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Thursday, 23 August, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Me how did you sleep, whore ?
slut meh

Me heh.
slut crying a lot today. how did you sleep?

Me great. and why is that ?
slut my leaving is being announced, anxious about everything

Me you mean at work ? i thought everyone was ever so supportive & jealous.
slut yeah no one has said anything. i just didnt realize how much people liked working with me etc. not that it matters, but its a lot of change
slut no one has said anything negative*

Me hehe. well... tell me something. isn't it, practically speaking, betrayal, that these fuckwits DIDN'T tell you, before you left ? utter asshole play, "oh, while she's here ima keep it quiet, if she leaves ima say something."i
slut yeah thats true and im sure its about the amount of work they will have now.

Me "i only do things if it's my direct interest" sorta thing.
slut true

Me "while she's here who cares, not like it gains me anything. if she leaves though..." i fucking hate this sort of thing. then again, i guess most people aren't all too sensitive to it.
slut what do you mean re arent all too sensitive to it?

Me well, i am generally more than willing to tell people to get fucked over something like that, and then make it stick.
slut lol

Me i imagine if more people did it, the behaviour wouldn't exist, as -ev. but since it's there, evidently it's +ev. the sort of people being that kind of asshole are very sensitive to expected values.
slut thats true... what is -ev and +ev?

Me there's this thing called game theory. like, a meta-approach to gaming. -ev is negative expected value, ie, if you add up all the results, you end up in the red.
slut oh

Me like, driving on sidewalk. it's -ev, because while you do gain something maybe for going faster, you lose more by killing people.
slut yeah i see

Me the fundamental point here, that you probably never thought about, is that thinking about other people as "people" is a losing move in most contexts. a much better approximation is to think of them as automatons, that try to make bank. so they'll do what pays and not do what doesn't pay. not necessarily "pays in money", but "gains them something"
slut yeah of course

Me so it's very easy to deal with people -- set the ev correctly and wait. that's why i don't have nearly as much anxiety as you do. but corporations are different. take your employer for instance : the fucktards just lostii, and they're going to be in denial about it. pretend nothing happened, try and carry on, etc.
slut do you think i would normally care? im just being dumb and emotional right now. lol

Me i have no idea what you think "normally" is. i don't know you long enough to know what normally is.
slut oh great

Me hm ?
slut i understand people have selfish intentions and especially after working hard to do jobs no one wants to do. its not something that would "typically" bother me

Me that's not it.
slut what is it then?

Me hard jobs that a) no one wants to do and b) no one wants to PAY YOU FOR DOING
slut oh well yeah. lol they gave me a higher position title with no raise.

Me that's the fucking thing -- they all want to play this fantasy WoWoW, where a) someone else always steps in to do the hard jobsiii they don't wanna do and b) they owe them nothing for this. this'd be exactly why i have 0 respect for esltards. it's not "fairness" or "socialism" or "money doesn't matter" or "think of the baby dolphins" or however they misrepresent it to themselves. it's "you, not me, has to do the hard work" and "i don't owe you jack shit for doing it". which... how about they take a hike, who needs 'em. which takes us right to what the republic is : the people who CAN do the hard jobs had enough of doing them so morons benefit, so they banded together to cut the morons out of the loop. and that's who's raping you anallyiv : this guy who invented the place where the elite defect. and that's also ~what your job will be : find yourself a place, your own place, on the island of people who can do hard jobs and don't allow the morons to benefit from it. how about that!
slut how about that.. and how do i do that?

Me well, you're a smart girl and you've got no less than two lords of the republic helping you. so i guess you'll figure something out.
slut yeah its just a little concerning for me

Me whyssat ?
slut i know nothing of it, i know hr and immigration and im good at that

Me don't worry about it.
slut thats all im doing

Me it'll be painful, but if i thought you couldn't do it i'd say. o btw! ready to update your linkedinv ? or wanna do it when you're back from work ?
slut ugh

Me :D
slut this soon?

Me well sure!
slut i thought i was still training to be a slave? we wouldnt want to you know give me to much credit yet.
slut i still think id make a good lawyer

Me can you believe, how the rollecoaster just keeps on going ? "lyfe of adventure" or how did they put it.
slut lol yeah but what about after i leave work?

