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Wednesday, 29 March, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I wanted to write an article but have no idea what about. The well worn and dog-eared copy of the blogger's manual I have right here proposes that when you want to write an article but have no idea what about you should put up some statistics with graphs and shit. As it just so happens we're a coupla days away from closing the 100th month of continuous Trilema publication, let's have a go at some output outpour statisticking :

SELECT count( * ) , sum( length( post_content ) - length( replace( post_content, " ", "" ) ) ) FROM `tril_posts` WHERE post_status = "publish" GROUP BY year( `post_date` ) , month( `post_date` );

100 rows in set (11 mini 2.03 sec)

Monthly word outpour

Monthly word outpour

Monthly average wordcount per article

Monthly average wordcount per article

September and July 2011 have been stricken from the graphs as they represent major dumps of data not originated here (July was the utter humiliationii of Romania's Education Ministry ; September was the early dump of USG cables which eventually forced wikileaks to drop part of its USG.Greenwald collaboration and publish less edited material than they'd have at the time liked).

Basically it'd seem I write about as much, except the pieces have more or less tripled in length over the interval. I suppose this is to be expected, either because as the lower hanging fruit are picked ever more complex machinery is needed, which results in lengthy pieces ; or else because through the experience of having made simpler machines one ends up making more complex items down the road.

Time to go admire the town below in any case. Good luck dear reader, wherever you are.

  1. Enough to process a block! []
  2. Linked here, average end-of-highschool exam marks by gender. TL;DR Girls score better than boys in all fields and in almost all counties ; the effect is strongest in math and weakest in "humanities". []
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