and will probably take significant effort early on. [10:20]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu splendid [10:21]
pete_dushenski << lelz [10:21]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 07:28:24; mircea_popescu: "your honor, i direct your attention to page 792,paragraph H of tome 9 of the conspiracy to overthrow the world over! as you can clearly see, it says right there i disagree with things and stuff." [10:21]
mircea_popescu to put numbers behind this : [10:22]
pete_dushenski << midnightmagic is a canadian law-talkin' guy ? o.O [10:22]
assbot MiniGame (S.MG), June 2015 Statement on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [10:22]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 07:31:04; midnightmagic: The contract they were trying to sue us under was held invalid by the British Columbia Court of Appeals because they didn't have the right to lease the premises of an unabandoned railway depot for other purposes. [10:22]
mircea_popescu actually spent close to 8 btc in an abortive attempt at this. [10:22]
mircea_popescu before that, the meanwhile defunct s.wol also spent a decent chunk, about in the same range. [10:23]
pete_dushenski << 'law-talkin' guy' [10:23]
assbot that's why you are the judge and I'm the law-talking guy - YouTube ... ( ) [10:23]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu damn. [10:23]
pete_dushenski that's not an insignificant chunk o' change [10:23]
asciilifeform << there existed at least one 'revolver' where the drum revolved to snarf up wankel-shaped cartridges from a hilt magazine, whereby this cartridge would be its own chamber! and fell out when spent and drum rotated! [10:24]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 13:15:24; mircea_popescu: davout a revolver is defined by having a revolving chamber [10:24]
asciilifeform iirc, 'dardick's system' [10:24]
pete_dushenski << chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, walk-ups. the way to go, really. [10:25]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 07:49:39; cazalla: dem nigger jail work outs would've been better in hindsight.. own weight [10:25]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu [10:27]
assbot In which Volkswagen takes aim at the insanity of statal overbearing. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( ) [10:28]
asciilifeform << this is why 'fastfood-fat' is, to the trained eye, a thing; and is what i thought the term 'hamplanet' referred to, customarily. [10:28]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 07:57:19; mircea_popescu: the OTHER however, and in the us population without exception the more important, is toxin load. the body has two approaches to dealing with toxins : excretion and fat burial. [10:28]
asciilifeform just about nobody, outside of p.t. barnum's circus, was 'hamplanet' in 1880. not rich people, either. [10:29]
asciilifeform the 'planet' thing, as with most american neologisms, leaves little to the imagination. it refers not to obesity even but to a qualitative jump in the progression of the disease where the afflicted begins to lose 'human form' - what a child might draw when asked to 'draw person' - and converge to... a sphere. hence 'planet.' [10:32]
pete_dushenski << whole place is a zombie. also where usistan is headed. [10:32]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 08:19:34; mircea_popescu: anyway. or to get back to jamaica, there is zombie. but kindaoverused. [10:32]
assbot Emancipation shemancipation, independence shmindependence. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( ) [10:32]
pete_dushenski << sorta kinda ties into [10:33]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 08:39:22; mircea_popescu: here's an idea for a tumblr : take a chick to random toliets, fuck her, polaroid a scene, leave it affixed to the wall with some email on it, publish the emails you get. [10:33]
assbot Look Into The Face Of The Man Who Seduced Fifty Women In Two Years — And Despair | Riverside Green ... ( ) [10:33]
pete_dushenski "this guy slept with fifty women. Fifty. He’s not a movie star or a well-known musician or even, ahem, a great writer. He owns a coffee shop in Asheville, NC. He frequently “dominated” or “humiliated” the women he met, and he claims to have introduced a few of them to anal sex, but every single experience he had with them was entirely and thoroughly consensual." [10:34]
pete_dushenski "14. M. – Cold Approach – 6/6/5 – Bail. Boring mid-twenties girl I approached at a boring bar. The first and second dates were boring, her friends were boring, and the sex was boring. I have no idea what she’s doing now, but it’s probably boring." [10:36]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16100 @ 0.000685 = 11.0285 BTC [+] [10:37]
pete_dushenski "24. G. – Tinder – 8/8/9 – Logistics. Early twenties blonde model and a fucking rockstar. The only girl I’ve fucked who was hot enough, feminine enough, and interesting enough to be a long term option. One day while she was riding me and squirting all over me she said “If I was staying here I’d totally fucking date you.” I felt the same but she moved to the Pacific Northwest a week later. She has the [10:37]
pete_dushenski red-pill awareness to know that her early twenties is the time to lock a man down." [10:37]
pete_dushenski this is what 'red-pill awareness' means now ? o.O [10:38]
pete_dushenski not that i disagree that a girl's early 20s are prime mating time, but this should be self-evident, not 'down the rabbit hole' stuff [10:39]
pete_dushenski "33. C. – Tinder – 8/8/8 – Boyfriend. Really sexy, feminine, generous mid-twenties brunette. MASSIVE tits. I fucked her ass for the first time, and she promptly got weird on me and withheld sex the next time we saw each other. I let it ride and found out later she’d been seeing her ex again. She got weird because I came in her ass while things were getting serious with him." [10:39]
pete_dushenski bwahaha. nice gotcha. [10:40]
pete_dushenski "If I threw in a little calibrated genuine romantic emotion, combined with sexual dominance, it was relatively easy to keep them hooked. This is why 50 Shades of Grey is so popular – Christian Grey isn’t an asshole. He almost cares too much while still being sexually dominant. Women want to be swept up in an emotional whirlwind, and the more I tried to keep my “Alpha cool” the more they responded with [10:41]
pete_dushenski flakiness or coldness. But my goal has also been harem-building, not one night stands." [10:41]
pete_dushenski i'll let mp take this last comment from mr. coffee shop :P [10:42]
pete_dushenski "You can already rate restaurants, hotels, movies, college classes, government agencies and bowel movements online. So the most surprising thing about Peeple — basically Yelp, but for humans — may be the fact that no one has yet had the gall to launch something like it. When the app does launch, probably in late November, you will be able to assign reviews and one- to five-star ratings to everyone you know: [10:47]
pete_dushenski your exes, your co-workers, the old guy who lives next door. You can’t opt out — once someone puts your name in the Peeple system, it’s there unless you violate the site’s terms of service. And you can’t delete bad or biased reviews — that would defeat the whole purpose." [10:47]
pete_dushenski ^moar log readers taking their 'new ideas' out into the world of vc chumpatronics [10:47]
pete_dushenski that being said, i can see 'people' quite liking 'peeple' [10:48]
pete_dushenski basically a 'rate my md' for everyone everywhere [10:48]
pete_dushenski [10:49]
assbot Peeple | Character is Destiny ... ( ) [10:49]
* rdymac (uid31665@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [10:50]
pete_dushenski basically, mr. coffee shop was just a step ahead of nicole and julia here [10:50]
pete_dushenski though, of course, the wot a few steps further ahead still [10:51]
pete_dushenski "Can I start someone else's profile? Yes. You will need their cell phone number to start their profile and they will receive a text that you were the person to start their profile and that they should check out what you said about them on our app." << surely, this can't be gamed! it's 100% certified fresh dummyproof! [10:52]
