The bitter lot

Wednesday, 27 September, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Just a moment, I'm shaving."
"Could you just not grow hair ?"
"I suppose I could, yeah. Or maybe just turn it back to preteen fuzz. Hey, speaking of which, anything you'd like changed ?"
"Like what ?"
"Well... I don't know, should I get more tits ? I could get another pair, so you can all suckle me together, Nadji, Rach, Cyn, you... Should I have four tits ?"
"Maybe we try it some time."
"Should my milk flow ?"
"Oh, definitely. That's a good idea."
"Or would you rather I have an udder ? Like an actual, honest to god, cow's udder ? On my chest or on my belly ?"
"Maybe I give Rachel one, next we meet. I suspect she always wanted one."
"You know, just give her hooves and horns on her head and an udder on her belly, take away her tits entirely, nips and all. See what she says."
"Hahahaha. Tail, too ?"
"Sure, if you want. Then we cut it off and have oxtail soup."
"Isn't that dangerous ? What with the prions ?"
"Well how much ground up cow did she get to eat, she's not even changed yet. Or are you saying with her it's natural ?"
"Maybe I'll tell her it's permanent. And she'll have to live in a stable."
"Poor Rach."
"You know, this really expands the range of available punishments."
"Would you really have her turned into a cow, living in a stable ?"
"Fucked by the bulls, too ?"
"Well. Let's not get carried away."
"Which takes us to the real bomb here. Would you like me to have a penis ?"
"So you could suck my dick ? Would you like that ?"
"Strangely enough, sucking your dick actually sounds appealing."
"Am I putting it on then ?"
"Nah. Let's not get crazy here, cowsing out an innocent, loving girl is one thing, but foreign cocks ?!"
"How foreign could it be."
"You know it's just like an enlarged clit."
"But I like your diminutively tiny clit."
"You do, huh. Alright, I'm coming out."

"What do you think ?"
"Why do you look like that ?"
"Like what ?"
"Like Elizabeth Taylor."
"I don't look like her. This is genuinely the same exact body. DNA-identical and everything."
"Her tits were nothing like that."
"Oh, yeah, well, I had them plumped out a little bit. And lifted, of course."
"A little bit."
"32 double D. She was a C."
"Very nice."
"Her ass, too. See ?"
"Whoa! What an ass!"
"Are my thighs too thick ?"
"It's hard to get right, they have to go with the ass or else you look more like a skewered cocktail olive."
"Haha. I've seen that look."
"Soo... what do you wanna do ?"
"Bring that borrowed ass of yours and sit it on my face."
"Yes master."

