Take a Pacific piss like a boss.

Friday, 13 April, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So we went walking for miles upon miles of entirely desertedi beach, then went skinny dipping in the primordial Ocean. It was fabulous. We jumped all the waves worth jumping until both my legs gave outii, and then sat and watched the Sun set into the ocean, and little crab guys going about their businessiii and so forth.


"I wonder how many people's ideal life I'm living", she inquired, and I suspect "most of 'em" doesn't even do the situation justice.

Anyway, we'd have also had marshmallows on the fire, but notwithstanding that the marshmallows were packed, and skewers for them were packed, and coals for the core of the fire were also packed -- someone forgot to pack the 190 proof alcohol we use to start the blaze. But we're going easy on her, which is why my floor's now covered in candle wax.

Speaking of which, here's some shots of the ocean's bounty :


What the hell is that, you ask ? I have no bloody clue, except that a week or so ago, while walking through the city I perceived an inconceivable piece of gnarl in the gutter. I thought it might be an alien horror insect at first, but then upon closer examination we discovered it was merely an (in)fortuitous arrayment of plastic debris.

So today at the beach, we perceived this bit of gnarl, and imagined it's just some sort of improbable assemblage of refuse -- except on closer examination it turned out to be an actual bug. Do you think kitty'd like to eat it, hm ? HM ?



Spiked shells! And a merry Thursday of Joy to you too!

PS. You pick a girl and say to her "kneel here, I wanna piss on you". She kneels in the low tide, and licks your stream while you get her hair or tits or whatever it is you're getting. It's good for her!

But do you know how you turn a girl into a mastoton ?

  1. Except for a couple of dweebs at one end.

    He, evidently gringo, had parked his cheap-ass Toyota "truck" on a sandbar from whence they had paddled helplessly a few steps towards the water, like a coupla amateur penguins.

    She, plainly latina, sported a decent build but, suspiciously, sand on the knees and nowhere else.

    It's not like they were doing anything, but they were bothered enough to make one suspect they might have been and well, we let 'em be. What can you do ? []

  2. The sluts work out twice weekly, and it fucking shows, by the way. Used to be the case that I'd place my palm on the small of the back of seated girl and she couldn't stand herself up against it. These days... heh, good fucking luck with that. []
  3. Even picked up a little hermit guy and flew him over the lengthy foot to where three other guys in similarly sized shells of different kinds were doing some kind of orgy thing.

    Oh, and chased one of the kind that lives in a hole, he was very displeased by the whole affair, and deeply coral all over. []

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  1. The insect pictured is a Harlequin beetle. The biodiversity in that area of the world is incredible; more horrors await...


  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 13 April 2018

    Thanks for that, girl fell asleep searching for wtf it might be.

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