Me well, you either do it now, before you go, so you can spend the time at work wondering who looked/saw it (spoiler : nobody). or else you do it when you're back, so you can spend the whole day fretting about it.
slut lol it sends an update to everyone when your linkedin changes

Me even so. much fewer people give a shit about the social crap than you realise.
slut yeah except the 200 plus views i get on postings or profile searches. which is almost all of my "connections"

Me then again, maybe more do than i realise. i guess we'll find out, if you do it now :D sexy huh.
slut is it to early to drink?

Me not as far as im concerned.
slut lol

Me lol
slut whats sexy again?

Me this, basically.
slut basicallyvi huh?

Me how your asshole is twitching etc lmao. think, slut! exposed for the whole world to see, for the bimbo that you are. WHAT WILL THEY ALL THINK!
slut yeah only everything ive worked hard to build a reputation around and a name for myself to people i respect. the bimbo you made me, no?

Me yup. didn't take me that long, either. don't you long to wear high platforms and go around with no bra so people comment ? omaigerd!!! what have you gotten yourself into !!11 ELEVENTY
slut lol sorry im slow i keep putting my head in my hands and shaking my head

Me :D
slut i just added like four people on linkedin. and it didnt take you long because i have no choices

Me you mean since we've been talking ?
slut lol since this morning. since people found out im leaving

Me oh. i thought you went there and added people to make the humiliation grander :D
slut uh its a lot, not sure howmuch more i can take.

What do you think ? How much more can she take ?

  1. This cuts deeper than you on the first pass realise. Really, it's an "unfortunate coincidence" that "all those great minds" of "history" were "not recognized during their lifetime" ? It absolutely has nothing to do with your own and personal, and very pedestrian "best wait till he dies to '''recognize''', lest that recognition creates some obligations for me" ? Hm ?

    Yeah, right. []

  2. Epic lulz of all time, this. So these dorks, best and brightest of Inca's businessmen fired a whole department figuring they'll dump all the work and some idle titulature on this one subby chick they had. Except she had just managed to get herself enslaved, and so their Sunday business lunch consisted of some very overwhelmed pantsuits. Corporate reorg, amirite ?

    The one thing that's never ever getting reorged is the idle airs of the imaginary person. It ain't ever going to come on hands and knees to its superiors, is it now. []

  3. Really worth a read in integrum, that Ballas piece.

    But we want him to exist. This generation, this, The Dumbest Generation Of Narcissists In The History Of The World, they hate heroes-- except dead ones, they're ok, and superheroes are ok too, people with magic or from other planets-- but human heroes are anathemas, they want to tear them down and show them to be regular mortals, flawed-- and the best is if they can catch them being hypocritical, nothing brings an impotent narcissist to orgasm faster, even faster than cheating wife stories, than detecting hypocrisy in the elites.

    What they don't understand because they are stupefied by their jealous hate is that the real reason they want to show that heroes are flawed is because that would mean that heroes exist in the first place.

    Gran Torino is a gift to the jaded narcisissist of today. It says, look, there aren't really any action heroes, violence really doesn't solve anything-- I see that now.

    Ok, but what happens when violence finds you and a hero is needed?

    That's why the end of Gran Torino fits so well-- this is a *spoiler*, though they don't so much foreshadow this ending as they do scream it at you from the opening scene-- he goes to confront the bad guys and dies in a hail of bullets-- the end which is so obvious and predictable but at the same time the only one that would speak to this generation of narcissists: when we need a hero, heroes are obligated to rise up and serve, but please have the decency to die afterwards so we can go back to second guessing the ethics of your actions.

    We hate to be reminded that there are others who are better than us; but, for the love of God, please let there be people better than us.

    Right ? []

  4. Direct quote from the previous day

    i couldnt sleep thinking about being anally raped, you know :)

    Believe it or not, she didn't even bleed. []

  5. Historically, this linked to the slut's profile on that pretentiously derpy website, because it showed her career as slave to yours truly ; they deleted it quietly hence, and well... that gone, what other claim to fame do they have ? []
  6. "Basic" is a term of art among the 20something crowd. []
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  1. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 7 August 2019

    Updated to remove the linkedin direct link. As per usual, the republican threat was "handled" poorly in pantsuit media.

  2. This makes me sad... funny how humiliation always turns into attachment. Also,

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 August 2019

    Well... maybe not always.

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