Further Argentine weird.

Friday, 19 September, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Part I, written.

Her Oh yeah there was a big commie demonstration at the Congresso as I went by.
Me lol samba si trabajo no ?i

Her No, these are commies. Trabajo si samba no. For some reason all the political groups here seem to have a tiny front of European descent locals backed by a freaking horde of natives looking disassociated but wearing the tshirts.ii
Me A ok.

Her Pero dootdooo, doot doot doot doot do DOOT doooo...iii
Me Cierto.

Her Y por siempre!

Part II, visual.


Criminalistica Bonbon. Life Group Accidentologia Vial. Profit. Win.


There's a Beatles museum in Buenos Aires, consisting of one Rodolfo Renato Vazquez' collection of "memorabilia". It proudly sports Guinness Book of Records certificates to be "the largest in the world" with 5`612 pieces in 2001iv. There's all sorts of crap in there including : a chunk of sidewalk ; a cheap dress qualified by the important measures of being made out of cotton and carrying a mass-produced imprint of some sort of Beatles-related design ; various plastic molds more or less in the general shape of Beatles related airport shop novelty items ; trophies given to a room in Buenos Aires by various anon orgs in Buenos Aires ; a mass produced Beatles-themed Monopoly, a Beatles-themed boombox with vinly platters, some pictures autographed in the past two decades by people who I've never heard of and whose relation to the band is at best tenuous ; a supposed autograph of John Lennon, in the form of a picture of the man in his mid 50s and with no visible writing ; some girls from the 70s that I never heard about, dressed. Stuff like that.

The most valuable items in the collection being some records (including the sparse, text only, no-GUI, user-unfriendly "The Beatles" one), some celuloid bits from the making of Yellow Submarine and I guess if you spin that way "the only officially sanctioned Beatles wig". Here's a typical example :


That'd be the "Original Programme of the Showing of the Yeah Yeah Yeah film in Buenos Aires Oct 2, 1964". And yes, they've misspelled Dingo's name :


Those Mingo Rosa peppers, forgeddaboutit!


  1. Samba (as in the dance) yes, work no. []
  2. So very unlike Hope&Change.org. No, really. []
  3. They have this one theme that everyone knows, eight bars of herpy-derp and THAT IS THE THEME! Of everything. It's the theme of Argentina losing the WC, it's the theme of Brazil being sent home ("Brasil, decime qué se siente / tener en casa tu papá"), it's the theme of protesting against budget cuts and against taxes, against noquis and yankis, it's just the theme of everything. If you can't make shit rhyme on that scheme you're never going to amount to anything as far as local public discourse goes here. []
  4. Recertified in 2011 with 7`700 items, a probably rounded figure printed on shittier paper but with a more "up to date" design, pretty clearly signaling the slow but sure collapse into eternal night of that particular novelty shop. Speaking of which, did you know one of Warren Buffett's more important investments of the 70s was Blue Chip Stamps, a discount stamp company ? It was discretely unwound in the 2000s, for very little money, as part of the baron's ongoing struggle to maintain his unshaking trust in the, how did it go, "bright prospects of US ingenuity" or something like that. []
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