The bitch doth protest two woof.

Sunday, 18 November, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

How about you drop whatever it is you're doing and dedicate your life to serving me ?

LordMPofTMSR Not even kidding.

bonesthehyenai Very ballsy of you to ask. If you took one second
to look at my profile you would see that I am owned and collared.
You are disrespecting my Master. As a self proclaimed "Master"ii
you should know that you should not approach someone else's sub
without the Master's permission.

I will kneel to NO ONE but my Master. And I am loyal to Him.

Even if I was not owned, you have not earned my respect
or trust that is needed for me to serve someone.

LordMPofTMSR That "earning" is your job, that's what you do as a sub : you put the work into figuring out why I'm actually the Master, and some random dweeb you happen to be loyal to because he happened to be there when you opened his eyes can't be, no matter how much proclamatory work you put into it.

Supporting reading : to the first point, and to the latter.

bonesthehyena I have shown absolutely no interest
in finding another Master or speaking to you.

LordMPofTMSR While this is true, it is also entirely irrelevant.

bonesthehyena You make assumptions
about my Master, yet you do not even know who he is.

I will not submit. You do not interest me.
If you think I would bend the knee so easily you are delusional.

bonesthehyena Tell me- why do you want me to be your slave?

LordMPofTMSR Eh, this "don't know who [truly] is" bla bla... of course I do. Not in the absolute sense autistic kiddos imagine trumps all, but in the practical sense. On the basis of what I see of him I know as much as I need to know. For instance, I know no battery chicken at the poultry farm is piloting aicraft, notwithstanding that I don't personally know any of them in any sort of sense or to any degree they themselves would deem satisfying. What, I have to fuck chickens to know they're no airplane pilots now ? Nonsense.

And I really don't care what your intrests are, or how you misrepresent them to yourself. Fate took a hand, and gave you an opportunity. Whether you live up to it or fail is entirely your own fucking problem, stop trying to include me in it.

bonesthehyena You seem to think so highly of yourself,
yet you chase a pup that is loyal to someone else.

How nice of you to disregard someone else's interests...
You want to own someone that doesn't want
anything to do with you? You want to own someone
that is not loyal to you?

You made the move to message me. You asked for this.

You're really stepping on some toes here.
I suggest you learn how to back off from
subs that are owned.

> You want to own someone that doesn't want anything to do with you?

Not at all.

> You want to own someone that is not loyal to you?

Certainly not.

> You made the move to message me. You asked for this.

What is this, abuse 101 ? I didn't ask for "this" ie your inept attempts at reducing the world to absurdity, "how about you explain to my why I'm interested in X" nonsense. Nobody can explain this to you ; you're to take the time and examine X and discover why in point of fact you are interested. The contrary conceit, where people "explain to kids why math is interesting to them" and similar crap has resulted in an innumerate generation.

I step on toes for a living, yours aren't even that impressive in the larger scheme.

bonesthehyena I will also not be owned by someone over the internet.

Because totallies, you know ?

  1. 20F "pup". Which... yeah, I believe, seeing how the girl's profile lists dozens of pics of her in various elaborate dog costumes and scant much else. If you don't count the few pics nuzzling with a german shepherd, so... yeah, I also assume she's been well knotted by this point. []
  2. I have no fucking idea how this contingent of idiots came about or why they think their nonsense sensible. "As a self-proclaimed non-idiot you should know we idiots agree non-idiocy carries potatoes in its pockets" ? What the fuck sense does this make! Someone somewhere actually thinks dominance is instituted by a collective vote or what the everloving fuck is going on at the rettird farm! Why should I know or care what their imaginary "if I were a rich man" stories say! Because that's just how things are or something ?!

    And yes, I notice even if I gloss in amused silence over the "as an x..." retard device, sister trope to "once upon a time" and "you must understand that...". []

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7 Responses

  1. Hey asshole, do you know anything about pup play? It doesn't involve real dogs, you uneducated ingrate. A simple Google search would tell you anything you need to know about the kink.

    Your shitty blog is abhorrent and you should learn how to format a webpage so it doesn't look like a 14 year old in 1996 designed it. You're an absolute degenerate.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 13 January 2019

    I'm sorry, is the objection here something general about imaginary categories, "pup play" or otherwise, or is the objection here something particular about imaginary categories, such as "Anon", "my Master" and so forth ?

    Because it seems to me entirely possible the moron doth protest too much as a sideline show to the bitch in question.

  3. One wonders if "a google search" told Anon everything he needed to know about the lulz.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 13 January 2019

    One also notices you forgot to thank me for the links, you ingrate.

    Perhaps a quaint if classical "peace be upon him" coda after every reference to the Prophet ?

  5. Ars gratia artis.

  6. Check him out, Anoning without badges. Weak play costume, bro.

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 13 January 2019

    That might be the most obscure burn ever burned on the Internets.

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