Diviziuna sexual-a muncii : fetele la gym, io la vidya. Как? Tot acolo!

Sunday, 12 May, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

There's an old joke... actually, let's quote history.

mircea_popescu: proper & civilised soviet citizen walking on street in romanian capital, suddenly needs to pee.
mircea_popescu: he stops passerby, more or less with hands and props they manage to understand each other. passerby looks around, identifies a tree, points to it.
mircea_popescu: foreigner is taken aback
mircea_popescu: cak ?!
mircea_popescu: answer comes calmly : "tot acolo"
mircea_popescu: (also there)

So... yeah.

Anyway, I made myself an account on a Romanian BDSM forum! Let's take this opportunity to triple their exposure, why not : LordMPofTMSR on bdsm ro-roi.

So what's it like, you wish to know ? Well... as I was explaining to one of the herd, the advantage of aging is achievement. In this particular case, it's (somewhat) amusing to notice that I'm the only actual lifestyle Master there. Before I made the account, there was noneii. After I made it, there is the one. Before my girls went bare cunt, there were "pictures found on the internet". Afterwards, there's their cunt. And on in this manner, what do I get for being 40 ? Just this, that by merely coming over and sitting down I dig a hole into outright reality the size of a small country.

It's something, for a kid, to be always the fastest runner among any group of kids, always the highest jumper, always the greatest and most wonderful. And it happens, too. Occasionally if not too often, very gifted kids occur. As time goes by, though... as time goes by gifts are no longer enough. As time goes by, work starts to count, and then counts more, and then even more. Work, laborious, tiresome work, the hard, demanding slog of turning those gifts from potential to present.

These considerations foregoing make, I suppose, the one perfect introduction for today's picture set :



To quote the ever-Romanianiii Romanians,

14:59 LordMPofTMSR deci is la gym. io sed frumos pe canapei aici, capitonat, comod, vine cafeluta imediat
fetele, dincolo de sticla, trag la bici.
pai asa da viata, ce sa mai.

15:08 Just_curious Sa te duci la gym,doar sa ti bei cafeaua si sa tragi cu ochiul la femeile care fac sport,asta inseamna sa fii....." sportiv "
15:14 charm good one

15:16 LordMPofTMSR mei, is ale mele, nu asa in general femeile.
15:18 LordMPofTMSR si nici nu trag cu ochiu, doara in general daca-mi vine io ma uit, ce mare chestie. si-n particular le-am facut si poze, pun pe blog, ce sa mai.
15:19 LordMPofTMSR ie haios, oricum. tat soiu de duzi disturbati pe-aici, se tat chiorasc spre mine dinsii. ca nu e drept, sau ceva.

16:03 Rebel Salutare tuturor!
16:07 Just_curious Dud disturbat,esti tu..si tipele de acolo,stiu ca le faci poze pe ascuns si le postezi pe net?





What do you think, do the chicks know I'm sneaking pictures ?

Do not laugh, this is the same mentally impossible culture that produces on a daily basis artefacts like that celebrated "Please mind luggage left unattended". How, for all the Heaven and whatever's left on earth, how can you mind what's left unattended ? The very definitions of the terms preclude it! How can a woman be aware of her unawareness ? What the fuck is wrong with these people ?!


I played some PS game, the one with the old beardy dude with the axe and the kid following him around -- I can't be arsed to look it up but somehowiv I suspect everyone knows anyway. The story's you're a god or something, and you have a kid and you run into a divorced career woman that knows magicks and helps you and whatever crapolade. They ruined the MMORPG, incidentally, there's equipment and skills and stats snuck somewhere in a corner, so the lamers can claim it has some whenever the powerplayer derrides their inept cargo cultism. They serve no actual purpose besides this "plausible" deniability, however.

But anyway, as I was sitting there, watching the kids runing about, alone and desperate, in my peripheral vision, while the idealised All-American family of 2019 was displaying its studied awkwardnessv for my educational needs front and center, it all struck me. They're growing up there, you see. Not a harem, in any proper sense, not children brought up by enslaved women, but instead... vat children, children brought up by the lights. The studied family relations re-enacted by 3d models are there for a very deep reason, it's not the element that counts, but the far-reaching structure. The impossibly stiff, typically ustardian "standing around awkwardly" is, incomprehensible as all get-out, counterproductive as Escher drawings, nevertheless part of a larger mechanism. It is systematically functional, even if objectively dysfunctional -- because that, therefore this. Children raised by people would never put up with the storage units adapted from Skinner's drawing of battery chicken storage units -- but children raised by the lights... children who spent their life in a mall, between the food court and the (expensive! elite! delectable!) playstation zone... they would, wouldn't they.