pete_dushenski o good god these women are from calgary alberta. the shame. [10:53]
* tych0 (~tycho@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [10:55]
pete_dushenski Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, ftr, you both suck. that you've raised $350k is a testament to the problem of too much money, not the worth of your unoriginal ideas. don't quit your dayjobs and/or give your rich husband's feet a big smooch when you get home. [10:56]
pete_dushenski "As of Monday, the company’s shares put its value at $7.6 million" << gtfo. seriously. [10:58]
* assbot gives voice to diana_coman [11:07]
thestringpuller Wassup pete_dushenski [11:08]
pete_dushenski << views from 'when the world worked'. in usa, 1930s were the last decade of any sort of wealth. [11:08]
assbot 100 Years of Wedding Dresses in 3 Minutes ★ - YouTube ... ( ) [11:08]
pete_dushenski top o' the morning, thestringpuller [11:08]
diana_coman cazalla> is this true? "Codeine is not available over the counter in the US, most of Europe, Hong Kong, India and Japan, but about 1.3 million packets are sold at pharmacies around Australia every month." <- it's true in the UK at least (where they are nuts anyway) [11:08]
diana_coman they made such a fuss and then they gave me a whole bunch in hospital anyway (threw most of them away in the end) [11:09]
thestringpuller that could have made some good purple drank [11:09]
pete_dushenski sippin on some sizzurp [11:10]
diana_coman I suspect it kind of gave me some weird hallucinations but it could have been due to the more-than-extreme-falling-asleep-while-walking exhaustion instead, hard to tell [11:12]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [11:13]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [11:13]
pete_dushenski diana_coman i found codeine to make me dizzier and more nauseous than pain-free. only took for a day after wisdom teef extraction. [11:14]
diana_coman well, it was post emergency cesarian, so I thought that might hurt (turned out that I didn't need it hence chucked it away but...) [11:14]
pete_dushenski << contravex is famous ! ima be rich ! [11:15]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 11:16:34; deedbot-: [Trilema] BitBet (S.BBET) September 2015 Statement - [11:15]
pete_dushenski diana_coman you're a champ. [11:15]
diana_coman thanks pete_dushenski [11:18]
pete_dushenski << ethtards are relentless, i tell ya. never underestimate retard strength, kids. [11:27]
assbot A Guide To Buying 5000 Ether/Bitcoin, 2.5x More Than Ethereum’s Genesis Sale Offers | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( ) [11:27]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2655 @ 0.00067639 = 1.7958 BTC [-] {4} [11:33]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 26781 @ 0.00067621 = 18.1096 BTC [-] [11:34]
davout pete_dushenski: "As to my “sub-child level of maturity,” given that I just so happen to have an enfant terrible chez moi, I can attest first-hand to my vastly superior level of maturity. Example #1 : I don’t cry when I’m hungry, I go to the fridge. Example #2 : I don’t shit my own pants, I use the bathroom. And if you were just being hyperbolic, you suck at it." <<< top kek [11:37]
mircea_popescu hey io+nteret+iong bruth kl [11:40]
mircea_popescu hey io+nteret+iong bruth kl [11:40]
mircea_popescu io+nkl [11:40]
mircea_popescu io+mfg my kl [11:40]
mircea_popescu bd io+ hio+t [11:40]
* pete_dushenski can hear the sound of mp's keyboard breaking in two over his knee [11:42]
pete_dushenski time for a model m big buy ! [11:42]
mircea_popescu that is exactly what happened ftr [11:43]
mircea_popescu hotspare ready to go! [11:43]
pete_dushenski i have excellent hearing. [11:43]
mircea_popescu herring [11:43]
mircea_popescu so ... interesting bruth link [11:43]
pete_dushenski cod [11:43]
pete_dushenski actually had the most incredible kimchi-spiced sea bass last night [11:44]
mircea_popescu tho he packs a disproportionate load of "nice guy with great sense of humour A++ would treat nice again" [11:44]
mircea_popescu in other news, [11:45]
assbot Girl, 15, forced to stand by side of the road with humiliating sign | Daily Mail Online ... ( ) [11:45]
mircea_popescu what the fuck sort of retard figures the right move is to ADVERTISE this ? [11:45]
* schmidty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [11:45]
* schmidty is now known as Guest28717 [11:46]
pete_dushenski bwahaha. might as well say 'slut here <-- for good time call 32948493843' [11:46]
mircea_popescu and very vaguely related, but perhaps of alf interest : [11:46]
assbot Grisha Mamurin has provoked a storm of protest by paying girls to flash their boobs and kiss him ... ( ) [11:46]
mircea_popescu when i get rich enough to afford 120 dollars i might try that! [11:47]
pete_dushenski maybe that'll be the day i can afford eizo monitors like that rich man stan [11:47]
mircea_popescu it's pretty ridiculous, whar's so noteworthy about this ? [11:48]
mircea_popescu rich guy pays money for having a meal brought to him by some dude. [11:48]
mircea_popescu rich guy pays money for being hauled through air at high speed. [11:48]
mircea_popescu da fuck already. [11:48]
mircea_popescu what did they think money was far ? [11:48]
mircea_popescu for* [11:48]
pete_dushenski donating to peta [11:50]
* Guest28717 has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [11:50]
mircea_popescu this is that, no ? [11:51]
diana_coman uhm, why is that humiliating exactly? [11:51]
diana_coman it is ugly as a sign, true [11:51]
thestringpuller diana_coman: american teens are easily embarrassed [11:51]
diana_coman but humiliating...for the father maybe? [11:52]
thestringpuller you can embarrass your teenager very easily in america by just showing up to school [11:52]
diana_coman oh [11:52]
thestringpuller "Hi honey I brought you, your lunch!" [11:52]
thestringpuller "Dad that's so fucking embarrassing" [11:52]
diana_coman "oh good, will come back more often then, until you get over it" [11:52]
mircea_popescu diana_coman generally the coy behaviour makes girls retract from sudden spikes of attention. [11:53]
mircea_popescu inept men misinterpret this as "humiliating". [11:53]
mircea_popescu (also misinterpret the absence of the problem as "beinga slut") [11:54]
diana_coman uhm, 12-14-16 year old me certainly recoiled/retracted from sudden cries/shouts etc from construction workers in the centre of the town [11:54]
mircea_popescu really, behavioural heuristics are probably the most scandalously poor "superpower" of the man in the street. [11:54]
diana_coman until 16 year old me figured out that ...they only talk, so bullshit [11:54]
diana_coman lolz [11:54]
mircea_popescu disappointment comes early! [11:55]
diana_coman lolz [11:56]
mircea_popescu <<< honestly to me this just sounds like typical contemporary female insecurity. she;s making a hedged bet. "i'd date you. except if you don't want to, in which case i wasn't going to anyway." [11:56]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 13:36:52; pete_dushenski: this is what 'red-pill awareness' means now ? o.O [11:56]
* ascii_field ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [11:56]
mircea_popescu ;;google "listen to old gloria. the greater sacrifices" [11:57]
gribble Listen to Choral Anthems Sung in Worship - The First Presbyterian ...: ; Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Script - Drew's Script-O-Rama: ; Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - Wikiquote: (1 more message) [11:57]
mircea_popescu google you fucking stink seriously. [11:57]
mircea_popescu [11:58]
assbot BUtterfield 8 (1960) Movie Script | SS ... ( ) [11:58]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu sounds to me like this girl was actually just leaving town, but hey, had we been there, we'd know for sure. [12:00]
mircea_popescu right. which is why she said this. [12:00]
mircea_popescu because it wouldn't have been redundant. [12:00]
mircea_popescu like right now i'm typing. and im telling you im typing, in case you didn't know. maybe you were curious. [12:01]
mircea_popescu hey pete_dushenski im typing. [12:01]
mircea_popescu ya know ? if i weren't typing right now i'd be sipping on my cooler. [12:01]
