Am mers-n puli, sau Dekadentismus Nudapest-NDSM

Tuesday, 21 May, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Let's begin our pleasure trip with a architectural plasticity!







But what's behind door 42 ? I wonder... ?









In short, livingroom, kitchen, two bathrooms (one of which interestingly separating the shitter from even the bath tub!) and two bedrooms : one large, for me to fuckroom, and one smaller, for slavegirl unit storage. This, then, I shall pronounce travel in style : the Dekadentismus style.

Moving on :




Pulii being not only the best Hungarian traditional restaurant, but also the most Hungarian traditional food. As the expression goes, they're Hungry for Puli.


Further guys hungry for puli.

And now, for the science as well as Fantastiche part of our trip :







That completed, we move on : to scultpure and other interior inannimate arts. Look, tits!






Study in inanimation begets inanition animation, so therefore permit me to sing along with you : Dans ma rue

il y a des gens

qui s' promenent


But tell me, all joking aside... have you in all your born days seen cocotte pareille!


The Romanians are utterly fucked in the head ; but the Hungarians are not. Although half (at best) by population headcount, they nevertheless enjoy a rather lively fetish and BDSM scene. This needn't surprise anyone, especially considering battery chicken farms containing 19-20 million heads could be found scattered throughout North America, yet no serious (or organised) BDSM activities are known among Plato's man. Besides clawing each other's assholes out, of course, of course.ii

Logically therefore, first we went to the munch. Nothing much, and inconveniently organized in one of the cheapestiii dives I've seen in a long time (characteristically, on the wrong side of the river). By consequence, they served no food. What sortiv of munch is that where you can't feed two misfortunate little girls who've been marched for mile after mile, promise of food dangled like a ghostly carrot always further away, meanwhile high heels on granite setts, on les entend trotter les trottoirs dans la nuit...

But anyway, at least it gave bimbo the opportunity to converse with a professional Jane Austin fanfic writer, thereby expressing her profound dislike of the tedium canon in the terms of "they don't even do anal" -- as it happens an expression I've heard before. Perhaps unsuprisingly the math postdoc in question hadn't heard it before, which might've set the stage for some great conversation -- but (perhaps unsurprisingly ?) nothing much came of it. Then we went to the party.







By my lights it was quite successful an affair -- in any case, it kept us occupied well past 2am. Smaller headcount than Buenos Aires (about one-third or so) but way the fuck better peoplev. A very solid mix of older folk, with solid experience and clearly delineated interests (one lady there among the best floggers I ever did see, precise, elegant, the tool within her hand a natural extension like the horse within my knees) and younger folk looking around. The organizer, this young-ish fellow, dedicatedly attentive but utterly unobtrusive -- it's somewhat rare a combination this, but absolutely necessary for organizing BDSM parties.


Dans ma rue il y a des femmes qui s' promenent
J'les entends fredonner dans la nuit

  1. The term denotes penii in Romanian (which term denotes the penis in the plural), except kinda in the same way cunt denotes the vulva. Speaking of which, don't you find it remarkable English has a strong vernacular for the little girls' bit yet lacks a strong vernacular for the little boys' bit ? What's with all the periphrastic nonsense, roosters and whatnot! []
  2. Come to think about it, the image is eminently representative, and arguably closer to the facts of the matter than any possible alternative. As I close my eyes and recall to mind "Romanian BDSM", a whole lot of "bok...bok...boooook bokbok" is really all that comes. To quote a very popular 1800s moron,

    [Orice] totdauna a fost și este peste putință între români, nu numai căci respectul către cel mare precumpănește, ci căci sunt o nație foarte nobilă, care nu putu suferi alt guvern decât cel întemeiat pe caracterul național, cel care organizează egalitatea, adecă democrația.

    What more need be said. []

  3. No, my dear USistani math grad student "living it large in Budapest", "tourist trap" doesn't denote "anything but the cheapest poverty". For one thing, tourists have no money. []
  4. This sort, a buncha weird wallflowers, dwelling internally in the subteranean lakes and ponds of their own mental issues. []
  5. Even spent some time talking cinema with a CD who had actually seen at least a third or so of the films worth seeing (though perhaps in the strangest of mixes, seen Giulietta Masina in all sorta things but not La Strada, seen I soliti ignoti but not seen Io la conoscevo bene, tres bizarre). School today, you know ? []
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