The Community of Division. Or, Puteria y Verduleria.

Sunday, 30 December, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


As the Italians say, "cominciamo bene". In fact, the rains have washed not merely chunks of road here and there (a good half dozen places directly visible in a day's driving) but an entire alpine pasture, a good few acres. Gone!

That's the volcanic cycle, you know, rocks get spewed up with lava only to be slowly washed back into the ocean with rain. What can you do ?

Move on, I guess :


Welcome to Divison, the community. Problems ?

Well... whatever they may be, they're nothing the mists of time can't fix for you.




Category: La pas prin lume
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  1. I __(verb)__ that's the famous MadLib Division.

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