Mr. Dilworthy falls in some bad company.

Saturday, 17 February, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Mr. and Mrs. Dilworthy had signed up about six weeks prior to a novelty mail-order course, "How To Gangbang Your Wife". It seeemed to them an innocent caper, one of those futile moves worn-together couples may engage in safely and from a distance ; but then one thing led to another and here they found themselves today, in their everyday livingroom, but in the company of two young gentlemen : Shaun (not Shawn!) and George. They did not really know whether the names were genuine or invented for the occasion, nor did it really make so much practical difference. As Mr. Dilworthy reclined on their sofa, the Mrs straddled him, at their visitors' instructions, on her knees. They had enjoyed but a few strokes of this common domestic congress when Shaun presented his respectable endowment quite in Mrs. Dilworthy's face (and, in fairness, mere inches from the Mr's). To the latter's genuine surprise, she swallowed it up ravenously, with an unartful eagerness quite contrastant with the lukewarm disinterest she had previously professed over the intervening weeks ; mere moments later he felt her wince over what was directly confirmed to him a violation of her innards that he himself had never yet partook in. Her rectum evidently swelled to accomodate George, whom he could rather immediately if somewhat innervingly feel rubbing against his very own presence inside his very own wife.

She was limp and relaxed in his arms, swaying gently with the motion of the two men ; but presently George leaned and whispered in her ear, and she, looking down into her husband's face with infinite, tender loveliness, soon raised his head slowly and with the softest of gestures until the point of his nose was firmly anchored in Shaun's own anus. Mr. Dilworthy kissed that taint, and then, under his wife's insistent grip licked the ballsack that was connected by a thick, long shaft to the head she herself suckled on, and licked and kissed like a long lost, perfect lolipop of youth. The feeling of being thus connected to his wife was quite elating, in a very pure, spiritual way ; so pure and spiritual in fact that Mr. Dilworthy felt his own erection subside, and eventually fall out of his wife's dripping slit, slowly pushed out by George's steady piston just as Mrs. Dilworthy herself was being raised from atop the couch to a standing position.

She briefly rooted around behind the couch, out of his view, inside a large gym bag Shaun had carried in, and presently Mr. Dilworthy felt the volcanic burn upon his own crotch. In his own wife's loving, tender grip his balls and shaft caught the cold fire of vaporub, evaporating his manhood to a most boyish proportion. After working the needling agent thoroughly into every pore and crease, her fingers found the space between his skin and that most delicate tip of any man's organ, and after a short break (no doubt needed to reload her fiery cargo) slathered that secret crease in such generous globs as they could at the outmost carry.

Mr. Dilworthy gave out a yelp and looked up at the Heavens in expiation, only to see Shaun above him, holding a leathery contraption. The device turned out to be a mask, one that completely covered the scalp, the eyes and ears, the nose and cheek, leaving only one round opening around the mouth. It was of quite solid construction, Mr. Dilworthy soon found out, and it closed tightly around the neck with the click of a lock. Simultaneously with that click, a different lock closed on his body, ensconcing his chemically reduced penis into a metal cage that promised to keep it into that cute if diminutive shape forever. Just as Mr. Dilworthy opened his mouth to cry, or protest, or perhaps whisper some sweet nothing or another, his wife's end of the great thick shaft propped itself inside his mouth, while his wife's dextrous finger found his asshole, and blessed it with the same unction as had prior graced his frontal organ.

Mr. Dilworthy buckled, which was all the better, as it allowed him to be turned about and set face down on the couch. A good solid leather brace bound his arms tightly together behind his back momentarily, from elbow to wrist. Evidently it had a good solid handle on it, that George grabbed good hold on, and in short order Mr. Dilworthy was swaying gently to the rythms of the two young men, just as the Mrs had, seemingly mere moments prior ; and just as her, he was limp and relaxed in their arms, dribbling indistinct juices impotently from all his useful holes.

Evidently someone had forgotten to lock the door, because as he came down from the first elation incumbent in the intoxicating taste of quite so forbidden fruits as these, Mr. Dilworthy became dimly aware of his wife being quite thoroughly used in the same manner as himself, for one, and of significant changes in the tools probing both his uvula and prostate, not merely as to shapes and sizes but also in style, and rhythm and countenance generally. He had an overpowering sense of fullness, and then after a time he couldn't readily quantify he also had the sensation of travelling and being moved, on his own feet as well as in some kind of vehicle or other, perhaps a number of them really, and of breeze, and open air, and sun upon his skin, and dampness of cellar walls, and various textiles, and plastics, perhaps rugs, or bedsheets, or maybe park benches or who even knows.

Neither Mr nor Mrs. Dilworthy were ever heard from again, so take indeed good heed, kind reader, afore signing up with your esteemable wife to such offerings as "How to Gangbang Your Wife", be it a course by mail-order or otherwise, lest you suffer the same fate as poor Mr. Dilworthy's!

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