pete_dushenski what, like ppl don't narrate their lives ? [12:02]
pete_dushenski "honey, brb, going to grab the mail" [12:02]
pete_dushenski "dear, i'm off to work in the mines, see you this evening" [12:02]
mircea_popescu or alternatively, like it wouldn't make for a great fucking story, "and then i said hey if i weren't leaving for this uberimportant reason i'd totally marry you while coming all over him, and then he said the hell with reason, marry me, and that's when i said yes" [12:02]
pete_dushenski instead of just walking out the door at some point, mayhaps or mayhaps not to return [12:03]
mircea_popescu i've yet to meet someone who narrates their life as they climax, but then again im relatively inexperienced. [12:03]
mircea_popescu (seriously, i am. i fucked much fewer men than most of the women i ever hang out with.) [12:04]
pete_dushenski me thinks mr. coffee slut is being lyrical. as fucking if anyone is narrating their future plans WHILST SQUIRTING [12:05]
pete_dushenski why not also do sunday times crossword while bungee jumping ? [12:05]
mircea_popescu << it's the newest and bestests in coverup for spam. [12:06]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 13:51:19; pete_dushenski: "Can I start someone else's profile? Yes. You will need their cell phone number to start their profile and they will receive a text that you were the person to start their profile and that they should check out what you said about them on our app." << surely, this can't be gamed! it's 100% certified fresh dummyproof! [12:06]
mircea_popescu <<< ahahawhat bs, they raised 350k ? this is not enough to cover the cost of raising. [12:06]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 13:55:17; pete_dushenski: Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, ftr, you both suck. that you've raised $350k is a testament to the problem of too much money, not the worth of your unoriginal ideas. don't quit your dayjobs and/or give your rich husband's feet a big smooch when you get home. [12:06]
mircea_popescu << kinda the reason the c-section is literally the oldest medical procedure known to man [12:08]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 14:13:22; diana_coman: well, it was post emergency cesarian, so I thought that might hurt (turned out that I didn't need it hence chucked it away but...) [12:08]
mircea_popescu is that inexplicably it doesn;t hurt and heals well [12:08]
mircea_popescu it makes no fucking sense, but still. [12:08]
* hazirafel (~ufoinc@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:08]
diana_coman from what I heard it's not really like that [12:09]
mircea_popescu yeah. [12:09]
pete_dushenski c section, afaik, doesn't heal ~that~ well. [12:09]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski it doesn't heal as in, restore function. but it does heal in the sense, you won'tfucking die from it. [12:09]
pete_dushenski the victims can't lift a teacup for several weeks, limited to one flight of stairs per day, etc. [12:09]
diana_coman I know people who could barely move out of bed 1 week after that [12:09]
mircea_popescu sure. [12:09]
mircea_popescu but comparatively, medieval bullet extraction had < 50% survival rate. [12:09]
pete_dushenski yes, survival is there. no doubt about it. [12:10]
pete_dushenski bbiab [12:10]
diana_coman I was out walking after a solid sleep (which was the one and only thing I needed like crazy) [12:10]
diana_coman pete_dushenski exactly, except [12:11]
diana_coman maybe I was lucky or something but honestly all I needed was rest+food (both in huge amounts admittedly) and otherwise.... [12:12]
diana_coman mircea_popescu> pete_dushenski it doesn't heal as in, restore function <- uhm, what do you mean? [12:13]
* Xuthus (~x@unaffiliated/xuthus) has joined #bitcoin-assets [12:13]
diana_coman there is vbac too if that's what you mean (with 1/200 chance of uterus rupture and potential death, yes - then again, just check out in how many ways one can die giving -or should I say not-giving- birth the first time anyway) [12:15]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19895 @ 0.000685 = 13.6281 BTC [+] [12:15]
mircea_popescu diana_coman generally you can't deliver normally after one. [12:24]
diana_coman what do you mean by generally? [12:24]
diana_coman vbac = vaginal birth after c-section so yeah, "normally" [12:25]
mircea_popescu what was it, 40% ? [12:25]
mircea_popescu iirc it's almost nil in primiparous women with difficult delivery ; as high as 50% in multiparous women with one difficult presentation. [12:26]
diana_coman it didn't use to be the practice/allowed so kind of hard to tell (as far as I know in Romania for instance you'd still be directly set up for a c-section) so kind of biased numbers as to what the body can/cannot [12:27]
mircea_popescu anyway, iirc plenty of hospitals won't even consider it, because the cost/effort of emergency c section is too high [12:27]
mircea_popescu myeah. [12:27]
diana_coman the thing is: what used to be the % of death at birth? would you say as high as 40%? [12:28]
mircea_popescu "Also mircea_popescu has disappear off the face of the earth. It’s time for him to pay up. He can not be found on twitter or OTC or bitcointalk. So long shit talkers." [12:28]
mircea_popescu wut ?! [12:28]
mircea_popescu diana_coman when / where ? [12:28]
mircea_popescu but the original point was that no, survival after c section was shockingly good even in roman times. [12:28]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [12:28]
diana_coman pre-birth in hospital basically [12:28]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [12:28]
ascii_field diana_coman: that figure, if ever even came close, is an artifact of 19th c. euro. 'medicine' [12:29]
diana_coman could be, tbh I held the same belief right up until I experienced "the wonder of birth" [12:29]
ascii_field where 'doctor' pulled children out while still carrying bits of rotting cadaver from dissection table between his fingernails [12:29]
mircea_popescu you're not supposed to pull. [12:30]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: tell it to the americans ! [12:30]
diana_coman and yeah, that for sure ^ [12:30]
mircea_popescu on the contrary, midwife usually pushes ever so gently. [12:31]
ascii_field phun phakt: the invention of the obstetric forceps was originally a trade secret of some (iirc british) schmuck. [12:31]
ascii_field and they were used to pull the kid out ~in pieces~ [12:31]
mircea_popescu but the forceps is more of a turning/alligning instrument [12:31]
mircea_popescu its use is to negotiate difficult presentations. [12:31]
diana_coman thing is: presentation is not by far the end of it really [12:34]
diana_coman and in some cases nature is just a huge idiot [12:34]
diana_coman who could use a forceps up its ass [12:35]
mircea_popescu surely. [12:35]
mircea_popescu lol [12:35]
mircea_popescu in other news, [12:35]
assbot ... ( ) [12:35]
mircea_popescu Mike Hearn accidentally reveals that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Shocked butters take refuge in irrational denial. ( submitted 11 hours ago by jstolfi << i lolled. [12:37]
mircea_popescu wasn't the guy retired because lyf treats or something ? [12:37]
diana_coman "Almost two-thirds of women who attempt a natural delivery after having a caesarean section for their first birth are successful, according to a study published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology." [12:38]
diana_coman [12:38]
assbot Almost two-thirds of women who attempt a natural delivery after having a c-section are successful - News - BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology ... ( ) [12:38]
mircea_popescu diana_coman so 40% [12:38]
diana_coman then again, I'm sure I can find some data for any figure [12:38]
mircea_popescu (yes generally means "most women". but if you add the fact that only about half or so are even allowed to try to the fact that about a third (afaik ~40% but w/e) of the ones that are allowed to try fail, you come to the generally, or at least i do.) [12:39]
diana_coman thing is: what is the rate of emergency c-section for first delivery? [12:40]
diana_coman as it's not like 100% successful deliver the first time around [12:40]
