The Fabulous Baker Boys

Saturday, 18 March, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Her Did you have a good day yourself?
Me Not bad. Had seafood paella. Very good. Nice Vincente Lopez restaurant. Mebbe we check it out sometime. Great OJ also.

Her Oh cool. They boasted a lot about that huh but I never had it. You never did guess what kinda fair is in the town square atm btw.
Me Argentinian Trabajadores fair.

Her No. It is ridiculous and not enraging.
Me Bird toiletry fair.

Her No.
Me Conch hat fair.

Her Lol no. Think reeeeally why the fuck would you have a fair.
Me Cow fair.

Her Nop!
Me Goat & sheep fair.

Her Nop. Want a hint?
Me Hint fair. No I could be here all night! Casette tape muzak fair. Left hand car doork nob fair.

Her Lol. It has three colors: red, yellow (some people refer to it as brown), and white.
Me Lung disease fair.

Her Wtf is a doork nob!
Me Door knob!

Her This is supposed to be fun for the OTHEr PerSoN!!!
Me Inventors of ancient Italian dishes fair.

Her Kehehe. I guess you're mildly closer than you've otherwise been there.
Me Obscure brand of sweetened herb liquor fair.

Her No! It is rrrrreally basic.
Me Various girl undergarments and garlic fair. Robinete fair. Fair of cut vegetables in which faces can be perceived fair.

Her Beetter guessing!
Me Fair of roaba.

Her Hahahaha. Vegetables one is closest yet
Me Surubelnitair.

Her Aaww if only
Me Sock holes fair.

Her How the fuck would that go? Isn't that air is normally?!
Me Like any Argentina "sexy" party.

Her Ahahaha. No, but they did have traditional dancers, which imo makes it even more ridiculous.
Me Partially burned birthday cake candle fair.

Her Baaaaaasic
Me Job fair for employment and perspectives in life.

Her Basicer!
Me Fair de pisos.

Her Ahahaha. Basicer!
Me Bitch fair.

Her So much basicer
Me Fair of aromas.

Her Closer but BASICER.
Me Colorfair ?

Her Nop, they are tangible things
Me Dude wtf, aroma and color are the fundamental properties of quarks. It ain't got no basicer than quarks. Misguiding, misdirection and trickery fair.

Her Lol now I wish it was a false accusations fair. But no!
Me Italian fair of Italy and Friulia.

Her It is a fair of tangible things which are very basic and come in red, yellow (or brown), and white! Theeeeink! It's ridiculousssssh
Me Cheese fair plus red things. O wait. Acceptable immigrants fair ?

Her Do ridiculous and preposterous mean the same things to youh? Ahahahaha what! If only the whole thing'd been an elaborate setup for Rickles whammy.
Me Hm. Wut is basic and comes in red yellow and white. Horse fair ?

Her The things don't move
Me Horse can not move, to be on fair ? Mushroom fair ?

Her Closer. But that'd be like... possibly interesting.
Me Washroom fair ?

Her Wtf how do you go from mushroom to washroom! Closer in kind you nut!
Me Turn the m upside down. Nut fair.

Her And the u to an a?! That's two things!
Me No it's same SOUND

Her Theink! It's the kind masterly, the KIND!
Me Meat fair ?

Her Goddamnit you know exactly what fair it is don't you, and you've known since yesterday too huh.
Me Mmm, cucurbitacean fair.

Her Wtf meat is yellow anyway.
Me Bad meat.

Her No, but I did see another wonderful rainbow in same spot today. This place is like rainbow vista cucamonga.
Me Lol! Ok I r given up.

Her Nowai. You'd so have it!
Me Nowai fair.

Her ONIONS. There's an onion fair.
Me Ooooo. I knew this since yesterday.

Her There's literally like 1/4km of motherfucker

Me They have it every year. I also knew it since 2005.
Her ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Me Are you red white and yellow yet ? :D
Her This is some bullshit!

Me Also you're late and you've got cum on your upper lip.
Her God that movie was bad.

Me No I liked it.
Her So then it was bad + you liked it

Me It's like... risque.i
Her It was risque?! Fascinating. Oh, is it because of the awful feelings song?

Me I'm really excited because maybe he fucks her. Because of certain comments I have observed.
Her If that line was "you're late and you've got gum on your upper lip" do you no longer like the movieh?

Me No longer like.
Her That's pretty interesting.

Me Great fucking line, dude. Pity they didn't actually have the fucking sense to add it in.

This has been the official Trilema review of The Fabulous Baker Boysii, the 2017 edition. Thanks for tuning in!

  1. At some point we were driving through New Hampshire when it became apparent we'll need some prints, as in, on paper, so we stopped at some printing shop in some random small town, I checked whether they had a decent plotter and gave the girl the stick to print shit out. She came back 15 minutes later saying that the images "are too risque" and they can't print them. Can you believe this shit ?

    Ever since then her dumb ass and the idiotic expression stands in my mind for this particular side of petit bourgeois idiocy. Imagine that, incorrectly arranged pixels, she's a conscientious objector clerk! []

  2. 1989, by Steve Kloves, with Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeff Bridges. []
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