Carnes, mas o menos.

Monday, 07 May, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : Allez, venez, milor'...


Above, the proceedings of the so called "7 Edicion de Arte y Piel", celebrated (that's how they say! what can I do!) "sin discriminacion de nada", y con 3 salidas Pinup, Rockero Gothic y Traje de bano. No, seriously.

In actual cold reality the whole thing consisted of a half dozen retarded kids in street clothes posing for facebook (depicted, indistinctly above, sorta to the right) and a larger bunch of retards applauding each other for no comprehensible reasons, undepicted inside the room to the left. I saw better attended middle schooler birthday parties thrown by and for entirely impopular middle schoolers.

Among this later set one single maybe-fuckable girly, in a cheap imitation corset (or overpretentious belt, it's hard to say). As it happened Hannah was wearing her (authentic, whalebone) corset, so it made sense to me to send her over to tell girly that a) she loves her corset, b) we're going for cheesecake and c) inquire whether she wants to join us. Girly didn't want to, because she wanted to hang there with her friends. As they say, the mistake and its punishment are indistinguishable in all ideal systems ; but be that as it may, while my valkyrie crossed the floor in the middle of their "awards" "ceremony" completely ignoring the dork with the microphone and hit on some girly right next to her dude (who, predictably for the class, turned to glass, looked not left nor right nor breathed a single whisper), I was pointing and laughingi at the very pretentious "high class" blondie across the way, for holding on to a microphone and a length of wire not connected to anything. See, her cameraman left, but she wasn't quite prepared yet to ditch the trappings of her achievement. Did you know she's a reporter ? Hm ?

Well now you do.

Below, carniceria competition, downtown San Jose, Costa Rica, leat 2018. Who do you think is winning, "Carnes y algo mas" or "Carnes Milor" (which, incidentally, is almost certainly a reference to a 1950s song by Edith Piaf that has practically speaking absolutely nothing to do with anything).



Above, the definitive word on the matter -- we're totally gonna have to vape now, because chicks in almost topless!!!

Below, the Electra.



Above, good news. Maybe the Electra to come will even include a topless vape shop!

Below... well... we woke up in the sticks, what can I tell you. In case you were wondering what Costa Rican gopniks look like... well now you know. No, I have no fucking idea why they hide behind the trees either. Must be the parrot blood, ie, singele de papagal.



What do you think "slums" means ? Is it "dangerous", or is it "those people have it rough" ? Because that chick was pushing the hell out of that stroller uphill through the gravel...


Above, as all below : ain't the world pretty if you're not stuck anywhere ? Cafe pura de altura, bitches!!!



boeuf-11 prenez bien vos aises ; vos peines
sur mon coeur
et vos pieds sur mes cuisses

  1. The crowd was getting a little angry, I guess, because they probably overheard any of a dozen "bad words", the sort that come freely out of me in social situations like so much manna and ambrosia -- but of fucking course they weren't going to actually do anything about it. []
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