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Sunday, 29 July, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Leaving the title aside for a moment, I ate, for the first time in many years, some scrumptious offering of the USGistani packaging industry. Top shelf, of course, specifically Jack Link's Meat Snacks Beef Jerky Teriyaki. Because whatever, the girls are looking for ways to stuff more protein in their diets (100% shrimp breakfasts and such may not be enough, you never know) and it idly occured to me, as I was perusing the nut section. It seemed a good idea at the time, there, in the store, what can I tell you. So I bought the damned thing and had one small piece. It tasted sorta odd, I didn't have another nor thought anymore of the matter. That was this morning.

This evening -- I got fucking dysentery.

I can't imagine how the zeks eat, seriously now. Just how can anyone handle the "processed" in USG soylent if a five gram serving does that to a body ?

But moving on,


Laugh all you will, but when you're done tell me this : whatsoever breedy, howsoever seedy, how oft've you met lawyers that weren't also greedy ?


Let us quote from my prophet :

Se stinge prestigiul britanic!

Orgoliosul drapel a cărui singură fâlfâitură făcea până îeri să cază-n genunchi nenumăratele seminții nedomesticite ale Africei și să-și plece fruntea cele mai mândre neamuri ale Europei, falnicul drapel care ducea în vârful suliței sale lumina civilizației până în cele mai întunecate funduri ale continentelor, sigur că n-are nimeni să cuteze a nu i se-nchina, — drapelul Marei-Britanii este sfâșiat, tăvălit și călcat în picioare.

That was a good century ago ; as you can see, there's not so much left by now.

Progress, amirite ? Technological, socio-economical as well as otherwise!



Above as below, the great benefits (socio-cultural as well as technological) of open air sewage. But we repeat ourselves.



Yes, little girl, the elkvis, it is in the bus.


Just a little something for some whore you don't know.

Spoiler : spealing opptional. Spilling mandatory.


Sometimes the "Policia Metropolitana" gets in the way of the street peddlersi ; or vice-versa.



Above (and macro shot below) : technologia!





A bright fellow, wings ragged by the ongoing storm, awaits better days ; and don't we all.

  1. The general accepted convention of the land seems to be that through buying a blanket, sheet or any other square or squareish matter of fabric, plastic, cardboard or pretty much anything else, one also acquires an immediate, royalty-free, permanent, unassailable and indefeatable right&license to spread it out anywhere they damn well please, and especially in narrow sounds of heavy pedestrian traffic. Solo bueno. []
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6 Responses

  1. shinohai`s avatar
    Sunday, 29 July 2018

    Any idea what the pictured butterfly is? Appear to be of Parides genus, but not sure which. I have a Parides montezuma in my collection, but these have no yellow on the wingtips.

  2. @ Shinohai,

    I would guess Melanis pixe (Red-bordered Pixie) from the family Riodinidae. Do you mostly collect butterflies/moths? I used to have a collection eons ago.


  3. shinohai`s avatar
    Monday, 30 July 2018

    @ Slag Good eye, it indeed does appear to be Melanis pixe!

    I have a very modest collection, a leftover hobby from teenage years - mainly indulged in because stuffing birds is too tedious. :)

  4. @ Shinohai,

    If you enjoy birding with a heavy dose of sarcasm, you may like Seagull Steve's bird photoblog (http://seagullsteve.blogspot.com/). He's an ace at field identification and the photos he captures are pretty incredible. The running commentary that usually accompanies these images is definitely worth a chuckle. :)


  5. Wouldn't you think he'd call himself "Steve Seagull" instead of "Seagull Steve"?!

  6. Costa R I C A

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