mircea_popescu one in twenty or so ? [12:40]
mircea_popescu depends, had a friend in timisoara, chief nurse for county hospital, did upwards of two dozen emergency c sections a day [12:40]
diana_coman so what function is it that c-section does not preserve since it was missing in the first place? [12:41]
mircea_popescu 90%+ of which on primiparous 14 yo and under gypsy girls. [12:41]
mircea_popescu half of which came with tube ligature. [12:41]
mircea_popescu diana_coman presumed to have existed! [12:41]
diana_coman well, presumed wtf is that, lol [12:41]
mircea_popescu shush i am a male, with the patriarchical doctor mindset. women are presumed fertile! [12:41]
* mircea_popescu has learned what little ofthe craft he knows from 1900s and other pre-war derelicts and what is this laboratory bs. you diagnose by palpation! [12:42]
diana_coman lol fertile like a ticking bomb or something [12:42]
* liquidassets has quit (Quit: Page closed) [12:44]
mircea_popescu << the forum at its utter best. [12:46]
ascii_field 'I am member of a 7 pumping groups that entering costed me 15BTC+.' << ahahahaha [12:46]
ascii_field 'To proove i have inside infos, and to make this newbie account credible i have been posting daily tips...' [12:47]
ascii_field ^ to be read out loud in indian telemarketer accent [12:47]
mircea_popescu aha. [12:47]
mircea_popescu hi i am patel from isconseen [12:48]
* mircea_popescu can't believe that he just had a discussion about the statistics of childbirth with a woman that has kids and is otherwise a statistician and survived untussled. [12:49]
mircea_popescu clearly all those sophism lessons paid out! i am in 7 different groups whom costed me 15BTC+ to join! [12:50]
ascii_field a 7 ! [12:50]
mircea_popescu o shit. [12:50]
ascii_field '10th Annual Homeland Security Week.' '...Top 10 Priorities Guiding DHS into the Next 10 Years. Improving the Unity of Effort Initiative. Securing the Cyber Ecosystem. [moar crud snipped]' [12:58]
ascii_field srsly pyongyang over here. [12:59]
thestringpuller bitcoinxt is in a rage today [12:59]
mircea_popescu why, did they find the face of jesus in a block ? [12:59]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [12:59]
thestringpuller 03:59 < dzbrak> the blockstream coup is underway [12:59]
mircea_popescu !up ascii_field [12:59]
thestringpuller 03:59 < dzbrak> how dare they try to silence mike [12:59]
-assbot- You voiced ascii_field for 30 minutes. [12:59]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [12:59]
thestringpuller and they call us a cult... [12:59]
ascii_field in other nyooz >> << publicly facing faux metansa opens today! [12:59]
assbot CIA Initiates Directorate of Digital Innovation ... ( ) [13:00]
* HeySteve has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [13:03]
thestringpuller 03:59 < dzbrak> how dare they try to silence mike [13:05]
thestringpuller ~> [13:05]
thestringpuller GRRR i hate ssh. [13:06]
mircea_popescu who is that ? [13:06]
thestringpuller "The CIA of the Future" << really? [13:09]
mike_c mircea_popescu: no mpif report last month, so if there will be one this month plz make it for both months. [13:10]
mike_c and sometimes when i go to mpex I see this: [13:11]
assbot ... ( ) [13:11]
mike_c perhpas a faulty proxy? [13:11]
mike_c generally fixes itself with a refresh [13:12]
mike_c and I know you're bored with BA already (not b-a), but is there not going to be a conf4? We could do it in NYC if you all can get in the country. [13:14]
* Duffer1 has quit (Quit: later) [13:15]
pete_dushenski mike_c i could survive a trip to nyc, couldn't be worst than my last. closer too. [13:24]
pete_dushenski mike_c btw what's keeping you busy these days, other than fatherhood ? [13:24]
thestringpuller is everyone a dad now?!? [13:24]
mike_c pretty much. it's the new cool thing. [13:25]
pete_dushenski << the graffiti on the walls of the contravex bathroom, i tell ya. i should have an app for it. [13:25]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 15:26:34; mircea_popescu: "Also mircea_popescu has disappear off the face of the earth. It’s time for him to pay up. He can not be found on twitter or OTC or bitcointalk. So long shit talkers." [13:25]
thestringpuller I couldn't deal with the anxiety related to pregnancy and child birth. [13:26]
pete_dushenski << speaking of nyc, wtf is 'bitmain' ? [13:27]
assbot If you actually want to go to the moon... - Imgur ... ( ) [13:27]
mike_c pete_dushenski: working on stealth (hehe) project. want to get it a bit further along before announcing. [13:27]
pete_dushenski and lordy lordy are those camry hybrids awful. i miss teh crown vics [13:27]
mike_c bitmain.. isn't that the antminer guys? [13:27]
pete_dushenski maybe ? [13:28]
pete_dushenski mike_c and looking forward to your next project. i still regret not having tried/reviewed wol. [13:28]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [13:30]
pete_dushenski "CryptoCoinsNews, also known as CCN.LA, was launched in June 2013. After half a year with regular news updates, the site began to grow and started to employ talented journalists. After more than 2 years with 4 million unique visitors, 8 million sessions, and 18 000 000 pageviews, it is time to find a new strategic owner that can develop and push CCN.LA even further." [13:30]
thestringpuller more xt lulz: 16:26 < Aquentin> all heil hearn.... down with the assets hackers [13:30]
pete_dushenski obligatory : [13:30]
assbot Queen - Another One Bites the Dust (Official Video) - YouTube ... ( ) [13:30]
pete_dushenski << for teh archigeeks. [13:31]
assbot Pierre Cardin puts his bizarre Bubble Palace in the South of France on sale for £300m | Daily Mail Online ... ( ) [13:31]
* pete_dushenski and with that, i'm off for a spell ! [13:31]
* pete_dushenski has quit () [13:31]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [13:43]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [13:43]
ascii_field << iirc mircea_popescu said on several occasions that he would not set foot in gringolandia without a paratroop division or three [13:44]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 16:12:44; mike_c: and I know you're bored with BA already (not b-a), but is there not going to be a conf4? We could do it in NYC if you all can get in the country. [13:44]
* Xuthus has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds) [13:45]
* schmidty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:54]
* schmidty is now known as Guest42577 [13:54]
* Guest42577 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [13:58]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [14:13]
* zveda (~zveda@unaffiliated/zveda) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:21]
* zveda (~zveda@unaffiliated/zveda) has left #bitcoin-assets [14:21]
* rdymac has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [14:32]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 29800 @ 0.00067845 = 20.2178 BTC [-] {4} [14:35]
mircea_popescu mike_c i could but meh. i know you like it, but i can't stand the post 1980 ny. [15:10]
mircea_popescu perhpas a faulty proxy? << yeah. [15:11]
mircea_popescu I couldn't deal with the anxiety related to pregnancy and child birth. << you're a woman ? [15:12]
mircea_popescu a new strategic owner that can develop and push CCN.LA even further." << aka it's folding up [15:12]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [15:20]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [15:20]
ascii_field l0l, mircea_popescu would set foot in usa ?! [15:21]
mircea_popescu notrly. [15:21]
mircea_popescu i'd much rather go somewhere cool. [15:21]
ascii_field pyongyang! [15:21]
mircea_popescu maybe lithuania. [15:21]
* diana_coman has quit (Quit: Leaving) [15:21]
ascii_field l0l may as well go to ru [15:22]
mircea_popescu "Ihre Frau ist eine echte Exhibitionistin" mmkay. [15:22]
mircea_popescu ascii_field i suppose. kinda waiting for putin to fall over. [15:23]
mircea_popescu that'll be one party to check out. [15:23]
ascii_field replay of 1991? [15:23]
mircea_popescu naaa [15:23]
mircea_popescu nothing like that. just, dude's an excellent boss, made everyone work ass off with seriositits etc. [15:23]
