42nd Street

Tuesday, 27 August, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

42nd Streeti is easily one of the worst films ever made.

As a permanent testament to the simple if well known fact that women have no taste in mating, the moronic Irishman with the ridiculous moustache and the wooden face is none-other than Bette Davis' favourite leading manii. He's not qualified to be the figurehead leading a ship into an iceberg face first! Bebe Daniels is easily one of the ugliest short women to ever hop, skip and fart on the stage, and what the fuck is with those eyebrows. She looks like the Großer Generalstab designed them to hang their famously detailed maps thereby. Warner Baxter's principal qualification to participation in this shambling atrocity is the happenstance that his mother was so destitute, they lived in a tent on the outskirts of Frisco for some years, during which time as you'd expect young Warner learned a lot of very useful artistic skills.

Leaving aside the shocking disqualification of the "company", if such a lofty term may be applied to such lowly buffalo herd -- it's not that these people can't act, it's that you're happy if they satisfy themselves with merely chewing out the whole of the scenery, impaling no patrons in their pointy, oversized horns -- the plot makes zero the fuck sense in such an atrociously offensive manner, so replete of cliches and pointedly retarded USGistani aesop wanna-be nonsenseiii... what the fuck can I tell you, the star not qualified to play the fluffer's even in a genuine honest to god early pantsuit at some point.

I hope to god New York had indeed seen "its first triple funeral", sometime prior to 1933. It could've been duodecuple too, for even more desirable end results.

PS. Documentary value, obviously, it has in spades, and may the lord have mercy on your souls. She even fucking brays, under the evident misapprehension she's singing!

  1. 1933, by Lloyd Bacon, with Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels, George Brent. []
  2. O wait, actually, that's not him, that's the other (exactly identical) one. He's the incomprehensible pimp, smiling bovinely at the camera. []
  3. Female achievement is only possible through some other female's contented abandonment into domesticity, didn't you know ? Evil patriarchy demands its sacrifice, so one must go, "hey, you, the ugly skinnier one, go to school, I'll suck two cocks for you tee hee".

    Fucking atrocious idiocy of a complete if insufferable worldview that's meanwhile lost its only supporting pillar -- vast "agreement" among a herd of cows unfit for human speech -- exactly like the current set's irremediably going to... The terms are inadequate! To anything! This bullshit's not even wrong, it's strictly UStardian (aka "American" in-universe). []

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