As a matter of fact, they do.

And yet, the girl clerks at the gym came out of their box to hang out with me. Not sanely, mind you, not "walk up to the man in the suit and say hi, my name's Alana" or whatever the fuck. No, they pretended to be entertained by the male coworker, this great guy with a great sense of humor. He sported one of these beards they do now, the overgroomed beard of 2019, and a very pubescent, cracking voice, carrying through a very pubescent mentality. He attempted to assault them, like 12yo boys are supposed to assault 12 yo girls -- notwithstanding these were all adolescents, but the retarded adolescents of 2019 are just about 12 or so in any sane timeline. He couldn't possibly touch them, of course, so he sublimated, and... told them how Game of Throne ends. All the derision, and all the aggression of normal male pubescence still there, but also the horror, the gnawing suspicion that maybe they're not realy interested. Maybe they don't really care how that shit ends, or even what happens at all. Maybe they're not even paying attention. Maybe that's why he keeps having to repeat himself, maybe that's why they have no reaction whatsoever at the junctures he expects it.

Which... of course they weren't. Their attention wasn't on him anymore than on the chairs. They were watching me, carefully, safely above all, from a distance, from behind the prop. As George Constanza once said, "she can't accuse me of not being comfortable". Not a matter of confort, but a matter entirely of case law and court hearings, "can it be said that". Said by others, adversative proceedings imagined by each and all of this sad herd of navel-grazing assonauts. So... yeah, I couldn't accuse them of drooling all over me, I hope we're clear on that. They were there coincidentally, hanging out with their coworker, it's all covered, okay ? And I further couldn't accuse them of being really visibly distraught when I slapped my slavegirl's ass, the same slavegirl that came out to check if I need anything during her breather break -- chiefly because "a real man" would never do that ; nor would he mention that they watched her go away with the exact same sighful gaze their earlier exact equivalents shot at the older girls, the ones with actual tits to free during the long summer workhours.vi

These just aren't things you talk about, okay ? And may the night have mercy on the children of the lights -- god knows I don't intend to.

PS. The title discusses the sexual division of labour -- but don't they all ? Oh, and by the way -- would you say it's in Romanian ? Which part being Romanian, the gym or the vidya ?

PPS. Socialism is the system everyone knows doesn't work and everyone knows nobody can fix. That's the entire thing, there's no other substance there besides these simple criteria. It's common for thinkers to fall into the constructive fallacy of presuming something exists just because it has a name (and certanly pantsuitism is all about naming things in the hope this'll make things) -- nevertheless, socialism is merely the ideology of the stupid, it has no positive form, there's absolutely nothing there. Entirely "consists" of the smoke of enumerated beliefs -- that nothing works, and that nothing can be fixed. That's all the "consisting", that's all it is.

Oh, not quite all it is. It's trivially easy to kill, also.

  1. Eerily sounds like roll-on roll-off, dunnit. Well... oxymorons happen, what can you do. Especially across linguistic and cultural barriers.

    Which incidentally also describes the principal roadblock I see to the putative party thing : I have absolutely no intention to move Trilema back to Romanian. This means I'll be writing in English. The obvious solution would be of course to put such in the very party status : all communications to happen in English (and then file clerk-translated copies with the authorities, as the law demands, for maximal disdain points). It'd be cool, yes, and exactly in my style of cool -- create unthinkable items out of a little straw. Nevertheless... I still perceive it as an unpleasantly slippery slope. []

  2. It's a sad little site (representative, no doubt, of the proud nation slash European Union participant), mostly female driven (out of the usual female desperation at male desertion). To quote what I'd guess would be the previous top dog,

    I m , not here so play games. If you want session , you tell me clear what you want , and no problem.
    I m not here so know your situation , life , family , i hate blackmail , jokers ,or talk fancy chat vainly .

    But hey, at least he's trying, right ? Single 40something from rural Romania, possessed of a respectable selection of tools (that cost him a lot more than they cost you) and no particular ideas, certainly no particular facility in expressing them, he's the one master mai acatarii they had prior.

