Titles are a scam anyway.

Sunday, 25 November, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

slut can we sometime go back to that one italian restaurant we went to when i visited? i think its in lindora
Me um ? we never went to lindora keksi

slut hmm. it was the one where you told the guy to give the receipt to his manager... maybe belen?
Me lol. escazu actually.ii

slut lmao. i was gonna say, i can just keep guessing places.
Me i don't think anyone EVER encountered this situation where "hey buster ? there's a COOOOOOSTTTT!!!! to you turning people away". everyone lives in this imaginary lalaland where they're 100% indemnified against all the possible backlash their idiocy produces
slut nah me either. well especially in costa rica.

Me kinda why they're so indignant when they end up fucked for saying the bad on "social media" or w/e.
slut how's this apply? wouldnt that be the one time, theyre met with some 'reality'

Me "i just spent your monthly salary at the place across the street. suppose you just lose your job and the place you're fucking up does better for both more income and less expense ? i totally would run a place like that. end of the month, all the stupid girliesiii would get a BILL.
slut lmao
Me "you want to continue pretending like you work here, this is how much you owe". like cable tv exactly, "workplace as a service". "if you're buying fantasy, you pay"
slut lmao. kind of a hot idea. not sure the practicality of it... do you give the higher performers the money that the idiots pay you? otherwise you may not have a work force.
Me of course you do. it's not for-profit, it's just fair value. literally, "This is how much your idiocy cost".
slut lol right. i'm assuming some beating too, while they pay up.
Me and of course in my world there's no bankruptcy. if your money falls under a threshold, you just get sold off.

slut for saying the bad on "social media" or w/e << how does this apply?
Me some moron will say "niggers suck" on twitter, and then his boss (who is trying to value signal to that dumb bitch in procuring) is gonna fire him. and the fired dood is gonna be o noes, muh rights! i was kidding keks! etc.
slut thats what people get for having social media. but i see your point.

Me not because he's some sort of conservative who actually hates blacks ; but because he's an ultraliberal moron who really bought the whole "you're 100% indemnified from anything you do or say having ill effects!" believe women crap. ie, thought #metoo privilege actually applies to him too. but obviously it doesn't. because indemnifiying people is fucking expensive. and so there's going to be some choices made.
slut lol. right. kinda funny no one even uses that argument. for people shouting metoo, what can they say once that cards played.

Me "yes, she shouldn't bear the consequences of dressing like a whore and going to a party to get drunk ; but this doesn't mean you shouldn't bear the consequences of pissing on some random dude in the street"
slut lol fine example
Me "she was asking for it, just like you. but only in HER case this magically ''shouldn't matter''". which is the point -- any sort of "not blame the victim" is gonna be some hypocritical bs like that, "oh, SOME victims".
slut isint that how its always been?

Me sure. i don't dispute the facts ; i dispute the inane idiocy coloring morons put on the facts.
slut which is the point -- any sort of "not blame the victim" is gonna be some hypocritical bs like that, "oh, SOME victims". << right
Me right.
slut oh ik. its now just multiplied and under the microscope of idiots in the pen. everyone's running in circles tied to the pole.
Me something like that. anyway, it's kinda funny to me, all the would-be libertards going "o, this new socialism sucks, puts women first". holy shit, their indemnifications ARE CHEAPER. that's how roosevelt socialism works, "everyone gets everything eventually -- cheapest ones first keks"
slut lol. never looked at it that way
Me right ?
slut interesting, i suppose to those at the bottom, cheapest dosent matter.

Me people generally have no fucking idea what anything costs, because people generally live in this imaginary world caught between the above discussed hallucinatory indemnification from the bad, on one end, and an equally insane "all things come from prayer" on the other end. nobody earned jack shit in fifty years, ever since roosevelt everyone just turned in his govt issued scrip for whatever the provision store had in rations. and nobody's had to eat the downside of his own choices at the very least since clinton.iv so no, nobody has a fucking clue what cost even is anymore.
slut hm

Me but if you think about it, evidently it's way the fuck cheaper to say "all women are indemnified from the sexual service they owe", than to say "all men are indemnified from all the beatings they're due".
slut haha true
Me cuz wtf, women don't generally have the guts (i suppose if you're a woman you'll say "the interest") to get into any serious trouble.
slut what do you mean by the last message, get into what trouble?
Me well, in the first case, dress like you do, go to some "party", get plastered drunk, start making out with some dudes. "oh, doesn't mean i should wake up fucked" "like hell it doesn't".
Me in the second case, go to baltimore blast "niggers are dumb apes" from car while circling wherever lafond lives.
Me "oh, doesn't mean i should get beat up"
Me ooooofcourse it doesn't...

  1. Office drone park, nothing but Toyota-powered traffic jams and shitty franchised stores.

    Por algo es Toyota! []

  2. I went in and sat down. Maitre d' came to explain that "que pena", they're reserved. I left, went across the street, when done came back, gave the guy the receipt while looking at the still-empty "reserved" booth. Let him wash his head with it! []
  3. My slaves are under standing orders to harangue to tears any and all "professional" 30something females they run into. You know the kind, busybody "receptionist", "office manager", whatever the fuck. The sort that'd have been a helicopter mom were she born before her world ended -- but as it is, stuck with surogates for her only useful role in life. []
  4. The "one democrat who fixed the economy", ie, ladden the banks with all the nigger debt they couldn't carry, because "blacks can be homeowners too". Nice going btw, how come nobody got indignant at Billy boy and his democrats during the bailouts ? Oh, cuz everyone's too dumb to understand a cause, stuck chasing effects all day long ? Awww! []
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  1. Titles are a scam?! MILK is a scam!

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    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 25 November 2018

    I see you are current on Usagi-Ito calculus.

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