The socialists pretending to relevancy

Monday, 23 October, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

La caduta degli deii is a failed attempt by Visconti to enshrine some of the alt-truths of socialism into art. Just like the other one. Or that other one. Or all others, extant or possible, because socialism is abhorent to nature itself by its very nature, and so it can't work in art anymore than it can work in reality.

The first big lie on the conveyor belt has to do with women. Specifically, a woman properly behaved, as educated by the proper world, before Germany succumbed to the socialist nonsense, pointedly chooses her mate over her spawn. This is not what the socialists wish to hearii, and so pliant Visconti purports to convince us white is black, up is down, right is wrong etcetera by spuriously spit-gluing incest to the display of sanity. Supposedly if you're a mother who stands by your man rather than by your child, that child'll turn out a useless pedophile who'll rape you. Hurr durr and a bottle of piss, as if it weren't plain as day, both from direct observation in any of the socialist gardens to date as well as through it being the most obvious evidence directly accessible to even a little bit of rational effort that no, that exactly on the contrary -- the path to obtaining a useless pedophile that'll rape you is by standing with your child, instead of standing with your man. But whatever, if you repeat a big lie often enough it becomes truff, amirite ?

The second, smaller big lie has to do with the state. It is a needed falsehood, readily proposed by the pliant Visconti, that it's not socialism generally, be it in the national-socialist version of Hitler, or in the soviet-socialist version of Stalin, or equally and exactly the same in its ourdemocracy-socialist version of Roosevelt that follows the ancient ditty,

Comunismu-ntii te-ajuta tac-tac-tac, si apoi te executa pac-pac-pac.

Supposedly it's only the national-socialists that deliberately cultivate the vices of the young to have at the ready unthinking automatons with which to replace their elders whenever those elders show signs of waking up. Certainly not soviet-socialism, amirite ? And ceeeehehehehertainly-erlier not our pantsuited democracy-socialism, definitely not. Right ?

As before observed, the principal advantage of well made socialist propaganda pieces is that they are about as ethically useful as an actual treatise of ethics reliably bitswapped. You know how the village of liars is not composed of people who always speak the exact opposite of truth, as that'd be rather the village of the maladroit truth tellers, but instead it's the village of people who unreliably tell the truth ? Here's the most amusing tragedy of all time : the socialist's attempts to lie artistically only ever work at all when they reduce to the work of maladroit truth tellers. When they flip all the bits, not just some of the bits, then they produce strange, but capable to stand on their own works of art. Never otherwise.

And of course those works of art don't therefore ever serve the purpose as the socialist had imagined it, because they're too readily usable by actual people to find actual truth in actual beauty.

It sucks to be the execrable avatar of damnation, what can I tell you. And they try so hard, too! And it never comes to anything! Who could possibly need more amusement than readily provided by watching the devil try to argue the light off ?

  1. 1969, by Luchino Visconti, with the crew of The Night Porter. []
  2. As it gets in the way of their surrogate for actual humanity, that star-shaped "future" "society" so very typical for every socialist work of any sort or kind. []
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  1. Well, there's a reason they focus on the College kids. Getta couple years of social engineering outta dem and den dey go reddit or dey go in da discard pile.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 10 April 2020

    Speaking of which, should be fun to see how the coronavirus of college debt works out. The whole multi-trilion pile was unserviceable even before, back when supposedly there was an economy ongoing. But with school out...

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