No Such lAbs (S.NSA), March 2017 Statement

Monday, 03 April, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
S.NSA incoming and outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
New (world) orders 0.297 256 GB ECC RAM box 0.38090752
739-BMIS-203-Ci 0.25619087
Postageii 0.08330682
PL2303HX USB TTL-UARTiii 0.16115839
Total 0.297 Total 0.8815636
    S.NSA assets
    Account 01.03.2017 Net change 30.03.2017
    Cash 437.27269467 0.5845636 436.68813107
    Tangibles 8.20505811 0 8.20505811
    Intangibles and goodwill 27.78648611 0.5845636 28.37104971
    Total assets 473.26423889
    S.NSA liabilities
    Account 01.03.2017 Net change 30.03.2017
    Shareholder equity 473.26423889 0.0 473.26423889
    Total liabilities 473.26423889

      S.NSA has a total of 4`737`075 authorised shares outstanding. The total assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009990 BTC. The cash+tangible assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009420 BTC.

      S.NSA has Special Stock Warrants outstanding issued as per the IPO agreement, as follows :

      # Fingerprint Shares BTC Par
      1 17215D118B7239507FAFED98B98228A001ABFFC7 3`315`952 331.5952 1
      2 6160E1CAC8A3C52966FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452 1`421`122 142.1122 1
      T 4`737`074 473.7074 1


        We managed the wonder whereby all extant orders have been shipped, March 27th. This marks the happy occasion where we've caught up with the queue, and subsequent orders are most likely going to be mailed same-week, meaning that outside of jurisdictional annoyances you should have your order in your arms within about a week of paying for it.

        Considering FUCKGOATS became available to order end-of-November and we've gone through two batches delivering well over a hundred pieces to dateiv, I'd say this isn't exactly the worst launch of an independent hardware shop yet. In fact, we're already 25% of the way towards the interval during which 99% of all new hardware shops go under.v

        We're also trying to retain some marketing talent, but so far it seems to be slow going. Nevertheless,

        NSA will continue its work, designing and manufacturing the future of the Republic. In the meantime, remember - if you are running a machine without FUCKGOATS, you are running an incomplete machine.

        1. We had to replenish our dwindling stocks of Faraday cage covers for the RNG.

          The fact that we end up paying well over a buck a piece for what in point of fact is a tiny bit of metal is annoying as all fuck. We have plans drawn up to replace the current square cage with a round design (essentially coax cable caps) which would conceivably reduce the cost per unit but has the disadvantage where we'd have to get the pipes cut, and it only makes sense in serious quantity.

          It is the sad case of the current state of human industry that thousands of transistors crammed into a tiny bit of silicon wafer cost significantly less than a square centimeter's worth of punched sheet metal, specifically because metal profiles were a solved problem by the 1800s, whereas integrated circuitry was a solved problem by the 2000s. Secular trends would indicate that significant price increases in silicon are a reasonable expectation going forward. []

        2. Some jurisdictions are outright extortionate, with the cheapest stamp costing about as much as a FG unit. This promises to become a problem eventually. []
        3. We bought 45 USB snakes to plug into the TTL connector. Initially this was evaluated as a $1 apiece sort of item. Turns out the $1 variants are not actually useful (the connection breaks, probably a poor reflow job) and so we're stuck paying more for actually working bits.

          We're looking for a cheaper bulk source, not just for the savings but because every single Chinese supplier seems to be supplying a slightly different unit, and the testing involved is getting expensive (although not reflected in these sheets). If you have knowledge of a better source please do not keep your peace. []

        4. The first hundred was delivered mid January. []
        5. In which vein : we've managed to misdirect about half a dozen units through operator error. The hope is that they will be returned through the normal workings of the mailbeast in the coming months -- but if they aren't they'll eventually figure as a charge. []
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        1. > The hope is that they will be returned through the normal workings of the mailbeast in the coming months -- but if they aren't they'll eventually figure as a charge.

          FTR these units CAME BACK, 3 mo. and 3 days later! and will rejoin the stock at hand after they are re-audited.

        2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
          Mircea Popescu 
          Friday, 30 June 2017

          Cool deal.

        1. [...] as usual. We did recoup what seemed like possibly lost inventory this month. Category: S.NSA Comments feed : RSS [...]

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