BingoBoingo << I select parts of the US like Kansas it is over the counter when mixed in cough syrup, but still dispensed at pharmacist discretion [15:24]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 11:11:18; cazalla: is this true? "Codeine is not available over the counter in the US, most of Europe, Hong Kong, India and Japan, but about 1.3 million packets are sold at pharmacies around Australia every month." [15:24]
mircea_popescu once he's out, people gonna let some steam off. [15:24]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: might have to wait a while. fella's not esp. old. [15:24]
mircea_popescu you think he dies there ? i doubt it. [15:24]
mircea_popescu the problem with truly efficient leaders is that unlike mediocre ones, they actually solve the problem they were up to solve. in this sense they create their own obsolescence. [15:25]
ascii_field it is more like pumping water from a ship's bilge [15:25]
mircea_popescu eh. [15:26]
ascii_field e.g. bilge filled up in five minutes after stalin croaked [15:26]
mircea_popescu stalin was not a particularly efficient leader. [15:26]
mircea_popescu he was actually below mediocre. very convincing one, but that's not the same thing. [15:26]
mircea_popescu there's a husband thatthe wife deeply loves, and will die for ; tthen there's a husband that makes a lot of money. [15:26]
mircea_popescu these aren't the same thing. rarely the same person, too. [15:27]
ascii_field 'efficient' is not the right adjective - an efficient leader would have what, carried on 1700s agrarian shithole efficiently ? [15:29]
ascii_field << thread [15:29]
assbot Logged on 03-12-2014 06:12:02; mircea_popescu: asciilifeform take the earlier point re "stalin made an experiment of making peasant life suck more". it's a construction. [15:29]
mircea_popescu why not the right word ? [15:30]
mircea_popescu colbert was efficient, not particularly charismatic. napoleon was charismatic. not particularly efficient. [15:30]
ascii_field efficient take an argument [15:31]
ascii_field efficient [15:31]
mircea_popescu anyway, contrary to what mostly russians (perhaps in retrospect understandably) fear, nobody really gonnen nicht-s a strong russia. [15:32]
ascii_field orly [15:33]
mircea_popescu a wellsure, stalin was a pretty efficient butcher, granted. but no, efficient at ringing up the score, so to speak. [15:33]
ascii_field << p0st4l! [15:33]
assbot 20 injured in shooting at Oregon community college; shooter in custody, official says - LA Times ... ( ) [15:33]
mircea_popescu awww dem terroriststs. [15:33]
mircea_popescu better make less rape in campuses, that's the bigissue. [15:34]
* ascii_field wonders if academi gets paid per-stiff or package deal [15:34]
mircea_popescu ascii_field orly. nobody rly cares, administration's more work than it's worth. [15:35]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: what work. you set up the aboriginals to guard each other as they work to death in the minez [15:35]
ascii_field or 'work the pipe' in the ru parlance [15:36]
mircea_popescu as if. [15:36]
ascii_field << see also. [15:36]
assbot Logged on 05-08-2015 03:40:19; assbot: Logged on 04-03-2014 01:44:19; asciilifeform: or mrs. thatcher's 'we need no more than 15 mil. russians. to service the pipeline.' [15:36]
thestringpuller mircea_popescu: you're a woman << LOL. well played. I just don't want to deal with the whole process of baby-momma birthing child from my end. [15:36]
mircea_popescu ascii_field ok, lemme take it this way. suppose you move to a new apartment building. there's say 100 flats there. in them, unsurprisingly, 100 men and 100 women, on average. [15:38]
mircea_popescu would you srsly wish to be the only fuck-worthy individual in the entire building ? [15:38]
mircea_popescu maybe, at age 16, you imagine this is an idea. otherwise, it isn't. it's much better to have at least a few dozen dudes you can go drinking with. [15:39]
ascii_field europe ~is~ the 16yo though [15:39]
ascii_field (and its colonies by extension) [15:39]
mircea_popescu nobody asked europe anything. [15:39]
mircea_popescu first off, europe is a woman. [15:39]
ascii_field the most relevant thing, imho, is that swedish herring thing. europe had a good 600 years, but the nordicsystem herring is running out. but it sees this gigantic tub full of Phree Stuffz but with some annoying aboriginals crawling on it [15:41]
mircea_popescu nothing of the sort. [15:41]
ascii_field this ~is~ how the 'civilized' man sees the east [15:41]
mircea_popescu europe is where the arabs go for free fucks. [15:41]
jurov someone go plant an idea to ycombinator crowd they absolutely positively need such incubator space [15:42]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 16:29:56; pete_dushenski: << for teh archigeeks. [15:42]
mircea_popescu totallyy. [15:43]
* schmidty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:43]
* schmidty is now known as Guest27185 [15:43]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: wake me up when the arabs go to the palaces of luxembourg, or to tony blair's house, for the phree fucks [15:46]
mircea_popescu becausewhy ? [15:46]
ascii_field europe is simply yi yi zhi yi-ing itself into proper hierarchical segments again. [15:46]
ascii_field the arabs did not parachute in, they were invited. [15:47]
ascii_field to do a job. [15:47]
mircea_popescu eh this discussion isn't going anywhere. [15:47]
* Guest27185 has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [15:47]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: srsly, what, europe did not have sufficient claymore mines to mince the invaders up ? [15:48]
ascii_field forgot how to set up pillboxes, machine guns ? [15:48]
mircea_popescu i never had to step on claymore mines when i went over to a woman's place. [15:49]
ascii_field instead they pay these folks pensions, yes [15:49]
mircea_popescu didja ? [15:49]
ascii_field nope. [15:49]
mircea_popescu so then. [15:50]
* ascii_field begins to see mircea_popescu's point [15:50]
mircea_popescu what do you suppose this entire "needs immigration" "aging population" "below replenishment rate natality" etc is. [15:51]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [15:51]
mircea_popescu the stuff you make empires with ? the substance of lookingat the east and seeing juicy fruit crawling with ants ? [15:51]
mircea_popescu heh. [15:51]
mircea_popescu !up ascii_field [15:51]
-assbot- You voiced ascii_field for 30 minutes. [15:51]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [15:51]
ascii_field !s population replacement [15:51]
assbot 1 results for 'population replacement' : [15:51]
ascii_field hm [15:51]
ascii_field '...The Secretary of the Authors' Union / Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee / Which said that the people / Had forfeited the government's confidence / ... ... / Wouldn't it Be simpler in that case if the government / Dissolved the people and / Elected another?' (tm) (r) (brecht) [15:53]
ascii_field (Die Lösung) [15:54]
mircea_popescu wha about it ? [15:55]
ascii_field that it is entirely doable, and is being done. [15:57]
mircea_popescu sure, sure. [15:58]
mircea_popescu and head transplants. [15:58]
ascii_field arse transplants. [15:58]
ascii_field << l0l [16:01]
assbot ... ( ) [16:01]
* diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:03]
mircea_popescu that certainly never happened!@ [16:09]
* Xuthus (~x@unaffiliated/xuthus) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:09]
mircea_popescu washingtongawkhuffardian had the scoop! [16:09]
deedbot- [Trilema] Qntra (S.QNTR) September 2015 Statement - [16:12]
* NewLiberty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:12]
mircea_popescu jurov ^ shares added. [16:13]
jurov yo [16:13]
jurov you included hanbot's shares? iirc she had own acct previously [16:18]
mircea_popescu ah yeah i did. [16:18]
mircea_popescu (i did include them) [16:18]
jurov kk [16:18]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [16:21]
jurov hanbot & hdbuck: you can call the s.qntr shares any time now or later, upon gpg signed request with destination coinbr/mpex account and whether it should be delivered once or always [16:22]
* diana_coman has quit (Quit: Leaving) [16:24]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2700 @ 0.00067535 = 1.8234 BTC [-] [16:25]