    Other than that, the girlies hang around on fetlife, try and figure out what their "betters" are doing abroad and how to apply it at home. Why do they think precious cuntlet from Washington are their betters ?! Oh, but do you still need to ask... []

  3. Anyone have ready some reference to that hysterical moment back in 2010 or thereabouts, when a poster campaign carried out in Romania resulted in the "Romanian bloggers" declaring importantly that "I'm illegal" and assorted assonautisms ? []
  4. On the first pass I suspect everyone knows it anyway because I've seen it everywhere, an object found synchronically on both sides of the pond can't possibly be obscure.

    On the second, and more interesting pass, however, I suspect everyone knows it because guess what ? Femstate. There's an incredible abundance of exactly one of everything.

    Capitane, nu fii trist, garda merge inainte -- prin partidul comunist.
    Lenine si Staline, or venit americanii -- sa va suga pulile.


  5. The woman wants the kid to get whatever the fuck, and the kid looks to the dad, who nods. Because a well trained slave girl etcetera. Right ?

    There's a lot of such in there. []

  6. I don't remember which Romanian author recounts this incidental, as to how in ye olde days of rural life, before the war, the actual adult young females, getting hot, would open up their bosom to the outside air -- but the younger ones, not yet sexually mature in their secondary characteristics, would very much not, and very much be bothered by this, also. Something with "cit un mar domnesc" and "urla sinul de caldura" in it. An old story in any case.. []
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  1. "all communications to happen in English" - what does English itself have to do with anything? I can't say I'm terribly fond of English and/or see its great merits above Romanian or anything to force it at such level.

    "Please mind luggage left unattended" - cata rautate, ca-i totusi cu virgula si ceva cuvinte lipsa acolo, lolz.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 12 May 2019

    Well, if I write it I intend to publish it, and if I publish it I intend to publish it on Trilema, being as it is the catchall for shit I do. Heck, I was going to have the membership process "show up in irc".

    Nothing's missing, "Stimati calatori, atentie la bagajele lasate nesupravegheate."

  3. Well yes, but it can very well be "in any language the people involved care to use" - pretty much #trilema style after all.

    Lmao. A charitable interpretation would be I guess along the lines of "look out for any luggage that seems unattended" sort of thing. But yes, some very deep unattended problems there.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 12 May 2019

    I suppose... obviously I wasn't about to make nutty rules for other people. But it makes a significant difference if I don't write in Romanian -- consider how the original item that started that discussion would look in translation.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 13 May 2019

    And in other lulz,

    to triple their exposure, why not

    Indeed went from "Persoane active astăzi : [...] (87 in total)" yesterday (Saturday) to "Persoane active astăzi : [...] (279 in total)" today (Sunday).

    Technically slightly above 3x, I suppose, but nobody can be right all the time.

  6. Re: the luggage thing, I suspect it is an ad-hoc orc translation of the U.S. dept of homeland insecurity's train station loltape that plays all day every day, "report all unattended bags!"

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 13 May 2019

    You'd think so, but then again in Europe (Belgrade, Munchen, wherever) you can actually store your luggage, like civilised fucking people -- something the ustards took out like the fucking morons they are "for safety".

  8. The language used does make a very significant difference indeed and precisely because of Romanian being quite a powerful language there is some argument to using it rather than English.

  9. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 14 May 2019

    This is true. Sadly, the putative advantage is all but nullified by the locals being just so damn "clever".

  10. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 15 May 2019

    Well, since they meanwhile banned me (as fucking if, seriously now, I was about 70% of the whole derpy site), let's dump some lulz.

    1. The very divisive humiliation post

    Te si iei cu minurile amintrei si citespatru de cap daca ai curiozitatea sa te uiti putin prin tristetea de profil. Lasind la o parte copchilele neduse pe la scoala si aparent scutite medical de 7 ani de-acasa care pe cale de consecinta nu-si cunosc nicicum lungul nasului nici pina unde sa se-ntinda la figuri & impresii (la o parte zic, pe teoria ca ce-ti pasa tie, nu-i a ta, cin' si-o ia si-o si educa), totusi nici cu dominatii & stapinii nu-i chiar oarzana treaba.