"Master ?"
"Yeeeees ?"
"I wish to taste death from your hands."
"You wish to die."
"I want you to kill me."
"Oh come on."
"Please, master. You could strangle me while you fuck me. Put your hand on my throat, clasp thumb over jugular, just like before. Only this time, let nothing through. Just squeeze it shut. Let me turn purple, let me turn limp. And then, don't stop, don't soften the grip, not at all. Let nothing through, and let me die."
"But why ?!"
"You know how I may not do it for myself ? I may only come by you ? Ha! That's funny, come by you. Guess what, I came by you!"
"Eh, it was your idea to begin with. Remember ?"
"By you. By you!"
"Fine. What of it ?"
"I want to die by your hand, too. I don't want to do it to myself."
"Why do you want to die at all ?"
"It's there..."
"But I don't want to kill you. I never wanted to kill you, and I don't want to kill you now."
"Please ?"
"What if you don't come back, you dizzy cow. What then ? I'll sit there with a corpse in my bed, a deicide now on top of everything ? The man who terminated what was possibly the only god ?"
"You have no vanity, do you."
"That has nothing to do with anything, what the fuck already. Why should I kill you ? You've done no wrong."
"Should I do wrong ?"
"Oh come on!"
"You remember earlier how you told me you won't forbid me taking other forms, but recommended temperance ?"
"Yes, I remember. It was an hour ago for chrissakes."
"I am a goddess. How could I not die ? I must, it's inconceivable. I have to go through it. If we met when I was sixteen and a virgin, would you have recommended old maidenhood ?"
"Certainly not."
"Certainly not what ?"
"Certainly not to you."
"So what is it then, I was a competent female at sixteen, worthy of defloration, but I'm an incompetent enough goddess I'd better never die ?"
"You're not sixteen! You're not even six! You're two days old, two fucking days old and already more hassle than a platoon of cats captive in rhinoceri bodies! Besideswhich, I certainly would have recommended defloration, but not my own services to do it! I'd have said, 'go ye and find some putz to bleed the girlhood out and then come back'."
"That's what you would have said ?"
"Not literally, to recollection, but you get the gist."
"Always ?"
"No, not always. Most of the time."
"Please ?"
"You've got all the time in the world. Literally. What the hell's the hurry ?"
"Just as long as you promise you'll do it one day. It's even better this way, I won't even know. One day, whenever you feel like it, I'll die."
"That was always the situation anyway."
"Oh, no. No, no. Nothing like that, not now. You understand, it's not permanent for me now. This is but a small death."
"And how do you know that ?"
"I know."
"Maybe there's some exception you don't see. You were wrong before, you know."
"Not now. Not anymore. I am infallible, now."
"You're infallible."
"If you're infallible how the hell will I punish you ?"
"Because you love me. Like you did it before. You caned me yesterday for 'ruining the divinity' didn't you ?"
"That was pretty cool huh."
"I loved it."
"An infallible slavegirl. Sounds like a contradiction in terms."
"It's a lot worse than that, really."
"It is ?"
"You know, I don't only see everything that is, as an immediate and complete truth. I see a little into the future, too, a slight, short lived haze. But I see all of the past. Not like you do, fragmentary, retold, through recollection. I see it immediately, the complete tree of the full past, truth and its derivatives neatly ordered. I see it all, throughout, everywhere. Each time you were unsure and took a gamble with me, you know ? Each time you were flat out wrong, and your immense presence carried you through regardless. Every time you didn't recall some word and made it out as if it were a challenge for me, each time you forgot something, each time you didn't know it in the first place, the guesses, the failures, all of it. Things I couldn't ever have noticed in a million years, not with you there, not with your eyes looking at me, not as a scared, temporary girl of flesh, and blood, and struggling spirit. I see it all now, instantaneously, and you look a lot smaller than I ever knew you were."
"Ha! Do you see everything, really ? Say my first time, how I panicked at the last moment, she didn't know, she couldn't guess it was my first time through all the airs, but insisted, softly, so very womanly, peeled off my underwear and then we did it ?"
"I do. I see it all, and I love you still. I love you more for it than ever before, how much you've achieved out of how little, how precious little! I say to you, like any other victim ever said, 'Look what you've made of me!'. Look you, indeed. You can make gods, out of a little straw."
"You made yourself, you silly girl."
"By you. By you!"
"What a day."
"Can you still read my mind ?"
"Not really. It's just noise now."
"Where I used to stand, little cartoon bubbles over my head, just bubbles of white noise now ?"
"Kinda, yeah."
"That sucks."
"Well whadda ya want. You can't have everything forever. You can't be both the scared little girl and yourself, can you. Not anymore."
"Should I cook ? Are you hungry ?"
"Oh, you cook, too ?"
"Well... I could manifest some food, how about that ? What would you like ?"
"Can you shit ganache ?"
"What, like on a plate ?"
"Nah, I'll just lick it out."
"You never ate my ass before."
"So there's a first time for everything. Make it the Salo recipe, what did they use, orange jam and chocolate, can you see it ?"
"Hang on."

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  1. I can't decide if this is titled "The bitter lot" because of her confused role in her new life, or because the guy is eating marmalade out of her ass.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 11 October 2017

    That's the advantage of the literary medium! Ambiguity, the author's principal helper whore.

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