Teenagers are a pain in the ass

Tuesday, 26 September, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"You have to go to school."
"Why do I have to go to school ? I suck your cock well, don't I ? All the way ? You said so yourself. And I take it in the ass. It doesn't even hurt anymore. I love it in my ass now. And..."
"This is like saying you're the color red. Good for you, but you also need an engine, baby. Can't go about simply being the color red."
"And school's going to put an engine in this otherwise empty chassis ? Have you been to school ?"
"Yes, I've been to school."
"I have no idea what school you've been to. It must've happened on some other continent."
"Yes, yes, a galaxy far far away at a time far far removed."
"It's such a terrible waste of time."
"What the hell do you care about wastes of time ? At your age time can't be anything but wasted. What, you're going to come up with better ways to use your time than wasting it ?!"
"Is it because you like it when I get other girls to come and do things with us ? At least that I could understand. Is that it ?"
"I certainly like it, but that's not why you have to go to school. You could do that in the park, or at a strip joint just as well. Hell, probably better."
"Is that a compliment ? Are you saying by implication that I'm the best girl in school ?"
"You're certainly the best fucktoy in your class. Heck, probably in your generation, at that. There's what, fifty thousand or so seventeen year olds in this country ? Seems a safe bet."
"Would you like to cane me ?"
"I'll do anything you say, Master. I will. But... why ?"
"Oh for crying out loud."
"Should I not ask ? Am I doing it wrongly ?"
"You're doing fine, don't worry about it. You're just a pain in the ass is all."
"But I don't want to be a pain in the ass."
"Why not ? You like it when I'm a pain in your ass."
"It doesn't hurt anymore!"
"And why doesn't it hurt anymore ?"
"I've trained it!"
"See, that's why you have to go to school."
"Oh... oh... Oh for crying it loud!"

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