    In ordine asa :

    sever are la profil o poza de-a lui Olivia Rose facuta de MCH
    Virgil76 o gasit si el ceva pe net.
    Leone99 exact la fel.
    tudor1971 o auzit de imagefap.
    IceMan isi face unghiile cu roz de la mina lui de femeie, si-n rest bdsmlr.com.
    SirAlexandros ie fan freeteengalleries.net
    triluta si-o pierdut tate copiile dupa singura poza de la organu' lui de i-o ramas, asa ca nu mai poate face alta, eventual nu cu un cartof, ci se vede silit sa refoloseasca un exemplar mai vechi pe care-l incarcase el personal pe nudistclub.ro ; in fine, el o fi -- macar are minima decenta sa nu se dea de asiatica.
    DarkMind e intr-o relatie deschisa cu o gagica din Puerto Rico.
    david nici nu-si face probleme, cu watermarku' lolsh acolo, da-i sa sune.
    SirPunisher88 o lucrat la FotoArcade, cu modelele lor pe-acolo.
    Monsieur1980 se distra pe vremuri cu Angel Stone, o starleta din anii 90 intre timp de mult uitata.
    Aserban_ se da pe twitter
    freezing_+fog o luat un timbru de la Monica Slavova, ca stiti cum e, daca-i mititel asa nu e furt, e micsorare. Si plus ca se si cunoaste el cu Moni, ca si mine exact si el, pe tate astea nascute in '84 le-o futut in trii gauri. Pai nu pentru egalitate am murit noi la revolutie ?! Ma rog, astia care-am supravietuit zic, restu' saracii...
    CatFantome se stie cu tumblr si simte ca-l reprezinta.
    JackSmith nici n-are greturi, el e patron la sexuallybroken.com, face legea pe-acolo. Iti trimit un script ceva domnu', cu respect ?
    sandu4you s-o servit direct de pe wikimedia commons. Si logic, pina la urma, de-aia o si lasat Belzebut wikipedie pe lume, sa pretinda la stiinta & filosofie tata loaza de grup scolar industrial.
    De Priest nu zicem nimica, ca mi-i mie lene sa caut pe filme, da' aia-i bistos print de pe 30 mm.
    openmindedguy09 atita-i de open minded ca se confunda cu Gabriel Macht, ceva actoras obscur din state.
    De tristetea lu' NYKY_76 nici nu mai povestim, clar ca-i el acolo modelu' de sexshop online.
    dominant86 se cunoaste chiar bine cu JBRoper, mai face cite-o scena pentru ei acolo la Buzau.
    Silvrache ie Muslim Dzhuraev in persoana. Ce-i baiu' ?

    Si tot asa si iar asa, cit te tine rabdarea (pe mine m-o tinut cam o pagina). Tat oameni de 30-40-50 de ani... mai fratilor! Voua nu vi-i rusine obrazului, nici macar ase unpic pe fund ?! Ce faceti daca e de o-ntilnire, decupati un carton, il lipiti pe-o punga de la Lidl si mergeti cu aia pe cap ? Cum poti tu sa-ti zici stapin cind nici la nivelu' de maturitate intelectuala cit sa treci treapta intii de liceu nu te-ai ajuns ?

    'aida... las-o ca nu e nevoie, auzi "dominant". Pune-te Nesigur(a) acolo-se, lasa desenu' ala de default si intreaba cu respect pe oameni chestii, nu e loc de pretentii chiar asa, de sub plapuma din casa lu' mami. Bine ?

    BDSM implica maturitate -- sociala, intelectuala, nu e asa ca simti tu nustiuce prindesine. Actu' de-a te ascunde dupa pozele altuia e ase proba de dominanta cum nici nu se poate inchipui, mai mult nici nu-i nevoie. 'Au nu v-o dat prin cap atita lucru ?

    Si pentru domnisoare/domnisori, submisi si cautatori, s-o zicem explicit : tre' sa fii cel putin palita cu leuca sa mergi oriunde cu unu' de-asta. In cel mai bun (si de departe cel mai probabil) caz iti pierzi timpul aiurea. Pe urma mai dai si loc de snoave triste despre cum erai 100% impostoare si noroc ca omu' cu experienta lui o facut si-o dres, nu mai dau link ca nici nu-i greu de gasit nimic pe-aici din ceva motive.

