Un borghese piccolo piccolo

Saturday, 28 October, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Un borghese piccolo piccoloi is an extremely violent film ; so drastically violent I don't expect it could be either made (or, for that matter, enjoyed) by the mainstream of today. It employs the classical Italian cinema trick of wasting the first half hour with minutious, elaborate tedium simply to build the wallpaper against which your blown out brains will most elegantly contrast later on. You'd think these people heard Symphony 94 in the key of benedction and nothing else as children.

The implicit thesism may grate towards the very end, but then again art entirely without intent is neither readily accessible nor easily made nor, I suspect, worth the effort. In any case Sordi's filigreed work is a lot closer to actual art than say Villaggio's perfectly equivalent, but drastically squalid, thickly fingerpainted dramolettas.

Definitely worth watching, in the sense that there's so much crap under the waterline out thereii, pretty much anything floating's worth a gander.

  1. 1977, by Mario Monicelli, with Alberto Sordi. []
  2. Earth's face is 80% water ; but Art's face is closer to 99% submerged. []
Category: Trilematograf
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