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Monday, 15 October, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

October 6th.

esthlos :

nicole :

- Phf assists Mocky with proxy connections for Qatar
- Mircea_popescu discovered that wireless cards on laptops work with os wireless drivers from only a 3-6 month period from when they were released
- Diana_coman will be working on the regrind of eucrypt for keccak
- Discussion on how, things work until they don't
- Linux kernels stop working for unknown reasons
- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "no human invention was actually useful. just relatively useful"
- Discussion on piaget and wikipedia's inaccurate interpretations
- Diana_coman provided an update on the keccak .vpatches for EuCrypt
- Phf wants to move vtools to keccak and requested forum suggestions
- Mircea_popescu made the point that, "you teach people by permitting them to get themselves caught"
- Asciilifeform does not approve of's grammar
- The new v should represent the deletion of files
- Discussion on best approach for phf to pursue regarding deletions and renames, creations, and diffing

Reliablyi we can conclude Piaget was discussed on October 6th.

October 5th.

esthlos :

nicole :

- Hanbot posted media outreach rough drafts for review
- Mod6 posted that the October price point for Pizarro will be $6170 per BTC, based upon negotiation with Jurov
- Mod6 and Jurov negoaited a deal 'behind closed doors' based upon the coins being sent first and Jurov can mitigating the FX
- Discussion on the disadvantages of not being transparent when negotiating price points
- Business belongs in forum
- Mod6 was attempting to act in the best interest of Pizarro by still trying to get fiat with no responses in the forum
- Bidding should be done publicly in the forum
- Mod6 reached out to several people in private for possible bids
- Public bidding narrows the margins
- Mircea_popescu made the statement that, "The way auction will work work, is that you will be able to both sell and buy any one thing you wish, also for ecu."
- Discussion on how auctions should work in the forum with ECU/BTC
- Pizzaro's auction process is clarified
- Lobbesbot will announce auction status hourly in #eulora - lobbes manual has more information
- Bingoboingo provided an update on where the shit drugs are located
- Mircea_popescu requested diana_coman to implement a crc32
- Discussion on drug trade logistics and plants
- Mocky asked for a suggestion on web proxies for Qatar

Reliably : hanbot wrote a draft for some outreach item ; there was a dispute re mod6's pricing of pizarro services ; at least diana_coman works on crc (possibly with ave1, possibly on crc32 specifically) ; something to do with drugs (possibly opium specifically).

October 4th.

esthlos :

nicole :

- The majority of articles reported in University newspapers are of “hate crimes”
- Mircea_popescu made the point that, the reported hate crimes are an extension of social payments and done so for continued government assistance
- Bingoboingo’s alma mater has cut the philosophy department in half and added only one new professor to the faculty
- Discussion on us universities steady decline
- Nasdaq website lacks any real information and instead provides commentary
- Mod6 ran bot command to report on invoices
- Diana_coman’s tester has produced almost no errors
- Discussion relating to an article, which addressed how apple and amazon denied that Chinese spies implemented backdoor chips into their hardware
- Discussion on building Eulora’s wot
- Searching on the internet probably does not happen anymore and most content isn't worth reading
- Mircea_popescu made the point that, freedom was never the problem
- Asciilifeform explains the meaning behind loper
- Discussion on best approach to outreach

Reliably, that I said that either grievance studies or social crimes are really [system-maintaining] social payments ; that Nasdaq doesn't know what it's doing (possibly in the sense of website lacking any real information and instead providing commentary) ; diana_coman tested something which might have been udp and might have worked well ; there was something about chinese spies, backdoors and denials ; alf explained "loper" ; outreach was discussed.

I confess I enjoyed this exercise, of pretending like we're doing cultural archeology for a moment here. I hope you have too, and I further hope it was productive as well as pleasant!

  1. Reliable reports are reports that appear in all sources. Laugh not, for this is how early text exegesis works. The relevancy of the pericope adulteriae, for instance, is judged on such criteria as "1,495 Greek manuscripts include it in whole or in part, whereas 267 do not include it at all".

    Yes there's also the observation that oh, "P66 and P75 are more important sources than minuscle 223 (notwithstanding how beautifully illustrated this latter item is!)", that's true, but...

    What can you do ? And is there a Q-source ? []

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