    This resulted in a humongous explosion of "omgwtfbbq, how dares rich dude come from the foreign and criticise our mutual support filth&stupidity co-op!". A sample (on the general chat) :

    13:41 MASTERC Domnule LordMPofTMSR
    13:41 Justana multumesc de vigilenta, moder
    13:41 MASTERC Cine esti tu oare
    de vii si ne judeci pe fiecare in parte.?
    spui ca BDSM implica maturitate.?
    13:42 Vallandir Buna Ana
    pe aici
    after a long time
    13:42 MASTERC pai fii matur si numai lua toate profilele in parte si ne diseci aici ca un medium
    13:42 Vallandir inainte de munca, asa
    13:43 MASTERC cumva poza mea de la profil este cu Abath.?
    13:43 Justana aham
    vrei cafea?
    13:44 Vallandir yes
    13:44 MASTERC
    Afiseaza Imaginea
    12:45 LordMPofTMSR masterc de tine nici n-am zis nimic. tre' sa intelegi o chestie : daca permiti la toate loazele sa pretinda la egalitate cu tine, pierd in primu' rind subii, care nu stiu cum alege, si-n al doilea rind tu. nu e nevoie de socialism-egalitarism-etc. cine face are si cine n-are... n-are. aia e baza muncii si perfectionarii
    fara aia, se duce orice comunitate-n cap, cum s-o dus asta, si-ajungeti la "petreceri platonice" si ce alte minuni.
    13:45 MASTERC Eu nu judec pe nimeni
    12:46 LordMPofTMSR treaba ta. eu judec.
    13:46 MASTERC fiecare are dreptul la opinie si sa vorbeasca cu cine doreste aici
    13:46 Justana sigur, pentru ca subitii sunt asa niste idioti ca trebuie un idiot mare sa le “deschida” ochii
    13:46 MASTERC greseste il inveti
    13:46 Justana iaca
    12:47 LordMPofTMSR pai numa' aratintu-i ce-o gresit il inveti. ma rog, mai putin in cazu' pizdulicilor obraznice da' capoase, care nu invata cit timp este jeg in jur. da' de ce cureti si ramin singure, se adapteaza si ele. ca de fapt o personalitate proprie nu au, imita si ele forma vasului.
    si atunci intr-un vas bine tocmit n-ai problema aia.
    13:47 MASTERC daca tu te duci la un centru de copii cu probleme , si imparti ciocolata il intrebi pe fiecare copil daca stie limba romana, daca nu stie nu primeste cioco.?
    12:48 LordMPofTMSR copiii cu probleme fiind cine ?
    13:48 MASTERC restul ce primesc ignoranta ta?
    13:48 Justana lordblabla, tu esti din aia buni? cel ce trebuie sa ramana?
    12:49 LordMPofTMSR societatea se organizeaza pe merit, nu pe sentimentu' de identitate intre membri. mizeria se construieste pe ala.
    13:48 MASTERC am impresia ca tu esti ca Zonner ala, nu accepti nimic, si vrei sa auzi orice numai sa fie bine pt tine
    societatea se organizeaza pe merit.?
    12:50 LordMPofTMSR pai ori una ori alta. io accept tot felu', mai putin pozitii neprincipiale, cu case de copii.
    13:49 MASTERC nu stau sa iti dau dreptul la replica
    in fine o zi faina
    12:50 LordMPofTMSR spor.
    12:51 LordMPofTMSR pana mea, daca bdsm-ul ar fi orfelinat m-as duce si mi-as face altu'. ce dracia dracului, cind si unde s-o pus problema in termenii de "s-ajunga tati prostii".
    13:51 Justana pai nu, sa iasa toti prostii
    asa e fain
    12:52 LordMPofTMSR parca si vad minunea. la shibari, "bai tu, ala din fundu' salii, ai dat vre-odata cu funia ? nu ? ia pune mina si rupe-i o mina la asta, sa fie toti copii dezabilitati"
    Ai primit un mesaj privat nou pe site!Click aici pentru vedea lista de mesaje!
    13:53 MASTERC Daca ai bun simt si respect pt. persoanele de sex feminin online, macar cereti scuze , si fii fair play, daca nu inseamna cu tu nu esti o persoana cu bun simt.
    13:53 Vallandir tu ce faci, Ana?
    12:55 LordMPofTMSR evident n-avem aceeasi idee de ce inseamna bun simt. da' a cocolosi scaderile si lipsurile oamenilor nu ie bun simt, e lene si nesimtire.
    ma rog, dorinta de parvenire, sa zicem elegant.

