And in today's lulz, the obnoxious cocksucker.

Friday, 09 March, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu



**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Thu Mar 8 23:44:02 2018

* [xnite] (sid129583@gateway/web/ Robert Whitney
* [xnite] :Helsinki, FI, EU
* [xnite] is using a secure connection
* [xnite] is logged in as xnite
* [xnite] End of WHOIS list.

Mar 08 23:44:03 <mircea_popescu> hey
Mar 08 23:44:18 <mircea_popescu> are you the irc-source owner ?
Mar 08 23:44:47 <xnite> ohai, yea is there something that I can help you with?
Mar 08 23:45:37 <mircea_popescu> perhaps. suppose i push some bitcoin dust your way and you replace the bs patreon links with a "sponsored by Trilema" footer link instead ?
Mar 08 23:57:25 <xnite> It's tempting, but I can't do it. Thanks for the offer, but we already have methods of becoming a sponsor. I'd like to give that opportunity to up to 10 groups/companies/people through patreon. I hope you'll understand.
Mar 08 23:57:58 <mircea_popescu> you really figure you're big enough 10 different companies will give a shit ? nuts. anyway, gl.

**** ENDING LOGGING AT Thu Mar 8 23:58:07 2018

Don't be this guy. Seriously now.

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