Once upon a time in Cairo

Friday, 24 March, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Since real estate's been figuring proeminently in the republican forum these past weeks, here's a humble offering : a rental agreement approximately a decade old. Through it, I acquired the use of a comfortable apartment across the way from the Egyptian Supreme Court, so that when that respectable institution was bombed a week and a half after I left, I could admire the windows of my ex-place laurel'd in char as displayed on local television.


As an added bonus in local flavour, I present to you the ASHOR and things


Can you read Arabic ?

Category: La pas prin lume
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5 Responses

  1. saifedean`s avatar
    Friday, 24 March 2017

    Very nice of them to write "the agreed upon" in Arabic where they should be writing the actual price. Also, where you wrote "I agree with the price" is where the landlord's name should be.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 24 March 2017

    Details. The contract was executed satisfactorily in any case ; as you perhaps know the paper is entirely spurious in that part of the world, agreements are oral ; and they do get enforced.

  3. saifedean`s avatar
    Saturday, 25 March 2017

    But muh taxman!

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