* hazirafel has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [16:32]
* schmidty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:38]
* schmidty is now known as Guest45698 [16:39]
* bitstein (~bitstein@unaffiliated/bitstein) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:41]
* bitstein has quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: [16:42]
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* NewLiberty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:08]
mats [17:10]
assbot ... ( ) [17:10]
mircea_popescu da fuck was that [17:13]
cazalla mats, is that legit? [17:16]
mats cazalla, no [17:17]
mike_c omg, hilarious :) [17:22]
cazalla <<< as for "my type", that [17:22]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 12:43:58; mircea_popescu: << baby fat is best fat! [17:22]
mircea_popescu lol, teens ? [17:23]
thestringpuller is there something wrong with ephebophilia? [17:25]
cazalla even fbi has better pics to entrap with than that mircea_popescu [17:25]
cazalla looks at least 18 to me anyway [17:25]
ben_vulpes [17:32]
assbot SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs) ... ( ) [17:32]
* hazirafel (~ufoinc@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:34]
mike_c whoops, now qualys gets busted for hacking. [17:34]
mircea_popescu 18 is still a teen! [17:36]
mircea_popescu and ephebos are boys! [17:37]
* schmidty (~schmidty@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:38]
* schmidty is now known as Guest67374 [17:38]
* Guest45698 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [17:39]
thestringpuller mircea_popescu: i though ephebos could be both female and male [17:40]
cazalla <<< pretty much what my missus did, she was up and around to the point i had to tell her to go, lay down [17:40]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 15:11:05; diana_coman: maybe I was lucky or something but honestly all I needed was rest+food (both in huge amounts admittedly) and otherwise.... [17:40]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3529 @ 0.00067535 = 2.3833 BTC [-] [17:41]
thestringpuller << doesn't specify just boyz [17:41]
cazalla plus the fact you have a new born baby to fawn over might do a lot for pain relief [17:41]
mircea_popescu KL}.KklLLKL [17:46]
mircea_popescu l [17:46]
mircea_popescu Kl [17:46]
thestringpuller mircea_popescu: has cats? [17:46]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [17:46]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [17:46]
ascii_field pampas cat. [17:46]
cazalla <<< haha totally expected, pretty sure BingoBoingo called it for happening this year (in pm) [17:52]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 16:28:41; pete_dushenski: "CryptoCoinsNews, also known as CCN.LA, was launched in June 2013. After half a year with regular news updates, the site began to grow and started to employ talented journalists. After more than 2 years with 4 million unique visitors, 8 million sessions, and 18 000 000 pageviews, it is time to find a new strategic owner that can develop and push CCN.LA even further." [17:52]
mircea_popescu eh this controller might be shot or wtf. [17:53]
mike_c the keylogger is on the fritz [17:53]
mircea_popescu that also [17:54]
mircea_popescu nsa should stop buying chinese crap [17:54]
ascii_field pick up disconnected phone and ask ft meade for new one ! [17:54]
mircea_popescu total spectrum damnation or what was it! [17:54]
ascii_field !b 6 [17:54]
assbot Last 6 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [17:54]
mircea_popescu "2 years with 4mn unique visitors", da fuck is that even. [17:55]
mircea_popescu "we compute daily unique ips and then add these across 700+ days because that's meaningful" [17:56]
* bounce has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [17:56]
* hanbot has quit (Quit: Leaving) [17:59]
* TheAdversary has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [18:04]
* Hasimir has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [18:04]
deedbot- [Qntra] Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Tops 60 Billion For The First Time - [18:05]
btcdrak [18:06]
assbot Exploiting Ripple Transaction Ordering For Fun And Profit ... ( ) [18:06]
BingoBoingo btcdrak: You mean RipLoL is still around? [18:07]
btcdrak they renamed it to cRIPple [18:07]
mircea_popescu ripple is such fucking braindamage anyway [18:07]
mircea_popescu "Ripple transactions are serializable to a custom binary format that is cryptographically hashed and then signed by one of two schemes (ECDSA and EdDSA). This signature is then inserted back into the binary serialized form which is hashed again to produce a transaction id through which it can be uniquely identified. Transactions are submitted to a rippled node, which verifies that the signature matches the public key a [18:08]
mircea_popescu nd the hash of the public key (account id) and if the signature is good, it disseminates the transaction to the other rippled nodes operating on the same network that it knows about. These instances pass that transaction on to nodes that it did not receive it from and this flooding should result in it being considered for adoption in a ledger by the validators running in the network by the process of consensus. All non [18:08]
mircea_popescu -validating nodes do actually process the transactions, but only the agreed ledger of the trusted validators counts for all intents and purposes." [18:08]
mircea_popescu just this much, which is, incidentally, an accurate description. [18:08]
mircea_popescu what the fuck more. the whole thing's one huge bug. [18:08]
* TheAdversary (~adversary@unaffiliated/hasimir/bot/theadversary) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:09]
* Hasimir (~hfenring@unaffiliated/hasimir) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:09]
mircea_popescu anyway. good stuff. [18:12]
cazalla <<< viral marketing for metal gear game [18:13]
assbot Logged on 01-10-2015 18:57:12; mircea_popescu: and head transplants. [18:13]
mircea_popescu lol 14:1 [18:13]
assbot BitBet - Rand Paul will be Republicans' 2016 Presidential Nominee :: 1.03 B (7%) on Yes, 14.42 B (93%) on No | closing in 7 months 1 week| weight: 97`487 (100`000 to 1) ... ( ) [18:13]
mircea_popescu poor guy. [18:13]
BingoBoingo Still BitBet's favorite candidate [18:15]
assbot BitBet - Marco Rubio will be Republicans' 2016 Presidential Nominee :: 0.54 B (63%) on Yes, 0.32 B (37%) on No | closing in 6 months 1 week| weight: 96`125 (100`000 to 1) ... ( ) [18:15]
mircea_popescu wow srsly ? [18:16]
mircea_popescu is this the black doctor guy ? [18:16]
BingoBoingo Nah, he's the tan hispanic guy [18:16]
mircea_popescu a [18:16]
BingoBoingo Then there's Ted Cruz the light hispanic guy [18:16]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [18:17]
* shesek has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds) [18:18]
* HeySteve (~Lizard__W@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:19]
* mike_c has quit (Quit: Leaving) [18:21]
ben_vulpes regarding the carveout, did we do the 1970 clean air carveout from criminal charges for car manufacturers? [18:22]
ben_vulpes << carveout in question [18:23]
assbot Logged on 28-09-2015 06:01:54; mircea_popescu: "So those vehicles -- 11 million of them and counting -- are damaged goods. They will *never* be able to meet environmental regulations. That means either (a) they'll need to be taken off the road or (b) environmental regulations will need to be rewritten to include a carve-out for VW diesel owners." << or ship them to pakistan. [18:23]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [18:23]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [18:23]
* rdymac (uid31665@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:24]
ascii_field ben_vulpes: overhyped nyooz item. the civil fines (usa and other) still apply; and the machines still on the dealer lots will be reflashed into worthlessness [18:27]
ascii_field as will any brought in for repair [18:27]
ben_vulpes ascii_field: i am, btw, at a loss as to why that box isn't responding. [18:28]
ascii_field ben_vulpes: router ? [18:28]
ben_vulpes but have not dug in detail either. [18:28]
ben_vulpes ascii_field: "router" [18:28]
ben_vulpes bbl [18:28]
