The fag joke.

Tuesday, 28 February, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Shit. Now I have a hole in my thigh.
Maybe we could put something in it. Like a tiny flower bed...

A dop ?
Or a dop, yes... or maybe a framed picture.

That doesn't sound so bad...
Whose picture would you like framed in your leg hole ?

How about the cast of All About Eve.
The principals or everyone? 'Cause if you put Marilyn Monroe in there it'll just be all about her.

She wasn't in there.
Yes she was. She had a bit part

That wasn't Marilyn Monroe, that was her twin sister.
Oh, you mean Marilyn Monshroe?

Edna Monroe.

Isn't that terrible ? Edna Monroe.
Or you know, Fanny.

That's not so bad, it just means ass.
Yeah. Why is it okay to have the name Fanny, but nobody's named Tush ? Or Heiny ?

Sure they are.
Who? Where?

There's Latoosha.

Queen Loofah Latoosha.
You mean Queen Latifah? Hahaha, that's so much better. Is the hole getting bigger?

It's not a cock.
Maybe if it gets big enough you could fit an entire studio crew in there, with the dolly grips.

Dolly Parton and the Dolly Grips! That'd be a good name, don't you think ? Especially if they were all lecherous like, on the poster. Schlllll!
Too bad she has no imagination.

Eh, none of them do, they're Americans. Ffrrrrgarhorwh. Hey, why isn't it Burp Bong ? Wtf King Kong, bullshit.
Burp Bong? That might make a good King Kong horror movie for stoners. Would he be green?

Yeah, and he'd be cheaper too. And he'd go like ffrrrrgarhowrhrh.
I think he already does that.

I don't know about that holding some girl in his palm thing though.
Why wouldn't he get a girl?

Wouldn't he'd rather hold a fag?

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