    2. The precious cuntlet scandal

    17:44 LordMPofTMSR practic e sampanie tinuta pe soc, cum se face pelinu' (ma rog, ala e pe absinthia)
    17:44 Justana da, stiu
    de asta am si sters, de fapt
    cunosteam raspunsul
    17:45 LordMPofTMSR a a. ok
    da' zi drept, tu chiar ai 79 de ani ?
    17:49 Justana nu
    18:18 LordMPofTMSR pfoai, deci oarecum intuisem si eu.
    20:26 Justana
    20:28 LordMPofTMSR ai vazut bancu' cu celula apropo ?
    20:30 Justana nu
    20:31 LordMPofTMSR https://www.bdsmro.ro/conversatii/vizualizare/id-501.html
    20:32 Justana
    20:32 LordMPofTMSR hehe
    20:33 Justana pe principiu: nu toti domii sunt domi
    20:33 LordMPofTMSR nici nu.
    20:35 LordMPofTMSR io-s mindru ca azi l-am inventat.
    vorbeam cu o domnita de experientele ei, si noa, o iesit din mine.
    20:38 Justana ce e cu tine pe aici?
    19:41 LordMPofTMSR adica ?
    20:52 Justana adica de ce esti pe site
    19:53 LordMPofTMSR pai m-am intors recent in ro si am vrut sa vad cam care mai e situatia cu comunitatea.
    20:53 Justana aham
    si cum o gasesti?
    19:54 LordMPofTMSR cam lesinata.
    ma rog, n-o fost niciodata ceva asa de sa fie exemplu lumii largi ; da parca fata de acum zece ani s-o dus in jos multisor.
    20:56 Justana si concluzionezi asa pentru ca...?
    19:57 LordMPofTMSR pentru ca asa concluzionez. una e sa ceri o parere, alta e sa ma iei la raport. cum iti permiti, pina la urma ?
    20:57 Justana raport? whats wrong?
    e o simpla intrebare
    se numeste diaog
    imi permit sa l port
    fiindca am minte
    20:02 LordMPofTMSR a se slabi,

    Dork was so blown away by the concept, she kept following me around in public, trying to somehow strongarm me into... I dunno, being impressed with her, I guess. I'm sure the #metoo moomoos would be calling it stalking, if only it were a dude doing it. Sampler :

    12:42 SheWolf Hai ca iar zice lumea ca suntem pe un site de gospodine
    11:53 LordMPofTMSR nuca tango in pizda goala, ne-am scos.
    ie pe topic.
    12:57 Justana nu chiar. fiecare cu ale sale, eu vorbeam strict de prajituri
    12:59 Justana nu mi plac vulgaritate
    13:04 Just_curious Wolfie..fitzar prajiturile sa ti fie...eu sunt cocosat de munca,dar ma gandesc la prajitura din frigider
    12:08 LordMPofTMSR a, vulgaritatile ? de fapt ce cauti tu pe site justana, ceva attention whoring maruntel gen ?
    vezi ca este facebook acuma, is destule pentru pisi.
    13:09 Justana uh, alt dom intelept ce citeste submisele ca pe libertatea
    pentru femei
    13:10 SheWolf LordM ai ramas in urma....pt attention whores exista instagram
    13:10 Just_curious Snapchat nu mai are nimeni?
    13:10 SheWolf (Popcorn, simt oportunitatea de cearta aici)
    13:11 Just_curious Si sa ma intorc la munci..ca e mai interesant
    13:11 SheWolf Snapchat e pt aia casatoritii
    13:11 Just_curious
    13:11 Justana dupa prajiturile alea, nici gand
    13:11 Just_curious Ce bine ca nu sunt casatorit..nu inca
    13:11 SheWolf Ca se sterg mesajele cand ai iesit din chat
    13:12 Just_curious Aha..deci folosesti...eu nici macar
    13:13 SheWolf Am o tipa maritata cu care ma joc
    13:13 Justana lord, vreau sa ti zic ca e vizibil grav din avion your attention need
    12:15 LordMPofTMSR auzi, baga-te-n seama cu mine cind ai ceva substantial cu care sa te lauzi. asa, din albume de poze gasite pe net care simtit tu ca te reprezinta si figuri multe da' ieftinache n-am ce-alege.
    13:15 Wulfy Neata
    13:15 Justana oh, aham, altu’
    12:16 LordMPofTMSR orice pustan de 15 ani ie fix tat atit de justana cit esti si tu, n-ai cum distinge.
    13:16 Justana pisi, hai sa nu poluam chatul cu ce pareri ai tu despre mine - privatul e un fair mod
    12:17 LordMPofTMSR "altu'" auzi la ea impresii. ce altu' tu copchila, ai tu experienta de viata sau ceva acuma, is asa de multi aia trei de te-o bagat in seama de cind ai iesit din liceu, ce tat suferi.
    13:16 Justana in rest, have fun
    12:17 LordMPofTMSR exact asa.
    o vinit domnisoara sa arbitreze ea vulgaritatile-n bdsm. c-o vazut la seriale tv din america cum e.
    13:18 SheWolf Sa va mai pun o imagine cu prajituri?sa va indulciti?
    12:19 LordMPofTMSR baga.
    13:18 SheWolf Sunteti cam acrisori azi
    13:18 Justana moi? eu sunt dulce dulce
    ca o trestie de zahar
    13:23 AlexRott Asa e, Ana!
    13:23 Justana
    13:23 AlexRott
    Buna sa iti fie inima
    13:24 Justana mereu e
    13:27 Justana Uite, avem printre noi un user nou ce necesita, poate, ceva introducere in maniere de abordat conversatii pe chat general. eu sunt imuna, dar poate s altii/altele mai sensibilosi si raman cu secehele si el cu vreun ban gratuit obtinut
    12:31 LordMPofTMSR ie foarte simplu : nu te mai tat baga-n seama cu mine, ca ti-am zis ca nu-s curios. ti-am zis si de ce, ti-am zis si pe privat cind o fost sa-ti cauti de drum, ce-i asa de greu de inteles ?
    13:31 AlexRott Kids.... Cut it
    E momentul perfect sa incetati