* Guest67374 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [18:29]
ascii_field << Run Moar Antivirus ! [18:44]
assbot Issue 546 - [18:44]
mircea_popescu "Following the 2008 elections, then President-elect Barack Obama rang Ros-Lehtinen to congratulate her on her re-election. She hung up on him, believing that it was a prank call from a radio station. She did the same to Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel when he rang to confirm the original call was genuine, and only accepted the call after Congressman Howard Berman managed to speak to her." [18:52]
mircea_popescu random but rather fine balancing example for all teh usg agency lulz in here. [18:53]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [18:54]
mircea_popescu !up ascii_field [18:55]
-assbot- You voiced ascii_field for 30 minutes. [18:55]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [18:55]
ascii_field where was this [18:56]
mircea_popescu florida. woman's the first republican to support same sex marriage. [19:02]
ascii_field snoar. [19:02]
mircea_popescu right, because why confront the fact that it's a great day when these muppets manage to find each other's phone numbers. [19:05]
mircea_popescu much better to dream up cohesive activity and whatnot. from whom ? [19:05]
mircea_popescu it's an accident they even manage to meet. if it weren't fixed by tradition they gotta groan in the swamps of washington they'd prolly take two decades to get the damned senate in session. [19:06]
ascii_field if i knew 'from whom', a) no one would believe, why should they b) i'd hang from a pipe somewhere 'accidentally' [19:06]
* NewLiberty has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [19:07]
ascii_field but davos meets yearly, and bohemian grove - more often, iirc [19:07]
ascii_field and devil knows what else, when. [19:07]
mircea_popescu so far r(intentions, actions) = 0.5 and r(actions,results) also= 0.5. within three or even four decimal points. exactly same as throwing darts. [19:08]
ascii_field whose intentions/actions ? [19:08]
mircea_popescu any specified set. [19:09]
mircea_popescu (that is larger than half a dozen members or so) [19:10]
mircea_popescu anyway, apparently statistical divergence is marked with D in american. so s/r/D/ [19:11]
* ag3nt_zer0 (328f93cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:12]
* assbot gives voice to ag3nt_zer0 [19:13]
ascii_field so far all i see is their victories. they destroyed linux. all but abolished - at least as far as the naked eye is concerned - actual bitcoin. etc [19:13]
mircea_popescu linux destroyed itself. [19:14]
ascii_field everything killed by lizards 'kills itself' [19:14]
ascii_field e.g., su [19:14]
mircea_popescu mno, vice versa. everything that goes to shit because people are weak and stupid and lazy, you allocate to some imaginary lizard [19:14]
mircea_popescu i suppose it's more palatable than admitting people suck. [19:14]
ascii_field they just supply the pistol, the cartridge, the hand [19:14]
ascii_field people suck. [19:14]
ascii_field but often they live anyway. [19:15]
mircea_popescu well they don't need any gremlins to make their tits sag. [19:15]
mircea_popescu tits sag naturally after a while. [19:15]
ascii_field when the tits drop through the floor five seconds after unharnessing, it is not unreasonable to look for who pulled [19:15]
mircea_popescu to look, no [19:16]
ascii_field and what imaginary. drepper lives. [19:16]
ascii_field and a hundred others. [19:16]
mircea_popescu sure. like orlov, locklin and eric what's his face. they all live. [19:17]
mircea_popescu hurr durr. [19:17]
mircea_popescu of course they live. it's fucking impossible for most derps to even die anymore. [19:17]
ascii_field nah, idea is, drepper is a real live face on the murder of linux [19:18]
mircea_popescu maggot did not cause the corpse. [19:19]
mircea_popescu the difference between linux and bitcoin is that gavin;s a laughingstock and erm is invited speaker, and hearn's barely a shitstain whereby drepper took a decade to be worked out of the thing. [19:19]
ascii_field what then caused the corpse ? [19:21]
* ascii_field bbl [19:22]
mircea_popescu the fact that people suck. on the elite side, nobody was wise enough to use the stick. on the mass side, lazy and stupid. [19:22]
* ascii_field has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:22]
* NewLiberty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:24]
mircea_popescu in other boobs, [19:27]
assbot ... ( ) [19:27]
mats [19:30]
assbot oss-security - CVE Request: Unauthorized access to IPC objects with SysV shm ... ( ) [19:30]
mats [19:31]
assbot CVE-2015-2342 - Remote Code Execution within VMware vCenter ... ( ) [19:31]
BingoBoingo Drepper was more Trypanosoma brucei than maggot [19:33]
* HeySteve has quit () [19:37]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9000 @ 0.000685 = 6.165 BTC [+] [19:41]
* bounce (bounce@unaffiliated/bounce) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:54]
jurov regardless of what kind of bug, I see alf's conviction that "sane ppl would never allow him to..." [19:57]
jurov which argument leaves me utterly unconvinced [19:57]
jurov sane people either don't give a fuck or avoid engaging idiots [19:58]
ag3nt_zer0 hey y'all [20:03]
BingoBoingo << Probably Oregon shooter's reddit profile [20:03]
assbot overview for AcutePathogen69 ... ( ) [20:03]
ag3nt_zer0 got fired today! [20:03]
BingoBoingo [20:04]
assbot AcutePathogen69 comments on Is it even worth it to wait till fallout 4? ... ( ) [20:04]
BingoBoingo ag3nt_zer0: Fired from the school? [20:04]
ag3nt_zer0 by a school that has a suicided child molestor listed on its educational "philosophy" page [20:04]
ag3nt_zer0 bingoboingo: yeah [20:04]
BingoBoingo Damn [20:04]
ag3nt_zer0 I don't "fit in" [20:05]
BingoBoingo At least you aren't << "Sometimes i'm too depressed to even masturbate." [20:05]
assbot AcutePathogen69 comments on Couldn't fap today ... ( ) [20:05]
ag3nt_zer0 to the "positive discipline" totalitarianism based on love and tolerance and diversity [20:05]
* Kushed has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [20:05]
ag3nt_zer0 haha [20:05]
ag3nt_zer0 fuck [20:05]
ag3nt_zer0 how could I have been so naive to have dedicated my time and energy to an ideal instead of just saying it was fucked, declaring it fucked like I knew it was, etc... I couldn't. At the base of my soul seemed to be choosing to "care" or "not care" way back when I decided against oblivian as a mentality... but, and I guess you guys know, it's so fucked [20:08]
ag3nt_zer0 these secular humanist animal psychologists do exhibit the arrogance of satan himself... they are so convinced of their moral superiority - they love the kids! - the behavior is out of control and ruins it for the ones who want to learn - and I stood up to that, firmly, and unapologetically [20:11]
cazalla BingoBoingo, apparently he gave a warning on 4chan but who knows, mebe a troll [20:11]
ag3nt_zer0 but they "love" the kids [20:11]
ag3nt_zer0 man [20:11]
BingoBoingo Guy seems retarded [20:11]
ag3nt_zer0 meanwhile, when they fucking leave me alone, and stop their premature luciferian meddling, I get letters like these, as a trained MUSIC teacher, SUBBING for ONE DAY: "Dear Mr. G, Hello my name is [] and you have only met me once or twice. I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me in more ways than one to continue my career in Chemistry. I hope to accomplish many goals in my life, and nobody has opened my eye [20:15]
ag3nt_zer0 as you have. The vast world can be traveled by multiple people. I hope you have a great time in India as you keep inspiring young people like me. Your inspired student, " [20:15]
ag3nt_zer0 I tell you man [20:15]
BingoBoingo ag3nt_zer0: Did you at least shit on the floor before leaving the building? [20:16]
ag3nt_zer0 [20:17]
assbot Dead Can Dance - Severance - YouTube ... ( ) [20:17]
BingoBoingo So Oregon Shooter was a pussy who couldn't even keep up the schedule he offered Reddit. ""true an hero" I should know, i'm becoming an hero next week. " [20:18]
assbot AcutePathogen69 comments on Anon at a sleepover ... ( ) [20:18]
* CheckDavid has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [20:18]
cazalla [20:20]
assbot ... ( ) [20:20]
