Il coccodrillo amico dell'uomo

Monday, 30 October, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So let's go together on a little trip, shall we ?


Honk honk!

First stop, the "that's the most ghetto thing I've ever seen" family of at least eight, who came to have a relaxing picnic while taking in the views... on the side of the road.


That's right, you, blighted denizen of the inner hells, sick and tired of all the exposed concrete, halogen lighting and assorted chippings of an overstretched and overstretching postindustrial world may go out to take in... the sights. You know, like fishes or sunsets or gulleys or whatever, a lone solitary tree captured within a cast iron prison among the pavement of the corner "park".

They, however, blessed denizens of the inner jungles, equally sick and similarily tired of all the ubiquitous leaf and and and river and whatever may also come out to take in the sights. Except in that what qualifies as sights for them, the proud owners of a belabouredly earned conveyance on two wheels, may very well not be what would qualify as views for you, the disabused owners of those strange two-motorcycles-welded-together things they have now.

So they, just like you, came and lay out their blanket. Except they watch the highway traffic for a pastime. Perhaps they keep separate count of buses and of trucks, perhaps they have an elaborate point system to credit rare sights, perhaps they even keep an oral tradition collective blog somewhere past the papaya trees. Who knows...

But tell me, have you ever flown about in a helicopter ?









Me either ; or at least not recently. Well, not very recently at any rate.

But mind your step, for we're about to... are we actually about to land ?




Yeeeah, that's right.

To quote from the logs,

mircea_popescu aaand in other nacht und nebel, i find this morning that yesterday i went skinny dipping a few kilometers off costa rica's principal concentration of crocodylus acutus.
mircea_popescu apparently surfers routinely lose limbs to these guys.
mircea_popescu i think this now qualifies as the superlative bender, retrospectively.
asciilifeform next i suppose is to visit forest where jaguar ?

Zoos are for alfs, we here at MP Enterprises will not be satisfied by anything but teh genuine article itself!






I bet you've never seen down a crocodile's throat before. Have you ?

So there you go, you've now acquired your Trilema qualification in Crocodilia Otorhinolaryngology!


How about ever seeing one of the almost-a-ton beasts walk ?

Yeah they have this derpy crawl, almost like disco dancing I guess. Their legs are evidently not intended for land mobility.

And now, all that (closely) behind us, let's go check out some beach!







All that outdoors effort expended on the liminal spaces of the marine element does stoke one's appetites, I must confess, so therefore is it perhaps time for a snack of some sort ?


I hope you like tuna ; and I hope you had a great time as well!

PS. I bought a mason jar's worth of "Conserva de Chiverre", an "Productos Caseros" item "hecho en Costa Rica por Elena Rojas Arrieta" from a merchant on the side of the road. Did you know such a thing as fig-gourd jam exists in this world ?

If not, I warmly recommend the defloratory services of Elena Rojas. Gotta expand your horizons, you know ?

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