    3. Chick from rural Romania suffers meltdown upon encountering the concept of middle class.

    13:12 Milky_Tits placeriile tale care sunt ? sau ce jocuri iti plac?
    12:14 LordMPofTMSR pai eu sunt 100% lifestyle, am sclavele mele, stam impreuna
    nu prea fac asa scene, sa zic.
    13:14 Milky_Tits aa intelg , suna chiar incitant asta
    12:15 LordMPofTMSR nu prea e pentru oricine
    nici macar pentru oricine-si doreste.
    13:14 Milky_Tits da aici ai dreptate
    12:16 LordMPofTMSR ma rog, ca femei zic. ca barbati, e asa un fel de dorinta default sa zic. da' cu atit mai greu.
    13:16 Milky_Tits nu am intels ce vrei sa zici in ultima fraza
    12:19 LordMPofTMSR adica, sa traiesti ca sclava lifestyle nu e pentru orice femeie, chiar nici pentru multe care si-ar dori, ele fiind o majoritate oricum. dar ca master, cam toti baietii/barbatii isi inchipuie ca-si doresc. si totusi, e poate pentru unul dintr-un milion sau ceva.
    13:19 Milky_Tits intelg
    12:20 LordMPofTMSR adica, sa zic ca la fete in 100 30 vor si 15 pot, iar la baieti din 1000 950 vor si 0 pot. asa ceva.
    13:20 Milky_Tits la asta inca nu m-a mgnadit , deci cred ca nu as putea spune daca imi place sau nu
    12:22 LordMPofTMSR apai noa.
    12:25 LordMPofTMSR tu cu ce te ocupi, in afara de bdsm ?
    13:24 Milky_Tits lucrez , la serviciu contabilitate in oras
    tu ?
    12:25 LordMPofTMSR pai eu, noa, is proprietar.
    13:25 Milky_Tits proprietar?
    12:26 LordMPofTMSR da
    13:28 Milky_Tits mai precis?
    12:29 LordMPofTMSR tu, is doua feluri de oameni pe lume. aia care maninca din ce muncesc, clasa muncitoare, proletariatul cum ar veni ; si aia care maninca din ce au. proprietarii.
    13:29 Milky_Tits nu intelg ce vb, asa ca las ca oricum se pare ca nu ai chef sa vb serios
    12:31 LordMPofTMSR eu vorbesc chiar foarte serios.
    13:30 Milky_Tits vb altea sunt prorietar, manca ce au proprietarii suna a baliverne , scuze daca nu pot sa cred ,
    12:32 LordMPofTMSR pai de ce sa nu crezi ?
    13:32 Milky_Tits hai fi serio , nu ai chef de vb si doar de dat in stamaba cauta pe altcineva te rog , nu ma face sa imi pierd timpu inutil
    12:33 LordMPofTMSR tu copila. exista pe lumea asta si oameni bogati, chiar daca tu n-ai intilnit niciunul pina acuma. ce mare chestie ? n-o fi toata lumea sibiu.
    13:34 Milky_Tits hai sa it explic, si oamnei bogati fac ceva , nu sunt lichele care cica manca ce au stapnii, un om bogat a catiga bani din ceva, nu au cazut din cer, de aceea incep din ce in ce mai mult sa cred ca tie iti palce sa te crezi bogat si sa te dai in stamvba, ceea ce ma face deja sa am impresia ca imi pierd timpu inutil
    12:36 LordMPofTMSR bine, aide, chiar nu avem baza comuna de discutie. spor la ale tale.
    13:35 Milky_Tits nu ave, ms de intelger si o zi fain