BingoBoingo Fuck. [20:20]
BingoBoingo Goddamn media parasites [20:20]
ag3nt_zer0 Severance The birds of leaving call to us Yet here we stand Endowed with the fear of flight Overland The winds of change consume the land While we remain In the shadow of summers now past When all the leaves Have fallen and turned to dust Will we remain Entrenched within our ways? Indifference The plague that moves throughout this land Omen signs In the shapes of things to come Tomorrow's child is the only child Tom [20:21]
mircea_popescu sane people either don't give a fuck or avoid engaging idiots <<< loser people. the lack of an idiot killing instinct is a larger character flaw than stupidity could ever be. [20:21]
BingoBoingo ABout the shooter: "He looks collectively like every fat weird androgynous man who has contacted me on OkCupid." [20:21]
assbot Checking your bits ... ( ) [20:21]
mircea_popescu what does that mean, "is it even worth to wait for fallout 4". what are they gonna do other than wait, make fallout 5 ? [20:22]
jurov people with working idiot killing instinct don't code [20:22]
jurov it's just not possible [20:23]
mircea_popescu ya think ? [20:23]
cazalla BingoBoingo, apparently that isn't him, just some dude called eggman they are trolling cnn with [20:23]
mircea_popescu maybe theyjust destroy a lot of kbds while coding. [20:23]
BingoBoingo cazalla: Oh [20:23]
mircea_popescu ag3nt_zer0 so what do you do after beingfired by some school ? [20:24]
jurov destroying kbds does not help [20:24]
jurov to destroy idiots, i mean [20:24]
mircea_popescu that's true. [20:25]
mircea_popescu << see pete, they be workin' them lists lmao. [20:27]
* Kushedout ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:27]
assbot ... ( ) [20:27]
mircea_popescu no quarter, no mercy, push that list building. "be safe" hurr durr. [20:27]
cazalla apparently he was asking em if they were christian before lighting 'em up so we might have us a brown shooter for once lol [20:27]
mircea_popescu what's a brown shooter ? [20:28]
cazalla kebab or mussi instead of white virgin or half asian/white [20:29]
mircea_popescu a [20:29]
cazalla The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were christian," she wrote using the lower-case C. "If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn't answer, they were shot in the legs [20:29]
assbot 11 dead after shooting at Oregon community college - NY Daily News ... ( ) [20:29]
mircea_popescu clearly us campuses need to do more about the issue of campus rape. [20:30]
mircea_popescu oh, and vawa saves! [20:31]
ag3nt_zer0 mircea_popescu I am employed as a substitute in 2 other local districts so for the time being I will continue to do that - I guess keeping my mouth shut a bit more - just trying to save some money get out of this fallen intellectual hellhole for a bit... I know it's everywhere, but not nearly as bad as here I don't think - I just want to travel 2 yrs and record music and play music, read poetry and literature and engage i [20:32]
ag3nt_zer0 or perhaps has always been [20:33]
ag3nt_zer0 not that i really believe in the whole "my country" thing that much but just that whole thing about oblivion or caring and the world in a grain of sand [20:34]
* samO__ (~samO@unaffiliated/samo) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:36]
cazalla ag3nt_zer0, can't you do almost all of that at home [20:37]
* samO_ has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [20:38]
mircea_popescu << lulz from the no es un pais pobre. [20:44]
assbot Historias de taxi. : argentina ... ( ) [20:44]
mircea_popescu derp demands cab stops extemporaneously, guy takes too long (5 seconds!11) and ends up "overcharging" by 6 cents. (literally). derp throws fit, cabbie eventually figures not worth arguing with idiot. derp counts this as victory, for democracee. [20:45]
mircea_popescu also complains that some other time the first mile fee wasn't "rounded down". one peso is, again, like six cents. [20:46]
ag3nt_zer0 cazalla yes I reckon i could... i have allowed myself to develop a complex I guess - used to say I want to go somewhere where I don't understand the language at all and where no one knows my name, so as not to be reminded or dragged back into the language muck and the friendship (we know who you are) imprisonment complex - so the logos can come in again [20:47]
ag3nt_zer0 i was going to do the world backpack thing 9 years ago... but I was working in a pizza kitchen and this asshole was all serious about the pepperoni, and I had this image of coming back from seeing corpses on the side of the road in india and not really having much patience to take orders from some fool who gets bent by improper pepperoni placement [20:49]
ag3nt_zer0 so i went to school to be a teacher [20:49]
ag3nt_zer0 but, of course, schools are pepperoni pplacement factories! jokes on me haha [20:50]
* DanyAlos (~danyalos@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:50]
cazalla ag3nt_zer0, why not tutor privately? at least your customers would be more interested in what's best for juniour [20:53]
cazalla an anecdote from living where no-one knows me.. you don't have to contend with people you know who want to stop and chat, i like it that way [20:54]
mircea_popescu not such a bright idea. he'll end up finding some 9 year old he really agrees with and doing a bonny and clyde remake [20:54]
cazalla what does he do then mircea_popescu ? as far as i can tell, he wants to be paid for something that no-one is willing to pay for these days [20:56]
cazalla no surprise you get sacked if you go into a public school and throw the curve, buck the status quo etc etc [20:56]
mircea_popescu honestly... prison seems the best option anyway. [20:57]
mircea_popescu pity the internet killed the "music industry", he could have had cussack's job in high fidelity. [21:01]
cazalla lol cnn [21:01]
ag3nt_zer0 cazalla: yeah private tutoring is a decent thought... [21:14]
cazalla copypaste, did ya really bang a ftm pino? [21:14]
assbot Why I Quit 8chan: Former Lead Developer Tells All — Medium ... ( ) [21:14]
ag3nt_zer0 mircea_popescu yeah I hear grants are available for bringing choir music into prisons - thanks for the reminder [21:15]
cazalla copypaste, and if you could confirm/deny the rest of the article, that'd be good too lol [21:16]
ag3nt_zer0 cazalla do you live in the states? [21:16]
cazalla ag3nt_zer0, yes, but not on the mainland, the one down under (australia) [21:17]
ag3nt_zer0 yeah i just wonder if thats a level or two above the derpage that rules US now... both in it's public and private sectors [21:19]
* joesmoe has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [21:20]
mircea_popescu from what he's telling it's worse. [21:20]
ag3nt_zer0 that is very difficult for me to imagine... [21:21]
ag3nt_zer0 but i dont doubt it [21:21]
ag3nt_zer0 scratch that, I doubt it hah... [21:23]
ag3nt_zer0 mircea_popescu: have you traveled to the US? [21:23]
mircea_popescu yeah. [21:23]
* joesmoe (~joesmoe@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:24]
ag3nt_zer0 wher and when if you dont mind me asking? [21:24]
ag3nt_zer0 the only time it had any semblence of vitality in the last 3 years was the 90s, but I suppose I just had the ears to hear as I get older [21:26]
ag3nt_zer0 30 years [21:26]
mircea_popescu bout a decade ago [21:26]
mircea_popescu most of the east coast, from nh to tx [21:26]
ag3nt_zer0 traveling alone or with group? any distinct impressions from the american "character" hahahaha? [21:32]
BingoBoingo [21:32]
assbot ... ( ) [21:32]
ag3nt_zer0 [21:35]
assbot Julius Evola | American "Civilisation" ... ( ) [21:35]
ag3nt_zer0 some great passages in that^ [21:35]
mircea_popescu traveling with friends. [21:36]
* desplein (~quassel@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:47]
BingoBoingo !up desplein [21:47]
* assbot gives voice to desplein [21:48]
* desplein has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [21:58]
cazalla damn, they locked down that shooters facebook profile really quick [21:59]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8998 @ 0.00068214 = 6.1379 BTC [-] {2} [22:01]
mircea_popescu and in random lulz, [22:01]
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