The boundless burden

Saturday, 17 June, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Twas said in the logs,

lobbes << amusingly, this is great for pharma-coin though; 1) sell the "ourdemocracy you-are-worth-it-and-can-do-anything" message, 2) create populace of people that end up 'depressed' and feeling 'unfulfilled' because they are fulfilling their natural role as non-human, but told otherwise, 3) extract $>sustenance in form of 'anti-depression' drugz
a111: Logged on 2017-06-14 15:27 mircea_popescu and the whole story of "oh, 1800 style squalor and poverty and five points erradicated!!! great ourdemocracy progress!!!" is really just very caked on masking upon the base fact that "we redirected all resources away from fun, so that now there's nothing to do but wait to die a la
lobbes starting to grok how bone-fide slavery is actually the 'more humane' model

mircea_popescu lobbes o ya.
asciilifeform dr. mengele was a saint and humanitarian compared to the folx presently in the saddle, aha

mircea_popescu the whole thing revolves around the valuation of lying. for the people that judge lying as a primum malum, proper slavery is the more humane model. for the people who judge lying as the primum bonum, the us/sui nonsense is the more humane model.

mircea_popescu in the end the question comes down to, do you feel like a man, or do you feel like a woman ? just don't lie to me or lie to me prettily ?
lobbes makes sense
trinque all the insanity around "identifying as" points directly to it. most folks *cannot* form an identity outside being told what they are. having been told incoherent nonsense, little wonder the starving creatures flail for control of the mechanism. the drugs are in that sense the same as the "I am a pony", both towards a feeling.

mircea_popescu yet this is not ideology, but biology. if you have a sexuate species, then THEREFORE you will have a female (defined as, carrying the burden to term). as you've made this a biological necessity by your "sexuate" ideaii, it then follows that about half the population will enjoy the passive benefit of the other half being fucked over. as in, bars would be a lot fuller and service a lot crappier if women also crowded them. and therefore, the female will want to be lied to prettily. because lied to she will be, and she knows this. there's no way to window dress the cost of sexuate reproduction into anything else. though they try. and so...
trinque puts the female behaviors in context. "I'm going to be parasitized as a matter of course, better fatten up, hide, etc"

mircea_popescu yes. things make perfect sense once one stops trying to lie about what they are.

While all that is true, and a lot more besidesiii, it's still not the whole picture.

Consider this : if you've made your species sexuate, and thereby it followed you'll have a female, and thereby it followed the female will store fat and be slow and physically ineffectual as her bones will be optimized for parasite supportiv rather than locomotion and so on and so forth : it doesn't just follow that culturally she'll live her life fettered in a pen somewhere while the males go roaming about in the garden. Culture at least you could revise (so you flatter yourself in thinking), but it doesn't stop there.

Because if indeed you've got a sexuate species, it then therefore follows that it is more productive to do the searching in the male genetic space than in the female genetic space. What do I mean by searching ? Oh, you know, "wut does this purine base do", random recombination as is at the basis of all evolution. And of all cancer.

It then so happens that if we normalize female fenotypical variation at 110% (in any field, note that we're making no assumptions as to whether this is height or ability to thread needles -- whatever the defined skill, whatever the considered ability, the model stands for all time) we'll measure male fenotypical variation at something around 125%.

What does this mean ?

It means that in a sexuate population and for any arbitrarily defined ability, should you measure five females and find three at 10, one at 9 and one at 11, when measuring five males you will likeliest find one at 12, one at 11, one at 10, one at 9 and one at 8.

Then what happens irl is that the 8 male dies, because the minimum level of the ability required for maintenance is 8.4, and your population of 9 (55.(5)% female) will exhibit an average male ability of (12+11+10+9)/4 = 10.5, and an average female ability of (11+3*10+9)/5 = 10. That's 5% better males on average. At anything.

At anything.

Numbers don't lie.

Numbers don't lie.

Not mine, at any rate.

There you go, that's the shit gift that just keeps on giving. What now ?

  1. There is absolutely no aspect of anti-human sovietism that has not been imported and is not being applied by the "ourdemocracy" failed empire of evil, from New Hampshire to Arizona and from Norway to Portugal. Review the period discussions as to "why the Soviet Union is evil", and check point by point : no property rights (implemented as "anti money laundering"), no legal rights (implemented by the soviets directly through "administrative procedures" and by the soviets 2.0 through a whole array of direct and indirect approaches), no personal rights ("Freeze!", yes ?). There. Is. No. Difference. You are living in the Soviet Union little girl. []
  2. Which is a tremendous idea, as far as the technology of life is concerned, which is why sexuate species took over. []
  3. Have you ever stopped to notice that the biological cost of copulation (considered strictly in terms of venereal disease -- and yes, there is a great reason to limit the consideration such) is a degree of magnitude greater for females than it is for males ? Yeah, that's right, there's a reason "guys don't like wearing condoms" : it is an item they wear principally for the girls' benefit, and while this would not be a serious problem in a sane culture -- healthier girls just means healthier fucks for all so what's the problem (which is why they don't bother me) -- the esltards also don't live in a sane culture, but instead they live in a mendacious piece of shit where folic acid is added to the flour they eat so women can have non-deformed babies notwithstanding it increases their gastrointestinal disease and perhaps slightly cancer incidence. Which, again, wouldn't be a problem by itself, but they are also lied to about it -- about what it is, what it is for, etcetera. The pile of "lied, yes, but for own good" is so tall even the more reasonable portions chafe something fierce.

    That is what you get for lying to people -- agents so irritated they will engage in -ev behaviours simply to be rid of your dumb ass masquerading as a face-with-mouth arrangement. []

  4. Not just by having a hole in the pelvic floor as large as possible without the organs outright falling out (and still in plenty of older women they do fall out, which is why prolapse is a word), but also through having the bones constructed more like a reservoir of lactation calcium than as the steel reinforcement of muscular concrete. Which is why osteoporosis is a word. []
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  1. Sadly, long before the magic moment when "the 8 male dies", he had already worked for a while as a "neutron absorber", dampening the effective horsepower of the 9s, 10s, etc.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 17 June 2017

    Maybe so. In any case this denues the socialist aggenda. Can't have real equalitarianism male=female without out and out 8-catering, no child left behind and bullshit. Which is why the pretense that Bush was somehow "republican" ie "not-pantsuit" is so utterly ridiculous to the thinking mind. They just work different sides of the same socialist ratchet is all.

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