Various multitudes

Wednesday, 06 December, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Since BB just published some shots, I was energized to also unload my camera card upon the expectant interdarks.

Multitude class A : a multitude a graves.


If it's called a murder of crows, is it then a copse of corpses ?

Multitude class B : a multitude of... dwellings, let's say.


This is the standard of construction here : gas-formed concrete bricki walls with one angle sheet metal roofing. Everything looks like a cheap barn, including the police station in the more affluent neighbourhoods, most restaurants and so on. It's cheaper, and what do they care if the wind blows in ? Free HVAC, it's not like the atmosphere ever goes out of its strict 20 to 25 Celsius bounds.

The Duckitude


There was also a goose, but I cropped it out of the shot.

Multitude class D : a buncha los angeles.


Multitude class MUIE : a collection of toxic fake news media and its chumps


Can you believe that tanchetaii tencuitaiii belabouring under the misapprehension that she's like female and things ? Let's take a closer up look :

Actually, on second thought, let's not.

Multitude class 0 : here's a multitude in general.


This is Avenida Dos, where most of the slutwear shops are located. Amusingly, they all offer ~the same merchandise, which changes every coupla weeks or so -- I guess whenever a new China boat shows up.

Multitude class F : a mob of rebellious Latino teenagers.


Yes I know they look just like a buncha dorks, but believe you me they're thoroughly respectable future citizens of great cool. Heck, even those seemingly ridiculous cheese graters they bear are in fact traditional Molotov Kitchenwares.

Y u no believe ? Justin Belieber!

Multitude class G : a large variety of names to choose from.


Yeah, that's right, they're in highschool. And the year is 1957 or some shit. Latinos.

Multitude class H : an assortment of shiny brass trimmings.


The singularity :


This helpless looking bug patiently rode the car bus all the way around town and then back up the hill again many hours later. All that for a garbanzo!

And now in closing...


  1. AAC, Autoclaved aerated concrete. []
  2. Romanian word, diminutive of tank. Just as wide as a tank, but entirely useless on account of light armor and lighter armaments. Basically, a tankette. []
  3. Folk Romanian construction technology requires a layer of plaster on all walls prior to the application of paint. Wallpaper is not permitted. Wainscotting is niggardly (in this place understood as North Western, catholic or in any case unitarian and perhaps even Hungarian). The wall'd better be brick, by the way, if you know what's good for you. []
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