Qntra (S.QNTR) July 2017 Statement

Thursday, 03 August, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Qntra has realised no income and made no expenditure this period. Qntra is expected to realise no income and make no expenditure the following period.

As directed by its charter and on the basis of the report of the editor in chief, 7`986 S.QNTR shares issued this period. This brings the total shares issued to 597`108 (+1.35%).

Qntra earned the remarkable distinction this month of having been the only outlet written in English to have correctly treated the Bitcoin Crash scamcoin, from its humble roots to its humbler demise. This neat superiority over all other participants to the effort betrays of course the the Most Serene Republic's overall role of thought leadership for the Western Hemipshere.

For ready comparison, the "journalists" of the Empire of Stupid were mentally slow and bodily lazy enough to publish a pdf that betrayed their source last month.

At this juncture, the proposition that anyone else is involved in journalism, or publishes news, or in any other way matters or may be named in this profession is out and out fraud, on the exact level of dubious bearded guy in a back alley behind a transvestite club purporting to be a doctor.

The entirety of news coverage in the English language consists, today, of Qntra. Everything else is piss.

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