What did you expect ?

Friday, 31 March, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

As I'm sitting at the table, kitten comes wandering by. So I slide a felt tip pen over the surface and poke her, in the pubic area, around the hip...

"Why he accosts us! And why so many accostments in general!"
"Well you're parading around naked, what do you expect ?"

"But I have no choice! Does it make it better ?"
"He has no choice either."

"I suspect that the same unsavory character is orchestrating both of these..."
"Did you say unsavory because I'm sweet ?"

"Yes. Yes I did. That's exactly what I meant."

Meanwhile at the same time,




The lady, whom I understand to be named Kate Spade, hath quietly delivered a dressed three year old boy over coffee. Now that's genital competence for you! Her skirt's not even ruffled!

As the Romanian expression goes, sa fiti iubiti!

Category: Zsilnic
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