Macedonia visual : Quesos de Turrialba ; Rios de Costa Rica ; El Volcan Irazu ; La Tarantula Vial ; Otras Temas ; y mas!

Friday, 03 November, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Section 1 of our medley

I have heard word of cheeses, and since at some point or another there may be a long day ahead of us, we shall proceed to the world famous cheese breakfast sampler!

First thing you need, of course, are the cheeses themselvees :


Therein depicted, primo Turrialba products, straight from Tio Luis' small shop on the side of teh road. If you find yourself on Road 230 (between Cartago and Turrialba, right before leaving the province) I definitely recommend stopping for a refill.

Once collected and adequately grated, you prepare a pot of polenta (preferably, Romanian style, which is to say thick and well cooked, but this is not mandatory -- to each his own inherited tastes), with perhaps a small side of bacon and absolutely a nice big salad bowl full of cut up tomatoes and ground garlic splashed in vinegar and olive oil.


It's delicious!

Section II of our medley

We also have some items of trucker interest. For one thing, the disco trucker stop! It contained epilepsy lights, 1990s gangsterworld-style padded seats, four iPads of which three various implementations of roulette and the fourth no longer functional (but before being disfunctional having been a pinball machine) and five dudes pouring beers into a single, solitary fat ugly whore. To wit :




Ah, and the sink's outside the bathroom. Oh, and there's a cocksucking room included, in between the gents' and the... ladies', was it.


Have you ever before seen a truck without plates ?

How about a truck without lights ? At night ?

These brave brave people have numerously surprised by their entirely unperturbed walking on the sides of highways, in pitch dark, without as much mercy as sewing in a square inch of reflective material on the Ropa Americanai shirts on their backs ; and bicycling idem. But trucks ?!

Section C of our medley

There are a number of detritus items of possible interest to the reader. First off, the steam shovel made in Marion, Ohio for Costa Rica's Northern Railroad.




Second off, a projector which "projected at least very many hours of projectionry". Because yes, who ever heard of you know, evidentiary records being kept for rare and expensive capital goods.



The item finds itself on the grounds of the Costa Rica University (UCR) detachment in Turrialba. The campus isn't architecturally impressive, a bunch of huts dispersed over what looks like an abandoned putt-putt golf course (or else the strange ditches are leftover from a rice paddy system, I don't know). Nevertheless, they're pressed shitboard of a much more recent make than the crawling abomination in San Pedro, San Joseii and the land utilization enjoys a much lower density factor, making the campus almost pleasant. Also, Turrialba is cow country, so the local cowsies are milk eating hill climbing bipedals, instead of the pork rind and fried flour variants from the capital.

In short, if I were going to University here I'd absolutely pick this campus over the other. Then again, students aren't picky, are they. Or, for that matter, even remotely sane.

Section Δ of our medley

There's some ruins in Cartago. For reasons inexplicable, they are "closed", so a guy in a suit stuck outside can admire a bunch of "curators" on the inside relaxing among the gardens. Because this is the fucking sanity of pantsuit contemporaneity, somehow, the poor managed to take over the Tuileries and lock me out. Nuts.

Well, the part where they imagine the nonsense will last is technically even nuttier, but I suppose it's altogether an academic argument by that point.





Yeah, that small white dot is a guy pissing on the wall. Because hey.

Section Զ of our medley

Time for some outdoors shots, because why the hell not!








Section 𐋎iii of our medley


Have you ever wondered why did the tarantula cross the road ?


I suspect he's a Mexican redknee. Goes well with the green kneed orb guy, I thought.

Section Ж of our medley

Ever wondered what terminus mundi rurality looks like ?


There's lots and lots of these, "road ends" except it doesn't, it just drops 45% and then there's the endless blue in the distance.




Yeah, that's a horse plowing the field. Problem ?

Section Ⴇ of our medley

Volcano Irazu :









I even got a new header pic from this deal!

Section whatever, I give up of our medley


Have you ever wondered what if the stove had... a stove of its own ?

No ?

Well apparently someone somewhere did wonder.


The above is mostly Romanian interest -- it is known where the earthly remnants of Pastorel Teodoreanu lie, but up until now it was unknown where Muscat Ottonel was buried. So now you know.


Guy threading together bracelets under your very eyes with stuff written as per your request. So I had him make me one that says PIZDA in nice salmony red.

You never know when you need one, amite ?


This one is an alf-interest item. Berta I. Rechnitzer von Rechnitz G.

Also known as big Berta. Up until recently.

C'est tout.

  1. Here's a funny thing : universally everyone in Costa Rica dresses from 2nd hand shops, amply fed by whatever can't be given away in the States ; so much so that "Salvation Army" is a shop franchise here.

    Yet nobody here has yet figured out the obvious USA - Usados ambiguity. No USA2, no nothing. Because they're just that fucking creative, what.

    It's a tico's world, we're just living in it. []

  2. It's not my fault they've all the creativity of a potato in which someone found the face of Jesus, resulting in this situation where you live in Santa Patricia street in San Pedro neighbourhood in San Jose the city in San Jose the province so your address looks like fettuccine al' San-Dokan.

    Oh, wait, you didn't know there was a "pirate craze" before Johnny Depp was invented ? Aww! []

  3. Awww 'sthematter, your Unicode dun werk ? But I thought it was universal!!! []
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  1. "the part where they imagine the nonsense will last is technically even nuttier"
    I guess they don't really imagine anything, they just don't care.

    I appreciate these road trip posts!

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 3 November 2017

    My pleasure.

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 7 February 2021

    Lol check out the predictionkeks.

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