    4. Mocky-described weirdo (fig 3).

    21:27LordMPofTMSR si-n rest ce-ai mai facut ?
    ia zi din experientele tale de bdsm.
    21:27Bianca99 nu sunt foarte multe
    am experimentat doar soft bdsm
    21:28LordMPofTMSR adica ce e aia, soft bdsm
    21:29Bianca99 iti scriu in 2min
    21:29LordMPofTMSR bine
    21:33Bianca99 gata
    21:35LordMPofTMSR da lol
    21:35Bianca99 soft bdsm este cel fara chestii gen sange,ace,chestii ciudate
    ciudate si scarboase
    21:35LordMPofTMSR e teorii. zi concret tu, "la majoratu' lu' iubi m-o legat de scaun si m-or gidilat toti"
    21:35Bianca99 bine , am incheiat conversatia.
    o seara frumoasa
    21:36LordMPofTMSR noa hat.
    da' e ceva secret sau care-i idea ?
    21:36Bianca99 refuz sa vorbesc cu persoane ca tine..
    si crede-ma am cunoscut destule
    21:37LordMPofTMSR pai atunci ok, ce sa-ti zic.

    I'd say that just about covers it. 1k "total members" (a figure about as reality-based as fetlife's alleged millions) , of which about a dozen fake doms and half a dozen etsy borderline sleeves active to any degree. Item extant since 2012, admin never logs on anymore, they can't organize a munch but occasionally host "platonic parties", ie that Argentine lulz.

    All in all, the whole charade sums so close to zero I really can't describe the differential

  11. Buna ziua.
    Din pacate a fost o gresala a moderatorilor. Am anulat eu banul.
    O zi frumoasa in continuare.

  12. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 16 May 2019

    Dom'le, sincer iti spun ca-i cam pierdere de vreme -- gradinita pentru copii cu nevoi speciale de-ai reusit s-o injghebezi nu-i cine stie ce interesanta, dat fiind ca pe linga faptu' ca-s de-o prostie strigatoare la cer, fudulia corespunzatoare se traduce intr-o obraznicie nepilduita. Si peste toate mai is si lenesi.

    Da'... mnoa, ce sa zic, omu' bun-nevinovat tat are intre alte angarale pe cap si obligatia precit de trista tot asa de neproductiva de-a cerca si-a griji de prostalau' de Abel, fiul bun al cocosatului de demiurg. Prostu' ala caruia cica-i rezerva tac'su imparatia cerurilor. Asa ca hai sa vedem... uite, daca a) banezi permanent atit tuta ceea abuziv-dobitoaca cit si impudentul de moderator ce si-o permis nefacuta ; b) scrii frumos, clar, lamurit si explicit o postare prin care explici gresala, si iti ceri scuzele de rigoare (acolo pe forum, nu e nevoie aici) si in fine c) platesti o suta de lei amenda, ca n-am incredere in pedepsirea numa' din cuvinte, educatia se cladeste pe umilire si durere, tre' sa simta omu' clar cind greseste... pai atunci noa, ce sa zic, m-oi mai loga pe-acolo.

    Da' nu promit mare lucru, dupa material de altfel. Din ureche de scroafa nici n-ai ce promite.

  13. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 3 January 2020

    The girls went to the gym ; upon their return...
    "So I was about to make a deal with the devil while you were gone."
    "Oh yeah ? What happened ?"
    "The deal fell through when it became apparent there's nothing Satan can actually offer."

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